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Boys+egos x Chubby! Reader

So my girl Rip got some anon bs sent to her about how the boys and their egos/dark characters wouldn’t like “fat chicks” and it made me angry enough to write this?

A/N: I romanticize the egos but I don’t make them stop being killers? It’s a classic ‘bad boys with a soft spot’ trope. Sue me. Also I didn’t write every ego because that’s soooo many.

- he loves??? Everyone?? So much???
- Like he loves his friends and his family and Chica and his subcribers
- And obvi he loves you and every curve and roll and stretch mark
- But like, it’s not just about how fucking beautiful you are, he also loves your laugh and smile and personality
- You’re still a person your weight isn’t what matters to him

- Probably will torture/kill someone if they look at you wrong
- Judge-y look? dead
- Lust-y look? Super dead
- Wants every single bit of you to himself
- Loves seeing you in clothes that show off your body (but only when you wear them for him)

- His dream date with you is going to different dessert places with you and then killing people while you sample different cakes and ice creams
- Loves making you laugh and smile
- Literally doesn’t understand why someone wouldn’t like you just because of your weight
- Wilf:“but you’re amazing?” 

- He’s blind but he still knows what you look like and loves you and your body
- He really loves holding you and cuddling you
- Whispers in your ears a lot

- Almost cries when you tell him that people are sometimes assholes to you because of the way you look
- it frustrates the fuck out of him because people shouldn’t be so shallow and stupid
- But also he just really loves you a lot
- He’s a good green bean
- Gives amazing hugs
- Shuts down any and all hate regarding you and his subs create a defense squad for you because they love you too.
- all around good boy

- If someones a jerk to you he’ll fuck up their computer and phone for weeks
- Constantly spamming them to quit being a dick
- He makes you feel really safe and loved and adored tbh
- forehead kisses for days
- loves to give you hugs from behind
- like he’ll sneak up on you just to hug you
- and then he’ll hiss at anyone who gets close to you
- like a cat

- As long as you’re happy he’s happy
- he absolutely loves you and wound’t change anything about you
- tall boi is an A+ boyfriend
- y’all are always doing super cute things #smilealways
- he likes to keep your relationship private but lowkey loves it when the team posts cute pics of you two in their instagram stories

Klance Fic Recs: Completed Works

 I have spent an incredibly large chunk of my life reading Klance stories that I decided that I might as well start jotting them all down. Here we go, these are all completed long works, I’ll do recs for one shots/WIPs later.

of florists and tennis shoes  by  venpast

One of those pure AU with the pure headcanons that you can’t get enough of. It’s a flower shop AND a coffee shop AU so you can’t go wrong. It includes flower language which is one of my favorite things so that’s a plus. Keith works at the flower shop and Lance buys flowers to try to impress girls but turns out that the only person being wooed by flowers is him. The cutest thing ever, great story, great idea, just very great.  Rated T and 63,774

The Different Rules of Summer by themultifandomnerd 

This fic is the cutest thing in the world, it’s is a modern day AU where Keith and Lance are volunteers at a library and meet by talking about ghosts and aliens. In this fic, Keith is deaf and it is all written very well. It was my favorite thing to read because they updated everyday. This is fan-fiction gold right here. Interesting story, well-written, and has fluff galore. It’s a great read. Rated G and word count is 57,589

A Shove Towards Love  by General_Button

OooOOoo I love this one. This one is a bop for sure. It’s a (somewhat) soulmate AU so you know you already wanna read it. Basically some aliens think Lance and Keith totally should be together 5ever (same really) so they sorta like. Bind their souls. Anyway, some crazy stuff happens to them because of this so basically you just have to read it. Rated T, word count 30,955. 

time out of mind  by  aknightley

I loved reading this one. I’m a sucker for older, domestic klance and well here we are. Keith and Lance wake up one day and they are several years in the future. And married. Hilarity ensues. This fic is so read as we see all of Team Voltron older and how Keith and Lance react to it all. Also I love the writing style. An A+ fic in all. Rated T and 27, 849 word count

your claws in me by burlesquecomposer

This one is intense, angsty, and dark and it’s soooo good. Lance falls under control of a druid, which turns him dark and takes the rest of Team Voltron on crazy ride to try to contain him and get it back. If you like angst then here it is and it’s amazing. They write Dark!Lance so well, I swear you get hooked fast. Rated M for ya know. Mind control and violence and all around angst. Word count is 49,072

in stasis  by  ilgaksu

Another good angsty one with a super interesting concept. Lance’s body goes way out of commission, so he is programmed into the castle as an AI while he recovers. The writer does an awesome job working with an awesome idea and this fic is perfect in every way. It deals with a lot of topics regarding albeism and anxiety. A lot of langst, but with just the right about of humor to make any Lance-lover put this fic on the top of their list. Rated T and word count of 26,940

