it was so long since someone kissed her hand


Request: Nope! My imagination just had waaayyy too much fun. It’s a little angsty but soon turns to some loving smut, all from 76’s perspective
Word Count: 3.3k
A/N: First fic on this blog, so hello! Gonna admit it, I got just a little bit carried away with this one, I quite like the way it turned out. Requests are open, feedback’s appreciated.


He knew he shouldn’t think about her in this way, she was a teammate, a colleague and so much younger then him. Yet his eyes were trained on her as she stretched up to reach the top shelf of the fridge, giving him a perfect view of that tight, little ass. It was enough to make him sweat, his cargo pants suddenly feeling far too tight. She must have found what she was looking for, as a little moan escaped her lips at the sight. The soldier groaned in response, feeling his cock twitch in his pants. He hated how quickly she could get him hard. She turned around at the noise he had made and he immediately felt like smacking himself.

“Oh 76, I didn’t see you there, are you okay?” She asked sweetly and now that she was facing him, it was all too much. Even through his visor he could see that tight tank top clung to her in the most perfect of ways, the swell of her tits perfectly exposed by the low-cut, thin material. It took every inch of his self control not to ravish her, on the counter, on the floor, against the wall, fuck, he needed to get out of here.

“Yeah, I fucked my shoulder up something bad, I’ll go see if Mercy will take a look at it.” What he told her was only a half-lie, he had wrecked his shoulder today on their mission but it wasn’t anything awful, just a dull nagging pain he knew he would be rid of in a day or two. He could deal with it, he just needed an excuse to be away from her.

“Mercy’s out right now, I could take a look at it if you’d like? I’m nowhere near as qualified as her, but I can do my best.” She said, and his heart nearly melted at the sincerity of his words. It was true he had lovers in the past who had spoken to him like this, but none had cared for him quite like she did, it was something the old soldier had never experienced and he had to pause every time those kind words came out of her lips. He tried to recollect himself, but he faltered when he thought about what else he could make tumble from her lips.

“That’s not necessary. I’ll sleep it off.” He said, already beginning to turn away but her tiny hand enclosed around his wrist and his gaze snapped to hers, denying himself the thought of how perfect her hand would feel around his dick.

“No c'mon, it’ll take two minutes to see if there’s anything seriously wrong. I don’t like seeing you in pain.” She said and he was beginning to sweat, he couldn’t concentrate, this was wrong, so wrong.

“Let. Go.” He spat at her and immediately regretted being so harsh as she recoiled from him, sadness over coming her face. He hated himself for causing her pain, but he had to put some distance between them before his resolve truly snapped.

“S-sorry. Was just trying to help.” She said, now no longer meeting his eye as she spoke. He wanted to reach out for her, sweep her in his arms as he mumbled sorry after sorry into her neck, making her squirm as he peppered kiss after kiss all over her throat, but he remained where he stood, clenching his fists as he desperately tried to clear his head.

“Don’t.” He said and stalked out of the room in dire need of a cold shower and some alone time. He didn’t turn to look at her as he left, wondering how he could be so cruel to the girl he loved. He made his way to his room, not bothering to stop and talk to any of his co-workers, he wasn’t in the mood. He sat on his bed upon arrival and let out a heavy sigh. He had to take care of the ache in his pants before he went insane, no matter how dirty he felt.

He sat up against his headboard, sandwiching the pillows behind him. His dominant hand was useless in this situation as he knew the motion would surely screw with his injured shoulder and he wasn’t about to put him self on leave due to masturbation. So he allowed his left hand to snake into his pants, he wasn’t ambidextrous but he could make it work. He groaned again as he took hold of himself, feeling just how hard he was, it was almost more painful than his shoulder. He began pumping himself in his fist, soon throwing his head back in ecstasy as he picked up the pace. He worked himself harder, striving for a quick finish, but the door cracked open in a jolt and he jumped at the action, pulling his hand free and almost whimpering at the loss of contact. He was so damn close.

“76, can I talk to you for a sec?” It was her voice, although more strained than normal. His chest tightened. Had she been crying?

“Uh, yeah. Sure.” He grunted, a little out of breath. He quickly wiped away any sweat from his brow, sitting up as she entered. She sat on the end of his bed, just a little out of reach of his foot. Her shoulders were slumped and he was sure he could see tear tracks staining her face. God. Fucking. Dammit. “Y/N…”

“I didn’t mean to upset you earlier, I was trying to help. I came to try and patch things up, I don’t want any hard feelings between us.” She said and he swung his legs to the side of the bed, immediately moving up the bed to sit beside her. He cringed as she inched away and he lent back to remove his visor, he could fix this.

“Y/N.” He tried again, just wanting her to look at him, to not fear him. He was scared he had permanently ruined their friendship, never mind any chance at a possible relationship. Her eyes finally met his and he reached a gloved hand up to rest on her jaw, the pad of his thumb wiping away any lasting tears. It hurt him to see her cry and when he was the cause? It damn near killed him. “I’m so, so sorry.”

“It’s okay.” She smiled at him feebly. “I was being too pushy, I get it.” She was too kind, too pure. He was broken and battle-hardened from all his years of fighting and knew he would destroy her. But he had to pursue this, tell her the truth before she never forgave him.

“Truth is, I find it difficult to control myself around you, and wearing that,” He let his eyes rake down her body for emphasis. “I had to put some space between us before I pinned you to the fridge and fucked you right there and then.” Her eyes widened in surprise at the confession as did his own, he didn’t think he would be as bold, but the words had spilled from his lips before he could think about biting his tongue.

It was his turn to be surprised as her mouth crushed against his own, her little hands moving up to detach the last part of his mask. He immediately kissed her back, gathering her up in his arms and hauling her into his lap. She let out a squeal at this, her thighs coming around to squeeze at his hips. He worried that his arousal might put her off, that everything was moving too quickly, but his mind was put to ease as she ground down on him and he gasped, moaning against her mouth at the sensation. He forced himself to give her room to breathe as his mouth left hers, hard, blue eyes snapping to her own soft ones.

“I didn’t think you liked me this way.” She said, audibly panting and he offered her a smile, hands smoothing over the curve of her ass as she rocked gently against him.

“I have eyes you know.” He said, diving in to kiss at her neck as he had thought about earlier, finding just the right spot to bite down on. Sheer delight radiated through him as she let out a whimper and squirmed in his grasp. He blew on the spot and kissed it gently, knowing it would soon turn a glorious shade of purple.

“Then why didn’t you make a move?” She asked as she dragged the zipper of his signature jacket down and he happily shrugged it from his shoulders, letting go of her for a minute to toss it on the floor. His hands were back on her, and he continued to lavish kisses upon her clavicle, slowly moving down to her breasts.

“I must admit I thought you would mind the age difference, if you do you can tell me, Y/N, I’ll understand.” He said, raising his head from her chest, giving her the chance to say no, to pull out before they had gone too far.

“You know I don’t care, 76.” She said and he picked her up in his arms, moving her to lay down, reaching a hand to move a pillow underneath her head before he moved atop her, covering her body with his own.

“Jack.” He corrected, kicking his boots off as she reached out again for him, hands curling in the bottom of his t-shirt.

“Jack.” She tried the new name and he nearly moaned at the way her lips curled around the world, it had been so long since someone had called him that, and coming from her? It was heavenly. She giggled beneath him as he removed her shoes. “I like that on you.”

He moved back up her body to kiss her again and he knew he would never tire of the action, she tasted divine and he allowed his tongue to explore her mouth as he swallowed her moans. The noises she was making, god, he had barely done anything yet. She tugged needily at his shirt and he ripped it over his head in a hurry, throwing it on the growing pile of clothes on the floor. His hands moved under her top, feeling the warm skin that lay under the fabric as he slowly worked the thing of her. She met him halfway, yanking the clothing over her head and off of her body. His cock thrummed at the realisation she wasn’t wearing a bra and he dove for her, large hands pinning her hips to the mattress as he licked up her breast, taking a nipple into his mouth.

