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Little Arrow

“Little Arrow” is based off this dream I keep having of our beloved Daryl Dixon. I decided to write it as a short story, though I may continue it as the dreams continue (if they do).

Daryl acts like he may finally be ready to take this ‘relationship’ to the next level, but then he tells you a heartbreaking reality.

  • Daryl Dixon
  • 1015 Words
  • No warnings that I know of
  • I am writing this at 3am so excuse how poorly this is written <3 I may rewrite eventually~

You walked up to the neighboring house of Alexandria. Rick called a meeting for the morning once Negan’s men had left yesterday, claiming over half of the rations this time and taking a couple of your people. Luckily, they hadn’t caught sight of Daryl, who was just coming back from Hilltop for a quick visit.

The chatter was loud, even with the door shut. You didn’t want to walk in, knowing that this meeting was the meeting. Rick would split all of you up, keeping you as far from them as possible, seeing as Negan and his men clearly knew you were a little too close to the escapee.

Deep in your own thoughts, you missed the shadow of a man standing on the far end of the porch, at least until a low growl escapes his lips and you were forced to spin around, hand on the knife strapped to your thigh.

Daryl stepped out of the shadows and raised his hands in the air, giving himself in. “Jus’ me. Though I been injured by everybody but you.” He joked.

You dropped your hand and shook your head, a smile hint of a smile playing on the corners of your lips. “I figured you would be halfway back to Hilltop after yesterday.”

This time, Daryl smiled. He shook his head and some little brown hairs fell into his face, causing him to squint just a little bit more.

“Ready to head inside?” You asked him and rested your hand on the doorknob.

“Wait,” Daryl nodded to the spot he was standing two minutes ago, and walked back over, taking his position.

With a little confusion plastered across your face, you follow suit and stand beside the man. He’s digging around in his pocket, finally able to find what he was in search for.

He pulled out a rectangle, black box. “I saw this and I…. Jus’ open it.” He thrusted the box into your hands.

“Daryl…” You looked at him warily before taking the box and staring at it for a moment before you decided to finally open it, a gasp passing your lips as you noted the small necklace inside. “Oh my…”

“It’s an arrow. See?” Daryl peered into your hands and pointed at the little object. “’cause you’re my little arrow.” He beamed and you felt your heart melt. ‘Arrow’ was always his nickname for you, since the day the two of you met.

You had never seen Daryl this excited about anything—in fact, you couldn’t remember seeing him feel much of any emotion. It was a nice change, and you hated that after this moment, you two would most likely have to go your separate ways.

“It’s beautiful.” You tilted the box so the necklace fell a little more in place. It was a beautiful arrow with a stone of your favorite color in the middle. It was either very sweet how he remembered, or a huge coincidence. “Can you…?” You motioned to the piece of jewelry and Daryl carefully took it out of the package for you.

You spun around, pulling your hair to the side so Daryl could easily slip his arms around you and clasp the necklace around your neck. You could feel his breath on you; it was warm and you had to admit, you wanted more.

“Thank you, Daryl.” You look over your shoulder at him, giving him a big smile and assuring him this was the best damn present you thought anybody had given you. “This means the world to me.”

And it did. You and Daryl had been flirts toward each other for months now. It was apparent that you two had something between you, but Daryl was too shy to ever act. In fact, any time the others would bring it up, Daryl quickly left the room or he would turn bright red and refuse to speak to anyone for a week. You thought maybe the flirting was all in your head. Until he was taken by Negan.

His crooked smile appeared on his lips. It was adorable how his sky blue eyes never left your eyes. Not to be cheesy; but you wanted to soar away in them, get lost. You cherished those moments you could stare into his eyes and imagine the two of you running away in a normal world.

A normal world would mean you wouldn’t have to worry about men such as Negan wandering through the gates at any minute, threatening to take the one person you cared about. Those few weeks without Daryl were the worst, you had no intention of going back into that deep, dark hole.

Daryl turned his head and this mask draped over his face instantly and his shoulders tensed up. “I’m leavin’.”

Immediately, you knew what was about to happen. Another argument. “Okay. As long as I’m beside you.”

Daryl snapped his head up, although he avoided eye contact this time. “Negan is on the lookout for me. I ain’t gonna be the reason yer caught too.”

He wouldn’t understand. “I don’t care about that. You can’t be out there on your own, Daryl.”

“If anything ever happens to you…” He choked up and turned his head away. 

Without much thought, you grabbed the man by his cheeks and kissed him.

Before the walker infestation, you would watch romantic movies. They all told you the first kiss was meant to be “magical” and fireworks were supposed to go off around you. Some even told you there would be an ‘awe’ from the crowd or an applause.

This kiss was so much more than any of that. Magical didn’t describe it enough.

Daryl hesitated, but only for a brief second before his hand clamped on the back of your neck, throwing himself into the kiss. You stumbled back a couple of steps until your back hit the railing, steadying the two of you as the kiss became a little too clumsy, but still sweet and full of passion; a passion only a man neglected of the word all his life could give.

Summary: You and Brett have been dating for six months but you come to a discovery that could ruin everything.

