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Yes ma’am

Request by @marvelhpaprendice: Hi! This may come out of nowere! But i love your Bucky fics! So i have a request to make! Could you do a one shot where Bucky and the reader hate each other (not really hate, like hate with sexual tension beetween them) and one day, as they watch a movie, they feel the tension that they make and just give in to each other? Thank’s!!!!!!

Summary: Your blind date goes wrong and you find yourself watching a movie with Bucky despite how much you two despise each other.

Warnings: Smutty smut, really small angst. 

A/N: I did this request right away because the messaged me personally and I honestly forgot about the requests in my asks. I’m going to get to them, I promise. I’ve just been extremely busy with school. I’ll try to work on a few tonight and tomorrow if I have time. Thank you all for being so supportive of my Bucky x Reader fan fictions! I love getting feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, both help me improve my writing and story telling.

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Why Jongdae is my Ultimate Bias

I hope other Jongdae stans will agree with me lol- kpopwallapaper

I have a giant poster of him from my kokobop album on my wall and its 36 ½ x 24 inches

  • His Voice is Heavenly… I first found exo by their English cover of ‘open arms’ and I instantly fell for the guy in the red cap from his beautiful voice and the rest of them and their amazing voices too. But Chen’s voice was so distinct and unique to me don't get me wrong i love the other members too when he first sang i knew there was no way out and I instantly searched him up and the rest of exo. i love his voice so fucking much
  • He is so pretty… When I first saw him while googling him up after watching ‘open arms,’ he reminded me of a camel lol and the shape of his lips made me gush and coo at how cute he looked his lips literally looks like this {
  • hIS SMILE… his smile reminds me of the sun, it’s so bright and I can’t help but smile back every time I see him smile. The way the corner of his mouth curls up and his straight teeth shows up when he’s happy or laughing, the way his eyes has little wrinkles at the edge of his eyes, the way his eyes squint when he’s smiling hjkaloihbsdf
  • His personality… He is usually the one who lifts the mood up, the one that makes everyone happy and smiling just from one joke. He is the on that comforts everyone and shows affection to the other members. He’s so kind, gentle, considerate, funny, hyper, cheerful, and polite. He’s a prankster, a troll, a tease, and my ultimate bias. he is stubborn sometimes tho lol
  • His fashion sense/style… He either dresses really hot or weird in a good way Sometimes his fashion sense makes me laugh or scream cause it’s so good or hot lol. His airport fashion is my favorite or him in turtle necks. His fashion style is unique and I love it.
  • His dancing… He has improved so much since debut and I’m so proud of him. He always smiles when he dances and puts his best efforts to dance. Every time he messes up he just smiles and laughs which is adorable they dont call him chensing machine for nothin lol 
  • His high notes… his high notes are higher than my grades i have fucking straight A’s btw. His high notes are something to repeat in every song or any member’s high notes The way he faces up and how his cheekbones look like they are about to combust lol. The way the note easily slips out from his mouth and they are so satisfying to hear
  • His low notes… They are just as good as his high notes. When he was on ‘king of masked singers’ he sang ‘stained and ‘drunken truth’ and showed a completely different side of his voice that we rarely see because SM entertainment makes chen sing in a higher tone because of his amazing range and infamous high notes. His low notes are so beautiful and satisfying to hear… I makes my heart melt and made me fall in love with him all over again hygtfyuadijc
  • His sense of humor… I have a dark and weird sense of humor… But his jokes and funny actions make me smile and laugh. He makes the other members laugh and smile and I love it.
  • His nicknames lol… hiS NICKNAMES ARE SO CUTE! Orange, Camel, Dinosaur, Chensing Machine, Chenchen, and Whiny-Dae! I call him chenchen lol
  • His adorableness… He is A D O R A B L E. He hates doing Aegyo tho. He is just so cute and fluffy and squishy and hghfujiduygf… hes so cute when he whines tho
  • His hot/sexiness… jESUS CHRIST THIS MAN IS THE DEATH OF ME WHEN HE PERFORMS. I can’t… he’s too hot… when he sweats when dancing and rolling his hips to the cane in artificial love and the way he moves his body jesus christ hiS BODY ROLLS He looks amazing in ripped jeans, turtle necks, the color black, and pinstripe i have this obsession with pinstripe and i screamed so loud while watching love me right for the first time


  • His kindness… He is one of the nicest members in exo with his cute interaction with fans, how he acts in interviews, even tho he pranks the members lol
  • His Laugh… The way he laughs, the sound he makes when he laughs is so contagious. It makes me smile and laughs back.He has a habit of sticking his tongue out when he laughs and his shoulders bounce a little and it’s adorable…
  • His love/interactions with fans… As I said he is the nicest member in exo that doesn’t mean that the other aren’t mean or anything  His interaction with fans is so sweet. At fan meetings, he would talk a lot to them, smile 24/5, stare into their eyes while signing the things, never break eye contact, and laughs at the fans jokes. 
  • At the airport one day, a fan dropped their phone and picked it up and said to all the fans to be careful and watch their steps and gave the phone back to the lucky fan. 
  • One time he was throwing signed balls at their concert to fans and he accidentally hit a fan in the head and he felt bad/guilty. He wants to find the fan and apologize. 
  • His body(?)… He is handsome as fuck. He has an amazing body fight me on this. He has very prominent cheek bones, his beautiful legs (he said it), and he really likes his small feet. He also don’t like people touching his ear lol. (i just wanted to put this gif in lol)
  • His love for the other members… He is very considerate. One time Lay injured his back and Jongdae brought him to the hospital. Another time Minseok injured himself at an interview and he rushed towards him to see if he was ok my xiuchen feels

Him in general

He makes me smile and laugh. It’s sad that he’s the most underrated member in exo besides minseok xiuchen when he has so much talent is one of the best vocalists in kpop at this time. It hurts when he is sad because he’s always happy and cheerful. I love every error, flaw, imperfections about him. He and exo give me happiness and love. He may not be perfect, but in my eyes he is…

These are just some reasons why he is my ultimate bias and why I love him so much (i love exo just as much tho)

@anachanda told you I’d do this 

thank you if you actually read this lol

The One With The Black Lingerie

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Summary: After Jace leaves, you’re a total mess and while Alec does want to ask you out, he feels it’s too soon. He and Izzy come up with the genius plan of setting you up with a mediocre guy just to give you a little push until Alec’s ready to swoop in but you know Alec - all jealous and brooding - there’s no way he can watch you with another guy from the sidelines.