She whined at the action and her hands wove into his hair, pulling hard when he did his job right, happiness shot through him at the sounds that escaped her as he worked her other breast, a hand coming up to massage the soft flesh. He had always been a giver, and seeing a girl writhe underneath him always sent him into absolute euphoria, the idea that he could give someone so much pleasure, turned him on so much that he could already feel precum leaking from his head. Spurred on by his imagination, his hands travelled further south, easing off her pants along with her underwear. He moved his head to kiss her again, allowing her to relax in his arms, as his hand leisurely roamed her thigh. Fuck his shoulder, he didn’t care about hurting that anymore, the woman below him was the only thing he was concentrating on.

He dragged his head down her body, plastering kiss all across her stomach as he moved backwards on the bed, settling between her legs. He nipped at the inside of her thigh, ever so slowly working his way up to the spot he was sure she craved him the most. She tensed up under him and he hesitated, was something wrong? He gaze locked onto her face, now a picture of worry. He could feel her trembling.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, you’re doing great I swear. It’s just no one’s ever gone down on me before.” Her face tinted pink at her words and he could tell she was embarrassed. His brow rose at her, how could anyone deny her of so much pleasure?

“I can take it slow, I’m not going to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. I just wanna make you feel good.” He said, loving the feeling of her fingers tightening in his hair as she nodded, giving him permission. Her bashful smile was enough to make his heart swell, and he set to work straight away. He tentatively licked between her folds to gage her reaction, ready to pull away if she showed any signs of discomfort. Instead, she had flung her head back on his pillows, eyes screwed shut, hands gripping his hair forcing him closer.

“Please don’t stop.” She mewled and confidence roared through him as he grew more bold now beginning to draw figure eights on her clit with military style precision. Her thighs round around his head as he kept going and her wound a hand under her waist to force her hips up, wanting to taste each and every inch of her. He was sure he could go all night if she let him, but this was her first time so he was best to go easy on her, her back was already arching off the mattress, he knew she was close. Her panting was music to ears as it filled the room and his cock throbbed in his pants as he heard her whines getting more desperate. Holding onto his hair tight, she came chanting his name and he nearly growled against her as he lapped up the mess, trying to keep it brief as he knew she would be pretty sensitive. He moved his head back, gazing up at her, a hand gently running over her thigh.

“Okay?” He asked, taking a mental picture of how she looked right now, she was a fucking goddess. He moved up her body, kissing back up to her face as she caught her breath.

“Th-thank you.” She managed and his heart nearly melted. How could she be so adorable yet so sexy at the same time? He grinned back at her and she leaned up to kiss him, legs winding around his waist, arms wrapping around his shoulders so her fingers could stroke oh so gently at the back of his neck. She pulled away, cheeks redder than ever before, her face falling to nuzzle at his neck. “I’m sorry if I pulled a little hard on your hair, I got a little excited and-”

“Forget about it.” He chuckled, and she smiled back at him all embarrassment fading away in an instant.

“Mind taking your pants off? I feel lonely being naked all by myself.” Y/N pouted, sitting up a little to give him some room.

“Yes ma'am.” He complied, ridding himself off his pants and boxers, relief flooding through him to be free of the tight material.

“Damn Soldier, you should come with a warning label.” She said, eyes not meeting his face. He felt his whole neck heat up in response, red covering his face. She giggled at him, a hand on his face as she pulled him in for another breathless kiss. She moved her mouth next to his ear, hands still stroking over his chest and jaw. “Don’t break me in half.” She whispered, making him shiver.

“Condom. Top drawer.” He said, suddenly feeling quite light headed. Y/N stretched back, reaching an arm over to his bedside to find the protection. She handed it to him and within seconds he had the packet ripped open and the condom rolled down his member. He had waited too long for this.

Jack lined himself up with her entrance, his icy blue eyes focused on her own. He thrust into her slowly, moaning out as she took him in, inch by inch. She was so, damn tight. Her hands moved down to his back as he stilled, allowing her to adjust. He managed to smile down at her, a hand fisting the sheets at her side, doing everything he could to keep his composure, to keep from fucking her into the mattress, making her cum again and again and again.

“All good?”

“More than good,” She purred, albeit a little shakily. She rolled her hips against him. “You can move, Jack.”

That was all the encouragement he needed. He started off slow, driving himself into her before pulling out quickly, loving the way she clawed at his back. He soon quickened his pace, grinding down on her as he thruster forward, leaning down to catch her in a sloppy, hot kiss. The angle made her moan, and he hoisted her thigh on to his waist, driving into her deeper, harder. She had to stop kissing him, opting for resting her head on his shoulder as she rasped out his name in absolute and utter pleasure. He growled, going faster, he knew he was close.

A smirk nearly formed on his face as a wicked idea coursed threw his head and he slid a thumb down to her heat to rub her clit with just the right amount of pressure. It was too much for Y/N and she cried out at the overstimulation, hips still rolling. She shook as she came, toes curling, clinging onto his broad shoulders as if her life depended on it. The sight was enough to send Jack over the edge, his head falling to bite on her shoulder as he finished, filling the condom and pulling out.

He kissed her lightly on her neck, before getting up from the bed to tie off the condom and throw it in the trash. He turned back to Y/N to find her holding up the covers she had already hid herself under, inviting him in. He had never been one fore for cuddling after sex, but for her? He would do anything. He joined her, wrapping his arms around her waist as she snuggled into his chest, sighing contently.

“Does Jack have a last name?” She asked quietly, her own arm winding around his side to pull herself closer.

“Morrison.” He replied curtly, the word feeling alien to him after all these years, but she hummed in approval.

“Good, I didn’t want the most mind blowing sex of my life to come from Jack 76.” She said and he nearly chocked on air, his face heating up once more. She looked up at him, a sly smile on her face. “Night, Morrison.” He composed himself, trying to not think too much about her previous statement as he melted into her, sleep overcoming him.

“Night, sweetheart.”

Yellow Glows | Soulmate!Ethan


Everyone knows how the story goes, when you turn 18 your soulmate’s death date appears on your left wrist. Everyone has a soulmate, doesn’t matter if you want one or not- you get one. Some people think having a soulmate is a gift and others think it’s total bs. Personally, it’s kinda sad. You turn 18 find out the day your so called “true love” is going to die and are expected to love them and only them; hell you may never even find out who your soulmate is! Of course, you’ll always know if they’re near you or not. Once your soulmate is within a mile of you, your wrist begins to burn as if it’s on fire and the date starts to glow. However, once the date passes on your wrist the burning never goes away, whether you were ever near them or not. I, for one, was praying I’d never have to experience the burning sensation for the rest of my life.

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A/N: So this idea has been floating around in my head for a minute or two and I really want to write it down before I do nothing with it, so here you go. A Prince AU for my lovely followers.

           The night outside was dark and unforgiving.

           Many travelers had come from all over to witness tonight. The birth of an heir.

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sharkiboi  asked:

Keyleth joining vax in the after life

Sure, I’ll cry. Why not? 

A Crossing

She knew it was time, and had for a while now. She was old and frail, a little past a thousand years old. It was hard on Keyleth from the beginning; she knew her family would be gone long before she ever was and tried to prepare herself for the lonely life she would have to live.

