it was soo very beautiful

Tom Holland girlfriend imagine

Drabble - Being Tom Holland girlfriend would include

⚫Being an actress sometimes mean having to put up with rude co-star but not with Tom

⚫You two hit it off immediately

⚫You two spending a lot of time together on the set

⚫”Do you know that joke about the guy who only said no?”

⚫” Yeh why”

⚫” Shit how you always know all my jokes ?!”

⚫” You gotta come up with better jokes bud”

⚫Tom asking you out on a date night

⚫Except you thought it was a friendly hangout so you get uncomfortable once you realize he likes you more than a friend

⚫” wait you.. You like me ?”

⚫” y/n how could anyone not like you ?”

⚫ You are so surprised and really your brain is messy so you do the next best thing

⚫The kiss is messy and a little unprepared but soon you two found a rhythm and it’s perfect

⚫Tom asking you to be his girlfriend properly after he drops you at your hotel room door

⚫You two keep it a secret for a little while

⚫Sneaky kisses between takes

⚫Sneaking into each other’s hotel room after curfew

⚫” No Tom we’re not ordering mac and cheese at 2 am “

⚫Falling asleep to the sound of his laugh

⚫When you get back to England, he introduces you to his family and friends

⚫You soon become the new favourite person of his parents

⚫” Soo she’s the one you’ve been talking about ! Well she’s very beautiful just like you said !”

⚫ “ Moooooooooooooom !”

⚫ Nice walks around his neighbourhood, with Tessa and his younger brothers

⚫Cute instagram pictures of you two

⚫”My two favourite girls”

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can you rec your fave chanbaek and kaisoo fics please? :)

I’M SCREAMING I KINDA WENT ALL OUT (tho.. it’s still not a complete list of my faves lolololol)

I wanted to add more but I can’t remember the plot of some of my faves


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