it was supposed to end on sugar but i just

-women like her drown oceans

requestJuggie imagine where you act like you hate each other and Archie asks you on a date so you say yes and Juggie gets really jealous and admits how he feels about you and you kiss and stuff pleeeeease ♡♡ 

( i changed it to Reggie who asks her out instead of Archie and I also made them be best friends because I’m horibble and I can’t stick to half of what I’m supposed to ) 

pairing: jughead jones x reader 

a/n: if you’ve sent in a request, don’t worry! I will get around to writing them all and if any of you want to request just jump on into my ask box, it’s always open!! and guys thanks so much for the support, I appreciate it so much

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i HATE when POTs ask “what’s in it for me?”

YOU approached ME, not because I asked you to, not because you were doing me a favor, but because YOU are attracted TO me. and since you’re interested, you clearly wanna know how to get some of my time

so if I tell you how, and say I want to get dinner, go shopping, or fly to Mars (not really but you get it), don’t ask me what’s in it for you. 

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you’re asking me, a beautiful young woman, to spend MY free time with you. you think you’re the only one? am i supposed to just jump at the chance to hang with your old ass, with absolutely no perks on my end?

so if I’m telling you what i wanna do, either agree, or decline and keep it pushing. cuz if you can’t afford or aren’t interested in doing it, then that’s absolutely fine. but don’t sit there and expect me to try and convince you. cuz if you’re attracted to me, then you already know other men are too. so if you don’t wanna take me shopping, then somebody else will

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Enouement- 20

Summary: Told in reverse-chronological order, Enouement is the story of love and loss, telling the journey that led you to your ultimate destination: a life full of happiness and regret, mistakes and laughter- and the man who gave you it all. Bucky x Reader

Words: 705

Warnings: Fluffy fluff.

Master   Part 19

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It was a quiet diner, just on the outskirts of Brooklyn. A soft melody filled the air, the sound buzzing alongside the quiet thrum of chattering voices and silverware. Bucky inhaled deeply, allowing the scent of pancakes and syrup to invade his nostrils. He smiled to himself as he watched you take a bite of said pancakes, your mouth too full as you hummed low to yourself, completely unaware of the incessant drumming of his heart.

“You’re so cute,” he laughed, catching your eye. Your cheeks flushed red and you swallowed, reaching for the glass of chocolate milk sitting between you as Bucky took a bite of his bacon strip. “I love how you look when you don’t know I’m watching.”

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Friendly reminder to always get your allowance at the start of the date when it’s due. I was supposed to get 2k today and when he dropped me off he didn’t reach for an envelope or anything. I had to awkwardly ask if he had the allowance and he looked surprised and was all “next week?”. Bro it’s March 7th. I know he’s good for his money but just because the dynamic is no longer brand new doesn’t mean it’s cool for daddies to stop keeping up their end - is similar to the way vanilla relationships work, just on a financial sphere. 

Anyway, these SDs have been killing me lately with their flakiness. Sugar gods plz help a girl out.

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Starish trying to surprise their s/o by cooking a meal but mishaps happens and it gets burned/forgot some ingredients/mix salt and sugar (you get the idea 😂) but their s/o is still touched by it

What an ask lol.


The guilt in his eyes was obvious. He wanted to do something for you but he messed up. What was supposed to be a good curry rice ended up looking like a gooey mass. The curry was too thick and he was looking everywhere but the plate and you. You sighed and pulled him for a hug.
“Dear its alright.”
“No, ____-chan! I messed up really badly!” He protested. “I just wanted you to feel good when you had some of my cooking…” His garnet eyes trailed off and you placed a kiss on his cheek. “It’s the sentiment that matters, Otoya. Now lets get some ramen?” You smiled cheerfully and he nodded, happy that you appreciated the intent.


“You don’t have to–”
You paid no attention to what he said. You ate without a sound, the burnt food adding a rather..burnt taste to your palate but it was still edible.
When you finished your plate quietly, he just stared at you, a million emotions flying in his eyes. You smiled softly. “I know. Work was too stressful?” You asked and his nod was the reply. He did not like it when he failed you.
You held his hand gently and met his amethyst gaze. “Masato, it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t tasty but it was edible. Stress can make even the best of chefs worse.” He sighed, acknowledging your words before clenching your hand. Oh, what had he done to deserve a lover like you?


Call the ambulance. The fire brigade. The interior decorator too.

