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Recall tips??

I AM SO SORRY for your 19 day wait anon, if u even around. I’m really sorry, I just get so busy and I wanted to give u a nice thoughtful write up and then…life????

Here is some shit I suggested to @pointy-pup a bit ago

tldr; try to practice it multiple times a day. just randomly call ur dog and then have a party with preferred reward (toys, treats, praise, squeaky voice etc)

  • when they resting in another room
  • when they cant see you
  • when they clearly distracted by a smell in ur house
  • turn it into hide and seek
  • expand it to ur front yard or some fenced yard with minimal distractions or long line + harness
  • start taking it to other places. UR NOT DRILLING THIS OK, just let them walk along doing their thing THEN suddenly call…then 5 more minutes doing their thing, THEN SUDDENLY CALL
  • slowly build it up to them being distracted by things, but start when they naturally looking ur way
  • use happy excited voice!! always! do not bother with serious HERE voice for this, this is ur excited party recall and u want it to reach into the very fibre of their being and have them running to u before they even finish hearing it. ur tone, ur enthusiasm, they matter. u will look like an idiot but ohmygod when u recall ur reactive dog from a strange dog that approached her it is WORTH IT
  • try to touch their collar. just treat and collar, treat and collar, so touching collar = good thing, not the fun is ending. u can do this exercise separately.
  • separate to all ur COMMAND practice, randomly reward them checking in on you. just looking at u. could be treats, a game, praise, going over to sniff something - whatever it is u think ur dog would like that moment. u want them to look at u more often, just good skill to have.

Remember, this is built on repetition, practice and reinforcement! and nothing gonna be 100%, keep an eye on ur environment and try to anticipate “bad” distractions - and call your dog BEFORE they notice the distraction

here’s the shitty bit.

do this couple of times every day for a couple of months. ur dog will get better and faster. dont give them opportunities to run off until a couple of months in, breath, go somewhere safe and not too distracting and only recall when u think the odds are good or preventive measure (ie a potential distraction u noticed first). reward…then let them go back to doing the thing they were doing.

after that couple of months, you can dial back…and u won’t lose points for skipping a day here and there.

don’t expect 100%. strive for it, aim for 99% and acknowledge that 1% of the time it will be out of ur hands. keep working at 99%. vary it up, put ur own twist on it as u work out what works best with ur dog. do touch ups as needed (the grounded incident last year lmao)

e.g here is me, playing some game with thistle. i try to do this game once a week…at dog school…with all the other dogs around…because this is an environment i really want to reinforce turning on the dime to me. this game doubles as a reward, cause she gets to chase and bite the treats.

that’s my high prey drive low impulse control didnt know shit when i got her at 1 year old rescue. 2.5 years later with lots of work, not so bad, hey? we’ve got some crittering issues, sure, and i still need to manage carefully…but i take her offlead to bushes, reserves and even some less populated city parks. with all that training and reinforcement, comes freedom and fun!

and she still blew me off a bit later for what turned out to be week old abandoned steak ;) win most lose some

and here is us playing actual hide and seek. ive started doing it with thyme, on easy level (just standing in a different room/behind objects) to build reinforcement in the desire to find me when he cannot see me!

tldr tldr i believe in you anon! and in pointy-pup! some dogs need more work but keep at it!

‘work song’ is so funny to me bc I envision hozier just working in like a mine with some other guys and just, like, not shutting up about his gf and all the other dudes are like “andrew we can’t keep doing this”


Cadi looks at her cell phone and frowns.

Cadi: Shannon, I have to take this. It’s Aries. Excuse me for a moment?

Me: Sure, no problem.

Cadi greets Aries and her voice drops to a near whisper as she walks out of the dining room. I catch pieces of what she’s saying.

Cadi: Yes, he was here. I’ve got it under control. I’m sorry he called you angry about it. I spoke to him and we-

Her voice trails off. I guess that she’s telling him about Lucas. Aries was not only handsome-he seemed to be understanding and patient. The perfect gentleman.

Me: Well, maybe there’ll be some other hot guys in town I can meet to distract me.

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So we know that Fushimi didn't know that one is suppose to give presents on a person's birthday. So he is kind of sensitive about the gifting of presents. Then he got the mistaken idea that he was suppose to give Kusanagi a gift for Mother's day. How do you think it will turn out?

