it was so nostalgic and i am so happy and almost crying

Empty Place

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: (anon request) Can you make an image where Reid is secretly in love with the reader and he always acts weirdly around her. One day when Penelope is exposing(?) the case the reader finds out that an important old friend died and she’s destroyed so Reid tries to solace her and he takes care about her more than ever, he tries to make her laugh and other things… love how you write❤️

I hope you like it anon! Also, this is unbeta so please excuse any mistakes! 

“Hey it’s me Y/N. I am coming back home for a case, so I was wondering if we could hang out after that? I was thinking of taking a week off, so maybe I could stay at your place and we could spend some time together? It’ll be fun and we haven’t really seen each other for a long time. So call me back when you’re free. Bye.” She ended the voicemail, still frowning over the fact that her best friend didn’t take the call. she shove my cell back in, joining the team as Penelope showed up on the screen.

“Hello my lovely crimefighters! I just got an ID on our last victim. Her name is Olivia Carter-“


The team turned to Y/N in confusion, but she didn’t notice it though. All her focus was on the tech analyst, who was looking confused as everyone. “Did you just say Olivia Carter?”

“Yeah, she was reported missing this morning by her husband-“

“But I talked to her last night. There’s no way that she is the victim Garcia.”

“The dentals matched and the clothes she had on matched the ones reported… oh my god,” Garcia gasped, suddenly understanding why Y/N is reacting this way.

“No, you’re wrong Garcia. There is no way Olivia is dead okay!” Y/N screamed, her body shaking. Spencer, her boyfriend, quickly gets up and tries to reach out to her but she flinches away. Spencer slows down, holding his hands to show that he means no harm. “She can’t be died,” Y/N whispers, whether to her and to the team is unclear.

“Y/N,” Spencer calls out, dread in his voice as she doesn’t respond to him. He can see how pale she became, and her body doesn’t stop shaking. He quickly grabs her when her legs give out. She doesn’t move away from him, but instead buries her head against his chest and lets out painful sobs. He shields her away from the team, who thankfully divert their eyes away from them. They knew how much Y/N hated to show her weakness to anyone, yet they needed to know everything about their victim, and Y/N is the only one right now to provide answers.

Spencer looked up to the rest of the group with teary eyes, noting the guilt and pity on their faces. Hotch looked grim, looking like he didn’t want to do this yet he knew he has to. JJ came forward and rested an hand on the grieving girl’s body, silently trying to comfort her. “Y/N, I am so sorry,” Hotch felt guilty for what he was about to do. She looks up at him, red eyes filled with pain. “But you were the last person to talk to Olivia, so-“

“Hotch do we need to do this right now?” Spencer spit out, his eyes bright with fire as he stared at his boss. Couldn’t he give her some time to grieve before he asked questions?

“No,” Y/N whispered, her voice cracking. “We need to do it right now to catch that son of a bitch.” She reluctantly turns her body away from Spencer, but he doesn’t let go of the arm on her waist. Morgan, Rossi and Blake were giving her such pitying looks that she forced herself to look at her boss’s sympathetic eyes. She felt JJ close to her, thankful for her friends’ silent comfort.

“Did Olivia tell you where she was going the last time you talked to her?”

“She said that she was at home. It was late at night, I think around 11 when I called her, so she always made sure that she would be back at home before 10. She said it was because of my horror case stories that made sure she would always go back to home at night.” A nostalgic smile is on Y/N’s face as she remembered an horrified Olivia as she talked about her cases and why should always be careful. It quickly shifted into an heartbroken expression, and Spencer yearned to comfort the woman with all he could. But he knew that this was important, so he kept quiet but he reassured her by gently rubbing her back in comfort.  

“What did you and Olivia talk about last night?”

“She wanted me to come back home,” she answered, fresh tears streaming down her face as she remembered the excited voice of her best friend. “She always tells me that though, but this time she was excited about something. She wouldn’t tell me on the phone, but she was clearly happy about something.”

“How long have you known Olivia?”

A lost look comes on Y/N’s face, her eyes not focusing on the present. “She is-“ she stops to take a deep breath to not let the cry come out. “She is my best friend for 25 years now. She is almost like my sister, you know. I knew everything about her and vice versa. She was so mad at me when I left our hometown, but she understood. She always did, no matter what.”

No one correct Y/N’s use of present tense, keeping silence as Hotch continued to take on the lead. “Do you know anyone who would want to hurt Olivia? Her husband perhaps?”

“No, Percy would never do that. They were high school sweethearts, everyone in the town knew that they would get married when they started dating. No, Percy could have never-“ she broke off, looking away as new way of grief washed over her. What was going to happened to Percy now?

“So whatever Olivia did, the entire town would know about it?”

Y/N solemnly nodded, sniffing as she wiped the tears on her cheeks. “It’s why I wanted to leave. Someone’s business was everyone’s business in that town, and I hated that. There was no privacy and everyone knew everyone. I shouldn’t have left, then Olivia wouldn’t-“

“Hey listen to me,” Spencer interrupts, cupping Y/N’s face to force her eyes to meet his. “It’s not your fault Y/N, don’t ever think like that.”

She slightly nodded, leaning into Spencer who continued to hold her. The rest didn’t say anything for few minutes, feeling remorse for what their friend is going through. Hotch cleared his throat, either trying to regain the attention of Y/N or get a grip of his own emotions, Spencer didn’t know.

“Usually, I wouldn’t have let you be on the case, however I think it would be better if we have your insight. You know this town better than anyone.”

“You really think it’s someone from the town?” Y/N knew that they were right, however it didn’t feel right.

Hotch nodded. “However you won’t be on the field.”

With that and the plane soon landing, the rest of the team shifted to prepare to land soon, but Spencer didn’t leave her for a second. As soon as they land, Hotch pulled Spencer away from the group for a minute. “Reid? After we give our profile, I want you to take Y/N to the hotel,” his boss ordered and received a nod from the genius.

Hotch resisted his urge to sigh as he watched the genius quickly walk next to Y/N, holding her as they walked to the car. The team always tried to not make a case personal, however this was going to be gruesome.


After giving the profile to the police and catching the son of a bitch, Y/N became quiet. Almost too quiet. There was a blank look on a face, but her team could see the lost look in her eyes. Spencer gently urged her to the car, and he became worried over how unresponsive she was during the car ride. However at one point, she told him to take a right. He hesitated at first, but continued to follow her directions as she led him to a park. She got out as soon as the car stop, but Spencer didn’t try to stop her. She walked until she came in front of a particular tree and he stood few feet away as he watched her put a hand on the tree.

“We would come here whenever we wanted to tell a secret,” Y/N spoke out loud, her back still facing Spencer. “This was our safe place in a way, because here we could tell each other everything and know that we would be near hurt by the other person. And now she’s really gone.“

"I am so sorry Y/N.” He took a step closer when she turned to him. Her grief broke his heart, and he wanted to comfort her but he knew that she was still processing the loss.

“I don’t know what to do Spence,” she mumbled, bringing her arms across herself, hugging herself for comfort. “She was terrified of something happening to me, but the opposite happened. I always thought that she would be safe. I feel so empty right now Spencer, I don’t know what to do.”

“When Gideon died,” Spencer started, “All I felt was an empty place in my heart. As time went by, the empty place didn’t go away, but it became better to live with it.”

She takes a step closer to him, allowing him to hug her as she rested her head on his chest. “Thank you,” she whispered. He looked down at her in confusion. “For what?”

“For being here with me.”

ufonaut  asked:

crash course on arctic monkeys? pls

The Band

Alex Turner

  • singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • deceptively tiny - a beAN in fact
  • many different hair eras - pick your favourite and defend it with your life
  • a lyrical genius but unable to string a normal sentence together in everyday conversation (that rock ‘n’ roll, eh?)
  • used to go out with Alexa Chung, they were beautiful and looked like a renaissance painting when they kissed and everyone cried when they broke up
  • dances like a drunk uncle at a family barbeque but no one will stop him? someone please save him from his own hubris

Matt Helders

  • drummer, aka the agile beast, aka matthew j helders iii
  • strong and friendly
  • a beautiful and funny man
  • is engaged to the girl (Breana) in the suck it and see video, a fact thay makes me die of of laughter everytime i think about it. recently announced that soon they shall be parents
  • Kayne once said he was almost as good as Phil Collins, Matt probably cried when he heard

Jamie Cook

  • guitarist
  • he has the strongest accent of them all it’s glorious
  • “”jameh””
  • hates twinnings tea
  • married to the wonderful katie, also soon to be a father
  • the babies first word will probably be “eh”

Nick O’ Malley

  • bassist
  • an unproblematic cinnamon roll?
  • Yellamo Salohcin
  • Has a beautiful baby boy named Hearst, the first tru Dad of the band
  • only joined after the first album was out for four months, replacing andy nicholson, learned the entire repetoire in two days

they’ve all been friends since they were tiny so there’s never any drama or fights or anything, it’s all good vibes and happy times? a good bunch of people

The Albums

Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

  • sort of a concept album except not really, deals with themes of growing up and going out in the north of england
  • “oh well they might wear classic reeboks/or knackered converse/or tracky bottoms tucked in socks”
  • a massive massive success, fastest selling album in british chart history etc etc
  • makes u all nostalgic for the good times u never experienced u kno

Favourite Worst Nightmare

  • sounds harder and louder sort of
  • a lot of ppls fave album? i can see why its very very good
  • went straight to mumber 1, won awards etc etc
  • srsly its so good


  • my favourite album
  • some o’ that ‘umbug music, that full moon music eh?
  • lyrically out of this world, above and beyond anything else ive ever heard
  • produced by josh homme, divided fans over their new sound
  • dance little liar?? secret door?? pretty visitors?? crying lightning?? what a good glorious album??
  • the best hair era imho
  • atmospheric and dreamy like alexs voice is so? but still really exciting, lots of good sing-along songs too. but dark and broody u kno

Suck It And See


  • the album that got me into the arctic monkeys
  • made them the global sucess they are today, but also like. divided fans once more bc suddenly am were popular and that always shakes things up
  • [[quiff and leather intensifies]]
  • i still unironically love it i listen to it like once a week
  • the last song is actually a john cooper clarke poem al reworked
  • alas al has now lost the quiff and is now growing some sort of gel monstrosity on his scalp, also he refuses to shave, maybe his new girlfriend taylor can help

Other Projects

Miles Kane + The Last Shadow Puppets

  • on the FWN tour the monkeys were supported by a band called The Rascals, fronted by one Mr. Miles Kane, a beautiful and talented turtle from liverpool
  • Miles and Alex immediatley fell in love became best friends and started writing songs together
  • in 2008, in between FWN and Humbug, they released an album called The Age Of The Understatement under the name of The Last Shadow Puppets
  • wikipedia describes it as ‘baroque’ and i really cant fault that
  • its big and loud and glourious and beautiful and it sounds like a western or a thriller or some other massive vista spanning soundtrack
  • its honestly the best thing either of them have ever done
  • Al and Mi keep doing things that make us think there’ll be another one, in the last few weeks the rumour mill has been especially busy
  • Also you should definitley listen to Miles’ own albums, Colour of the Trap and Don’t Forget Who You Are, as Miles is beautiful and stylish and one of my favourite people and an astoundingly talented musician and both Noel and Paul Weller guest star on his albums
  • oh yeah and alex bought him and miles matching turtlenecks for christmas
  • a handy and useful masterpost of Alex and Miles interactions
  • Alex and Miles are also. Uh. Look one time NME gave them the “Pete‘n’Carl” award.
  • i mean look at this

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Submarine Soundtrack

  • Richard Ayoade is an old friend of the band and asked Al to do the soundtrack to his film, Submarine, so Alex did and its beautiful
  • it sounds like stars and dreams and midnight and fireworks
  • i cry almost every single time i listen to it

More Fun Arctic Monkeys Facts

  • the NME is obsessed with them they had an entire issue dedicated to AM when it came out
  • oh yeah the band also has like a secret “”alter ego”” called The Death Ramps which is like? a fake biker gang that alex made up so they could release stuff pseudonymously. also miles kane is a member and alex made them all matching death ramps rings and he and miles never take theirs off
  • this is a very useful masterpost and has more accurate info
  • and this cover compilation is also very nice indeed
  • jamie cook used to work as a tiler even when he was still in the band
  • matt is also a dj he’s very very cool like that
  • matt’s tour diaries are essential viewing
  • oh yeah and alex’s short story A Choice of Three which is really good
  • al contibuted to the Mini Mansions song Vertigo and it’s awful but his verse is weirdly mesmerising. but the rest of it is really bad, als part is from 1:29 to 2:15 so u can ignore the rest
  • honestly one of the coolest and my most favourite bands please enjoy your journey
Breaking... Ch. 16


Part 13 Part 14 Part 15

A/N: This chapter was gonna be much longer but I relaized I should make it two parts because there is a lot going on. I hope you like it!

