it was so hard trying to choose the scenes to showcase

I did get to watch most of the episode, though! Good stuff, good stuff:

  • Travis: “Can I stand at the bow of the ship… heading for a new landinNewYorkyoucanbeanewman”
  • Loved Vax making an effort to hang out with Grog more now that he’s gnomeless. Getting forgotten in a game of hide-and-seek and falling asleep in a barrel was great, as was Grog’s reaction to Vax falling off the ship.
  • I love that in these three days Tary’s started to get along a little better with the others–it cracked me up so hard when Tary and Percy announced that they were working on projects together, and then Sam and Taliesin proceeded to completely ignore Matt to have a whispered and giggly conversation for an extended period of time. Vex said a very cheerful “Hello!” to him, but I think everyone’s mood was best summed up by Vax rescuing him during the fight, reassuring him repeatedly that he’s okay… and casting Divine Sense to make sure he’s not a fucking demon.
  • I am pretty darn delighted by Taryon deciding Keyleth is the clear leader of Vox Machina and trying to pattern his own decision-making after hers.
  • I love how gleeful Sam was over Tary getting a kill with an absurdly powerful hit… and simultaneously knocking himself off the edge of the ship with the recoil.
  • The pirate battle was something the group needed, I think–nobody dropped down to less than two thirds of their max health, they got to have some really badass moments that showcased what they did best, but there was still a sense of risk and excitement and it was a good time.
  • The rescue scene for the prisoner in the hold was really awesome–Taliesin played Percy’s “I don’t know what to do!” panic really well and then had him help out in the only way he could by keeping Keyleth out of the water, Vax was great diving in there and using his lockpicking to save the day, Vex dove in to help evacuate the prisoner, Keyleth had so much faith in her friends that she didn’t drop concentration on the spell even when she was about to fall off the ship. Good stuff.
  • The twins getting competitive over who was better at healing a dude, amazing.
  • The whole scene with Keyleth worrying that she’s being replaced as Percy’s BFF was really adorable, as were Vax’s attempts to be comforting while simultaneously being just so pleased that this is the worst of their problems right now.
  • Percival “Edgelord Supreme” de Rolo over here like “what if… I killed someone who deserved it… and then brought them back to life just to make sure I haven’t been sending everyone I kill into the same pit of endless torment I escaped from….” like my dude, I am Concerned. I keep thinking of the Raven Queen telling him he’d have to be careful or he might find himself in opposition to her works. It’s so interesting and it’s all completely in line with the fascination he’s had lately with who gets to live and why, but man, somehow I feel like this isn’t gonna end well.
  • Taliesin and Laura sold the hell out of that conversation–there’s a really genuine fondness that comes through when Vex and Percy chat that just brings those barriers down. It’s very sweet, and that breakdown of barriers is a neat contrast to the Vax/Keyleth different-brand-of-sweet heart-on-the-sleeve conversations.
  • Getting a little TMI here, but I saw that reddit post about somebody saying how they felt like Vex/Percy’s really physical aspects didn’t seem natural, and honestly? I’ve had Vax/Keyleth-esque really sweet, shy, sometimes awkward relationships where every step was quietly discussed and analyzed and it just sort of evolved into a lovely, comfortable intimacy. I’ve also had a relationship that we’ll just say bears certain thematic resemblances to Vex/Percy, and even though we knew it was a short-term thing from the start, it was incredibly fun and healthy as well. I get that not everyone’s gonna read it that way, but one of the things I enjoy most about this show is how the relationships (platonic and romantic) in this show feel realistic and seem deeply familiar, in a weird through-a-fantasy-mirror kind of way. A lot of relationships on TV (again, both platonic and romantic) feel sophomoric and contrived for maximum drama, but these folks are so invested in playing their characters as genuinely as possible that I think they wind up escaping a lot of really common pitfalls. They’re all genre-savvy enough that they shy away from misunderstanding for the sake of misunderstanding, which is refreshing.
  • I choose to believe Keyleth was taking notes just as assiduously as Marisha was, furiously scribbling into her notepad and glancing up occasionally when the conversation got real. The smile and delivery on “She’s alive” just killed me.
  • I love Matt’s strategies to counter the fact that he’s got a massive party of what are basically demigods at this point. Giving them a big and dangerous monster that’s gonna try to kill them… and they aren’t allowed to kill it? Really clever. This should be fun.
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BTS as lovers/boyfriends

(this post takes into consideration venus signs, venus aspects and what house venus is in)

****Disclaimer: this post is not the end all, be all. It really depends how the boys, themselves, manifest these energies. But I wanted to supply somewhat of an idea for those who are curious****

