it was such a good freaking movie


Ghost World (2001) - Terry Zwigoff

5 bullets on this film:

  • Let me start this by saying that Ghost World is technically a comedy movie, but it was probably one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen. Not that it wasn’t good, but it left feeling kind of empty and sad.  Of course there are some ‘funny’ scenes, but the plot is really dark and real. 
  • Steve Buscemi freaks me out but I really liked him in this. Scarlett Johansson is also great, but Thora Birch is like incredible. By the way, where are you, Thora Birch? 
  • It’s one of those films you can watch over and over again and you’ll never get tired of it, because the soundtrack is good, the cinematography is VERY appealing, and you always end up noticing a new detail. 
  • Let’s take a moment to talk about the character development of this movie. All of the characters have a defined personality and a backstory, so they feel very real. You don’t really like them, because they’re imperfect, but then you end up identifying to them, and that’s one of the reasons this movie is so nice.
  • One of the movie’s main ‘targets’ is to show the two sides of growing up: you can be yourself, or you can change your personality in order to fit in, and that’s reality, that’s why this is one of the best coming of age films. The two main protagonists represent different ways of dealing with adulthood, so if you’re about to ‘start your life and become an active member of society’ (like me), watch this movie because it can help you decide what to do with your life. 

not only does this star the guy from vine who did an amazing han solo impression and freaking LOOKS like young harrison ford, it’s incredibly well done
@disney do an obi wan or a cassian andor film instead- these guys got the solo movie covered


Birds as Omens

Today, my boyfriend inspired me to do a post about birds and what they are as omens. He got freaked out because he said a black bird came and pecked him.

So, lets delve into that for a bit.

Black birds such as crows and ravens have this stigma attached to them that somehow they’re “bad luck” or that they bring death and all sorts of superstitions of that nature. This is probably due to the fact that predominately in literature and even movies they’re glamorized as an animal of misfortune. Just read a story by Edgar Allen Poe lol

This is far from the truth. Black birds are actually a GOOD sign. They’re a sign that prosperity, passage, and/or protection. In fact, I told my boyfriend that the bird was probably just trying to get his attention because the bird’s probably like hellllloooo dude, I’m trying to tell you something good is going to happen! Pay attention to me! So he got pecked lol. They are tricksters too, after all! When we think of animals, a lot of the time we just think of fellow creatures who inhabit and share the earth with us. But they’re sometimes more than that. They can act as familiar and spirits of the Earth.

Owls on the other hand? Yeah, they are the ones who are actually an ill omen. Owls are beautiful. They’re majestic. They hold an air of mystery. However, if you see an owl or one comes to you, usually that means that there will be an impending death to someone you know. Not you, necessarily. But someone you know.

If you see a blue jay, it’s time to rethink your life. It’s a sign that you’re doing too much at once and you need to commit to one thing instead of stressing over a bunch of different things. It’s also a sign to stand your ground with others around you and can even mean someone close to you is lying or trying to pull something over on you.

Cardinals are known to be encouragers. If you see a cardinal, it’s letting you know to stay confident and believe in yourself. You’re on the right path.

Hawks bring blessings and good news as well.

A dead bird in your path signifies turmoil and personal destruction coming to an end. So, it’s actually a good sign. It doesn’t mean you’re going to die.

Of course, everyone’s own experiences are different. Sometimes, you just have to listen to what nature is trying to say and inform you. If you have any questions about a particular bird or want to add anything to the list, let me know! Or you can just reblog anything you would like to add💚

Much love to all of you 💚🙏🏼💚🙏🏼


Awww ohhh look at these two ♡♡♡♡ 

Just look at them circling each other, it’s contagious

I’m still not over the ending of Rogue One, I mean don’t get me wrong it was a freaking good movie but gaah it still doesn’t feel right yet it wasn’t expected that they would live because New Hope never mentioned these characters. Welp, I’m going to continue to think about their what ifs. - M


Anonymous said: Can you do some boyfriend kris snaps (i really need it 😂) ((((add some smutty ones pls))))) I love you’re blog so much

A/N: Hey anon! Thank you so much for the love, I tried my best and I felt good receiving Galaxy Fan Fan requests , I can’t wait to watch his movie that is premiering here and I freaked out when I saw his face at the movies screen like OMG so effing proud! Anyways, hope you like it and thanks again :D

anonymous asked:

what was that one movie that each character watched over and over again as a child to the point that it drove their family crazy and why did they love it sooo much.

