it was so unexpected and goddamn awesome

silver-dragon-xv  asked:

I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely adore you! Your personality is wonderful, your writing is wonderful, your blog is wonderful, your tags are wonderful...everything about you is wonderful! You are so incredibly sweet and I always look forward to seeing you on my dash 😀 stay awesome!

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I’m sat here like a damn idiot unable to think of a reply that can let you know just how I’m feeling, how much and how many things and it’s wonderful. WHERE IS ALL THIS LOVE COMING FROM. 

Buddy, I’m seriously speechless. This is one of the damn sweetest things I’ve received. It was unexpected, and absolutely, entirely, beautifully sweet. So beautifully sweet. That’s the only description I’ve got….  o(TヘTo)

I learned in psychology class in high school that the things we see in others we can see only because they too exist within us. We see other people’s beauty because we too own beauty, we see other people’s flaws because we too have them. 

So please re-read what you told me, and know that all that belongs to you as well.  ❤

The “wonderful person” and that sweetness you say you see you can see because that wonder and sweetness exist in you. Gods, we haven’t had much interaction, but I don’t need it; to take the time to drop this by, and these incredibly amazing, so greatly sweet words, they speak so much about you. Such a sweet person, that cares and wants to let others know they’re special, spreading love and positivity. This shows such a pretty side of you, and I’m so happy to be the or one of the lucky ones that get to receive your sweetness <3

Thank you so much. I feel I’ve said it so many times to so many people here, I’m always scared it may have lost its meaning to someone, but it’s honestly just bigger and bigger to me. Thank you, thank you. 

You’ve made me feel incredible. I’m buzzing in excitement and pride and in the sensation of being loved in some way, it’s incredible. This felt like one of the warmest hugs, full of something, I don’t know how to explain it hnfndgnfdgf

Thank you, thank you, seriously. I’m so happy you’re enjoying of the blog, it makes me proud and ecstatic to see you like my writing, and I get K.O.’d seeing you also think so positively about my personality. Seriously, what did I do to deserve such incredible people around me? :’)

Thank you for this incredible ask. I’d hug it if I could, put it among my plush toys so to hug it again. :’3  The world needs more people like you, that spread this sort of positivity and make others feel this amazingly great as you’ve made me feel. I’m happy you exist. 

Thank you again, just…thank you.  ❤