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100 Dollars

Justin’s texts in bold. Yours are normal. You’ve been texting this guy for a while now and little do you know that your actually texting THE Justin Bieber.

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Are we ever ever going to meet?

Not yet

Why not?

My mom doesn’t let me

What? Justin your a grown ass man that’s a lie.

Alright fine. You got me I’m actually 12

I knew it since the beginning, you know


No but seriously why not?

Can we not do this right now, I’m eating out with my friends for my birthday.
I’m just not ready.

But we’ve been texting for 7 months, what do you mean your not ready?

I just don’t wanna meet you yet
It’ll change everything

Hell yeah it will!
It’ll be so freaking fun!

No Y/N not like that
I mean in a bad way
You’ll treat me differently

100 dollars says I won’t

Don’t make that bet unless you have a hundred to spare

…If you didn’t wanna meet me you could have just said so

No Y/N it’s not like that
Cmon don’t be like this

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With a loud and agitated sigh, I shut my phone off and threw it down on my white bed sheets besides me. I’m beginning to get sick of Justin’s excuses - they’re beginning to make me a little claustrophobic. I need a break. 

With yet another loud sigh and the rub of my face, I decided It was time I actually left the house and began my decent down the stairs, into the kitchen where my mother stood wiping the marble bench top.

Not having the energy to converse with her at this moment, I grabbed the keys right off the exact bench she was currently rubbing at and made a dash for the door. “I’m leaving.” I informed her on my way out.

“Alright sweetie!” Mom replied with no fuss and at the approving comment, I was out the door.

I need something to get my mind off things. Just me. No phone, no parents and no Justin. Quickly darted out the house and towards my new white Range Rover which my father bought for my birthday that just passed recently.

As I settled inside and switched on the ignition, I sat for a second debating on where I should go and escape the rest of the day  and at the thought, my stomach made a loud gurgling noise. Guess I’m going out to eat.

With no hesitation, I finally mustered up the perfect place to go and began backing up out of the driveway, beginning my decent down towards a close friend of mine’s shop. Cassy owns a big fancy restaurant down the road from me and always gives me discounts on my food. 

The people there despise me considering I always rock up in sweat pants and an Adidas shirt while they all practically parade around in designer dresses and expensive pearls.

Once I arrived, I jumped out of my car and threw the keys to the valet employee. I don’t know why but every time I come here I seem to act like queen shit. It’s honestly kind of hilarious.

I stepped through the large, grand restaurant doors and not even a few seconds later was immediately greeted by Cassy herself, running forward towards me. “Oh my god Y/N, it’s been so long. C'mon lets get you seated.”

With a smile, I obliged to following the girl over towards a table for two draped elegantly in a creme cloth that was decorated with a few flowers and fine cutlery. I placed myself on one side, Cassy seating herself on the other. 

She always accompanied me when I come to eat here, it was our little thing. With the flick of her fingers, a waiter came over and took our orders, then left once we were done.

Suddenly she sat right up, a face full of excitement. “You came on the right day my girl.” She smiled and I furrowed my eyebrows at her enthusiasm. 

“Why, what happened?” I chuckled. 

“Alright,” Cassy began “ Don’t freak out but, guess who made a reservation and is sitting in this restaurant right now?” She squealed

My head quickly jolted up as I glanced around the restaurant. Then my eyes landed on a boy sitting a little further away with a group of people and a rush of adrenaline ran through my body. Justin Bieber! He was my idle though for some reason, I didn’t find myself jumping for joy as I expected too.

“No way.” I whisper shouted. Cassy giggled “Yes way. Apparently today’s his birthday or something.”

Hm, that’s funny. It’s also my friend Justin’s birthday.

“Cool.” I mumbled, turning my head away.

“You should go and talk to him.” Casst smiled but overall I just shrugged “Nah, I wouldn’t wanna disturb him on his birthday. He’s probably just trying to enjoy a nice lunch.”

“Suit yourself.” She shrugged.

It was silent between us for a moment until I decided to stand up and said “I’m going to the restroom.”

An approving hum was sung from Cassy and I found myself strutting my way over to the restroom afterwards. It was a unisex toilet meaning there was a mixture of men and woman in here, but nothing really other than a few old posh white folks who were eyeing me wearily for my fashion choice.

I ignored the stares and found my way into a stall, did my business and walked over to the sinks. By then, everyone else had left the bathrooms and I was found pumping some soap from the dispenser in my hands alone. Just then the door opened.

I looked up into the mirror and spotted Justin Bieber himself walking into the room. He wore nothing but a pair of baggy jeans and loose white fitted T. His hair messily flipped over his forehead and tattoos on full display. 

That’s a bold move to pull in a restaurant like this, the oldies hated any inked skin and tended to gossip. But I liked his confidence, kind of like myself.

 I smiled small at him before applying my concentration back on my own hands.

He walked forward over to the sink beside me and began running a hand through his long blonde hair and I watched in awe as his fingers played around with his locks, not realising that I had been staring for a little to long.

He cleared his throat loudly, causing my eyes to dart down to his. “Oh um, sorry.” I muttered to which he chuckled.

 "Nah it’s alright. People tend to stare a lot.“ He shrugged

I turned off the faucet of the gold sink and moved over to grab some paper towels to dry my hands. "Must suck.”

“Yeah.” He replied straightening himself out. Silence overcame the surrounding air for a second as we continued on with our own things, until he suddenly spoke again. “I like you’re style. You do it on purpose?” He smirked. 

I knew what he was getting at. The fact that I had actually had the guts to appear in a place of displayed wealth, dressed like this. You wouldn’t do it unless you were trying to piss off the rich people who dined here. He knew too well, because it was obvious he was doing the same.

“You know it.” I nodded. “Its hilarious to see the snobby faces when you walk in. The scowls are priceless.” 

He chuckled. “Yeah, I know right?” he agreed.

“I mean, you would know.” I pointed out, glaring back at his outfit.

Justin laughed, glancing down at his choice of clothes and shook his head in humour. “I’ll have you know these jeans are designer.” He teased. 

“I’m wearing designer too.” I nodded. “I’m actually wearing Calvin Klein underwear.” I giggled. “That’s as designer as your gonna get with me.” 

Justin actually laughed at this, a full blown loud laugh, unlike the chuckles he displayed previously. I giggled along with him snapping the waist band of my underwear to prove my point.

Justin shook his head, finally letting down, and I stepped forward smiling at the handsome man.

“Well, I better go, my friends waiting for me.” I began my way over towards the door but was suddenly held back by a loud … 

“Wait!” He yelled. I stopped. “I didn’t catch you name.” He continued.

I smirked, glancing at him one more time, with one hand on the door. “ I think we both know you already know that.”

And with that, I left him in the bathroom, standing there in shock.

That’s right Justin. I caught on.


“I better get back to work.” Cassy sighed.

“Yeah, well, I’m done anyways. So I’m gonna leave. Thanks Cass.”

Cassy nodded. “No problems. I’ll see ya later.” She waved. I watched as she made her way into the kitchen, yelling at a few of her employees who were slacking off on the way.

I sighed in exhaustion and waved a hand over to my waiter, who slowly and carelessly made his way over to my table “Yes madam, what may I get you?”

“My tab please.” I smiled.

The man began shuffling through some papers in his hands before turning back to me, eyebrows raised in slight surprise.  "You’re clear.“ he announced. 

But I furrowed my eyebrows. "What? But I haven’t payed yet.”

“Curtesy of the man that goes by the name of Justin Bieber. He asked to put your tab on his.”

My eyes winded in slight shock and confusion but couldn’t help the smile that set across my face. 

That sneaky bastard. 

Justin’s POV

It’s her. It’s really Y/N. She’s so much prettier in person. We’ve been talking for so long and I just couldn’t believe she was actually here in front of me. She knew who I was and didn’t freak out.

I carefully watched as she conversed with the waiter for a little before getting up and walking out of the restaurant, sparing me a glance along the way. She sent me a small wink before exiting the restaurant.

“Jay?” I snapped my head up to look back at Hailey who had been apparently yelling my name.

“Hmm?” I asked.

“Why are you staring at that girl. Stop being a creep and eat.” She demanded.

I chuckled slightly, turning back around to dig into my meal once again. I’ll text Y/N later and figure out what the hell just happened. I want to ask her when she figured it out.

That’s when suddenly, the same waiter who was serving Y/N began making his way over to me. “Mr Bieber, you have a note from the women sitting opposing. I believe her name was Y/N Y/L/N.”

He handed me the note which I cautiously took from his hand and watched as he walked off further into the restaurant.

With curious eyes and cautious hands, I slowly pulled at the folded note and took a peek at the 5 words sprawled across. And subconsciously, a large smile found it way onto my face at the words. 

‘You owe me 100 dollars. - Y/N.’

“Troop Leader” Part 1

Request: I’d love one where the reader is Starks little girl but in her early 20s. She’s a Girl Scout troop leader and brings her girls to the tower to set up their cookie stand in the lobby. Bucky keeps sneaking down there and buys cookies from them and winking and flirting at her making the little girls giggle at them.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: fluff central

Word Count: 892

A/N: this request made me smile so much! hope you enjoy, please leave feedback. my requests and taglist are open. I have one request left after this. let me know what else you want me to write. 

Troop Leader Masterlist

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“Dad, remember I’m bringing my troops to meet everyone today. Please keep anything dangerous locked away. I don’t want to have to explain to parents as to why all their little girl’s eyebrows were burned off. Make sure the entire team is there. The whole point of today is for the troops to learn about leadership. Everyone needs to be there. Got it? And we’re setting up the cookie stand in your lobby. Please buy some boxes.” You left yet another voicemail for your father.

Today, you were supposed to bringing your girl scout troop to the tower to sell cookies, but they were all going to earn their leadership patches by going. Troop 159 did sell the most cookies out of all the troops in Manhattan, but it was all thanks to you, Y/N Stark. People just automatically want to buy cookies from a famous man’s daughter. It’s just the way the world works.  

All week you had been leaving the same message for him, but he would never pick up the phone or call you back. He was probably holed away in his lab, or avoiding Bucky Barnes. Sure, he might’ve killed your grandparents, but you didn’t blame him. You knew it wasn’t his fault. You had been through the same experience with Loki. He used his staff to brainwash you and he forced you to do terrible things. In a way, you understood Bucky, even though you had never met him.

 Standing outside of Avengers Tower, you were really hoping your dad had at least listened to the voicemails. With sweating palms, you lead your troops inside. The lobby was empty except for a few folding tables. Good, he had heard them.

“Alright girls, let’s set everything up. Then I will see if everyone is available to come down.”

The girls got to work and you went to Tiffany, the receptionist.

“Can you call my dad and see if everyone’s ready. Tell him the girls are set up and ready to meet everyone.” With a roll of her eyes, she got the phone and called to Tony.  

“They will be right down, Ms. Stark.”