- Also posted on my AO3 account ranae654

This can’t be right, it had to be a mistake, maybe a faulty test? Although the other two also being positive didn’t really support that this was a mistake. How were you going to have a kid? You’re only in high school, you’re supposed to have your whole future planned out but this changed everything. How were you going to tell Brett? The two of you had only been dating for nearly six months, this was not part of your agenda, and you were fairly certain that this was not part of his either.
Sure, he had never let you down, and he was always there for you, even when the two of you argued he was always the first to apologize and in the sweetest way, but this time was different. You were letting him down in the worst way possible, you were making him responsible for another life that he may not have even wanted. Either way you had to tell him somehow, no one else could find out before him, it was only fair. You then decided that after school ended you would go with him to lacrosse practice like you always do and tell him then, after he’s done of course.
“Hey Y/N, you ready to go to school?” You looked to your door to find your hyperactive brother Stiles there, pulling you out of your thoughts. You plastered on a fake smile, grabbing your bag off of your bed. “You bet.” He looked at you weirdly, and left the room with you following behind.
It wasn’t any lie that Stiles was the least supportive of your relationship with Brett, he couldn’t stand the guy and he didn’t understand how you could, especially after all the drama with your best friend Liam. In all reality the most supportive people of your relationship is Scott and Lydia. Scott was supportive because he still trusted Brett and he knew him and could read him better then anyone else in the pack, he could see the good in him and how well he treats you so he had no issues with him. Lydia on the other hand just supported the two of you together because she thought he was attractive and you two really hit it off when you met, no thanks to her. You had to give both of them credit for seeing the good in your relationship with Brett.
Your dad, as he should be, is still a little bit weary of him. Mostly because he’s dating his “little girl”. You could remember the first time he met your ex-boyfriend Isaac, he was extremely over protective about that but he learned to love him. Actually he was sort of shocked and upset that you two broke up but it was for the best, him falling for Allison and all.
Stiles then pulled in the school parking lot where the pack was waiting for the two of you. “Okay well have a-” You were quick to get out of the car, avoiding him and anyone else to the best of your ability. You just wanted to get through the day without any questions about the way you’ve been acting lately.
Stiles watched you from a distance, with a somewhat concerned but at the same time confused look as he walked over to Scott. “Something’s off about her.” Stiles looked back at Scott, now fully concerned. “Well what is it?”
“I don’t know, I don’t think it’s necessarily bad she just smells anxious, afraid, and a little on edge but whatever it is, I can’t really tell if we should be worried or not.” All of the pack looked at you suspiciously as you walked off, into the school.
As soon as you were inside Brett was there at his locker, talking to a few friends when he saw you. “Hey baby.” He walked over to you, going to place a kiss to your lips. Right away he could tell something was wrong when you didn’t return it, and turned your face away. “Um, is everything alright? Did I do something?”
“No, no! Not at all I just- I don’t feel well.” Concern immediately took over his face and he settled his hands gently on the sides of your arms. “Is there anything I can do? Are you in pain?” You pulled away from him, slowly walking away while rubbing at your forehead as a headache began to form. “I just wanna be alone. Please, don’t worry about me, I’ll see you at practice okay?” He nodded, concern still etched on his face but you couldn’t think about that right now. Any sound just made your headache even worse.
The day went by so slow it felt like it would never end. You ignored the pack and Brett all day, sure it made you feel bad but any social interaction was just going to make you feel even more sick.
By the time school was out, you felt like you wanted to die, the nausea stuck with you all day, it was terrible, especially when your lunch decided not to stay down. When you walked out of the school Brett and Stiles were both waiting by the jeep for you, not speaking a word to each other with their arms crossed. As soon as Brett saw you he rushed over to you, but didn’t get too close since he knew how you were when you’re sick. “Y/N where have you been? I’ve been worried about you all day, what’s going on? I’m not trying to bombard you with questions but the past few days you haven’t been yourself.” Stiles rolled his eyes as he stayed back. As if Brett knew more about you than he did, he could never.
“I’ll tell you after lacrosse practice, I promise. You’re right I haven’t been myself these past few days, and I will tell you everything, just please go to practice.”
You could tell he was contemplating on what to do and you really hoped he would trust you enough to go along with your idea. It felt like minutes but was probably seconds when he finally, but cautiously decided. “……Alright. Just stay in my sight please.” You nodded, and he pulled you slowly into a soft hug, placing a kiss on the top of your head. “Okay, let’s go.” The two of you began to walk off and Stiles stood back by his jeep, pulling his backpack over his shoulder. “Unbelievable!”
All of practice you sat away from Lydia, Kira, Malia, and Allison. They would glance over at you every once in awhile, confused as to why you weren’t with them, cheering on your boyfriend. You had gotten endless texts from Lydia, asking if you were alright but you just ignored them all. Brett, had his eyes glued on you practically the whole practice, and it threw his game off but he did not care about that, he just cared about you.
