it was soo very beautiful


This ‘year in search’ was even better than 2016s and I loved that one.

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JUST SAYING HALLURA WOULD 100% DO ALL THE CORNY EARTH DATES LIKE DRIVE IN MOVIES AND ITALIAN RESTAURANTS AND STARGAZING (and then they’d point at constellations and say “we’ve been there”) I WILL SEND HALLURA STUFF MORE IF YOU LIKE IT. sorry for the caps lock i just love them so bad

THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL BECAUSE THEY SO WOULD. and don’t be sorry for the caps I love them too.

and my pal, my friend. send more if you please; this is beautiful

Amor Vincit Omnia ( Yoongi /Oc)

Chapter 5. 

Yoongi had learned very early in life that there were just two kinds of people in the whole world.

Assets and Liabilities.

Assets were business partners or friends, guys who always had your back and would take a bullet for you. They didn’t hesitate to cal you out on your bullshit and the advice thatthey offered was genuinely worthwhile and useful. People like his fellow members in BTS and his friend/hook-up Hye Mi. He’d known them from childhood, had grown up with them and he knew he was set for life in the friends department. He really didn’t need another one.

Liabilities on the other had, tended to distract him from his goal. Empty words of flattery or unnecessary drama all designed to give him a headache.

Take his wife, for a second.

The minute he’d laid eyes on Kim Ji Soo, he’d marked her a liability. She was very beautiful, he’d have to be blind not to notice and she was clearly well-bred. Everything about her was dainty. She had dainty ankles, fragile looking wrists and a pair of succulent lips that wobbled at the slightest provacation. She dressed like an angel, in pleasant colors that actually soothed him a lot. He was used to Hye Mi’s flashy college fashion with chunky jewelry and bright colors. Ji Soo had been a refreshing change on his eyes, her classy understated way of dressing rather attractive.

But, she was exactly the kind of person he couldn’t afford in his life. For one thing, Hye Mi had gone batshit crazy when he’d told her about the marriage. He supposed that in some vague plan of theirs they’d hoped to get married someday but Yoongi didn’t really believe in marriages as a rule. He lived a dangerous life and any emotional commitment would be used as a weakness by the rival gangs.

But at least Hye Mi knew how to protect herself. She was good with guns and knives and hand-to hand combat.

His knew wife on the other hand. She had apparently been abused by her psychopath of a father . How was he supposed to have known that?? If she’d said that to him on the first day, he’d have killed the guy sooner. Helped her get out of her messy life. Instead she’d gone ahead and married him.

The little fool.

Their marriage was a public affair and by now almost all the other gangs would probably know that she was his wife. That would make her the prime target, if she were to step out without his protection.

He rubbed his forehead in despair.

She had gone completely silent after he’d shot her father. It was now nearly three days and she really hadn’t said a word. She stayed cooped in the bedroom and only came out to eat, perpetually avoiding his eyes. He couldn’t understand it.

The bastard had beat her black and blue ! Yoongi wasn’t a stickler for female protection or anything but even he knew that he ought not to hit a women only half his size. Ji Soo was built like a nymph. It was a miracle she’d survived this long.

One would think, the little nuisance would be grateful for the favor he’d done her. But instead she was looking at him like he was some sort of a monster. It completely baffled him. What the hell was he supposed to do? Let the bastard live so that he could find a way to hit her again?

Yoongi didn’t care for , or even like Ji Soo all that much. ’

But even he’d felt like tearing her father limb from limb after seeing her on that sidewalk bench bruised and battered. So he’d taken the guy out. Sure the man was important but then, somethings were unpardonable.

And no matter how he may feel about her, Ji Soo was still his wife. His property.

And whoever touched Min Yoongi’s property , had to go.

But then, he’d probably gone overboard with the way he’d done it. He could have asked one of his guys to get the job done and left it at that.

In retrospect, he probably shouldn’t have dragged her out in the middle of the night and shot him in front of her face. His sister had given him some long winded lecture about trauma and victim of abuse and violence and honestly, if he could redo it, he would.

But what’s done is done. He’d forgotten that Ji Soo was not like Hye Mi.

