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Happy 26th Birthday Aaron Ramsey  ❤️

you were silent but lovely;
radiant, like the dawn.
colors were your language,
so fluently worn; conveying what words
never could.

you were a masterpiece,
the artwork of all the greatest hands.
the tenth wonder of the world;
sculpted in the sunlight and bathed in
the stars.

you were what heaven envied—
what gods feared and beasts worshipped,
what made kings tremble and armies flee.
when wolves howled, they were calling
your name.

but now you are dark, empty;
now you are what bleeds the world of its beauty.
you are the weed in the garden,
a disease in the heart and mind, festering
a sickness.

you are what should never be;
yet what could be, what is, and what must be.
you are the lie that speaks an unavoidable truth:
that all things beautiful and divine
are tragic.
—  stars are still beautiful even after they have fallen | m.a.w

After that ask a lil bit earlier I’ve been thinkin’ and here’s a list of the costumes I’ve seen people come in to play Lazer Tag while wearing;

  • A full 20-strong squad of power rangers
  • Various Disney ladies
  • Ninjas
  • Marvel characters ranging from a screen-accurate captain america to a dude who just painted himself green
  • Popeye
  • Thunderbirds
  • “Mad Max” characters
  • A full 20-strong squad of Where’s Wally’s
  • Some incredibly enthusiastic Pirates
  • Zombie Surgeons
  • Cowboys
  • Indians
  • Georgian Ladies and Gentlemen of court (feat. big-ass glow in the dark bouffant wigs)

#passive vs active


is this a trend or something! XD you two are so obvious and undeniably in love!

who follows their gaze at back if its not! also now we know where did you learned that, hahahaha XD oh pure team so pure and strong too XD they fall in love with their’s smiles, fun fact chika and mari are both main attribute is smile while you and kanan are pure XD 

Anonymous asked me my thoughts on the musical. 

MVP=Kento Ono’s legs for days

Seriously though, I really enjoyed it~ 

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I think the cast would be so obvious that the reader HAS to notice xD


Jun explaining the rehearsal of kissing scenes in Shitsuren Chocolatier, Satoshi expecting the kiss and, of course, HELLO~ JEALOUS NINO! XD - VS Arashi 2015.08.20

Why do I think Dômeki is the only one for Yashiro ?

( and not Kageyama, Misumi or else but mostly Kageyama)

I read I don’t remember where something about a what if Kageyama had been in love with Yash in their childhood.  And it starts me thinking about all the characters who like Yashiro in Saezuru (like misumi, nanahara, ryuzaki and all) and why I think the only one who can save him IS Dômeki.

I will focus more on the Kageyama case because he’s the only one Yashiro is in love with at this moment.

So what if Yashiro feelings hadn’t be unrequited? Would it have save him ?

I don’t think so, mostly because Kageyama (and all the other actually ), even as he is a lot like Dômeki,  lacks an essential thing that make all the difference.

What Dômeki and Kageyama have in common:

* Their looks, (that is the obvious XD)

* Honesty. Gosh they both so bluntly honest it’s more rudeness at this point XD

* They both are weird. Like Kageyama has weird fetish (and personality I think >> ) and Dômeki, well… It’s Dômeki.

* They are both sensible and caring in their own way.

* Passionate when they love.

The major difference is:

1. How they see Yashiro :

Honestly, I think Kageyama is a big jerk to Yashiro. Not because he doesn’t love him, that life eh, who you love and all. No, Kageyama is judgmental (and the worse is that I likes Yashiro for the fact that HE IS NOT loool ). He honest to god believes that Yashiro is one sick puppy and judges him for it. He is his friend, not because he actually likes him, but because he pities him.

And if there ONE thing I know Yashiro hates above anything else (most rape victim I know do too by the way), it’s to be pitied.

That hypocrisy from Kageyama (the weirdo who love scars ^^;; ) is what is for me the major flaw in there relationship, actual or hypothetical.

Beside from that, Kageyama falls into every little tests and traps Yashiro threw at him. Because yeah I think Yashiro has deeeeeeep trust issues and pass a lot of time testing the people he likes. They all failed on way or another by the way. All but Dômeki, until recently at last.

Now for Dômeki, it’s totally different.

He fell in love with Yashiro at first sight and he doesn’t think Yashiro is flawed. Or to be pitied. He knows Yashiro’s past and he is constantly tested by him (I will make a post on the said tests lol ) and yet, he stays totally neutral.

