it was so hot when he said this

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A man bought a tin of paint, took it home, dropped it down the stairs where it burst open and went everywhere, came back and demanded a refund, a free tin of paint, a gift voucher to replace his wallpaper that got messed up, and a free hire of one of our carpet cleaners as "compensation" for selling him a "defective" tin of paint. When I pointed out that paint tins are not drop proof he said "it doesn't say do not drop on the tin so you should be able to drop it." Why are people like this?

While I know the origin of the “hot coffee” warning had legit reasons it has also fueled the already entitled customer personality that they can scam their way into getting anything free. This idiot is the perfect example, but I think this is definitely a real half ass effort on his part. “Drop proof”. Either he really is that stupid or he hopes someone will just give him what he wants to make him go away. -Abby

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If you still need Buckynat prompts: Bucky has problems with panic attacks in public. Natasha wants to help.

They went to the market in Birnin Zana’s main square every week so Natasha could get ingredients for their Wednesday night dinners.

“I don’t remember you being much of a cook,” Bucky had said when she’d first proposed their weekly meal.

“I was thoroughly trained in the culinary arts,” she’d replied archly. “But I don’t think you and I were ever within 500 yards of a kitchen together.”

He’d conceded the point. She was, it turned out, an excellent chef. And he was an excellent diner. As a shopping companion, though, he figured he left much to be desired.

It was hot in the marketplace, but not hot enough for the amount he was sweating. Nat confidently haggled for a sack of chickpeas while his eyes darted from rooftop to rooftop, searching for threats. There were none, but his heart was pounding like a firefight was imminent, and he needed to find a reason for the terror simmering under his skin. He let out a hard breath, and Natasha looked at him curiously as he struggled to get his body under control.

“Hey,” she said. “Let’s find a place in the shade to sit for a minute.”

Bucky nodded jerkily and tried to stay conscious as the shapes and colors of the marketplace swam in front him. Nat led him, steady and sure, loosely holding onto his wrist.

They sat on a couple of crates at the back of a fruit seller’s stall, and Natasha handed him her phone as he was losing feeling in the fingers of his real hand and wondering if he was having a heart attack. He couldn’t be having a heart attack. He’d been in perfect health at his physical last week. Maybe he’d been poisoned.

She tapped his hand and pointed to the screen of her phone. “Breathe in time with that,” she said.

“Did you poison me?” he gasped.

“No,” she replied patiently. “Your autonomic nervous system is reacting to an imagined threat. Think of it as an emotional allergic reaction. Breathe along with that for a minute, then tell me how you feel.”

On the screen was a dot that rose into a series of geometric shapes before collapsing in on itself to a dot again. He synced his breathing and felt the sensation returning to his hand. The terror at the back of his mind remained, though.

Nat seemed to sense this and leaned over to switch the phone to a game where he had to match little jewels by color and shape. Bucky wasn’t sure how long he played, but he felt the exact moment when the tension left his body–it was like he was a puppet whose strings had been cut.

He slumped over and she was there; one hand at his elbow and the other on the back of his neck. “I don’t have those apps on my phone for you, you know,” she said quietly. “I used to think I was dying. Every time, no matter how often it happened. It felt like it was only fair, after everything I’d done.”

He huffed out a bitter laugh and tucked his face into her shoulder.

“Turns out,” she said slowly. “If you’ve been taught for years to ignore every single signal your body sends, they all kind of come back at once. With a vengeance. And you think wow, this whole ‘being a person’ thing is a BITCH.”

He smiled against her neck and felt her smile in return. “You okay?” she said.

“Probably not,” he said. “But I’m not the only one, right?”

She chuckled. “Nope,” she said. “And after dinner tonight, I can put all of these apps on your phone. Sound good?”