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can we like just talk about this fucking scene because I feel fucking blessed, that my own two eyes will be able to see this full scene with probably some hot ass audio and lines?!?!1! because i feel effen blessed! now lets talk about it shall we?
she is literally sitting in his fucking lap, y'all i feel my pores being cleaner already, idek what to say if that doesn’t ruin me, the kiss surly will because it looks like they are legit EATING each other, which gives me fucking life btw
they are either too drunk, too in love or both because DAYUM son my ass dropped hard
now we all know that shit is about to go down in the next episode, but i am waiting for this one fucking scene ^^^^^ that will ruin my ass forever
i will be sitting there, sipping my tea, probably crying over bughead scenes because duh, and waiting for this ONE FUCKING SCENE
his fucking hands are on her back and in hER HAIR, god is calling my i hear him
i feel like someone just blessed me, like god blessed bughead’s kiss in 1x08, but that’s a lil story for another time
now let’s talk about hOW RONNIE LOOKS HOT AF, SO MINI ARCHIE IS PROBABLY SINGING ‘I believe i can fly’
y'all i’ve been waiting for this since the motherfucking closet scene, and i know its not too long but my fucking ass has never been more ready, i feel #shook
we all know that after this scene there is a scene where archie is laying WITHOUT HIS TOP *cough* i am blessed once again *cough* aND VERONICA LODGE KISSES HIS CHEEK WHILE PROBABLY LAYING ON HIM, wow we need some good song for this scene cause i feel it in my bones that its gonna be fucking lit af
i can imagine myself falling to the ground, my emotions all over place, and them probably having some hot ass sex, while i would probably be screaming 'my smol babies’ even tho nothing in that scene will be small *winks* if you know what i mean
anyway, i feel like i’ve been waiting for this my whole life, thx god

The phone continues to ring every hour of every day- ever since that dreadful day. Calls from family and friends- it never seems to end. Her eyes never seem to stop watering along with her throat feeling clogged up; too hard to swallow but strong enough to scream into her pillow until her voice gives up.

Almost every night she reaches out to him in hopes his hands will find hers in the dark, then to be wrapped together in their bed sheets. Mae closese her eyes and shivers with grief as she thinks about the last night and morning she had with him.

Remembering is always painful even when the memory itself is beautiful and golden.

Word Count: 12,601

warnings: depression, death

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It was early morning now, and the sun had just barely begun it’s climb into the sky to shine over the small gathering in the forest.

An arbor of flowers stood amidst the trees in a small clearing, the pale pink roses setting the theme. The flowers were also stuck into nearby tree branches, and the petals were strewn across the forest floor. Elide Lochan’s dark hair was swept up into a complicated braid, topped with a crown woven from the flowers which she also held in a bouquet at her side. Snowflakes were crystallizing all of the petals and reflecting against the shafts of sunlight that snuck through the forest canopy, giving them all a glow.

The flowers went perfectly with her dress, a cream white thing of beauty. The fabric went all the way to the base of her neck, traveling down her arms and her body, fanning out in a massive swath of fabric from the knees down.

But her back, Gods, Lorcan’s mouth would be watering. Although the gorgeous dress covered most of her bride to guard her from the winter chill, the back left little to the imagination. It had absolutely no fabric there, the fabric only continuing just above her bottom.

The wedding was small and intimate, just eleven people were in attendance: The Galathynius’s and their new baby, Nehemia, Lysandra and Aedion, Manon and Dorian, Asterin and Sorrel, as well as Gavriel and Fenrys. They all stood in an intimate semi circle around the arbor where Lorcan stood waiting breathlessly with the holy man, scanning the edges of the forest for Elide.

Everyone was murmuring with each other, snuggling with their mates amongst thick winter furs and small, pale pink flames that Aelin had conjured for each person.

Aedion was crooning something horribly inappropriate for this setting in Lysandra’s ear, making blush spread on her cheeks as she rolled her eyes. Gavriel and Fenrys were discussing innovative battle strategies with the two Blackbeaks, asking Asterin and Sorrel what advantages wyverns caused. Manon was being held tightly against Dorian’s side, a fur draped over the two of them, which coincidentally hid their hands and whatever they might be doing. And the Galathyniuses were the image of a happy family. Nehemia was bundled in furs with a bow of flames to keep her warm, and nestled in Aelin’s arms. Aelin couldn’t keep her eyes off of her and neither could Rowan, the two both wearing stupid grins as they fawned over their daughter. Aelin was wrapped up in Rowan’s arms and he continuously kissed the top of her head, making her smile every single time. And there she was, finally- his mate- his Elide. 

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Companions first kiss with SS?

Cait - Fast. She was the one to make a move, just a quick peck on the lips. Cait would then pull out, look aways, red as her hair, SS would take her head in their hands and return their lips onto hers.

Curie - Gentle and chaste. Curie was still new to her body and certainly didn’t know what all it could do, so when SS gently caressed her cheek and softly rub their lips against hers, she was astonished, fascinated. She didn’t get how a simple baiser like this could feel so strange and warm and amazing. Before she could think any further, her lips were upon SS’s ones again.

Danse - Intense. He saw some crazy things. Hell, the whole world was crazy now, he couldn’t even imagine a world where cockroaches could be killed by a stamp of child’s foot. He, however, would never expect to his friend and companion to stand up on a bench and tell him to come over. After he’d oblige they would pull him close to them and kiss them, open mouthed and hot. He didn’t mind. At all.

Deacon - Passionate and slow. They were in an old Vault, there were chairs in a circle and some skeletons sitting on them. Deacon, being awful as he is would make fun of everything. “Um, hi, my name is Deacon. ‘HII DEACOON!’ “ SS would have hard time hiding their laughter from him on most occasions. This time, however, they’d come to him, grab his shoulders and smooch that big mouth of his. He seemed startled, but SS knew he really wasn’t since they could feel two hands on their behind, softly slapping and squeezing. SS would pull away first and mutter soft ‘jerk’, all he’d do was smirk and answer: “You love it” and pulled Sole for another kiss.

Hancock - Sweet and loveable. Was more than just a little surprised. Sure, he did make a LOT of suggestive remarks, sure he was a (very favourite) mayor of Goodneighbor, but most smoothskins still seemed to be, kind of, disgusted at the very thought of touching him. And there they were, beautiful, smoothskin icicle, cuddled up against his chest, kissing him softly. Without a second thought, he put his arms around them, before softly sliding his hands across their frame. He pulled out first. “… I hope I’m not tripping”, was all he said before Sole pulled hi m for another kiss.

MacCready - Fast and needy. It’s been so long since he loved someone like this. After Lucy died, he’d be heartbroken and felt like he is never going to want anyone as much as he wanted her back. Until a certain vault dweller came along. They would show him kindness, that was a rarity in this cruel world, they’d help him, wanting nothing in return, beating their way down divine forgotten labs for a cure that didn’t even need to be there. He just wanted to thank them for that, but lose it. He’d end up kissing them, firm and fast, he would taste every bit of his boss’ mouth. After pulling out for air, Sole wouls smile and stroke his worn cheek. Things would be getting even better, he thought.

Nick Valentine - Iconic. Remember the old romance films, how close they were, when kissin, how much they seemed to live through the moment? That was Nick’s and Sole’s first kiss. He’d pull them cllose to them, his hat falling off his head, as he’d kiss them, close and, surprisinly, warm. They’d have their arms wrapped around one another and Nick would be softly swaying with them, ever so slightly. After Sole pulls out for air, Nick stares directly into their eyes and pressed his forhead against theirs.