You nodded your thanks and went to go check up on the girls, but they already had a customer. You hadn’t noticed anyone come in. All you saw was his back, and it was a hot back. You made your way around the table to stand with your girls. Before you could get a good look at him, you heard your fathers voice.

“Y/N! You’re here! It’s been so long! I see you’ve already met Barnes.” You froze in your spot. Bucky Barnes was the man standing behind you. He spoke up before you could say anything,

“well, I haven’t really had the chance to introduce myself. I’m Bucky, and you must be the prettier Stark. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Before you could blink, he had made his way in front of you. His front was definitely much hotter than the back. His eyes were enchanting and that smirk, the fucking smirk. He knew exactly what he was doing.

You slowly took his hand in yours. One of your girls decided to speak for you,

“this is Troop Leader Y/N. She’s the best troop leader we’ve ever had!” she exclaimed. Bucky had widened his smile.

“I bet she is. With a pretty face like that She could sell anything.” Your mouth dropped open, and with a wink, Bucky walked passed all the Avengers and into the elevator. You had just enough time to see his biceps flex as he crossed his arms before the doors closed.

Your girls were giggling uncontrollably. That snapped you out of your lovesick haze.

“A-alrighty girls, these are the Avengers. Most of you probably know my father, Tony Stark, and Captain America. Everyone is going to teach you the importance of being a good leader and today you will earn your leadership patches. So, go introduce yourselves and get started!” you told them excitedly. All the girls were beaming. Every one of your scouts loved the Avengers.

With all of them entertained, you sat yourself down in one of the plastic chairs. You felt a tap on your shoulder.

“Hey there Sugar, I realized I didn’t buy anything when I came down. Now, what do you recommend?” you heard your girls giggle again. Everyone was staring at the interaction between you and Bucky. Steve had a smirk on his face. He had never seen his best friend so confident. You could almost see the steam coming out of Tony’s ears, and everyone else was giving off a smirk. It was almost comical how flushed you got around him.

“W-well, my favorites are the Somoas, just because I love coconut, but I also like the Thin Mints. They taste better if you freeze them.” You gave out your short answer.

“Alrighty, Darlin’ I’ll take two of each.”

You handed him the boxes and called over one of your girls to do the transaction, they were the ones supposed to be selling after all.

“thanks, kiddo. I’ll be back down to see your pretty troop leader again. By Y/N/N.” and again he disappeared.

“Ms. Y/N, he’s cute!” one little girl told you.

“I know, Sweetie, I know.” You sighed out.

James Barnes was going to be the death of you.

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Damon Salvatore - It Was Always You

You’ve always felt something more than friendship towards Damon Salvatore, but you felt like he was always so busy pining after Elena that he wouldn’t even notice you. Yourself and Damon get the chance to spend the day together and it’s so much fun, but you weren’t expecting the day to take the turn that it did.

Damon x Fem!Reader

Warning: Mentions of alcohol

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Detention - Theo Raeken

Requested by @ayee-styleHi!Can u do one with Theo and the reader where the 2 of them have this tension and everyone knows it.but both of them has had a heated kiss b4 and a few days after she sees Theo with Tracey being too friendly towards each other then the reader gets angry but doesnt want to lose her pride so she pretends like she doesn’t care.You can end it how u feel is bestANYWAYS idk if there is something out there like this request but if there is and u choose not to write it can u give me some links?Thx ily!

Word Count: 3,977

Proofread: No

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: Okay, so this came out longer than I planned because I couldn’t help myself with all the flirting and then fluff. I love a fluffy Theo, haha. Also, I changed it up a little bit, I hope you don’t mind.

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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I looked up from my textbook to see Theo walking in the library. It was like a scene from one of the many rom-com movies I’ve seen where everything suddenly seemed to go in slow motion as my heartbeat increased by the second. He didn’t have a backpack or any books on his hands, clearly he not prepared to be at the library. Yet, he somehow made that look cool and it made him seem like such a bad boy.

Theo walked up to the circulation desk and talked to the librarian, Mrs. Walker. It’s moments like this where I wished I had werewolf hearing to find out why he was here. He seemed so intrigued by the young librarian. Sadly, our librarian wasn’t some old lady with a full head of white hair. She wore huge, ugly bifocal framed glasses with a pretty jewel chain around her neck incase her glasses fell.

Nope. Our librarian was young and hot. She was slim, wore high heels with her tight pencil skirts. She had long dirty blonde hair and she styled it with beautiful, big waves or tied it back in a high ponytail. She made either look absolutely flawless, along with her make-up. When I grow up, I wanted to be just like her, the woman the guys couldn’t keep their eyes off of.

My eyes flickered back to Theo. He was wearing tight black jeans, a white V-neck shirt underneath his grey hoodie. It was a causal outfit and it showed off his amazing fit figure. I closed my legs together as I began to wonder what he must look like shirtless. I imagine his chest broad and tight with washboard abs, the kind you can’t keep your hands off of.

I felt my eyes ready to pop out as Theo turned around and locked eyes with mine. I quickly looked down at my textbook, hoping the ground would swallow me whole since I was clearly busted from admiring him.

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Bathtub || Cody Christian Imagine

Cody Allen Christian x Reader 

Requested - No

Warnings - FLUFF!!

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I was sitting in the bathtub in utter silence as i keep recalling all the hate comments on my social media accounts. I didn’t go looking for them i was just looking at the nice comments people posted congratulating me,since Cody recently proposed to me while we were abroad. Since Cody had finished all the filming for last 10 episodes of Teen Wolf since its sadly coming to an end, he know had plenty of time for me and him to spend together. In that space of time he surprised me on a date with plane tickets to Paris,France.

Me and Cody started dating a year after he joined PLL , i was playing a new character who just moved into Rosewood since her parents got a divorce because they’re love faded away. This made me have a love interest with Mike since he was basically going through the same thing since his dad started seeing someone else behind his mother’s back. 

Since then my life has been amazing Cody has been nothing but kind hearted, sweet and loving. Yes, we might have are arguments then and now but over big matters not small worthless matters. Cody and mine fans have been so supportive and some not but we cant make everyone happy i guess.

But ever since we announced that Cody proposed to me and that i said “yes” the hate comments seem to be growing in size like they just came out of hibernation all at once.Cody didn’t know about this since hes been going out to gym lately and not focusing on social media. 

I was crying in the bath remembering those dreadful comments. Suddenly i heard the door being unlocked knowing whose about to enter the apartment i quickly wipe my tears away like they never existed.

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Out of My League // {Brett Talbot Imagine}

Out of My League // {Brett Talbot x Reader}

Summary: The reader has a crush on Brett who is extremely popular and way out of her league, she consults her best friend which is considered very popular even though the reader is very shy and tends to avoid different social gatherings.. After their talk things start up with Brett.

A/N: Lately I have been loving Brett and I will probably post a couple of sweet and romantic imagines including him.

Warnings: Recollection of Body Insecurities.


She was always the cute one,

The one that always admired everything from the side wondering how it feels like,

She was the one that always imagined what it is being loved, being social but panicked when it happens in reality,

She never had luck with boys, She wanted someone to love her but was to shy to even say a word to anyone.

Although she was extremely beautiful;

inside and out,

She was never accepting of herself.

She always felt like every girl in the room was prettier than her,

Like she wasn’t enough.

She was always shy,

Watching from the side but never in the middle,

Listning to the conversations but never speaking,

Keeping everything to herself as if it didn’t matter to anyone how she felt.

But opposing to you was your best friend,

She was very popular, probably the most popular girl in your grade,

She was gorgeous, outgoing,

You two had a bond like no other, she knew everything about you, and you knew her.

But you had a problem, you had a crush.

Not too long ago you had fallen in love with a boy, but nothing happened. It broke your heart and you didn’t know how you could possibly fall in love again.

But now you had a new crush, Brett Talbot.

You hated yourself for crushing on him,

Aside from him being extremely close to Y/B/F/N he was also extremely popular, the captain of the lacrosse team, talking to everybody and being friends with everyone, especially girls.

You kept this to your self, not telling a soul beside one of your friends who found out, not even Y/B/F/N knew.

You tried your best getting over him,

Trying to convince yourself he has something with someone else,

That he doesn’t like you,

But nothing worked.


It was a normal day at school,

You wore a pair of skin tight medium dark jeans and a fitted black t-shirt with a blue and white flannel.

You were at your locker taking out some books for your next class,

Y/B/F/N and Y/F/N come up to you.

“Heyy” They both said hugging you and you hugged them back.

“Girls night at 8,You’re coming” your best friend said with a smile plastered on her face.

“I see I don’t have a choice” You said sarcastically.

“You’re right, You don’t. See you at 8” Your best friend said giving you a peck on the cheek and going her way to her next class leaving you and your friend alone.

You suddenly spotted Brett leaning against the lockers a couple feet from you two,

You turned your eyes to him as he looked towards your way, You quickly turned your focus back to your locker.

“Still not over him?” Your friend asked.


“Then go talk to him”

“Yeah right cause I’ll do that”


“Girls I have an Idea!” One of your friends said in a excited tone.

It was you, your best friend and five more girls,

You all were some sort of pack but you still had a slight isolated feeling from all of them.

“We should do a question round!”

You all agreed and sat in a circle.

“Okay, so each girl has a turn to ask a question and all of the girls have to answer it”

“Y/B/F/N you ask first since you have the best questions” One of your friends insisted.

“Fine, umm.. Lets see.

Okay, Is there someone you have been interested in lately?”

The girls answered the question each in their turn until it was your turn;

“Umm maybe..” You said avoiding eye contact.

Your best friend had a confused look on her face as if she had no clue what you were talking about.

“What do you mean?” She asked in a slight aggressive tone.

“You didn’t tell her?” Your friend elbowed your rib catching your attention.

“Tell me what?”

“I’ll explain in private” You said taking your best friend to bathroom and locking the door behind you so you could talk alone.

“Y/N whats going on?”

“Well you remember how I told you that for some reason I always need to have crush on someone right?”


“So after I got over H/N I have a new crush on someone but I haven’t found the right time to tell you who it is and to be honest I don’t even have enough confidence to say his name out loud.”

“Then am I supposed to guess?”

“Well yes but I will give you a clue.. He’s completely and totally out of my league







“Come on Y/N  just tell me”

“I’ll give you a better clue, He’s one of your best friends”

“Is it Liam?”



“Maybe" You said quietly as you picked on your nails avoiding eye contact.

“Are you serious? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Cause its never going to happen” You said slightly raising your voice.

“He’s friends with so many girls who are so much more social and way prettier than me,

I barely know him and he is so popular, why would he even notice a girl like me”

“If I must say you two look like you would fit each other”

“Don’t say that”


“Cause it won’t happen, he doesn’t even know who I am and even if he does I am way to shy to even look at him”

“Fine, But you need to tell me these things.

I’m your best friend, I’m supposed to be here for you no matter what”

You both got up and hugged and went back out to your friends.

“Did you tell her?” Your friend tugged on your arm.