A/N: hey followers! i would love to know what other tv show/character imagines you’d like to see on here since both shadowhunters and teen wolf are on hiatus! so, drop me an ask with ‘tv show/character’ (not a request/prompt!) and i’ll write one for the most requested or liked! 

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“Oh god, when was the last time you brushed your teeth?!” Alec groans as he climbs into your bed.

“Go away,” you grumble, pulling the sheets over your head. Alec pulls them back down, “You’re going to have to get out of bed sooner or later. It’s been almost 3 months.”

“It’s not like I haven’t left my bed in that time,” you mumble.

Alec rolls his eyes, “Leaving your bed to take a shower and stock up on snacks doesn’t count.”

You huff, turning over to face Alec, “Your point being?”

“Jace is gone y/n…”

“I know that.”

Alec’s fingers delicately play with your hair, his eyes filled with sympathy, “You need to move on.”

“Yeah,” you sigh, sitting up and pulling you hair into a ponytail. Since that night that Jace had disappeared with Valentine, you felt like you had been losing your mind. It had been exactly 11 weeks and 4 days. Whilst you had spent the first month searching frantically for him, each day felt like he was getting further and further away. It got harder and harder to leave the institute knowing you would come back empty handed – knowing you wouldn’t be able to find him. You and Jace had grown up together and even back when you were crawling around on all fours, you had always stuck together. You went from best friends to what you thought was soulmates but he had still chosen to leave you.

“I’ll get dressed, let’s go kill some demons on something,” you laugh lightly, climbing out of bed and Alec catches you by your wrist, “No, like move on – move on.”

“What do you mean?”

“Since Valentine got the cup, a bunch of Shadowhunters have come here from Idris. Izzy kind of picked one out for you…”

“Alec, I’m not-“

“-Ready. I know, but how long are you going to stay hung up over Jace? First you drunk yourself into oblivion, then you turned into like a sloth-“


“Well, it’s true!”

You suck in a deep breath, staring down at your pyjamas that you didn’t care to admit how long you’d been wearing, “Fine.”


“One date and then you get off my back. Same goes for everyone else.”

“I’ll let Izzy know,” Alec smiles. Alec was the only thing that had kept you from going insane over the months. He spent days and nights by your side, making sure you were okay and despite wanting you to be up and about, he made sure all your favourite chocolates were always stocked. On nights he wasn’t at the institute, by your side, you couldn’t help but feel like something was missing – the same way you had felt after Jace had left you.

“You have yourself a deal,” Alec grins, holding a hand out. You reluctantly shake it and Alec looks you up and down, “Make sure you hop in the shower before you come downstairs and meet him.”

“No shit,” you grumble, shoving past him and into the bathroom. As you shed you clothes and climb in, you hear a knock on the door, “I restocked all the soaps and shampoo’s and stuff.”

“Thanks,” you mumble under your breath, looking around the bathroom to find everything had been restocked and there were even fresh flowers at the sink, “What a sly piece of shit,” you laugh to yourself knowing you would now owe Alec for taking so much care of you.

You take time to do your makeup and look good before you go downstairs and you had to admit, looking so attractive after spending months in sweats and barely washing your hair, it really boosted your self-esteem.

“You must be y/n,” a voice says behind you and you turn to find a gorgeous blonde haired boy grinning at you, “I’m Isaac,” he grins, holding a hand out. You shake it, your eyes studying him and very obviously so, since he towered over you.

“So I guess Izzy told you that I wanted to take you out, huh?”

“How did you even know about me I mean I’ve barely left my room,” you laugh nervously.

“I saw you sneaking out to get the fried chicken you ordered at like 3am. I was walking to your room to ask you for some and I saw you watching Star Wars-“ he pauses, not wanting to comment on the fact that you had also been crying, “Girl after my own heart.

You blush in embarrassment. You remembered that night clearly. You had been craving fried chicken so much that you had asked Simon to come drop some off for you. When you were sneaking back through the institute you looked terrible and in the hopes of avoiding bumping into anyone, you had taken to the staircase. Unable to see through your tears or regain balance with all the food in your hands, you tumbled down the stairs halfway up to your room and as ridiculous as it was, your only thought was ‘thank god the bag was tied up and my food Is safe.’

“You’re wondering if I saw you fall down the stairs…”

“Did you?”

“Yeah,” he chuckles, “I was going to see if you were okay but you just bounced right back up.”

“That’s me,” you swing an arm, trying to look enthusiastic.

“Well, I’m about to spar with Alec but what do you say we go out tonight around eight?”

You nod. You weren’t entirely sure about dating someone you barely knew but you were sure about one thing: you had to get over Jace. He wasn’t coming back.

“Oh, and Isaac,” you call out and he jogs back over to you, “Go for Alec’s ankle. He twisted it this morning,” you whisper, winking at Alec as Isaac steps onto the mat. The fight lasted about 40 seconds with Isaac kicking at Alec’s shin and then his ankle, sending him straight to the floor. Alec growls at you as he hobbles off that mat, “You totally sold me out!”

You shrug innocently and Alec scowls, nudging your shoulder as he storms past you.

“Oh come on, don’t be so petty,” you giggle catching up to him.

“Two minutes with the new guy and you’re already changing sides?” he pouts, ruffling your hair, “So what? Did you like him?”

“I mean, he’s pretty and he’s nice,” you shrug and Alec stares at you, “He’s not a doll, y/n.”

“Well, he is tonight,” you smirk, elbowing Alec playfully and his eyes widen, “You can’t be serious.”


“You aren’t going to sleep with him on the first date!”

“You’re the one who said the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else!”

“I DID NOT SAY THAT!” he almost shrieks and your eyes widen.

“Okay,” you laugh, “Calm down,” you suck in a sharp breath, “Well, someone said it. And they’re right.”

