it was such a good movie too


Concepts of Umio. Belongs to Mairi.  

Here some concepts I’ve made for Umio, the main character of my short-movie. It’s a friend of mine, svndvn, who found the name for him (in japanese, the word 海 pronounced umi, means sea). I wanted him to be an adventurous and independent kid, having to adapt in a dangerous world where lands keep disappearing under water. But as I worked on the storyboard, a melancholic aspect of the character, reflecting on what he had lost, showed up. He’s more like a child who had to grow too fast for his own good. I wish I had more time to design his bandana-fish but I was alone on that project, so I had to make choices more quickly. <3

excellent dad choice

a bokuaka family drabble

“Tsubasa, I said no,” came Koutarou’s stern voice from the living room.

Keiji picked up his coffee and shuffled out of the kitchen, reluctantly joining his husband and daughter for whatever that evening’s argument was about. Tsubasa stood in front of the couch, where Koutarou was seated, with her arms crossed, resting her weight on one leg, hip jutting out, exuding all of the attitude a thirteen-year-old girl was capable of. Which Keiji was coming to realize was insurmountable. 

“But dad that’s not fair!” the demon that had possessed their wonderful child at some point in the last year screeched. 

“Well, let me tell you something about that little one,” Koutarou said, leaning forward to rest his forearms on his knees, “Life isn’t fair.” 

Tsubasa rolled her eyes so hard Keiji feared she might hurt herself. He sat down in his armchair and waited for the inevitable:

“Stop calling me that,” she snapped, placing her hands very purposefully on her hips. “It’s condescending and I’m not a child anymore!”

Koutarou sat back, raising a finger in the air. “First of all, excellent word choice.” He let his hand drop. “Second, I don’t care how old you are, you will always be my little one.” 

Tsubasa made a frustrated noise, suddenly rounding on Keiji. 

“Papa,” she cried, “Tell Dad that he should stop acting like I’m a little kid!”

Keiji took a sip of his coffee, regarding his daughter with a raised eyebrow. 

“Are you trying to convince your father and I that you’re not a child while whining at us like one?” 

He barely had time to file away the look he received from his daughter in his mental scrapbook of ‘You’re Literally Ruining My Life, Dad’ Faces before Tsubasa exploded, making that lovely pubescent growling/screeching sound that would erupt from the back of her throat. 

“YOU TWO ARE INFURIATING!” she shrieked, storming away from them. 

“Excellent word choice,” Keiji called while she stomped up the stairs. 

“I KNOW!” she yelled back. 

There was a slam of a door and then it was quiet. 

They both sighed. 

“You really shouldn’t call her that while she’s angry,” Keiji chided lightly. 

“I know,” Koutarou groaned, “But she was being such a brat, I couldn’t help it.” 

Keiji smirked. “What did she want?”

Koutarou made a face, picking up his tablet from where he must have put it down to properly argue with their daughter. 

“To go out and see some new scary movie with her friends,” he answered, swiping at the screen.

“But she gets nightmares,” Keiji stated. 

“I know.”

“And is still afraid of the dark.” 

“I know,” Koutarou said, throwing a hand in the air. “That’s why I told her she couldn’t go.” 

“Oh no.” Keiji’s eyes widened. “You didn’t tell her that, did you?” 

Koutarou snapped up his head, looking at Keiji like he was insane. “Of course not! I’m not an idiot. Besides,” he added, going back to whatever he was doing on his tablet, “that would just make her feel bad.” 

Keiji hummed. “You’re a good dad.” 

A wide smile broke across Koutarou’s face, but before he could reply he was interrupted by their daughter’s door being thrown open. 


“Oops,” Koutarou mumbled, looking guilty.

There wasn’t much either of them could say to assuage the situation, so Keiji didn’t even bother trying. 

Instead, he did what dads do best–

“Excellent word choice, sweetheart.” 

–which was to say the worst thing possible. 

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HEYYO SUNSHINE! So, IT HAS BEEN WAY TOO LONG FIRSTLY OKAY NEXT. I love love LOOOVE meet the Robinsons. It's such a good movie yeah? And sooo I was thinking what would happen if the voltron family watched it.. Would tissues be a must? would it be the first time? Would they have blankets and different snacks for each person? Would they watch it in their huge living rooom???? Hmm sunshine?? Hmm?? Okaaay that's all! Love you.... Stay hydrated and you better be resting your back when you can 💛💞

[The Voltron Family] During dinner, little Lance mentioned that “Meet The Robinsons” was the Disney Channel movie for the night on TV. So the family agreed to watching it together before going to bed. 

The kids raced to the second floor living room where they would watch. Lance was winning while Pidge was trying to run as fast as her brothers.

“Be careful, honey!” Shiro called out to Pidge as he gathered the plates.

