it was sooooooooo much fun!!!

so, last night my best friend and i went to see disney’s frozen on ice. turns out we were like literally the only two people there who didn’t have a kid with them, which was kind of funny, but we were super stoked. we basically got drunk off wine and sang louder than any of the families there. it was sooooooooo much fun. we had such good seats! and i’ve never gotten wasted at a kid’s event before, but if you ever get the chance to, i’d recommend it. it’s a very interesting experience.

some reason though i decided, since my parents were spending the night away and i was home alone, that it would be a good idea to continue drinking at home by myself blasting music until 4am. mind you i had my first day of class early this morning. tired and hungover all day, and it was not worth the party. i should have stopped the moment i got home. i think me and alcohol is becoming a bit of a problem.

anyway, frozen on ice was fucking rad. go see it. everything is better on ice.


End of the weekend, why did you go by so fast TTT.TTT 

Slept in today because ya know, my sleeping has been really weird lately. Stayed in bed while browsing tumblr and whatnot before actually getting up and getting ready.

Went to have lunch with squad, and of course they were all late lolz. It was super fun and we laughed sooooooooo much! They convinced me to re-download snapchat, so I did and tried to figure out how to work it again. They all called me a grandma so there’s that, haha. 

Hung out for a bit after before going back to my dorm to do homework. I was actually stressing a bit because I accidentally did something with my computer, but it’s fixed now! 

Did homework and talked with Grant on the phone for a bit, which is always nice. Finished homework and practiced sign language for a bit. Nicole came back!! So we talked for awhile while eating dinner. Currently just relaxing until bed cause this week is gonna kick my butt. *sigh* let’s just hope I can give myself motivation and not have any stress-related breakdowns, haha. Mkay, so with that, until tomorrow! 

“You obviously don’t know how pretty your eyes are when they smile without eyeliner.” -Zion T: No makeup I’ve been trying to wear less makeup lately so this song is helping me with that

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And you should be working. Sooooooooo hypocrite much?

Oh yes definitely however I got to make fun of a formerly emo band in a speech soooooo awesome speech much?