it was sunny and there was no wind

Middle of the river

a sunny day

open canoe on a flat river

no wind

wearing shorts


& a wife beater

got water

spare paddle

& all is good

the world is yours

& then you notice

the sky getting darker

ducks starting to nest

there on the edge in the reeds

going to sleep

as the wind begins to rise

time to turn for home

make a run for it

it is going to rain

the signs are all there

& there you are

in the middle of the river

as the rain strikes

heading for the bank

overhanging trees

to stand


hoping this will pass soon


complacency has brought this

to you

complacency helped you fight

the be prepared

for this

as you stand


waiting for the world

to turn your way


neil benbow

Charging/Activating Sigils

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(Copied from my grimoire)

  • Place on paper, burn it
  • Draw on bread, toast it
  • Trace with crystals
  • Use your own energy (touch, breath, proximity)
  • Sew on clothing, wash them
  • Place in front of music speakers
  • Let it sit in a sunny place
  • Bury in the earth*
  • Use prayer
  • Dissolve in water/hold under running water
  • Set as phone lock screen, charge phone
  • Tape to window on full moon
  • Meditate
  • Hold near fire
  • Throw into wind*
  • Add a drop of blood*
  • Carve into candle, let it melt
  • Draw with honey at the bottom of a mug, activate with hot drink
  • Draw on flag, leave in wind
  • Trace in dust, blow it away
  • Use crystal grid
  • Draw with cooking oil, cook
  • Draw on foggy windows/mirrors
  • Trace using water, let it evaporate
  • Carve in soap, wash body
  • Utilize storm energy
  • Use light
  • Draw on beach, let the ocean take it
  • Use charging board
  • Draw on rock, throw it in a river*
  • Carve into wax, melt it (for wax melters)
  • Draw on self, take a shower
  • Use glow-in-the-dark paint
  • Place on shoes, utilize the energy of walking
  • Draw in the air with energy, push through it
  • Take a picture, charge device
  • Hold to your pulse point/s
  • Speak to it
  • And many, many things I did not list here.

*Make sure you are being safe and/or eco-friendly!

Writers with your Venus Sign.

• Aries Venus: “There is no greater glory than to die for love.” - Gabriel García Márquez , Love in the Time of Cholera.

• Taurus Venus: “To be together again, after so long, who love the sunny wind, the windy sun, in the sun, in the wind, that is perhaps something, perhaps something.”- Samuel Beckett, Watt.

• Gemini Venus: “In black ink my love may still shine bright.”- William Shakespeare, Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

• Cancer Venus: “The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.”- Ernest Hemingway, Men Without Women.

• Leo Venus: “Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly.”- Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace.

• Virgo Venus: “My heart is wax molded as she pleases, but enduring as marble to retain.”- Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, La Gitanilla El Amante Liberal (Novelas Ejemplares, Obra Completa 6).

• Libra Venus: “The very essence of romance is uncertainty.”- Oscar Wilde, The Importance of Being Earnest and Other Plays.

• Scorpio Venus: “The more I know of the world, the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love. I require so much!”- Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility.

• Sagittarius Venus: “I am the Cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me.”- Rudyard Kipling, The Cat That Walked by Himself: And Other Stories.

• Capricorn Venus: “What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.”- Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov.

• Aquarius Venus: “To be left alone is the most precious thing one can ask of the modern world.”- Anthony Burgess, Homage To Qwert Yuiop: Essays.

• Pisces Venus: “Years of love have been forgot, In the hatred of a minute.”-Edgar Allan Poe, The Complete Stories and Poems.

the signs as dennis reynolds screaming













Herbs, Trees and Plants Used in Weather Magic

Below is a list of herbs, trees and plants used in weather witching. I’m sure there are plants and herbs that are missing from this list. However the herbs on this list were corroborated by multiple sources which confirmed their use in weather magic. If you know of any other plants, trees or herbs used in weather magic please feel free to add them to this list.