Wordcount: 3510

Warnings: Uh cursing I think is the only one…wow maybe bad french since I don’t speak it, I just take it sooooo

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Breaking Pace

You poked at the fire, it’s just as cold this winter as it had been the last. But that only meant one things for you, Philip Hamilton’s coming home. The Christmas season has come upon everyone, this is actually the first Christmas you’ll spend with them and you’re realizing how different things are with the holiday in this era. However, some things are still the same, like the singing. You Eliza walked through town together, which was the first time you’d actually walked through the city. You didn’t do much, just picked up some things for the upcoming dinner. While you were out you saw countless numbers of people singing and you were honestly amazed at the sheer amount. New York City was still New York City, no matter what time period. You missed it, the kids kept you busy sure but you never did get used to how quiet it was so far from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you closed your eyes and listened to everything around you, you felt like you were back home. Sitting by your window sill in your third floor apartment that you shared with Anna. You always felt conflicted over whether you wanted to go back to that or not. All of your friends and family were back in the twenty-first century but…the love of your life was here. Not only him but all the new friends you’d made. There was no win, no matter what happened you’d lose something and every time you thought about that you’d stop and listen. In the city you had the best of both worlds. You liked it up there and the singing wasn’t the only thing you noticed. Presents. Oh, the bane of this world, giving people gifts. It’s always fun to do it but the process of finding them is extremely frustrating most of the time. And you were in a different position than most. Alex and Eliza always asked if you’d like compensation for working but you always turned them down. They were already giving you more than enough so there was never a need for that. Now though, you were starting to see the appeal of it. You had nothing to give, at least physically you didn’t. Which is why you made a little deal with Eliza and Angie, but that comes in to play later. You heard a stampede of footsteps trot down the stairs and looked up to find all the children rushing down them. You quickly got up and went over to them.

“Hey, hey, hey now! No running down the stairs! You guys could get hurt!” AJ had a huge grin on his face.

“I’ll go get Father and Mother! They’ll be so happy!” AJ turned to run down the hall toward the study. What the hell’s going on? Johnny noticed your confused expression and explained.

“There’s a carriage…Philip is here early!” He said joyfully. WHAT?! He’s here! He wasn’t supposed to be here until tomorrow morning! Oh God, do I look okay? Do I have ashes on my apron? Oh, why do I fucking care?! I’m a maid! You smoothed out your dress and saw Eliza and Alex rushing into the main room, AJ close behind.

“My son is back from working hard! I’m so excited!” Alex chimed in while Eliza simply jumped around happily. Everyone crowded around the door as the sound of carriage wheels got louder and louder until they stopped out front. Ugh, I love that sound! You stayed in the middle of the room. I’ll write a letter to Philip every day. I’ve kept his room clean while he was away. Wait for him. The door finally opened, you hear him but you couldn’t see him, everyone was standing in the way but you heard it, among all the words buzzing around you heard it.

“I missed you all so much!” He still sounded as chipper as ever, it made your heart skip a beat. I’m willing to wait for him… The kids parted from him, Eliza and Alex moved to stand by his side. There he was.  My Philip Hamilton… He was wearing an extra jacket because of the cold and he was wearing a hat, that was new at least. What is up with that feather though?! He stopped in his tracks when he saw you and you could almost swear time itself stopped with him. He didn’t move but a smile creeped up onto his face. You weren’t ashamed to admit that a few stray tears escaped your eyes. You took a cautious step forward, your hand reaching out, he did the same. You shook your hesitation away and busted out into a full sprint towards him. He met you halfway. You slammed into him and hugged him with all your strength.

“Come on Star, I’ve only been gone for a few months!” He joked.

“Shut up, Sunny. Let me have this!” He laid his hand on the back of your head and the other on the middle of your back.

“I’ve missed you…so much.” He whispered, you nodded into his shoulder.

“How do you think I feel?” You laughed. The two of you stood there for a moment, not moving, just taking in the pleasure of being close, which you haven’t been for almost five months. When you did pull away you looked up at his ridiculous hat and plucked it off his head.

“Are we in France now? Why on Earth would you wear this?” You tried to joke to stop yourself from crying so much, he looked at you with the same fake offense that you loved.

“Excuse you, I look wonderful in this hat! What? Do you have a thing against France now?”

“I’m not against France, I’m just no Thomas Jefferson. I swear Philly, if you do that thing we are-“

“Ah, mais Mademoiselle! Te yeux, elles avaient faire mal moi! Mon coeur, il vais te amour! Ma petite chou, s’il vous plait, qu’est que je dois te dire?”

“Philip, I have no idea what you just said to me but I think you called me a cabbage at some point and I am honestly very offended by this!”

“Your lack of culture offends me! I’ll have you know that my uncle gave this to me, so yes it is from France!”

“You have an uncle in France?” You asked.

“Well, he’s a kind of uncle. Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette…we just call him uncle Laf!” OMG I’M TAKING THIS HORSE BY THE REINS! MAKING REDCOATS REDDER WITH BLOOD STAINS LAFAYETTE!! Alexander laughed at the name.

“His name is too long; the children call him ‘Laf’ because when Philip was a toddler he couldn’t even pronounce Lafayette!” Eliza smiled nostalgically.

“Aww, I remember that!” Philip shook his head disapprovingly.

“Anyways, I look great in this hat.”

“I think it’s a little too big; you need a few more months!” You handed it back to him. Your face is too nice to hide it under a hat, how else am I supposed to count your freckles? Philip raised an eyebrow to match his sly smile.

“Oh? So I have a nice face? And what was that? You count my freckles?” Damn it! I need to stop saying my thoughts out loud!

“Um, no?” You tried to deny.

“Uh huh, sure you don’t.” He chuckled.

“Ugh, I have to help prepare for dinner!”

“You can deny it all you want but I’m not the only one who sees it!” He jabbed, you rolled your eyes and started to walk towards the kitchen. You always felt weird around the other maids since none of them lived on the property, since they had their own families, and they were all much older than you. The oldest one looked like she was in her mid to late fifties but you thought it would be rude to ask.  Just as you approached the door, Alex called out to you. You turned to see him jogging over to you, holding some sort of envelope in his hand. He stopped and held it to you. You took it and realized it was a letter it looked off to you, most likely because you couldn’t tell who it was from.

“I just checked the mail, it might from Philip before he left.” He chuckled before leaving to back and talk with his son. You looked back at it and you were sure it wasn’t from Philip. You popped off the seal and looked at the letter inside.

Dear Y/N,

             Hello, it’s been a while. I haven’t been able to send letters due to how busy I have been. If you could not tell already, this is Rachel. Cato and I are doing wonderful, busy but wonderful nonetheless. We have set ourselves up a home close to New Jersey, I hope to see you soon but as I said I have been far too busy to do much of anything. But with that in mind, I have good news! I’ve recently given birth to two wonderful little boys. John Hercules Spencer and Alexander Titan Spencer. My surname is Sky because of my being a bastard but I went by Spencer for years to hide that. My children will have to do the same in order to thrive in this judgmental world but I am hopeful. Someday, things will be easier for them. Cato has lovingly dubbed them Herc and Titan, they’ll be wonderful no matter who the end up being. Did you catch the name? Titan, it’s you my dear friend! Titania, Titan, sounds quite nice don’t you think? I believe so. They are truly beautiful; they have their father’s skin but my eyes. Actually, oddly enough they both have a mess of freckles across their faces. They remind me very much of Philip and Angie because of that. I remember Alexander, Mr. Hamilton, told me that my father had those freckles. I do not remember him much but that I do. I’m glad my children share something with him because I know my father would be very proud of me. Not a single time did Alexander talk about my father and not mention his thoughts on me. He truly did love my mother; he was married because of his family. Even though my father only knew me for a short time, he adored me. I feel as though somehow he knew; he knew I would be the one to carry out his legacy. And I shall, I plan to speak out against slavery, for the sake of my love and my children. I will do anything for them and these atrocities need to be put to rest. I’d prefer it done peacefully but that does not seem to be an option, although I will try. I wish you could write back to me, do not fear though, I will try to see you as soon as I can. That probably will not be for some time though with how troublesome my children already seem to be. They don’t seem to cry but they never sleep and like to keep their poor mother up all night. They are so happy to be in this world; I shall always be here for them. My mother couldn’t be around so I swear I shall be for them. I’ll do whatever it takes, probably make a million mistakes. But I’ll make the world safe and sound for them. They will come of age with this young nation. I’ll bleed and fight for them, make it right for them. I will lay a strong enough foundation, I’ll pass it onto them and give the world to them. And let me tell you now, they will blow us all away someday. I cannot wait for you to meet them. Until time allows us to meet once more.

Your friend, R.S

             You were incredibly happy; you were so glad that she was well. And she has children now! The idea that those kids will face hardship made you sad but you knew it would work out for the best. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and you couldn’t have asked for a better gift than that. You wondered what these next few days will bring.

             This is it! Oh god I’m nervous! Alex and Eliza called you all down on Christmas morning. You, Eliza and Angie have been practicing for a whole month, you were so glad that they wanted to help you with this. All the children ran into the main room, holding cushions and using them to sit on the floor. Eliza decided to have all the children be given their presents first. Your favorite reaction was Johnny’s when he got new sheet music. He literally cried. You thought you should go next but Alex stopped you.

“Actually Titania, Eliza and I have something for you, the children do as well. Do you mind if we all go first?” He asked.

“Oh, you all didn’t have to get me anything! Oh that’s so sweet!” You couldn’t help but give a sheepish smile. They really didn’t have to do that! Johnny was the first to stand up. He hid his face in his cravat and made his words muffled.

“I…um, mama told me what your gift is so I have an idea for that…” He sat back down and you were already intrigued, so was everyone else. Before you could question him about what that meant Jamie stood and handed a large sheet of paper.

“Turn it around.” He instructed and you did so, you couldn’t believe your eyes. You saw a black and white sketch, your own face staring back at you. It was a beautifully done portrait, it must’ve taken him days to do.

“Oh, Jamie! I love it! It’s beautiful! I’m so proud of you!” You pulled him into a hug and ruffled his hair. He snorted and once you pulled away, AJ was standing with a proud smile on his face.

“I have to go grab mine! I’ll be right back!” He ran out of the room and into the dining room. You raised an eyebrow and you could Eliza holding back a giggle. He soon came running back into the room, holding some kind of tray. He approached you and you finally saw what it was. It was a small cake; you’ve only seen it once or twice in this era but not had it. Although Alex did say that John Adams probably won the election with cake bribery. “Cooking is science so I thought it would be the best decision to make this for you! I’m proud of the whipped cream myself!” He smiled widely.

“You…you used your talents for good instead of evil! AJ this is the best gift you could ever give me! I love it!” He handed you the tray and told you to try it later. Angie walked over to her parents and put her hands on her hips.

“I helped with this last year! So I hope you like it!” Both her and Eliza went over to you and locked arms with you.

“What’s going?” You asked nervously.

“You’ll have to come with us to get it! We’ll be right back boys!” Eliza cooed. They lead you down the hallway and into Alex and Eliza’s room, they closed the door behind you. Eliza walked over to her wardrobe and opened the door, quickly pulling some things out of it. Your eyes widened. “Mulligan said he took your measurements last year and decided to make something for you. Alexander, Angie and I all helped with the design. We think you’ll like it!”

“Put it on, put it on!” Angie jumped excitedly.

“Yes, undress please. I am very eager to see how this looks! I shall help you put it on.”

“Eliza, you don’t have to do that! I’m the maid here!” You interjected, she waved your comment off.

“Nonsense! You are a very dear friend and I consider you my own daughter so I will help you with this!” She insisted, you eventually gave in and undressed, allowing Eliza to help you with an actual corset.

‘Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” You let out as she tightened the laces to the back.

“You haven’t gotten the chance to wear a proper dress in a long time, don’t worry you’ll get used to it again.” I’ve never actually worn a real corset Eliza! She finished putting all the garments on you and helped you step into the cover. You pulled your arms through the sleeves and Eliza buttoned the back for you. You could feel the weight from the ruffling gathered up around your lower back.

“Okay, are you ready to see it?” Angie asked sweetly. You nodded and the led you over to Eliza’s full length mirror, once you saw yourself, you froze.

“Originally, it was meant to be a ball gown, but Alexander said that it might suit you better to wear something more casual.” Eliza informed. The dress was, as Eliza said, very casual. You could see someone wearing this to go visit a friend or to have tea, but it was nothing short of beautiful.

“I picked out the color! It’s the same color I wore when we first met!” Angie said proudly. It was a soothing lavender color with black and dark purple floral patterns along the trim, fading out into the actual skirt and bodice. The dress stopped at your ankles so you could see your old, dark boots peeking out from under it. The sleeves stopped at your elbows and the neckline was a little low but not so much that you felt uncomfortable. The actual heavy ruffles were the most intricate part, the fabric started at your stomach but draped down to your knees and came up to sit on your lower back, a waterfall of purple falling out of it.

“You look gorgeous, TT!” Angie exclaimed.

“I might want to keep this dress under lock and key, don’t want any boys trying to pester you now do we? Oh, what am I saying? You’re always beautiful! This dress just shows you what we all see!” Eliza commented. Beautiful? You certainly felt it, you felt like you could dazzle a room full of people. “Oh! Let me take that head cloth, that will really complete this!” She untied the cloth keeping your hair out of your face and handed it to Angie.  There was a collective silence for a moment as Eliza and Angie nodded in approval.

“Come on! We have to show everyone!” Angie tugged on your arms, before you could even get a word in, they were already pushing out of the room.

“Alright, I shall go out first and introduce the two of you!” Eliza skipped down the hall and into the main you room while Angie and yourself stopped at the archway, hiding behind the wall so no one would see you. From in the room you heard Eliza. “Everyone! I have something I would like all of you to see!”