It finally ended, and the first thing he did was jog over to you. You got off the bleachers, and stood in front of him. “Okay so, what’s going on?” He looked down at your hands and saw that they were shaking as the hang from your sides. He immediately took your hands in his and stepped closer to you. “Babe, you’re shaking.” He placed his hands in yours and you just couldn’t. You were lost for words. “I-” Just looking into his eyes and knowing that what you were about to tell him could ruin any future you could have with him, broke your heart, this will ruin his life. Thoughts began rushing through your head and before you knew it a wave of nausea ran through you, stronger than ever and soon enough you were running to the nearest trash can. Brett followed after you. “Y/N!” Your best friend Lydia, and the rest of the pack watched in concern, including your brother Stiles, no one moved though. They knew how easily overwhelmed you become by a certain amount of people surrounding you so they allowed Brett to take care of it.
He dropped everything in his hands and pulled your hair, gently behind your head as you spilled the contents from your stomach into the bin.
Your hands gripped at the sides as you tried to steady yourself.
God did you hate this, the vomiting, the anxiety, the nausea, the stress, it was all too much. Once you were done you wiped at your mouth and Brett being the wonderful boyfriend already had a piece of gum ready for you. “Thank you.” You groaned slightly at the discomfort of your stomach and looked passed Brett and saw all of your friends standing there, pretending not to stare, it was embarrassing. “Y/N, what is going on? You’ve been getting sick a lot lately, it worries me.” You unwrapped the piece of gum, and stuck it in your mouth before brushing your hair behind your ear. “Um, can we talk somewhere more private?” Brett look behind him and saw them staring and nodded. “Yeah. My parents aren’t home so, my place alright?” You nodded and he picked up his bag, and swiftly wrapped his arm around your shoulders, leading you to his car. “Alright let’s go.” As you passed the pack they didn’t say anything when Brett gave them a look that said ‘I’ve got this. Don’t say anything’.
He opened the door for you and helped you into the car before sliding into the drivers seat, taking off slowly.
His hand had not left yours the entire ride and he tried once more to ask if you wanted to talk about in the car but you didn’t respond so he let it go.
When he pulled in the driveway the two of you got out of the car and he went to unlock the door.
The two of you ended up in his bedroom since that was where you felt the most comfortable.
He shut the door as you sat down on his bed. When he turned around he noticed you looked slightly uncomfortable which was rather odd since you’ve been in his room an extensive amount of times and neither of you had, had any bad memories in there so he just raised his eyebrows as he walked over to you. “You know, you can take your shoes off if your uncomfortable. You can lye down too, if it would help any?” You shook your head and began to take your shoes off. “No, no! I’m sorry, I’m just- well I’m comfortable you’ve never made me uncomfortable it’s just- um- what I’m about to tell you I don’t know how you’ll react and it scares the living shit out of me that I could lose you from this.”
“Whoa, whoa Y/N.” He sat down on the bed beside you, settling one hand on your knee and the other on your arm. “I assure you that whatever it is, you are not going to lose me. No way in hell are you going to lose me. I love you and I will always be here, now tell me…please.” He lowered his voice to be softer than it was before, almost soothingly calm. “What is it?” You moved your hair out of your face before bringing your feet up on the bed, criss-crossing them. “Okay, okay. This is- This is really big but um- I- I’m pregnant.” You didn’t want to see his reaction you really didn’t. As soon as the words came out you collapsed down onto his bed, your head landing on his pillow. He turned around slowly while you were fiddling with the bottom of your sleeves to your jacket.
When you look up at him his eyes are very subtle, and he doesn’t look affected at all. He also brings his feet up on the bed and lays on his stomach beside you, slightly on top of you.
“Y/N, baby.” Brett gently caresses your cheek, looking you deeply in the eyes.
A tear slips out before you could stop it but at this moment you could only let three words slip through your lips. “I’m scared Brett.” His thumb swipes at the tear as you sniffle. Your hands somehow find their way to each other and intertwine. “And that is perfectly normal, and assumed but you know what? I am always going to be here, by your side, supporting you one hundred percent. And you wanna know a secret? I know as the boyfriend I’m supposed to be strong but I’m a little scared myself to be honest.” He chuckled slightly trying to lighten the mood, making you laugh, and smile wide. “There’s that smile I love to see.” You scooted in closer to him, wrapping your arms around his torso, and pulling him down toward you.
His hand lightly brushed down your shoulder as he layed a light kiss to your cheek. As affectionate as he was, you still couldn’t help but cry and all that he could really do right now was just be there for you, nothing was going to make this go away, it was terrifying.
How Brett was able to be so calm right now you had absolutely no idea but you couldn’t deny that it was nice to know that he really did love you and wouldn’t leave you no matter what happened. All you needed right now was him in your arms and just to feel and smell him next to you and that’s just what you had.