“Let’s go, Daddies! It’s going to start soon!” Lance shouted. 

“We should just wash the dishes later,” Keith smiled, taking Shiro’s hand to drag him to the stairs. He took a box of tissues along the way. “Just in case. You know how that movie ended.”

Shiro shook his head. “Actually, I haven’t watched the movie at all.”

“Oh god,” Keith giggled. “You’re in it for a wild ride,” he added as he grabbed another box of tissues which Shiro pouted at. “I know how much you cry, babe. You need one box just for your tears.”

The movie started and the kids were in the middle while Shiro and Keith were at the opposite ends. 

Keith noticed how much the kids tried to stop their tears when Lewis mentioned that he had 124 adoption interviews and every time he got rejected. So he slowly slid the box to Hunk who got a tissue silently and passed it around. Keith looked over at Shiro and his box was already opened and he had a crumpled tissue on his hand. 

“Why are they not adopting him?” Shiro muttered, looking so heartbroken. 

Keith smiled and then returned his attention on the TV. The kids laughed when Wilbur, the kid from the future, arrived. 

“He looks so silly. Fruithead,” Pidge laughed, pointing at Lewis who had a hat full of fruits. “I want one, Daddy Shiro!” They laughed too many times when the funny scenes came on.

“Oh my gosh!” Lance gasped at the reveal. “He’s his Daddy!! I knew it!!”

“No, you didn’t.” Pidge rolled her eyes. 

More crying were heard when Lewis and Wilbur went back in time to see Lewis’ mother. And then Lance and Shiro cried even more when Lewis didn’t tap his mother, he just let his mom leave him by the door of the orphanage despite his goal of making her not leave him.

“Oh god,” Shiro let out. “He was the one who knocked on that door relentlessly in the end. What a beautiful plot twist.” He smiled as tears fell down his face then he grabbed a tissue to wipe them.

Crying turned into gross sobbing and even Keith couldn’t help himself but cry along when Lewis finally got adopted by the family he’d spent his time with in the future. It didn’t help either that the background music was beautiful when Lewis and his new Mom and Dad showed him his work space that would soon be filled with his inventions.

“Keith, you’re crying,” Shiro laughed.

“Say that to me when you’re not a sobbing mess,” Keith said, offended.

“I’m not even hiding my tears! I’ve been crying the whole time!”

“I am aware,” Keith rolled his eyes fondly, grabbing a tissue and throwing it at his husband who just laughed even harder.

When the movie was done, the kids all went to bed. Keith was in charge of Hunk while Shiro brought a crying Pidge and Lance to their rooms.

“You’ve been awfully quiet the entire movie, sweetheart,” Keith said softly as he tucked in Hunk. “Didn’t you like the movie?”

Hunk shook his head quickly. “No, no, I loved it. It’s just…”

“What is it?” Keith asked as he sat on the bed. 

The little boy closed his eyes and said, “I’ve had 30 adoption interviews and…” Hunk didn’t finished as he began crying.

Keith frowned as he hugged his son.

“I thought I wasn’t gonna get adopted because of the colour of my skin,” Hunk cried on. “No one wants a brown kid.”

“Hey, your skin is beautiful, Hunk. Don’t you ever think so otherwise.”

Keith felt Hunk’s tears fall on his arm, but his boy continued, “Thirty is a huge number and I’m really sad Lewis had 124 but he got the best family in the end. I’m glad you and Daddy Shiro adopted us. That orphans like me, Lance and Pidge get another chance of having a family.” Hunk smiled.

“I’m happy too, baby,” Keith kissed Hunk’s head, hugging him tighter. 

“Daddy, would you have adopted Lewis?” Hunk asked hopefully.

“In a heartbeat,” Keith answered. “Would’ve signed the papers immediately.”

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Hi! Care to share any macdennis fics your reading right now? Ive read most of the popular ones on ao3 and i'm looking for something new. Any recs?

here are some macdennis WIPs that i’ve been really enjoying so far!

  • Behind the Yellow Line by sunrose (the softest and sweetest commuter rail AU you will ever read and also the characterization/dialogue is on point i HIGHLY recommend)
  • Just Closer to God (You Could Call Me Your Heaven) by Blink_Blue (maybe wait to read this one after it gets updated again because currently it’s on a cliffhanger and i’ve been in shambles about it for days. it’s VERY well-written though!!)
  • Cover Up The Blind Spots by underwooding (the concept for this au is just. too good. i’ve been dying over this fic for weeks) 
  • I don’t like you (but I love you) by myfavouritesweater (there’s only 1 chapter up right now but it’s a very promising start!!) 

and here are 2 completed fics i recently finished that i haven’t recced on this blog yet!!!