Royal Family AU

Thace and Keith are the main guards to the family but because they are Galra they had to prove themselves that they were not traitors to Princess Allura. Thace mainly because him once working under Galra for years even though he was a traitor to them. Keith grew up in the castle after Allura’s father found and adopted him when his father was found dead and his mother nowhere in sight. Keith grew up always around Lance and was taught to protect him. they played and fought growing up but they were always close naturally. After being a certified guardsman, he guarded Lance constantly. Prince Lance requested only Keith as his personal guard since they were around the same age and he’s a fucking hot . Keith wasn’t complaining Lance was troublesome but they liked each other so THAT caused plenty of trouble in itself because sometimes neither of them could be found. Hunk, the Family’s chef, always said that what is always known is that they are together so Allura should calm down a little. Who could blame her though? She was the older sister and had to help prepare herself as well as her little brother for the responsibilities of  royalty. She knew the two would be making out in the closets or doing other things they both knew damn well they shouldn’t.

(plz someone message me what Pidge and Shiro should be in the royal family! I want to write a fanfic of this but i want everyone included! if you think other characters to be involved let me know who and their roles I want to expand on this!)

Im drawing this so you WILL see more ;)

Day 5, March 24
  • OST (General): Peaceful Days
  • Saitama Prompt: “I picture the future in my heart”
  • Genos (AU Prompt): Domesticity/Domestic AU

They own a house in the suburbs, saved up and moved out there a while ago. They’re still heroes, but now their house has a veranda and Saitama likes to sit out on it and usually, Genos will join him.

One night, when the moon is full, they’re sitting side by side. Saitama wanted to have sake to celebrate the full moon but Genos said it would be best to cut down. So they have hot tea instead, the tendrils of steam, illuminated by the moonlight, coil upwards.

Saitama can’t actually remember what they’re talking about. Something about their neighbours, meeting them at a sale, he’s staring at the laugh lines on Genos’ face and thinks, ‘those can’t be real, no way’. Maybe he’s imagining things out of spite because he knows he’s got crows feet and the backs of his hands have started to pinch up.

He’s getting old.

And he’s struck by the same silly idea that Genos should be in this nice suburban house with a nice wife who’s petite and pretty and practical. He shakes his head to get the thoughts out of his mind. It’s become easier over the years.

“Sensei?” A warm hand brushes over his cheek. Genos has gotten his heating under control over the years so he no longer subjects Saitama to cold metal fingers.

Saitama sneaks his hands under Genos’ shirt and Genos pulls him in for a kiss which turns into two, and then three. As their fumbling increases with the urgency of their breaths, Genos misses and kisses his nose instead and Saitama laughs under his breath. “Wait, wait.” He sets both their cups aside, they’ve long gone cold, and then Genos pushes up against his chest.

He kisses like he’s tasting Saitama, nibbling on his lips like he’s savouring a delicious meal. Genos’ kisses still make him tremble, but he knows that sliding his hand up Genos’ thigh garners the same reaction from him. They’re sensitive on different points of their neck. For Saitama, it’s his pulse point; for Genos, it’s the bundle of artificial muscle fibres running down his neck.

They don’t need to get up early for a sale tomorrow so they stay up late, drag the futon over to the sliding door and make love under the moonlight. Genos turns the heat up to make sure Saitama doesn’t catch a cold. Saitama ends up sweating under their combined heat, pressed under the weight of Genos’ body as he loves him again and again.

Genos has been talking about getting a flesh-covered body but Saitama will miss getting his fingers caught in the vents and being able to wedge them into gaps in the joints. He’ll have more places to bite down on though.

Now they take their time, the night melting into a slow glide of skin and lips and words.

“Your skin feels softer today”

“I really like how your hair looks in the moonlight”

“You’re not so sensitive here anymore”

“Do that again, it feels good”

“Weather’s turning colder.”

“I’ll get the heater running again.”

“Let’s go to the public baths again tomorrow.”

“I want to get you some more flowers for the garden”

“How does Western for lunch tomorrow sound?”

“Is this what you always imagined?”

“Not really. It’s much better.”