“And that it”


It has been a week since that girls night and you were in your chemistry class,

One of the few classes you shared with Brett.

You were focused on your work as you felt this weird feeling, as if someone was watching you.

You lift your head up and turn your focus to the back of the classroom to catch Brett looking t you and turning his head as soon as you catch him.

“It’s just a incident” You thought to your self.

Chemistry was over and you met up with Your best friend for lunch.

As you were eating your focus turns to Brett.

The way his shirt fit him tightly on his toned muscles,

How parts of his hair fell upon his face.

But you then realised the girls he’s with.

A second before you turn back to the conversation you had with Y/B/F/N Brett suddenly looks at you, giving you a small wink.

You smile and turn your head back to your best friend, you feel you cheeks boiling and the butterflies in your stomach going wild.

“It only a coincidence” You thought trying to calm yourself down.


Its now Math, actually, you enjoyed math and you were good at it, one of the best in your class.

Another reason you enjoyed it was that it was the only class were you sat somewhere near Brett.

It was in the middle of the class and you were bored out of your mind.

You looked at Brett when he suddenly looks back up to you,

You raise one of your brows with a small smirk on your face,

He does the same and winks at you,

You roll your eyes sarcastically while giving him a small smile as you started blushing again.

As a result you two started exchanging different faces of sarcasm and flirting.

“Hes not into you, forget about it” you thought to yourself trying to get the idea of you two out of your head.

He suddenly leans towards you with his oh-so-known smirk smeared across his lips.

“Could you explain this? Im having a hard time understanding” He said in a slight flirtatious tone.

“Sure” You said with a small smile.

“Okay, so basically to find X you need to find the square root of 5 times 7..”

You showed him how to solve the equation but couldn’t help but notice it wasn’t the problem he was looking at, he was looking at you.

“Thanks” He said with the smirk still on his face as he turned back to his seat.

The bell rang and you quickly took your stuff and went to your locker, fortunately it was your last period and you couldn’t wait to put in your earphones and just walk home.

You close your locker as Brett suddenly appears leaning on it;

“Hey, I was wondering if you would like to walk home together” He asked.

“Sure, Why not” You said starting to blush, you were freaking out on the inside, why would he ask you to walk home? why is he suddenly trying to get your attention?

You two walked out the gate and started walking down a quiet street near the school.

“So I’ve been talking to Y/B/F/N lately..” He stated

“Oh my gosh” You mumbled under your breath.

“And what did she say?” You asked in a slightly insecure tone.

“Well, I’ll ask you first.

Do you like me?“

You were surprised by his question, it completely threw you off guard.

“I’m gonna kill her” you said sarcastically with an irritated look on your face.

“I hope you answer is a yes cause I really like Y/N”

You had a shocked look on your face, you couldn’t believe Brett Talbot just said that to you.

“YOU like ME?” You asked still quite shocked.

“Yeah, I mean you’re beautiful and your smile is just amazing.

I wanted to talk to you after Y/B/F/N told me what you said because you are always so shy and quite I couldn’t have know if you liked me”

“Well then I guess I do” You said trying to avoid eye contact with him.

“But why me? I mean, You’re so popular and you are friends with so many girls who are so much more prettier than me and way more social, and we never even had a conversation before”

“You caught my eye, don’t underestimate yourself. You are so beautiful and probably more than most of the girls I talk to, I can tell you that you are so much hotter than you think you are. I hear the guys talking about you every once in a while after practice”

At this point you really started blushing.

“How about this, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7:30?”

“I’d love that”


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The Rogue [Grayson] Part Two

Summary: Being the little sister of a cartel leader is hard. Your skills are put to the test when you’re forced to go undercover and destroy one of the country’s most dangerous cartels, The Rogue. What you weren’t planning on, was to get involved with their leader.
Word Count: 2,064
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, abuse, death, sexual intercourse, cussing.
A/N: This series will kick off soon and I swear it’s gonna be an emotional roller-coaster. Strap yourselves, you’re in for quite a ride. Thanks for the love so far, let me know what you thought of this part. Love you, my babies xx

The Rogue Masterlist.

You didn’t know for how long you walked, but you eventually made it to an area where there was life. People were hanging around in a room, similar to a den that had a pool table, a large flatscreen television and a ping-pong table set up. You let your eyes rake over the area, trying not to sneer at the older guys who looked at you with glints in their eyes, nodding like they approved of what they saw. Natasha walked through, bringing a manicured hand up to push a door open, which it did. It revealed a large kitchen area and it took two seconds for you to realize that every single person that was bustling around, was female.

Jayce nudged you with his shoulder and you almost glared at him, before realizing that you were sneering. You wiped the look off of your face just in time for Natasha to turn around, fingers splayed out by her side like she was repulsed to be even standing in the kitchen. You almost rolled your eyes.

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joining the dots

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❝ you’re always dramatic ❞
❝ be quiet. but, it was like she brought colour into my life, y'know? ❞


THEY SAY THAT WHEN YOU WRITE SOMETHING ON YOUR SKIN, it appears on your soulmates arms.

Your mother told you that and you would occasionally draw on your self and would await a response.

One day, you were doodling random curvy lines on the back of your hand, when something appeared on your left arm.

You watched the black, inky words crawl their way from your arm down to your hand and you watched the first sentence from your soulmate unfold on your arm: stop doing that.

You chuckled slightly at that. Of course the first sentence from your soulmate would be something like that.

Lifting up your leg, you wrote on your thigh: hello soulmate. what’s your name?

‘I’m Damian. Who are you?’ appeared on your forearm and you responded: I’m (Y/N)

And that was that. The two of you would talk for hours, having conversations on your skin. Your mother thought it was cute, that it was romantic or something like that. You were just happy that you had a new friend. And little did you know, somewhere in Wayne Manor, Damian eagerly awaits the next time your words appear on his skin.

Damian is a very closed off individual. He puts up walls around him and refuses to let anyone in. The only people so far who has been able to break down those walls, are Dick Grayson and (Y/N).

He’s not much of a talker, but when he does talk, his words are usually in the form of insults. With (Y/N), however, the words just come to him so easily and feels comfortable talking with them. After all they are soulmates.

Every time you decide to draw on your skin, for whatever reason, Damian enjoys sitting back and watching your art unfold before his eyes. He finds it amazing that you are able to create such beautiful imagery with just a pen. You thought your creations were pretty too, but, he reckoned you were far prettier.

One day, you couldn’t stop drawing all over your skin, and Damian, not wanting to disturb your “creative process”, opted to wear a long-sleeved shirt to dinner to cover up your drawings. Not that he was ashamed of your art, God no, he just didn’t want the rest of his family prying.

The long sleeves worked well enough. No one seemed to notice and dinner was running smoothly. Of course, things don’t usually end up the way they’re supposed to. Bruce couldn’t help but notice the drawings crawling from up his arm down to his hand.

Dick seemed to notice Bruce’s focused gaze was now on the youngest at the table and also notice the ink appearing on his hand.

Like a domino effect, Tim, Jason and even Alfred noticed the markings appearing on Damian’s arm.

Said boy was fully aware of the stares his family was giving him. He was just waiting for one of them speak up.

Jason leaned over to Tim and whispered, “Do you think he just got it?” Though, subtlety doesn’t seem to be Jason’s strong suit as of now, as Damian could hear him, he was just waiting for the right time to speak up.

More hushed words were spoken throughout the course of dinner and the rest of the family were under the impression that he just got his marks.

Eventually, Damian cleared his throat and said, “I can hear you all, by the way. And no need to worry, I already know about my soulmate.”

The whispering stopped immediately and they watched as Damian stood up and excused himself and stalk back to his room. Damian was already itching to tell you about what happened during dinner.

Cursed (pt 4)

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Cat!Yoongi x Reader AU

(A/n) Look at what finally came out of my ass. Sorry for the wait and enjoy <3

“Would you care to fucking give me actual food rather than this shit that actual cats eat?”

You twitch and launch the bag of cat food at the feline lounging on top of your couch.

“If you didn’t like it this whole time why didn’t you say anything?” you scoff, shooting daggers at him in your mind.

When Yoongi had said he couldn’t control when he transformed, he wasn’t lying. It’s been days since he had become human and suddenly switched back to cat form. You’re not sure whether you should be happy or disappointed that it postpones your little first date he promised right before you shoved him away, but it gives you time to let your situation settle in with the fact that your cat was definitely not normal and that you may or may not be having a date with him soon. At least not until he turns back into a human.

Everything seems like it’s normal again with him back in cat form, just that he talks now. So totally not unusual at all.

However you go back to working, your days off passing by, and you have to pay less and less attention to Sug- Yoongi due to the amount of work that piles up on your desk. Maybe that’s why whenever you get home he seems increasingly needier than ever.

“Are you done with work, when’s your next day off?”

You ignore his question, busying yourself with setting a bowl of instant ramyeon before him with rice on the side. Lately you haven’t been able to have an actual dinner and you end up with take out or instant ramyeon packages.

He stares at you, watching you slurp up your noodles with what was supposed to seem like a raised eyebrow.

“What are you doing?” you stop, pointing your chopsticks in the direction of his bowl, “It’ll get cold.”

“I hope you’re preparing yourself for our date, kitten.”

A shiver crawls up your spine, his brown eyes chilly and hardened as he begins to finally eat. It’s silent between you two, no sound besides the slurp of you both devouring the noodles.

Truthfully, you weren’t sure if you were ready for the next time Yoongi would turn back to human. You weren’t sure if you wanted him to fulfill his promises, his promises of a first date and a first kiss.

Your first kiss.

Surely, Yoongi has experience in those kinds of things, be it kissing or… You gulp involuntarily at the thought of him and another woman. Shuddering, you catch the glance that he casts you, but you continue to dwell in your thoughts. With the way he acts, he’s probably already lost his firsts. Meaning, you wouldn’t be his first in anything.

Was that jealousy again?

Why are you jealous over him? Of course a man as good looking and god-like such as Min Yoongi would be able to spend the night with any woman he pleased. You wouldn’t be surprised if you asked him the number of one night stands he’s had and he answers a number at least your age.

“You’re not wrong,” his voice, surprisingly icy and monotonous even, cuts through your thoughts, “But (y/n), the amount of women I’ve slept with shouldn’t determine the kind of date I’m going to take you on. I told you I would take it slow with you, don’t worry your pretty little head about how much sex I’ve had before meeting you.”

There’s something hilarious and odd about a normal looking cat saying something rather spine tingling and cheek flushing. If you ignore the other features and focus solely on his eyes, dark and brooding orbs that seem to glare at you, you could just imagine his human form seated across from you. Him standing to tower over you and–

“I said slow kitten, that doesn’t sound very slow to me.”

Oh my fucking– You drop your head into your palms as he chuckles at your embarrassment. Since when did you begin to speak your mind so often like that? The other day with your friend and now?

“It’s okay, I find it cute.”