“Well, I think that’s stupid,” he grumbles.

You furrow your brows together, “You’re the one who told me to go on this date!”

“Yeah, to move on a little – you know, realize there are more fish in the sea. Have a nice date, maybe have a drink.”

“And I’m going to do all of that… just a tad more,” you wink, unsure of why Alec was mad at all. The entire thing had been his suggestion.

Alec stays silent, “You know what? Do whatever you want.”

You throw your hands up as he walks off, his long legs carrying him much faster than you could catch up with.

“Which one?” you ask Isabelle, holding up lingerie and she frowns, “That’s a tough choice,” her lips curl into a thoughtful frown, “Red says ‘slow and romantic’ and black say mhmmhmmhm,” she mumbles, wiggling her brows and you nod, “I think I need black.”

“Black what?” Alec’s voice interrupts you in the doorway and you stare at him wide-eyed as he spots the lingerie in your hands before his eyes travel to your dress.

“Whoa, you look so beautiful,” he whispers and you look down at your dress, “Beautiful? I was going for more hot-“

Well that too,” he mumbles, stepping closer to you. His eyes travel between your dress and the lingerie, “But you know what’s really hot? Ankle length, turtle neck dresses.”

“Shut up,” you laugh, “Well since you’re already here and have already seen, black or red?” you jiggle the hangers around and Alec sighs, “Black.”

“Good to see you’re over your hissy fit,” you smile and Isabelle raises a brow. You sit down beside her to explain, “So Alec tells me to go on a date and then gets pissed when he finds out that on this date I’m going to sleep with the guy after.”

Isabelle’s eyes widen and Alec shakes his head. Isabelle knew about Alec’s feelings for you whether he cared to admit them or not. As many a times that Isabelle had tried to convince him of them, he had just continued to deny it.

“What?” you ask, looking between the two of them.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? Isn’t it a little too soon after Jace? You don’t want to jump into things,” Isabelle blurts out.

Before you can answer, Isaac appears in the doorway, clearing his throat to make his presence known.

“You look so pretty,” he pecks you on the cheek, slipping his hands into his pocket nervously, “Are we ready to go?”

“Where are you taking her?” Alec interjects, stepping between the two of you. You look to Isabelle in disbelief but she simply shrugs.


“Sounds awesome. I was in the mood for shots,” you grin.

“Me too, how about you Izzy?” Alec asks, pulling his jacket on.

“Me too!”

You stare at the two of them, Isaac looking even more uncomfortable than you.

“Okay, then I guess we’d better leave… all three of us,” he mutters under his breath.

By the time it hits 1am, you’re storming out of the club, Alec chasing after you, “I’m so glad you finally decided to leave, that Isaac guy is such a bore!”

You glare at him, gritting your teeth, “Well you would know!”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means that any time me and him get close to talking you’re right in the middle! I mean, do you not like him or something?! You and Izzy are the ones who picked him!”

“Well, maybe I changed my mind!”

“About what?!”

“I don’t know!” he sighs, running his fingers through his hair, “I don’t like the way he runs his hands all over you and whispers in your ear! I don’t like that you’re ready to climb into bed with him even though you don’t know him!”

You inhale deeply, “I know you’re just looking out for me, but I’m okay Alec. You don’t have to get all big brotherly on me,” you laugh, Punching his arm playfully and he stiffens.

“That’s not what I-“

“Say no more! I promise, I won’t sleep with him. We’ll just talk tonight,” you smile and Alec shakes his head, “I don’t mean-“

“Come in when you’re ready!” you call out over your shoulder, disappearing into the crowd.

Your eyes search for Isaac and just when you’re about to give up, your pulled backwards by your arm into one of the VIP rooms.

“Not bad,” you laugh, looking around as your eyes land on Isaac, “How did you clear out the whole room?”

He shrugs, placing his hands on your waist, “I feel like we haven’t spoken a word to each other all night…”

“Well, maybe we should catch up,” you whisper.

“Okay – well, so far, how have you-“

You cut him off by pressing your lips to his. He pressed you up against the wall, his hands moving from your waist into your hair.

“WHAT THE FUCK!” he yells and you feel the heat of his body tear away from you.

It takes moment for your eyes to focus on what they’re seeing but surely enough, it was Alec beating the crap out of him.

“ALEC! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” you yell, pulling him off. Alec tries to lunge at him again and you shove him back by the chest, “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“YOU!” he yells.

Before you can answer you hear Isaac groaning behind you and you turn to find him grimacing, still on the floor.

“Izzy,” you sigh in relief as she walks in, clearly confused by the situation, “Can you take Isaac back to the infirmary at the institute?”

Isabelle nods, hauling Isaac up and pulling his arm over her shoulder, “What about you?”

“I’ll be there soon,” you state, stilling glaring at Alec.

Once they both disappear you rub you temples, “What is wrong with you today?”

Alec stays silence, his breathing still heavy. His eyes wouldn’t leave yours.

“Alec!” you snap your fingers in front of him face and he catches you by the wrist, “Don’t,” he hisses through gritted teeth.

“You’re pissed at me?” you laugh sarcastically, “What did I do wrong? You’re the one that dragged me out of bed to make me go on a date with some guy I didn’t know or care about and then you ruin that date – and not only do you ruin it, you actually beat up the super nice guy who was taking me out!”

“I wanted you to move on a little – I was just trying to give you a little push in the right direction!”

“And I took it!”

“THE RIGHT DIRECTION TOWARDS ME!” he yells before slumping, “I wanted you to come to me…”

For a moment you stay silent and between then and the moment you speak, a million thoughts occur to you. You think of Alec, your friend, the one who had got things going between you and Jace. The one who you complained about everything to. The one who always had and will always have your back. The guy who had seen you naked at least 10 times and whose only comment was ‘do you even own clothes?’
But then you think of Alec, the guy you always cried to. The guy who would literally kill someone for you. Die for you. And you would do the same. You think of how he had taken care of you, not only after what happened with Jace but with everything. Always. And then you think, ‘Why didn’t I pick Alec?’

“Then why did you set me up with Isaac?”