Fame - Part 2 (L.H.)

A/N: many of you requested that I write a Part 2 to Fame and at first, I wasn’t planning on it, but you all wore me down so here it is! I’m aware that it isn’t as long, but please bear in mind that this wasn’t even supposed to have a second part.

Masterlist || Ask

Part 1


You wiped away your tears and slowly stood up.
No. Luke wasn’t worth your tears. He wasn’t worth getting sad over. Not anymore.
You went into the bathroom and took a shower, letting the hot water take away some of the stress that had piled up on your shoulders.
As you made your way into bed in a pair of leggings and a band shirt, you still couldn’t stop your mind from running over all the events that had occurred today.
You turned over to look out of the balcony doors at the moon since you had left the curtains open just a tad.
“If only you hadn’t changed,” you whispered sadly at the moon and closed your eyes, drifting off to sleep.

Days had passed and yet, you nor Luke had made an effort to speak to each other.
You had just walked into the dressing room where all the lads were just chilling before their show in a few hours.
You plopped down onto the couch next to Calum. “I’m bored.”
He didn’t look up from his phone. “And?”
You rolled your eyes. “You’re supposed to cure my boredom, duh.”
“That’s not my job.”
“But I’m boreddddd,” you drone out.
“Will the two of you just shut the fuck up already?” Luke snapped harshly at the two of you from across the room.
You glared at him. “If it bothers you so much then leave.”
He narrowed his eyes right back at you. “I was here first. You should leave.”
“No one else complained. It’s only you, so you’re the problem here.”
“No, you are always the problem. No one asked you to be an annoying little shit, now did they?”
You didn’t respond and the rest of the lads turned to Luke, giving him looks while muttering, “Dude,” “What the fuck, man” and “Shut up, Luke.”
You didn’t say another word and simply left the room.
“Nice going, Lucas,” you heard Calum say.
“Didn’t you want to rebuild your friendship with her? Not break it even more,” Ashton commented right after.
“Stop being such an asshole to her, Luke. She hasn’t done anything to you,” Michael told him.
“Why are you all defending her? You were my mates before her’s,” Luke argued.
“It doesn’t matter who we were mates with first. What matters is that you’re being a complete dick to Y/N when she’s only ever supported anything you did. She hasn’t done shit to you up until now because you’re treating her like shit. Get a grip on yourself, Luke. We didn’t want to be a band for the fame or the attention. We were all in this for the music and for people to hear our music,” Calum spluttered out angrily.
The room fell silent and you felt that you had heard enough. You walked away, not catching Luke whispering to them, “I’ve fucked up,” before you did so.

You looked up from your laptop where you were watching YouTube videos while lounging on the couch on the tour bus to see Luke walking towards you.
You looked back to your laptop. “If you’ve come to insult me some more, I don’t want to hear it,” you told him, not moving your eyes from the screen.
He sighed and lifted your legs up before sitting down and placing them onto his lap. “I’m sorry.”
You glanced at him. “Did the boys force you to apologize to me?”
“Sort of…”
You scoffed. “Then I don’t want your apology.”
“Y/N…” Luke started.
You slammed your laptop shut, sat up straight, and narrowed your eyes at him. “No, Luke. You listen. Calum is right. I have been nothing but supportive of you since we first met and all I’ve gotten in return is you treating me like shit once the band became more famous. I don’t care that you’ve matured and of course change occurs with the process, but you’ve changed to the point where I’m just something you brush off to the side and only have time for when it’s convenient for you.”
He looked at you speechless as you took a breath to calm yourself down.
You pulled your legs towards you and sat crisscrossed. “I just want to know what I did for you to hate me and treat me like I’m such a pest,” you continued quietly.
“Y/N…” Luke whispered guiltily. Then, to your surprise, he yanked you towards him and enveloped you into his arms. “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”
You sniffled. “What happened to you, Luke? What happened to us?”
He sighed. “I don’t know. I guess the fame finally caught up with me.”
You pulled back and wiped under your eyes. “Why though? How come Cal, Mike, and Ash haven’t treated me any differently, but you - my best friend - changed dramatically.”
He took a hold of one of your hands and stoked the back of it with his thumb. “I don’t really have a good reason for why I did what I did, but I do know that I need to change.”
You nodded but didn’t say anything.
“So,” he looked up at you, “what do you say to a little movie marathon?”
You smiled and interlaced your fingers together. “I’d really like that.”

It’s been a nice, calming, and fun filled few days since the night Luke apologized.
You’d been hanging out with the boys and especially Luke a lot more. The two of you had gone back to doing all the things you both had done before Luke started to change and it was refreshing.
“Y/N!” Luke whined as he laid down on top of you, squishing you into the couch.
You shoved him. “Get off me, Luke. I can’t breathe with your fat ass on me.”
He turned his head to face you. “I do not have a fat ass!”
“Fine, you don’t. Calum has a nicer ass than you though,” you pointed out to him.
He pulled back so that he was straddling your legs. “How would you know that?”
You looked up at him sheepishly. “I may have looked at it once…or a few times…”
Luke pouted. “Why don’t you look at mine?”
You smirked up at him. “Oh, I do. Which is why I know that he has more of an ass than you do.”
He tickled your sides and you started thrashing in his grasp. “Take it back.”
You kept laughing and rolling around from side to side. “L-Luke!”
You heard Luke’s sharp intake of breath and his tickling immediately stopped.
You quickly glanced up at Luke afraid that you had kneed him in the balls on accident from your thrashing.
Luke had his eyes closed and his arms were on either side of your head as he leaned forward, breathing heavily.
“Luke? Are you okay?” You asked concerned while lifting a hand to cup his cheek. “Did I hurt you?”
He was still breathing heavily, but he slowly opened his eyes to stare into yours.
What took you by surprise was the way his pupils had dilated and his eyes had darkened.
“Luke?” You asked timidly while withdrawing your hand.
He looked back and forth between your eyes for a few more seconds before closing the gap between you two.
Luke’s lips on yours was something you thought you would never experience, but here you were, with Luke’s lips pressed firmly against yours.
He pulled away after a moment and stared down at you. “Well, fuck.”
Your breathing mirrors his. “Same.”
“Hey, Y/N! Have you seen L-” Michael started to ask, but stopped once he saw the position you two were in. He smirked at you two. “Oh, I see you’ve found Luke. I’ll leave you two to finish what you were doing.” He gave the two of you one last smirk before walking back out of the room.
Luke turned back to look at you. “So…”
You rolled your eyes and pulled him back down to kiss him again.