Piper - Awkward, but sweet. She would see it coming. She would end up in awkward positions with Sole more often than usual, all she could feel around them was the tension. She wanted to tell them, but her babbling got the best of her and this talk ended up with her friend staring at her, their head tilted on the side. “Look, I just… Ugh!” Was all Piper said before she practically crushed her lips onte theirs. The kiss was short but very passionate. Sole still looked at her, like she was speaking Croatian to them before saying “Do you… always make that sound before you kiss someone?” She just stared at them, silent ‘what’ leaing her mouth. “Cause, you know it’d take some time for me to get used to that, um. But for you, I’m willing to try.” Piper chuckled awkwardly, before kissing them again, more relaxed and with no ‘ughh’

Preston Garvey - Slow and kind of chaste. He was so happy, this was what he dreamed of. Thanks to his friend, to his General, to the one person he would go to hell and back with (if there was a worse hell than post-nuclear Earth), the Commonwealth was slowly becoming a better place and all thanks to them. He might’ve been wearing pink glasses, but he imagined future in 10, 20 years being bright. Bright, full of farms, green, life, purity, with people that were nice to each other, or at least weren’t killing each other on sight. He just wanted to thank his friend for that, how he ended up with them pressed against his fram, he didn’t remember, what he did know was that life is good and it was about to get better.

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Can I request one? Anything romantic with the Countess x female reader would be great. It's just that imagines involving the Countess are so rare and I love the Countess. :)

A/N: I couldn’t find my muse with this one. I’m trying to get back into writing. I will open my ask really soon. Sorry if the Countess or Donovan are too OOC, i need to re-watch hotel to get back into the characters. Love this request! 

Countess X Reader

It was Sunday, a late dark night at the hotel when the two of you stumbled back in after whatever party she’d taken you too. You were tipsy, not sure if you had ingested any alcohol for if you were just drunk off the way she treated you. She would held you against her the whole night, flaunting you like you were the one to show off. Her fingers dragged along yours, pulling you around the room. Music played in the loudspeakers in her suite and she smiled lightly. Laughing with you as you sang some of the words.  

“You’re so cute, I feel like a lion about to tear apart a deer.” She said before kissing you lightly. “Take my hand.” She said putting her other hand out towards you. You did as told feeling her other hand slip around your waist. You laughed as she danced with you smiling and kissing you every so often. You sang with her to the music letting her dip you and spin you and hold you close.  

“You make me feel so young again.” She whispered into your neck. “Like I’m falling for someone for the first time.” She muttered. She kissed you again leaving another mark on her skin. “It’s been too long since I’ve had butterflies in my stomach, I wish you’d shown up sooner.” She whispered.  

“What are you talking about?” You asked. She shook her head, and smirked, spinning you again.  

“You’re just refreshing.” She said. She pulled you close to her. “Cute enough to eat.” She laughed. You rolled your eyes at her, spinning her this time. She dragged you once again before pushing you against the couch. Her fingers wrapped up in your hair. She kissed you roughly again. “Taste good enough to eat too.” She whispered.  

She bit you softly before sitting up, and taking your hand once again, leading backwards into the next room. The door closing behind you.  

The Countess stepped out of the room wiping red liquid from her lips, Donovan smirked. “So how was your meal?”  

“Mm good as always. What are you doing here?” She asked. Donovan shrugged.  

“Heard you’ve been flaunting some girl around, people are gonna ask what happened to her.” He muttered.  

“And why would they do that?” She smiled. There was a soft yawn in the other room, you sat up, feeling the bed beside you.  

“Darling?” You called, the Countess smiled.  

“I’ve got to go back she’s calling.”  

“You didn’t kill her?” Donovan asked. The Countess smirked.  

“Oh of course not.”  

“But, your meal?” Donovan furrowed his eyebrows. The Countess winked. 

She waved to Donovan before slipping back into the room with you. “Sorry babe, I was just getting something to drink.” She leaned down and kissed you.  

You stretched out in the silk bed, finding bare legs beside yours. Her fingers dragged up your side her lips pressing lightly against your neck. “Morning, my darling.” Her voice was deep and sultry. It made you shiver.  

“Morning Elizabeth.” You said turning and kissing her on her lips. She was always shocked by how forward you were, even with how shy you could be. She smiled at you kissing back rough. She smiled.  

“I have a meeting, I’ll be back soon. Wait for me here will you?” She asked you nodded drifting back to sleep.  

The next thing you knew you were awaken by a sharp pain in your neck, a gloved hand dragged along your neck. You were frozen in fear, unable to face your attacker/ You felt another sharp pain. “Elizabeth.”  You screamed. There was a dark laugh.  

“She isn’t coming to save you.” You heard a familiar voice say. Donovan. “You’re just another meal honey. I she really liked you she would have turned you already. You her plaything.” You felt the claw drag deeper into your skin and you let out another scream.  

The doors swung open and the claw was torn from your neck. You could feel the blood gushing from the wound. “DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER.” The Countess yelled pulling Donovan away from you. She threw him so hard against the wall he was knocked out before moving over to you. She kissed you.  

“Are you okay?” She asked. You were growing paler each second.  

“Eliza… -beth.” You choked out finally. You could feel the blood leaking from you. “I love you.”

“(Y/N), stop it. You’re not going to die. I won’t let you.” She whispered kissing you again.

“Goodbye, my countess.” You whispered before you eyes fluttered closed.  

“Hey baby.” She whispered kissing your cheek. “Stay with me okay. Stay with me.” She said shaking you a bit. She took a deep breath before biting her lip harshly. Blood dripping from the wound. “I didn’t want to do this to you… I know how much you care about others. Please forgive me.” She kissed you over and over again until you felt blood trickle into your mouth. “I love you too.” She said into your hair.

kunoichi-ume  asked:

29 and Sakumo x Tsunade

Thank you for all the lovely asks that are filling out my armada. I didn’t mean to ship them, but now I do.

Prompt: So, you’re the one who saved my life.

Shadows clung to the ceiling, briefly chased away by the occasional lightning glowing through the window. Sakumo listened to the steady cadence of the rain for several heartbeats-heartbeats that shouldn’t exist any longer-before opening charcoal eyes to scan the room. A familiar form huddled in the corner, holding a bloody tanto, his tanto. Another crack of light split the night, emphasizing the crimson on the woman’s clothing.

Sticky liquid coated Sakumo’s stomach, drenching the hands he used to push himself into a sitting position. “So, you’re the one who saved my life?” He asked the question without a hint of malice or joy in his voice. “I should have known.”

“How could you?” The disbelief and hurt in Tsunade’s words twisted through Sakumo’s gut the same way the blade had. “Haven’t we lost enough already?”

Sakumo sighed and ran his hands over his stomach. Despite the smooth slit in his clothing, the skin beneath had fitted back together perfectly. Not even a scar remained, only the dampness of his blood. That particular smell hung heavy in the air, and he saw the wildness in Tsunade’s eyes. He owed her an answer, but the words wouldn’t come. How could he tell her that he’d failed his village, the one thing he still had going for him? How could he explain the fall from hero to outcast in a single mission?

“What about Kakashi?” The name of Sakumo’s son hurt more than Tsunade’s words or the knife. He thought of the boy, the brilliant, difficult genius that he was. Kakashi deserved better than having a failure overshadow his whole life. Sakumo had seen the way Kakashi’s grey eyes hardened when someone muttered his father’s name as a curse. It bothered Kakashi far more than Sakumo. Tsunade’s whip-like voice pulled the jonin from his thoughts. “Did you even think about him?”

“Of course I did,” Sakumo snapped, losing control of his patience. Everything he’d done had been for Kakashi. Exhaling to pull himself back under control, he pushed off the tatami mats to approach Tsunade. “I’m sorry.”

Tsunade recoiled when Sakumo reached for her. Ignoring the movement, he caught her hand and pulled Tsunade to her feet. For half a moment, Sakumo worried that she’d hit him, but the woman leaned close with a soft sob. “I’m sorry,” he repeated, knowing the too weak sentiment could never be enough.