“What exactly is going on here mother?” You heard Philip ask. Angie held in a squeal.

“Patience Philip! Now everyone, give it up for the Hamilton girls! Titania and Angie!” You heard Alex and give a short ‘woohoo!’ and some applause. The Hamilton girls? Before you could think about that any more, Angie was leading you out, strutting into the room. You saw everyone look at the two of you and they cheered, everyone except Philip. For a second you worried that he might not like the dress but as got closer to him, you saw the look in his eyes. He was star-struck. By the time you made it back to where you were in the group originally, Philip was staring up at you from his seat, eyes wide and mouth open slightly. “These girls are the most beautiful roses this family could ever hope to see!” Eliza smiled.

“Yeah! We’re beautiful but if anyone tries to mess with us, they get the thorns!” Angie stuck out her tongue. You couldn’t help but giggle at the statement paired with her enthusiasm. AJ leaned over toward Philip and snapped his fingers in his face, brining Philip out of his dreamlike state. He shook his head and blinked a few times.

“What happened? Where am I? What year is it?” Philip joked, a blush spreading across his face. He stood up stepped in front of you, scratching his cheek nervously. “You…you um, you look really…Wow…” He said passionately.

“Wow? Is that the proper adjective?” You asked, trying to ignore how hot your face felt with him staring at you. Why does he have to be so adorable?

“It is now…Because wow, you look incredible… Although I do have a complaint.” He crossed his arms and you raised an eyebrow

“Oh you do now?” You asked sarcastically.

“Yes, I don’t like your hair in your face. It makes it hard to see your eyes!”

Snowfall. Chapter 2



Dust was everywhere.

           In the air.

                       In your lungs.

And the longer you stood in the middle of the vast surroundings of the Washington ski lodge.

The air was cold around you like a thick fog capturing you in a bubble. Your (e/c) eyes look around the lodge in silence as you take in your surroundings. It hadn’t changed at all in the year that had passed. Everything was exactly as it was one year ago.

           An image that caused a chill to move up your spine.

The longer you looked the more you felt sadness creep in, tears threatening to spill over. You stand with your back to everyone, your body fixated on the dust covered counter tops. The dust mocked forever changed.

You feel your mood start to change at the thought, but it only changes for a moment before you feel the gentle caress of Josh’s hand finding yours. He holds your hand and offers you a small smile, a smile that seems to tell you he was feeling the same way.

Leaning your head against his shoulder his lips find the top of your head as you breathe each other in. Tonight, would be hard for the both of you, but you knew that, but you knew if you both stood together nothing could break you.

“I’m glad I have you…”

You hear him whisper before giving your forehead another kiss. He gives your hand a firm squeeze and dares to look down at you. For a moment, you see something in his eyes, a look that told you something was troubling him. Your brow furrows at the sight, but when you try to ask him what’s wrong he continues speaking. He continues before you have the chance to make him think about whatever is troubling him.

“… Without you I feel like I would’ve lost my mind a long time ago.”

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Stone Cold (Sirius Black imagine)

Okay, so I just combined 2 requests for this this one:

  • Hello, I don’t know if you do oneshots based on songs, but if you do, could you give it a go on ”Stone Cold” by Demi with Sirius from the reader’s pov? Or the way you find it best to write? Thanks!
  •  Hey!!! Can you do a Sirius Black x reader, but I want it very, extremely sad!! A story that will make the reader cry. I hope it’s not too hard for you!! A big hug from me.

Warnings: angst, deep feels, broken Sirius and reader

                   H/G/N - his girlfriend’s name

People often said that in times of turbulence, you learned how to appreciate the little things. Poetic and whimsical notions like sunsets, the sounds of birds and the varying colours of dainty flowers.

Well, I could safely tell those people that it was all bollocks.

Bollocks. Bollocks. Bollocks.

Sunsets were pretty much the same every day, chirping birds were actually very annoying and I could care less about the shades of flowers. They all died anyway; all wilted into ugly, shrivelled shapes. Especially when winter was starting to strangle the life out of the world.

No, when times were bad, it pretty much distracted you from everything else.

And in my case, the broken heart I was forced to hold into my chest was the cause of my great turbulence.

Everything was irrelevant and distorted, clouded by the emptiness I felt in my chest all the time.

My tears dried long time ago, but the cracks in my heart were yet to be healed. I never thought a single person could feel such destroying, vicious emotions. Or that a person could induce them. And still… here I was. Feeling as if my chest was going to explode at any moment.

I was certain that, somehow, the ocean of sadness I constantly felt was going to swallow me up, drag me into its depths, suffocate me, drown me and strangle the dear life out of me. I didn’t need water to drown. My feelings were enough.

No - a voice from within me would say - it’s not just sadness, but disappointment and hurt too.

And I’d agree.

He knew. I know he knew. I know he knows. How deeply I was in love with him. How I felt happy for every glance he’d spare me and every word he’d shoot in my direction.

Remus told me one night. The apologetic look he gave me made me feel pathetic really. I bowed my head in shame and he engulfed me in a reassuring hug.

But he still did it. He would bring girls every three or four days to his dormitory. And the cruel fate made that every single time… I was there to witness it.

Maybe it was a warning. But I was too blind to acknowledge it.

God knows I tried to be happy for him. But seeing him with a girl sitting on his lap, kissing him fiercely made my blood boil and my eyes water. Even though my heart would ache, even though my hands would tremble and figure melt… I tried to be happy for him. I wanted to see him happy. Even if the happiness of his heart… meant the death of mine.

But it all came to a stop eventually.

He didn’t just hurt me that day, but disappointed me in a way I couldn’t describe.

I was laying on my bed, reading a one of my favourite books. It was his favourite too. I found myself sighing deeply, before I was cut off by the sound of my door opening.

He perked his head inside, as he did so many times before and smiled at me. The warmth of his smile and the gleam in his eyes made me melt. He made his way over my bed and collapsed next to me, his hair sprawled all over the pillow. He put his arm around my shoulders and gathered me close.

This seemed so normal, ordinary almost. His refreshing smell made me feel nostalgic and I hoped my eyes wouldn’t water at the twisting pain in my chest.

“Y/N” he whispered in my ear.


“What do you think about H/G/N?”

He asked that in such a relaxed tone, that my brain refused to work for a few seconds.

“What?” I murmured, abruptly sitting up and turning to face him.

“What do you think about her?” he repeated with a smile.

I blinked repeatedly, trying to chase away the tears that threatened to spill from my wide eyes.

“Uh- I-”

“She really is amazing, isn’t she? I mean, I feel like we… connect so easily. She understands me so well. She’s always there when I need her and… my family likes her, surprisingly. I just feel like she is the missing part of my heart” he said with a dreamy smile playing on his lips.

I honestly thought my heart stopped beating, his words stabbing it roughly. What was happening? Why was he doing this to me? I was hurt and confused as I stared at him with tear filled eyes.

“I think she is my perfect match” he continued, locking eyes with me.

“Stop…” I murmured.

“My… soul mate” he went on, ignoring me completely.

“Stop” I repeated, louder this time, my voice quavering, but pressing on the words.

“What do you think, Y/N? Isn’t she my ideal partner?”


The sound echoed across the silent room. A red mark was now perfectly imprinted on his white cheek. It was my palm that left the mark.

The last thing I saw were his eyes widening before I turned around and ran out of the room, out of the Gryffindor Tower… out of the school, my heated body being welcomed by the crisp air of winter and my tears blending with the rain.

I honestly thought that when I ran off that night, a piece of my heart was ripped off my chest.

In those few weeks I avoided him and his apologies, I understood that the worst type of crying is the silent one. The one when everyone is asleep. The one when you feel it in your throat, and your eyes become blurry from tears. The one when you just want to scream. The one when you have to hold your breath and hold your stomach to keep quiet. The one where you can’t breathe anymore. The one when you realise the person that meant the most to you, is gone.

I am now sitting at one of the windows of the Astronomy Tower. The waves of heavy feelings I just remembered hit me cruelly, my eyes closing to prevent tears from falling.

I lay my head against the cold and foggy glass and stare blankly at the white mess from outside. As I watch the slow fall of the snowflakes, a crooked smile appears in the corners of my mouth. The icy air, the snow covered earth and death of nature is mirrored in my heart. A never ending winter has taken over my heart.


I quickly whip my head around after hearing my name and freeze. There, in the middle of the tower, was standing the last person I wanted to see. 

Sirius Black.

My figure hardens and my chest constricts. Even now, it still hurts to see him in front of my eyes. I stare at him with cold, penetrating eyes. Even though I don’t want to, my body stiffens and I find myself holding my breath.

He looks right back at me. His eyes are red, with dark bags under, his hair messy and his face livid, almost white. He looks like he had been crying a lot.


I feel a satisfying sensation when I see him like this. Suffering. I want him to be sad. I want him to cry. I want him to be ashamed of himself. I want him to taste a little bit of my messed up feelings, even though I don’t wish for him to end up like me. I don’t want him to be broken. I’m afraid the shattered pieces won’t fit back together.

“Y/N” he repeats, closing the distance between us.

I quickly scatter away from him, pressing my back against the glass and gathering my feet close.

“Y/N, please…”

I close my eyes as he trails off, trying to calm my wild heart. I take in a deep breath, before shakily opening my mouth to speak.

“Please what, Sirius?”

“Please… let me explain this to you-”

I sink my teeth into my bottom lip in an attempt to stop myself from screaming at the top of my lungs at the little bastard in front of me.

“I don’t need any explanation-”

“Yes, you do-”

“No!” I defiantly say “Nothing you could say can make it easier to bear”

“It?” he frowns.

I close my eyes once again, refusing to look him in the eyes.

“The pain, Sirius”

My words are barely above a whisper and for a second, I doubt he heard. But he did.

His figure softens immediately. He brushes a hand through his hair and sighs. As I watch him, my heart sinks with a heavy feeling. Although I saw him doing this so many times before, this time is different. I guess I’m just realising that things are never going to be the same. And that destroys me.

“I know it hurts” he whispers softly, moving closer to me.

This time, I have no room to escape. He’s cornering me like a wolf would do with his prey. I can only watch him with wary eyes and knitted eyebrows.

Do you, Sirius? Do you?

“Then why did you do it?” I whisper.

“Because… I- I thought I was never going to receive you love… All those girls… they were just distractions. I thought I could forget about you. But I couldn’t. When you ran off that day, you took half of my heart with you. And I’m afraid I’m not going to get it back unless you… come back to me”

Hearing this, I can’t help but burst out laughing. A dark, sinister, humourless laugh that gives me chills.

“That must be the most selfish reason I have ever heard”

“I know” he mumbles, bowing his head in shame. “But it’s the truth. A truth that I hate, a truth that I despise, but… it’s still the truth”

His big hand reaches for my cheek.

I am unable to move. My body seems paralyzed as his cold fingers stroke my warm face. His decomposed face draws dangerously close. Even like this, with his messy feelings coming up to the surface… his face is still surprisingly handsome.  

“I haven’t only hurt you, but… myself too. Over these past few weeks I figured that… I can’t live without you. I’m left in darkness without you, Y/N… I- I-”

Tears glowed against his nutmeg eyes and my lips begin quavering at the sight of him breaking down.

“I love you” he finally whispers, his voice broken, filled with sorrow.

My own eyes threaten to spill all the tears I managed to accumulate over the past few days. It takes all my might to restrain myself and speak clearly.

“It’s such a shame you’ve got to hurt us both to finally realise it”

Sirius’ long fingers lock around my chin, forcing me to look into his eyes and for a moment, I think I see that part of my heart I lost not so many weeks ago.

And the next thing I know, is a warm sensation on my lips.

Sirius is kissing me softly, his wet lips moving against mine skilfully.

Even though that side of my heart which never forgot him melts, the broken shards inside of my body begin stabbing me, bringing back memories I wish I could forget. And as every moment spent with him replays in my mind, my heart twists and twirls painfully.

With a sharp breath, I roughly pull away from him and the loud sound of my palm against him face echoes across the room once again.

Now, as I look into his eyes, as my ragged breath escapes my lips, I can’t help but let all the tears fall freely, like a replica of the Niagara Falls.

“Y/N-” Sirius mutters, reaching for my arm, but I back away quickly.

“You knew!” I scream so loud, I’m afraid for a second the professors patrolling the corridors might hear us.

He freezes, his face contorted with a feeling I can’t quite make out.

“You knew!” I repeat, unable to stop myself from the truths I am about to say. “You knew but didn’t care anyway! You fucked those girls with such ease and then tell me it was because you thought I did not love you? Well, guess what. I won’t buy this shit! You may be sorry, Sirius, but… it doesn’t matter anymore. Do you know how hard it was for me? To see you in the company of a different girl every single day? To see you kiss her, stroke her face, tell her you love her… give her your affection and care? It killed me inside. Little by little, I was dying. I was dying watching you, my very love, with another girl. And it destroyed me to find out that… you knew. You were well aware of my feelings for you and still… didn’t talk to me about it. But, aside from that… I was trying to feel happy. I was trying to be happy for you! Even if I couldn’t understand why you were doing this to me! If it was for me to die… I would have died happy. Happy because you were happy and I didn’t stay in the way of your happiness. Even if your happiness meant the death of me. And that night… when you talked about her like that in front of me… you ripped my heart off. You left a bloody hole right where my heart was supposed to be.”