Collab fic for the Bobby first kiss request! GIF credit goes to owner.

- Essy and Mika

“So is she a good kisser?" 

Bobby whipped around and looking at an innocent looking BI.

"Hyung, you’ve been dating for a month.”

“We’ve held hands!" 

BI gave him a look. "That’s so momentous, you know, if we were in middle school, hyung." 

Before Bobby could retort, Jinhwan walked into the room.

"What’s going on, guys?” He asked innocently unaware of the conversation that just took place.

“Hyung! Bobby hasn’t kissed his girlfriend yet!” Hanbin jumped out of his seat to cut Bobby off before he could accurately explain the situation.

Jinhwan released a laugh that must have been a combination of a surprised snort and a cackle. “Wait. You’re serious?”

“Shut up, guys.” Bobby looked away, feeling embarrassed at this situation. It’s not like he didn’t want to kiss her,  but there was never a right time for it to happen. A few close calls… a few glances, but never the actual deed. 

“Woahhh, the amazing Kim Jiwon can’t even kiss his own girlfriend, I never thought I’d seen the day.” BI smirked as he teased Bobby with a playful shove.

“Yeah, does she have bad breath or something? Does she think you’re gay? Maybe you should stop being so touchy with your dongsaengs.” Jinhwan leaned back in his chair looking more like a hyung as opposed to the fake maknae.

“YAH! That’s enough!” Bobby almost slammed his fist down on the dinner table so hard his drink practically toppled over.

“Damn. So touchy.” Hanbin feigned shock. “If only you could be touchy somewhere else, then maybe you’d get somewhere.”

Bobby stormed out of the room, too frustrated to continue the conversation with the other two. As he was walking away, he received a text. 

Oppa, Hanbin just texted me. Is everything okay? He said you were upset.

The frustrated male continued his trek down the street before replying with a sigh. How was he supposed to respond to this? That his dongsaeng and hyung practically teased the shit out of him because he hasn’t made the first move yet?

Jinhwan just texted me, too… what’s going on??

Bobby glared at his phone and inwardly cursed both of them out in his head. He mentally prepared himself for the commencing conversation.

Everything is fine! Going for a walk. Where are you?

Not a minute later, there was a reply.

Shopping. Want to meet up after? I’m almost done.

He sighed softly, feeling happy that his girlfriend was concerned about him. 

Maybe…..he could make a move today?

Sure, I’ll be at our spot in the park. See you soon!

He took a deep breath before heading to their favorite spot in the park where not many people knew about. All the while, he was planning on how to get that kiss. After waiting a couple of minutes, he heard a voice that he would recognize anywhere. 

“Oppa! Did you wait long?” The voice asked him sweetly. 

He turned around and was greeted to the adorable sight of his girlfriend looking slightly out of breath and holding two shopping bags while trying to smooth down her hair. He smiled softly at the sight before grinning and grabbing her bags for her.  "Don’t worry, I didn’t wait long.“

"That’s a relief!” She grinned wryly as he set her bags down and they began to talk about their day. The breeze softly blew, moving the clouds away to reveal a bright sun and crystal clear skies as the day went on. It was so relaxing that Bobby almost forgot his mission today. He decided to implement it now. 

“Jagiya, I’m kinda thirsty, can you get me a coffee from the vending machine?” He grinned his most innocent grin. 

“Sure! I’ll be right back.” She giggled a little before heading off.
After she left, Bobby immediately began to fix himself up. He checked hair, teeth, breath, etc. Everything had to be perfect for this moment. Okay Bobby, you can do this! Its just a kiss. Its not like its your first kiss, just your first kiss with her. Not helping. I’m so nervous. No! I can do it! I am Kim Jiwon!

After a couple a minutes, she came back with a can of coffee and a bottle of aloe for herself. 

“Here you go.” She said as she sat down and handed him his coffee. 

He smiled his signature eye smile and answered with a cheerful,“ Thanks!”

He opened his drink and took a sip as she did the same. He eyed her drink and had a sudden devious idea. 

“Did you not get coffee?” Bobby started.

“Aloe,” she muttered in between sips, not paying too much attention to his mannerisms.

Bobby cleared his throat. “Can I try some?”

His girlfriend flashed a cheeky smile. “It’s not like you haven’t tried this before…”

“Yeah, but that one might be different. Just one sip?”