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What is a potato's favorite day of the week? FRYday. Who's the best looking character in Undertale? Grillby, cuz he's so hot! How does Gaster deal with his problems? He aVOIDS them. What do you get when you combine a cinnamon roll with a knife? Papyrus in a genocide run. :'D

I was laughing until you said the last one, how could you

Stiles hears whispers about the hot grad assistant in his criminal psych class so he grabs a seat near the front and waits for the said GA to come into the classroom.

He isn’t expecting Derek Hale to walk in wearing a soft blue sweater, dark jeans, and GLASSES.

He really isn’t expecting Derek to smile at the class and start passing out the syllabus.

He’s down right shocked when Derek gets to him and stops what he’s doing to stare openly at him.


And Stiles, being the little shit he is gives Derek a cocky smile and a wink as he says, “Long time no see, should I call you professor?”

Derek blinks and looks around the room to see everyone gaping at them. “I’m Derek Hale and this is intro to criminal psychology, Dr. Parker will be in shortly, she was running late.”

The semester ends up consisting mostly of Stiles flirting with Derek and busting his ass in the class to impress him.

Except Derek isn’t taking the bait because he’s trying to be professional. But as soon as he finishes grading the last final for the class he shows up outside of Stiles dorm and kissed the shit of him.

“About time,” Stiles says when they finally break apart, “Want to come in? We’ve got some making up to do.”

Derek just nods and follows Stiles inside the room where they spend the night making out, watching movies, and catching up about the last few years.

useless fact about David Bowie
  • he had Celiac’s disease
  • u know the thing where you get tummy ache after eating gluten-containing flours etc.
  • good
  • it gets better
  • because he knew that it hurt him and Iman kept an eye on him so he would not eat stuff with it
  • and everytime Iman would go away or something David STRAIGHT UP went to their chef and said “pls make normal brownies” because, I quote, the pain would be “worth it”
  • he’s a grown ass man and his wife tries so hard to keep his diet in line (bless her)
  • but he is simultaneously 69 and, like, NINE and wants real brownies
  • can u imagine, maybe he got a really bad stomach ache this time and does not recover in time so he lies on the couch when Iman returns and she’s like oh bby and makes him a hot-water bottle
  • and she sits by him and lets him whine a bit and strokes his hair and then says very stern “DAVID I TOLD U”
  • bless this child
What its like dating Dick Grayson

-Him being very affectionate. He loves to give forehead kisses, neck kisses, kisses on the cheek and his favorite is kisses on the nose because he loves the way you scrunch up your nose afterwards.

-Him carrying you to bed from the couch when you fall asleep after binge watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

-You love his long hair very much and can’t help running your hand through it. Whenever you do, he seizes your hand and kisses it very gently.

-Him calling you ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie’.

-A lot of hot make out sessions.

-Him waking up before you and watching you sleep.

- “Were you watching me sleep?”

- “Yeah, you look so peaceful. I like watching you sleep.”

- “Okay that is very creepy. No idea why Bella didn’t find it so when Edward said it to her. Remind me to build up a wall between us so that you stop doing that.”

-Him constantly using cheesy pickup lines on you.

- “Your eyes are blue like the ocean. And baby I’m lost at sea.”

- “Dick?”

- “Yes?”

- “My eyes are brown.”

-Him talking shit and yelling at the screen whenever you two play video games.

-Dancing at 3am in the living room to old romantic songs when both of you are in your pjs.

-Him whispering very inappropriate things in your ear at inappropriate times.

-He’s the one who hogs the blanket during the night.

-Whenever he goes out on patrol at night, you stay up all night worrying on the couch even though he insists that you should go to sleep.

-He calls you during patrol at the worst times.

-“Hey babe, what’s up? What are you doing?”

-“Just grabbing a snack. Why are you calling during the patrol?”

-“Oh it’s very quiet. As quiet as a- *something crashes in the background*”

-“Dick?? What the hell was that?”

-“*grunts* Construction, babe.”

-“Want me to prepare the first aid kit?”