By this point, my face is filled with dry and fresh tears and my voice is shaking, filled with too much emotion. But Sirius isn’t too far off either. His cheeks are strained with salty water. Seeing him cry made me even more vulnerable.

“Sirius you- you broke me”

He sinks down to his knees and mines give away immediately after, landing hard on the stone floor.

Between his strangled sobs, all I could hear was no, no, no.

“No, Y/N… Please, please… give me another chance. I love you…” he tilts his head towards me and looks at me through his messy black hair.

“Sirius…” I mutter back, but trail off, unable to continue.

I feel like I’m breaking down once again at the sight of his sincere pain.

After whipping my tears away, I manage to get up on unsteady feet.

“…I love you too. But… I can’t bring myself to this anymore. Not after all this pain”

Even though my voice is weak, with a last glance at Sirius’ crumpled form, I march out of the Astronomy Tower, closing the door behind me.

Once my fingers unclasp from the doorknob, I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding. My hand goes over my wild heart, the beats pulsing throughout my whole body, making me tremble.

With a long, shaky sigh, I let my body slide down to the floor and rest my head against the door, knowing Sirius has done the same.

Now, our bodies are close to each other, but still… so far apart.

I guess that’s just the way things have always been. There has always been a wall between the two of us. A wall made out of glass, which we didn’t see until we painfully smashed into it, trying to get to one another.

As I lay there, with my head basically against Sirius’ and my eyes closed, I feel hopeless. And I know he feels the same. Maybe our somehow connected emotions are the cause of the deep sinking feeling I have.  

The sound of my powerful heartbeat rings inside my ears.

I may have lost him forever.

And as that thought crosses my mind, I let one last tear stream down my cheek.

I know… I left my heart with him, trapped between those stone cold walls.

Old Times’ Sake || Conor Maynard

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summary: where conor questions the choices he made in his past

word count: 1.3k+

A/N: i’m thinking of doing a part two for this, let me know if you guys would be up for it x


Back home in Brighton, Conor found himself feeling just as he had the last time he saw her years ago.  The last day he truly lived in this house, when she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.  Even after all this time, she was more than a masterpiece to him. But she wasn’t his anymore.

It was a casual encounter, but just as unsuspecting as ever. He wasn’t sure where she ended up in the world before then, or what kinds of things she enjoyed now. But when he finally saw her again, she was standing at the corner of the street, the one where they often crossed paths, or used as a meeting spot to walk around town on sunny afternoons. She was standing beside a man he had never seen, but it all made sense as he pressed his lips to her forehead.

Had she been alone, maybe he would have called out for her, maybe even apologized for leaving everything the way he did. The time did her well, her smile was brighter than it had been when they were younger. But her laugh sounded the same. He missed that sound, and how her presence was once his muse.

She caught a glimpse of Conor just as he was about to turn around and forget he had seen her, just as he on that day when he changed everything. What good would it be to dig up the past?

When she yelled his name in the distance, he braced himself for the worst. She must still be angry, even after all this time. She has every right to be, he thought. But her tone was warm, and her body language wasn’t malicious as she left the man and dashed over to Conor.

“You’re home,” she beamed, “you look good.” When she leaned in for a hug, Conor’s body was stiff. How was she not completely belligerent? But he pulled her close, anyway.

She still wore the same perfume. The mix of rose water and sage was so nostalgic that he almost forgot to let her go. It was almost as if they’d never grown apart.  In that moment, they were seventeen again.

“It’s so nice to see you,” he whispered, as they pulled apart.

“You too,” she smiled shyly.  “But I can’t leave Mike waiting, I’ve got to go, I just wanted to say hi.”

“Oh, Mike, right, yeah.”

When she ran her hand through her hair, an old habit she did when she was nervous, that’s when he saw it. And his heart sank.  She was getting married to him.  

She gave him a sympathetic smile, maybe she was thinking what he was too.  They always thought they would end up getting married to each other, but now, it would never be their reality.  He had no right to be hurt by it, because he was the one who walked away in the first place.

She was almost back to her fiancé when Conor got the feeling that he couldn’t make the same mistake twice.

“Y/N!” He called, “do you think we could go for a walk tomorrow, for old times’ sake?”

And for whatever reason, she accepted, though Mike looked less than impressed. They were set to meet at their former spot the next day.

And there he was, in the same room he grew up in, thinking the same things he thought before he packed up his life and left his hometown behind. Even after all the time that had passed, she still had a hold on him that he couldn’t explain.


It wasn’t awkward. Nothing seemed forced.  Everything was effortless.

They walked down the pebble ridden beach, watching the tide kiss the shore again and again. It was almost as if he never left, as if it was another Sunday afternoon when they were kids, without an absolute care in the world, when all they needed was each other.  

She was a primary school teacher, something Conor remembered she always wanted to be, even when people told her she could become something much better. She was back home trying to work out wedding details with her parents.

“Everything’s just been a bit crazy since I said yes.  Everybody expects us to be married in the next year, but I’m not sure I want to just yet.  Like, when I said yes, I meant sometime in the future.  I didn’t think it was all going to happen this fast,” she confessed.  She was scared, forever was a long time.  A piece of her heart still belonged to Conor, no matter how many times she tried to convince herself otherwise.

Conor tried his best to console her, and tell her that everything would end up working out in the end.  She had always been a lot smarter than he was, he had full faith in her and her decisions.  If she was happy, so was he, or so he told himself. It would sting for a while, but he knew he had to be supportive.  He didn’t have any right to be anything different.

The air became more tense when she brought up the one thing Conor was trying his best to avoid: how he broke her heart.

“I still think about that day a lot,” she began, “the way you just left me on that street.  For a while all I did was cry, because it was all so confusing.  I mean, the week before that you told me you loved me, even though I knew you did for years.  And then you just left.”  She wasn’t angry, but more so confused, Conor could tell it still seemed like a fresh wound.

He stay silent, reflecting on his past choices.  There were no excuses.

“Mike said I shouldn’t come,” she started, “he’s just very protective of me when it comes to you.  Every time you’re on the radio he switches it off before I can even blink.  I guess he thinks any bit of you will send me into a fit of tears.”

“That’s understandable, I mean, after everything.  Which I never got to say I’m sorry for, but I am, I mean, I am sorry for it all.  I shouldn’t have gone about it the way I did. It’s just like, like nothing I say is what I mean. My head and my mouth can’t cooperate.  I don’t think I could really put into words how sorry I am.”

She thanked him, and insisted that it was in the past, but Conor still had an overwhelming feeling of guilt, no matter what he did or said.  What bothered him the most was the feeling that if he had just believed in their love enough back then, it would be their wedding she was planning instead.

“I shouldn’t have left.  I shouldn’t have told you I loved you and left home the next week.  I just had so much happening for me, it seemed like the right thing to do.  I didn’t think I would have been able to give you the time and effort you deserved. And completely cutting you off?  I don’t know what I was thinking.  I guess it was just my way of trying to move on from it all.”

“You don’t have to keep apologizing, it’s alright, we were just kids,” she said, comforting him as she stroked his arm.  “You know, sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if you gave me this ring and not Mike.  They always say your first love never really leaves you. I’d like to have you in my life again, if you’d like to be in it, I mean.”

“I don’t know if I could do that,” Conor said, avoiding the water that was inching closer to his feet.

“How come?”

“Because, like you said, your first love never really leaves you,” he breathed.

Under the Bleachers (A Larroth/Garrance oneshot. Laurance x Garroth.)

Laurance sighed softly as he sat down under the bleachers. He held his lunch icepack to his eye wincing at the pain. He was regretting getting into a fight with Gene but the older boy had it coming to him. It was bad enough he made him dye his hair red but he made it worse.. He felt tears falling from his eye as his disheveled hair fell into his view. His long locks now chopped to random lengths, mud and leafs stuck to it.

“You alright?”

Laurance turned quickly to the voice and blushed darkly at the blond boy. He scoffed and turned away. “Peachy now go away.”

The blond boy shook his head then sat next to him. “Don’t be like that. Your always alone or with those bullies the Shadow whatsits.”

The redhead rolled his eyes inching away a bit. “They are the shadow knights and they are my friends.”

“Friends don’t hurt friends. Your sister is going to flip when she sees that black eye.” He placed his hand on Laurance’s cheek and made him face him. “And your hair.. Why do you let them do this?”

Laurance pulled his face away and glared. “How do you know my sister?” he felt his gut twist in many directions as he glared at the mystery boy. He had Cerulean eyes, a cheeky smile, he also had an accent and was clearly not from around here. “Who are you anyway?”

“Garroth, Garroth Ro'Meave and I have class with your sister and she always talks about you also your last name is almost as uncommon as mine.” Garroth smiled softly and started getting the leafs out of Laurance’s hair. “You didn’t answer my question by the way.”

He sighed softly at the touch, he hated others touching his hair other then Cadenza but it felt nice having Garroth do it. He felt his cheeks go bright red thinking about it. “They are my friends.. or so I thought. I did everything they told me even dying my hair to fit in and now this.” Fresh tears fell from his eyes. “I tried so hard to grow my hair out to stand out but I was just another wall flower like the orphanage.” his body stiffened as he felt arms wrap around his shoulder,

“Its alright Laurance, honestly its better to be a wall flower then a somebody. Being a Ro'Meave means I have to live up to my father and be an example to my brothers. I have to be perfect but I’m not.” The corner of his mouth curled upward and he spoke again this time in a less proper and more gruff voice. “I even have to talk differently just to make him happy.”

Laurance laughed Loudly. “You sound like a pirate!”

Garroth smiled widely and put up his hand like a hook “I am Garroth and I will be king of the pirates!” both boys started laughing hysterically and fell backwards. Moments later the bell started ringing. And both boys sat up holding their stomachs. “Time for class. It was nice meeting you proper Laurance.”

“Same to you Garroth.. Thank you by the way. I needed that.”

“No problem Laurance. Though take my advice, ditch the shadow knights. Friends who hurt friends like they did to you are not worth keeping.” he reached into his bag and grabbed out a paper and scribbled on it. “If you need to talk here is my cell number. Though if its after 6 I can only text alright.”

Laurance took the paper and nodded. “Thanks, ill think about it.


Three years later, Laurance was lying down under the bleachers and opened his eyes, ‘That was nostalgic.’ His cellphone started ringing sighing loudly he reached for it. “Hello?”

“Laurance where are you. I need to talk to you.”

“Garroth? I’m under the usual spot, you know under the bleachers.” A yawned escaped his lips. “I was napping before graduation starts.” he heard a soft swear escaped Garroth’s lips and he smiled, it was rare for Garroth to swear but it was amusing. “Did you lock yourself out of your car again?”

“No.. yes. I’ll be there in a few minutes, Dante is picking the lock for me.”

A very faint voice spoke. “Tell Laurance I said Hi, also that I won our bet and Travis got his first kiss yesterday.”

Laurance groaned loudly hoping Garroth had him on speaker. “Great there goes my rare Agumon card set.”

Garroth sighed and started talking. “Dante says hi as you heard. So under the bleachers? We haven’t hung there in a while.”

“Yeah I was tired and needed some place quiet.” He yawned again loudly.

“Alright, go back to sleep I’ll be there soon.”

The phone went silent. Laurance ran a hand through his hair and sighed softly. He missed his red hair but since that indecent he was nervous to grow it out again and the soccer team never allowed that much hair for safety reasons. His mind started to wander to what Garroth needed to talk about. School was done for them so it couldn’t be about homework, Laurance was staying in town to work at a diner and not going to collage but Garroth never said what his plan was. It was strange they are best friends but he never heard about any plans after school, only about his brothers and that creepy girl Ivy stalking Garroth. His eyes wandered to the opening in the bleachers and saw bright blue shoes peaking out. “Hey Garroth.” He smiled as the boy came into view but the smile faded as he saw the frown on Garroth’s face. “Whats wrong dude?”

The blond sat down next to him and wouldn’t meet his eyes, “I’m leaving town for a while. My father is insisting I study under him for the next year before I go to collage.” Garroth sighed and pulled his knees to his chest. “I didn’t know how to tell you but after today I’m gone.”

Laurance felt his chest go tight from anger but it slid to sadness. “You hid this from me? Does anyone else know?”

Garroth nodded slightly. “Aph and Katelyn know because Vylad told Aphmau.” He looked to Laurance searching for any signs of anger but he felt his heart break at the sad look on his best friends face. “Laurance I’m sorry.”

The brunette stood up angrily. “Why didn’t you tell me!?”

“I didn’t know how! How could I just go ‘Hey Laurance I’m leaving for two years nice knowing you!’ Its not easy!”

“Just like that! How is that hard.” Laurance growled softly. “There is more of a reason then I don’t know! What is it?”

Garroth’s face froze for a moment then he looked away, “Nothing.”

“Bull, you cant look me in the eye when you lie.”

Seconds later Laurance fell backwards and Garroth was on top of him crying. “Laurance you do not understand do you?” He leaned closer and rested his forehead on Laurance’s. “How in Irene name can I just say that when I care about you.”

Laurance’s eyes went wide as he thought about the scene at hand. Garroth on top of him crying, the words spilling out of his mouth the hidden message. “You.. but what about Aph..”