“I can’t lose you too,” Tsunade mumbled in a small a voice.

Shushing her, Sakumo led Tsunade through the house toward the bathroom. Once inside, he turned on the shower, mindful to wash the blood from his hands. Stepping back, Sakumo pulled off his shirt and tossed it into the sink, incinerating it with a fire jutsu.

Crimson liquid covered the green hadori that Tsunade wore. Easing closer, Sakumo rested his hands on her shoulders. Though she shuddered, the woman didn’t shrug from beneath his touch. Far more tenderly than he felt, Sakumo ran the tips of his fingers down the sides of Tsunade’s neck, hooking them beneath the edge of her shirt. Sliding it from each shoulder, Sakumo laid the garment aside. Still half trembling, Tsunade pressed back. Sakumo brushed golden strands of hair away from her neck, fighting the urge to kiss the porcelain skin.

Sakumo hadn’t seen Tsunade in month, nor had he felt the confusing swirl of emotion that she elicited. The medic had been the one to bring Kakashi into the world, secreted away in a cave near the border of Iwa. War had forged bonds of friendship between Sakumo and Tsunade, along with the rest of her team. She’d kept his secret, understanding the conflict in Sakumo’s eyes when he begged for her help. The memory of blood and loss ripped through his heart again. He would never forget the solemn shake of the woman’s head as she placed the baby in his arms.

Tsunade had been the one to help him construct the rumors about Kakashi’s mother. So many shinobi had been lost or were late in returning from the war that it was easy to say she’d been a Konoha shinobi. Tsunade never brought up the woman that Sakumo had fallen in love with, then lost. In fact, they didn’t talk about those days at all. She’d taken pity on him during the early months, helping him adjust to the stress of caring for a newborn.

Days had turned into weeks, then months before either realized. One day, completely exhausted after putting up with a grumpy, teething Kakashi, Tsunade and Sakumo had fallen into bed together. He’d woken with her head pillowed on his chest, one arm circled around her back. Then, he’d recognized the softness of lips against his skin. Their first time hadn’t been passion, it was mutual loneliness that brought them together. Somehow, they both lost and found themselves there, broken pieces attempting to knit into a semblance of whole. Neither pushed for more, understanding that they weren’t in a place to truly give themselves to someone else.

That knowledge didn’t make the urge to ease Tsunade’s hurt any less tempting. The woman and Kakashi had been the two pinpricks of light in the sea of darkness that dragged at Sakumo for years. He’d fought it, struggled against it, tried to keep his head above the water, but it had grown too much. All the pebbles of anguish from the past years had piled up, ending in a slide that dragged him under. Sakumo’s last thought, as his heartbeat slowed, had been that he wished he could have told Tsunade goodbye too. He had bid a fonder farewell than usual to Kakashi before sending him on a mission yesterday morning. The intervening hours of silence and loneliness had taken their toll.

A sob rose in Sakumo’s throat, and he struggled to force it down. All of his careful plans of sending Kakashi away on a mission suspected to last for several days, and a proposed meeting in his home with one of his oldest friends tomorrow had been ruined by Tsunade. The Hokage would have squared everything away before Kakashi got back from his mission. Though it would hurt, Kakashi was stronger than anyone realized. Sakumo knew the boy could pick up and go on without him.

Tsunade turned in Sakumo’s arms, responding either to the sound he’d failed to hide or the silence that dragged on too long. She breathed his name, hands rising to cradle his cheeks with surprising gentleness. The touch shivered through his entire body. When Tsunade kissed him, it tasted of desperation and loss wrapped tightly in desire. He almost pushed her away,, but it had been so long since someone touched him with love that he couldn’t help but crave it. Sakumo was so cold, and Tsunade blazed against him like a beacon.

In a tangle of limbs and disappearing clothes, the pair made it into the shower. It was hardly large enough for both, but they made it work. Hot water sprayed off Tsunade’s shoulder, creating a mist between them as they pressed closer in the confined space. Crimson ran down, swirling against the white tile before disappearing into the drain. Tsunade’s fingers traced the memory of the mortal wound she’d healed, and Sakumo found himself wishing that she’d left the scar.

“I won’t lose you too,” Tsunade repeated, reaching for Sakumo’s lips a second time. Their difference in height was enough that he lifted her against the wall, presenting his back to the cascading water. Strong legs wrapped around his hips, drawing his body flush against hers until Tsunade filled every sense. Momentarily, the ache in Sakumo’s chest lessened, replaced by heat and hope. Desire chased after them as one hand curled around Tsunade’s hip, rocking with the movements of her body.

Losing himself in the feeling was alarmingly easy. Tsunade arched, nails finding Sakumo’s back as his lips dropped to her shoulder. Long buried emotions surged in response to the warmth. How long had it been since-

“Dad?” Kakashi’s voice came from he other side of the bathroom door, barely loud enough to hear over the running water and the rushing of blood in Sakumo’s ears. Tsunade froze against him, horror painting her features. “We finished our mission early, so I’m home.”

“Just a minute,” Sakumo choked out, fighting to disentangle his limbs from the woman still wrapped around his waist. When he looked at Tsunade, amusement had replaced her shock. She pressed her face against his shoulder, entire body shaking with silent laughter. Sakumo couldn’t stop the sound that bubbled in his chest, mimicking hers.

Sakumo could picture Kakashi tapping his foot on the other side of the door, young features set in annoyance at being delayed. “What did you do in the front room? It looks like you killed someone.”

“I cut myself cleaning my tanto,” Sakumo responded automatically, finally getting free of the shower to wrap a towel around himself.

Kakashi huffed, annoyed about the mess or Sakumo’s lack of skill. “I’m going to get it cleaned up before it stains the floor,” the boy said, voice heavy with adult responsibility. “You really should be more careful.”

Quiet feet retreated from the door, and Sakumo leaned against the wall with a sigh.

“You really should be more careful,” Tsunade said, alarmingly close to Sakumo’s back. Her hand ran over muscles still slick with water as she kissed between his shoulders. ‘I’m going to stick around to make sure you don’t do anything stupid.“ Again. The word went without saying.

Eventually, Sakumo would need to explain Tsunade to Kakashi. She’d left before the boy had been old enough to remember her presence, though her legend would precede her. Having both of them nearby made the weight of a few hours ago seem almost bearable. One day at a time, Sakumo repeated the mantra that had kept him going for so long, wrapping one arm around Tsunade. Just take it one day at a time.

Sweetest of Dreams

Late-night television is a gamble. Sometimes there’s not much other than infomercials and outdated reruns of talk shows. Every now and then, she finds something worth watching. This is one of the latter nights, and an old Audrey Hepburn flick is playing on one of the channels. She’s sitting on the couch of her apartment, with a bowl of popcorn and a cup of chamomile tea, settled in to watch Sabrina.

Halfway through, as she is humming along to “Yes! We Have No Bananas” with Audrey and Humphrey Bogart, when her phone rings. Glancing over at it, she sees his name appear on the screen, and scrambles to answer it.

“Spencer? Is everything okay?”

“Oh, I – I didn’t think you would pick up,” he says. “Did I wake you?”

It’s nearly three AM, but she doesn’t want to worry him. “Not at all. I was up late finishing something for work. What’s wrong?”

On the other end of the phone, she hears him hesitate. “Just… just a bad dream, that’s all. I thought maybe having somebody to talk to would help, but…”

The television is muted, and she gives him her full attention. “If you want to talk about it, I’m right here. And if you don’t want to, then we can talk about something else.”

