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Secret Santa — Jeon Jungkook

Words: 4,000+

Warnings: secret Santa au + high school au + fluff + angst + jungkook being adorable in the end ♥️

Description: The one thing you hate about secret Santa is that the person who gives you the gift stays anonymous, that’s why Jeon Jungkook made sure to give you a special gift.

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“Okay, everyone. Listen up.” Your best friend, Eun-ji called out. You were currently in an empty classroom, along with a few other people.

“Christmas is soon, so it’s time for us, the student council to do something exciting!” She smiles. Eun-ji is always excited about everything, especially Christmas.

“Since we have to plan the dance and talent show and other things for the other students in our school, I️’ve decided that we, as a group, should do secret Santa!” She smiles even wider.

Some of the people cheered, most of them sighed. You just giggled at how happy Eun-ji was about this.

“Aw, come on, people! Secret Santa is fun! Think about how exciting it’s going to be when you get a gift from someone!” She says, trying to cheer everyone up.

“How about everyone just buy me a gift, and I’ll give them nothing in return?” You heard the voice beside you say. “Shut up, Taehyung.” You laughed, playfully hitting his arm.

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Welcome back. I hope finals go well for you both! I wanted to ask for how GOM +Kagami, Imayoshi, Takao, Himuro, and Kasamatsu (sorry if there are too many) would react being caught under the mistletoe with their crush?

No need to apologize for the amount of characters! We technically don’t have a character limit, but do know that the more you ask for, the more likely the answers will be on the shorter side!

Kuroko: Despite the little bit of color that is on his cheeks, Kuroko seems to be more confident than he’s letting on. It’s almost too easy for him to lean into you, pressing a kiss to the corner of your lips. He didn’t miss; he just didn’t want to give you a full kiss in case you didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

Kagami: But he hasn’t even confessed to you yet! Kagami’s face almost matches his hair with how hard he is blushing and the words coming out of his mouth are garbled up to the point you have no idea if he’s speaking in Japanese, English, or Gibberish. You might not get a kiss if he continues for long.

Kise: It’s hard for Kise to hide the excitement on his face when he notices the mistletoe above the two of you. Trying his best to mask it, he tries to go for smooth and suave as he places a delicate finger under your chin. It’s almost too cheesy the way he tilts your face toward his so he can kiss you.

Kasamatsu: With how red his face is and how silent he was, you wouldn’t be surprised if Kasamatsu had turned into an actual tomato right before your eyes. He’s trying his best not to acknowledge the mistletoe while also glancing at it every two seconds. He definitely can’t be the one to make the first move.

Aomine: This is almost too perfect of a chance. Aomine practically traps you against the door frame, throwing one of his arms above your head as he leans in rather close from the get go. The look in his eyes says he’s hoping to turn a simple peck on the lips into something more.

Imayoshi: Knowing for a fact that you can see the mistletoe above your head, Imayoshi decides to play the role of the oblivious one. What does a mistletoe mean again? The smirk widens on his face as he watches you embarrassingly scramble to explain to him what he already knows.

Midorima: There’s a light dusting of color on his cheeks, but Midorima is mature enough to know he shouldn’t make pebbles into mountains. Despite you being his crush, he almost makes you think this is a business transaction with how formal he’s being, going so far as to ask for permission twice.

Takao: Was this crush of his supposed to be a secret? Because it obviously isn’t with the way Takao gives a little cheer when the two of you get caught under the mistletoe. He’s quick to give you a peck on the cheek and it absolutely makes his heart to somersaults when you pout at not getting anything more.

Murasakibara: The kiss tastes of sugar; of course, that’s because Murasakibara had been nibbling at some powdered cookies just before. The way you lick your lips afterward is almost too adorable and he has to stop himself from leaning down to give you another kiss.

Himuro: Making sure to let you know that the two of you could skip out on the tradition if it makes you uncomfortable, Himuro secretly hopes that you’ll be fine with him offering you a kiss. His heart starts beating faster when you lean in to give him one before he can finish asking.

Akashi: He’s not a stickler for tradition, but this is one thing that Akashi can’t pass up. The hand he has on your cheek is cold in comparison to your warming face. You glance up just in time to see a gentle smile before he’s leaning down to press his lips against yours.