Thanks God for cute asks. I might forget a lot of movies but:

Dallas: Lord of the Rings (you all seen dis coming I bet.) He just really likes the speeches and stuff. He has good memories of watching it with his dad.. Watching it as a teenager with Malek is…. a whole different experience. He also really liked Casper the friendly ghost. The Iron Giant.

Malek: I just think it overglorifies war yknow?
Poppy: Malek.. shut yr sjw ass up for two seconds.. did you even see the movie
Malek: I love Lord of the rings. So much.
Dallas: *looks into the camera like he’s in the office*

Poppy: Coming to America. It’s her dad’s favorite movie and it was her Bisexual Awakening when Dev wouldn’t shut up about how hot Lisa is. Also she likes the soundtrack it’s neat. She also liked ghostbusters and the last unicorn

Malek: Matilda. I don’t even know how to elaborate on this one. His mom really loved the movie so by extension, Malek loves it.
He also really likes Madeline and the breakfast club. Donnie Darko but he’s not sure what the movie plot means. I don’t think anyone knows. He cried a lot at A.I. but he was only 12 and his parents just di ed so.. nightmare before Christmas is a good movie. He remembers watching it while his dad went. I ate all your Halloween. Malek. Malek. Did you hear what I said. Malek why are you crying. Maybe he’d like what’s eating Gilbert Grape too

Phoebus: Star Wars and Hachi. He could remember watching Star Wars cuddled up to his grandpa on his hospital bed. It was a rainy day.

Ari: A.I. honestly the entire reason I even wrote about Ari in the first place. Just tears. Tears and a lot of phone calls to his mom in the Philippines. Tears while clinging onto Phoebus. They had to watch a Goofy Movie after that to get Ari to stop crying. Also they really like Labyrinth.

Sara: any information revealed about Sara is spoiler-y but I suppose it’s safe to say she loved a little mermaid. The Addams Family too.

Parker: Jurassic Park. You all saw this coming. If Parker had one good memory of his parents, it’s his dad making him sugar toast while he watched Jurassic Park, cuddled up to his mom as a kid.

Tyler: Land before time. Leave the boy alone he loves dinosaurs and he can remember his grandmomma singing if we hold on together in in the kitchen, baking mango and peach pie. Charlie and the Chocolate factory, too.

Blake: a weeb. He likes Spirited Away. He really enjoyed Juno as well. Watched it on his first date with Malek.


Finn Bálor x reader

Finn and (y/n) are good friends who aren’t aware of their feelings for one another. They watch a scary movie and (y/n) gets freaked out and he gets all protective. Fluffy/sexy smut follows.

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Palo Alto dir by Gia Coppola

this is my first official original post! i thought i’d make it of Palo Alto, since that movie was so freaking good, and i got some pretty good screenshots out of it haha. i’m tagging all of the blogs that have inspired this account: @hirxeth, @artsyfilmstills, @radfilmstills@musicstills, @cinematic-eye, @houseof1000films, and @issietheshark. All of their film posts are A+++; I really love all of them. I also have a film instagram: @horiffic


I love her. I love her. I think she’s fantastic. But she’ll tell her own story. I feel it’s always weird or wrong for someone the world hasn’t met, for me to come and start talking about her. (…) She’s great. She’s freaking great, and I love her. I freaking love her. She’s fantastic. Seriously. She’s changed a lot in terms of perspective on just chemistry and industry. She’s a real cool girl. (She changed you?) Yeah, yeah! Her outlook. It’s a friendship thing in the sense of you meet someone and you’re just like, “I vibe with you. I feel like I’ve known you for years.” And that’s a very, very good thing. (…) She’s fully in the movie, she’s a great character, and I can’t wait for you guys to be introduced to her.

 — John Boyega on Kelly Marie Tran, the newcomer of Star Wars Episode VIII 

Her Losing Her Voice: NCT127



Is there to be your voice.