  • warm on a cold night by hit_it_with_a_shoe (i love the concept of mac and dennis movie nights and this was so so good)
  • Never Ever Saw it Coming at All by sohappily (i LOVED the writing format for this fic so much! also i completely fell in love with the author’s characterization of mandy she’s an absolute angel)

I’ve been back in Sweden for a week now and it’s been like meditating. Every night I go to bed feeling warm and safe and happy, and every morning I wake up to a calm environment where I don’t have think this and that about everything. I eat nice and healthy meals, take long walks, play some silly flash games, write a bit, watch movies or do anything else with mom when she’s not working.

I may not be able to play any games I’d like to play on this old laptop of mine, but it feels like a well needed rest. Hope everyone else is having a good week too. ♥

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Hi! ;D Sorry for the question, but...Zoro's name, is Zoro or Zolo?...I hope ZoRo hahaha, thanks!! ^_^

Hello my dear anon, 

Please don’t ever feel that you have to apologize for asking a question.  That’s why I have my askbox open. ^^  As for your answer:

It’s Zoro. ^^  Viz does a really good job at translating the manga, but one decision I never understood from them was changing Zoro’s name to Zolo.  I don’t know if it was because they were worried about Zorro (the old tv series and movies) copyrights?  I’ve also heard that when 4kids did the shitty dub of OP (I’ve never seen it… Thank God!), they called Zoro “Zolo.”  So maybe Viz did it to avoid confusion and by the time FUNimation took over, it was too late to go back and change things?  I really can’t say… but the image above is from the actual Japanese manga, so it’s Oda’s spelling.

Something really quick about Japanese: The language is phonetic.  When you get to the sounds ra, ri, ru, re, ro (ら、り、る、れ、ろ) it’s not pronounced with a hard “r” sound like in English.  In English, “r” sounds are pronounced with the tongue in the middle of the mouth (like Arrrgghhh! I’m a pirate!).  In Japanese, ra, ri, ru, re, and ro are pronounced with your tongue tapping the roof of your mouth.  It’s more of a mix of an “r” and “l” sound (and sometimes a bit of “d” like in Pudding).  This was something I was told to emphasize on when teaching English in Japan. ^^  You never want to say “Crap with me!” instead of “Clap with me!”  Or “I like lice.” instead of “I like rice.”

Hope this answers your question! ^^/

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Aaaaaah chapter nine!! You made Thor rlly intimidating i love it! I've always got a gripe on the movies and the fics not showing/realizing how powerful and frightening asgardians are from a civilian perspective--theres this alien with god-like power and who exudes raw strength aaah and you did it wonderfully without making thot seem too op! Good job! Also Remedy by Adele reminds me so much of Storms and i read Tease guurl ur writing got me hooked

Glad you are enjoying my interpretation of Thor!! I completely agree–MCU especially does an awful job of painting Thor (and Loki) as someone who can be brought around to human morality/held to human standards and I’m like…. God of Thunder, anyone??? We have no business trying to control him lol

I call BULLSHIT on the people that are saying that a name change for Mary Jane isnt a big deal because she’s still “MJ”. 

You would all be burning Marvel Studios down if Peter Parker ended up Paul Palmer the popular rich jock, who doesn’t know jack shit about science but he can crack a joke so all good aye. 

Why does Peter get to stay basically Peter but we need a “fresh new take” on Mary Jane. 

I love Peter but if Mary Jane is old and boring then so is he. 

Its silly and stupid and messy. Why was the point? What is so wrong with Mary Jane that we need to not only change her name but her personally too?

I get needing to make changes for Movie adaptions but Marvel themselves where talking about getting Peter right because previous movies had gone to far in one direction. They wanted a more witty, smart mouthed, jokey Peter or Spider-man i should say, a spider-man closer to the comics right?  Then why did we go in the opposite direction for Mary Jane? Why rather then try to capture a more faithful adaption of MJ with maybe a few changes for a modern movie we get a hybrid MJ that isnt really MJ?

Of course this going on the belief that the rumors are correct and Michelle is MJ. Which honestly why would they nickname Michelle MJ then introduce another character nicknamed MJ too. That’d just confuse the hell out of regular viewers.

Not to mention the super suspicious “There is no character by the specific name” quote. Of course there is no Mary Jane but there is a Michelle who is called MJ. So they can go “oh hohoho we got ya didn’t we? We said no MARY JANE but we didn’t say no MJ”. Zendaya can also say “I said I wasnt playing Mary Jane and I’m not, I’m playing Michelle aka MJ, not Mary Jane.

I’m still hoping its all just a tease or something to mess with fans. I still going to hold out hope that things be explained and turn out well but if Michelle is hybrid MJ then what in insult to such a important and iconic Spider-man character. At least let her keep her fucking name jfc.