Work is a sensitive subject for him, and there are things he keeps from her in order to protect her. If it would make things easier on him, she would gladly hear his every story, but he insists there are some things she doesn’t need to know. “Tobias Hankel,” he says quietly. “That was the nightmare. I was back in that shed, and I couldn’t escape, and I just – it feels so real sometimes.”

The name is one she recognizes, from a case he’s told her only a little bit about. Almost ten years ago he was abducted and held hostage by a delusional serial killer for two days before his team finally found him. Most of the details he left out, but whatever happened in those 48 hours, it has continued to haunt him to this day. “I’m sorry,” she tells him. “What can I do to help you?”

“Just… just talk. Please?”

And so she does. Talks about everything, and nothing. What her day was like, what she’s thinking about, why Life is Beautiful is her favorite movie. Talks until he’s no longer responding, and she can hear only quiet, rhythmic breathing on his end. He’s asleep. Relieved that one of them is resting easier, she hangs up the phone. Spencer needs the sleep, needs to be alert and awake for the demands of his job. The late hours are something she can manage, or at least, she tries to. Characters jump to life onscreen when she unpauses the movie, losing herself in a good film and a lukewarm cup of tea.

In the end, she gets only four hours of sleep. Four isn’t the best, but it’s certainly not the worst. Standing under a cold shower helps to shake some of the fatigue, and a large cup of coffee – two shots of espresso – helps with the rest. In a strange way, her unconventional sleep schedule makes their relationship easier. There is never any adjusting when he’s away for work and calls her at odd hours. It’s easier for her to relate to his exhaustion. And when he needs her most, she’s there. Awake. Ready to listen.

Small victories, she decides. Where there are silver linings, she must seize them. It is not a silver lining, but an opportunity that falls her way that evening however. Spencer asks if he can come over, stay the night. Sometimes it’s harder being at home for him. The same place where after every case he has ended up, processing things alone. Pain, fear, guilt, regret. All those emotions have lived in the same four walls he inhabits.

Her apartment, at times, feels like a sanctuary for him. Full of good things, better things, than his room has housed. Never one to turn down a chance to spend time with him, she assures him it’s perfectly fine if he wants to come over. In truth, she’s all too happy to have him there. Spencer shows up at six, greeting her with a kiss. When his lips are on hers, there’s no need for caffeine. His touch, his very presence, has a way of waking her up.

“I prefer this much more to phone calls,” she says, and he laughs; a wonderful sound.

“There certainly are advantages to in-person interactions.”

“Like this.” She kisses him once more, slowly, savoring the sensation. They are interrupted by the ding of the oven timer. “And dinner.”

“Mm, yes. Both are good.” Spencer can’t cook to save his life, but is always happy when she does. Not that she minds, recipes always make much more than a single person can go through, and she would much rather have someone to share it with.  They eat together, then spend a long while on the couch with tea, just enjoying the time they have together. They catch up, hold hands, steal a few more kisses here and there.

When the sun has long since set over DC, they retire to bed, each a little reluctant, for their own reasons. Having Spencer there is comforting. So close she can hear the sound of his heartbeat when he pulls her to him. Arms strong and warm secure her there, and she lies still until he’s fast asleep. Then, very carefully, she extracts herself from the safety of his embrace. It’s not a matter of wanting to be away from him, so much as it is a desire not to wake him. She would happily stay there, but it’s only ten-thirty. It will be hours before she manages to fall asleep, and she’s got to keep her mind busy until then.

On the nightstand is Les Misérables, beckoning her to finish the last two hundred pages. A quick trip to the kitchen to fetch another mug of tea, the flicking on of a reading light, and she settles for another long night.


He bolts upright, awakened by the sound of his own scream. Pants and gasps for air, trying to slow his breathing and his mile-a-minute-heartbeat. He’s here. Here. Not in Georgia, not in that shack, not in a chair. In DC, in an apartment room, in a bed. But, he realizes, it’s not his own bed.

It’s hers.

“Spence?” Right on cue, she speaks up. Reid rolls over, expecting to see her half-awake, but it’s just the opposite. By the glow of a small book light, she is reading, a novel propped up on her knees. A cup of tea sits on the nightstand, and it looks as though she hasn’t slept at all. The circles under her eyes could rival his.

“What – what are you doing up?” he asks.

She glances over him furtively, like she’s debating the severity of the situation. “Couldn’t sleep,” she answers plainly.

“Do you ever?” The question is at first in jest, but when she bites her lip, several things fall together at once. The tired look in her eyes, her disdain for early mornings, the fact that she always answers his calls, no matter how late. Coffee is her drink of choice all day, but she keeps copious amounts of chamomile tea in her kitchen. Chamomile, best known for being a sleep aid. “You’re an insomniac,” he realizes. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Y/N sighs, setting the book aside. Even when exhausted, he can’t help but find her lovely. Moonlight reflects in her eyes as she turns to face him. “I didn’t want you to worry about me. You’ve got enough going on as is. Besides, it’s a common issue, and I’ve dealt with it for a while.”

While 58 percent of the American adult population reported repeated trouble sleeping, it was still a concerning disorder. “Statistically, trouble sleeping can reduce your mortality rate by as much as 16 percent. Have you seen a doctor?”

“Yeah, but nothing seems to help much. With enough time, I’ve adapted. Really, it’s not a big deal. I just didn’t want you to worry about me. What about you? Nightmares again?”

Reid nods. “Tobias Hankel.” The same as all his nightmares lately.

For a moment, she debates whether to ask him another question. Making up her mind, she looks at him with an expression that seems to ask permission. “Why is it always him?”

He wrestles with his thoughts - she hadn’t told him about her insomnia so he wouldn’t worry, but he found himself frustrated that she couldn’t confide in him. The same thing he’s been doing all this time with his own experiences. Only now does he realize how lonely that felt. If she’s going to trust him with things, he needs to show her that he trusts her as well. “Listen, there’s something I’ve never I’ve never told you about that case.”

That gets her attention. She sits up straighter, waiting intently, curiosity plain on her features as he tries to find the right words. This never gets any easier, explaining it to someone. “When I was in that shack, I was… I was beaten, and tortured. When Tobias wasn’t himself, he was really violent. When he would come to, he’d see what had happened. Then he would try to make up for it, make things easier for me. He… he, um…” God, it’s harder than he expected with her. Because he doesn’t have to see her at work everyday, she doesn’t have to stay in his life, unlike his colleagues. But oh how he wants her to stay. This could be thing that scares her off, he knows that. If he doesn’t tell her though, and she finds out, it’ll be far worse. He exhales heavily, trying to rid his body of all doubt; runs his fingers through his hair. Sensing his discomfort, she reaches for his hand, holding tight to him. Giving him a little more courage. “He drugged me, with Dilaudid. It’s almost like heroin, but it’s easier to get. The team found me, but not until after I had to shoot Tobias in order to stay alive. And Dilaudid is incredibly addictive, so after he was dead I… I stole his supply in order to keep using. It almost cost me job, my friends. Everything. But – but I stopped. I haven’t used in nine years, ten months, and fifteen days.”


“I never told you because I didn’t want you to worry about me. I didn’t want to scare you. But I know now that I can trust you with it. I love you, Y/N. You know that, right?”

She wraps her arms around him, holds him close. “Yes. Yes, I do. And I love you to. Thank you for trusting me.” When she pulls away, she reaches for his hand once more. Not quite ready to let go completely. “I know your job isn’t easy. And I know there are things in your past that are hard to talk about. But whatever might keep you up at night, you can call me. Or stay with me. I’ll be awake to listen. I’ll be here.”

Reid realizes what she’s offering - a lifeline. To be there for him, at all hours. While he appreciates it, she needs rest too. No matter how hard it is to find. “How you considered medication to help you sleep?”