“Because you’re Jace’s girlfriend! Or at least you were!” he sighs in defeat, “And you’re my best friend…”

You stay silent and he steps closer to you, pulling your hands into his, “I was scared if I asked you, you would say no or that you wouldn’t be ready. I thought that if you went out with this guy, you’d get over Jace and then I could tell you – But it’s too hard watching you be with someone else when I’ve already been doing that all these years!”

“Tell me what?”

“That I love you…”

“Alec,” you stare at him, but he avoids eye contact, his gaze fixated on the floor.

“I always have. But the feelings subsided when I saw how great you were with Jace. I wanted you to be happy but then he left and at first I was just doing what I had always done – taking care of you and being your friend, but after a while I realized that if I saw Jace I’d probably kill him after seeing what he did to you. Because I love you and seeing you hurt, it hurts me. And seeing you happy, it makes me-“

“Happy,” you mumble, finishing for him, “Alec…”

“Tell me you don’t feel the same. Tell me there isn’t one beat in your heart that’s for me,” he asks sincerely, tilting your chin with his index finger so your eyes meet his.

You weren’t the most articulate person in the world. And in this situation, you really had no idea what to say. All you knew was that our heart was beating so fast, you weren’t sure of anything other than the fact that you wanted to kiss him. And so you did. Your hands tangled in his hair and your legs wrapped around his waist.

“Wait,” he whispers against your lips, slowly pulling away from you, “Say it.”

“Say what?”

“That you love me.”

You smirk, “You know, if you keep teasing me, you might be the one seeing my black lingerie tonight.”

Alec steps away from you, half amused and half serious, “As tempting as that is, we’re not doing anything until you tell me how you feel.”

“Alec, seriously? It’s not prom night. And you’re not my date. We don’t have to do the whole ‘Say you love me and then I’ll put out’ thing’!”

“Well, I’m gonna,” he scoffs playfully.

You knew you did. From the minute you felt his lips against yours. Maybe it was wrong. Maybe it was too soon and maybe it was going to ruin your friendship. But you did.

“Fine,” you smirk, poking a finger into his chest, “I…” you trail your finger down his chest to the waistband of his jeans, “Love…” you fingers dance across it and you stand on your tiptoes, your lips grazing his ear, “You.”

“I love you,” you repeat, pulling away from him, “Of course I love you.”

“And you’re not just saying that to get me into bed?” he teases.

“No, of course not,” you grin, “Don’t expect a call in the morning though.”

“We should get going,” Alec looks at the time, pulling you alongside him.

“But we didn’t finish what we were doing…” you pout and he laughs before his expression softens, “Maybe we should take things slow.”


“You know – you let me take you on a date and we start off right so this all goes well.”

“Well, what happens if we go fast?”

“I don’t want to. If I had asked you out all those years ago, I would’ve taken you on millions of dates and kissed you millions of times and I want to do all that. And considering Jace will kill me when he finds out, I want to do it properly.”

“Well Jace isn’t here anymore,” you sigh, the sinking feeling in your stomach returning.

“Yeah, but I am,” Alec smiles softly, “And I love you. And I want to be with you.”

“It should’ve always been you,” you whisper, pressing your lips to his, “And if that’s what you really want, we can do that,” you pause, “But… I’m not going to have to wait for our millionth date for us to-“

“Oh, nooo,” Alec chuckles, “I’m a patient, controlled guy but not that patient.”


A great one night stand leaves two things for me: great memories and no strings attached. Bonus points is if there’s no evidence left behind. But sometimes one cannot get lucky enough for that bonus.

“Oooooh, someone got a little action this weekend,” Aisha teased as she slid over to my cubicle on her chair, grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

I laughed sheepishly and rubbed my neck, where the still prominently red hickey stood out from my skin, like a proud signal of ‘I got laid’. “Yeah. He got a lil mouthy,” I said.

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anyway heres proof that prof. venomous is trans:

  • uneven stubble (1. either isnt used to shaving or 2. is just now getting facial hair in bc of t)
  • mullet (trans man culture: “"hhhh i wanna grow my hair out but i wont pass so it needs to be short but long hair is so pretty but-”“)
  • wears heeled boots (trans dudes can be really short compared to cis guys n heels do the, yknow, bada bing bada boom stuffs)
  • wears lab coat in public (over wear like jackets, open button downs n, get this, lab coats can really help hide curves n some guys still do this even after being on t for a while)
  • wears turtle neck sweaters (can hide lack of an adam’s apple and, again, can be continued to be done even after on t for a while)
  • i mean i think we can all agree that shadowy figure is p.v. n like. chest bump, man. if ur identity’s not really gonna be realized by this kid then is oks to take a break from ur binder.
  • *at end of slideshow, in hot pink comic sans* because i said so


anonymous asked:

Can we request double? Ralph/s o 4 and 17?

Of course. ;) 

I had another ask for Raphael with 17, so, here ya go! 

First time & I love you:

You had waited long for this. Too long in your opinion, but Raphael wasn’t one to rush things. Well, technically, he was, but not with you. You were his light, the soothing balm for his scarred soul, his goddess. And he was terrified of making a mistake he couldn’t undo. He didn’t want to lose you, to scare you away with his physique, his demanding behavior, so he handled you with kid gloves since your first kiss. It was tiring, to say the least. You wanted him, wanted him to be the first, to make all those blessed experiences with him, but you just couldn’t convince him to take the last step - up until now. 
Both of you had a great day at your apartment, watching movies, cooking meals and somehow everything led to this moment: lying beside each other in your huge bed, gazing at each other’s eyes, admiring the brilliant little specks in it, trying to remember each little attribute for eternity. You hadn’t thought Raphael to be the romantic type of guy, but he was the epitome of a gentleman. He soothingly stroked along your side, absentmindedly tracing one big finger over your delicate ribs, causing a light giggle to waft through the room. 
“That tickles …”
“Oh, is that so?” a grin that could only be described as diabolic spread across his green face, before he rolled himself over, taking you with him, always careful not to crush you under his weight. As you lay underneath him and gazed up into those twinkling emeralds, both of you seemed to register the position you were in. Suddenly the air in the room seemed to be heavy. Each breath was taken in utter caution, scared to break the spell. A dark blush crept across your cheeks before you brought yourself to finally speak what was on your mind for months now. 
“Raphael, I … I want you.” His eye ridges lifted, his eyes widened and you could hear his sharp intake of breath. He looked to the side, seeking excuses. 
“I don’t wanna scare ya. I’m different than normal guys. Down … down there.” You only smiled before touching his cheek with the back of your hand, softly rubbing against his scaly skin. 
“I don’t care. I want you and only you. No matter what you have … or don’t have.“ 
You could barely finish your sentence before you felt Raphael’s soft lips against your own … 