She rolled her eyes before dangling out the bottle towards him. “Fine, just one–”

Bobby reached just passed the bottle, taking a light hold of her wrist before gently tugging her close, her lips conveniently landing on his for a firm two seconds.

She stumbled back, her lips still pressed to line as if their lips were still connected. Her eyes shot open, avoiding eye contact with anything for more than half a second.

Bobby sighed triumphantly. “I was right. That one did taste different!”

“YAH!” She slapped his arm hard enough to bring his coffee down to the ground. “What was that for?!”

He looked taken aback at her violent behavior. “W-We’ve been dating for a month! And we haven’t kissed yet! Don’t you think about kissing me?!" 

"That’s not how I wanted our first kiss to go!” She yelled with a pout. He looked shocked before she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him hard. His eyes went wide and went completely still in shock. After a moment, they broke apart.

“W-what was that?!” He stuttered with a blush on his face. She glared him.

“That’s how you have a first kiss Kim Jiwon.” She glared for a second long before grinning at his cute expression and giving him a hug. “I think we need to redo our first kiss again.”

Title: A Touch of Color Pt. 7
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader
Trigger Warning: Cursing
Plot:  In a modern world like this, finding your soulmate was nearly impossible. There were only few people who had the potential to ever meet their soulmate - people who normally saw in black and white, but once they saw their soulmate, color would start to appear all around them. You were cursed as being one of those people. You had never met your soulmate until you see your best friend from high school through strange ties. And your soulmate? Your best friend’s fiance.

Previous Parts

You thought handling three girls was a hard time, but wrangling seven boys was more effort than you could have ever imagined. 

“Her name is Y/N, you buzzkill,” Stiles said, furrowing his eyebrows. 

Derek rolled his eyes. “It wouldn’t be wise for you to refer to me that way. I think you forgot the last time that happened.”

It was Stiles’s turn to roll his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” he muttered, “but Y/N is right. We should start getting our tuxedos tailored and then we can go out to eat and talk.”

At that command, everyone started on their own way. Several employees came over and helped each boy individually. 

Mentally and physically drained, you fell back onto the couch that was perfect for waiting in situations like these. 

Just as you closed your eyes to take a rest, you had to pry your eyes open when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned to your side and saw Stiles. He smiled at you softly and leaned back against the couch. “Sorry about Derek,” he muttered. “He can be a hard ass sometimes, but he’s actually pretty cool once you get to know him.”

You waved your arm dismissively. “It doesn’t matter. If I got hurt by everything rude that was said about me, I probably wouldn’t be alive right now.”

Stiles furrowed his eyebrows and turned more toward you, placing his arm on the couch behind you. “Who’s said mean stuff about you?” He sounded genuinely angry, but his face seemed like a mix of confusion and of course, anger.

You cleared your throat and looked around the room. “I mean, I don’t really remember who has said stuff about me, but I do remember that I didn’t go through my life unscathed,” you murmured.

To release his obvious frustration, Stiles released a deep breath through his nose. “Anyway, I hope you don’t mind coming out to eat with us after. You’re probably hungry,” he said. 

You shook your head. “No, I don’t mind. I’d actually love to. I’m getting quite hungry.”

Your conversation was cut short when Scott made his way over to you two. You didn’t miss the expression that was painted across Stiles’s face. Was he perhaps angry that you were friends with Scott? 

Either way, he had no right. He was getting married to your high school best friend and nonetheless, his best friend’s romantic interest, but here he was, getting angry at the close friendship you had with a guy who understood how you felt.

After Stiles blatantly expressed his disliking to your friendship with Scott, you decided to express your anger as well. 

During the dinner, you sat across from Stiles, but next to Scott. The whole time, Stiles was trying to get your attention and of course, you chose to ignore him. 

If he was going to be immature about something that was harmless, then, you had just as much of a right as him to act the same exact way. 

Several times, Stiles would kick you under the table or loudly exclaim your name. But of course, you would ignore him. It got to the point where he was basically leaning over the table and eating some of your food to try and get a rile out of you.

You were actually quite proud of yourself. Nearly anything you could count as annoying, he did, but you never let it get to you. 

Scott even tried to get you to talk to Stiles, but you refused. It was a shame that Scott was guiltily vouching for his best friend when his best friend was the one at fault. 

However, even though you weren’t bothered, it didn’t mean the rest of the table wasn’t. The moment you broke was when Derek stopped midway through a sentence he was saying to Isaac because Stiles had been saying your name over and over again for several minutes. 

Derek huffed, turned to you since he was on your other side and exclaimed, “For the love of God, answer him!” Everyone at your table and in the vicinity that could hear over the loud atmosphere of the place turned to you.

With a roll of your eyes, you turned your head to look at Stiles, stuck your chin up, and said, “Alright, fine.” You took one breath and continued by saying, “Fuck you.”

If someone wasn’t saying “oohhh,” they were being completely silent and watching the scene play out. At this point, nearly everyone in the restaurant was trying to peak at you since word spread fast. 

“What the hell did I do?” Stiles asked, raising his hands up in surrender and confusion. 

“You’re just being the worst person,” you said, throwing your hands up in exasperation. “I am so freaking glad you’re marrying Kira because I cannot deal with this shit.” After that, you stood up, slammed some money on the table, and left. 