-“Yes that would be preferable.” 


a few notes about beauty and the beast:

• jean was searching for/forgetting his wife and son and I didn’t get that until now and I’m so :(((
• emma watson is so hot pls wife me
• the lil added songs that just made me so warm
• lefou (and the entire movie) was gay as hell I love josh gad
• at the end when she asking him about a beard and he just growled and the whole thing was just so kinky why
• the guy in orange who got a makeover I LOVE HIM
• why did nanny mcphee just show up??
• lumière dabbed ??
• I’m in love with dan stevens his acting and voice (and face) were just so perfect I love him (why did emma bring up him being kinda hot as the beast bc now I can’t unsee it kill me)
• something there !!!
• dan stevens giving her a library just to prove her wrong about r&j
• I was so lit during the mob song
• I went in with super low expectations but omg it was so amazing the cast (even tho they should have cast more broadway voices) and the music and the costumes and the sets … I loved this movie

What if King Regis was reaaaaly not on with Propmpto (a commoner) being Noct’s friend at the beginning and had the Crownsguard investigate him, and after a month of surveillance they show the King their findings. 

King Regis: *watches a vid of Prompto tripping on his own shoelaces while trying to photograph a bird int he park. Watches photos of Prom being SO HAPPY when Noct buys him a hot dog. Surveillance records of Prom cooing over a stray cat. Falling into a fountain while photographing another bird.* 

King Regis: *to Noct* I allow you to keep this Prompto on the condition that you take care of it, make sure it doesn’t kill itself and walks under a car or off the bridge. Feed it well when you hang out at your flat and, please, make sure it dresses properly when visiting the Palace.

Noct: “…dad, He, not It.”

King Regis: “…that’s what I said." 

<u>A year later:</u>

Noct: "Dad, can I have a pet? The flat is kinda empty when Ignis goes home in the evening.”

King Regis: “…but I already gave you one?”

Noct: What

King Regis: What

just enj things™

- enjolras has super uncooperative hair when he wakes up (read: highkey hot as fuck)
- he sings under his breath while making coffee and often gets carried away and does this silly dancing thing that once combeferre walked in on with the most smug amused grin and enj just stopped dead in his tracks and then said “i still have that 2008 disco tape ;)) sweaty” yes in verbal convo fight me and ferre went almost pale and he’s got rlly dark skin so u can imagine what happened in 2008
- enjolras once got carpal tunnel from writing too much angry poetry
- enjolras won the literary award at his school every year and he actually went to the same hs as jehan and they weren’t friends yet, so once a desperate and raging jehan convinced montparnasse to climb into enj’s room and take a pic of the certificate bc they wanted to know what it looked like omfg
- they’re so pure they keep saying sorry for that
- enjolras plays the bass
- grantaire plays the lovestruck fool
- bahorel and enjolras deadass have an annulled marriage (viva las vegas)
- enjolras once cried mid-lecture because he was orating as vp of student council and he got SO EMO that he literally shook his head and kept apologising and asked ferre to take over
- ferre was shook
- enjolras hugs better than anyone it’s so warm in those gay arms
- enjolras can do a one-armed cartwheel and he and courf used to make cheerleading choreographies in their spare time in 6th grade
- jehan and courf dated in 6th grade oh my god enjolras kept their Special Love Notebook (™) (no seriously that’s what they called it) (it was a notebook they passed to each other during class & enj wasn’t allowed to look and he never did bc my baby’s honest n loyal) it’s still in his desk
- enjolras got arrested for stealing a frozen pizza once (maybe not SO honest)
- it was for the good of the people
- enjolras is a hoe for sam wilson he’s his fave mcu character
- enjolras once left late after school was dismissed and he started chatting w the janitor, phil, and managed to convince him to go after his dream and now Phil opened his first photography gallery if u don’t think enj has always been an angel ur wrong
- enj broke his ribs in a fist fight, he wasn’t very good at that kinda stuff so after he healed he legit took 4 different self defense classes because “i cannot cope with not being good at this” and ferre literally had a fit bc “enj whaT The Fucj you work a job and u have class every day are u srsly pulling this 9 hrs a week punching shit crap”
- “yes.”
- no worries lols that’s where he met grantaire :)) he was his boxing instructor :)) need i say more
- ok sweaty shirtless r 👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌 ya enj thinks so too
- enjolras is the BEST at naming things. courf once rolled out of bed at 4am just to text him: “mil dollar job idea: u should b professional gelato shop consultant and help them name their flavours i dk what m sayin” [sic]