… It was dark in the room - if Raphael was to take the last step, he would do so without you seeing him in daylight. He promised you to show you what he looked like down there - but not today. Even though you tried to reassure him, he couldn’t get rid of his fears, of losing you, so you agreed. And you had to admit, it was rather sensual to just feel his touches, his careful ministrations and those shaky hot breaths against your skin. His big hands began to explore you, to delicately unwrap you. As you got rid of your shirt, he kind of stared at your supple breasts for a while - completely in awe. You couldn’t see it, but you could hear how he licked his lips, slowly losing those thoughts full of doubt and just giving in. 
A small groan escaped him as his lips trailed kisses across your belly, slowly, working their way up until he reached one already taut nipple. His soft lips slowly wrapped around the rosy peak, eliciting a sigh from you, which obviously turned him on. He immediately began to suck on it, his tongue running wet circles around it before letting go and showing its twin the same amount of affection. 

The minutes flew by and before you knew it you lay moaning beneath him, writhing in the sheets. Shivers ran down your spine each time he touched you, not only at your breasts but also at a way more delicate place. At first, he was more than careful. Feather light touches, not lasting longer than a moment, but after a while, the red-clad terrapin got braver and began to rub his fingers against your already slick folds. He could dip the tip of his finger between them, relishing the wet sound and feeling ready to burst. He wanted you. No, he needed you. He bit his lip, desperate to control himself, but as you softly moaned his name, not more than a whisper, caressing him, he was lost. 
Raphael slowly spread your legs and positioned himself between them, always looking at your face to see if you’re in pain or wanted to stop. He would do anything for you. 
“Are ya ready?”
“Yes …”, came the shivering, but definitely convinced answer. 
“Alright … here we go …”
He bit his lip as one of his big hands reached down, fumbling in the darkness until you could feel something slick, hard and incredibly hot at your entrance. You swallowed and braced yourself - you knew it could hurt, so you tried to relax as much as possible. 
Slowly, oh so slowly did Raphael move his hips forward. Inch by inch, always stopping, giving you time to adjust to his girth. He could feel your nails digging into his flesh as much as you could feel how something thick entered you. 
Raphael cleared his throat as he felt kind of a barrier and couldn’t move any further without you scrunching up your nose. 
“Should I stop?” If he was honest, he didn’t want to, but he would do so immediately. Your facial expression relaxed in the darkness and you shook your head. 
“No. I want this. I want you. Just … hold me.”
Raphael instantly obeyed and wrapped his strong arms around you, rubbing his face against your neck, trailing open-mouthed kisses across your sensitive skin. His shaky breath kind of warned you of what was to come and before you knew it, his hips made a deep thrust and buried himself all the way inside you. His grip on you tightened and he began to lick over that soft spot on your neck where he could feel your blood pulsating. His breathing was ragged, but that didn’t stop him from trying to distract you. 
“God, ya feel so … good and … tight, I …ah!” The red-clad turtle couldn’t help but bite your skin, softly suckling on it, marking you. 
“Yer incredibly” came his soothing whispers as you tried to control your breathing, to ignore the burning between your legs.
“Yer so hot” A kiss along your neck.
“Yer gorgeous.” Another kiss.
“Yer perfect.” Another. 
A small smile graced your lips, as you placed a small kiss on his cheek. 
You are perfect.“ 
You could hear him chuckle before he lifted his head and nuzzled your nose. 
“I love you.“ 
“And I love you, Raphael.”
The big terrapin ran his tongue across your lips all the while starting to move his hips in slow rolling motions. The burning sensation faded quickly and was replaced by sheer lust and desire. You could feel him move inside you, pushing, making way for his incredible girth, rubbing all your sweet spots with that bulky tip. Your legs shivered and you knew you would come undone in a minute. The same applied to Raphael. His breathing got ragged, his panting had changed into exhilarated grunts and his thrusts came in a faster and more frantic way. Just a few more long strokes in which he nearly pulled himself out of your hot core and a strangled cry left his lungs. His hips stuttered against you and you could feel something hot and wet enter your body. Several hot spurts filled you up and slowly began to trickle down your red and puffed folds. 

This was definitely worth the wait.

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WIP of another MM request. I draw too much and I need someone to take away my tablet so I can stop ignoring my daily needs… like eating (besides the cookies and lays chips I have in my drawer) and going to the bathroom.

Alex Karev Imagine

Alex Karev Imagine
1622 Words
Suggestions: Reader is engaged and Alex is Jealous. Reader and her fiance get into an argument and she threatens to leave him. Instead, her fiance abuses her and Alex does something about it, scaring the Reader. As she gets pulled up into the E.R., Alex confesses her love as does the Reader, because she has loved him for a long time as well.
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Originally posted by greysanatomyobsessssed

You grinned, skipping happily down the hall.

“Wow, you look happy,” Meredith looked at you.

“Too happy,” Cristina said.

“C’mon, she’s engaged, she’s supposed to be happy,” April smiled.

“I know, but this happiness is coming from somewhere we haven’t seen.”

You were a 5th Year resident, a year above the 3 girls that noticed a change in your mood.

“After getting engaged, my luck has turned around! I got in on 3 solo surgeries just this week alone,” You sighed with relief, leaning over a counter with a dreaming look on your face.

“Did you forget that I was in on those surgeries,” Alex muttered, hitting the back of your head.

“How could I forget?! My knight in shining armor came and helped too,” You slapped his back, hard.

He flinched.

“Don’t tell me you want to start a war (L/n),” He smirked at you.