“Oh my god please ignore whatever I say!” you groan, ready to bash your head down onto the dinner table.

Dinner ends like that, you clean up the bowls and chopsticks before joining Yoongi in your bedroom. He purrs, body pretty much vibrating with content when he curls up into your side. It’s always been like this when you got busy with work, he got extra cuddly at night when the only quality time he could spend with you was when he was curled up by your side in bed.

Before you drift off to sleep, you could swear you weren’t tripping when something slid around your waist and pulled you into a comforting warmth. You couldn’t care any less whatever it was and continued to be pulled into the embrace of darkness and dreams.

It’s deja vu when you wake up face to face with a sleeping Min Yoongi, not the feline, but the human Yoongi. Thankfully, you guessed he had the decency to pull on some clothes in the middle of the night before totally constricting his arms around your waist and crushing you against his body.

He nuzzles your neck, burying his face in the crook when a sound you assume was a purr rumbled from the back of his throat.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”

You shudder as his lips move languidly against the sensitive skin on your neck, his silvery hair tickling you.

“You’re human,” you gasp, balking at the head of gray nestled into your neck.

He pulls away with a blank look, lips pulled into a firm straight line. His eyes are squinting up at you, eyebrows drawn together and forming creases in between.

“No (y/n), I’m an alien.”

You frown and push his face away when he tries to nestle back into his previous position, effectively pushing him off the bed, “That’s not what I meant you smartass, you’re not in your cat form.”

“Obviously,” he snorts, attempting to crawl back into bed but only to be fended off by the pillow you launch at his face, “Hey, what gives, at least I actually have clothes on.”

Maybe you’d prefer it if his clothes were off— alright satan lets return the wings and halo and get rid of them nasty thoughts.

“You’re going to make me go back to sleep and then I’m going to be late for work!” you whine, pouting at him.

He stares at you blankly, climbing back into bed before clamping his hands over your cheeks until it makes your lips puff out like a fish. Glancing down at your puckered mouth, he lets out a shaky breath and looks you dead in the eye, “Let’s not play anymore games kitten, I might end up spoiling my dessert before dinner can even happen.”

Heat radiates under his palm, your cheeks growing redder and redder the closer he inches towards your face. Somehow, you find the will inside you to place your hands over his chest and push him straight off the bed again. His hands are still cupped over your cheeks, they quickly wrap around your midriff to pull you down with him on the ground.

“Hey! Enough messing around now, I have work.”

“I called in for you,” he says with a mischievous smirk curling at the ends of his mouth, “So go on and prepare yourself for our date.”

This was the day you were dreading for awhile now, ever since he’d told you he was going to take you out on a date and steal the virginity of your lips. With his abrupt transformations, you can’t necessarily say you’re going to ever be prepared for what’s to come during or after this date.

Maybe you should be jumping for joy to be going out on a date with this god-like being, but the anxiety of the unknown seems to one up the excitement.

“Hey, why are you so tense?” Yoongi murmurs in your ear as you both walk along the side, his eyes are focused on something below and you have the urge to ask him what was wrong until his fingers slides across your palm and curls around your hand. When you look up, he’s smiling wide, enough to show his gums, and raises your joined hands to your eye level, “This is a date, loosen up (y/n), you look like someone is out to get your head.”

You sigh, mesmerized by the adoring smile that’s painted across his feature, his eyes curved into half moons. All of this seemed too good to be true, that you were dreaming, that you could never score yourself this kind of guy.

“What are you thinking of?” he suddenly asks, yanking you out of your thoughts and back to admiring the curve of his elated eyes. Yoongi tilts his head, seemingly expecting an answer before beating you to it, “You look beautiful today.”

Blood is crawling across your cheeks as you look down at what you threw on, a simple blouse with a cardigan over it and distressed blue jeans, nothing too special especially when you had a short notice to prepare yourself.

Then again, Yoongi isn’t any different with his ripped jeans and plain black pullover, and black beanie, but he seems to pull off his outfit better than you can. You wonder what he was before getting turned, perhaps a model with his good looks.

But beautiful? You’d laugh out loud right now if you weren’t extremely embarrassed by his compliment. Honestly, you’d say you were far from beautiful, the girls he slept with were probably on a whole other level than you.

“You should learn to not speak your thoughts (y/n),” he speaks up as you both enter the cinema, “And just so you know, you’re much prettier than all of them could ever be.”

His hand leaves yours, a lingering heat that soon disappears and leaves you empty and desiring to take his hand back into yours. You hold yourself back no matter, standing aside as he orders two tickets to a horror movie.

As he pays, you come to think of how he got money in the first place. Your eyes zone in on the wallet in his hands before you blanch.

“Hey you fucking cat, that’s my wallet!” you whisper harshly as he thanks the cashier with a charming smile that makes her swoon.

He shoves the wallet into his back pocket, holding the tickets out to you, “I know, you should really put it somewhere safe or else someone’s gonna pick pocket you again.” There’s a shit eating grin on his face that irritates you, your hand swatting away at his face. He clicks his tongue and takes your offending hand in his, pulling you closer to his side.

“Come on, let’s stop complaining and go watch the movie now.”

The horror movie he’d chosen was one of those cheesy kinds, the usual paranormal kind. You’d like to see it that way, all horror movies being the same, but you can’t when you’re absolutely terrified and the trailers haven’t even finished. You’re pretty much tearing your nails into the velvet of the armrests, teeth gnawing into your bottom lip in fear of the film. You suddenly regret going on this date, you suddenly regret letting him pick out the movie.

You paused, eyes narrowing at the thought, he picked the movie. And since he’s known you ever since you adopted him, as a cat of course, he’s fully aware of your fear of the horror genre.

The little shit.

“You’re a little bitch,” you whisper harshly, glaring at his side profile, his arm propped up and leaning his head on his hand.

“I didn’t hear you complain when I was buying the tickets,” he responds without taking his eyes off the big screen, “It can’t be that bad anyways.”

What a fucking liar, you groan inwardly, desperately trying to tuck yourself further into the cushions of the seat. This is usually the part when girls cling on to their men and bury their faces into their shoulders, but you’re not too sure if you’d have the balls to do so with Yoongi. Maybe he’d laugh his ass off at your girliness, or tease you about your fear, but seriously the blood curdling screams are searing into your ear drums and echoing non stop even after the main character manages to take a breather before the next round of screeching.

It seems like a day has passed by and the movie seems like it isn’t even close to finishing, when you notice that Yoongi hasn’t moved one bit during the film. He hasn’t reacted, jumped, or so much as breathe a single word after he whispered “good luck” when the title screen had appeared.

When you glance over, he’s slumped over and sleeping as though he weren’t on a date and sleeping through a horror movie. As much as you’d like to admire his face, you’re reminded of the irritation that wells up inside and the movie playing in front of you when there’s a loud boom of the background music and the start of another round of screams.

“Did you have a nice sleep?” you grit, refusing to hold his hand as you both wander around the area.

He stares at you for awhile, eyes hooded and seemingly disinterested until he grabs your hand, “It was boring, besides movie dates are too mainstream and the worst to go on, they’re just good for keeping your significant other busy while you doze off.”

“That was just the beginning, let’s go grab something to eat, yeah?”

You insist on avoiding any fancy dining and opt for food stand bought ddeokbokki and a few kebabs upon Yoongi’s insistent request for meat. It’s probably not the most romantic thing you’d expect to eat on a date, but you don’t seem to mind as you find yourselves wandering to a moderately populated park.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Yoongi starts off hesitantly, scratching the back of his neck, “Sorry if this date isn’t what you were expecting since I pretty much am mooching off of your money.. I just wanted to spend some time with you, you been working quite a lot lately…”

You stop eating, mid-bite on a rice cake, before you slowly look at him who’s staring at anywhere but you. His cheeks are glowing, a hue of embarrassment as he glances at you only to look away in a split second when he realizes you’re staring.

“Stop looking at me like that,” he grunts, glaring weakly at you, “I promised you a date, but I fell asleep during the movie and we’re eating food bought from the stands, it’s disappointing.”

Flicking a rice cake in his direction, to which he dodges, you frown, “Don’t worry about it, first dates aren’t always the best, besides we still have until sun down before we head back to make this date last.”

“You sound like we’re never going on another date after this, was it that bad?” he jokes lightly, stuffing his mouth with a piece of meat.

“N-no, that’s not what I meant!” you wave your hands around in defense, “I just.. Well to look on the bright side you know.. This date wasn’t entirely a bummer, we could still salvage it.”

“You’re a great liar,” he mutters sarcastically, placing a bare skewer on the now empty plate of what was ddeokbokki.

“Thanks, I pride myself in telling my blind dates and my friends that the date went well and I might consider seeing them next time,” you muse, laughing lightly, “Obviously you know how that went whenever I ranted to you as a cat.”

“Does this mean I won’t be seeing you again?” he nudges you with his arm, “Good luck avoiding me when the only place I can call home is your apartment.”

You manage a slight smile to meet his gummy one, relishing the silence that soon overtakes the conversation. His hand returns to yours, fingers curling around your own and offering a soft squeeze.

By this time, it’s just past noon, a number of children playing a game of recreational basketball. You both sit back and watch the game progress, Yoongi whispering here and there about moves and positions.

“You know quite a bit about basketball Mr. Min,” you hum, mouth forming an “o” shape in awe when one of the boys score a three-pointer.

He shrugs, something you notice he does with an air of confidence and utter cockiness, “I could show you what I know.”

Right then, you think it might be by coincidence, one of the boys smack the ball out of the other’s hand and it goes rolling until it eventually stops at Yoongi’s foot. He gives a smug look, leaving you with a “be right back” before taking the ball and approaching the children.

From where you sit, you don’t see the Min Yoongi who has been seducing you for the past few weeks, you see the Min Yoongi who seems more like a teenager when he catches a pass and scores a three-pointer.

After a round of high fives amongst his team, he catches your gaze, his eyes warm and elated as he nods at you before continuing the game.

The more time you spend with Yoongi, you seem to uncover even more mysteries about him. Just like an onion, peeling off a layer only to find more lying underneath.

“So, what’d you think?” he asked expectantly, bouncing the ball in his hand. By the time the game was over, the sun was about ready to set and the children were slowly retreating back home.

You looked him up and down, watching him swipe the back of his hand over his glistening forehead. There was a sheen layer of sweat that covered his pale skin, his pullover having been taken off during the game to reveal a black tee underneath that’s currently clinging to his skin.

Making a mock face of disgust, you shoo him away jokingly, “Well, you’re really sweaty, I’ll tell you that.”

“I’m not talking about my sweat,” he grins, “I’m talking about my basketball skills, though I can surely list you a few things I’m even more skilled at.” His eyes briefly glance downward at your lips, and you flush, catching his innuendo before smacking his arm.

“Why don’t you show me then, huh,” you counter, unaware of the meaning of your words when he grabs your hands and pulls you against him. There’s a teasing smirk that curls along his lips as he leans over and whispers, “Gladly, if you beg for it.”