“Oh Natsuki.” You smiled nervously, eyeing the mess he made of the kitchen and strongly doubting the charcoal on the walls. He was beaming, ready to serve you a dish he made especially for you, his darling. You eyed the dish and him. His green eyes screamed a “TRY IT OUT!” and you nodded, your palms sweaty.
What was scary was that the food…looked..good… You took a shaky breath. Maybe it would be good! When you took a bite, your tongue was assaulted in a gazillion of flavors and you felt the air leave your brain, your balance hobbling, your soul somersault out your body as your legs gave way for you to collapse onto the ground.


He was embarrassed, his expression gave it all away as you eyed the plate of food. “You can say its bad.” Your boyfriend mumbled, running a hand through his hair.
“It is bad.” You replied, feigning seriousness and he chuckled. “I’m sorry, _______-san, I just wanted to do something nice but looks like I mistook a few ingredients.” He sighed, looking at the plate of monstrosity he called food.
“It does look like food from hell, lover of mine.” You pointed and his smile warmed you. “Satan would be proud.” He laughed at your added statement. “Alright then. Leave satan aside and put on a coat. We’re eating out. To compensate, I’ll pay the bill and you pick the restaurant.” He never did this but exceptions happen. The glint in your (e/c) eyes made him feel better. “Alright Tokiya.” You beamed, before taking his hand and heading off.


He considered throwing the food into the bin and starting anew. Too late. You already arrived and he cleared his throat.
You sauntered up to the kitchen counter, a smirk highlighting your face. “My my, Ren Jinguuji, perfect chef has prepared food that Gordon Ramsey would swear at.” He rolled his eyes. “Tease all you want, Lady, mistakes happen.” He shook his head with a smile.
“What were you doing while cooking?” You asked, unable to hold back the question. “I left the food to boil. I came too late.” He replied, shrugging one shoulder.
He then went into a room and brought a bouquet of arranged wild lilies and tiny white flowers resembling lace buttons. “Oh lord..” You gaped and he smirked. “Wanted to make this for you. Was so absorbed, thinking about your delight that I forgot the food.” He got onto one knee and handed the bouquet. “Forgive me?”


“Don’t look at that.” Syo grumbled.
“It looks like a corpse.” You answered. He didn’t reply and you giggled. “Don’t laugh!” He muttered, a blush dusting his cheeks. “I’m sorry!!” You laughed harder. “How did you get distracted Syo?! Rule number one is to pay attention while cooking!”
He didn’t reply so you began poking and pestering him for an answer until he gave in. “Alright! Alright! You win.” He mumbled with a growl and you smiled, curiosity evident in your eyes. “Hyuuga-sensei’s program came on tv….I started singing and dancing along to that………..WELL YOU CAN GUESS THE REST!”
You mouth formed an ‘o’ shape and you tried to not laugh. He was endearing but looks like dinner had to be a take out tonight.


You stared at your boyfriend who was covered in flour, ketchup and his apron was put the other way around. You chuckled at the sight before you and he pouted. “My jewel, what is so funny?” You shook your head. “My prince, how did you manage to look like this?”
He recounted his tale. He bought some chicken but while adding flour to it, the bowl slipped and in an attempt to catch it, it somehow magically fell onto him. Second, he was too scared to fry it so he threw the chicken in the oil and ran away, satisfied that it was frying before looking for ketchup to season it. When he finally found the bottle, he smelt something burning and the open ketchup bottle spilt as he tried to salvage the meat. No luck.
He sighed aloud. “My muse, I am sorry for not being able to deliver a meal.” You took his hand and kissed his cheek. “It’s okay, you tried dear.” You said with a smile.
That night, you made dinner and decided that cooking is something your Prince shouldn’t even think of attempting.
SU fandom rants

Well, I know one thing, there was no point in Sugar saying the gems had no gender, it’s never mentioned,,,,at all,,,, and it’s did more harm than good by ugly people trying to disprove the fact that any of them gems were lesbians.

I remember those dark times when people either said Ruby was a male or that Ruby and Sapphire were sisters. My absolute (least) favorite was when they said that Pearl was like a knight to Rose or some shit like that.

All of this could’ve been avoided too if sugar just did not say that and clarified the fact whether or not two characters loved each other within the show. There should be no speculation or a two second scene of two characters dancing w/each other and we’re supposed to
“assume” that means they’re gay.

Cam-Boy (Exo Drabble Series) 02. Baekhyun

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Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,192

Summary: Four college friends without a dime and school fees biting at their feet decide to take an Interesting part time job.

