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Do you know any blogs similar to yours but update more frequently (this is a serious question), bc I've already finished reading your fics and in the meantime while waiting for your updates I still wanna read more stuff but having a hard time finding writers as good as you!

Um, all the writers I can think of are on a hiatus, deactivated, or are also slowly updating. idk why but it seems like everyone is busy irl rn. I’m sorry.

I also haven’t been reading much lately.

nam-soo said to universitykpop: what inspired you to make the sexual audios, or one day you just made one and thought it was cool? theyre lovely btw i love them very much

i’m honestly surprised this is the first time someone has asked me this.

A long long time ago, when vine existed, there was a vine that was captioned something like “imagine hearing your neighbor sehun masturbate next door” and the audio sounded like it’s description. So i got the idea to make the “imagine sex with -” audios; instead of it sounding like it’s through a wall, it’s in the same room. Thank you!

Anonymous said to universitykpop: So who’s up next on the Got7 audio list?? I need to know how fucked up im gonna be when it drops❤️✨😹

idk, depends on whatever I find!

Anonymous said to universitykpop: So I just binge read Reputation and OHMYGOSH!!!! I LOVE!! I also binge read Mutual the other day and really enjoyed it! Also, F.C.B has given me life <3 Really looking forward to new chapters when they come out ^_^

Thank you, love❤️

Anonymous said to universitykpop: Hello 1 I love your blog it gives me life. 2 I read about it but what Exo daddy quiz was that other anon talking about? ❤

Thank you! The quiz is in my masterlist!

sydneyharcourt: TBT to before Destiny’s Child broke up and left to be movie stars. Yes, it’s hard to believe my daughters are all my genetic offspring, but you never got to see their mother, Mrs. Catherine (Destiny) Schuyler - who is mixed Chinese, Black, White, Ethiopian, and Choctaw Indian. We had no idea what the kids were going to look like! Historically, she hurt her back shoveling the path to the barn during Helpless and couldn’t make the wedding.

AoEx Casts’ Fave Steven Universe Characters! (or who I could see them casted as~) 

(Requested by @pomelo-rosa! I hope this is okay!) 

Rin Okumura - Steven Universe! 

Shiemi Moriyama - Connie Maheswaren! 

Yukio Okumura - Pearl! 

‘Bon’ Ryuji Suguro - Lars! 

Shima Renzo - Sour Cream! 

Konekomaru Miwa - Peridot!

Izumo Kamiki - Onion!

Shura Kirigakure - Amethyst! 

Mephisto Pheles - Garnet! 

tbh like….i ain’t mad at either soo or so

they were always destined to fall apart in this era

soo tried so so hard to make sure that she would help him, so that no one would have to suffer, so that he wouldn’t have the legacy she heard of as a bloody monarch. she wanted him to be remembered as she saw him: a great king, and a good person. but once he became king and she became his “mistress,” as won puts it, she was inadvertently stripped of all the power she had in the palace as a court lady, and she was reduced to “sitting in her room, waiting for him to come home.” the intention was for her to become queen, but without the backing of a powerful family to support her, it became impossible. by the time so told her he would make her the second queen after she had a child, she was already broken. her best friend was killed because she was a traitor, spying on her and lying to her for years. not only that, but the one who ordered her death was the man she loved, and despite the fact that chae ryung was working against her the entire time she was in the palace and helped kill people she loved, soo is incredibly torn because she can still see in her a girl who was trying to help her family. then another friend of hers commits suicide. and then she is told that the reason the man she used to love became such a slimy, homicidal jackass was because of a warning she gave him, reminiscent of the previous king telling her he killed people in order to get the throne because she covered so’s scar. 

at this point, hae soo feels not only like she doesn’t have the power to save anyone, but like her influence on politics has had an active role in killing all the people she’s worked so hard to save, people she loved deeply. no wonder she wants to leave - it’s not that she thinks so is a monster and wants to escape him, but rather she’s gotten to the point where she hinders more than she helps, and her staying is fatal. and she can’t take people she cares about dropping like flies anymore.