  • Alder – Raises winds: Turned into whistles to ‘whistle up a wind’
  • Broom – Thrown into fire to calm winds or thrown into air to raise winds
  • Cotton – Thrown into fire to bring rain
  • Ferns – Thrown into fire to bring rain
  • Garlic – Worn on person to ward off bad weather
  • Heather – Thrown into fire to bring rain
  • Henbane – Thrown into water to bring rain
  • Oak/Acorn – Protects against lightning strikes and bad weather
  • Pansy – Brings rain and storms: If picked on a sunny day it will bring storms but if picked in early morning while covered in dew it will bring rain.
  • Rice/Grains/Wheat – Thrown into the air to bring rain
  • Saffron – Raises winds, Assists with control of the weather
  • Thistle – Thrown into fire to redirect lightning

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Resources for Storm and Weather Magic

Updated: March 30th 2016



(Note: spells that involve storm water are included)


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N5 verb list
  1. 会う (あう)- to meet
  2. 開く (あく)- to become open
  3. 開ける (あける)- to open
  4. 上げる (あげる)- to give
  5. 遊ぶ (あそぶ)- to play, to make a visit
  6. あびる - to bathe, to shower
  7. 洗う (あらう)- to wash
  8. ある - to be, to have (inanimate)
  9. 歩く (あるく)- to walk
  10. 言う (いう)- to say
  11. 行く (いく)- to go
  12. 居る (いる)- to be, to have (animate)
  13. 要る (いる)- to need
  14. 入れる (いれる)- to put in
  15. 歌う (うたう)- to sing
  16. 生まれる (うまれる)- to be born
  17. 売る (うる)- to sell
  18. 起きる (おきる)- to get up
  19. 置く (おく)- to put
  20. 教える (おしえる)- to teach, to tell
  21. 押す (おす)- to push, to stamp
  22. 覚える (おぼえる)- to remember
  23. 泳ぐ (およぐ)- to swim
  24. 降りる (おりる)- to get off, to descend
  25. 終わる (おわる)- to finish
  26. 買う (かう)- to buy
  27. 返す (かえす)- to return something
  28. 帰る (かえる)- to return, to go back
  29. かかる - to take time or money
  30. 書く (かく)- to write
  31. かける - to call by phone
  32. 貸す (かす)- to lend
  33. 借りる (かりる)- to borrow
  34. 消える (きえる)- to disappear
  35. 聞く (きく)- to hear, to listen, to ask
  36. 切る (きる)- to cut
  37. 着る (きる)- to put on 
  38. 曇る (くもる)- to become cloudy/dim
  39. 来る (くる)- to come
  40. 消す (けす)- to erase, to turn off
  41. 答える (こたえる)- to answer
  42. コピーする - to copy
  43. 困る (こまる)- to be worried
  44. 咲く (さく)- to bloom
  45. 差す (さす)- to stretch out, to raise
  46. 散歩する (さんぽする)- to stroll
  47. 死ね (しね)- to die
  48. 閉まる (しまる)-  to close, to be closed
  49. 閉める (しめる)- to close something
  50. 締める (しめる)- to tie
  51. 知る (しる)- to know
  52. 吸う (すう)- to smoke
  53. 住む (すむ)- to live in
  54. する - to do
  55. 座る (すわる)- to sit
  56. 掃除する (そうじする)- to clean, to sweep
  57. 出す (だす)- to put out
  58. 立つ (たつ)- to stand
  59. 頼む (たのむ)- to ask
  60. 食べる (たべる)- to eat
  61. 違う (ちがう)- to differ
  62. 使う (つかう)- to use
  63. 疲れる (つかれる)- to get tired
  64. 着く (つく)- to arrive at
  65. 作る (つくる)-to make
  66. つける - to turn on
  67. 勤める (つとめる)- to work for someone
  68. 出かける (でかける)- to go out
  69. できる - to be able to
  70. 出る (でる)- to leave, to go out
  71. 取る (とる)- to take something
  72. 撮る (とる)- to take a photo or film
  73. 鳴く (なく)- to chirp, roar, croak etc
  74. 無くす (なくす)- to lose something
  75. 習う (ならう)- to learn
  76. 並ぶ (ならぶ)- to line up, to stand in line
  77. 並べる (ならべる)- to line up, to set up
  78. なる - to become
  79. 脱ぐ (ぬぐ)- to take off clothes
  80. 寝る (ねる)- to sleep, to go to bed
  81. 登る (のぼる)- to climb
  82. 飲む (のむ)- to drink
  83. 乗る (のる)- to ride, to get on
  84. 入る (はいる)- to enter, to contain
  85. はく - to wear, to put on trousers
  86. 始まる (はじまる)- to begin
  87. 走る (はしる)- to run
  88. 働く (はたらく)- to work
  89. 話す (はなす)- to speak
  90. 貼る (はる)- to stick
  91. 晴れる (はれる)- to be sunny
  92. 引く (ひく)- to pull
  93. 弾く (ひく)- to play an instrument
  94. 吹く (ふく)- to blow (wind)
  95. 降る (ふる)- to fall (rain, snow)
  96. 勉強する (べんきょうする)- to study
  97. 曲がる (まがる)- to turn, to bend
  98. 待つ (まつ)- to wait
  99. 磨く (みがく)- to brush teeth, to polish
  100. 見せる (みせる)- to show
  101. 見る (みる)- to see, to watch, to look
  102. 持つ (もつ)- to hold
  103. 休む (やすむ)- to rest
  104. やる - to do
  105. 行く (ゆく)- to go
  106. 呼ぶ (よぶ)- to call out, to invite
  107. 読む (よむ)- to read
  108. 練習する (れんしゅうする)- to practice
  109. 分かる (わかる)- to be understood
  110. 忘れる (わすれる)- to forget
  111. 渡す (わたす)- to hand over
  112. 渡る (わたる)- to go across
melodrama through the eyes of a (fellow) synaesthete