“N-not like that!” you exclaim when it dawns on you the path this conversation has gone.

Seriously, this guy turns from squishy little basketball player to sex fiend in a matter of seconds.

“I’m kidding,” he grins, that adorable gummy smile accompanied by his pearly whites, “So how about it? My skills.” He spins the basketball on his index finger, dribbling the ball through his legs.

You smack the ball out of his hands, taking it and running across the court.

“Hey! That’s traveling!” he complains.

You shoot hastily and the ball bounces off the backboard. “Nice try kitten,” he snorts, catching you from behind, his arms sliding around your waist and pulling you against him.

“Hey, you’re sweaty!”

He pulls away, leaving you wanting to feel him against your back once more, to chase after the ball. Returning, he motions for you to watch as he casually shoots a perfect free throw.

“Should I show you how to shoot a basket?”

You scoff and shrug off his prying hands, taking the basketball and shooting a free throw. Once it makes it through the hoop, you give him a smirk, “I’m not all brains and textbooks Mr. Min, I was a big sports student back in high school.”

“Shall we put your skills to test then? Half court?”

You find the smug smirk on his face irritating, it feels like high school all over again when you treated physical education as the olympics, the familiar spark of determination and competitiveness coursing under your skin when he checks you the ball. He claims it’s only fair that he let you have the ball first, instead you chuck it at his head with a frown.

By the time it grows dark and the moon has replaced the vibrant sun, you’re both heaving eagerly for air, muscles crying for a break. Yoongi has the ball, keeping it on the side away from you.

He fakes to your left and rushes to your right, but you catch him. The ball goes flying out of his hand and you both share a brief look before the race to the basketball begins.

Maybe he’s tired, or he’s taking it easy on you, or possibly because he’s actually legitimately slower at sprinting than you, but you’re a second faster than Yoongi. The ball is in your hands and you’re in position to shoot. When you’re about to let the ball fly, there’s an impact against you from behind, arms wrapping around your middle to whip you around and off the ground.

You still shoot, albeit screaming like a banshee at his sudden attack, and the ball bounces off the rim.

“Hey you cheater!”

“Cheater?” he scoffs, setting your feet back on the ground, however his arms remain around you, his body flush against yours with his face buried into the junction of your neck and shoulder, “I think you’re the cheater here.”

The pressure increases, his hold growing stronger to keep you from escaping. The realization of your position has your cheeks flaring, the tips of your ears burning.

“I-it’s getting late, we should head back now.”

When you try to pry his arms off, he only tightens his hold, “Wait.”

“I have a question.”

You pause, letting your arms fall limp and accepting defeat.

“Were you disappointed with this date?” he asks shyly, “Having a bountiful experience in bed doesn’t mean I’m going to know how to take you out, you’re not like those women.”

You smile softly, even though he couldn’t see it.

“I had fun today.. I got to play basketball with the most talented basketball player I’ve ever seen.”

“Besides, it’s a nice change of scene after the many dates I’ve had at some fancy restaurant.”

When you turn to look at him, his eyes are sparkling, be it from the moonlight or the feeling of triumph that you enjoyed your date.

Blushing, you turn away, “L-let’s go home then if your question has be answered.”

He tries talking to you along the way on your journey home, but you ignore him and opt to hold his hand in silence. There’s nothing wrong, you’re not mad, maybe embarrassed, but you’re just anxious. The day is almost over and he hasn’t stolen your lips yet.

You’re practically waiting for it by now, anticipating the softness of his mouth caressing yours, his hands finding your cheeks and holding you in place. You shake your head of such thoughts, catching a curious glance from your date before you speed walk the rest of the way to your apartment.

“U-um.. thanks for today, I sincerely had fun today.”

If this were like any other date, you’d guess this is the part where the guy walks the girl to her front door, and before she goes inside he snatches that goodnight kiss. They lock lips, the girl raises her foot and the protective father opens the door and interrupts their sweet little moment.

Then again, you’ve never experienced that before with your many blind dates, and Yoongi was pretty much living with you.

You have to admit that, today, it might not have been so perfect, but you’ve gotten to know more about the species named Min Yoongi. You’ve come to know that he has an obsession with meat, he will sleep anywhere, and he’s amazing at basketball. This day was productive, in getting to know more about the subject of your attraction.

Inside the confinement of your apartment, you’ve retreated from Yoongi’s firm hold on your hand and busy yourself with removing your shoes.

“W-well, um I’m gonna go wash up first.. We’re kind of sweaty,” you laugh weakly, turning away to race towards your bedroom until he reaches out.

You’re yanked back, face first, into his chest, his hands claiming their place on your hips. You don’t dare to look up, you can already see the sly smirk curling one side of his mouth in your peripheral vision.

“I think you’re forgetting something, (y/n).”

Fuck. The pad of his index finger glides over your lips, his eyes focusing solely on them as he bites on his own. His expression grows soft, dark eyes glancing up before returning to your mouth.

Your heart is beating rapidly in your chest, thumping loudly in your ears, your cheeks flushing as his nose meets yours the closer he gets.

“A-and what is it exactly that I’m forgetting?” you stammer, knowing full damn well what he was thinking of. You gulp as he looks at you from underneath the curtain of his eyelashes, lips parted as his tongue swipes over his bottom lip.

By now you can feel his breath fan over your mouth.

By now you could just take the initiative and lean in to close what centimeter is left of the distance.

By now you’re ready to taste Min Yoongi.

Your fingers slide up the thin fabric of his black shirt, clutching onto his shoulders as you close your eyes.

This was it. He was going to take your first kiss.

“You’re forgetting the most important part of the date.” His voice is something lower than a whisper. If others were in the room, they probably wouldn’t have even heard it. It’s airy and husky, his voice low and velvety.

“May I?”

Wild Stripes - Taeyong

The world was full of surprises and possibilities. 24 hours , 1440 minutes, 86400 seconds in a day. Anything could happen any day, any time. Which was why I was now making my way into the Golden Dolphin hybrid shop.

The shop was cute and quaint with the soft pastel blue walls and orange interior to compliment. The front desk had a door leading to the back where all the hybrids were kept. Cats, dogs, squirrels, rabbits, bears, you want it they have it.

“Hi there! You here looking for a hybrid?” A young bubbly girl chirped happily, eyes sparkling in delight.

I smiled widely at her happiness and nodded in reply and in return I got a squeal of happiness and she clapped before motioning me to follow her back.

“So what type of hybrid are you looking for? Dog, cat, iguana?” She asked as we began to walk past the glass wall separating us from the many many hybrids.

“Not any type in particular, just so one who’s friendly and sweet would work for me.” My eyes scanned the hybrids on the other side of the glass. A puppy pile was forming in the center of the room, the rambunctious squirrels jumping from the furniture, the cats were perched atop the tallest structure analyzing the other hybrids carefully. They were all beautiful and oh so adorable but one seemingly caught my eye.

He had a head of black messy hair and resting from the locks were two fluffy white ear perked straight up with a single stripe running up them. He sat atop what seemed to be the cat tower, feline brown eyes watching. Next to him his white and black striped tail lazily swooshed left and right, hanging from the tower slightly. He sat tall and proud - almost like he was the ring leader of the clan.

The girl must’ve noticed my gaze on him and she smiled lightly as she saw the awed expression on my face. “That’s Taeyong, a tiger hybrid. Would you like to meet him?”

I turned to her, eyes sparkling. “Can I?” I whispered and she nodded happily.

“Follow me.” I did as I was told and matched pace behind her.

My heart was pounding out of nerves. Each step we took, brought me closer to meeting the fascinating hybrid. My eyes never wavered from his elegant form as we walked down the hallway until we reached a door - the very door that led into the play area. She quickly grabbed her keys and unlocked it motioning me in first before she followed - not forgetting to lock the door.

Her keys jingled with each step she took forward toward the cats. The tiger, Taeyong must’ve heard our approach - whether it was my heartbeat or her keys who knows - because his white ears flickered and suddenly his feline like eyes were on our approaching figures. His head tilted curiously- which was super adorable- as we stopped near the cat tower.

“Taeyong there’s somebody I’d like you to meet.” Bubbly girl called to him and within seconds he was on the ground in front of us.

His eyes were much prettier up close, a soft brown with a feline like glint in them. His hair was messily styled, but still looked oh so soft, his ear stood at attention and his tail swooshed behind him nervously.

“This is - I’m sorry I don’t think I got your name?” She turned to me for confirmation.

“Y/n. I’m y/n” I smiled politely.

“This is Y/n and she’s looking to adopt a hybrid. I’m gonna let you two talk and I’ll be over there if you need me.” She chirped before she sauntered off toward the now dispersing puppy pile.

I slowly sat in the chair behind me and Taeyong took the spot opposite me. My eyes scanned his form quietly. His hands were clasped together in his lap and his knee was bouncing up and down nervously. His tail was slightly bristled and was swaying left and right behind him. Husband head was tilted down slightly and his eyes were on his hands. I cleared my throat and Taeyong’s brown eyes were looking up at me through his lashes.

I smiled warmly at him. “Hi Taeyong.“

He blinked, eyes perplexed at the warmth I was emitting. He didn’t speak just watched. As each second passed my smile grew wider and it I just knew he was the one. So I stood up and began to walk back to the bubbly worker.

“I want him.” I whispered to her.

Her eyes flickered behind me where Taeyong was sitting and back to me. “Taeyong? You want Taeyong?” Her smile was just as bright as mine when I nodded my confirmation. With a squeak of delight she led me to the front desk to fill out paperwork.

“Just sign here, here, and here. Alright miss, he’s yours to take!” She took the clipboard and went to grab for Taeyong who appeared seconds later with a bag on his back. I smiled at the hybrid and motioned for him to follow me as we began to drive home. Taeyong sat in the back at first but after a few minutes of convincing moved to the front.

“Why, why me? Why me out of all the other hybrids here?” He finally whispered, black and white striped ears flickering down.

I glanced at him from the corner if my eye and smiled slightly. “Well Taeyong even if you didn’t talk much you caught my eye. And this is why you are here with me, not as a pet but as my companion.”

Taeyong smiled at me before he turned to look out the window as we drive by.

"Welcome home Taeyong.“


beautiful (Ethan smut)

warning: swearing, SMUT requested: this was requested by the beautiful @sniperdolan :)) i hope you enjoy ~~

‘Hey baby’ i felt ethans lips on my neck.

‘Not now E.’

I said that and felt tears stream down my face. It was a bad day for me. I was hanging out with my best friends and i realized that they were all so much better than me. They were prettier, funnier, and just overall better than me. I was nothing compared to them i dont know what Ethan sees in me.

‘baby what’s wrong?’ Ethan said concerned.

‘nothing I dont want to talk about it.’

‘no im not leaving until you tell me’ He was stubborn and always got his way.

'Ethan why are you with me? There’s so many other girls out there who are so much better than me. Girls that are skinner and prettier.’