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I say this with so, so much love, but: get your shit together. get that will and get what your father left you. get the police involved, get a lawyer involved, get what is rightfully yours. obviously i don't know the whole story, but asking for money when you're sitting on a whole account of it is... you know.

no, you don’t know the whole story. the money was an extra bank account alex’s dad literally kept SECRET because he knew she would steal it, and when he died, she put it in her name & spent all the money. we only even know it existed because the bank mailed alex about it (guess who took the letter & is insisting it never existed). lawyers cost money we don’t have! taking her to court would leave us & our animals homeless! where are we supposed to live if we call the fucking police. like, PLEASE, oh random stranger on the internet, tell me more about how to get my shit together when literally every single thing you’ve suggested still costs money we don’t have.


title read my mind

prompt a van fic based on this quote, for @callitwhatyouwill

“I don’t mess around or play games. I don’t believe in them. I just want honesty. I’d rather wake up one morning and say, “You know what? I had a really terrible dream that you were fucking someone else. Can you love me extra today?” instead of getting in a fight about some stupid shit and then at the end of the day being like, “Okay, can I tell you why I’ve been acting like this?” I’d rather say “Heads up” than “I’m sorry” later. Your relationship is supposed to be the safe place.”

— John Mayer on the secret to having a good relationship

note a little smut but fluff too! very nostalgic feel. and it’s in third person! and hella long. word count: 10,614. i’m going for that again. let me know what you think! enjoy!


Van has always been good at sex. Ever since Nancy from the record store (no last name, just “my parents won’t be home this weekend”) took him to her apartment to show him a thing or two.

He’s always been a quick study and practice makes perfect.

When most kids were getting first kisses and hoping to cop a feel, Van was already way ahead of the class.

“You were made for this, Van,” he was told once. Years later he still doesn’t know what to do with that.

He only tried for a relationship once and, ironically, no sex was had. Good, virginal, Y/N, who would kiss and kiss and, sometimes, she allowed his fingers, giving in to the tension that was a constant blanket around them. But with her there was always more than sex. There was music and books and genuine discussion. His mind craved her as much as, perhaps more than, his body did.

His first love… his only love.

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The Holiday season is stressful because I’m still really super struggling to draw anything while at the same time there’s like 50 people online who I think are really cool and I want to draw presents for.

(as well as the secret santa and getting back to the comic and the paid work I gotta do too)

It’s really overwhelming and I don’t think I’m gonna be able to draw presents for anyone at all… I can barely draw the things I’m suppose to at the moment and I’m only now very slowly feeling like I can actually draw anything at all again.

*is kinda making myself panic thinking about it*

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One More Week until Christmas! Gifts Will Be Submitted from December 24th to December 28th!

Hello to everyone out there! 

We sure hope that you all still enjoy working on your Meihem Secret Santa  prompts! :D

Thanks so much to the ones who have already informed us that they have finished their gifts and that they are taking care of SUPER Secret Santa dependant gifts - you all are awesome <3

With that being said, there is one more week to go until Christmas.

But even if you should not have your gift ready until December 24th - do not pressure yourself :3 

The Meihem Secret Santa Gifts are supposed to be submitted, shared and loved from December 24th to December 28th .- excluded from this are SUPER Secret Santa gifts (of which there are three), which get an additional month of preparation time (with the justification that these are volunteer gifts for meihem lovers who would like to get a gift, but could not create one for someone else in return C: ).

With that being said, do not stress yourselves out, we are all confident that you will share great results for this meihem event with us :D

If you are a 100% certain that you cannot finish your gift on time, have to drop out of the event or are in an emergency situation (sickness or other not so nice happenings), please contact this blog immediately, so that we can figure something out - there is a solution to everything <3 

Until then - best of success for the new week and all of your plans! Keep creating and take care! 

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westallen secret santa 2017

A sneak into my secret santa fic that I can’t hold back (I’m sorry, it’s too cute!!):

She could only maintain her huffing for so long. This was already getting so ridiculous with them carrying on this heated conversation on opposite sides of a closed door.

She sighed and folded her arms beneath her breasts.

“So what if it was?” She rolled her eyes. “They never told me their names.”

He pressed his forehead to the glass, and when she finally looked up at him, the look of adoration nearly stole her breath.

“Let me take you dinner,” he requested softly. “I promise I’ll explain everything.” He lifted his head. “And I’ll answer any question you want honestly, on or off the record.”

She squinted suspiciously. “Why?”

A heart-stopping smile started to spread across his face.