Garroth let out a shaky breath. “I like her to.. but I like you as well.. But I was scared to tell you like I was scared to tell her. But now that I’m leaving this is my last chance to tell you.” he was shaking in fear and felt horrible about lying to Laurance this whole time about his emotions. His body froze as arms wrapped around his torso. “Laurance..?”

The brown haired boy smiled softly and leaned upward pressing his lips to Garroth’s “It’s ok Garroth. I’m not angry. Sadden yes but not angry.”

The taller one sighed heavily then relaxed “Thank Irene. Does this mean you like me to?”

Laurance shrugged. “If I didn’t I wouldn’t have let you stay on top of me would I?”

Garroth’s face went bright red as he pushed himself off. “I am so sorry I didn’t mean to, oh my Irene that is embarris-” his words stopped as a hand covered his mouth.

“Garroth shut up already.” He smiled and kissed Garroth’s forehead. “Send me a text whenever you can alright? We have a graduation to attend to.” He stood up and helped the blond to his feet. “Lets go.”

Garroth smiled wildly and followed Laurance out of the bleachers.

This was a present to my friend IngaPotejto on twitter to make her feel better while Instagram was being a butt. Thank you @sinner-sebby for beta reading and I hope you enjoyed this one hour written oneshot XD

Also all characters are own by @aphmau I just wrote a cute story about them.

Be mine pt 2 (Saeran x MC)

So here is the FULL part 2! (Mine pt 2 was only a short teaser)(°◡°♡).:。

Be mine pt 1

Fandom: Mystic Messenger

Pairing: Saeran/MC -you
Summary: Part 2 of the Be mine series. This series is the Saeran’s POV and what would happen if he fell in love with MC.

Author’s Notes: I really love Saeran and I did almost cry while writing this. Hope you like it, sweeties! ʚ♡⃛ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁) 

The plan was too catch you, to somehow – one way or the other convince you to go to the apartment. But … somehow, you didn’t play along. It was a beautiful sunny day and the sky was clear, I love such days… You were in a Café, trying to download some weird game or app, so I thought it was best to hack into your phone and deal with you in that way.

For someone like me, that was child’s play. All the years learning how to hack, all those boring books and torturous hours spent in front of the computer would now finally show some grand results.

Thankfully, I decided to be near you when I contacted you – that way I could make sure, that everything was moving according to plan.
I was sitting two tables away from you, where I could clearly see your face. Even if I saw it through all the pictures that the savior gave me, in person you were breathtakingly beautiful. You seemed so engrossed in your phone, it was as if you built up a wall or as if you lived in a bubble, so in a way no one could intrude. You wore such a carefree smile and the way you giggled at simple things was adorable. You noticing the small dog outside of the cafe, a song you liked playing on the radio and you beating a level on the phone, all these simple things made you happy.

Simple and small things made you tremendously happy. So I concluded, that you might be … a little dense or naive. Therefore I was convinced that my plan would most definitely succeed. But, I typed out the message, asking you for your help, but all you wrote was a simple “no”.
It took me so much strength not to burst out in anger, so when I calmed myself down I typed out. 

“Please, you are the only one who can help me.”

Your next answer surprised me.

“If you want something from me, why not ask me personally, white haired mystery guy?”

Then I looked up and our eyes met and you smiled. You wore such a silly smile and in the next moment you showed me your..tongue? So childish. How old were you? But if I ever had to confessed, your childish behavior did make me chuckle.

But, wait? Wait a second. How in the world? How did you know it was me that was writing you, I assumed that you were dense? I assumed my plan would work. It was SUPPOSED to work. How can a silly girl, such as you, trick me this way?

Then in the next moment the phone vibrated.

“Come sit next to me. Let us talk.”

Everything I had to endure, every time I had to take the medicine, go through extensive special training and all that BS. Nothing of that prepared me for this.
Nothing could have prepared me for – you being so insufferable and so childish.

While I stared at your text, I heard footsteps coming closer to my table, so I looked up – with as much hate as I could muster – and there was you. Standing in front of me and looking down on me. But I didn’t feel threatened or scared, neither annoyed. You were close to me and that was all that mattered.

“Since you didn’t seem to be moving to my table, I decided it was for the best to just, you know, take the initiative and walk right into your arms.” 

A small laugh escaped your lips and you seated yourself right next to me.
A sweet smell soon drafted towards me – it was coming from you. It reminded me of something familiar and nostalgic, my heart squeezed at that and I felt sick but at the same time it was comforting and soothing. I glared at you, I just couldn’t control my emotions very well, and everything was new to me. 

Going out was new, I didn’t have a lot of opportunities to talk to other people – aside from the people in the organization.

“How the f*, did you know it was me, ugly?”

Your eyes widened at that. Did I offend you? I was already cursing at myself in my mind, but in the next moment, you burst out in laughter.
You were holding your stomach and you were in tears. 

What is happening? Were you suffering, did my comment hurt you so much, that you couldn’t control your body anymore? I was in panic, you were hitting the table and your knees, your head lolled back and your tears were spilling out, more and more

“Are you in pain? Did I hurt you?” I asked in a panicked voice, subconsciously I lifted my hand and tried to comfort you, though I did feel scared because– something like me, something as dirty and weak like me could hurt something as pure and delicate as you. Then you calmed down, instantly, you were out of breath but you just shook you head and answered.

“I am perfectly fine, it has been ages, since I laughed so much. Thank you …erm…Unknown?” I could hear you were trying hard not to laugh at my name in the app.

“I didn’t want to reveal my identity so I chose something ….ordinary.” 

You stared at me at that and poked my cheeks.

“Don’t need to blush so hard, sweetie. I was just teasing you a little. So tell me, what do you need me for and we should probably introduce ourselves. And I do mean our real names not some silly made up ones. If you want and need my help you should just come clean and tell me who you are.”

The audacity. Such rude behavior. You were rude, had no self-awareness, you didn’t know simple boundaries, you intruded into my personal space as if it was your own…. as if we were…friends.

I wanted to stare at you and make you feel scared, but as I did look at you, you were leaning on your hand and smiling in such a comforting way, I forgot my anger and I wanted…wanted to be kind to you. I wanted to be kind at least to you. Since I wanted you to become one day, mine. You seemed so pure and so sweet. That is why I decided to speak up.

“Sa…Saeran.” I mumbled, while looking down. How I hated that name, how I hated being associated with him, but as I said it, as I said my name to you … it didn’t taste as bitter as it used to.

“Hmmm, Saeran.” And as you said my name out loud in that sweet sing song voice, my heart skipped a beat, I felt hot and weird. But I liked how it made me feel. It made me feel alive.
Then I felt a hand on my head. And while I peeked up, you ruffled my hair and giggled.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? I am MC, but you can call me whatever you like.”
I swatted at your hand but you were faster than me and removed it, suddenly as you removed your hand, I felt lonely?
I took a deep breath and tried to form words, how should I tell you to do something that might harm you. You would surely get attached to those RFA idiots and then you would destroy me and the plan. But I wanted you. I wanted you to want me and be with me.
Wanting you, let me forget all about that person. About him. How he betrayed me.

“I need you, to go to the address, which I send you. You need to join an organization.”
I heard you hum and how you tapped your feet and at the next moment you took hold of my hand and smiled.

“Let us go to the park and discuss it there ok? The weather is so nice it would be a shame to sit inside. I promise, after we can do whatever you want Saeran”

Honestly, I couldn’t care less for my plan at that moment, if it meant being with you. I could just escape from everything with you and start anew.
So I nodded and let you hold my hand and guide me to the park.
We sat at a bench, we talked. Surprisingly, I talked more than you.
I told you as much as I could and as I finished you smiled, but your face was wet from all the tears you spilled.

“Stop it. Stop doing that!?” I yelled at you, I didn’t know if you were teasing me or what it meant. But you just took my hand, squeezed it tight and shook your head.

“I am just crying, since you already have cried so much, you can’t cry no more. I am crying for you. Because, no one deserves what you lived through.”

A lump, a big lump in my throat and something clenching at my heart and stomach, it hurt so bad. At that moment you seemed so inviting so warm I just pulled you close to me and embraced you. Even if you said I could cry no more, I spilled tears and together we cried while embracing.

I felt your heart, your hot tears that you shed for me. I couldn’t let you go, not now. Not now that YOU seemed to heal me, make the haze in my mind go away.

                                                I NEED you to be mine.

Picture This

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Imagine: Bucky asking you to give him a haircut, showing you a picture of him in the 40’s in his uniform and getting emotional. (But still giving him the haircut)

A/N: this is my idea. Btw, I just spent like 5 minutes yelling at my screen “Oh yeah, because you know. Still gotta give him a haircut after I get done crying. Yeah, that’s relevant. Wow. Fucking wow. I’m such a dork.” NO LIE. NO FRICKEN LIE. YOU ALL SHOULD BE FUCKIN HAPPY. XD

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance, Fluff

Rated: Everyone

Warning: IT’S SO FLUFFEH, angst, swearing

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You were seated at Steve’s kitchen table, listening to the record you had put on after Steve taught you how to use the player. You were hanging out with him and Bucky, sharing dinner and playing some old card games. You were watching Steve as he drew a card and sighed. He caught your gaze and you immediately said.

“Don’t you even think about it, Steven Grant.”

Steve gave a smile and leaned back, laying down his cards.

“Going out.”

You gawked at his suit. Three tens and two aces. Bucky threw his cards down.

“What the fuck, Steve!”

You busted out laughing and bragged to Steve, laying your cards down.

“Ha-ha, Two aces and three kings.”

Steve gawked at you and you danced in your seat. Bucky had a two, two fours, and two queens. Bucky glared at both of you and stated.

“I used to be the king of 5 card draw. What the hell.”

“Sorry, Bucky. Guess you lost your touch.”

You grinned and Steve rolled his eyes and got up.

“I refuse to play with either of you.”

“But we haven’t even played Bullshit yet!”

Steve rolled his eyes and Bucky gawked at you.

“We are not playing that game.”

“Oh why not?”

“Because you always fucking win!”

You giggled and Bucky grinned at you. Steve walked away, calling.

“I’m going to bed, you two tire me out. Bucky, behave.”

Bucky flipped him off and you called.

“It’s only seven pm but night anyways.”

Bucky sighed and you grabbed the deck, shuffled, and then put them away. Bucky then proceeded to ask.

“Hey, (Y/N)?”


“Can you cut my hair?”

You looked up at Bucky, his blue eyes trained on you. You shrugged and agreed.

‘I guess. What kind of hair style do you want?“

Bucky pulled out a picture from his pocket and handed it to you. You frowned a bit but almost spit out your drink when you saw the picture. It was a black and white picture of Bucky before he had left for war. Clad in his uniform, wearing a handsome smile, he had his arm wrapped around a scrawny Steve. You felt an emotion well into your heart and tears pricked your eyes.


You put a hand over your mouth and looked up, to the left. You were nostalgic, shocked but honored. Bucky got up and hugged you. You said quietly.

"I’m sorry. That was just…”

“I know. It’s ok.”

You laughed and wiped your eyes, pulling back and patted his shoulder.

“You look so handsome, James.”

He smiled genuinely and you cleared your throat. You put the picture up on the sill in front of the sink and stated.

“Go get your shampoo, conditioner, comb, and the hair scissors. Don’t forget a towel.”

Bucky saluted and walked to the bathroom. You grabbed a computer chair (Why does Steve even have one if he doesn’t even know wtf the internet is?) and locked the wheels so he wouldn’t roll away. You pumped the lever, bringing the chair high and Bucky walked in, setting the required things on the counter. You smiled softly and gestured.

“Take off your jacket. I don’t want to get it wet.”

He did as told and sat in the chair. You steadied him and gently; carefully leaned him back. You turned on the water and waited for it to get hot. Bucky said, watching you.

“I remember when I first got my haircut for the army.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah. I was nervous.”

You chuckled and asked, turning on the sprayer and praying his hair carefully, running your fingers through the soft locks.

“Why were you nervous? Scared they were going to cut an ear off or make you bald?”

“Actually, yes.”

You giggled and looked at his picture. Bucky watched you and asked quietly.

“Did you cry…because my picture reminded you of something or someone?”

You looked at Bucky and smiled softly, shaking your head no and mouthing 'no.’

“I cried because it made me think of how proud of you I am.”

Bucky widened his eyes a bit and asked.

“You’re proud of me? But…why?”

“Because you fought for the safety of this country. It almost cost you your life. I know you did a lot of crazy shit when HYDRA got you…but it wasn’t your fault.”

You lathered his shampoo into his hair and carefully massaged the soap into his scalp. You laughed a bit.

“I wish I could be that brave. My grandpa was in the 107th.”

You washed out the shampoo and squirted conditioner into your palm. Bucky was watching you, an emotion in his eyes that you couldn’t recognize and continued.

“He was a sergeant, one of the best. He would tell me stories about how Steve and you would infiltrate the HYDRA bases, how he was such a womanizer back into eh day.”

You chuckled and said, letting the conditioner soak in his hair a bit.

“I’m going to let the conditioner set in your hair for about five minutes. Anyways, when I was bullied in high school and came home crying. My grandpa would look at me and say 'Now you listen here, doll. If any of them little fuckers try to make you cry, you make them cry. Punch them in the nose, drink a beer, and call it a day. Go dance with your lady friends, break men’s necks. You’re too pretty for them tears to stain your face.’”

You and Buck laughed and you continued.