You hadn’t talked to Stiles since then. To be quite honest, you didn’t care. You had gone many many years without him. What was another few months until the wedding when all you had to do was see him and congratulate him on his marriage? 

The only horrible thing that came with that was having to avoid Scott, since all he ever talked about was how sorry Stiles was and how you should forgive him. 

The reason why lack of communication with Scott hurt more than lack of communication with Stiles was that you barely ever saw Stiles in the first place, but you always saw Scott and you always confided in him. He had become your best friend in the last few months that you couldn’t imagine life without him. 

Every time you passed by Scott, your heart would hurt, but only because the worst thing, even before a relationship break up, was a best friend break up. You two would look at each other like kicked puppies and would never speak a word to each other.

To make matters worse, the wedding was a few days away and you were supposed to act as if everything was fine for the sake of Kira. Doing it in the time span between the fight with Stiles up until now was painful. You were so close to breaking several times, so you weren’t sure if that facade you perfected would last the next few days. 

But you managed. It was the day before the wedding and that meant the bachelorette party was tonight. 

Your day of work, which was filled with an unusual amount of encounters with Scott, ended and you headed straight home. 

You changed into a nice dark green cocktail dress and put on some make up before heading over to Kira and Stiles’s house, where the night would start, but definitely not where the night would end. 

When you got up to the door, you didn’t even have to knock. Lydia pulled open the door and gave you the biggest hug, all while holding a martini glass obviously filled with alcohol.

“Oh my gosh, guys! Y/N is here!” she chirped, turning her head to look behind her at the group of girls already there. 

“Y/N!” Kira said, happily, making her way toward you. She pulled you into a hug so big that you had to pry her off of you. 

“Hey, guys,” you said softly, while making your way inside. 

However, as soon as you stepped inside, Malia pushed you out the door.

“You were the last person we were waiting for. We’ve got to go,” Malia said, urgently. She stuffed you into your car, gave you the address, and placed Lydia, Kira, and one other girl in your car. 

Malia ended up taking the people you didn’t know, except for Erica, who you were surprised to see, but still happy about seeing. Besides Erica, there were two other girls. 

You didn’t have time to prepare yourself because you had to drive three partially tipsy girls while following Malia’s car, even though she had given you the address. 

“So…” you said to the girl in the back with Lydia, looking at her through your rearview mirror quickly.

The girl smiled and said, “I’m Derek’s girlfriend, Alyssa.” (A/N: Listen, I gotta get me some lovin sometimes XD If your name is also Alyssa, you can change it, you can keep it, whatever you want, ahaha.)

You nodded slowly and returned your eyes back to the road. You were glad that the place was close because Kira was starting to play with the knobs of your radio while Lydia was nonchalantly kicking the back of your seat. 

When you got into the parking lot, you ushered the girls out of your car and led them inside the club. It didn’t take you long to find the other girls because Malia was dragging one of the girls toward a booth that was closed off from the rest of the club. 

Relieved, you and Malia sat at the ends of the booth to contain the giggling pack of tipsy girls.

Malia turned her eyes to you and gave you a crooked smile. “I’m sorry I pushed this onto you. Had it been someone else who came last, I would have shoved them into her car, but you were the last one.”

You shook your head and smiled. “Don’t worry about it. I’d rather be the designated driver than the one that is responsible for a drunken car crash.”

Malia smiled gratefully at you and then pointed at the girls that had been in her car. “I’m sure you know Alyssa, but the three who were in my car is Liam’s girlfriend Hayden, Derek’s sister Cora, and Kira’s elementary friend Erica.” She pointed to the girl she had been carrying, then, to a girl who was smiling brightly at nothing for no reason, and then to the girl who you had known in middle school. 

“Y/N!” Erica beamed at you, pushing her curly blonde locks out of her face. “I’ve missed you!” She clambered over Lydia and Alyssa to hug you. 

You hugged her back awkwardly, but smiled nonetheless. “I’ve missed you too,” you told her. “It’s been a long time.”

“A very long time!” 

Malia then cleared her throat, turning the attention back on her. “So, we should be aware at this point that the woman of the next few days is Kira. As the maid of honor, I encourage that you all drink as much as you’d like since it’s on me.”

You all cheered and looked happily at Kira, who was grinning from ear to ear. She, sitting next to Malia, wrapped her arms around Malia’s neck and placed her head on her shoulder. “Here’s to the best girls ever!”

You cheered again before you all went separate ways. 

Since you were driving people home, you were content with not drinking. You headed straight for the dance floor and made your way into the crowd. 

Besides Cora, you were the only single girl, so you busied yourself with grinding against random strangers. You were having the time of your life, so you closed your eyes, but then, when you opened your eyes, you were seeing color. 

Confused and angry, you looked around the club, but didn’t spot Stiles or anyone who was part of the bachelor party. That was until your eyes zeroed in on Derek dancing with Alyssa…or really Alyssa dancing around Derek, who was stiff as a board. Then, they moved a tiny bit over and you could see Scott, dancing awkwardly in a group of girls. 

