it was so perfect!!!


Alternate ending to the Ninjago Season 3 love plot


So, it’s Kouki’s birthday. They did this video and posted it on Twitter and I can’t stop laughing because when Kouki blows the candles they are all shocked that the filter actually blew them.

I’m crying omg


Link to the tweet

katgemini  asked:

Can I just express how much I love you? Even after reading almost everything on your blog, I still come back to reread your stuff! Ahhh, I love the way you write and it's making me fall in love over and over again. You are one of the only blogs I keep notifications on, I just love your blog so much ๐Ÿ’•

*A* Yes you can because I love you too!! I can’t believe you reread my writing and that it makes you happy. That is the highest praise???? And I’m so sorry for spamming your notifications with asks sometimes but I appreciate you so much and I want to give you a million hugs for being such a kind person. <333 Thank you for sending this, your support means the world!! ^^

I’m not available for anyone but Jumin Han. Sorry.