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What has raven been doing this past two weeks

sensory / emotional overload caused homegirl to lock herself in her room for two weeks straight.

and what did she do during this two week period of isolation? she reread the harry potter series, wrote 14 poems ( one per day ), knitted 5 sweaters, got emo over 3 ( melodramatic ( bollywood movies, binged conspiracy documentaries on netflix, read political discourse on CNN, curved the goth girl fetishists in her twitter DMs, cleaned out her closet, experimented with makeup, got Lit As Shit™ to her super secret dance playlist, cried ugly tears over her feelings / emotional obligations, tried to look through the memes on twitter / reddit, texted people every few days to let them know she’s ’ not dead, she swears ’…

idk?!?! raven is accustomed to being alone, so she’s pretty great at keeping herself entertained. and by a similar token, the people she’s closest to know she’s infamous for these extended periods of ’ alone time ’, so it’s not entirely surprising to them that she does this every few months or so.

bill murray has no right to a love interest that pretty and good tbh 

groundhog day is a good movie but my suspension of disbelief is stretched too far by that and the other questionable 80s romance stuff lmao 

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i'm gonna listen to some bts songs today- any you recommend?

My browser crushed while I was writing this -_-
So here’s my favs lolz

Spring Day, Blood, Sweat & Tears
House of Cards (Full Length version with Jimin moaning, oh god dAYM)
Begin, Lie, MAMA, Stigma, First Love, Reflection, Awake (these are solo songs with short movies) 
A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone
Save ME, I Need U
Young Forever
RapMon and Whales collab “Change” is rlly good too
And more aggressive ones: NOT TODAY, Fire, Boy Meets Evil 

20 in total 

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What about nakagisa headcannons?

This ship is so good! (then again I ship pretty much everything so ╮( ˘ U ˘ )╭)

  • Rio teases Nagisa to no end
    • Makes up for it with kisses on the cheek
  • If you’re around them, “But Rio~!” will be heard a lot
  • Rio loves having Nagisa crossdress, but doesn’t force him
  • PDA is very big
    • Nothing too overly affectionate in public (like not to the point where it’s annoying), but a little peck on the lips/other things that are nice and sweet are welcome
  • If anyone dared insult Nagisa, Rio would have none of it and immediately go over and scold them
  • If she gets too teasing/is upset about something, Nagisa knows just how to calm her down
  • Their dates are mostly to movies/theme parks or other places where they could just have a good time
  • Shopping dates are wonderful as well, Rio loves to hear Nagisa’s opinions on her outfits and Nagisa loves to give them (and vice versa)
  • Nagisa is always there to make sure Rio doesn’t do anything too stupid
    • He once stopped her from climbing onto the slanted roof of a three-story house, and she’s glad he did
  • Eskimo kisses. That is all

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thog for the character ask!!

•Why I like them

FAVORITE character!!! A grump with a heart of gold character some really well. Some great character moments, some great character development, some great character interactions….. overall he’s just great

•Why I don’t

ugly. horrible

•Favorite episode (scene if movie)

The entire onorhant saga was a REALLY good one for his character, especially those little moments he had with Ashe and Markus. It was pretty interesting to see how Out of his Element he was when being caring, as if that way of thinking hurt him before. Even still, he pushes through and struggles to be a good person to his friends and the fact that he actually TRIES is SO nice and

AH maybe I’m thinking too deep but. I love that guy so much

•Favorite line

“A little sunshine’s a nice change of pace” is the line that singlehandedly made me love thog, understand his character (and that his feelings for Ashe were pretty deep), made me cry, and made me fall deep for the series as a whole

•Favorite outfit

I say his red floral shirt, but only bc we need to see the boy in more outfits!! @jackson I’ll pay u in blood to draw thog wearing a petticoat and a cute skirt


Oh thog x Ashe for sure. Here are some contenders for Thogs Date Friends: iggy, Markus, batty (sometimes)


He has a lot of good relationships with a lot of people!! But I’ll point out his and iniens friendship here, bc I feel like they’d bond over how attractive Ashe is and also they worked together to teach Ashe how to play sport?? Love them

•Head Canon

My headcanons for thog range between ‘he’s the son of the pigbat queen and heir to a throne but hasn’t figured it out yet’ to 'he’s scared of horses’

•Unpopular opinion

Why…. why do people think he Isn’t Ugly….. I don’t understand……… he’s disgusting. But I love him

•A wish

I want to see more of thogs past!!! What are his origins!!! What else has this man been thru!!! How do I fund his life’s dreams!!!!

•An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

It’s all but canon that thog has (at the very least, had) an attraction to Ashe. I HIGHLY doubt the TW team would do this, but if he started acting like a jealous dick to Ashe and/or firi, then I may actually die

•5 words to best describe them

Wonderful boy. Perfect boy. Evil

•My nickname for them