You figured Stiles was somewhere really close to you, so you booked it out of the crowd as fast as you could and made your way to the bar. Since the club was a decent size - bigger than most, but not too big - you were able to see in black and white again. You were extremely relieved at that. 

But your relief was short lived when you saw Kira completely smashed. She was flagging down the bar tender every few minutes after finishing her drink. 

Seeing that there was nobody from your group around her, you figured they knew the boys were there and went off to find them. 

You made your way to Kira and tapped her on the shoulder. She whipped her head around quickly and grinned lazily at you. 

“Y/N…” she said, happily before patting the stool next to her. “Come, come. Take a seat…right here, right next to me…in this seat.”

There was no way you could leave her like this. You went over and sat down next to her, watching as she received a drink and then drank it down quickly. “Maybe you should slow down a bit on the drinks,” you told her, pushing her hand down gently when she tried to get the bar tender’s attention again. 

“Listen, Y/N…” Kira slurred, waving her arms around. “Do you…like okay…so what if you date a guy and you think he’s the one so, you know, he asks you to marry him and you say yes because you love him, but like what if…what if it’s the day before the wedding and you may not love him the way that you thought you did?” she rambled. 

You looked at her with wide eyes, but let her continue talking. 

“I just…like I don’t know what to do! He’s…he’s so great, but ugh. This is so hard,” she continued. 

Your attention in the conversation shifted when you could see the color of Kira’s red dress. Paranoid, you looked around, but you just didn’t have the heart to leave Kira in this condition, so you didn’t try to avoid Stiles this time.

When you looked toward the dance floor again, you saw Stiles on the outskirts of it. He was staring straight at you two. Hadn’t he heard of the superstition where he couldn’t see the bride 24 hours before the wedding? It meant bad luck for their marriage.

But Kira didn’t see him yet, but she did stop talking. You looked over and saw that she had ordered three more drinks and was in the process of downing one of them.

You sighed and squeezed the bridge of your nose with your fingers as Stiles approached you two. 

Then, you looked up and saw Malia leading Isaac by the hand toward the bar. She saw Kira, furrowed her eyebrows, and made her way over before Stiles could. 

“Please please please take care of her for a bit,” you whispered to Malia. “I need to take a walk.”

Malia nodded. “Of course. Isaac and I got this down.”

Without another word, you headed out through the back exit and relished in the feeling of the air against your skin and the dullness of the area around you.

Yet, your moment was ruined once again by seeing color. Your whole life, you had waited to see color, but now that you were seeing it, you were getting tired and angry by it. 

“Go away,” you said, wrapping your arms around yourself to keep warm from the cold breeze. 

“Just hear me out,” you heard. 

“Don’t wanna.”

You were stopped by said person placing something along your shoulders, making you warmer. You turned and saw Stiles looking at you with pleading brown eyes. 

“Please,” he whispered, desperately. You stood there with your arms crossed over your chest and your knee bent, waiting for him to speak. After one deep breath, he started, “Okay, we’ve been fighting a lot, but I seriously think that we shouldn’t. I’m sorry for being an asshole, okay? I just…seeing you with Scott makes me angry because…because the one chance I had at being with my soulmate and I screwed it up because I gave up…and Scott…and Scott and you just work well together and I’m jealous about that.”

You raised an eyebrow and gave him an angry expression. “You don’t think that’s how we feel? Are you even Scott’s best friend? Do you even know how the fuck he feels about this wedding? Did you even bother asking him? Yes, Scott and I are close, but you have no right to be angry or jealous. What the hell are we supposed to do? My soulmate is getting married and he was the only one who could help me through it.”

“Okay, wait a second,” Stiles said, “What do you even mean about Scott? Of course I know how he feels. He told me himself! Also, you can’t go around being all high and mighty because you were giving up too by going on a date with Scott! Don’t you forget that, you hypocrite!” 

“Excuse me? I went on a date with him. I’m not marrying him, you asshole!” you screamed, your voice piercing through the bass filled, yet quiet outside atmosphere. “For the record, Scott’s not fucking okay with this! He’s in love with your fiance the same way I’m in love with my high school best friend’s fiance!” 

Stiles was struck speechless, so you took that as a sign to continue speaking. 

“So yeah, maybe Scott didn’t tell you that because you looked happy, but he’s suffering just as much as the rest of us. Maybe next time, instead of being so damn selfish, you get your head out of your ass and think about what you do before you do it!” 

At this point, you two were looking at each other, your breaths fast and heavy from your screaming match. 

“Oh my God.”

Your heads snapped over to see Derek with his arm around Alyssa’s shoulders, but his eyes wide with surprise. Alyssa had her arm around Derek’s waist, but instead of just wide eyes, she had her mouth agape and her other hand on her mouth in shock. Just like you, she had a leather jacket you were sure was Derek’s on her shoulders. 

“You know what?” you said, causing everyone to look at you. “Fine, I forgive you, but only because of Kira. Just remember that.” You pushed past him and went inside the club. 

Just before you headed inside, you heard Stiles sigh and Alyssa say, “Wow, you really fucked up.” 

“I usually don’t condone Alyssa’s behavior, but she’s right,” you heard Derek reply. 

At least now he knew. 

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