“When I would get angry or throw a fit, Grandpa would cough and say ’Ok, I know you’re pissed off but you really gotta listen to this, lil lady.’ I would turn to him and sass. 'What? What do I need to listen to?’ he would turn to me and say. 'Remember how I told you that Mr. Rogers had a lady friend named Peggy?’ "Yes, sir?’ he would just deadpan and glare at me and say 'You are really starting to remind me of her. She was a find dame, but goddamn did she scare the hell out of me.’”

Bucky chuckled and you washed the conditioner out. You sat him up and shook a towel into his hair.

“James, you remind me of my grandpa sometimes.”

Bucky looked up at you and asked.

'How so?“

"You’re a good man…but you just fail to see it.”

Bucky looked up at you, his blue eyes twinkling and he whispered, hugging you.

“Thank you.”

You patted his head and ran his comb through the damp locks. Bucky acknowledged.

“You know, you’re the only person I allow to call me James.”

“I actually noticed that. Hope I don’t make the 'Kid from Brooklyn’ mad.”

Bucky smiled and asked.

“He’ll get over it, the punk. Anyways, want to know why?”

You looked down at him, cutting his bangs and asked.


“Because that’s the name the people I love the most call me by.”

You paused and looked down at him and smirked.

“Are you trying to flirt with me?”

“Pfft. trying? Dame, I think I just won you over.”

You laughed and punched his metal shoulder.

“Don’t get too cocky, James. Remember, I’m cutting your hair.”

That shut him up. You looked back at his picture and asked.

“How long do you want your bangs? Your hair is slicked back in this picture so I can’t tell.”

He put a hand up and asked.

“Can I get them right to my eyelids?”

“I don’t know, can you?”

Bucky glared up at you and you giggled. He sighed and rolled his blue eyes.

“To my eyelids.”

“Copy that.”

You gave a two-finger salute and cut his bangs. You cut the sides of his hair short, smiling and ruffled his hair to get any pieces out. You jumped and yelped when a voice stated.

“Wow, you look good.”


You threw your shoe at him and yelled.

“Don’t fuckin do that, you fuddy duddy, creepy, meatball!”

You punched his stomach and Steve laughed out, holding his stomach. You put your hands on your hips, one coming up to your mouth and you close your eyes. You glowered.

“Steven Grant Rogers! I’m about two seconds from letting you have it. Sit down.”

Steve bit his lip, snorting and Bucky quirked an eyebrow up at you. Steve said.

“I love it when you get scared. You speak like an old forties gal.”

“You call me an old lady? Look who’s talking, geezer.”

Bucky snorted and you dried his hair. You complimented, blushing a little.

“Whoa, you do look good.”

Bucky smirked and thanked, kissing your cheek.

“Thanks, doll.”

Steve complained.

“I couldn’t sleep so what are we going to do till I do?”

You smiled and stated, holding up a fist.

“Want me to help you fall asleep? I got just the remedy.”

Steve rolled his eyes and Bucky smirked.

“I’ll help out.”

“Bucky! You’re supposed to be on my side!”

“Sorry Steve, James is my bodyguard.”

“Oh, so she gets to call you James and I don’t?”

“Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it.”

You stated. Oh yeah, super soldier got mad. Bucky held you into his side and shrugged.




I hope you enjoy. ^-^


@izuqu I’m really loving this trend of Izuku not finding out that All Might and his mom are dating unless it’s completely on accident with a new sibling because it’s hilarity and angst wrapped up in a perfect little prompt with a bow on top.

So one day the kids at UA get permission to visit their families as long as they get to their home in an allotted time, inform their teacher that they’ve arrived, and stay there without making trouble. It shouldn’t be hard but when you’re a UA student even the simplest of things go awry pretty damn quickly. 

Such is the case when Izuku is barely two blocks from home and passing by his old park for nostalgic purposes when he hears some commotion behind the slides. A group of kids are there, three of them pushing around this scrawny kid who’s all elbows and knees and calling then all kinds of mean things.

A little bit of puffing out his chest and using his authority as an older boy gets those kids out of the way but not before those horrible words “Quirkless loser!” ring out behind them. A few words of kindness and some genuine helping up later and Izuku is escorting the little Quirkless child home before he goes to his own to visit with his mom.

They happen to live in the same direction.

They happen to live on the same street.

They happen to live in the same apartment building.

They happen to live in the same apartment.

“You live here?!”

The kid is startled because what, yeah they should did they get pushed out for some reason oh no- but Izuku is loud enough for his mother to hear and so Inko is swinging open the door to crush her son in a true motherly embrace while crying tears of relief because she was so worried about her boy because Toshi’s reports can only do so much and of course her other baby reminds her of Izuku sometimes and-

Well. That baby (”I’m not a baby, I’m five!”) right beside Izuku actually. Izuku can hear All Might humming around out of tune somewhere in the kitchen making tea because yes he did know about the reports but he didn’t know exactly how well the two of them got to know each other because when did they have a baby???? And when did All Might become Toshi?


And it gets all convoluted afterwards, too many words and not enough sentences with more stops and starts than are legible for talking because whoops they actually forgot to tell him. 

And the kid is finishing making the tea because they’re a big kid and they can and it looks like Mama and Papa need the help with the stunned nice older kid who they recognize as Mama’s son who’s away at school. They make a game out of how many times they can save a cup from spilling when Izuku or Mama make hand gestures or when Papa’s shaking hands finally shake too much from nerves and need to take a moment to rest. (the score ends up being more than they can count but they still save the spilling more than the carpet gets stains)

Everyone gets so caught up in explaining the situation that they forget about the need to send a message to the pro-hero in charge. They’re all pretty shocked to find Eraserhead at their door looking annoyed and bored when he finds them all safe, and almost heads out immediately before he spots the kid. He pieces it together right then and there, before turning to the three of them with a basic, slightly stunned, “Congratulations,” and leaves.

Izuku feels pretty stupid because yeah, he should be congratulating this news, not be dumb and feel out of the loop because his extremely busy mother and teacher have a life outside of him that just happen to involve each other (and a new sibling holy cow he always wanted to be a big brother!) so he pushes aside all his weird feelings to tell them both honestly that he couldn’t be happier about the development. 

Everyone’s happy, everybody hugs, there are tears because Midoriyas can’t have strong feelings around each other without crying and Izuku gets introduced properly to his new little sibling who is utterly enchanted by the fact that their big brother is going to be a hero!!!!!!

(Izuku goes home the next day after sleeping on a spare futon in his sibling’s room, All Might still out on the couch and Inko in her room. Izuku and his little kiddo stay up way too late freaking out about heroes and talking about how much they love their grown-ups. Izuku spends a lot of time telling them that being Quirkless is never enough to stop them from achieving their dreams, whatever they are. The kiddo falls asleep to the sound of Izuku telling them about how Quirkless people built the world and it’s always still building, and another Quirkless person might be exactly what it needs. Izuku falls asleep to the soft breathing of a tiny child whose dreams are still bendy and building and full of life. Izuku falls asleep to the knowledge that his family is growing.)

(They all dream of sweet things that night.)

oops i wrote a lot oh well this was an AMAZING PROMPT OMG and wow i love everything about Mighty Family and it’s just so pure and i love it

A treasure buried in your eyes

We carved our love in the mountainside
We soaked our hearts in the rain
And I, waited my whole life, for you

(song you probably wanna listen to while reading)

Living in a world made of absolute beliefs is hard. Living in a world with absolute beliefs and some guy’s name tattooed on your wrist is harder. That’s how it works: people have their soulmate’s name written on their wrists since birth. Men’s tattoos are on their right wrists, women’s on their left. If your soulmate is close, you can feel it because the tattoo starts burning. You were born in a family where soulmates apparently do not exist. Your parents fell in love, or so they thought, when they were very young; your mother’s soulmate is dead (the tattoo is faded and grey) and your father never bothered to find his. They got married in a rush, but then understood that soulmates exist for a reason; every other relationship is destined to end, or at least not to work out properly. Your grandparents were the same; your father’s sister doesn’t even believe in soulmates. You’re quite sceptical, too. Mostly, though, you just think they’re a waste of time and probably a myth. You’ve never met a pair of them before; apparently, it’s actually quite a rare thing to find your half. Plus, destiny has never treated you kindly before; you dated three guys, and all of them were called just like him. You never felt a spark, not once, not with any of them; they were kind, adorable even, but it just did not click like it should have. Besides, none of them had your name tattooed on their body.

His name is Peter. It’s written in dark green ink, and the calligraphy is messy, like a child’s. Sometimes you wish you could know more about him: the colour of his eyes, the sound of his laugh, if he likes dogs, candies, warm tea during a rainstorm. You wonder if he had parents who read him bedtime stories when he was little, and if he knows the name of every star in the sky. Sometimes you wish he didn’t exist at all.

Growing up with parents who don’t love each other like soulmates do is strange. Growing up with parents who are not soulmates and are constantly fighting is stranger. They argue at night, mostly, when you’re already in your room and they’re convinced you’re already sleeping. You aren’t; you hear every word. Dreams often turn to nightmares after their shouts, but even then, you always see a pair of green eyes somewhere, keeping you safe from whatever monster is chasing you. Your friends are children of the unpaired, too (that’s what they’re called, people who never met their soulmates), but they look happy in the morning. They tell you their parents hardly fight; when they do, they remember that a non-bonded relationship is fragile, but they don’t want to give up their love. Nostalgic is the word you’d use to define them. Your parents, on the other hand, are different: you’re not sure they’re still in love. Sometimes, when you hear your mother cry and your father comes to close the window in your room with heavy sighs, you think they’re together just because living alone is much worse. You don’t want that. You don’t want to feel alone even in a room with the supposed love-of-your-life. You want warmth in rainy days and long walks under the sun, you want explorations and treehouses; you want to feel alive with whoever Peter is. If he exists at all, that is.

Waking up at one a.m. to the screams of your parents in the kitchen is old news. Waking up to the screams and to a sudden burning on your left arm, however, is unusual. You rush out of bed and to the window (it’s still open, because they’re still fighting): the street is desert, not a living soul walks the pavements. You look at the tattoo: it’s blazing, almost glowing green and silver. You hear a crash of plates downstairs, and close your eyes. The wind blows into your face, the stars enlighten it. “If you’re out there, please show yourself,” you whisper to the night. “Please, just come here.” You take a step back just as your father is shouting that he should have never married your mother. “Please” you say again, voice low and so very faint. When you open your eyes, someone is at the window. It’s a boy, and he cannot be older than you are. He wears a confident expression, dark clothes and no shoes. His hands rest on the frame of the window, arms wide open. Your name shines on his wrist, bright red ink that looks like fresh blood and rose petals. The boy is smirking at your pink pyjama and shocked face. “Hello, y/n. I’ve been looking for you” he says. His voice is deep, way more than you expected, and it’s like hearing a new music you never knew before. It’s all C major and resin dripping from the bark of a tree. In your mind, you think that you never want to hear anybody talk ever again. “Do you want to come with me?” he asks you, reaching forward with his right hand. “My arm is kind of killing me right now. Actually, my whole body is. Please, will you come with me?”

Behind you, your mother slams the door of her (and your father’s) bedroom. You take his hand. The two tattoos stop glowing, but they change their colour to gold, just as bright as before. It doesn’t hurt anymore. “Where are we going?” you wonder, holding tighter. His wicked smile is now a broad, sincere one (the stars look pale compared to him) and it causes you to light up as well. “Anywhere you want, y/n. We have oceans and mountains and galaxies to explore!”

When he’s about to lead you out, you stop him. He turns around, and watches you with questioning eyes. “Before we go,” you tell him, “I need to ask you something.”

His smile doesn’t falter, he just nods and encourages you to go on.

“Do you like dogs?” His eyes widen, and his laugh follows. “Oh my, this is… You’re wonderful. You are, really. Yes, yes I do like dogs.” You feel yourself beaming under his fond gaze, and warmth spreads all over you. “What do you do when it rains?”

“I usually stay in my treehouse and drink tea. In Neverland we have this kind of infuse that makes everything better if you’re sad, and makes the rain so beautiful. The leaves are weirdly shaped and kind of black? I don’t really know how to explain it, you should see them yourself.” Your head bends to the side as you watch him intently. You don’t have the faintest idea of what Neverland is, and he’s so weird, but he’s still holding your hand and everything feels much better now. “And I will see them, Peter,” you assure him, “but I have one last question, if that’s alright.”

“It is. Go on, darling” he says. “What is that star called?” you point at the brightest one you can see. His look follows your hand and meets the aster. “That’s Sirius, love. She can be quite moody sometimes, but you’ll get used to it eventually. Oh, and see that star on the right? Not the first, but the second one, just there. That’s where we’re going tonight.” You stare at him, this ridiculous boy who talks about the stars as if they are people and looks at you like you hold golden suns on the inside. You step on the jamb of the window with him, and turn your head slightly. “So, second star to the right?”

He kisses your left hand, the one he’s holding. “And then straight ‘till morning.” Right afterwards, you’re both flying into the night, and you’re sure that nothing could hurt you right now. “Hey, y/n. Why all the questions?”

You smile. “Because I don’t want to ask them to anyone else ever again.”

He smiles back, blissed by your answer. The night is full of freedom, and so are you.

emma’s corner: so, a soulmate au. it’s my first soulmate fic ever, and i am quite proud of the result. requests are open as always, and feebacks are welcomed! thank you for reading lil’ fairies!
The Signs of a Breakup

Yes, this is as cliché as you think it is. Enjoy!

