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170210 and 170212

The fact that Kyungsoo cares about Jongin’s health way more than Jongin, himself does caught me guard off sometimes 🙊😍

Let’s get it straight, ppl. The colors, the patterns on the scarfs scream kyungsoo. I mean Jongin is not the type to bother abt wearing a scarf and never forget that Kyungsoo always carries the cold medicine in ‘his’ bag bcuz Jongin catches the cold often. 👀
I see what you did there, Soo 😙


Monster 2014

Bok Sun lives with her younger sibling. She runs a street stand. Bok Sun is slow, but when people angers her she goes crazy. That’s why she is known as the “crazy woman”.  
One day, cold-blooded killer Tae Soo appears in front of her. To hide his secret, he kills Bok Sun’s younger sibling. Bok Sun then goes after Tae Soo for revenge, but Tae Soo goes after Bok Sun.


I’m going to see Fantastic Beasts tonight and embarrass my brothers. I’m sure you’re wondering why there are so many gifs, the answer is it’s just suprisingly fun posing like this!

Lady Hae is the doctor that will help bring Hae Soo back to life in the modern times, and she takes an special interest in this young girl because she feels a sisterly bond with her.

She puts her in contact with her former brother-in-law, modern!Baek Ah, who becomes great friends with her almost right away, who in turn directs her to modern!Lady Oh, who runs a rather successful spa, known for being eco-friendly and, with her knowledge in herbs, Hae Soo is hired almost instantly.

One day, Baek Ah drags some of his brothers/step-brothers/cousins to go to check the place out and to visit Hae Soo and among them is modern!Wang So, who has recently come back from the military and has several scars he feels a bit self-conscious about but Hae Soo doesn’t care, and of course they’re both smitten with one another and they get together and everyone’s happy.

It’s most irritating when people are like “why the hell do you pair them” “they are not suitable for each other” “I hate her” “she’s soo young” “he’s-she’s ridiculous/weak/ugly/stupid/cold” .. Well do you know what?! It’s none of your fucking business. You hate this pairing? Get the hell out of the tag & don’t annoy/ bully their fans, because it’s not your right to judge or bully them. It’s not your right to order them to stop this pairing. I know that you’ll never like it when someone judges you because of what you like or who you pair. Stop being a hater & a source of annoyance & get a life

The Business

Request: “ Hey, I just discovered your blog, and I love it. Do you think you could do a Captain Cold x reader? Thanks for not doing smut, too many blogs do it and it makes me soo uncomfortable.” -tinkerbelldetective

Pairing: Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 2681

Based on The Business by X Ambassadors

A/N: You’re welcome. (:

You could feel his heartbeat under the palm of your hand and you were so warm that you did not want to move. Not even an inch. But when the alarm to your left started blaring, jerking him awake, you sighed in annoyance at the digital thing resting on his side of the bed. You muttered incoherent curse words under your breath as he sat up, knocking you out of your comfortable position, and ended the annoying buzzing noise.

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Imagine Lee Soo Man wandering the corridors of SM Entertainment polishing the cold body tubes of where he store all of his artists. As he comes to Kai’s case he looks at him and frowns with fatherly disappointment. “You shouldn’t have ever tried to defy me.” He whispers to Kai in the dark, as he presses the red button to seal Kai in forever. “Now I have to replace you” he mutters as turns to the next cold body tube and hits the green button to awaken his newest creation from his cyber freeze.

“Arise Taeyong Arise”

From Kai’s tube a single tear runs down his cheek as he slowly begins to freeze until hes nothing more than a pretty cold face trapped in Lee Soo Man’s dungeon.

His last thought to himself before blacking out was if Krystal was really worth it after all.

Turn Down the Heat - 17

Part One Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight  Part Nine Part Ten  Part Eleven Part Twelve  Part Thirteen  Part Fourteen  Part Fifteen  Part Sixteen 

LOOOOK!!! I HAVE A COVER! It’s so amazing! Sooo so amazing and I have @makingstarsshine to thank for it! So creative! Thank you soo much!

Your heart ached as you felt a cold breeze touch your skin. You put a hand to your mouth to stifle the sob that erupted from you.

You moved to the side of a building trying to block the snow that was coming down. You were with him …and then you lost him again. You didn’t know if you could do it again.

The snow was coming down really hard as you shivered. You had to get out of it. If the trend was holding he was somewhere close by, but you didn’t recognize any of the warehouses.

Shivering too much you ducked inside of one leaning against the door as you shut it. As you slowly defrosted you started to hear voices. You walked forward looking around in the dark, trying to make anything out.

When you felt the hand clamp down on your mouth you struggled, “Now now…what’s a pretty little thing like you doing out in a storm all alone?”

You cringed at the stink on this man’s breath. He dragged you forward and you struggled more, “Ohh so feisty. What a nice way to start off the holiday.”

“Trick, what did you find?” You heard another man speak.

“Just a wilting flower in need of some heat.” Trick smirked looking at the weather man.

You stared at them both fear flooding your system. You weren’t any good in a fight. You weren’t strong…but damn if you weren’t going down struggling.

“Let. Her. Go.” Three words…but it wasn’t the words that gave you relief…it was the voice. Surprise and recognition filled with rage all rolled into one.

“What’s your problem Snart?” Mardon looked at him raising the cold gun toward James.

“Last chance Jesse…” Snart was staring right at you. In the dark, it was hard to read him, but from what you could tell he was not happy.

You felt the man’s grip release you as Len’s hand extended toward you. You rushed over to him as he waved the gun between the other two, “Thanks for the jail break…we’re leaving.”

