it was supposed to be foreshortened

i was SUPPOSED to queue up some sketches while i was in nash, but i ended up getting rushed the night-and-morning-of the trip, but i did have this saved up in my drafts and forgot to post it :x

just some pose practice, so the foreshortening in this doesn’t quite translate

(also i know the hand print isn’t there anymore BUT I CAN DREAM)

If it isn’t already obvious, I have no idea how to do foreshortening…. eh, oh well, I tried. Proportions aren’t all that great either.

This was just a little idea I had floating in my head. Not my greatest piece, just a doodle~ I also just guessed about how the Luna Blaster was supposed to look. x)

Hopefully you guys like it; I just wanted to make a fun drawing without having to think too much. :)