“Nah, I’m good. I’m engaged, no need to hit this beautiful art,” You motioned to yourself.

He frowned.


You sighed.

“I know you don’t like him, but can you get along? For me? Please.”

“I said whatever, so I mean whatever.”

You smiled and placed a hand on his arm.

“Thank you.”

You walked off, more than likely to get another surgery.

After you left, Meredith and Cristina both looked at Alex.

“Okay, the fact that you let her walk away without telling her is just shocking,” Cristina said.

“What do you mean,” April asked.

“Okay, you should’ve caught on by now,” Jackson walked up to her, looking down at her.

“Alex has had a crush on (Y/n) since last year. He just won’t tell her,” Meredith said.

“And there is no need to. She’s engaged, so what? I can find the love of my life somewhere else,” Alex muttered.

“Yeah, except the guy sucks.”

“She loves him, okay? I’m fine being the best friend who tells her she’s pretty on her wedding day.”

“The fact that she said she doesn’t want a maid of honor is shocking too.”

“Maybe she wants a small wedding with little-to-no people there,” Cristina chewed on a candy bar.

“She’s a people person, of course she wouldn’t want that.”

“Of course, she is. I mean, what’s the other reason?”

“Why don’t you ask,” April asked them both.


They both trailed off. You walked around again, this time with a scrub cap.

“Dr. Webber asked if I could assist him in an Appy! SO EASY,” You squealed.

“I heard you don’t want a maid of honor at your wedding, why,” April asked casually.

You stopped and looked at her.

“Oh, you heard? Ah, well… I can’t have a guy as a maid of honor… So… Yeah… I don’t want one.”

You shrugged, walking off.

“Her and Alex are inseparable, of course it had something to do with him,” Cristina muttered.

“Yeah, of course it did,” Meredith nodded.

April looked at the both of them and sighed.

The next morning, you were wearing a turtle neck.

“(Y/n), aren’t you hot,” Meredith asked you.

“I’m okay,” You mumbled, rubbing your eyes as you had half your face covered by a scarf.

“No, you’re not. I said that when Owen chocked me and look where that got us,” Cristina said.

“I’m okay.”

Your hair hid one of your eyes, which people thought it was really weird, one of those people including Alex. You were walking down the hall when you were pulled into a closet. You turned in shock and saw Alex frowning at you.

“What,” You asked him.

“Why the hell do you look like this,” He asked, pointing at the extra stuff you were wearing.

“No reason.”

He pulled down the scarf to see your lip was busted.

“What happened?”

“I fell down the stairs.”

He moved your hair and saw a black eye.

“Okay, you didn’t fall down the stairs. What happened? You punched yourself by accident?”

“Something like that…”

You trailed off. He stared at your discomfort. He grabbed the top of your turtle neck and pulled it down, seeing 2 red marks on either side of your neck. He pulled it back up. He wrapped the scar around your mouth and looked into your eyes.

“What happened,” He whispered.


You looked away. He got the picture now. He opened the door and walked out.

“Alex,” You whimpered.

“I’ll talk to you later,” He called to you.

You tried to work through the day, but your face was pretty messed up. You couldn’t really hide most of your face for much longer. When you got into surgery, Dr. Bailey looked at you scrubbing in.

“Why do you have a black eye and a busted lip? Did you get into a fight,” She placed a hand on her hip.

“…Something like that,” You looked down, putting your scrub mask on.

“You know me (Y/n). That is NOT an answer, now I could sit here all day, we have a patient to get to-.”

“I did… get into a fight… but it’s not a normal fight.”

You looked at her.

“I got… in a fight with my fiancé… well, now Ex-Fiancé… and I threatened to leave him, and he punched me in the eye. I might’ve dislocated his shoulder, but he smashed my head into a vase, and cut my lip. I fell onto the ground and couldn’t get up. I hurt too much. He got on top of me and placed his hands around my neck.”

You pulled down your turtle neck and pointed.

“He started chocking me. After 20 minutes, he got up and said he had to go to work. That was at 3 am. I couldn’t sleep, so I showered, grabbed a turtle neck and a scarf, I fixed my hair and went to work. That’s the quickest trip I’ve had at home in a long time.”

You finished scrubbing your arms and hands with soap and looked at her.

“Ready whenever you are.”

After surgery, Bailey told you to stay with her afterwards. You obeyed, sitting outside the O.R. She got out and looked at you.

“I scheduled a C.T., just to be on the safe side. If you don’t have a concussion, then you can sleep in the O.R. when we’re finished.”

“Dr. Bailey-.”

“You don’t need to worry. Trust me.”

“…Thank you.”

You nodded your head and followed her through the hospital. People gave you looks, and you decided to ignore them, for your best interest anyway.

“Dr. Bailey, can you spare Dr. (L/n) for a couple of hours,” Owen came around the corner and looked at her.

“I’m taking her down to C.T. with me,” Bailey looked at him.

He looked at you and stared. You frowned.

“What happened,” He whispered to her.

“I will leave the details up for her to tell you. You can ask her.”

You both arrived at C.T. and started getting you scanned.

“How do you feel in there, Dr. (L/n),” Owen asked you.

“My neck hurts,” You called.

“Don’t worry, we see nothing in the scans, we’ll get an X-Ray if you want.”

Dr. Webber walked in, looking at the two of them.

“I heard about you both and someone else getting a C.T. who isn’t a patient. Who’s in there,” He asked.

Bailey gave him a look.

“Dr. (L/n), sir,” She said.

“Dr. (L/n) is in there? What happened?”

“I got hit with a vase,” You called, hearing the entire conversation.

Dr. Webber looked at you.

“And she doesn’t have a concussion. You can get up now Dr. (L/n),” Owen called.

You got up, rubbing your neck. You got out into the hall, meeting up with the 3 doctors. You heard your pager beep and look down. Your breath hitched.

“Oh god,” You muttered, running past them down the hall into an elevator.

You arrived in the E.R., hearing the ambulances outside.

“(Guy Name) (Last Name), possible concussion, possible broken ribs, and a dislocated shoulder.”

Your Ex-Fiancé rolled in on a stretcher, groaning.

“That idiot’s going to get what’s coming to him,” He yelled.