Dean may not be the brightest, but he’s no idiot.

He knows the signs.

How often has he been through this? Whoever he’s dating at the moment suddenly having little to no time to spend with him. Cancelling dates at the last minute, unable to accompany him to family functions, returning home only to sleep.

Cas just happened to stay interested longer than anyone else, that’s all.

Hey, this time around he actually got to move in with someone and pass the one-year-mark in their shared home, so that’s something.

It just feels worse because they’ve been together for over three years - more than he’s ever been with anyone else. Of course it feels worse.

He pretends that’s the reason because pathetically declaring that Cas is the love of his life and staring out the rainy windows with emo music in the background is not an adult way of handling a breakup.

Apart from the fact that it’s a bright sunny day outside.

Cas is too good for him anyway, has always been too good for him.

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SasuSakuNaru reconciliation :)

Slight OOC Sasuke; I still can’t get over SS and NH being canon ffs. I’ve had like seven mental breakdowns in public and I am still not okay.
Please like, fave, reblog, etc. :) it means the world to me!
(WARNING: NaruSaku BROTP (although I do really like NS tbh))
this was supposed to be <500 words but it’s 1000 again ffs what is wrong with me

“So,” Naruto began. He sat at the edge of the stone bench, bathed in his white Hokage coat that fluttered gently with each whiff of wind. His short hair scarcely moved, like freshly cut blades of grass, and he had a look that told Sakura he was immersed in deep thought about what to say next.

“…So,” she responded just as blandly. She found herself sitting on the other end of the bench, where she watched her feet dangle casually, hands pressed under her thighs. The warmth of her sweaty palms began to transfer into the frigidity of the bench. She couldn’t force herself to look at Naruto, and waited for something—anything—to save them from this awkwardness.

“Congratulations on becoming Hokage,” she said. “It’s amazing. You’re amazing.”

He turned his head to face her. In his blue eyes, the color of fresh ocean water, was gratitude.

“Thank you, Sakura-chan.”

Naruto, attempting to break the discomfort of the situation among them, began to yawn and spread out his arms, stretching them in the air with an accompanied howl, before letting his new arm settle on the back of his seat.

“You know,” he said, his voice dropping down to an almost inaudible murmur. “I never stopped loving you.”

“Ah—!” Sakura began, her face shooting up to watch his nostalgic expression, trying to find any signs of him still having romantic attractions for her in his serene smile. “But—but, Hinata—“

“Let me finish. It’s true, I did love you dearly once. I still love you, but it’s changed now, you know? I love you in a different way. You’re my family, Sakura-chan, and you’ll always be part of my family. I hope you won’t get jealous or offended by this,” he warned, stopping to chuckle at his joke, “but there’s a new girl who’s stolen my heart, and every fiber of my being. Plus,” he added. “She makes killer ramen, and other things as well.” At this, he winked.

“Oh, Kami, Naruto!” Sakura cried, burying her face in her hands. “You’re such a dirty pervert! I don’t need to know about what happened behind your kid’s conception, alright?”

Naruto laughed, moving closer to wrap his arm around Sakura’s shoulder and press his knuckles into her temple.

“I never change, Sakura-chan, know that. And,” he said, eyes softening, tone quieting. “I’m happy for you.”

“…Huh?” Sakura asked.

“I’m happy that you found him again. Happy that he’s with us. With you, more importantly. He’s my best friend, and I’ve never seen him as at peace with the world as he is with you. “

“It’s really thanks to you,” she said, leaning her head against Naruto’s shoulder and looking up at the clear sky. “You really do keep your promises.” She felt her eyes welling up, and let out a sniff. Naruto shook his head and teased her.

“You’re still crying even though he’s back?”

“I hate you,” she frowned, slapping his forearm. “Jerk.”

“Here.” He offered the end of his Hokage cloak for her to wipe her face. “Need it?”

“Isn’t this like, sacrilege or something?”

“I’m the Hokage, so what I say goes. So if you want to let out your snot all over my nice white coat, then let it be.”

“Dobe, are you making Sakura cry?”

Sakura and Naruto turned their heads to find Sasuke, draped in a black cape with a taunting smirk on his lips. His hand reached for his katana, ready to point it at Naruto if need be.

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Is this my happy ending?

Title: Is this my happy ending?

Word Count: 1934

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam 

Request: We need part 6! We need a weeding, some domestic fluff and cute couple stories!!

Part six would be nice it would kind of like an epilogue of fluff in my opinion or maybe even reader being pregnant but that’s really up to you thank you you writing goddess:)

A/N: Part Six! Wow. I never intended this to become a series and now here we are. This will be the last part of the series because it’s time for Dean and the reader to become the happy ending they deserve. I hope you like it and again, thank you so much for staying with me during this crazy ride of a series. I love you guys.

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5

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“I can’t believe I am doing this oh my god”, you muttered under your breath and looked down at the beautiful white dress you were wearing, your wedding dress, before looking up again. Your eyes met the ones from your sister who was standing next to you. You both looked in the big gold framed mirror that had been placed in front of you and she gave you a warm hearted smile. The smile you loved so much on her.

“You look really beautiful Y/N”, she told you and you slightly blushed at her words. Today was the day, you thought to yourself. Today you were going to marry Dean Winchester. You had only met him seven Months ago on the day before your sisters own big wedding day.

The two of you had met in a grocery store. How many people on this planet were able to say that they met the love of their life while buying toilet paper and chewing gum? 

You had asked him to play your boyfriend for the wedding because you didn’t wanted to sit at the singles table next to the boy that had puked on your prom dress in High School. Who would have guessed that this arrangement would lead into a weeding? 

Dean and you had pretended to be a couple for only two days before he fake proposed to you, only to break your heart a few hours later. He broke your heart because he though that he would break it anyway. When he died. When his year was over. When his time was over.

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Joshua: Youngsters

Summary: Joshua was your babysitter when you were younger….. just don’t think about it too much it’s really creepy if you think about it too much dfsjdlf (joshua’s still got orange hair in this…. shows how long ago I actually wrote it)

You were 8 and he was 12. He had just received his babysitter’s licence and your parents figured that there was no one more qualified to watch over you than their friend’s son. Of course, this didn’t satisfy you as much as it did your younger brother. At the young age of 8, you were more concerned with playing with your toys than you were with anything that Joshua was familiar with. But he didn’t let that hold him back. He was fully willing to play dolls with you while your brother watched cartoons on the TV.

“You’re a cute kid.” He replied when you asked why the boys in your grade didn’t have crushes on you, if it was because you weren’t cute like the other girls in your class. You agreed.

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Ok but… the way that Joonie talk about Jin is so beautiful, I mean, you can almost touch the admiration in the Namjoon voice! and that’s actually so cute and gorgeous, this is not about ship Namjin or smt like that ok? is about their friendship, like when Namjoon talks about the song you can realize based on his expression that him was totally enthralled by the song, he even says: ‘’Awake… Jin’s done something amazing right?’’ Namjoonie shows their total support to Seokjin and that is wonderful and as an army I feel grateful that they love and encourage Jin in that way, he deserves it and u know that. 

Then when he starts to talk about the first time he met Jin, again you can notice that tone of voice, admiration and respect… ‘’i never met anyone like him before.’’ we all know that Jin is a unique and special person, right? Joonie could see that from the beginning, while he did not understand his way of being or thinking, he said: ‘’But Jin changed me a lot, I took me a long time to understand Jin’’ they became closer, you can notice it in the way he speaks and refers to Jin with confidence and without a shred of doubt, he also knows how much that Jin strives in everything he does… 

I don’t know why I feel so emotional about this, but when I was watching the video I could think nothing but in namjoon being a completely soft friend with Jin. He spoke with pride and conviction when he said: ‘’i dare said that the lyrics represents Jin’’, and suddenly I felt so nostalgic, I was almost crying as I shook my head in agreement because everything Namjoon said about Jin was absolutely true, and the fact that he seemed to not have the right words to talk about Jin in a few moments,  that just shows how much Namjoon wants to show you how amazing is Jin, but then Namjoon said something that I also thought when I heard the song, when he talks about the phrase ‘'i can never fly, i probably never fly'’ Joonie is silent for a few seconds, he looks so serious and determined, he really thinks that, it’s not something that you say lightly, is something that you say when you’re completely sure of that… ’But i don’t believe this.’’  He knows that Jin is good enough, that he is talented and strives to be better every day, so I was happy when Namjoon stressed the qualities of him: ‘’Jin proved that he cant be good as a solo, he has this much emotions and he can sing this well. I think that’s was he proved’’.

Anyways, this is too long but… i can’t help it but… That is howI feel, I love my boys, I love the relationship they have, and the way in which they talk to each other is so precious, I hope that their friendship is more than infinite and that they are always supporting and loving each other.

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Retrograde (7/?)

A/N: HEY. Happy New Year to you all, you bunch of wonderful, beautiful people! I’ve reached 4.2k followers and I am still amazed by that! Also, I have begun a new chaptered fic called The Anatomy of You and Me which you can find here (shameless plug) and yep, that’s about it. HERE’S CHAPTER 7. (P.S. The reactions to the chapter 6 cliff-hanger were golden!) 

Title: Retrograde 

Genre: Romance/Angst/Comfort

Warnings: Swearing. 

Description: Dan is involved in an accident that leads to major consequences…he wakes up with amnesia. The good news, he still remembers Phil. The bad news? He thinks it’s 2009, that he’s only 18 years old and that Phil Lester is just the YouTuber he obsesses over behind his laptop screen who doesn’t know he exists. Together, they help Dan rediscover who he’s become and watch him fall in love with Phil all over again.

Word Count: 2500 

Chapter One. Previous Chapter. Next Chapter


Chapter Seven: If You Wait.

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anonymous asked:

I thought up an AU in which Nanami was saved by Kamukura, but somehow lost her memories (whether during the healing process or her memory was wiped is up to you) and now goes by a different name. Sometime after dropping her off where FF can find her, Kamukura wipes his memory of saving her to "make things interesting".Do you mind writing something post DR3 along this lines? I don't mind if you make it shippy, it's up to you. Heck, make it Hinanami if you want. I'm in denial of her death T-T

A/N I’ve been thinking of this AU for a while now and the only reason why it took me so long to write it is because I’ve been going over how I’d write it (do I give her a new name?) and how to overcome plotholes (won’t chisa recognize her?), stuff like that. But I didn’t want to let go of this prompt without at least giving it a try so here’s my attempt.

could also be an alternate ending to Extra Life where Izuru erased both of their memories

UPDATE: CHECK OUT @yuseirra’s comic it’s beautiful and it will heal you, TRUST ME (thank you so much!)

Thirteenth Branch Head - another nanami-IF au

Nobody knows the true identity of the thirteenth branch head… not even her.

There are rumors about her origins. Rumors where she’s seen a whole slew of suffering and been through all sorts despair before she joined Future Foundation. Everyone keeps asking her about these rumors and she always answers them in ways that only brings up more questions. It’s not that she doesn’t want anyone to know the truth, it’s just that… that is actually the truth. She’s only being honest in the fact that she truly has no idea and so she can’t provide them with answers.

There’s only one accurate story. The truth is that she was rescued by the Future Foundation and has lost all of her memories before that fateful day. All of it. Even her name. They tried to check the area for any clues to her identity but it was wiped clean of any personal belongings.

And with no past to hold on to, she quickly latched onto the future.

The Future Foundation brought her in and raised her in a sense. They even gave her a name although she hardly acknowledges it herself. She knows it’s not her true name and she can’t help but feel irrational since she doesn’t want to be called by anything else. It just doesn’t feel right to her. So she goes by an alias instead. Or at least she does now. Ever since she was given the position as the thirteenth branch head, the first thing she did with her newly found authority was to impose that she’d be referred to as “Chief” instead. And so the rumors escalated.

“Good morning, Chief!” A member greets her in the hallway.

“Looking forward to another day, Chief!” Another member cheers at her.

“You’re looking great, Chief!” And another member compliments her.

She’s now in the main office and she smiles wide for her whole team to see. “Let’s all do our best today as well.”

What does the 13th branch actually do? Well their main specialty is information and communication. They handle the network and hotlines of Future Foundation. It’s a desk job basically. Some of her members are here because it’s the safest branch to be in and others are here because of how vital their role is. As for her… she’s only here by chance. She feels more comfortable with technology under he fingertips although she could tell that it’s still not quite the feeling she’s looking for. It’s close but not quite.

Her fingers pause at the keyboard. There it is again. That feeling. It always bothers her whenever she’s at work. As much as it feels natural to have her hands on a laptop, she also feels that it’s lacking. No, perhaps the word is too much. She feels as though she should be holding something smaller but not as small as a phone as she has tested that out before. Her hands twitch as she tries to force the non-existent memories to surface.

The screen fades to black as she pauses too long for the laptop to go on standby.

Her reflection stares back at her. She has this dazed look on her face and even now she still gets surprised by her own reflection. Sometimes she wonders if she actually used to look like this. Her hair is long and it reaches her by the waist and the only reason she’s kept it like this, despite it being bothersome to maintain, is that she thinks that maybe, hopefully, someday someone would recognize her. She likes to think that it’ll help but she also can’t help but think that she’s not supposed to look this way. She feels that her hair should be shorter but she can’t find it in herself to cut it short.