“I’m an open book for you, Iris West.”


we hope you guys recovered safely from the previous storm but now it’s time to get into the holiday spirit and start shopping. the town has been divided up into separate groups to join in on a fun annual game of secret santa with an agreed upon budget of 30 dollars per gift !  

the rules are simple:
1. all the gifts must meet the budget. anything less will not count. 
you are not allowed to tell the person who’s name you drew that you’re their secret santa.
3. gifts must be appropriate !


momentarily, you will all receive an ask with the name of the person your character is supposed to buy the gift for. you MUST keep it a secret ooc and ic, just to make things more fun. you will all have until the 24th to get your presents ready. the gift exchange will happen between the 24th and 26th. now, here’s how they’re going to be exchanged: starting the 24th, if you’re around, you have to send your gift to the person who’s name your character got, through the submit. you can do this in a lot of different ways whether it be compiling a collage of the things your character bought or writing a list, perhaps a cute note.. it’s really up to you how you decide to format it. once you send your gift out ( again, between the 24th and 26th ) , please let the main know. once you receive YOUR gift, post the submission with the #milford:task02 tag. so, yes, the gifts will all be shared publicly on the timeline. the rules above are rules given to everyone by the town selectman, tod, but not a lot of people follow the last one so feel free to go crazy and be as ridiculous as you want with the gifts. because i know some people may not be around on christmas eve and christmas day itself, activity will be excused for those two days and you can send your gifts as late as the 26th. if you need an extension, that is perfectly fine as well. if you’d like to send your gifts early, that is also fine, just let the main know. if you guys have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate !


Writing Year In Review

You can find all of the stories I’ve written this year on my AO3 and I will link to the specific ones mentioned as well! I’m going to post a small snippet that I’m proud of and a summary for each one, so you can check them all out!

January - March

I don’t think I really did that much writing during this time, and if I did it’s on FF and I… don’t want to go back there. So… We’re just gonna skip this part.


Secrets - This is the first fic that I wrote for The Bridge! I have a bit of a soft spot for it still, since I wrote it during a good moment in the middle of a really shitty week. It was supposed to be the only thing I wrote for The Bridge. Whoops. (It’s basically just really cute and soft kapnard cuddles)


Dancing Across the Sea - Some cute af ketta slow dancing. I’m still pretty pleased with the descriptions in this, which is surprising because wow… descriptions are NOT my strong suit… 


Nothing According to Plan - My attempt at “One of Them” before “One of Them” came out. It came out pretty good I think? Kind of like the canon content? Maybe? Idk. 


Sleeping Dragon - Yes, I know that’s not how you spell Lemaire. I just… I don’t even know. I heard Lamaire, thought la mer (because French) and then ended up with Lamar. ffs Jess. Anyways, Hogwarts AU with Bertie as a Triwizard Tournament champion. Rebecca Mahoney said it was a delight sooooooooooo 


blinding light (get too close to the sun honey and you get burned) - I mean the plot’s right there. It’s an “accidentally slept with your TA” AU. Lots of fun dialogue because of that. Also hella gay. 


The Night Shift - The Bridge bartender au! This is one of the things I’m proudest of this year because I actually????? finished a fic???? for the first time in four years????? It’s incredible. 


Safe With You - Bridge Royalty AU. I’m kind of pleased with how this is turning out because it’s a lot of descriptions and… I’m really not good at that shit. There’s a lot of stuff that’s planned for this fic that I’m really excited for and I’m hoping to maybe have it finished by this time next year? We’ll see. 


linaria bipartia - Probably what I’m proudest of this entire year. I started writing it for Nano and managed to pass 31K!!!!!! It’s trans polyam Watchtower crew with a side of angst. Pretty damn fun. Also going to be pretty damn long, with 40 chapters planned so far. 


“Fuck me, it’s cold!” - Part 3 of 25 Days of Ficmas! It’s another cute little ketta drabble. And a good example of what my writing’s like around now. 

Goals for next year: 

  • Get better at writing the passage of time within scenes - any scene where time passes between sentences just sounds super awkward and it needs to not 
  • Descriptions - ugh 
  • Action scenes - this is going to be a really big thing next year as my fics begin reaching their middles and ends, particularly Safe With You, and the action scenes in Sleeping Dragon were… not so great. 
  • Write more general stories - a lot of my stuff is still shippy and while there’s nothing wrong with that, I want to write more stuff that focuses on platonic and familial dynamics. 
  • More regular updates - I tried to make an update schedule for fall and while I didn’t do terribly, I can still do better. I did better than last year though, so I’m happy. 
  • Write more F/F - I wrote a lot of ketta this year and my ratio of M/M to F/F is improving (I think the main difference now is just caused by aofuta week) but a lot of that still tends to be oneshots rather than long fics. I’ve got a couple of ideas in the works that I want to start posting in the new year, I just need to work out the wrinkles a little bit. 
  • Cut down on words - I use way too many words to describe actions and I can definitely simplify my writing by just like… not using fifty words to describe a really basic action. 
mutuals tag game

I was tagged by @bisexualcloudstrife, thank you so much! 💜

A- Age: 21

B- Birthplace: Germany

C- Current time: 00:32

D- Drink you last had: coke

E- Easiest person to talk to: my mom and my best friend

F- Favorite song(s): Holy shit how am I supposed to chose?