Park Fucking Chanyeol appreciation post ;)

If you are not ready for an explosion of sexy Chanyeol then you are not ready for this. 

Just because I really love this picture, let’s start with that.

Just imagine this guy when he’s getting real into it….

When one of the others feels the need to bring up how loud you were last night and there is no way for him to not get cocky about it

Imagine stepping out of the shower only to come face to face with this smirking little shit.

“I’ll wait for you in the bedroom…”

Him making “suggestive” faces at you because you know what you have planned tonight…

When it is getting hot in here

When you say something that has his mind wandering in a not-so-holy direction and he tries to play it off because you are in public Park Chanyeol,control yourself

I don’t think there needs to be anything said for this to liven up your imagination ;)

ugggghhhh fuck off you giant panty-dropper of a man

When you’ve been a bad girl and it’s up to Daddy Chanyeol to give you a lesson

Nuh uh we’ve got a close up of this one already, don’t be a greedy shit

He knows exactly what he wants…and when he wants it

Fuck offfffffff

When you get home late and he’s sitting in the kitchen and you know you’re going to get it



You Give Me Fever

Newt Scamander x reader
Warnings: fevers, slight angst
#22 “You’re warm.”
#44 “It’s starting to kind of hurt my heart that you don’t say I love you back.” (I changed it a bit)
Requested by @awesomenessfeet

It started when Newt collapsed.

“Newt!” you screamed, rushing over to him. He rolled over on the ground.

“‘M fine,” he slurred, attempting to rise, only to stumble into you. His beautiful eyes found your face. “Y/N, you’re so pretty.” You blushed, but still noticed the sheen of sweat covering his neck and face.

“And I think you have a fever,” you said, pulling him up, while simultaneously laying a hand to his forehead. “I thought so. You’re really hot.”

“You’re warm,” Newt said, nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck. “I like that you’re warm. Makes me feel warm.”

“Newt, of course you feel warm; you’re burning up,” you sighed, realizing that you had two options. One, Apparate with him to his bedroom and risk potential splinching, or two, lug him up the ladder and out of the suitcase all on your own. In a split second of potentially poor judgement, you screwed up your face and felt the suffocation of Apparation, Newt clutching at your waist. You tried to lay him down, but he kind of just flopped down onto the bed, giving you a dopey grin.

“You’re amazing, Y/N,” he said dreamily.

“That’s very nice, but you need to get your pajamas on, and I’m not doing that for you,” you said, turning your back on him, allowing for him to change.

“You’re so kind. And beautiful. Gosh, I love you, Y/N.” You became a statue. He couldn’t have meant it, right? “I’m in my pajamas, Y/N! Should I get under the covers?” You turned back to a thankfully-clothed Newt (well, you were mostly thankful).

“Yes? Yes! I will get a cold cloth for your forehead,” you declared, slightly flustered. You whipped out your wand and quickly conjured up a washcloth, soaked it, then laid it on Newt’s forehead.

“Thank you, Y/N.”

“You’re welcome. Now, try to get some sleep,” you said, looking at the delusional man that you were so helplessly in love with.

“You know, it kind of hurt my heart when you didn’t say I love you back,” you heard him say, and your heart shattered. You wanted to say it back with your entire being, but you were sure that it was the fever talking, so you left without a word.


A couple hours later, you heard him start to wake up. Inhaling deeply, you entered the room,  hoping that he was once again in his right mind.

“Newt?” you asked tentatively, perching on his bed. You laid your hand on his cheek to check his temperature,  and relaxed when it was normal.  You started to move your hand when Newt grabbed it.

