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I think the reason Magnús can’t sing is because he’d be a god if he could.
So when the Icelandic gods created him, they had to put one flaw in him otherwise Magnús would be as powerful as them and the gods didn’t want a mortal to have all that power, so they made him a terrible singer.

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you probably get tired of us always asking you about your personal dating life, but I've just got to ask whats been baffling me: so we all know that you're pretty much perfect and that you're a major catch in every aspect (and its terribly obvious), so wot in tarnation do you think is wrong with these guys who have let you slip through their fingers? Do they have bad intentions? Are they intimidated? Was it just wrong place wrong time? I'm so curious!

HAHAHA omg I love this 😂 honestly I just think it hasn’t been the right time yet. Like you can be a great person but that doesn’t mean you’ll be great for someone else necessarily. It’s not just about me it’s how I match with people. So far I haven’t found someone who I’m like yep, this is the match. And remember it’s not just your personality that has to match, it’s your values, your schedules, your priorities, what you want out of life, where you’re at on both of your journeys, your faith….. so many things that can make or break it. So yeah lots of factors, it’s not like nobody appreciates me haha I have definitely felt very appreciated by these guys for at least part of the time we spent together. There are just other things that get in the way :/

AU | Imagine: She wearing his shirt | Tiva / Mote (whatever you want it to be)

I blame Julia ( @aksannyi​ ).