Is there to make you feel better and therefore will be the one speaking.


Will help you recover your voice by strictly following what doctor told him to do.


Would say that he’s happy since he can finally get some peace and quite while low-key freaking out over how you’re actually feeling.


He likes to be quiet when with you since the atmosphere is so good between you two, so he’d settle to watch movies or smth.


Very concerned, would go to other members for advice since he forgot what the doctor told him to do.


At first is just genuinely confused as to how you could lose your voice in the middle of the summer, but then would just help you.


Would tease you because he’d know that this is the only chance he’s getting at doing so.

BUt guys just do not think of Sam dropping hints all week about how: Oh yeah Dean you should totally take Cas to see a movie on Sunday, he’d like that. And don’t think about how Dean would scoff and roll his eyes but secretly check the movie times until Saturday morning after breakfast he manages to awkwardly ask Cas if he’d maybe like to possibly go see a movie tomorrow but it’s dumb you really don’t have to like only if you want really.

And Cas is super touched, and super excited, and he smiles real big and says of course, I’d be delighted to, Dean. And they both spend the day lowkey avoiding each other because ohmygod we’re going on a date tomorrow I need to prepare, so they spend Saturday and most of Sunday freaking out about what to wear and how to act until it’s finally time to leave and they’re not wearing anything different but suddenly that boring white t-shirt is gorgeous and holy shit has Cas always smelled this good?

And the movie is great, and they spend a lot of time just leaning against each other and kind of casually touching in the popcorn bag, and they have this moment where they might almost kiss in the Impala before driving home but the moment’s lost so they just head for the Bunker.

Except that when they get in, neither really want the night to end, so they putter around in the kitchen with coffee and watch a little bit of dumb TV and do some covert cuddling before time works against them and forces them to their respective beds. And Dean almost invites Cas to his, but the angel seems totally cool with sleeping in his own, and it’s scary and nerve-wracking to ask so he just leaves it.

But then he realizes he’s kind of walking Cas to his room. Which is, admittedly, right beside Dean’s but. Yeah. 

And Cas says I had a really nice time tonight. 

And Dean replies yeah me too.

And then they just kind of nod awkwardly to each other before going to sleep.

Which is bullshit, because really, Dean didn’t even say goodnight, or wish Cas a happy valentine’s day, and he maybe kind of really wanted to kiss him, so he opens the door–

…Only to find Castiel looking back at him, blue eyes wide and nervous and hand poised to knock.

So Dean says hi.

And Cas says hi and then I forgot something.



And then Cas kisses him. 


Prince holding a single flower he picked from the hotel garden, prior to his arrival on the red carpet.

Purple Rain movie premier and afterparty at Mann’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood
- July 26, 1984


Parks & Recreation - 5x07

He signed for Guardian of the Galaxy 3 months after this…

Ice Cream – Kim Joonmyeon

Pairing: Suho x Reader

Genre: smut

Word Count: 456

Drabble request: could I have 2, 15 and 18 for suho smut?? :) thank you

“Movies and ice cream sound good?”, “Are you disobeying daddy? and “Do you really want a punishment baby?”

I was going to leave food play out of this but the ice cream was just there…so I couldn’t help myself…hehe, hope you enjoy :)

“Bad day?”

“Freaking shit.” You groaned and slumped down on the couch, tired from the day. “Movies and ice cream sound good?” your boyfriend came out from the kitchen with two bowls full of your favourite ice cream, a bright smile on his face and he was shirtless, what a great sight to see.

“Absolutely perfect babe.” You sat up and moved over so he could sit but he pulled you onto his lap, peppering your face in small kisses to make you giggle, which you did.

“How come you’re going around shirtless?” You raised your eyebrow at him. “Is it a crime to be shirtless now?”

“Not at all, but it’s a crime to look that good,” you grinned back, running your hand down his chest and lightly grazing over his abs. “Ooh that was smooth princess. But something tells me that you don’t want to watch a movie or have that ice cream…”

“Hmm, I think you’re right, daddy.” You bit your lip, seeing his eyes widen at the name you called him. “Strip.” He spoke, eyes staring into yours with lust, demanding you. You stood up and took off your clothes as quickly as you could, looking back at Joonmyeon afterwards as you waited for instructions.

