it was so inspirational

ADD YOUR OWN DEMONGO! An idea inspired by @rotodisk and @chairosaki ’s Samurai Jack collaborations. I’ve got one suggestion for those who’d like to draw and add on to the work: I think it would be fun if everyone could draw Demongo in some sort of pose! Let him show off that body~ 

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god stop asking ppl to stream i got a boy, it's so annoying

i mean i only post a gif set once a day… 

btw stream I GOT A BOY here!

I finally decided to go ahead & try one of these of my own ! By liking/replying to this post, I have permission to:

  • Spam you with random starters, usually mostly banners, you’re not obliged to always respond, however…
  • IM you here, on discord, skype, etc for any plotting & character discussion purposes at any time.
  • Tag you & mention you at any post or reblogs!
  • Send you any asks, both IC & OOC! Even if they’re not memes.
  • Talk to you about verses, pre-established relationships, & etc
  • … & vice-versa! as you’re free to do the same to me!

Surprise visits from Krystal 💕💕 for the anon who wanted a mb of gf Krystal with bangs


clc’s hobgoblin stage outfits
insp :


all of my mysme single character artworks
I just wanted to see them all in the same post lol


✩ “I have to work harder than anyone else to make it! I’ll never catch up otherwise…! I want to be like you…! Like you. The strongest hero!” (๑و•̀ω•́)و  ✩
Midoriya Izuku | Aka Deku | Birthday gift for my lovely Olivia~ (*’∀’人)♥

Hope of Morty

Look, I know there’s like a million Hope of Morning vids already, but trust me. This is a Rick Sanchez song.

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