meanwhile so. so. so has his hands tied everywhere he turns. someone made this great post about how people have been abandoning him since the start of his reign. the military general. his mother. baek ah. now hae soo wants to leave too, the only person he has left. and to be honest, it would be better for his reign if he let her leave, because every move he makes he thinks of her, and, as we saw with his marriage situation, he would doom himself if it meant staying by her side. but he loves her far too much to ever let her go. the only thing that finally gets him, that really makes him let her leave, is finding out about wook. and i don’t think it’s a jealousy thing - he knew years ago she had loved one of his brothers, and there’s only so many to choose from. but the fact that it’s wook, “of all people why does it have to be him” wook, breaks him. not because it’s his brother. because he’s the man who plotted the death of his oldest brother, who used chae ryung as a spy and made her a traitor (with the assistance of won), who was ready to shoot yo with an arrow like he was hunting something, who threatened him using hae soo and collaborated with his family to make his sister take soo’s place at so’s side, who used his smart brain to rally the noble families, who looked so in the eye and said “nothing is yours, it’s all mine.” it’s not that hae soo loved someone besides him ever in her life, it’s that she was ready to marry someone who at every turn tried to tear him down and their family down, a manipulative murderous snake, and despite that part of her still cared for him enough to beg for his life.

he feels like she never loved him, “wook was always in your heart,” like it was all just some scheme wook was planning or a way to hurt him using what he cared about most. so he lets her go, because he feels like she’s “throwing him away,” or, even worse, that she never cared about him to begin with. at least not as much as the guy who killed his family and hers.

and it’s tragic. and heartbreaking. and i really can’t blame either one of them.

Anti Studio Peirott Rant

Sakura was apart of the team that came to rescue Shikamaru so why has she been completely erased? It’s bad enough that her novel isn’t even being animated but they are trying soooo hard to make Sakura as non-existent as possible. Instead of spending soo much time and effort on making Sakura hit Naruto for the most ridiculous reasons how about they for once do her justice and portray her right.

Okay but why can’t Rey be more force sensitive than Kylo? Why can’t Finn be incredibly force sensitive as well?

Why can’t the reason why Kylo lost the fight simply be because Finn and Rey combined are just better than him? Why can’t Kylo just be mediocre/average when compared to them (esp when compared to Rey)?


fangirl challenge: [1/10] tv shows
       ↳ running man (2010 - ongoing)

“The Running Man team is very much like a family and I’m happy to have gained another family besides my own.”

My dear lgbt+ children, 

This letter goes out to all of you who are lgbt+ and… 

Lgbt+ and a person of color 

Lgbt+ and poor 

Lgbt+ and disabled 

Lgbt+ and chronically ill 

Lgbt+ and a abuse survivor 

Lgbt+ and on the autism spectrum 

Lgbt+ and religious 

These are just some examples what your “and” could be. These things might make it harder for you to feel safe enough to come out. They might make people come up with a cause-and-effect theory that doesn’t apply to you or, maybe, you feel like it did cause it and that leaves you feeling like your idenity is less valid. Perhaps people even say people like you can’t be lgbt+ or you feel sad because there’s zero representation of people like you in the media. It makes me sad but it’s even a possibility that you get bullied or harassed for it. Maybe people accuse you of “trying soo hard to be special” or they act as if you’re a walking contradiction. Or maybe other people are accepting but you struggle to accept yourself.  

I want you to know that i see your struggles. They’re real and you’re not making it up. It is tough. But, and this is even more important, so are you. All parts of you are valid and deserve to be respected. And you deserve to feel proud of yourself! 

I hope that you have wonderful people around you who let you know how precious you are. But if anyone makes you feel any less than proud and confident in being lgbt+ and, believe me that i believe in you and support you and love you - and so do plenty of others all over the world who are lgbt+, too. 