Her hand unconsciously reaches out to the left fringe of her hair… where something should be, she thinks. She’s not so sure.

She sighs ruefully. She got distracted on the job again. “Get your act together. People depend on you, remember? So you have to properly answer their hopes.” She admonishes herself and then quickly returns to her work. “I promised everyone that I’ll do my best. That way we can stay together.” She whispers to herself.

She thinks that there must be an underlying memory for that but she doesn’t let it distract her this time.

It’s been a year now or was it two? Maybe even three. It’s been a while since she started this new life here at Future Foundation. It’s strange for her to be here and literally live for the future because there’s just no past for her. But that’s okay. Even though she’s lost her memories, she knows that she hasn’t lost everything. She still has her life and that’s already plenty enough to be grateful for. And no matter how hopeless it seems to be for her memories, she doesn’t lose hope. She wants to believe that there will always be hope.

She’s sure that if she just tries hard enough, she could do anything.

That’s why she always works hard. She makes sure to always give her best no matter what the situation is. She honestly believes that anything is possible.

Just as much as she is a symbol of hope, she too also hopes.

And then one day… her hopes are answered.

“…Nanami?” A familiar stranger calls her out by a name she hasn’t heard of in a long while.

And she doesn’t know why but she thinks she has finally found the right name.


She By Any Other Name is Just as Hopeful

“…Nanami?” A familiar stranger calls her out by a name she hasn’t heard of in a long while.

There’s something about this stranger that feels awfully familiar. Her mind buzzes in alarm trying to tell her something, something important, something precious, something forgotten. A memory. In her eyes, his image is fuzzy just like her mind whenever she tries to recall a memory. It isn’t long before the rest of her vision blurs and it’s only then that she reaches out towards her face.

Only to confirm the wetness of tears on her cheeks.

How strange of her to cry over a stranger.

She lightly wipes her eyes with her sleeves all the while taking note that he is watching her with almost the same weariness as she carries. “Nanami…” The name rolls out of her tongue, testing it. “Who’s that?”

His jaw drops at her words and shock is clearly written on his face. But he recovers quickly, maybe even too quickly, as he composes himself again and offers her a small smile. A smile that for some reason, she thinks it should have been wider. “Nanami is… a precious friend of mine.” He says with a face that’s torn between happy and just about to cry.

Nanami… the name echoes in her heart.

There’s this unseen connection with the name and she knows it as her heart beats loudly full of life whenever the name is spoken. Nanami. She repeats inside her head again. And again. And again and again. She feels this unexplainable attachment to it. There’s also this irrational fear that if she lets go of it, she’ll lose it forever this time. This time? What does she mean by that? What is with this name and why does she want to keep it so badly?

This name doesn’t bring back any memories but even so, she thinks she’s remembering feelings instead.

“You look…” The stranger pauses and she watches his struggle to find the right words. He looks conflicted over what to say and again, he steadies himself with a small smile that she thinks should be wider. “Confused.” He finally finishes his sentence. And although he says it with certainty, it sounds like it isn’t exactly  what he wanted to say.

“I guess I am.” She honestly admits. The name still bothers her but not in a bad way. It’s a welcome nostalgic feeling. She strangely wants to keep it. But there’s also another name that she needs to know and so she asks, “Who are you though?”

Again he is taken aback but this time he seems prepared for it. With a tempered smile, he introduces himself, “I’m Hinata. It’s nice to meet you.”

Hinata? That name is also strangely familiar. It’s familiar and different at the same time. It brings out a different kind of feeling when compared to Nanami. She feels hurt. There’s this sudden stab of pain in her heart at the mere mention of it and a part of her feels like she’s about to cry. But more than the pain, more than the bitterness, there’s a more prominent feeling that his name incites. She feels glad and relieved. She’s overjoyed at the sight of him and at the mention of his name and she doesn’t know why.

Her hand unconsciously reaches out towards him.

And he clasps his hand over hers.

A familiar feeling. A feeling she doesn’t remember, she doesn’t know of, but she knows deep in her heart that this is a feeling that she’s longed for.

“Hinata…” She says his name out loud for what feels like the first time but also like the nth time. She doesn’t even hold back when tears start to flow again as she softly spoke, “I feel like we’ve… already met before.” She shook her head.  "No, it’s not just that…“

Finally, as if a light is suddenly switched on, the blurriness inside her head clears as a memory comes to her mind.

“See you tomorrow!”

Her hand, no… Nanami’s hand clenches tightly over his. And her smile, her smile is as bright and hopeful as it should be. “I feel like I’ve been waiting for you for a really REALLY long time.”

And finally, Hinata smiles and this time, she thinks that he’s smiling right as he gives her the widest grin he has ever worn. “It’s good to see you again too.”

There’s still a lot of memories to fill in the blanks of and she knows that not all of them will be good or happy but that’s alright. She wants to properly remember them all and treasure these precious moments. She wants to remember herself but more importantly, she wants to remember all the cherished persons in her life. She wants to reunite with all of her friends and she couldn’t help but feel excited over the prospect of getting to play games with them.

And as she slowly reclaims her past memories, she’ll be sure to make lots of new memories along the way. 

This time she’ll hold on to both the past and the future.

Riarkle Drabble #22

This drabble was requested by @thypoqueen. The prompt is from this post, number 84: “I’m dying.”

Riley hid behind a wall, watching from afar as her friends joked by the schools’ vending machines. Without noticing, a tear fell down her cheek, a shaky breath drawing in. They looked so happy, Maya teasing Lucas, Zay supporting her, and Farkle laughing along right next to them. Suddenly, Farkle turned around as if sensing that she was there. He caught her eye and his smile widened, silently inviting her to join them. Her eyes grew large, and before she knew what she was doing, Riley sped off, pushing through her classmates and hitting people with her bag as she did so.

Escaping from the crowd of people, Riley slipped into her father’s classroom, her eyes gleaming with tears and her hands clenched together to mask the shaking that they were giving. 

With an alarming look, Cory walked over to her, pulling her into a hug and rubbing her shoulders comfortingly as she cried. 

“Did you–”

She shook her head in his shirt and Cory let a sad smile grow on his face. He pulled away from her, taking a tissue and wiping her tears. Opening the desk drawer, he handed her a random ponytail holder he had there. With a grateful smile she put her hair up and he handed her another tissue.

He waited for her to speak again, not pushing her any further. When she did, she only spoke for a second, and with only four words.

“I can’t do this.”




She hated doing it. Leaving the school early, lying to her friends, meeting with new doctors every week, changing nurses constantly, she hated all of it. Every minute, of every day. As the bell rang at the end of day, Riley pushed all of her books into her bag in one fellow swoop, something she had become good at, only so she could run out of the classroom before anyone could talk to her. 

However, Farkle was prepared. He had packed his bags ten minutes before the bell rang. Gearing his non-athletic body to sprint and catch up to her once she left. Surprising himself, he was able to catch up to her with ease.

Without hesitation, Farkle grabbed her wrist, noticing instantly how thin it was. He looked up at her, and she looked down at the ground. Watching as the crowd moved around them with grumbles, he led her to the back staircase where they usually did homework together after school.

When they stopped, he watched as a nostalgic smile appeared on her face, “God,” she whispered a slight bitterness under it. “I haven’t been here in so long.”

Staring at her confused, Farkle stuttered a bit, “I, uh, I know. You stopped showing up weeks ago, so I stopped going too.”

“Why?” she asked him, “You did homework here before I ever came along.”

He let go of her wrist and she hesitantly let it drop to her side. “It wasn’t the same,” he answered simply and Riley let her mouth hang open in guilt. 

He moved to sit down and she followed suit, sitting down next to him so that their hold left and right sides touched at every point.

“Are you okay?” he asked her suddenly, still staring ahead.

She opened her mouth to answer but shut it as a teacher walked past them. Awkwardly, she let a silence come over them that was longer than necessary.

“I can’t tell you.”

Farkle nodded his head, and put his hand on top of hers. “I’m here whenever you’re ready.”

She scoffed shaking her head, “Really? Because people say that and they don’t mean it.”

He leaned in and kissed her cheek for comfort, “I do.”




To Riley’s surprise, Farkle stayed true to his word. He hung around closer though. He encouraged her to go out with Lucas, Zay and Maya and when she didn’t talk and felt like an outsider, Farkle held onto her so she wouldn’t float away. He never pushed her too hard when she had to abruptly leave and when she broke down crying without any context, he wrapped in his arms and shook her back and forth whispering comforting words into her ears and singing her favorite songs. 

“Please don’t let me drift off the Earth,” she told him between sobs.

He held her tighter in response and mumbled in her ear, “Never, I promise.”




“I have to go,” she said abruptly while they were studying one day in the back staircase like they had always done.

“Oh okay,” he told her, helping her pack up and handing her the water bottle she was drinking once she was done. She was about to walk downstairs when she turned to him, not saying anything but just staring.

“You okay, Matthews?” he asked her.

She nodded and held out her hand, “Come with me,” she offered. 

Farkle took her hand hesitantly but stood up. He tilted his head, “Are you sure, Riley? Because I don’t mind not knowing, honest. Whatever you want–”

“I’m sure, Farkle,” she confirmed with a smile.

Still unsure, he slipped his hand into hers, flinching at the coldness as Riley reveled in the new found warmness. He held tight but Riley held tighter and he could tell from the slight shaking that she was nervous. She was scared to let him see what was really happening. So he brushed his thumb over the back of her hand as they walked down the stairs. In return, she let out a relieved breath and turning to him, she kissed his cheek, her chapped lips scratching his skin lightly but as she blushed, Farkle couldn’t help but smile.

They reached the front of the school together, still hand in hand. Cory waited for them in the car as Riley and Farkle got in he asked her the same question Farkle had, “You sure?”

“Yeah, I am.”




They pulled up to the hospital and Riley got out of the car pulling Farkle with her. He almost tripped, not looking where he was going because he was so focused on where they were. And suddenly, it clicked in his mind. Why she wouldn’t tell them what was happening. She was scared. She was nervous, she felt alone and she didn’t want to change it.

He pulled Riley back to him, “You know I would’ve been there for you.”

She bit her lip and looked away to the left of him, “But to what extent?” she asked.

“All of them!” he half-yelled. “Every single one of those exceptions you’ll think of that make it seem like I’ll leave, is wrong. I’m here for the long haul.”

“I’m dying, Farkle. The long haul won’t be pretty,” she told him honestly, holding his hand to give her comfort. 

“Hey,” he said, trying to catch her attention. She looked up at him, her doe eyes sad and scared. “It doesn’t have to be in order to make me stay.” She smiled and squeezed his hand. “Come on, let’s go. Lead the way.”

He began to lead them both into the hospital despite not knowing where they were going. Riley stopped before they went inside, holding the sliding doors open, “Thank you, Farkle.”

“Thank you, for trusting me,” he told her honestly.

“Okay, I’m good. Are you going to be okay?”

“Don’t worry about me.”

“Fat chance,” she teased. 




It turned into just them most of the time. They would be each other’s partners in class and when Riley got dismissed for another consultation, Farkle would be dismissed too.They never spoke of their growing feelings because they knew in a situation such as theirs, the chance of success was low and slowly deteriorating. 

Weird things that would make others confused just made sense to them. Sometimes Riley would sneak into Farkle’s room in the middle of the night and he would wake up with his arms around her. They would read stories to each other when they got bored and sometimes they would kiss each others cheeks. Together they convinced themselves it was platonic, alone they knew it was more.

But Riley got worse, and Farkle got more protective. And when no one could help but tell Maya, Lucas and Zay, no one would leave her alone. They hovered and they crowded and Riley felt more like a loner than she had felt like in a long time. But when they left at night and Farkle stayed despite the homework he had to complete and the commitments he had, she couldn’t help but feel better.

And for all the ups that had came across time, there were just as many downs. If not more.




Farkle will tells his kids about her. About the girl with the brown hair and the heart of gold. Of the hope she radiated and the kindness she gave to everyone. He will tell them about their life together. About the jokes they told in first grade, about the stargazing they did. He will tell them about how she got worse, about how he almost lost her day after day. He will tell them about her and their love. And they will listen.

And as she watches him talk from the doorway, so will she. 

So, real? - Jensen Ackles x Reader (French Mistake in reverse or something? - Part 2)

Title: So, real?

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word count: 3,452

Warnings: None

Read Part 1 here!

A/N: Might put this on every chapter like with ‘Oh Westy’ so here we go. I know he is married, and I know he is a real person whatsoever. But for the love of, this is only a story. I didn’t even imagine Jensen as I wrote the way he acted. To be honest I had to correct myself many times as I wrote or was about to write ‘Dean’. And it is not the first time. This also means no hate towards Danneel, after all we all love her I am sure. This is only a story.

“Mommy? Daddy?” her little voice was heard and your head snapped to her direction. She only stood there, holding with her one hand her teddy bear that seemed even bigger than her own self while she rubbed her eyes tiredly with the other one.

“Morning princess” Jensen smiled brightly while what you could only do was stare with almost wide eyes. Your heart hammered in your chest.

“Did we wake you up?” he asked a little concerned as the sound of her small bare feet on the floor could be heard.

“No” she said with a small shake of her head, her small blonde locks moving as well “But I got hungry” she said with a small pout of her lips.

You only stared in awe. How could you even utter a single word at this?

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