hello everyone! just like lorde herself, i have a strong case of synaesthesia (I get colour visions, but also tastes and scents as well), so this is my attempt to review the masterpiece that is melodrama through my synaesthetical experiences

let’s go

green light: car air freshener, heated highway and the visions you get when you drive in heat (a la mirages), blackberry-scented cheap shower gel, a pistachio green silk scarf, old school adidas kicks, lemon juice drops on fresh summer salad, beige satin, old black cars (a la classic cadillacs and jaguars), maple syrup, the heat of cairo at around 11 am

sober: ripe honeydew, the smell of guitar wood varnish, red satin ribbons, smudged glass coffee tables, spilled lemonade on said tables, peach vodka, the feel of white plaster in old museums where security guards are very strict, cough syrup (both the colour and the flavour), artificial smell of mint, mint gum, velvet red carpeting in old and badly aired town halls, the humidity of rainforest

homemade dynamite: 4 am sunrise straight after a storm with torn dark grey, nearly black clouds being ripped, smell of gasoline, deep puddles in cracked pavement, dimmed street lights about to go out, magenta, white musk perfume from the body shop, deep indigo of the nearly sunrise of mid may, that walk home from a rowdy night out when everyone is more or less sobered up, but not sober enough to feel shy yet, still drunk enough to be honest with affection and cursing and slightly slurred speech

the louvre: bamboo blinds, bamboo shoots, bonsai trees, flowing honey, varnished birchwood, sunlit old halls in ugly grey soviet buildings, silver hellium-filled balloons, white shiny doors between a party-filled room and a closet where hook-ups and one-night stands take place, old oil paint, the sunny, lemon yellow butterflies, muddly skies of july, edelflower syrup in a glass of white wine, edelflower flower crowns, an expensive pool in a mansion-like house in hollywood hills, the eerie comfort and anxiety of the opening credits of twin peaks