“Yeah, but I haven’t been able to find one that works. It’s like… it’s like I can’t turn my mind off at night. All these thoughts are running through my head, and I keep tossing and turning, and no matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to fall asleep. It’s been that way for a while.”

Sleep therapy can be expensive, but there are an abundance of home remedies. “What about things like yoga, or a hot bath before bed?”

Accompanying her nod is the sort of weariness that confirms she’s run the gambit of possibilities. “Anything you can think of, I’ve probably tried at one point or another. Nothing seems to work, not for very long at least.”

“What about sleeping with someone?” It’s a last ditch effort to help her in some way.

“What?” She furrows her eyebrows, confused.

Reid shifts, wets his lips as he tries to explain it. “There are studies that show sharing a bed with someone you love can improve overall health and quality of life. The psychological benefits can sometimes carry over into the physical realm. I mean, it’s just one study, but I just thought maybe it could help. To sleep with someone you feel safe with.” She looks at him, waiting for him to continue, and so he takes it as permission to ask. “Do you feel safe with me?”

“Of course,” she answers. Hesitates, then adds, “There’s nobody else I feel safer with than you.”

At that, his heart warms, and he can’t help but smile. She feels safe – no, safest – with him. “Then will you lay with me? It helps me too, being near you. So far, no nightmares.”

It’s true, this is the first time in a while he has slept so soundly. She settles back down with him under the blankets, close enough he can feel the warmth of her body. Briefly he wonders if she enjoys being held by him as much as he enjoys holding her. Somehow, he feels more secure when she’s in his arms. He kisses the top of her head, and they embark upon a potentially mutually beneficial sleeping arrangement.

It helps him, more than he had imagined. For Y/N, there seems to be no change, at least not at first. At night she feels more relaxed though, more content. And then, on the fourth night that he crawls into bed with her, it happens.

She closes her eyes. And falls asleep. As quick and simple as that.

No restlessness. No nightmares.

Only the sweetest of dreams. Only soft breathing and gentle embraces, and mornings spent waking up slow, blissfully wrapped in the presence of each other.

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#2 with reyder!

Yay! Thanks for this, it was a ton of fun! I really hope you enjoy it! The prompt was “Things you said through clenched teeth”

This takes place in the future of the Santa Sarita series (on ao3), so enjoy this sneak peak! I promise it’s not really spoiler-y, and for those of you firmly stuck in the hell I’ve created for you, here, have some fluff :)

“Ryder,” Reyes gasped as Sara shoved him back against the refrigerator. 

The previous night’s dinner, a bland roast of Scott’s creation, was reheating in the oven. Reyes was hoping the liberal application of spices would help the leftovers when the Pathfinder had appeared in the doorway. And then she was pressed against him, her body pushing his back into the fridge as her teeth grazed his collarbone. He moaned as the scraping sensation sent shivers up his spine.

“Shh,” She chided him. As if it were his fault he made too much noise. She continued carving a path up his neck, her teeth pressing to where his jaw met his throat.

He put a hand on her rib cage, just below her breasts, and relished the feel of her hot skin against his palm. She wore that stupid Blasto shirt, the one that was entirely unfair and showed so much of her pale skin, constantly begging him to touch. His other hand snaked up to tangle in her sandy brown hair, so much longer now than the last time his hands had the liberty to touch it. He tugged, pulling her face up to his.

Her mouth was a fire, her tongue scorching his lips as she demanded entrance. He knew he should stop this, but he’d never been very good at telling her no. And, as wrong as it was, he couldn’t deny that her tongue tangling with his felt so damn right. Until he tasted the beer on her lips.

Beer she would have shared with Liam.

Reyes spun to pin her against the fridge, her hands held above her head in one of his own. He broke the kiss, and pulled back just far enough to look her in the eye.

“We can’t keep doing this,” he panted.

“I know,” she breathed, her breath sweet with malts from the beer. She leaned her head forward and caught his lips in her own. Reyes moaned against her, temporarily lost in the heat of her. She overwhelmed him with the fragrance of mint in her hair, the sweet taste of her tongue, the delicate whimpers that climbed from her throat.

He pulled back again, amazed at his own self control. “Someone is going to get hurt,” he told her, the thumb of his right hand tracing just beneath the band of her bra, teasing the sensitive flesh there.

She stifled a moan behind her locked jaw, her head falling back against the refrigerator. “I know,” she ground out through clenched teeth. But still her hips rolled against his, craving connection.

Reyes kissed her again, but the heat had faded from him. His lips were soft against hers, a reminder of another time, when there had been more between them than just sexual chemistry. And then he stepped away from her and sat on the booth; it’d be best if there was furniture between them.

She took a moment to catch her breath, and when she finally met his eyes there was surprise in hers.

“What?” He asked.

She shrugged. “I’m just surprised,” she said. “I didn’t think you cared about Liam.”

He laughed. “Don’t get me wrong,” he started. “He’s a nice enough guy, in a frat boy sort of way.” He laughed at her frown. “But, I don’t give a shit about Liam,” he said. “I care about you.” He looked away, suddenly embarrassed by the admission. He adjusted his seat on the couch, and tried to convince himself he wasn’t fidgeting. “Things will be easiest if we avoid public displays,” he mumbled.

She watched him a moment, her blue eyes seeing right through him as always. Had it really been over a year since they’d been so close? It didn’t feel like it. No, Reyes thought. It felt like she knew him better than ever.

“It’s a small ship, Reyes.” She ran a hand through her hair, her silver ring shining in the fluorescent kitchen lights. “Someone is going to find out eventually.”

He nodded and sighed. “Forgive me if I want to prolong that as long as possible.” He didn’t look forward to the conversations that would follow the reveal of their rekindled romance. Though he was sure Scott, and therefore Gil, already had a hunch.

Sara approached the table, and leaned across it to kiss him. Her lips were gentle, patient when moments before they’d been demanding. It was a lazy dance, unworried that time might be running out and confident that it would be continued later. When she finally broke the kiss she smirked at him.

“I think your dinner is burning.”

Do You Really?

A/N just a short little something about Niall meeting Zelle’s Family for the first time

Niall was a naturally nervous man when it came to certain things. He could openly admit any feeling but the perception of people was what terrified him the most. When Zelle insisted upon dragging him along to a family dinner where everyone would be awaiting his arrival eagerly, he wanted to run. There was no doubt in Niall’s mind that they’d hate him. Zelle thought he was crazy because what was there to hate about him? “Uh what about the bloody fact that I’m jobless, homeless and practically moochin offa ya!” Niall’d cried, shaking his head earnestly. It was a hard no. It took Zelle nearly a month to finally convince him to come along. Niall had met her mother at this point and only briefly met her older brother. (He was 6’2 and intimidating as hell).

Pulling up to the house in a city called Medina, Niall felt close to vomiting. Zelle reassured him and squeezed his arm. “Babe, it’s okay. Trust me.”

How could Niall trust her? He was freaking out. Rather than admitting it, Niall nodded, forcing a tight smile onto his face.

Zelle’s mother didn’t utter a word about disliking him but she never expressed how much she loved him either. The silence was scary for Zelle as well. This was the first boy she ever thought about bringing home let alone actually doing it.

They walked up the sidewalk hand in hand. Zelle squeezed Niall’s hand tightly and smiled up at him. Her reassuring smile did wonders for his nerves. Niall let out a strangled laugh and sighed. “Fuck. I guess this is it, then.”

“I guess it is,” Zelle murmured.

Their private moment was shattered when the front door opened and three men greeted them. Each various heights much larger than Niall, each with big biceps and thick necks. Wrestlers, Zelle explained earlier when they went over how to greet each of them.

“Giselle,” Jeremy, the oldest greeted her. He hugged her awkwardly and kept his eyes on Niall.