01. || 02. || 03. ||04.||05. || 06.

02. Baekhyun’s close friend and Dorm roomie, Chanyeol catches him during a show. He doesn’t let it defer his performance, but internally he’s freaking the fuck out.

A/n: Here’s the second part. Part three is in the works but I’m gonna focus on some other stuff today. Oh also 1,020,105 won is equal to about 900 dollars. Baek you better make that money. *smirk* Anyways, enjoy!

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Just a little something no one asked for: Human!SugarPie...

Ok ok, before you shoot me for how stupid this may sound let me explain my though process for this…

I absolutely love how sometimes in movies and tv shows they show inventor/creation relationships depicted as parent child relationships, I just think its so cute! So I thought to myself, ‘You know, Robbie would totally have that kind of relationships with one of his inventions…’  And that reminded me of how in the episode, “LazyTown’s New Superhero” Robbie just loved his little Robo-pupper so much, and so I was thinking, ‘Robbie could have a relationship like that with SugarPie,  but it wouldn’t really work because he’s a dog…’ Then it hit me!

‘What if SugarPie was a human?!?!’ …Well..robot human…?

Let me explain….

What if after that episode Robbie discarded SugarPie then like, one or two years later found him in an old broom closet or something and thought to himself, ‘I bet I could make him better…’ and after drawing up blue print upon blueprint of different (dog) designs for him and finding he didn’t like any of them, then thinking, ‘What if I make him bigger, stronger, smarter! That’s it! I’ll make him Human!!’ Then using both SugarPie’s old parts and some new ones builds a 6 foot tall human robot-dog man!!<3

This is kinda how i imagined him to look like:

Full body.

From the waist up.

(Art done by me. Sorry the colors are a little off and the designs are slightly different but the top drawing is the official design. I also just realized that the paw patch is missing from the top drawing and I’m too lazy to go back and fix it Haha sorry I don’t draw so good. Just remember its supposed to be there.)

So yeah I liked this idea so much I just had to draw it! I would keep writing more about this idea but that would be too long so here have this:


  • Robbie is Half elf and his magic is linked to his emotions
  • Somehow, wheather accidental or intentional, some of Robbie’s magic (for lack of a better word) “gets into” SugarPie making him capable of human thought and emotion. 
  • He is just as, if not stronger than Sportacus
  • He looks like he’s about 20 years old.
  • Since he used to be a dog not he’s a dog catcher! Only his job is to catch the kids not stray dogs. (Robbie’s just clever that way.)
  • SugarPie loved his creator and calls him “Dad”, “Father”, “Pops”, and “Sir”
  • Robbie also loves his robotic son very much and thinks rebuilding him is one of the best decisions he’s ever made! 
  • Robbie calls him “Sugar” for short and you can too! :D
  • “Good boy~” 
  • “Look at this net that I just found!” (He always carries around a giant child-sized butterfly net for catching children)
  • Robbie reprogrammed him so instead of attacking when he hears the word “trouble”, he protects Robbie when ever he says “I’m in trouble!”
  • Because of this he’s less dangerous and is a happy smiley puppo. 
  • He likes the kids now and calls them “the pups” or “the puppies” 
  • He LOVES Sportacus!! 


  • Robbie designed him to have some of Sportacus’ features. (His nose, jaw shape, eyebrows, and body type.)
  • Sugar’s body type is a combination of both Robbie’s lean (and slightly feminine) physique and Sportacus’ muscular upper body.
  • “If I’m designed in his image, doesn’t that make him like my dad too?…”
  • “Hmm………….I guess it does….”
  • YES SPORT IS HIS OTHER DAD!! (He just doesn’t know that…)
  • Sugar doesn’t understand Robbie and sportacus’ hero/villain relationship.
  • “Pop?…Aren’t parents supposed to live together?…Why does Pabi live all alone in that airship?”
  • “Because we aren’t married.”
  • “why not?… You love him don’t you?”
  • “But he doesn’t love me back…”
  • SugarPie “accidentally” calling Sportacus “Dad” or “Pabi” to his face and Sportacus slowly catching on to what’s going on.
  • “Hello honey! How are my husband and my son doing today?~ ;}3”
  • “!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!??”
  • Sportacus and Robbie ending up together and raising their robotic son together.
  • The End  
“Yuri on Ice” idea:

Yakov’s team has to do a charity event and Viktor who, because he has coached the great amount of one skater, wants to take over and have them perform an act together. And then Lilia takes over and makes them perform an abbreviated ice skating version of the Nutcracker 

and to everyone’s surprise, it turns out that Yuuri did make an ice skating version of the “Sugar Plum Fairy” for his senior debut (which won him Nationals back in Japan btw) so he already kinda knows the part and Lilia just gives it to him no problem 

and since Clara is supposed to be a child and Yurio is still the smallest one he ends up being given Clara’s role, he is mostly ok with it at first but then Lilia suggests for Viktor to be the Nutcracker and he is “I DON’T WANNA SPEND THE WHOLE PLAY DEALING WITH HIM AS MY PARTNER!!” 

and Viktor, surprisingly, turns down the lead role and instead asks to be the Cavalier that accompanies the Sugar Plum Fairy so that he can pair skate with Yuuri again. Lilia agrees, simply because she knows that they already have good chemistry on stage and that this makes the job easier.

then Mila insists on being the Nutcracker since Georgi would make a better Mouse King (Georgi agrees cause he just really wants to do his own make up ok); and any extra role is simple performed by the kids at Yakov’s summer camps since it works as practice for them, both in the dance studio and on the ice. (Yurio is still kinda pissed btw but since this means he gets to be the main character he will take it)

the play is a success (overall) and videos of it spread like wildfire all over their social media ok, Minako calls Yuuri like 5 times just to tell him how proud she was that her teachings were worth something, Lilia almost cries, and Mila’s Nutcracker gets her an even bigger fanbase,  Yuri’s angels get real tough competition in terms of media presence for a while.

Georgi even works part of his Mouse King costume into his program for that season and his only complain is that Viktor and Yuuri nearly made their duet look like foreplay.

P.S: all the black texts include links to videos for what the numbers would kinda look like ;)

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Hey! I really like your blog, I like that you don't sugar coat things and tell it like it is. I actually used to watch supernatural when I was a little kid and then stopped along the time they stopped the apocalypse, bc I thought "ok now, you guys deserve to live your apple pie life" but they kept getting dragged into the crazy bull; just felt the show was dragged and along the way I lost interest.

You can look at it this way, in life nothing is ever done.  WWI was supposed to be the war that ends ALL war.  It didn’t.  Parents always think once their children graduate college and get married, they can finally stop worrying about them.  Nope, parents are always going to worry.  People think once they find their perfect girl/boyfriend, all their problems are going to be solved. Lol, no.  Musicans think once they land a record contract, they got it made.  Hell no!

After 12 seasons it’s a minor miracle that people still watch a genre show that is Supernatural.  If you ever want to start watching SPN again and if this blog is still around, drop me a line and I’ll tell you which episodes to skip to save you time and spare you from the horrors of Claire Novak.


I was mostly good today but I had a 400cal cupcake just because I could “afford” it and because I’d been thinking about it since literally the fall…DUMBBBB decision it didn’t really taste that good for whatever reason, and I just felt a little grimy for the sugar. It just didn’t hit the spot the way cheats usually do. I think I might be over sugar? Also by the end of the day today I was STUFFED and I didn’t even eat my dessert (Kind bar). I was pretty much stuffed all day. IF works I guess. Shout out @pushingupdaisy and @zerocarb for your support today! I can’t always respond bc I’m mostly supposed to stay off my phone but nothing goes unnoticed! <3 

Prophet City: Part One

A Dean x Reader / Superhero!Au

A/N: Here is my superhero!au I promised. I had a really fun/terrible time writing this, but I’m pretty proud of what came out. This is more so Batman/DC-esque than Marvel, so keep that in mind when reading it. Thank you to @balthazars-muse for betaing the first half of this, and to @theerinpage and @leatherandwinchesters for helping me with fine details and being so supportive. Please, let me know what you think and if you want me to keep going with this. I love hearing from you!

Word Count: 2,881

Other Characters: Jo, Gabriel, Rowena

- for now, just language.

Tags: At the bottom. Everyone who asked me to tag them, will be tagged. If you’d like to be tagged in future parts, please shoot me an ask or message!

*gifs are not mine.

Prophet City.

Whenever anyone hears the name, they can’t help but think of the obvious - wealth, money; regardless of the spelling difference. While sections of Prophet City are extremely profitable, thanks to big businessmen who invest their money into mostly shady deals, these are only small parts of a vast network. The biggest parts of the city, especially downtown, are littered with criminals; men and women who make their profits in the only way they know how - gambling, drug dealing, and prostitution. Some people say that the small time criminals actually work for the big businessmen uptown, but this has yet to be proven. At least, not yet.