“Snart…” Mardon stepped forward.

“Don’t test me…you’re fast…I’m faster.” The cold gun buzzed with life as he started backing up keeping you behind him protectively.

Once outside in the cold you looked at him, “Len…I…”

He cut you off with a long overdue kiss. He pulled you in as if he was trying to keep you way from the rest of the world. Finally he pulled away, “We are not finished…but I have something important to do first.”

Your face was hot as he pulled of his coat putting it on you. He zipped it up and you smiled at him as he pulled the hood up, “Thank you…”

“Let’s go.” He took your hand in his walking toward the street in hopes of finding a ride. After watching him get a car started he turned on the heat. You stared at him as he drove until finally he spoke, “I didn’t want to miss out on that again.”

“How long has it been?” You frowned.

He remained silent for a moment, “Over a year.”

You could tell this passing had been much harder for him, “Len…”

“I know it’s not easy for you either…” He glanced at you, “I can’t imagine…I’ve tried to understand it. Reading what I can…But watching you disappear the last time…Y/N, it took something from me.”

You shook your head, “What do you mean?”

“I mean…I don’t want you to disappear again.” He looked at you, “I want you to stay.”

You looked away from him, “Len…I want to…but I can’t stop this. I don’t know how, and I’ve probably screwed up the timeline enough to begin with.”

“Who cares about the damn timeline…what about you? This can’t be…good.” He watched you instinctively pull the dress down, “That scar…it’s caused by this…”

You nodded slowly taking off his parka, “It gets bigger every time.”

Len cursed shaking his head, “We’re going to figure it out…we have to…”

You looked at him and smiled sadly, “I know you will…it’s just not going to be this time.”

“What does th-” He looked over at the empty seat. He looked forward clutching the steering wheel tightly as he let out a scream.

Len swallowed as he sat up in the infirmary bed. His wounds were superficial from the escaping that Russian science lab, but the headache on the way back is what grounded him for a minute. He didn’t have time for it right now.

It hurt to think that. He knew that it was the new memories surfacing that caused the pain, which meant you were still out there. However, his team was in trouble. They needed him too.

“Mr. Snart, would you like me to provide you with a pain reliever.” Gideon asked.

“No thank you, Gideon.” He said quietly as he stood up, “Instead could you compile all of the notes I’ve been taking into one paper…I’d like to go over them when I get back from saving everyone.”

“Of course Mr. Snart.”

These new memories also gave him new intel on how to help you…if only you’d arrive here and now. He might actually be able to get you to stay. His eyes shut tightly as he felt the ache from that night in his chest. Every memory was fresh as if it just happened.

He had yelled and screamed which got him nowhere. Upon arriving at Barry’s he put on an act that he was still stone cold. Afterwards he went to a bar and drowned his sorrows. Mick came by sometime later to take him home.

“Is there something else Mr. Snart?”

“No…just needed a minute more.” He said as he walked toward the door, “Thank you Gideon, tell Captain Hunter that I’ll be on the bridge momentarily.”

“Right away sir.”

Tips to Enjoy One-Piece Layered Look in Sensible Ways

[by Kim Min Soo] Spring is here according to the calendar, but the cold weather still makes us reach for the padding jackets. It might still feel like winter but on the other hand, it is the season to become a fashionista simply with layering. One-piece dress layered look to be exact.

The layered look broke free from dark and dull achromatic colors of the winter and the luscious colors added power to the style to produce unique fashion. It also added warmth and trendy senses to captivate women’s eyes.

Recently, Sunmi from Wonder Girls, Sooyoung and Goo Hara appeared at the airport and caught people’s attention. We look in to their individual style that shined through during the cold wave.


Sunmi from Wonder Girls, who visited the airport to leave to Paris on January 25, made a casual styling using a jacket with a check patterns. Then, she completed the airport fashion by matching a long dresses that stand out with eye catching rose prints.

[Editor Pick] A velvet dress gives a soft yet luxurious look while creating a feminine line with elegance. In addition, if you match the check pattern long coat together, you can bring out feminine yet chic mood.


Sooyoung is known for her fashionable style. With a gorgeous model like proportions and the natural sense of fashion, she has become a fashion role model for many women. She appeared at the airport for her overseas schedule. The sweet pink knitted sweater reminded us about the spring, and her layer look was on point to show off her lovely charm.

[Editor Pick] The pink knit creates a cute and lovely charm just by itself. It is a point to add freshness during the gloomy and dry winter, and it melts away the dullness and adds brightness. If you match a white dress to complete light and sophisticated style, you are catching two birds with one stone.

#Goo Hara

On the other hand, Goo Hara who was on her way for an editorial shoot overseas, dominated the ‘airport fashion’ with a black long dress and rider jacket to show off her fashionable style.
[Editor Pick] A Mix-and-match combination of a winter item with a cool summer material will create a unique style. (Photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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I’m so sick of hearing people talk about “how evil and corrupt Putin is!!!!1″ because, while I don’t disagree, I didn’t start realizing in 2016 when Putin apparently and supposedly though there is still no proof given to the general public AT ALL, “hacked America,” and “rigged the election” by showing people actual real documents that were relevent to the character of Hilary Clinton. Like, it’s rigging an election to reveal something bad about an opponent now. Wow. you are SOOOOO progressive. Well where was your progressive ass in between the end of the Cold War and 2015? I bet you care SOO MUCH about the Russian people. You are ONLY LOOKING OUT FOR THEM! POOR OPPRESSED THINGS!! 

FUCK you