it was such a dumb game

gabriel reyes was a tactical genius that led a special forces unit to victory in the omnic crisis against god AI programs, was the leader of the world’s most efficient black ops division, and is shown in the game and comics to be commanding but calm, collected, and even sarcastic—and somehow this fandom still wants to characterize him as hotheaded and always yelling and flying off the handle every five seconds over dumb shit how the fuck are people still getting this wrong


Hardest Beef: Attack of the Show vs Zeeff Productions Super Smash Bros Brawl Real Life Trailer Video

To bad Super Smash Bros Brawl is a broken borderline unplayable game compared to Melee and Punch Time Explosion XL

Dating Alex Includes

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  • You’re both super sarcastic and everyone thought you hated each other at first  
  • “Hey Standall, the bleach get to your brain yet?”
  • “Hey (Y/L/N) the shit out of your personality yet?”
  • There were never any shy moments. The two of you had constant wit battles just going back and forth with dumb comments
  • You both make really stupid jokes and comments no one else finds funny
  • But the two of you will be dying of laughter
  • The guys can’t stand being with both of you because you both just roast them all
  • But you’re always hanging out with the guys and pretty much became part of their group
  • You have this ongoing competition to find the most ridiculous music to send to eachother. He won when he sent you a classical version of Barbie Girl.
  • He doesn’t admit it but he’s a major video game nerd and you two have COD matches every weekend, the loser pays for the next date.
  • But you usually lose anyways
  • Most of your dates and cheesy movie nights at one of your houses, which usually includes a pillow fort and a bunch of monster drinks.
  • Watching him play guitar and being surprised by his talent every time 
  • Singing along when he plays your favorite songs
  • Dates at Monet’s. You two have an ongoing competition to see who can make it through the menu first
  • Showing your love with sarcasm

Hey guys I’m MIA because I got persona 5 and although so much of it is making me irritated (I FORGOT HOW DUMB PESONY FAN SERVICE IS RRRRRRGH) I am a long time megaten fan and I miss all my demons. Just taking a short break.

In other news my interview went VERY WELL and I was offered an in-person one before I even got off the phone.

We got approved for our new posh Austin apartment.

I’m steadily working on both game projects.

Dad’s surgery went perfect.

Lil brother had a good birthday.

All in all, I’m doing very well! So I think the game break is allowed.

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im assuming you talked about your issues with gg and their new game? do you mind i ask for a link to it? i kno its dumb but i kinda want my feelings about them validated lol

i deleted what i’d said about it because i don’t really know or care enough about it to get in an argument with anons just looking for a fight (which i was starting to get just a few minutes after my initial post which was just like “i didnt know game grumps made the gay dad thing… cancelled”). i often delete posts after making them if they’re just inviting trouble to my door without accomplishing anything or saying anything new. anyway my feelings on gg is theyre creepy and as far as i know have made enough racist and transphobic jokes in the past and present that i’d like to avoid supporting them and people who willingly associate with them (even if those ppl are lgbt)


Yesterday was the Worst Bestsellers live show at the Podcast Hotel! The hotel was actually cute as dicks, I gotta admit, and it definitely wasn’t a ruse to kidnap us and force us to make podcasts as slave labor!

A small but enthusiastic crowd came out to listen to Meredith Goldstein from the Boston Globe ask us questions and play dumb podcast games with us and I surprised Renata at the end with a birthday cupcake!

Here are some pictures! The audio will go up eventually!

New shot game for The Enemy series

The every time Andy shows up in the book and only gets recognition for being that kid in the background who has a big nose take a shot.

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OH MY EVERYTHING Ahhhh I don't know what to say or where to startttttt!!! I just finished Chapter 35 and I don't freak you out but GODDAMN THE SMUT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!! I don't know if it was what they said that built it all up or how you wrote it all together but I love love LOVE IT!!! Btw have I mentioned that Alya is my spirit animal now?? THE WAY YOU COMPOSED HER CHARACTER IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, And ahhh only 84 characters left! There's absolutely no way I'll get to finish what I wanna say to yo

PFFFT; this made me giggle. XD

I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter! And yeah, everyone seems real happy about the smut, so I’m relived and amused. XP

I love writing Alya, she’s so entertaining~ She and Nino getting their dumb friends to figure their life out while slaying at the relationship game will always be my favorite thing~

Thanks for reading!! 💜

Strange Shit That Has Happened On Game Grumps And Isn’t Even Discussed
  • Barristan Selmy from Game of Thrones opens a random episode for no apparent reason and with no explanation
  • Arin scream-sings Circle of Life in a public place
  • The fucking ads are the stuff of nightmares
  • Rob Schneider comes on Game Grumps after Arin completely rips apart his tv show for a full episode
  • Arin opened a set of 10 or so episodes with monologues about following his twitter, cooking your own food, that he’s really a bat portraying the character of Arin Hanson, that his editor is too handsome, he wants to sell out to Wendy’s, and then hits himself as hard as he can with a plastic bat. This is giffed but not commented on.
  • Chris Pratt likes the Super Mario Galaxy playthrough, confirms he is a melon with his name written on it.
  • Arin assembles what looks like a several hundred person mob to go to a random Wendy’s in Ohio, because he wants to sell out to them but they won’t return his tweets. 
  • They’ve got a fucking TV show coming out with the guys from Rick and Morty? Why is this not mentioned more?
  • L o v e l y  d a y  f o r  c r i c k e t 
  • Arin and Ross abused the ‘give a free ride get a free ride’ code on Uber by sending theirs out to 3.5 million people. Reportedly, Arin now has over 800 free rides.
  • Ross and Barry sold their pokemon fanart in an art gallery.
  • Seriously the fucking ads? In one of them Barry is turned upside down while Arin growls in a corner and then time-lapse punches Barry into a wall, and this is an advert for Lootcrate
  • Dan repeatedly hit a two pound gummy bear against a table to try and remove its head
  • A professor of theoretical physics quit his fucking job to do the show