“Y/N?” he asked, sitting up slowly, still holding your hand. You forced the blush down and gave him a curious look. “Why didn’t you say it back?”

You were afraid of this.

“Because I… I knew it was the fever talking. I couldn’t give myself that false hope,” you said, avoiding eye contact.

“Why would- I don’t- Y/N, I love you.” You were so taken aback by this that you fell off of the bed.

“And you decide to tell me when you’re half mad?” you nearly shrieked. He looked ahead blankly. “What?”

“You still haven't…” he trailed off, then switched his gaze to you, looking a little broken.

Then it clicked.

“How could I not love you? Of course I love you! You just happen to have the worst timing in the world!” you rambled. A small smile lit up Newt’s face. “Not to mention, I can’t even kiss you right now because you have a fever!” Newt seized you.

“If you get sick, I’ll take care of you.”

Malfoy's don't cuddle

“Potter, I told you, I. Don’t. Cuddle. Malfoy’s don’t cuddle.” Draco drawled one morning as he fixed his tie in the mirror.

Harry’s face set into a crooked smirk as he got himself out of bed to start his day.

That night both boys were thoroughly exhausted when they got home and barely making it in the door they undressed and collapsed into the bed.

It was about 3 am when Harry woke up, limbs pinned to the bed, warm breath blowing against his neck, his body so hot Harry felt like he couldn’t breath. A feeling however, that he adored.

Draco sniffled then, nuzzling his warm face against Harry’s neck and opened his eyes just a crack.

“Malfoy’s don’t cuddle, huh?” Harry asked peering down.

“Never, Potter, it would ruin my image” he said in a sleepy whisper as he pulled Harry closer and dozed off.

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could you do where betty's mom gets physical with her and shes got like marks or bruises and jughead gets concerned or where jughead sees it happen?(or both lol) thanks!!

Sure! It’s an angsty one guys!
It was the last week of school, summer was right around the corner and it was hotter than it had ever been.
The entire football team was walking to class shirtless and girls skirts seemed to get shorter and shorter, even Jughead had settled with a plain black tank top, skipping his usual flannel.
When he had walked into school without his usual beanie, Kevin had nearly fainted

“It’s too hot.” Jughead had said simply shrugging off his friends

Veronica and Cheryl wore shorts that could have been classified as underwear and strappy tank tops.

But Betty? Something wasn’t completely right with Betty’s wardrobe choice. Of course everyone know Betty was modest, so it was no surprise when she walked in with a pretty, blue floral print skirt that hung a little past mid thigh, the weird thing was the top of outfit. She had on a short sleeved white t shirt covered with a light blue cardigan, her chest and arms completely covered. She also had on a bit more makeup than she usually wore. She looked beautiful that was indisputable, but she looked hot. And not in the good way.

“B? Aren’t you dying ?! Your gonna get sunstroke in that top?” Veronica reached over and tugged on her cardigan.

She just laughed nervously “you know me Ronnie, I run cold.” She shook off her concerned friends hand and turned to Cheryl, changing the topic.

Jughead watched her all through lunch, she wasn’t cold. The way she occasionally would pull the sleeves of her sweater up before quickly pulling the down, or when she would lift the neck line of her top away from her body giving herself some air. And then of course there was that damn bead of sweat that was a constant on her neck. While it was probably the sexiest thing Jughead had ever seen, he knew it was a sure sign she was heating up under those layers.

He was relieved when the warning bell rang, he could finally get her alone and get to the bottom of all this nonsense.

“Hey bets? I need your help with an essay I’m working on, we both have free period, do you wanna head to the blue and gold?”

Betty just smiled softly, giggling “juggie we always go to the blue and gold during free period, you don’t have to ask.”
He smiled at her raising his shoulders and walking side by side.

As soon as they entered the office, Betty took her place at her desk. The air conditioner in the school had broken down and it was worse in here than it had been outside. Jughead figured he would give it a few minutes before he jumped right into it but when he saw the way Betty swiped her forehead of sweat he couldn’t hold back.