“Glad you finally decided to come,” Jake, the youngest muttered only mildly sarcastic. “And this must be Niall, then?”

“Yes,” Zelle smiled, turning to niall. “This is my boyfriend, Niall. Niall this is Jeremy and Jake.”

“Nice t’meet ya,” niall nodded. He was unsure about reaching for the handshake so he settled on resting a hand on the small of Zelle’s back as they stepped into the house.

“Likewise,” Jeremy responded dryly. “Why’d ya go and get a paddy, huh, Elle?”

“Why’d you go and get a goddamn DUI, huh? Some things we can’t control in life,” Zelle responded only half joking. She shrugged her jacket off and took Niall’s. “You can uh take your shoes off and toss them there. Mom is a bit of a clean freak when it comes to shoes.”

Niall nodded, toeing his shoes off. He set them near the door and soon after, Zelle was placed on top of his. They greeted the parents in the other room where a slew of appetizers and main meals were placed about. Apparently her mother had been a bit anxious and cooked a lot.

Her father surprised everyone and became the most welcoming out of the group. Zelle never strayed much from Niall’s side. He was the subject of most conversation as he was pelted with a million questions.

The evening left him sweaty and exhausted with a seemingly permanent shake in his hand. Zelle soothed him with a gentle kiss when they came back home. They didn’t speak in the car. Zelle focused on the road and Niall twisted at his hair, mulling over any dumb things he’d said.

Niall’s hands planted on her waist and he let out a shuddery sigh. “I’m real sorry, Z. I tried but fuck they’re like giants compared t’me. Could hardly breathe over there.”

“It’s okay,” Zelle shook her head. “It went well. They’re rough around the edges, I know. It takes time.”

“I need them to like me,” niall whispered, clutching her back as they fell into bed. He buried his nose in her neck and let out a labored breath. “Because I… because I fuckin’ love ya.”

Zelle stilled her fingers in his hair, eyes widened. Her heart raced. For a moment she thought she was hearing things but in the dead of night she knew, she knew that’s what he’d said.

Niall was unabashed. He didn’t expect her to say it back, he just said it because he felt it and there was nothing more incredible than that. Zelle let out a shaky laugh and pulled back to meet his eyes. “Do you really?”

It’d been so long since someone loved her and maybe it was a little hard to believe that Niall would love her. Maybe it was extremely hard to believe. Niall nodded gently, brushing the hair from her eyes. “Yeah I do.”

Zelle surged forward, catching him in a searing kiss. She clutched his t-shirt and put every ounce of emotion into that one kiss. Somehow it was supposed to convey six months worth of feelings. Somehow she needed it to confess her deepest darkest secrets and fears. Niall kissed back, tangling his hands in her hair.

At six months Niall knew Zelle was it for him. At six months even though Niall was terrified of her bothers and her mother had a million complexes, Niall still loved her- possibly more than anyone he’s ever met. At six months Niall knew that he wanted to spend every day for the rest of his life kissing her lips and touching her skin.

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Daughters of Arendelle - Chapter 22

Daughters of Arendelle - Part I - Bonding

Chapter 1- 21 at

Chapter 22

Sept 4, 1840

Anna ran. All she wanted was to get away, away from Kai, away from the lies. Tears blinded her as memories of the Chamberlain chased after her. Strong hands lifting her up after falls, pushing her on the garden swing, carrying her to bed when she fell asleep outside Elsa’s door. He had always been there for her, and he had always been part of her parent’s lie.

Unable to shake the thoughts she ran faster.

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anonymous asked:

Are you still doing the drabble thingy~? If so - jay park and ballet

‘Who is the prettiest ballerina here?’ Jay cooed towards his adorable 5 years old daughter dressed in her tutu and ballet shoes. Jay had to take her to ballet class since it was Wednesday and it wasn’t that he hates sending her to ballet class. It was just that; the only interesting thing there was his daughter. The mothers kept on staring at him and throwing him lines from time to time that at times he felt violated.

‘I am.’ she pointed her index finger towards herself proudly as Jay grinned and nodded his head at her answer. ‘That’s true princess.’ He scooped her up into his arms and trudged up the stairs to the ballet class. When he entered, there were a few moms and small girls around his daughter’s age. His daughter yelped out once she saw some familiar faces, struggling to go down and out of his arms. Jay let her go but of course not before he made her kiss him first.

'I love you too daddy.’ She shouted as she ran to join her friends. Jay moved towards the waiting room sighing out, already tired of the impending wait. He took out his phone from his back pocket. He then felt someone clasped their hand around his biceps. 'Hey, it’s been so long since I last saw you.’ She ran her hands down his arm purposely taking her sweet time from pulling her hand away. Jay just smiled awkwardly and put back his focus towards his phone. 'Babe, how do I fend off mothers from flirting with me?’ He texted his wife who replied instantly.

'Shut up and suck it up your daughter loves that class.’

This was going to be a long two hours class, Jay groaned mentally.1

Drabble #7 - “You’re smart and successful with an adorable belly.”

Submitted by: you-make-me-wander

Description: Scott and Allison visit Stiles and Lydia in San Francisco to find that after five years of marriage and with a baby on the way, Stiles and Lydia are still very much in love.

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Pregnant!Lydia, Established Relationship

Part 7 of the “Birthday drabbles” series

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Exhibit A - a B99 fanfic

I clearly have no chill, but urgh I couldn’t not. Anyway, this is a ‘what if?’ based on an observation I made earlier: that if Boyle hadn’t called out to them, Jake and Amy definitely would have ended up making out in the evidence locker. 

So. Enjoy. 

E.T.A.: also on AO3 if you prefer

He shouldn’t be allowed to look at her like that.

Amy’s had to put up with Jake looking at her a lot these last couple of days. (And that is totally the right way of putting it, because she so did not sign up for him to be looking at her in any way but as her partner and friend. That’s the only way she looks at him after all when he’s looking at her.)

But no, first it was that acutely uncomfortable look when she confronted him about being all weird lately and he told her he’s been about to ask her out before she told him her no dating cops rule (she’d handled that really well, she thought); then there was that look he was careful not to give her when she started unbuttoning her shirt in back of the van (she’d totally nailed dealing with that too); then the look of, what was it, surprise? Discomfort again? When she’d kissed his cheek… She’d dealt well with it at the time but she’d still felt the need to apologise for it later because, yep, it had definitely been discomfort on his face, and it wouldn’t have been there if he was feeling totally platonic towards her. Then that soft, completely fond look he’d had when she’d said he made her laugh (and why she’d said that she didn’t know, because then he gave her that look and said what he’d said and she’d found herself staring at him and… well, whatever, she’d handled it).

Then, of course, he’d kissed her. On the mouth. So now she totally knew what look Jake got on his face before he kissed someone. Namely her. On the mouth.

She really hadn’t needed to know that.

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sacklerjessa  asked:

Adam/Jessa + 5

‘The way you say I love you’ + #5 Over a beer bottle.

He is drinking, and this is all so unfair, he shouldn’t be drinking in front of her since she is nervous too and Jessa wants a beer so bad too, Adam stop drinking right the fuck now. The microwave beeped, and she did move to go for their dinner but he stood first, leaving the beer on the table and one hand in front, so she will know it’s okay for her to stay in her sit. 

“You are not eating?” She asked when he put only one plate with leftovers in front of her, Adam shook his head no and Jessa nodded.

“I’m fine.” He answered, too serious to be her boyfriend. Yet again, how many times has his seriousness and responsibility, maturity, has surprised her since the day their met?

“Alright.” Jessa said, fork deep into the pasta in front of her. “Sorry, but I’m starving! Classes almost killed me today.”

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