it was supposed to be rainbow but i hated the first one

I was taking a shower...

Because it’s where I like to do all of my thinking. 

And I thought back to some random anon I got that was like, ‘Why do you even care? It’s just a baby. Get over it.’ And I was like, ‘Wait, why do I care so much?’ It was then that I realised why I fundamentally care and am genuinely upset about all of this.

It’s because I hate being treated like I’m a fucking moron. 

I really held back prior to the supposed birth of this baby because never in my craziest dreams could I have ever thought up something so totally fucked as what they’re trying to make people believe, and I actually thought that they would have ended it by now. But once this bullshit started on the 22nd of January I went into go big or go home mode, which thankfully first resulted in a viral Buzzfeed article about the character assassination of Louis Tomlinson. 

“Win”, indeed.

This shit was easy enough to expose to the general public on Saturday, but what has transpired in the however many days it’s been since they tried to convince people that Louis Tomlinson is indeed straight™, has only made this thing infinitely more ridiculous than I think anyone could have ever anticipated. 

If you’re trying to tell me that “extremely private” Briana Jungwirth has all of a sudden, after nine months of radio silence, decided to take to Twitter, the most hostile of all internet places, to try and convince us that she has gone from this:

To this:

To this:

in less than a year, then you are out of your fucking mind. These are all photos from her Twitter account, which her family has confirmed is hers. So unless there’s some mighty troll out there running fake accounts for this entire family, this is the “official” word coming from this woman. 

Amongst the 65 tweets she’s managed to post since the creation of this account last week, the first of which was a reblog from Louis Tomlinson’s sister, are gems like:


Not to mention that she appears to have followed Louis’ entire family before she even followed her own mother:

But enough about her.

If you think for one fucking second that I’m going to believe that Louis Tomlinson has managed to fuck off the entirety of his immediate family and social circle to the point that the only hint of some kind of congratulations he’s gotten is a RT of @Louis_Tomlinson’s tweet about the baby from his mother and sister, then think again. Not to mention that said tweet is literally the only word he’s said on the matter. Via Twitter. HE ANNOUNCED A BABY VIA TWITTER. 

Does whoever in charge of this inconceivably ignorant stunt actually believe that this fandom is full of fucking idiots? I give the girl on twitter claiming women can be pregnant ‘FOR YEARS’ more credit than 1DHQ at this point. Where’s she at? Let’s throw her fuckin say in the mix because at this point YOLO! WHYtf the fuck not? 

The fact that this entire charade is so farcical that the calm and rational discussions I have had with people about it resulted in the common belief that it would be more likely that this is a surrogacy or adoption situation gone rogue, or the notion that there is not and never was a baby, is how far this has spun out of hand. 

And THAT is why I care.