liability: massive bouquets of lily of the valley, white lace curtains knitted by a grandmother, greyness of a sunday in a village on a last warm october day, a single light in an office on a late night in a massive skyscraper, dried flowers, drops of nosebleed on a crystal clean white sink, grey that turns into pastel lilac, the feeling of ripped paper

hard feelings/loveless: faint sunrise shining through the windows of a manhattan apartment in a skyscraper, all shades of orange spilling onto a hi-tec kitchen, cointreau liqueur, sunny warm nights on ocean beach, lukewarm bathtubs when the bath foam has fizzled, bonfires and burned marshmallows, just the beginning of feeling buzzed (like a glass of wine in), tender shades of yellow, rustiness of old heavy doors into a basement, scaffolding sounds, first sunniest days of spring after a heavy winter, sunset in the ocean, heavy fluffy sweaters / neon diner signs, anime eyes, porcelain dolls, peach-flavoured bubblegum, glass bowls

sober ii (melodrama): colour of crimson, heavy red velvet couches, smudged matte red lipstick, glass shards, ripped pearl necklaces and scattered pearls on sticky floor, red limelight, stilettos, tight black bodysuits, smoky-eyed tall models in revealing tight and latex dresses, marble furniture with golden decor, fistfights during a party, ripped suits and thrown ties and unbuttoned white shirts on boys with wealthy fathers

writer in the dark: light parakeet green, whitewashed starched tablecloths that crunch, old wooden tables, rusty cages for canaries, Advocat liqueur, big pearl necklaces on black dresses, big sunglasses (a la Audrey’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), sunny Sunday mornings on a patio with a cup of fancy tea, sunday clothes, white churches in greece, silver tears and crying in the backseat after a breakup, wilted flowers in a vase with dirty water

supercut: light green and orange, Love Is bubblegum, peaches, apricots, mint, Mojitos, fairy lights above people at a rooftop party, roadtrip one takes after a breakup with all thier belongings, flavoured water that doesn’t quench thirst, sparkling water with lemon and ice cubes, worn down picnic blankets, fancy dresses girls wear to the entrance into a nightclub, folding chairs, chilled champagne

liability (reprise): cold winter wind of february, the feeling on the tip of the tongue from scolding hot tea, big white rooms in museums, light green, light smoke of e-cigarette that smells like peppermint, the smell of sunscreen, the stillness of a swimming pool at noon in heat

perfect places: red wine, swinging chandeliers, red plastic cups, glass grand pianos, the last summer party in august, that warm feeling at the end of the party where everyone’s buzzed and affectionate and there’s a lot of kissing and hugging and swinging, big fake golden earrings, summer fruits, fancy hotels and luxurious lifts/elevators, skinny dipping, black velvet dresses that touch the floor, uncontrollable laughing in comfy sweaters

♡ NATURE & WEATHER🍃 날씨 & 자연

봄 - spring
여름 - summer
가을 - fall
겨울 - winter

1. WEATHER (날씨) :
비 - rain
눈 - snow
바람 - wind
해 - sun
장마 - rainy season
가뭄 - dry weather
기온 - temperature
눈송이 - snowflake
무지개 - rainbow
구름 - cloud
우비 - rain jacket
우산 - umbrella
해나요 - (to be) sunny
더워요 - (to be) hot
추워요 - (to be) cold
흐려요 - (to be) cloudy
습해요 - (to be) humid
따듯해요 - (to be) warm
나쁜 날씨 - bad weather
좋은 날씨 - good weather
“날씨가 어때요?” - what’s the weather like?