You are not alone. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom

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What is the difference between the pronunciation of ㅅ and ㅆ? Because people sometimes say sh and sometimes s for ㅅ, and ㅆ is always harsh? (I hope this made sense)

Yeah no I totally get what you mean, strictly speaking, the ㅅ is the letter “s” and ㅆ is essentially a “harder s” sound. One way to compare this is by examining the words:

살 meaning flesh vs. 쌀 meaning rice

It’s a soft s (sal) vs. a hard s (ssal!)

ㅅ can also make a “sh” sound. This is seen in several words such as:

시험 (shi heom) - test/exam
싫어 (shil eo) - to hate
신난다 (shin nan da) - to be excited

In contrast to words that use the “normal soft s” sound such as:

슬퍼 (seul peo) sad
수학 (soo hak) math

I hope this helps!~

I’ve become Victuuri trash and it’s all I can think about now guYS DO I MAKE A NEW BLOG WHAT DO I DO??!  *heavy breathing*

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She is the Regent Queen and he is the new Hwarang and there is 20-year age difference between them. I mean she has children that are the same age as him! A relationship between them is virtually impossible, yet Su Ho is looking at her as if she were a goddess and he couldn’t believe that she could actually exist; he is basically woshipping the altar of her awesome. After years of having all the young girls and women virtually throwing themselves at him it makes complete sense that Su Ho would fall for probably the only woman he could never get -  so distant, proud and untouchable. Please, drama gods, let this not be just a one-sided thing!

Here Part 6 | Harry Styles FIC

Finally finished part 6, it took a while but I’m happy with how it’s ended up. I hope you all enjoy it. I’ll be focusing on a request or two this week and aim to get Part 7 up next week. This is the last part set before the New Year so you’ll have to use your imagination again, sorry. 

P.S I knew the stills from Perfect would be great to go with this part but choosing one was soo hard. Also thanks for all the love for this so far I appreciate every like, re-blog and comment/ask about it. 

Enjoy, I xx

Harry led Y/N through the heavy black door that opened onto the two-space parking forecourt, his Range Rover parked just inside where he’d left it after their shopping trip earlier that same day. Even though she’d already walked this way before she was appreciative of Harry’s hand as, despite the security light that was undoubtedly making the journey to the doors easier, she couldn’t really see where she was going due to the shadow the house itself was casting. The first time she’d made her way from Harry’s car to the doors for his house she’d felt slightly overwhelmed by the building. Despite having been to and inside Louis’ house several times, the size and grandeur of Harry’s house still took her back slightly when she considered her tiny two bedroom house with garden just big enough for Alfie’s small swing set and sand pit. However this time around she was just glad to see it and eager to get inside.

Harry fiddled with the keys he’d retrieved from his pocket before the car had even pulled up outside his house. He slotted the key into the hole and pulled the door open to let Y/N in before him. She shrugged her jacket from her shoulders the central heating warming her skin instantly as she kicked her shoes from her feet bending down to pick them up intending on taking them through to where her boots from earlier where sat in the hallway.

‘Here let me take that.’ Harry said taking Y/N’s coat and placing it over his arm with his own coat. He’d pulled the blinds over the door and began walking towards the rest of the house. ‘Do you want a drink or anything love?’ He asked stopping to turn on the hallway light, instantly lighting up the house.

‘A glass of water would be perfect.’ Y/N told him aware her head was aching slightly, though not spinning which she was glad for. Harry nodded and told her to go through to the kitchen whilst he hung the coats up. ‘Can you take these too please?’ Y/N asked holding out her shoes he chuckled taking them off her and walking away down the corridor. Y/N watched him walk away for a second, admiring the tanned back of his arms inked with artwork and his pert bum that wiggled with the sway of his hips as he walked. Y/N giggled quietly to herself before turning for the kitchen.