G- Grossest memory: (trigger warning!) Being raped and abused.

H- Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw!

I- In love: I’m in love with Kim Seokjin, but shhhh! Totally a secret.

J- Jealous of people: I can be jealous, but I’m usually pretty chill.

K- Killed someone: The fuck? No.

L- Love at first sight or should i walk by again: I’d be so confused lmao

M- Middle name: I don’t have one.

N- Number of siblings: I don’t have any.

O- One wish: I wish for the people (and animals) I love to be healthy.

P- Person you last called: Dad.

Q- Question you are always asked: “Did it hurt to get your piercings?”

R- Reasons to smile: I could make a long list but here we go

  • dogs in general
  • snow & Christmas
  • good music
  • amusement parks
  • girls

S- Song you last sang: I tried to sing along to Rookie, but failed.

T- Time you woke up: I think it was like 9 am.

U- Underwear color: Uhhh weird question, but pastel pink.

V- Vacation destination: I really want to see the sea (again)!

W- Worst habit: I grind my teeth and move my jaw when I’m nervous.

X- Xrays: I had to go through so many sdlakdjlkjd my body’s a mess.

Y- Your favorite food: About everything unhealthy.

Z- Zodiac sign: Cancer!

I’m tagging @saintlysinnerthighs, @asiapanda, @jinshookjin, @slutdropjin, @kaybun-chan, @sugarjins, @miirai & @yoooooongz ❤ Please don’t feel forced to do this and have a nice day!

This one time I was at a street festival hosted by my Uni and there was a guy doing card tricks. I was watching him when I noticed he dropped a card. (7 of spades) I quickly put my shoe on it and then bent down to act like I was tying my shoe. He then asks for a volunteer so I raise my hand. He asks me to say the name of a card at random so I say “7 of spades” he does his trick that I guess was supposed to make it come on top. He holds up the Ace of Hearts and says “is this your card?” And I hold up the card and said “no but this is” and the crowd LOST IT. I handed the card back to the magician and walked away. Later he comes up to me and asks me how I did it. I looked him in the eye, smiled and said “magicians never reveal their secrets” and walked away.


a twitter compilation of a sudden and inexplicable werewolf au (click images)

Don’t look at Heiji, look back at me, and say “he doesn’t even act like a dog” with a straight face

YOO Merry Christmas @irishgirl982! I was your secret santa for the @mlsecretsanta​ exchange! :D You requested anything from the lovesquare so here’s some fluffy Adrinette! Hope you enjoy it! C:


Heeere’s my secret shallura valentine’s gift for the wonderful and fantastic Dragons, aka @shiroallura! Forgive me that I added some angst, but per your request I also added a friends-to-lovers trope ^^;). This is based on an au story I plan to write, and I kinda went overboard with this little scene after listening to this song . Hope you like it, lovely!! <3

just a few reasons why sirius black and james potter were not ‘stupid’:

  • successfully became animagi at 15
  • was said to be the ‘cleverest students in the school’
  • made a magical map that revealed most of the castles secrets
  • sirius escaped what was supposed to be an inescapable prison and infiltrated a magical school three (3) times on his own
  • james defied voldemort three (3) times and escaped alive
  • sirius was incredibly skilled at non-verbal magic, a skill very difficult to master
  • harry, who became one of the best quidditch players hogwarts has ever seen, inherited his talent from his father so obviously james was an incredibly talented chaser
  • james’s reflexes and skill were fast enough to catch a snitch and make it his bitch
  • sirius was able to stick muggle and magical posters on his wall and not even the wrath of walburga black could remove them
  • he also charmed his muggle motorcycle so that it could fly etc. 
  • james’s wand was said to be excellent for transfiguration, so obviously, he was skilled at the subject
  • james was also so good, voldemort wanted him to join his death eater boy band

so sure, go ahead and tell me that james and sirius were dumb, i’ll just slap you in the face with this post *drops mic*