Many citizens view the name Prophet City in a different way. When times are tough and the police have no desire to clean up the streets, we have The Hunter; a ruthless vigilante who doesn’t put up with anyone’s shit, taking it upon himself to manage the especially raunchy and vile criminals that run downtown. The Hunter patrols the streets at night, opting only to cover his body with bulletproof black armor, his face always covered with an even darker mask. The only thing that can be seen are his sharp, emerald green eyes peeking out of the eye holes deliberately cut from the fabric. 

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Ok so I understand the “Levi is hella tough and drinks black coffee and plain ass tea. He scowls cruelly and anything sweet” so like


But also

Levi and his crew probably didn’t have many (or any) sweets growing up, so I like to think he’s got a ridiculous sweet tooth he’s just insanely good at hiding (or so he thinks), but anyone who’s been around this sneaky shrimp nugget knows exactly who stole the entire corps’s cookie rations for the next 2 weeks.

That fifth bag of sugar the corps is always suppose to receive at the beginning of the month never ends up in the kitchen. It’s a mystery.

“That box of fruit was there 5 minutes ago. I swear commander.”

(Also imagine the shit Levi and Sasha get themselves into when they decide work together, and the multiple fruits of their devious labor)

Seven Days of Christmas: Day 4

Summary: When the holidays don’t turn out the way you planned, seven people bring you holiday cheer and celebrate with you.

Genre: Cute, Fluff, Fun. Comedy

Length: 2413


“What is this supposed to be?” JB asked, holding up the cookie you had made for him.

You rubbed your eyes, trying to remove the sleep. Your pupils slowly adjusted to the light, and you looked at what JB was holding. “That’s you,” you groaned. Being woken up in the middle of the night multiple times in a row was definitely taking a toll on your sleep and mood.

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Echo (2/2)

Title: Echo
Rating: T (For mental illness, mentions of abuse)
Characters: Huamn!Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Summary:Human AU— John Smith is a hurt man with a bad past and very little hope for the future. But Rose Tyler isn’t about to be scared away by his demons.
Notes: As mentioned in the rating, this story does get into mental illness — specifically depression, anxiety, and dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder). The mentions of abuse will come later. But if any of that makes you uncomfortable, this might not be the story for you.
I also recommend you listen to Echo by Jason Walker (which I obviously borrowed the title from) because A) it’s an excellent song and B) I think it fits John.
*****WARNINGS: Mental disorders, anxiety, depression, mentions of child abuse, cancer*****


John bolted up with a sharp gasp, chest heaving as he tried to gather his breath. His face and sheets were soaked with sweat, twisted around his body.

Not a good way to start the morning he was starting his new job.

He picked up his phone to check the time, and smiled a bit when he saw a text waiting for him from Rose. Good luck today. Text if you need anything.

She had been so understanding about all of this. He hadn’t switched again since they’d talked, something he was extremely grateful for, but it had been a stressful few weeks and even without switching it was still obvious he wasn’t in the best place.

He dragged himself out of bed, running a hand through his hair as he stumbled to the shower to get ready.

He needed to look good today.

* * * * *

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Did you miss it ? As usual, this is kind of cracky. Almost everyone is in there : Peter, Wendy, Felix, Bae, Tink, Lily. But much Darling Pan such wow. 

Mild spoilers for Les Mis. … don’t ask. Also, lots of swearing and bad spelling. Underage drinking. And close to no plot at all (who needs plot). 

Fake relationships and afternoon drinking

F to B : are you dating wendy ?

B to F : … what ?

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Sweet Tooth

Castiel x Reader

Author: oheyitscryssi

Warnings: fluff.


“Brown sugar… Brown sugar… Where are you…” you murmured to your self. There was a bag here somewhere. You knew you had seen it, but where? Then, you spotted it - on the highest shelf, no less. With a groan, you began hoisting yourself up onto the counter to reach the last ingredient you needed for the thing you were craving. You snatched it down, feeling a little proud of your independence instead of just calling Giant #1 or Giant #2, and turned around to maneuver yourself back to Earth. You almost fell to the floor when you caught sight of someone standing in the doorway.

“Shit, Cas! At least make some noise next time! You almost gave a me a heart attack!” You hopped down, set the bag among the pile you had formed on the metal island, and grabbed two mixing bowls.

“I apologize. It wasn’t my intention to startle you,” Cas said. You waved off his apology with a smile, then picked up your recipe to give it one last look over. “What are you making?”