“Alex Karev, possible broken ribs, cut on cheek, and a broken wrist.”

“Alex,” You breathed, running next to his stretcher.

“(Y/n),” He muttered.

“What the hell did you do,” You whimpered.

“Taught him a lesson, I hope.”

“No, I don’t care what you did to him, what we’re you thinking?! I don’t want to come into the E.R. when your name pops up on my pager with 911. My heart almost stopped. Okay?! My heart almost stopped when your name came up… Don’t scare me please.”

You placed your hand on his cheek. You pulled it off and grabbed a suture kit.

“I’ll sew up your face if you want?”

“Yeah… please.”

Before getting an X-Ray, you pulled up a chair next to him. He held his chest.

“Why did you fight him,” You murmured.

“He doesn’t get to hurt you. Not on my watch. If he touches you again, I’ll lose it. I won’t back down. I didn’t even start the fight in the first place.”

“Doesn’t matter who started what first. Let me tell you this… I don’t want you to hurt yourself, okay?”


You grabbed his cheeks and made him face you.

“Don’t you whatever me… Idiot. I want full responses. Okay? Fine? Alright? Whichever works for you.”

He leaned in and pressed his lips against yours. You smiled and kissed back. You both pulled away.

“Honestly, I tried to get over you,” You said, putting up your suture kit.

You looked up at him.

“But you pulled me in. I dated, I found someone, and you still manage to pull me in… You’re mean, you know?”

“I love you,” He whispered.

“I love you too.”

OH MY GOD THIS CHAPTER. I’M BLUSHING LIKE YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE (as @someonecalledlucy​ can testify). I DON’T WIKE IT. I DON’T WIKE IT! I’ll save my ramblings for the next post because this one needs so many people tagging in it; Seriously, loads of you enjoyed this story including: @sxnali, @arabella-loves-coffee, @bookchic20, @the-corruptor, @vastudent3, @iamthekingofsass, @allysa-totong, and @eymiayame. If I’ve missed you out, then I apologise but there were a dear few of you. Enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: OMG! The part 5 of Plague was amazing, I was grining and blushing the entire time, that was hot and brilliantly done!

Just finished reading Plauge and I have to say I am most definitely hooked you write Loki very well and the story well like I said I’m hooked keep up the good work :)


Plague (Part 6)

Part 5

Thoughts and images plagued your mind when you awoke that morning. As your eyes drifted back to the day before when your legs were around Loki’s waist, you shuddered and pulled the covers up over your head. They did little to protect you from your own imagination, however, so you tossed them aside and left the bed altogether. Your second encounter with the trickster God had been incited by his jealousy. Bruises, bites, and general pain decorated your body and you prayed that a hot shower might distract you from their presence.

Shedding your night clothes you let the hot water run over you and pushed aside memories that threatened to penetrate your focus whilst you were so exposed. Even the simple act of showering had now become tainted. Running your fingers through your sopping hair, you waited a few more minutes before stepping out and wrapping a towel around yourself. Every action that you completed thereafter – brushing your teeth, towelling off, combing your hair – required your full attention lest your thoughts drift and as a result it took you three times as long to leave the bathroom.

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What does Dice wear on casual days? Does he still wear the suit or does he dress down into a somewhat comfortable outfit?

Depends on where he is, if he’s home he wears these:

-If he’s with Devil at his house he sticks to either briefs with a tank top or boxer briefs with one of those v neck t-shirts- preferably white. It gets hot in Hell so yaknow
-If he’s going to the store or running an errand it’s biz casual, dress shirt with slacks or jeans, always pointed toe shoes
-If its chilly out, a padded/thermal vest or sweater vest.
-If its the winter his best friend is turtle necks with slacks (with a thermal/leggings underneath) (dont forget the classic nerdy teacher socks)

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could you do the opposite of the bakugou hickeys request? i also got interested in that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Ask and Ye shall receive!!

-Bakugou would genuinely be like “what the fuck” “who did this” “how could this have happened to me”

-it’s very entertaining considering how much of a hickey fanatic he is and how much he enjoys giving them to his partner

-desperately tries to figure out how the actual fuck he’s gonna hide those things

-like how is he gonna wear his hero costume now? ah yes a scarf! those are totally in style right?

-he’s trying to recall you giving them to him, but he can’t seem to remember and chalks it all up to just a crazy fuckin’ night

-still a little irritated because that was supposed to be his thing and..ugh he just wanted it to be his job ok. let him have his moment!

-but actually don’t because it’s fun seeing him sulk in big hoodies and watching him purchase a turtle neck to wear in case of similar emergencies

-he looks sophisticated and kinda hot in a turtleneck, so if anyone wants to draw Kaachan in a turtleneck that’d be great ok thanks

From me to me. Thought I'd share this as it helps me loads.

Hi ****,

So you’re wanting to binge? I get that. It’s so hard trying to resist all that sweet stuff but just remember how bad it feels afterwards. When all the fat is clinging to your organs. Hanging from and hiding those beautiful bones of yours.

Now guess what ****. If you put that thought out of your mind for just a little bit I promise it’ll stay away once you stop thinking about it. So go and get busy. Sit ups. Star jumps. Scroll through tumblr. Go a jog. Read meanspo. Write meanspo. Write a love letter. Draw your ideal home. Draw your ideal figure. Write about your ideal man. Write about him, you and him together while you’re skinny. I hope you’re eating chewing gum while doing this! Also remember green tea is life so get a mug of that in you as well!

Remember when you ate the rice and soya sauce and you purged? Remember how that felt. To eat to the point of spewing? You know it’s not worth it. You know how floored you feel after binging. The burning in your throat, the gritty feeling of fatty sugary foods against your pearly white teeth. Trust me they won’t stay white for long if you keep eating and spewing up disgustingly fattening foods.

I know it’s hard but believe me it’s worth it. I’m looking at you now biting your nails and tapping your finger. Locking and unlocking your phone over and over hoping for the cravings to go away. But I can also see what you look like knowing you won’t eat it…

You’re so happy ****, you’re smiling and laughing, joking with your friends. You’re carefree and fun to be around, so positive. Lighting up the whole room, especially for him. You always did but now more than ever. **** you look amazing. You have collar bones! You don’t have to shrug your shoulders to see them they’re always there! Especially when you laugh. You look so beautiful when you laugh.