“Ya know, it’s just us in here Betty, you don’t have to wear your cardigan, you’re gonna catch heat stroke in that thing.”

Her head snapped up nervously, and she laughed shakily
“Oh no I’m fine! I’m not hot.”

He got up from his desk and stood directly across from her, placing the back of his hand to her sweaty forehead.
“Oh really? Cuz feels like you’re burning up to me.” He raised a brow and stared her in her bright green eyes.

She dropped his gaze and looked back to the papers in front of her “just drop it juggie.” She whispered.

Enough was enough, snatching the papers from in front of her, he moved them out of her reach.
Her eyes finally caught his again. This time irritation seeping through

“Hey! Give those back, I need to work on them.”

He shook his head “and I need to know why you’re wearing a cardigan in ninety degree weather.” He shot back
“It’s not a big deal!”
“Clearly it is, since you’re lying to me.”
“I’m not lying!”
“Well you’re not telling the truth, I’d consider that lying!”

Finally pulling away in anger she slipped the blue cardigan off, revealing bruised arms, harsh finger shaped circles marring her soft tan skin.
“There! Are you happy?! I didn’t want everyone seeing! Everyone asking questions! I know how uncomfortable this would make people so I wore the stupid cardigan. Can I put it back on now?”
She panted out, her eyes shining with unshed tears and her hands shaking reaching to grab the sweater.

He stopped her quickly, gently grabbing her wrist and running his fingers lightly over the bruises. “Who?” He whispered so quietly Betty hardly heard him.
“It doesn’t matter.” She whispered, looking away and trying to tug her arm free.
His eyes shot up and grabbed her face, finally noticing the light purple outline under the makeup she had on.
“You know that’s not true. You know it matters to me, you have to tell me Betty. Please tell me.” He was pleading with her. His eyes were angry. She had never seen Jughead jones angry and it was definitely more than a little intense.
“It’s just. It’s my mom.” Jugheads back straightened , he didn’t care that it was a woman, didn’t care that it was her mother. He was gonna kill her. He was gonna kill her and kill Betty’s father for letting this happen.
“She’s just stressed!” Betty started “with it being sophomore year and all I have to start looking at colleges and I mentioned that I didn’t want to go to Harvard or Yale, I like riverdale community, I could be a teacher right here in riverdale. She didn’t like that. She got angry, she gets angry a lot now.” She whispered
Jughead stared at her “this isn’t going to happen again Betty. I’m not going to let her touch you again. Where’s your dad?” He said softly stroking her cheek.

She closed her eyes leaning into his touch.
“He’s away on a journalism conference, he comes home tommorow.”

Jughead nodded “you’ll stay with me tonight, dads not home, don’t know where he is. You’ll stay with me and then tomorrow we’ll go talk to your parents. I can’t promise I’m going to be nice. In fact I promise I won’t be. She hurt you Betty. I can’t just let that slide. I hate this, I hate seeing these on your skin.” He ran the back of his hand over the bruise on her cheek. “It’s not gonna happen again.” He repeated with finality. Assuring himself and her at the same time.

“Okay.” Betty whispered. Feeling safe for the first time in ages.

“I wanna hold you right now and not let go for the rest of the day.” He said softly, clutching her hand “but it’s too hot and we might pass out.” He added making her giggle. Leave it to Jughead to lighten the tense atmosphere.
He smiled at the sound of her familiar giggle
“You’re safe with me Betty, I’m not gonna let anyone hurt you.”

She smiled back at him, her first real one in ages

“I know.”

🔷 Irises

Originally posted by talk-me-down-troye

Summary: You and Yoongi hate each other but somehow you still have feelings for him. 

Pairing: Painter!Yoongi x reader

Genre:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) u kno 

Words: 5k 

A/N: I really like ‘enemies to lovers’ fanfictions so I decided to write one. I hope you like it. I apologize for any errors.

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