“Bra and panties too princess.” He spoke as he palmed himself through his sweats, eyebrows furrowed and wanting nothing more but to be buried deep inside you at that moment – you looked at him blankly for a few moments, he’d never been this straightforward but it was a good change.

“Are you disobeying daddy?” he began, “do you really want a punishment baby?” you shok your head and quickly rid yourself of the restricting materials as he stood up from the couch. “Lay down.”

You laid down, looking up at him expectantly. Joonmyeon grabbed the bowl of ice cream, some of it already melting due to the hot summer weather – taking the silver spoon in his hand, he let the ice cream drip down onto your already hard nipples before moving his arm down so the cold ice cream hit your stomach as well. You gasped at the cold sensation.

He smirked down at you before wrapping his soft pink lips around your boobs, licking and sucking the ice cream off you before trailing his tongue down the centre of your body, licking up the rest. “Mm so sweet princess. I bet you taste sweeter, am I right?” he looked up at you expectantly.

“W-why don’t you find out, daddy?” you breathed out. “Oh don’t worry, I will princess, that’s exactly what I plan on doing.” He said as his fingers came in contact with your clit, pinching your bundle of nerves earning a moan from you.

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ENGLISH VERSION: Jamie Dornan Reveals What He Finds Most Attractive in a Woman

And his advice for Christian Grey.
By Rachel Mosely
Jan 10, 2017

The wait is almost over: Fifty Shades Darker is in theaters Feb. 10 and Jamie Dornan is back to talking in that adorable accent about Christian Grey. Here, he offers some advice to his control-freak character, gives a sneak peak at the upcoming installment, and reveals why he’ll never have a Red Room.

Q: What to expect from the movie:

 "We pick it up maybe four or five days after the first movie ends. In that time, he’s managed to grow a bit of stubble, which is pretty impressive after four days. He’s more open in Darker. He’s more willing to compromise and to alter himself for the good of the woman he loves, which I think is important. There are so many aspects of him in the first book and the first movie that you haven’t seen changing, and you feel that he’s so set in his ways, so stubborn. But that’s what Ana does to him — he’s willing to make changes and that’s very evident in Fifty Shades Darker. She makes him a better person.“ 

Q: How the sex scenes compare to the first movie:

"Shower sex. More than once. Doing a sex scene is always strange, but especially if you start it clothed in the shower.”

Q: Why he’ll never had a red room: 

“I’d never in a million years have a Red Room. I learned from doing the research for the films that it’s just so far from what works for me. And I’ve got kids, so I’d be dealing with some pretty heavy locks. I would save some money by not building a Red Room.” 

Q: His advice for Christian Grey:

 “Loosen up a bit! Like, relax. Get some guy friends. He’s obviously been through some horrific things in his youth that have colored who he is today, but he needs to let his hair down a little bit.”

Q: Ignoring the rumors that come tih fame: 

 “It’s amazing … Once, a friend said, ‘I read that you dated Kate Moss.’ I was like, ‘I’d tell you if I’d dated Kate Moss!’ I’ve literally met her once in my life, but if you Googled me now, it would probably say I dated her. About 80 percent of the people I’m said to have dated, I haven’t.”

Q: What he finds attractve in a woman: 

“Girls who are at ease with themselves, in whatever sort of way that manifests itself. Girls who are ‘down.’ Sorry, I say that word very funny in my accent. And I guess I have my own meaning of it: girls who’ve got their shit sorted and are comfortable with who the are. If who they are is a bit unhinged, that’s fine as long as they’re accepting of it! I like laughter — I like trying to make people laugh, and I like when people make me laugh. I think my wife’s very funny, so we have a giggle a lot.“


I'm beginning to think that the Kuroshitsuji fans looking forward to BoA can easily be divided into two groups of people:

The ones who’re freaking out over Sebastian getting stabbed and the ones who can’t wait to watch him to get stabbed.

…Personally, I will be enjoying a good bucket of popcorn during that bit.