'Are you serious? y/n you are one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen. I love you with everything I have in me and I would never leave you for anyone else.’

Before I can say anything else he smashed his lips into mine. As our lips moved he slipped his tounge in my mouth which caused me to let out a small moan as he touched my body. His slipped his hands up and down my sides and eventually grabbed my butt.

'you dont think your beautiful baby? let me show just how god damn beautiful you are. Jump baby.’

I did what he said and put my arms around his neck as we continued to kiss. He then layed me down on the couch and left kisses from my mouth all the way to my neck. I felt him suck the sweet spot on my neck and moaned. I felt him smirk as he heard me moan. I can feel him harden against my thigh which made me drip. I wanted him so bad already and hes only kissed me and left a hickey on my neck. He continued to kiss down my collarbone and started to play with the hem of my shirt.

'let me take it off babygirl.’ he said, his voice filled with lust.

I nod not being able to speak because of how i was feeling. He then takes it off and then my bra shortly after. He started to caress my boobs and then starts kissing me again leaving a trail of kisses down my body. As soon as he reaches the top of my shorts he looks up and sees me getting impatient so he takes them off and kisses where I needed him the most through my panties.

'Damn princess, you are so beautiful.’

He then yanks off my underwear and then started licking my clit.
'Ethan.’ i moaned louder than i expected.
He then started sucking on it. He then put a finger in me as he was licking and sucking. He made me feel so good.

'Fuck ethan, im gonna come!’ i yelled as I was coming undone as he continued.

'not yet princess’

Then he pulls down his pants to expose his member. He unexpectedly rammed into me and thrusted fast which caused me to scream and come. Our loud moans and groans filling the room.

'y/n oh my god im gonna-’ he then pulled out and came all over my stomach. Leaving one last kiss on my forehead before plopping down next to me and pulling me into him.

'i love you so much. i dont know if you understand it but everytime you kiss me it still feels like the first time we kissed. I will never lose my feelings for you and I know that for a fact. You are the love of my life, dont ever forget that.’ He left me speechless.

’ I love you too E.’

He then left a kiss on my temple as he held me into his chest. I felt him smile and i left small kisses on his chest before falling asleep.

'Goodnight my love’
This was last thing I heard before drifting to sleep.

~~ This is the second imagine that I wrote and posted tonight and I might start another one and finish it tomorrow.
Chicks Have It So Much Easier - Part Three

Part One, Part Two

Summary: Sam’s cramps get the better of him, so you and Dean take a trip to the drugstore to try and make his time easier.

Words: 878

No Pairing (Implied Dean x Reader)

Warnings: None

Your name: submit What is this?

You and Dean were in the library, looking up some old lore that you’d all gotten a bit rusty on, while Sam was in his room, ‘moping like a little bitch’.

“Hunting injuries are so much worse than these cramps,” Dean said dismissively, “I don’t see what his issue is.”

You rolled your eyes, “Some people’s are worse than others. You obviously don’t feel it like he does.”

He raised his perfectly plucked eyebrows at you, “You want to know what it feels like, Y/N?” he asked, before punctuating his explanation with graphic hand gestures, “It feels like somebody’s ramming their hand into my abdomen, grabbing all of my internal organs and twisting, slowly and constantly. All the while, a tiny leprechaun is dancing on my back and giving me back pain. It freaking hurts, but I’m not going to moan about it.”

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Civil war- pt. 2

(A/N): I think I did an okay job on this one?

Request: Can you pleeeease do a second part of Civil War? It was great!!!

Warnings: none?

Read the first part: X

Tags: @mcuimxgine, @ifoundlove-x0vanessa0x, @saradi1018, @holland-toms, @superwholockian309, @fly-f0rever, @capbuckthor, @l8nitl0vr, @livandlilah

Originally posted by gliceria

   Your fingers trailed over the pink scars on your chest, each one still tingling to the touch. T'challa had cut deep and the surgery hadn’t been easy, it was only understandable that 6 months later your chest would still hurt.

    “Doll, stop touchin’ it, it’s gonna get infected,” Bucky calls from your bedroom, no doubt that sly little smirk upon his face.

    “The wounds healed up 5 months ago you nerd,” You laugh as you meander out of your bathroom, instead crossing into the adjoining room; the room you and Bucky had been staying in since your arrival at Wakanda.

    “I’m sure you could still get an infection,” Bucky mumbles into the pillow, smirking just a bit in the early sunlight seeping through the windows.

    You smiles as you sit down beside him, resting a hand on his cheek as you do. You run your thumb along his cheek, smiling when Bucky merely purred at the attention. God- you had missed days like this, back when you and Bucky were alone in that apartment on that small, sad mattress. Your lives hadn’t been good- you were constantly on the run for fuck’s sake but being able to wake up every morning and see Bucky’s sleeping face made it all worth It. You didn’t want a single day to go by when you didn’t wake up beside Bucky, which is why your recovery was such a bitch.

    You hadn’t seen Bucky for months after the airport battle, you had to go nearly 3 months without seeing his face or hearing his laughter or having his arms wrapped around your gently. You had been hospitalized at some Stark facility for months while Bucky was safely tucked away in Wakanda. Then on the third month, weeks after you finally felt better T'challa came for you and took you to his homeland to finally be reunited with your love. 

   "Sorry, they’re just so hard not to look at,“ Bucky’s eyes open softly as he looks at you, his eyes glazed over with exhaustion.

    "I’m sorry I dragged you into all of this,” Bucky whispers as he rubs his cheek against your hand, turning his head just enough to press a kiss to your wrist. 

   "Bucky, it’s not your fault, I knew what I was getting into the minute I met  you-“ 

   ”(Y/N), you had a life before me, you had friends and family, you had a good job and then suddenly I walk into the picture and-“

    "and the picture became so much prettier,” You smile at Bucky as you lean forward to press a kiss to his lips. “I love you Bucky, more than I could ever try to explain and I don’t care if you think you’ve fucked my life up because you haven’t, if anything you’ve made it infinitely better,” Bucky smiles softly, one that didn’t quiet reach his eyes but it was getting there. 

   "I love you (Y/N),“ You smile as you kiss Bucky’s lips again, attempting to be as soft and gentle as possible but apparently the soldier had other ideas. With his one good arm (Tony had blasted the other one to pieces) he wrapped it around your waist and spun you around so you were now below him as he hovered above you You laugh loudly as Bucky ducks his head down, pressing a series of tickling kisses along your neck and collarbone.

    "Bucky!” You yell as you attempt to push his head away. “Stop that tickles!" 

   "Oh does it now?” Bucky smirks as he kisses your neck some more, his short whiskers rubbing against your skin and making you laugh. You laugh and squeal, trying to shove Bucky’s head away but it was futile, the man was stronger you and there was no way you were going to over power him. But suddenly the tickling stops as Bucky’s eyes land upon your chest, upon the 5 perfect claws on your body. You could feel the remorse bubbling off Bucky as he stared at your chest, his eyes slowly raking over each scar meticulously. 

   "Buck-“ You begin but you stop when Bucky presses his lips to your chest, right to one of the long, jagged scars. His lips move along the pink flesh slowly, his lips grazing each scar tenderly.

    "I’m sorry I didn’t help,” Bucky murmurs softly, not even stopping to remove his lips from your chest. “I should have stayed behind, I should have been there in the hospital with you, I should have-” You cup Bucky’s cheeks as you force his head up, making his gaze lock on yours.

    “You’re here now, that’s all that matters,” You run your thumbs along Bucky’s cheeks, smiling at him gently.

    “I bet this wasn’t exactly what you had in mind when you agreed to come along with me,” You laugh softly as you rub your nose against Bucky’s causing him to smile widely. 

   "No it wasn’t, but I wouldn’t want it any other way,“ Bucky smiles as he tucks himself under your chin, his one arm wrapping around you in the process. And as the two of you lay there, holding each other, for once without a single worry in the world you realize your words were true; you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

James Sirius Potter x Reader - I Won’t Say I Love You Part 3



The first week passed in a blur. It wasn’t filled with any hard homeworks - just with easier ones. But, after teachers got a start they started with serious things the next week. It was October now. The young female started to tolerate James. See I just said tolerate. There weren’t any offensive comebacks like usual.

(Y/N) couldn’t finish her Herbology essay, no matter how hard she tried to. The female sighed in frustration, running her hand through her (h/c) locks. Hating Herbology was a family thing. Her grandmother was sucking at it. Sereena did too, in younger years. But, the former Black learnt how to love the subject. The (blonde, brunette etc.) wasn’t that lucky. None of her mother’s knowledge was passed to her. 

It was almost time for dinner. How things looked like, she will be skipping it and trying to finish the essay. 

“Hey there, love. What’s the matter?” None other than James aproached her. He looked over her shoulder.

“Too close!” The female whisper-yelled out to him. He immediately moved. “Sorry!”

“Well, what got your pants into a twist?” The boy askes with a raised eyebrow. That constant, teasing smirk was still present on his face.

“Funny Potter, considering I’m wearing a skirt.” (Y/N) rolled her eyes “This bloody Herbology essay! I can’t understand it!”

“Herbology? (Y/N) Anna Finnigan, the girl who gets O’s without even touching a book, is strugling with Herbology?” James snickered. The female blushed from embarassment. She turned her head away, not before covering her face with the locks of her hair.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop.” James focuses his whole attention on the girl. He got closer and without a warning, brushed a few of the locks out of her face.

“You’re much prettier like this. Do I see a blush on your face, love?” This boy adored to tease her, no matter what. For the first time in years, (Y/N) caught herself without a ready comeback.

She did blush in his presence before indeed. But, he wasn’t so close to notice it. The (blonde, brunette etc.) gained more respect for the certain Potter boy after last Wednesday.

- Flashback -

Dominique and (Y/N) were hanging out under a huge three near the Black Lake. Yes, it was a place where the infamous Marauders would always love to be. It wasn’t crowded. The other nearest threes were at least about a good distance from the lake, so the two of them weren’t disturbed. That, and Dominique was known for a prankster, not much like James and Fred, but she surely was one. No one wanted to get onto her bad side and then have his social life ruined.

The ginger’s head was currently in (Y/N)’s lap, watching the passing clouds. The (blonde, brunette etc.) was leaning onto the large three, watching them too.

Both of them failed to notice Crabbe and Goyle approaching them with their usual group. Although Slytherins in this time got along very well with everyone, there is always one group of local known bullies. Scorpius avoided them with skills. The blonde didn’t want to have anything with them. After all, he had Albus and Rose to hang around with.

“Well, well, well. Who we have here? Excuse-of-a-wizard-Weasley and Finnigan-bitch!” Goyle started. Crabbe was taller and a lot less chubby than his father was. He also had nice features and (Y/N) would lie if she said he wasn’t attractive. Then , Goyle could be considered as a muscular siledge.

“What do you want?” (Y/N) asked. She stood up and so did Dominique. They reached for their wands just in case this gets ugly. This group of Slytherins and Gryffindors weren’t on good terms. 

