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Hahaha Jana, but this is the Netherlands! We don’t care..

We never did 

But then again, we have perfect places specially made for us irresponsible traffic participants:

Really though, literally no one in the Netherlands uses a helmet. Our safety partially comes from bycicle paths like these, but also the unwritten rule that bikers ALWAYS do whatever they damn well want so it’s best to just always look out for people on bikes. 

We’re just a nation of bike people. We’ve changed our ways enough for that to be normal:

Bringing your 3 kids to school in the rain, while holding an umbrella, and possibly even in a skirt? No problem. That’s just what we dutch people do :D 
And since there are 1.3 times more bikes in the netherlands than we have people, well.. what else are we to do :D

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Hi!! Just dropping by to tell you that I LOVED that Pharmercy comic where Fareeha and Angela arm-wrestle. It was perfect!! And it also made me remember that Disney animated short called "John Henry", due to the tactic that Angela used. Maybe Fareeha will want a rematch? Kudos and peace out!



On this day in music history: July 23, 1962 - “Stubborn Kind Of Fellow” by Marvin Gaye is released. Written by Marvin Gaye,  William “Mickey” Stevenson and George Gordy, it is the fifth single release for the Motown icon. Signed to Motown Records in early 1961, after label founder Berry Gordy, Jr. hears him playing piano during a Christmas party, Marvin Gaye begins recording his first album for the label. Initially uninterested in singing R&B, Gaye has his sights set on being a jazz and pop vocal crooner, like his idols Nat King Cole, Billy Eckstine, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Though Gordy is skeptical about the idea, but lets Gaye have his way. The resulting album “The Soulful Moods Of Marvin Gaye” is a commercial failure, and the singer finds himself back at square one. Gaye spends much of the next year working at Motown as a session drummer and songwriter, co-writing The Marvelettes hit “Beechwood 4-5789”. Coming to the realization that the only way he can breakthrough, is to write and record a song fitting into Motown’s R&B/Pop crossover sound. Collaborating with staff producer Mickey Stevenson and Gordy’s brother George, the trio write “Stubborn Kind Of Fellow”, a wry nod to Gaye’s sometimes moody disposition. Playing some of the chord changes he’s come up to Berry, Marvin clashes with the Motown chief who suggests that he “do something else” with the melody. Initially very resistant to Gordy’s comment, Gaye relents and makes changes. The track is recorded Motown’s Studio A in Detroit on June 29, 1962, with The Funk Brothers providing musical support. Also on the session are Martha Reeves, Annette Beard, Rosalind Ashford and Gloria Williams on background vocals. Initially known as The Del-Phis, right before “Stubborn Kind Of Fellow is released, the quartet change their name to The Vandellas, and soon after Martha & The Vandellas. Gaye’s single marks the groups recording debut and soon leads to Martha Reeves moving from working as a secretary in Motown’s office, to her and the group becoming recording artists themselves. Once "Stubborn” is completed, the consensus by all involved is that the record is destined to be a hit. “Stubborn Kind Of Fellow” peaks at #8 on the Billboard R&B singles chart on November 3, 1962 and #46 on the Hot 100 on December 1, 1962, marking Marvin Gaye’s debut on both charts. Launching his legendary career and becoming one of many signature songs for the singer, Marvin himself makes reference to the song on other occasions in later years, on “Include Me In Your Life” on the duet album “Diana & Marvin” with Diana Ross, and on his 1978 album “Here My Dear”.

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Once Pod decided he didn't want a shower so ran down the stairs, flinging himself over the stair gate (which is half way down the stairs!) and slammed into the wall at the bottom. He hit the wall at a decent height and missed my friends head by literal inches, smearing the fox shit he rolled in on the wall. Do i get rid of the wall, the friend, the shower or do i target foxes that poo who started the whole damn thing?! Pls help, i dont know what to do :(

LOL oh my god that sounds like a nightmare tbh!! 


well I thought it was cute :3c

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Ravenclaw Headcanon

Professor Longbottom is the head of Gryffindor house and the Ravenclaws don’t understand why, because if Professor Potter killed Voldemort, shouldn’t he be head of house? So as Ravenclaws do, they pushed the subject even though it wasn’t their business (mostly because Gryffindors just shrug it off and move on). Ravenclaws asked headmistress McGonagall why, and she just responds with “Because Professor Longbottom is a more exemplary Gryffindor.” And the Ravenclaws are like “what? No?” So they take the matter to Professor Potter and ask him. He just laughs and says, “I fought because I had to, because I was chosen by Voldemort, and was magically linked to him, I had no way out. And Neville was chosen by the death eaters. He faced more enemies personally, and he could’ve ran and hid, but he was the face of the revolution here. Neville stood his ground while I was in hiding.”
And all the Ravenclaws become awestruck and ask for more information, and both professors just brush off the subject. And because the Ravenclaws are who they are, when history of magic has it’s lesson on the war at hogwarts, they pay more attention than anyone and soon have a deeper understanding and respect for Professor Longbottom.

The Signs when Growing Up

Loud: Aries, GEMINI, Leo, Sagittarius

Shy: Cancer, Virgo, Pisces

Shady: SCORPIO, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius

Popular: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius

Smart: VIRGO, Capricorn

Stubborn: Aries, TAURUS, Scorpio

Nice: Libra, Pisces

Mean: Scorpio, SAGITTARIUS, Aquarius

  • Ravenclaw: I get a lot of stomach problems when I eat anything dairy.
  • Hufflepuff: Maybe you should go dairy-free. There are tons of good soy and almond milk options!
  • Ravenclaw: Fuck that. I can't give up cheese!