“The closest thing to Heaven on Earth.” You laughed at his confused expression. Ever since Cas had lost his grace, you had been feeding him your favorite foods. He seemed to enjoy it. “Chocolate chip cookies, Cas.”

“Ah, yes, I’ve heard of those.”

“Heard of them? You mean you’ve never actually had one?” Your tone clearly telegraphed the shock you were feeling. You pulled out a stool and set it at the corner of the island, patting the seat in invitation. “Park it, Wings. You’ve been deprived.”

Cas did as you asked, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees as he watched you measure out the dry ingredients. True to form, you made a mess with the flour, and when Cas smirked at your shirt coated with white powder, you flicked some at his chest.

“There, now we match,” you said with a grin. “You want to make yourself useful and grab a fork? You can mix the flour, baking powder, and salt together for me while I work on creaming the sugar and butter.”

It was nice baking with Cas. He was watching everything you did, looking like a student in a culinary arts class. You explained why things had to be done in a certain order when he asked, and after a few tries as sounding like you knew what you were talking about, you ended up saying “Because that’s just how you’re supposed to do it”. The batter was almost complete, except for the most important part. You measured out the chocolate chips, adding a quarter cup more than was necessary. There was no such thing as too much chocolate in your opinion. Castiel’s eyebrows were furrowed as he watched, and you arched one of your own in question.

“You’ve never had chocolate chip cookie, but you have at least had chocolate, right?” When Cas shook his head, you gasped dramatically and clutched your chest. “Oh, honey, I am about to change your life.”

You grabbed the now-half-empty yellow bag, and then reached for his hand, guiding it so it was facing palm up. You shook a few out, and then watched expectantly. Cas studied the small chips, taking one and rolling it between his fingers, even smelling it. Your smile grew and you laughed.

“It’s not poisonous, I promise. If it was, almost every female would be at Death’s door once a month,” you said with a grin. Cas looked alarmed and somewhat confused.

“Why once a month? What is it you go through that regularly that would affect your health to that degree?” You laughed harder, reaching to move his hand towards his mouth.

“That is a conversation for another day, or maybe even never.” You saw an opportunity for some comedy to ensue, and took it. With a wry smirk, you added, “Why don’t you ask Dean later? I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about it.”

Cas slowly brought the chocolate chips to his lips, and with a quick motion they were gone. His hand was smudged with brown from where the chocolate had melted slightly against his warm skin, but Castiel wasn’t phased in the least by the small mess. His eyes closed and his face flickered between skepticism to surprise to bliss so fast, you weren’t sure how anyone could change expressions so quickly. A moan of appreciation escaped his lips, and you held your hands out to your sides as you gave him an “I told you so” look. Dean was walking down the hall, passing the doorway at the moment Cas had voiced his approval. He backtracked and slowly walked in, glancing around quickly. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, he hopped up to sit on the counter behind you.

“I don’t know what the two of you are doing in here, but seriously? Where we eat? Come on, you two.”

“We’re baking cookies, you perv,” you said with laughter in your voice. You began spooning the batter onto the baking sheets, and as you were arranging the small mounds far enough a part in case they spread, Cas spoke up.

“Dean, what happens to women once a month that brings them close to death?”

Dean choked on his beer, and you had to bite the inside of your cheek to keep from laughing. You risked a look over your shoulder to see Dean blushing deeply, and wiping at his mouth the back of his hand. He cleared his throat quickly.

“I don’t know about bringing them close to death, but it could certainly bring you close if you ticked them off anytime within that week.”

Your laughter once again won out as you slid the pan into the oven and set the timer. You tossed the bag with the rest of the chocolate chips to Dean, gave Castiel a quick kiss on the cheek, and started to make your retreat.

“Well,” you said as you backed quickly towards the safety of the hallway, “I’ll just leave you two gentlemen to discuss the birds and the bees. Give a yell when the oven beeps.”

“Oh, no, you don’t!” Dean called as you raced out, and the sound of his feet hitting the tile told you he was already in pursuit. If he could catch you, and that was a big if.

Mistletoe (Misaki x Usagi)

So I planned on just writing a drabble but this turned out to be over 2300 words so I don’t know what to call this. Just a fun chapter? It was supposed to be really short! I am so sorry! I just kept writing and writing and I didn’t stop. This is based on a post that @akihiko-usami made. The very ending was all their idea! Thanks to them, I wrote this monster in one night….almost…

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