For him Yashiro is Yashiro, not a rape abuse victim, a martyr child, stigmatize and wasted. In Dômeki ’s eyes, he’s perfect as he is. Flawed and all.

2. what they want from him.

Want, for someone like Yashiro, is the heart of the problem.

He needs to be loved unconditionally, like his mom (parents) should have.

Yet every fucking character want thing from him!

*Misumi want to possess him has a son, a mistress, the ghost of his ex wife, the smartest guy in the shark tank whatever. His love always was interested. And he was lost to Yashiro the moment he slept with him

*Ryuzaki… mymymy, I love their relationship but god, there is so much to say about how WRONG it would be that I feel exhausted already. But whatever, he wants Yashiro as a booster ego. He wants to be the one that will make him a washclothe and not a rag if you pardon me the reference XD (turn the slut into the madonne >> )

*Nanahara, well daddy issues mostly and he wants to fuck Yashiro too by the way so out

*Kageyama, same has Ryuzaki, but with less anger and hate I guess. He wants to change him, to repair him. And he’s so fucking RUDE about it gosh >>

(he doesn’t deserve a picture XD)

Yakuza guy from the past, do I have to say it? Repress homosexual who discover how hot a guy ass is and develop feeling from this point… Dude, OUT!

(wanting so much to touch and yet, just being there <3 )

And there is Dômeki, who, up until the last chapters only wanted to give!

He wants to be there for Yashiro, he wants to give everything he has and not to take. He is the personification of what it’s mean to love unconditionally!!

I ABSOLUTLY love all this about Dômeki, because honestly, a guy like that is a dream for people who’d been abuse when people like Kageyama are a nightmare.

When you said to someone you’ve been rape, abuse or whatever, their vision of you change, consciously or not, and you are not a person anymore, you a victim, to be pitied. And let me be clear, pity is not compassion. Pity implied judgment and contempt. It’s an awful thing.

Compassion implied that you don’t understand the person, but you feels for her. That’s a beautiful feeling, full of love, that can heal someone deepest hurt.

Where Kageyama has nothing but pity to Yashiro, Dômeki is full of compassion for him. Even when he doesn’t understand Yashiro, and is frustated by his attitude and his little sick tests, he doesn’t judge him, think he’s sick. He stays by his side, try to help him by being here, by surrending himself to him. Not forcing matters and trying to forcefully change him like said Kageyama or Misumi. You can’t force someone who had been hurt to heal. You can’t mold them into there previous shape, less in the shape that YOU want (a rag don’t become a washclothe just because you want it ryuzaki!!! XD).

You have to be by their side, always close but not smothering, to let them slowly, at there rhythm take the shape they need to be in, for them to be happy. And that exactly what Dômeki is trying to do for Yashiro.

Yeah for me, Dômeki is the only one who could save Yashiro. Kageyama just don’t have the compassion and the strength necessary to help him.

That’s actually a blessing he found (well yashiro found it for him lol ) someone like Kuga, who is pretty much on of the sanest person in Saezuru.

fiuuuuh sorry people who read this until the end, I just needed to say MY LOVE to the Domeki yash relationship ç_ç

I see that a lot of people had start following me since I started to post thing about Saezuru and I wanted to say thank you (^_^ <3 ) and if one of you want me to do a meta on a particular subject, don’t hesitate to ask me. I always love discussing about Saezuru with people. ^___^


Thank you for Three Amazing Years…


Cr: me for the screenshot/tagged

So i wanted to share something about Kryber. 

This first picture was taken in Paris and precisely in the Marais aka gay area and the fashion area. How do i know that? because  i live near Paris and I used to go in this area because it’s my favorite are in Paris ;) 

Btw it’s the only area where you can take the hand of your girlfriend or boyfriend to gay people without beeing juged. (just trust me…) 

The shop you see behind them is a gay shop. When you turn in the right street you have the gay/lesbian library. 

I share this because to me they don’t only go shopping together but walking together without being disturb. Also, in this area you have some…”love shop” for gay/lesbian people only ;) 

Imagine when i found this picture… i laught hard XD so obvious….

I don’t know if they are in couple together but they love each other, you can feel that. 

anonymous asked:

Have you ever had a crush on a tumblr friend? If so who?

Kassy: Besides the obvious Sparrow? xD 

Yep, two. Riley and I VERY briefly had a minor thing. And I also had a “very fond appreciation” for TT a little over a year ago (which I am actually quite embarrassed over, now)
As fantastic as they both are, I have moved passed those feelings :)