Aw, this would be cute. Like imagine this happens while Fushimi’s still in Homra, it’s almost Mother’s Day and Fushimi’s not really much aware of it because it’s not like he’s ever had anything to do with that day at all in the past. Yata’s planning on sending his mom a gift though and is maybe talking it over with some of the other Homra guys as Fushimi sits at the bar and tries to act like he’s not listening to them. That’s when one of the alphabet boys jokes about buying Kusanagi a gift for Mother’s Day. The others run with the joke and they’re all back and forthing different stuff to get for Kusanagi, joking about how of course on Mother’s Day you have to get a gift for the person most like a mother, right. Fushimi happens to overhear this part and he actually takes it seriously, since after all he’s never really celebrated Mother’s Day before he has no idea what it actually entails and he probably always chalked it down as yet another stupid pointless holiday. But he hears the talk of presents and assumes he’ll have to buy one, since that’s what people do and he figures that if everyone else is bringing one then Fushimi has to show he can bring a better one (also I think even in Homra Fushimi kinda looked up to Kusanagi a bit too, like maybe part of the reason he wants to give Kusanagi a gift is just wanting to show Kusanagi that this is a way he’s superior to the other Homra rank and file, like he really does fit in and in his mind it’s less about giving a gift as appreciation and more that a better gift shows you deserve that person’s respect more or something).

So then on Mother’s Day Fushimi gets to the bar by himself because Yata had to go mail his mom’s present and promised to join him after. There are other guys in the bar though and so they all get to see as Fushimi just tosses Kusanagi a present and mutters something about Mother’s Day. There’s a long pause, Kusanagi just staring at him, and then all the Homra guys burst into laughter. I could see poor Fushimi figuring out his mistake pretty quick and then feeling all angry and embarrassed, like he thinks he’s such an idiot for actually believing all that talk (plus part of his annoyance I think would just be at his own lack of understanding as to how things like Mother’s Day and presents work, like anyone else would have recognized the joke immediately but because of his upbringing it never even occurred to Fushimi). Kusanagi’s more amused than anything, like oh looks like I’m a mother huh. Poor Fushimi jut looks away, bright red and miserable as everyone teases him and I think Kusanagi would likely recognize that and probably try to shut everyone up, like he realizes with some amusement that apparently the kid was completely serious and Kusanagi’s not going to tease Fushimi for being sincere, especially considering Fushimi so rarely acts like that. Fushimi refuses to ever talk about it again though and doesn’t even tell Yata about it, too mortified to admit he bought Kusanagi a present. Kusanagi lets it go for Fushimi’s sake but still thanks him when no one else is in earshot and laughs the whole thing off, like well it’s not quite like I’m a mother but the sentiment is appreciated.

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Do you prefer sex with girls or guys?

Ive only fooled around with ladies ive never had sex, im more generally attracted to dudes i dunno its a very specific situation some days are different to others and it depends on whose the guy and who the lady is

Queue/General Update

Hey guys! So it was drawn to my attention that some of the links didn’t work (masterlist links and the ask/request link), so I fixed that up. Sorry for those of y’all trying to send in requests who couldn’t because there was no ask box (although i did get the ones who sent it through messages on my main account).

Anyways, I wanted some feedback. I finally got to writing this past week because I was on break, so if any of you guys wanna send in suggestions, questions, requests, stuff like that, FEEL FREE! I’ve been thinking I may try to do ships? As well as some other fun things so any recommendations for things you guys want on here send ‘em in! 

Queue as of 16 October 2017

1. Brobeans- hubby/wifey thing

2. Andre Burakovsky- Stanley Cup

3. Tom Wilson- Takes girl from Tyler

4. Andre Burakovsky- girl toddler kidfic

Have a great night guys!



at the beginning of the dream he totally hated the cat for looking like him, but by the end of the dream he was in love with that cat and it became his sidekick goodbye

Hobi: Ahh coming, coming! ~

Hobi: Ah hey Chim Chim, what’s up?

Hobi: Eh handsome guy you say? Coming my wa–

Hobi: — ?

Both: !!!!!!!!!

Hobi: !!! HOLY SHIT – hey dude I gotta go – CALL YOU BACK LATER!!!!!!! *abruptly hangs up*


Fun fact!! cishet male survivors of abuse are just as deserving of love, comfort, understanding, and recovery as the rest of us. Privilege doesn’t negate trauma.


Hiddlesweek Day 4: Favourite Role

  • The new boss - Jaguar campaign

Percy Jackson

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