Y/N noticed the change of flooring underneath her feet from the hard but warm wood to the cold kitchen tiles. She wiggled her bare toes against it begging for them to get warm as she searched for the light switch on the wall. She giggled imagining how odd it must look as she stroked the bare wall up and down trying to find the switch box. The sudden illumination of the kitchen made her jump and she turned her head quickly to the sound of Harry’s chuckle.

‘Wrong wall.’ He told her pointing to the light switch beside him. She rolled her eyes and laughed heading further into the room behind Harry who opened a cupboard pulling a glass down from it. Y/N pulled out a bar stool placing herself gently on it and resting her feet on the footrest, glad to have them off the floor. ‘So did you have fun?’ He asked finally turning to Y/N with a full glass of water, placing it down in front of her. She nodded with a smile, taking a sip of the water before answering.

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Could we have UF bros trying to tell their S/O their beautiful but the're having trouble? I love your blog soo much X3 :D

I love you to Anon ♡♡♡ 



Dude. Dude. JUST ACCEPT HIS COMPLIMENT. Red has a hard time giving verbal affection so the fact that you’re rejecting it makes him feel insecure. If you keep denying it, then fine , whatever. He’s not going to stand around and try to convince you if this method clearly isn’t working. So instead, he’ll show it to you through actions, like kissing every part of your body and telling you how much he loves you.


UGH HE DOESN’T HAVE TIME TO DEAL WITH THIS. Fell gets so frustrated, that he just grabs your shoulders and be like, “JUST ACCEPT THAT YOURE BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE YOU. IF YOU DENY IT, I WILL PUNCH YOU IN THR FACE” Like Red, if you wont accept his words, he’ll just prove it through actions. He’ll buy you the nice and fancy outfit and take you to town, having your picture taken at every stop. He’ll then frame those pictures all over the house.

It has just been announced that Running Man will officially end in February. This makes me so sad, Running Man has been my favorite variety show. I started watching it to watch my favorite idols, but grew to love the RM members. This show has meant so much to me. This is the show that I would turn to during hard times.
This is the show that gave me pure joy and happiness when I was feeling down. This show made me fall in love with every member. I’ve loved this show so much and will continue to even after it is over. But I’m not mad with the decision. All things must come to and end, and this seems to be the right time due to members leaving. I wish it didn’t have to end this way, and I know other fans are thinking the same.
To all the members, Jae Suk, Jong Kook, Kang Gary, Suk Jin, Kwang Soo, Haha, and Jihyo (and Joong Ki and Lizzy!) Thank you so much. Thank you for providing all the laughs and all the joy. I am so thankful for your hard work on the show and your dedication to the fans. 7012 forever ❤️

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This blog is soo good! I was wondering if u could write some Jealous headcanons for Chuuya, Tanizaki, and Dazai??

Thank you so much, dear~ 
They didn’t flow too well because of writer’s block. Forgive me, nonnie q.q


  • quickly gets quite protective of you. Chuuya wants to make sure that you belong to him and no one else in the room/area

  • Chuuya is someone who will put his arm around your waist and kiss you rather hard if his jealousy is through the roof

  • rarely admits that he’s jealous but you know he is and tease him about it once his temper has calmed down


  • he may be quiet, but boy, you can feel his jealousy from hundreds of miles away. It’s not the same when his sister gets hurt, but the one he’s jealous of better be prepared

  • once that person is away, Tanizaki will hold your hand and squueze it a couple of times. It gives him some kind of security that you’re still with him and probably stay with him for a longer time

  • will probably cook an entire meal for you + dessert as an apology for scaring the person away (if they were  a friend and you explained it to Tanizaki)


  • his arm is constantly around your waist and holding your body close to his, but Dazai also remains quiet while you’re talking to the person he’s jealous of

  • will mumble in your ear how you’re only his and his to touch, to look at and to worship. And he’ll do so once you’re home 

  • after doing some naughty things to you, Dazai takes great care of you and spoils you with all of his attention. That includes butterly kisses on your neck, shoulder blades and jawline (especially if he wasn’t able to due to work)