He grinned fondly as he thought of Hye Mi. Now, Hye Mi …Hye Mi would have loved to see the guy die. she would have probably grabbed the gun out of Yoongi’s hands and blown the guy’s brains out herself.

His kind of girl.

Ji Soo on the other hand , had gone into catatonic shock, freaking him out considerably.

Sighing, he ran a hand over his face. Maybe Hye Mi was right. he really should just divorce her and send her back home.

As though summoned by his thoughts, Hye Mi stepped into his office, wearing ripped jeans and a crop top that showed off her pierced navel. Today her blonde hair was streaked with purple.

“Are you still brooding about that little bitch?” Hye Mi snapped.

Yoongi gave her an easy smile.

“My wife. A little respect if you please.” He said calmly. She rolled her eyes.

“Your porcelain wife is both annoying and a pain in the ass. Why is she still here? You avenged her delicate sensibilities didn’t you? Send her packing ! Why won’t you listen to sense?” she snapped, coming around to wrap an arm around his neck before lightly biting down on the skin behind his ear. It was more muscle memory than anything else that made him go hard at the action.

“She’s not safe outside, babe.” He said calmly and Hye Mi pulled away.

For a few seconds she was very silent.

“Are you falling in love with her?” She said  and he straightened in complete surprise. There was something in her tone that made him extremely uneasy.

“What? Where on earth is this coming from?” He said , laughing in disbelief. But she didn’t smile.

“I…I was wondering if you’d ever kill for me…” She said very softly and he felt like he’d been sucker-punched.

“Hye mi yah… You don’t need me to kill for you. You’re perfectly capable of doing it on your own and I love you for it.” He said gently, pulling her into his arms. She hugged him very tight and he squeezed back.

“I love you. You know that right? ” She said suddenly and he felt a bit uncomfortable. They didn’t really talk about love and stuff. That wasn’t really the kind of relationship they had. Sure he loved her and he would do anything for her but…

“I love you too, babe. What’s wrong?” He said , confused.

She gave him a look.

“I feel…I feel…like you’re changing. The Min Yoongi I knew would never do something as reckless as what you did with her father.” She said quietly and he hesitated.

“Don’t read too much into it, Hye Mi. I would have done it for anyone.” he said uncomfortably.

He  would. Wouldn’t he?

Tom Holland girlfriend imagine

Drabble - Being Tom Holland girlfriend would include

⚫Being an actress sometimes mean having to put up with rude co-star but not with Tom

⚫You two hit it off immediately

⚫You two spending a lot of time together on the set

⚫”Do you know that joke about the guy who only said no?”

⚫” Yeh why”

⚫” Shit how you always know all my jokes ?!”

⚫” You gotta come up with better jokes bud”

⚫Tom asking you out on a date night

⚫Except you thought it was a friendly hangout so you get uncomfortable once you realize he likes you more than a friend

⚫” wait you.. You like me ?”

⚫” y/n how could anyone not like you ?”

⚫ You are so surprised and really your brain is messy so you do the next best thing

⚫The kiss is messy and a little unprepared but soon you two found a rhythm and it’s perfect

⚫Tom asking you to be his girlfriend properly after he drops you at your hotel room door

⚫You two keep it a secret for a little while

⚫Sneaky kisses between takes

⚫Sneaking into each other’s hotel room after curfew

⚫” No Tom we’re not ordering mac and cheese at 2 am “

⚫Falling asleep to the sound of his laugh

⚫When you get back to England, he introduces you to his family and friends

⚫You soon become the new favourite person of his parents

⚫” Soo she’s the one you’ve been talking about ! Well she’s very beautiful just like you said !”

⚫ “ Moooooooooooooom !”

⚫ Nice walks around his neighbourhood, with Tessa and his younger brothers

⚫Cute instagram pictures of you two

⚫”My two favourite girls”

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can you rec your fave chanbaek and kaisoo fics please? :)

I’M SCREAMING I KINDA WENT ALL OUT (tho.. it’s still not a complete list of my faves lolololol)

I wanted to add more but I can’t remember the plot of some of my faves


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