You’re sitting on the chair at work, feet together.. thighs apart. Yeah you really do have a thigh gap and it looks brilliant on you. Remember that photo of the black jeans and converse on tumblr? You look like that!! Fuck you look so hot. Legs for days! You can bring your knees up in front of you without being uncomfortable and worrying about your fat belly getting in the way. Your jeans aren’t worn away or tacky looking because your fat legs haven’t chaffed them away! It looks so good! You look so good. Keep reading this the cravings are subsiding and this will be you my beautiful ****!

Your belly. Ugh your belly. Remember wearing high waisted jeans and thinking wow quite hot. But then relaxing and seeing the belly? Tucking your turtle neck in to show of your tits and arse but ew then there was the belly? No more ****!! There’s no more belly. You know what sticks out of your high waisted jeans now?? Guess.. yeah you’re right! It’s your hipbones. I know you don’t believe me. I know you can’t actually imagine a day where you look like this but believe me you do. Your face isn’t fat. You don’t have a double chin. You do have cheekbones. You have collarbones and hipbones as well! Your ribs are fab absolutely fab, you could lay down and let someone play a tune on them like a xylophone. You could let him play a tune on them.

You’re on his lap ****. You’re in the house with him. Cuddled up on his lap. You’re weightless and worryless. Both laughing and joking. He tickles you and you roll about but guess what. You’re all skin and bones. You look great laying under him laughing. You don’t need to worry about the double chins because you don’t have any. Your biggest concern is being broken like the little doll that you are.

Stay strong and keep at it **** cause you can look so good. No chocolate, no cake, no crisps, no sweet, NO BREAD! is worth how amazing you look right now.

Please don’t make yourself wait any longer to see it! Just keep going and stay motivated. The quicker you see what I can see the easier it’ll be to keep at it. So don’t ruin it for one moment of weakness. I promise you you are other girls thinspo.

***** and ***** wish they looked like you. ***** worries about you. ***** hates your body. Boys love it. ******* wishes he still had you. You know who is lucky to have you and he knows it. The looks on their faces are so worth it. Girls pass you in the street and envy spills out of them as they go and eat tuna sandwiches, chocolate biscuits, and pizza. They will always be fat. They’ll never be skin and bones like you.

Finish your green tea and go do 50 jumping jacks in the bathroom. Now go fill your water bottle and hoover upstairs. Put a washing on and do another 50 jumping jacks.

You look so beautiful. I can’t wait for you to see how amazing you look. I can’t wait for everyone else to see how amazing you look. Not long now ****. See you soon xx

#sweetspo #bonespo #meanspo #personal #ana #mia #proana #promia #love #relapse #skinny #proana #promia #goals #doll #xxsdoll #diary #fat #lbs #ugw #gw

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Drabble game! Can I get one with yoongi? A9 B4 & D1 or D13 Thanks!


Yoongi x Reader
450+ Words/2480+ Characters

Content Warning: angst,  sadness


Anxiety filled your stomach, as the cafe peaked out in the distance, the windshield wipers sliding softly against the rain as you pulled along the curb. He was, in short, the most wonderful person you had ever known. Sweet, gentle, confident… but his career was too important for you to tarnish. 

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Bts reaction to them giving you a hickey and teasing you

I’m assuming that  your bf (from exo/bts) gave you a hickey before you go see your parent and then your bf(exo/bts) teasing you because of it? i understand it like that haha xD i hope it’s right? if it’s not please send me another one if i was wrong :) thank you and sorry for the long wait <3 the exo one will be up tomorrow i promise <33 and i’m sorry if it’s not good…  i hope you will still enjoy it :) thank you beautiful <3

Rapmonster: *when you come out wearing a turtle neck* jagi…it’s really hot outside are you sure you don’t want to wear something to reveal the beautiful master piece i left you on your neck? *grins*
Y/N: *you glare at him* i am perfectly fine with the turtle neck!
Rapmonster: okay if you say so ehehhe

Y/N: *when you see a huge hickey on your neck* YAAAH! seokjiin! look at what you did
Jin: *looks at it* it’s pretty isn’t it?
Y/N: i can’t go to my parents house with this on my neck…
Jin: why not? it shows how much i love you
Y/N: ….i’m going to kill you 
Jin: you didn’t complain last night though…*you start to blush* 

Suga: *you two arrive to your parents place*
Your mom: Y/N why do you have a scarf on aren’t you hot?
Suga: yea why?is there something you don’t want to show every body?
Y/N:’s nothing i just have a sore throat that’s all *you whisper to suga: you are so dead when we get back home*
Suga: you could never hurt me jagi ehehe *you glare at him*

J-hope: jagi….i think you have something on your neck..i wonder what it is
Y/N: oh do you now huh? you should know since you made it…*you try to cover it with make up*
j-hope: me? that couldn’t be…i don’t do such things.. i’m an innocent boy..see? innocent *he smiles*

Jimin: *he pokes the hickey on your neck* did you enjoy it last night? it’s so beautiful
Y/N: shut up…* you put a scarf around your neck*
Jimin: yaah! don’t cover up my lovely love bite…show it to the every one that you are minee 
Y/N: i am not going to show it to my parents
Jimin: why? are you afraid they’re going to ask how you got it? cause i’d be happy to describe every single detail from last night

V: *when he sees the hickey* Y/N’S GOT HICKEEY Y/N’S GOT A HICKEEEY
Y/N: you’re being too loud…stop it *you cover the hickey*
V: well at least i’m loud during the day and not during the night like someone i know *he grins at you*
Y/N: …*you blush* shut up…
V: i made you blush..eheh…cute

Y/N: kookie…do you know what this is? *you point at your hickey*
Jungkook: nope not a clue 
Y/N: oh i think you do…it’s your fault…
Jungkook: whatever do you mean? i did no such thing to you jagi… i guess you could say it was a big bug that bit you?*he smiles*
Y/N: mhm…a big annoying bug…

Gifs not mine.