He walked closer. Dominique stood straight next to her friend. The ginger wasn’t afraid of this group of bullies. The (blonde, brunette etc.) glared at him with the coldest glare only she couls do. Sirius always got shiver to run up his spine when she did it.

“Nithing sweerheart! Just wanted to see how my girl is doing!” Crabbe said. He faced (Y/N). She was a little shorter than him, but she was considered to be one of the tallest females in her grade. 

“Missed me over the summer?”

“Oh, you wish! Now get out of my face before I curse your sorry ass into the next century!” The young female yelled straight at his face. Dimonique stood next her with a proud smirk. The ginger was eyeing the rest of the Slytherins suspiciously.

“How dare you-" His hand went to make a contact with her face. 

"Urgh!” James was standing behind the Slytherin. He tighlty held the hand Crabbe wanted to slap (Y/N) with. He almost wanted to break it, when she interuppted.

“James, don’t. You’ll get in trouble because of him!” The young female said. James glared a little more at Crabbe, before letting him go. Dominique smirked knowingly. She noticed how (Y/N) was surprised by James, but so was she. James would always just go and annoy the (blonde, brunette etc.) around. He never defended her, cause she could do it herself or Sirius would do it for her.

“You okay, love?” James asked. His brown eyes were full of worry. (Y/N)’s words were caught uo in her throat. got lost in his eyes for a moment. The biy momentary grinned when his crush kept staring at him like that. However, the female collected herself.

“Yeah, thanks Potter.” She replied. Dominique frowned. Why did she always need to be so cold towards him? But, a light rosy blush on (Y/N)’s cheeks didn’t went unnoticed by her bestfriend.

- End of flashback -

“C'mon let’s go on dinner!” He offered her his hand. (Y/N) eyed him suspiciously. She just shook her head and stood up after him. 

“I can’t! I need to finish the essay.” She answered. James frowned, before a smirk showed up on his face. 

“You can’t you say?” The female shook her head at him.

The brunette boy got closer to her. He grabbed her right hand with his left one and dragged her out if the Gryffindor common room. 

(Y/N) tried to keep her cool. James would squeeze her hand every know and then. It would make her even more frustrated. He was smiling like a dork that she wasn’t pulling away. 

After they turned one corner, she slipped her hand away from his. A deep sigh escaped her. James eyed her from the corner of his eye. She unusually suffered him without telling him to go away. Not that he complained.

They entered the Great Hall together, with a giid distance between them, but still together. (Y/N) could fell Morgan’s glare on her back from the moment she entered the large hall. The two of them joined and greeted their usual group of friends - in James’ case mainly relatives.

“Do my eyes lie or did the two of you just come here together?” Rose asked. The intelligent, messy haired girl had both of her eyebrows raised. James even took a seat next (Y/N)! Her other side was occupied by a snickering Dominique.

“You didn’t see anything!” The (blonde, brunette etc.) replied. She stuffed some food into her mouth, before James had another chance to make her face hot. She waved him off, not wanting to make herself frustrated even more.

The (blonde, brunette etc.) noticed how Daniel Wood slowly made his way towards their little group. She swallowed all the food she quickly put in her mouth previously. 

“Hey, mates!” Daniel greeted. With her sharp eyesight, the female quickly notices a tiny rosy blush that rose right up on Dominique’s cheeks. Michael was with him. James and Fred greeted them, while Sirius made a frown at Wood. (Y/N) nudged her brother to be polite, since Daniel watched him with a confused face. ‘Dominique will cause more troubke if she doesn’t make up her mind’ the female thought.

“Ready for tomorrow’s game?” The captain asked them. Oh, yeah. Tomorrow is the first Quidditch game in this season. The Gryffindor is playing against Ravenclaw, which means they play against Louis. It is always fun to watch how Dominique and Luois bicker at each other during the game. Victoire is not here to scold them, like she does at home.

“'Course we are!” Fred replied “We’ll kick the asses of Ravenclaws!” He ran a hand through his messy, curly light brown locks. Both Daniel and Michael laughed.

“That’s the spirit! See you guys then!” After they left, Sirius let out a sigh of relief. He didn’t enjoy how Dominique watched Wood with googly eyes. It made him sick. He angrily stood up from the table, excused himself and went over to Hufflepuffs in hope to find a girl who can help him to avert his mind from the older ginger. (Y/N) watched her brither with worry. She never liked how she dealt with his problems, not a little bit. Fred raised his eyebrow, looking at the empty seat Sirius left behind him.

“What’s up with him?” He questioned. It was directed towards (Y/N). She had an answer, but didn’t want to share it with everyone.

“I don’t know.” She replied with a deep sigh, steaking a glance towards Dominique. The ginger gulped and looked in Sirius’ direction. He already had his hands on one blonde girl, who didn’t seem to mind it much. Dominique looked at her plate with frown, not feeling hungry anymore.

Today, on Saturday, was the first Quidditch game in season - Gryffindor versus Ravenclaw. The students were already occuping their seats at the pitch, waiting for teams to make their entrance.

“We went through the whole strategy. Everything should be alright!” Daniel informed “James!”

“Yes?” The boy asked. He was checking his reflection in the mirror, much to (Y/N)’s dislike. He 'stole’ it from her when she was putting her (h/c) hair into a ponytail, so it won’t go in her face during the game.

“What do you do when bludger is flying towards you or a player from other team attacks?” Wood asked such an obvious question, to make sure James wouldn’t be lost in his big ego later. Dominique and Sirius snickered hardlt at the same time. They shared a look, before looking into the opposite directions.

“I pass the ball to  my (N/N)-flower of course!” The (blonde, brunette etc.) rolled her eyes really hard. He winked and wiggled his eyebrows at her. Fred just shook his head at his cousin, while Daniel and Michael found this situation very amusing.

“I think she isn’t the only chaser on the team.” Michael laughed. James made a confused face, before looking in the direction of the ginger female.

“Ah, Dominique, my dearest cousin, forget me for not including you with my little flower.”

“You really are a complete idiot James.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.”


request: could o request a one shot where taehyung is dating yoongi’s twin brother and he walks in on him cross dressing

pairing: Taehyung x male! reader, who’s yoongi’s twin 

genre: fluff

warnings: none

word count: 1194 

summary: Taehyung finds his boyfriend in a dress and remembers why he had fallen for his hyung. 

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Imagine Dean Getting Jealous Because Of Cas

Pairing: Dean x Reader; Slight Cas x Reader

Description: Cas and the reader talk a lot and Dean gets fed up with it.

Warnings: None

A/N: I found this in my drafts from a long time ago and its short and stupid but its okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You held Cas’s phone is your hands as he leaned in close. The two of you sat on the couch as you explained how to work the electronic device. Dean sat beside you burying his face in a magazine.

“And that is how you use emojis?” Cas questions. His face was centimeters away from yours as he spoke, his breath could be felt on your cheek. You didn’t mind none, knowing Cas doesn’t know any better. He pointed at the screen. Dean looked up from the magazine narrowing his eyes.

The eldest Winchester developed feelings for you but would deny them any chance he gets. Since their history, we can just say that their love life leaves a burn.

“Yeah,” you turned your head slightly, looking up at Cas from your slouching position,“ Wow…” He tilted his head.

“What?” Cas furrowed his brow. Dean scoffed rolling his eyes. He knew that all the ‘hints’ weren’t hints at all. He knew that everyone would go for the angel. Even if Dean didn’t swing that way, he would admit this angel was on the attractive side.

"Your eyes are really blue.” You muttered, mouth a gape. At this Dean stood and walked away. Tearing your eyes away from Cas you watched as he left. Cas shrugged simply and grabbing his phone from your hands and typed in some emojis, sending them to Sam. While Cas was occupied you stood and went off into the direction Dean left to.

Heavy breathing and metal clinking got louder as you steppes closer to the room at the end of the hallway. The door was ajar and light seeped out into the darkened hallway. You pushed open the door and stepped in leaving it open. There Dean stood. He punched a sack hanging from the ceiling from a metal chain.

"Dean.” You said quite loudly. He ignored you. “I know you can hear me.” This made him tense up but he continued to punch the sack. Doing something you shouldn’t, you moved and stood in front of the sack, in the line of fire. Deans fist stopped just before it collided with your nose. His eyes were wide as he was frozen.

"Y/n seriously you could have gotten hurt.” Dean had snapped out of it and put his hand down to his side. His breathing slowed along with the rapid heartbeat from the scare.

"So what’s up?” You asked smiling.

"Don’t you have Cas to go help?” He rolled his eye and grabbed the sack with both hands above your head, preventing it from swinging more than it is.

You looked up at him furrowing your brow. "That’s why you always storm off? Because I’m with Cas? Like the time when I was showing Cas how to research and you stormed off to the bar to get drunk and laid?”

“I-” Dean started but you put a finger to his lips before crossing your arms.

“Fine. I’ll admit it. I like you Dean okay? You know how much it hurts me to see you go off with prettier woman. No? Well it does a lot. So if you’re jealous from Cas hanging out with me. Suck it up.”

“Y/n…you like me?” He questioned, his face turning softer.

“Seriously? That’s all you got out of that come o-” Your eyes widened as heat crept up toward your cheeks. Deans hands moved down to your cheek, cupping your face.

“I know. You don’t have to say it again. I like you too…maybe a little more than like.” Dean smirked at your state currently.

“Just shut up and kiss me already.”

“Now that I can do.”