2. NATURE (자연) :
하늘 - sky
빛 - light
하늘 - sky
달 - the moon
태양 - the sun
별 - star
가지 - branch
불 - fire
꽃 - flower
숲 - forest
잔디 - grass
잎 - leaf
식물 - plant
나무 - tree
물결 - wave
지구 - world

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ginny and luna as girlfriends & fwb at hogwarts because i just can’t help myself:

  • luna goes to all ginny’s quidditch teams, lion hat on her head, and makes it roar so loud every time ginny scores a goal. ginny blows kisses & winks to luna before every match, it makes her feel lucky
  • luna’s in all sorts of fringe clubs and organizations too. ginny goes to all of luna’s matches/premieres/etc and cheers as enthusiastically for her gf at this little club as any student does for a quidditch match
  • ginny even makes a little ravenclaw hat for luna’s games, though ginny’s not great at art and she gets really frustrated when her projects go wrong. it’s smaller than the lion hat but it has wings that flap and the eagle noise is super realistic, and luna appreciates the effort so much (she cried when she first saw it). everyone else is very much like, “…..what the fuck?” but who cares
  • luna spends her holidays running around the world searching for mythical creatures, she invites her father and her girl. ginny surpresses her percy-like inclination to denounce it all, and throws herself determinedly into the adventure - they never find a snorkack or humdinger but they do discover a few old artifacts………..luna’s convinced they have Powers. ginny humors her.
  • ginny winning quidditch matches and throwing herself, windswept and sweating and exhilarated, into her gf’s arms in front of everybody
  • luna sometimes cheers against ravenclaw in gryffindor/ravenclaw matches. her housemates are used to how doe-eyed ginny makes her by now though.
  • luna gets ginny, stubborn and set in her ways as she is, to try all sorts of concoctions in the kitchen when ginny visits her on holiday. most of them are pretty good, to everyone’s surprise.
  • speaking of them on holiday: endless sunny days strolling the streets/fields around the burrow and the rook, soaking up the nature, telling each other stories - some true, some fabricated…..ginny enchants the flower petals caught in the wind to dance around them; luna threads daisies into both their braids.
  • meeting the family!!!! some of the weasleys are confused about luna, but they think shes sweet and funny and lovely. xenophilius thinks ginny’s hard-headed but brave, and he loves how she dotes on luna and looks at her with stars in her eyes.
  • ginny sneaks out of the tower most nights, she and luna take moonlit walks around the dark grounds, hand in hand, talking about the stars (it doesnt matter that ginny’s failing astronomy and most of luna’s mythology is made up)

credit to @ginnnyweasleys for coming up with these with me :))) iconic sport gay and art gay girlfriends for life!

Dream Vacations for the Signs

…because we all dream about being miles away sometimes. 

Hiking (Aries, Taurus)

listen and dream yourself away

being one with nature, waking up to the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the trees, bonfires, the overwhelming feeling of freedom, disbelief towards the beauty of nature, wind making your hair dance, physical exhaustion but mental satisfaction

Road Trip (Gemini, Sagittarius)

listen and dream yourself away

listening to music on full volume, old gas stations, watching the world roll past in front of the car window, constant airflow to make the heat more bearable, pulling up to go skinny dipping or watch the stars, genuine laughter, hanging your head or hands out the window

Holidays by the lake (Cancer, Capricorn)

listen and dream yourself away

solitude, peace and quiet, rowing on  a hot and sunny day, watching the lake wake up und go to sleep with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, hot tea and wine, being with your favourite person, finding yourself, being free from troubles, watching nature sitting on a gangplank wrapped in blankets

Holidays at the beach (Leo, Pisces)

listen and dream yourself away

the sun warming you inside out, collecting shells, wasting your time in the sun, fooling around in the water, listening to the steady rythm of the tides, sand sticking to your body, smelling the salty sea breeze, burning your feet on the hot sand, the smell of sunscreen

Holidays in the city (Virgo, Libra)

listen and dream yourself away

visiting museums, sitting in beautiful cafés watching all different sorts people, long strolls to all of your favourite places on a sunny day, eating ice cream, smiling to strangers, taking pictures, watching the city wake up from a rooftop, midnight kisses under the streetlights

Holidays in the jungle (Scorpio, Aquarius)

listen and dream yourself away

wavy hair and summer dresses, lying in the hammock, wasting your day at a lagoon, living where no one can find you, worshipping nature, waking up to hundreds of different noises, diversity of plants and colors and animals, feeling completely relaxed