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S-H-E-R-L-O-C-K :3


S - No ringtone. :P
H - Favorite book - always always always The Hobbit.
E - Religion - atheist.
R - Last movie I watched - Gone Girl. It’s creepy.
L - Favorite band/singer - It ties between Adele and Ed Sheeran. They mess with my emotions perfectly.
O - Favorite color - GREEEEN
C - Where I would like to live - literally anywhere but America. Canada looks nice, but I’ve always wanted to live in England. No idea why, I just have. There’s so many things I’d do there.
K - Favorite TV show - lol it used to be Sherlock up until S4, but atm it’s Clique. I know there’s only going to be six episodes, but so far the first three are amazing and I’m hooked.

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Name: brooke

Nickname: don’t really have any? my best friend calls me “brookolini” sometimes. honey and freezie call me babe

Gender: (cis) girl

Relationship Status: single and ready to not mingle at all because i live in a town full of people i’m either related to or i’ve known since i was 5

Star Sign: taurus

Sexual Orientation: ???¿¿¿ idk i just say queer bc i like girls but have no idea if i like boys or not. i have a lot of love in my heart and i cannot always tell where friend love (for dudes) ends and romantic love begins

Height: 5′5"

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw (with a healthy dash of slytherin)

Favourite color: purple!

Favourite Animal: i love a lot of animals?? i love reptiles. snakes are pretty. the mantis shrimp is cool as hell

Average hours of sleep: like 7ish

Cat or dog person: what do u mean “or.” i have so much love to give

Favorite fictional character: probably prince zuko from avatar: the last airbender because i’m a slut for character development. jack zimmermann is also up there

# of blankets I sleep with: just 1 comforter usually because i come from hardy northern stock. but if i’m chilling on the couch in the daytime i’ll usually have a blanket on my lap too

Fave singer/band: so funny how this implies just one. i listen to a LOT of broadway? some of my fave shows are fun home, heathers, legally blonde, in the heights, falsettos, and the book of mormon. as for non-broadway: arctic monkeys, one direction, marina and the diamonds, troye sivan, the front bottoms, brandi carlile, sufjan stevens, hozier

Dream trip: probably somewhere very, you know, cultured. i’d love to see paris. or maybe some place like tahiti.

Dream job: some sort of activist for women’s/lgbt rights.

When was your blog created: my main was created in september 2013, this was created in june 2016

Current # of followers: 3049 on this blog, 8369 total

What made you create a tumblr: i was just curious, i’d seen a lot of funny posts on facebook/buzzfeed. and now i’m gay.

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when ur extra aff
photos from my birthday lingerie party 😛


Fuck your societal norms.
Fuck your standards.
Fuck your prejudices.
Fuck your heteronormative pressures.
Fuck your labels.
Fuck your judgments.
Fuck your narrow-mindedness.
Fuck your bible thumping.
Fuck your confusion.
Fuck your fucking fuck shit.

‘Scuseme while I go fuck the shit outta the love of my fucking life.