Spaghettification and Other Extreme Sports by SociopathicAngel

I might be slightly biased on this one. This fic takes place in a final battle with Zarkon, where he opens up a black hole like the jerk he is. Lance, ever the hero, sacrifices himself to save the group. However, in the blackhole, Lance is taken to a universe where things are similar, except for one or two or several important details. Especially how a certain Red Paladin treats him. It’s super intriguing the way things are set up in comparison of the two different universes. An amazing, well-written story and the writer is also awesome and fantastic and you should check out everything they have written and shower them with praise. Rated T, word count 17,980

Sealed by Fate  by  thejapanesemapletree

A fantasy fic where Lance is a selkie and Keith finds him and takes in him, this is one of those stories you just really want more of. I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with Lance and mermaids, this is a interesting spin on it all. Selkies are a really interesting branch of the whole water fae, and this was a really awesome read. Rated T and word counts stands at 25,973

Shameless Self Advertising but I happen to have a completed klance story as well. It’s called  Sand as Fuel and it’s rated T and has 20k words. It’s set some time the future where Shiro had never returned back to Earth. Lance, Hunk, and Pidge all graduated from the Garrison like they were supposed to. Everything was going smoothly until they crash while colliding into a mysterious ship and Lance somehow finds himself being dragged across the desert. 

Hope you find something you like! You can find any more of my fics at  somethingaboutamoose!!!


My first time in Melbourne!! I’m currently staying at @ashethehedgehog’s place for 2 weeks and oh man look at her crazy ygo shrines… I recognize some artists from her wall, which include some animators & illustrators for the @ygoreanimate!

Day 1 have been a pretty tiring day for both of us, but we did ended up playing some games, watching movie, shopping (that include buying ygo cards) and constantly nagging her adorable dog Axel heheh… precious lil nugget. 

I’m having a wonderful time there so far, can’t wait to meet @chicinlicin, @preciousorgel and @ckr-the-cat on Monday!! :D

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Susan the Tormenter

What does it take to defeat a Witch? Well. A stronger witch.

Simple right? Less simpler when you’re just human, a child who wasn’t aware magic existed a few weeks ago. But Susan didn’t have the choice. Actually, none of them had it.

They were only kids, kids thrown in the middle of a savage and cruel war, what could have they done else…? They were trapped in a world that wasn’t theirs and couldn’t escape. 

So Susan did what she was good at. She studied. Learned to use a bow and arrows, at first. But simple weapons were not enough. She needed more.

And she found more, a lot more than expected. Susan was clever, and obstinate. She never stopped. She was cunning, and she never hesitated to be vicious. She knew what she want, what she need. So she started to gather informations, talking with the naiads and dryads and forgotten gods, about magic and spells and hexes.

They were so old, and some of them remembered the creation of Narnia. Susan didn’t need more. She finally understood how the man in England, the old Digory Kirke, came here. Needed more power, uh? Oh, now, she knew where to find them. Not telling Aslan - who’s concerned about the young lady’s researches but couldn’t stop her - she learned how to travel to other worlds, just as Digory and Polly did.

And then, she found what she was looking for. Old magic. Older than Aslan.

She was defenseless when she arrived in Narnia. No more. Driven by anger and fear, which fed her magic, she plotted with the Old Narnians. She hates Aslan. He didn’t do anything to help Ed. So she killed the Lion.

Sacrificed him. Bathed in his sacred blood. Ate his powerful flesh. Became his strength.

Then, she could fight Jadis. As her equal? Oh, no, no… Jadis feared Aslan. Susan was gonna make her beg for mercy. 

She’s the Tormenter. And her blood runs cold in her veins.


get to know me meme: [2/5] favorite musical artists ↠  banks

“the first album was kind of like this diary that someone discovered, and i was kind of forced to read it in front of people. this album for me is more kind of like, a journal i left open and i’m like, ‘i dare you to read it.’”

little-misss-muse  asked:

Dark narnia AU?!


(but first allow me to remind ya’ll that my english is super duper shitty - lil Frenchie over here - so it might not be amazingly clear but I do my best okaaaaay)

Also, I /love/ angsty stuff so get ready, it’s about to get dark and ugly.

What if, in order to defeat the White Witch, the Pevensies had to forget morals and righteousness, and started to fight a war, a desesperate war against the woman who’s holding their brother prisoner…?

