it was so tiny though

@newselfdiscovery I mean listen if someone wants to get my fucking novel published I’m not gonna object. Also like I just need love and validation? I have only tiny needs, even though they feel so big???

@irishtaz82 I, like Maggie Sawyer, take responsibility for my less than wise decisions.

@willisme I love you and L so big!!! ♡♡♡

Little details for your amusement...

Some detail stuff in Voltron Season 1 that may or may not have been noticed ut that I happen to get a kick out of…

1) Keith is ambidextrous. At least in regards to using his sword. (He favors the right hand but will use the left as well).

2) Lance’s bayard does not have a trigger. Presumably this means he’s shooting things with willpower alone.

3) Hunk’s bayard doesn’t use a trigger either. He also shoots with his MIND.

4) Allura never takes off her earrings. Even when sleeping.

5) Zarkon can either breathe in space, or just doesn’t need to breathe. (He’s not wearing a mask when he fights Keith/The Red Lion in open space).

6) Shiro’s arm is laser-resistant. He’s used it to block sentry shots once. He also appears capable of charging it, as he’s seen swinging it without actually hitting anything with it.

7) It’s never depicted in the transformation sequence, but the Green Lion’s shield actually moves when it forms Voltron’s arm.


vento aureo is pretty good so far….also i found out i really like drawing giorno


Summer day in the Mystery Jar

Photography credit: my friend Tomas

Finally got to finish planting my long-planned terrarium. This was a pleasantly low budget affair. I snatched the jar and the little tree for a couple quid at a market, and the different mosses from a trip to the forest. I had my eyes on some ferns too but quickly ran out of space. That jar is tiny, about 10cm in diameter. That little golf cart? 5 millimetres.

The Shack’s made from some leftover polymer clay. Sculpting and painting it took about two days. (A fair amount of which was spent worrying that I’d melt everything when baking them in the oven.)

Now I wanna make more terrariums…

Unrelatedly, I’m a bit ????? about the convention that Luke is SUPER TINY.

Mark Hamill is 5′9″. That’s certainly not tall, but except for stormtroopers it’s not really short, either. He’s the same height as Oscar Isaac and John Boyega, and only an inch shorter than Diego Luna, Ewan MacGregor, and Ian McDiarmid.

Of course, we mostly see him around tall men (Harrison Ford is 6′1″, Billy Dee Williams is 6′, David Prowse is 6′5″ w/o the suit), so between that and the coming of age narrative, it’s understandable that he seems small and boyish. But he’s not tiny! Really!

audreyesparza ITS HIS BIRTHDAY!! Happy happy birthday @brocolirobbrown we love you so much!!

I Write Sins Not Zuckerberg
I Write Sins Not Zuckerberg

I Write Sins Not Zuckerbergs
-Panic at! MARK ZUCKERBERG feat. Game Grumps
A Fever You Can’t Mark Out, 2015

Insp. graphicalaces