**requested, Can I have an imagine where Madison Beer is flirting with Gilinsky, my boyfriend, & I get jealous and take him to our room and we fuck, knowing she can hear us ***

“Oh my god” you groaned to yourself as you stood from the kitchen, watching your boyfriend Jack Gilinsky and his ‘friend’ Madison Beer flirt in the living room. Okay maybe you were overreacting. Maybe they weren’t actually flirting but in your eyes if she was giggling at wherever he said and she places her hand his shoulder, That’s flirting. “Turkey or Ham Jack” you asked after coming out of hiding. The tone you used was a little more harsh than you had planned. Both their eyes focused on you for a second as he said turkey before he turned back to Madison. Of course he gets you to fix him a sand which and he can’t even say thanks. You huffed before heavily walking back into the kitchen. “I outta spit in on this” you mumbled to yourself. The anger getting the best of you. You sighed before setting the sand which on a plate and taking it to Jack. “Here” you said setting it down on the coffee table that was in front of the couch jack Madison sat on. “Oh thanks babe!” He beamed before taking a bite out of it. “Mm!” He exclaimed with a mouthful of the sand which. Madison watched him intensely as his jaw clenched with each chew. “I swear (y/n) makes the best sandwiches ” jack exclaimed, exaggerating the word best. You grinned slightly until Madison spoke up. “Really? Well you should try my sandwiches. I’d fix you one everyday. ” she said poking her chest out a little more than needed. “No need for that, I already do” you said through your teeth, a fake smile plastered on your face. “That is true” jack said completely oblivious to the tension building between you and Madison. She just rolled her eyes at you when Jack looked away before bringing her focus back to Jack. “Oh my gosh Jack you’ve gotten more built since the last time I saw you!” She said her voices pitch higher than usual. “You should flex” she suggested with an annoying giggle following behind. He raised an eyebrow before lifting his arm up, flexing for her. You glared as you watched her grab ahold of his arm, gawking at the muscles. “Oh my gosh they’re so big!” She said with glowing eyes. That’s it. that hit your breaking point. “Yeah you should see them when they’re flexing on both side of my head while he’s fuck-” “(Y/N)!” Jack interrupted, complete shock written all over your face. You smirked at the glare you were getting from Madison as Jack stared at you with shock. “Excuse me for one minute please” Jack mumbled before grabbing your arm and dragging you to your shared bedroom. The second he shut the door he automatically started questioning you. “(Y/n) what the fuck was that? I thought you didn’t like it when our sex life gets mentioned!? That’s was completely uncalled for and you just embarrassed me in front of her!” He exclaimed, obviously not happy with you. “I’m sorry jack” you ssid , a Tiny bit of guilt filling up in your stomach. “Its just I was jealous. She’s so Much prettier than me and she was all over you.. I don’t know I was just scared you’d like her more than me” you said looking down. “(Y/n), I’m all yours. She’s too full of herself. I don’t like girls like that. You’re the only one I want. ” he said his face closer than you had expected. You grinned before placing your lips against his. “Show me” you whispered in his ear. You quickly kissed his earlobe before kissing his jaw. “Show me that I’m all yours” you said seductively. Jack leaned back some so he could see your face. You smirked at him as his brown eyes got darker than usual. Before you knew it you were lifted from the edge of the bed, thrown to the top in a matter of seconds. “You being jealous is the hottest fucking thing” jack exclaimed before placing sloppy kisses along your neck. “Mhm just fuck me already jack” you moaned, not in the mood for foreplay. Jack happily obliged, lifting your shirt over your head and pulling your sweatpants down. You watched him as he stood at the edge of the bed, lifting his shirt over his head and taking his pants and boxers off. Your eyes widened as his huge member slapped against his stomach before he climbed over to you on the bed. You watched as he kissed the bottom of your stomach, sliding up until his shaft slid into you, filling you up. “Fuck me hard jack, make me scream so she knows who you’re with” you commanded in his ear. “Oh fuck” he groaned. You never really talked dirty but right Now you felt like you were in control. “Your wish Is my command baby girl” he said before pulling out and ramming back into you. “Fuck!” You yelled as he automatically hit your g-spot on the firs thrust. You placed your hands on his back as he thrusted in and out of you at a fast pace, the headboard of the bed hitting the back of the wall. “Dirty talk, total turn on” Jack groaned out as he continued to thrust at the same pace, not missing a beat. You moaned loudly, praying Madison could hear you. “You’re being a little slut baby girl, you want everyone to know jack Gilinsky is fucking you don’t you?” Jack said with a smirk on his face. By then you couldn’t even get words out he was moving so fast. In a matter of seconds, jack pulled your legs up over his shoulders, giving himself a better advantage. “Fuck jack!” You yelled. This time you didn’t do it purposely. Madison being in the other room had completely flew over your head as now all you could think about was how amazing this felt. You reached your hands down, scratching down his back as he pounded into you, the head board still banging against the wall. “Fuck I’m close” he groaned, his thrusts getting sloppier. You just nodded before grabbing his face in your hands and placing a sloppy kiss against his lips. As you continued to kiss him, you felt him twitch inside of you before he grunted loudly, bucking his hips against yours. You bucked your hips up as well before you finally came nearly out of breath. Jack rolled off of you, laying down next to you. “Still think I’m going to pick her over you?” He questioned after finally catching his breath. “Do you think she still believes she has a chance?” You replied back with a smirk. He grinned before shaking his head. You were about to get dressed before you heard a knock on the door. “Hey I’m going to head home okay, thanks for letting me stay over” madison said awkwardly. “Yeah okay, see you later” jack replied back before covering his mouth from giggling. When you both heard the front door shut, you bursted with laughter, covering your face now embarrassed of the way you were acting. “I can’t believe I talked dirty to you.” You said looking st the ceiling. “I can’t believe you said that in front of Madison ” he replied back with a smirk. You shrugged looking down T your hands. “I don’t know, I just hate the thought of losing you so my instincts kicked in. *sorry, exams coming so I’ve been studying! I’ll start posting more often now though****

     “Hey, Y/N!” Steve called after you as you sped past him in the hall. You pulled your hair over your shoulders and looked at your feet as you turned around. 

     “Hello, Captain.” 

     Steve laughed. “How many times do I gotta tell you to call me Steve?” 

     “Oh… yeah.” you smiled nervously. “Steve.” 

     “Hey, I was wondering if, maybe, you wanted to get some pizza or something… with me.” he scratched the back of his neck, smiling down at you, making you melt. “Like- Like on a date.” 


     “Yea, it’s just… we’ve been working together for a while now and I thought maybe you’d want to go out… this afternoon if that okay. Doesn’t have to be pizza, it’s just that’s what Natasha said you like.” 

     “Oh…” it was the third time that week he’d asked you out, you couldn’t give him another excuse. “I-I’d love to.” 

     Steve smiled, his cheeks tinting red. “Great. I’ll come by your room and pick you up later.” 

     “Okay.” you nodded, turning to speed away. “Why did you tell Steve I like pizza?!” you fussed, slamming the door the the apartment in Stark Tower that you shared with Natasha. 

     “Because you do.” Natasha shrugged, spreading mayo onto her sandwich. 

     “You knew he would ask me out again!” you snapped.

     “That’s why I told him?” she rolled her eyes, taking a bite of her sandwich. “Look, I don’t know what you’re so afraid of. Steve’s a nice guy. He really likes you… like to the point where it’s kinda annoying.” 

     “Nat, he’s Captain America, okay? I’m your medic.” 


     “Look at me! I have these stupid glasses and I’m-” 


    “I’m fat Natasha.” 

     “That’s why you wouldn’t go out with me?” Steve asked behind you, his heart shattering for you. “You think you’re not good enough?” 

     “I’ll be in my room.” Nat announced, moving at the speed of light out of the living room. You gasped as you turned around and saw the six-foot-something figure standing over you. 


     “Y/N… Why would you ever think that?” he asked. 

    “I just- Women would claw each other’s eyes out for a date with you and they’re all so much prettier than I am. You could go after any girl on the planet, why settle for me?” 

     “I’m not settling for you, Y/N. You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, you can’t see that?” he stood closer now, looking down into your eyes as he fingers brushed your cheek. Steve’s lips loomed over yours. “I love you.” he said before pressing a gentle kiss to your lips. 


georgieeahemmings  asked:

Hey could I request a reaction from BTS to their S/O being self conscious of their skin al much that they try to cover up with concealer even if they are just sitting in the house all day? ☺️❤️ merry christmas!

Thank you so much for this request! I actually really enjoyed making this, and I know it’s something I lot of people need help feeling more secure about (me included!). Acne is really annoying but it doesn’t make you at all ugly. Everyone should remember that 😄 I hope you like it!

BTS Reaction to your acne insecurities

When Seokjin would come into the bathroom to find you sponging on your foundation, he’d be very confused. He’d tell you that you need to let your skin breathe instead of applying so many layers of product. When you’d say that your skin looks bad without it, he’d shake his head and disagree, before picking up a makeup wipe and gently urging you to take the makeup off because you look far prettier without it.

“No, Jinnie. I’m not taking it off. I’ll look disgusting.” You’d turn back to the mirror to keep padding the sponge onto your cheeks. He’d stop you by your wrist and you’d turn to face him.

“Y/N, you don’t need to wear so much. It will ruin your beautiful skin.”

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He’d arrive home and come over to where you’re seated on the sofa, distractedly watching some TV. He’d kiss you on the cheek from behind you, before pulling back in puzzlement to look at the side of your face. Something about you had obviously confused him.

“Why are you wearing concealer?” he’d ask, coming around to sit next to you

“Isn’t it obvious? I always need to wear concealer, you know that,” you’d say,

“No you don’t. I’m the only one here, and I think you look much more beautiful bare-faced.”

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The two of you would be getting ready to go somewhere when Hoseok notices that you’ve styled your hair differently. He’d compliment you on it immediately and say it looks really pretty styled that way, but he’d ask why you’d changed it from your usual style.

“I just thought that if I have my hair like this it sort of covers the acne on my cheekbones,” you’d explain to him as he slots the key into the front door. He’d turn back to look at you, a frown on his face.

“What acne?” he’d ask. You’d slap him on the arm and tell him not to be stupid, but he’d insist.

“I’m serious, Y/N. There’s nothing wrong with your acne, so I don’t see why you want to cover it so badly.”

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Rap Monster:
Every time Namjoon goes to kiss you he cups your cheek, but every time you’d pull away from his hand protectively. You’d ask him not to touch your skin because it feels gross.

“I don’t think it feels gross,” he’d say, looking at you with a strange look on his face.

“But it is gross! It’s not smooth and pretty – I don’t want you having to touch it.”

“But I touch your cheek every time we kiss. Don’t you think that if I thought it was gross I wouldn’t do that? I love your skin.”

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You’d come out of the bathroom wearing an avocado facial. Jimin looks a little surprised when you come into the room looking like that and he asks you why you look like a zombie.

“It’s meant to really revitalise your pores or something. I thought it might help.”

“Help what?” he’d say, coming over to you to look at you properly. “Your skin is already gorgeous and bright. You don’t need it.”

He’d put his arms around you to pull you towards him for a hug, forgetting about the facial and getting avocado all over his shirt. You’d have to stifle a giggle as he wiped his shirt in annoyance.

“I like spotty Y/N way better than zombie Y/N,” he’d say, grinning.

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You’d be looking through a magazine as he watches an anime on the TV, your head resting on his shoulder as you flipped through pages. You’d suddenly stop as you come across a full-page picture of a celebrity.

“Wow, Tae, look at her skin! It’s so perfect. I’m jealous,” you’d pout.

“Why? Your skin is perfect too,” he’d reply immediately after briefly scanning the picture.

“No it’s not! Did you even see how smooth and clear hers is? Mine isn’t at all perfect.”

“I think yours is just as perfect, but more delicate.”

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You’d be about to leave the house and you’d be looking at the mirror feeling very conscious and insecure about going out without makeup on. You’d ask Jungkook if it was really okay for you to go out looking like that.

“Of course it is! Don’t worry, I’m not wearing any makeup either. If people decide to judge you for your acne then they’ll have to judge me too.” You’d look at his own acne, wondering how he’s so uncaring about it.

“I still feel really bad about it.”

“Seriously, Y/N. Everyone gets pimples, we just get more of them. It doesn’t make your skin any less beautiful to me.”

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