  • Lucy comes first in Narnia and she meets Tumnus, who fails to drug and kidnap her
  • (woohooooo)
  • the Witch doesn’t tolerate failures
  • so when his spies tell her what happened she orders Grimmault to bring the faun to her
  • mr tumnus is tortured (because she wants answers, and because she’s angry about this lil human coming in /her/ kingdom)
  • she’s so angry she let Grimmault eat the poor faun
  • as a warning to the other creatures who’d might wanna follow his example and not follow her orders, what’s left of Tumnus’s head is nailed to the door of his cavern
  • anyway
  • (this is only the beginning i’m so sorry)
  • Edmund comes second in Narnia and doesn’t see much of it except snow… at first
  • he doesn’t know but someone’s watching him in the woods; Grimmault’s still here and he intends to catch this human
  • he starts to chase him, and plays with him, pleasing himself with the child’s fear
  • but the Witch stops him
  • she understands that there’s more than just Ed, and she knows she needs to kill them all
  • and Ed is so thin and so hungry because of the war’s privations
  • and he feels so lonely and the lady in white is so nice
  • so when he comes back, he’s so happy, he wants to tell his siblings he found food and someone as nice and caring as their mom
  • but Peter and Susan are listening to the radio
  • the news from the front are bad
  • so, so bad
  • they’re still in the middle of the Battle of England and V2s starts to strike London
  • Peter is so afraid at the idea they might not be safe here either
  • the elders are both so scared and helpless that when Ed comes with his bright smile, they just think he did an other prank
  • they don’t believe him, of course
  • don’t trust him
  • he insists, and insists and starts to get angry at Peter
  • but Peter’s angry and scared too
  • he lashes out and yells at his brother
  • the kids argue, Ed runs away
  • lucy tries to convince her elders but it doesn’t work more
  • let’s go a lil quicker now
  • lu goes back
  • sees what happened to mr tumnus
  • she runs back to the house, screaming and jumps into the arms of peter, with blood on her dress
  • they don’t understand where that blood comes from
  • then they discover that ed is missing
  • he went his the wardrobe
  • so peter and susan follows lucy in narnia
  • they discover the war, the prophecy, blah-blah-blah and everything
  • but it doesn’t end the same way
  • because jadis has edmund
  • she still needs him to lure the others to her
  • so she can’t kill him, but keeping him alive is still a risk that the prophecy becomes true, right?
  • so, well, she makes sure he’ll never be able to sit on Cair Paravel’s thrones
  • tortures him
  • to insanity
  • lucy and susan doesn’t know this, but peter understand this since oreius tells him all the rumours he can gather
  • and aslan?
  • oh, he’s here, and powerful
  • but susan can’t stand him, because he does nothing to help them, to rescue edmund or to help peter
  • so she trains
  • bow and arrow, for sure but not only
  • she talks with the naiads, the dryads, the old gods and the magical creatures, finds books about magic
  • she was defenseless when she arrived in narnia, lucy and peter are learning to fight with swords and those knights things
  • susan? susan learns magic
  • and she’s driven by anger and fear, which feeds her magic
  • she becomes powerful
  • aslan doesn’t like it, thinks it’s dangerous
  • oh he’s right, it is dangerous; but susan doesn’t care, she needs that power
  • and she knows where to find more power… aslan’s here, right? and he’s powerful
  • well
  • susan’s more vicious than the lion thought
  • and she has this hex, and she sets up this plot, and -let’s shorten here ‘kay, it’s super complex- she kills aslan
  • well, she sacrifices him
  • and takes his powers, his strength
  • susan becomes a sorcerer, a witch… and a powerful one, always carrying the Lion’s fangs with her
  • she’s the Tormenter
  • and with her magic and spells she protects her siblings, protect the armies
  • it needs a lot of blood tho to realize this spells
  • blood sheds aren’t really a problem for lucy actually
  • she lost something when she saw mr tumnus head
  • all that blood… she can’t forget it, so she kills, and kills, and kills
  • she’s a monster on the battlefield
  • she’s feared
  • she’s the Destroyer
  • and peter seconds her in this destruction
  • but he’s more of a tactician
  • lucy’s a fighter, a savage warrior
  • peter is more vicious, he always comes up with twisted plans
  • killing innocents? well
  • if it helps him, why wouldn’t he hesitate?
  • he wants to defeat the witch, sure
  • but he wants to make her pay for what she did
  • scare one to terrify a thousand, right? that’s exactly what peter does
  • he wants the witch to fear them
  • to know they’re coming for her
  • tadaaah
  • to sum up, i love creepy and angsty stuff
  • hehe
  • (not even sorry)
  • (okay just a little)

And the edits are coming tomorrow … !