it was soo very beautiful

Tom Holland girlfriend imagine

Drabble - Being Tom Holland girlfriend would include

⚫Being an actress sometimes mean having to put up with rude co-star but not with Tom

⚫You two hit it off immediately

⚫You two spending a lot of time together on the set

⚫”Do you know that joke about the guy who only said no?”

⚫” Yeh why”

⚫” Shit how you always know all my jokes ?!”

⚫” You gotta come up with better jokes bud”

⚫Tom asking you out on a date night

⚫Except you thought it was a friendly hangout so you get uncomfortable once you realize he likes you more than a friend

⚫” wait you.. You like me ?”

⚫” y/n how could anyone not like you ?”

⚫ You are so surprised and really your brain is messy so you do the next best thing

⚫The kiss is messy and a little unprepared but soon you two found a rhythm and it’s perfect

⚫Tom asking you to be his girlfriend properly after he drops you at your hotel room door

⚫You two keep it a secret for a little while

⚫Sneaky kisses between takes

⚫Sneaking into each other’s hotel room after curfew

⚫” No Tom we’re not ordering mac and cheese at 2 am “

⚫Falling asleep to the sound of his laugh

⚫When you get back to England, he introduces you to his family and friends

⚫You soon become the new favourite person of his parents

⚫” Soo she’s the one you’ve been talking about ! Well she’s very beautiful just like you said !”

⚫ “ Moooooooooooooom !”

⚫ Nice walks around his neighbourhood, with Tessa and his younger brothers

⚫Cute instagram pictures of you two

⚫”My two favourite girls”

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Hi Jil! I hop this isn't rude but you are very very slim (extremely beautiful but soo thin!), are you sure you are eating enough? Doing intermittent fasting and only eating raw fruits and vegetables you probably aren't getting much more than about 1200 calories which really isn't enough at all😞 please take care!❤️❤️

Sweetheart, I thank you for your concern and that you address this so respectfully and kind!! <3 I don’t expect anyone to believe me - but I promise that I’m eating enough. I do eat a lot of raw fruit and veggies but I eat A LOT!!!! That’s why I love this lifestyle so much because I can eat huge portions of foods that make me feel amazing. I eat a lot of dates and rawnola and fig bites and bliss balls and all those treats. Dates and nuts and coconuts are pretty calorically dense and when I make myself a “snack” of rawnola it can easily have 1000 calories. Even the watermelon I have for breakfast every day at the moment has about 1000 cals. So please don’t worry. I do eat enough. What worries ME is that ONE THIRD of world population is OVERWEIGHT.

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can you rec your fave chanbaek and kaisoo fics please? :)

I’M SCREAMING I KINDA WENT ALL OUT (tho.. it’s still not a complete list of my faves lolololol)

I wanted to add more but I can’t remember the plot of some of my faves


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Kim Soo Hyun’s LEMONA CF is released, “You Should Be Very Beautiful”


Actor Kim Soo Hyun attracting females’ hearts with LEMONA’s CF has been the hot topic.

Vitamin C LEMONA released a promotional CF together with Kim Soo Hyun.

On April 3rd, LEMONA expresses that together with Kim Soo Hyun who is the new endorser for 2014, will start to release a series of CF starting April onwards.

This time, the commercial as compared to the previous commercials which is very energetic and bubbly, the concept will be different.

The concept which will be attractive and making fans’ hearts drunken with love, and also attracting females’ hearts; combining with Kim Soo Hyun’s high quality acting skills, which is another perspective of LEMONA’s CF.

As it is specially to protect the skin of female consumers, the endorser for LEMONA, Kim Soo Hyun uses his specially deep voice “I will take it all away, you should be very beautiful”, it will sound as though their boyfriends are whispering to their ears, moving the hearts of female consumers. 

After watching the CF, many netizens commented “Kim Soo Hyun’s voice is too sexy”, “Never thought that Kim Soo Hyun’s collaboration with LEMONA would be this refreshing”, “I must go and buy LEMONA’s products fast”, which has ignited a very hot response.

Gyeongnam Pharmaceuticals expresses “The CF that is released with LEMONA and Kim Soo Hyun together, the response was really hot and popular", “Through Kim Soo Hyun’s promotional CF for LEMONA, the methods of bringing through the new concept and the new message, the response has been very good”

To commemorate their release of the CF, if the video’s viewcount exceeds 50 million, they will release ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ Filming of LEMONA CF with Kim Soo Hyun.

Meanwhile, the 'KIM SOO HYUN LEMONA LIMITED PACKAGE’ together with Kim Soo Hyun, its planned to be released in this month, which is anticipated to garner a hot response and topic once again.

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