Jin - Socialite Lover

He magnetizes the scenery, showcasing charm and etiquette. Jin has a capricorn venus, usually manifested as a person that enjoys its solitude but because it is in the 11th house, Jin craves an audience. With a venus opposite mars, he may enter relationships quickly, usually spur of the moment. He needs the energy of his partner to match his; one that can be steady but also a bit fast than others. His capricorn venus gives him a stoic aura, as if he knows exactly what he is doing. He knows how people work so if he wants something all he has to do is turn the switch on his charisma. Due to his capricorn venus sextile scorpio mercury, jin may fancy a younger partner who can also be mentally stimulating and keep him guessing. Now, of course his capricorn venus has complications. He still needs a bit of space, doesn’t enjoy clingy partners at first. He needs to be on the same social level as his partner and he may prefer someone who can advance his status. There is always gain in the capricorn venus 11th house. He can also be a bit distant and cold. Others are attracted to him because of his magnetic presence, although he is always just out of a beautiful glass display.

Taehyung - Electric Lover

He is a cool boy; electric and pumped with style. Taehyung has an aquarius venus and its unaspected so venus is very potent and strong in his chart. He is the popular boy in the room, everyone gravitates toward his aura but similar to Jin, he is untouchable. Due to his venus being in the 2nd house, he exemplifies venusian characteristics, such as sensuality, great taste and that aquarius energy adds fireworks to the flames. He is constantly experimenting new things, trying out different interests that it is almost impossible to keep up with him. He hardly catches intense interest in romance because for him, love is one big party scene. If he does settle down, his love will be like sparks; everywhere and irresistible. He may want to try out a lot of new date sites, shower you with the luxurious lifestyle, and keep you on your toes at all time. He can also be too chaotic and untameable so if you prefer your partners to be easy to ride then skip over taehyung because he is anything but predictable. He may prefer partners that have a similar vibe to him; one that isnt too boring or private. He fancies love that burns with color and electricity, one that is as smooth and enticing as him.

Hoseok - Ethereal Lover

He spills symphonies and whimsical enchantment.  Hoseok has a pisces venus and like taehyung, it is also unaspected so venus is quite strong in his chart. He is heavily creative, immersed in forms of art and color. Due to his pisces venus, he may be a dreamer of the perfect romance. Pisces is exalted in Venus so the energies of this placement is experienced on a higher octave than a libra or taurus venus. He may get too caught up in these fantasies to the point where it can be almost blinding. With his venus unaspected, it can also fault into insecurity or low sense of worth. He wants to be caring of his partner, to provide them with visions and encapsulating romance. Now, his pisces venus is in the 11th house so he may want to spread this love to everyone, to heal others and give them higher purpose. 11th house venus is not one who can easily settle down so with Hoseok, he may want to shelter himself from rejection as pisces can easily attract toxic partners. He may have to check himself on these idealizations that can almost seem to be pointless and also, dangerous. Although, love electrifies his veins; he is sweet, compassionate and he carries himself like a walking cinematic masterpiece.

Jungkook - Harmonic Lover

He is romantic, pounded with the idea of romance, but he can also be unassuring. Jungkook has a venus in libra, which exudes the highest values of venus; harmony, the need for partnership and most romantic. Due to his venus being in the 1st house, not only is he endowed with attractiveness but he also holds these values most core to his identity. He may even be more in love with the idea of being in love rather than just simply being in love with his partner. His venus trine jupiter may also indicate generosity, an abundance of love that will bring good fortune to relationships as well as extreme popularity. Although, there are complications. His venus opposite saturn is probably his biggest enemy. This may restrict him of his potential by making him closed off and deny himself affection. He can be more strict on choosing potential partners and quickly avoids partners that can easily cause conflict. This aspect is very infuriating because if he denies himself love, he will become agitated and fiercely crave it whereas if he does fall into love, he will be hindered by his insecurities like not being good enough for the other person. There is some what of a gentility attached to his venus–he is lavish and peaceful, almost like a modern day Eros.

Namjoon - Domineering Lover

He is brute and cunning, but underneath he can be abstained with the idea of intimate romance due to fears of being abandoned or rejected. Namjoon has a venus in scorpio, which is one who is not immersed with the idea of love, but because scorpio is a sign of codependency, it is almost inevitable. Due to scorpio being in the 11th house, it is hard for him to keep his secrets hidden. He is very particular when it comes to partners, and may enjoy someone who is alluring, loyal and protective. His venus in scorpio trines saturn in pisces, so he may prefer someone who can abide by his structure, someone he can care for, nurture and dominate. He wants to be in full control of the relationship and nothing less. Both his venus and saturn are in air houses (11th and 3rd) so he needs to be fully enthralled by his lover to keep him satisfied, again he may find himself to be very particular. With a venus-saturn aspect, this could indicate attraction toward someone younger.

Yoongi - Chaotic Lover

He is a hotshot; presence is matched with intimidation but its also suave. Yoongi has an aries venus, which can be quite a demanding lover. He may enter relationships quickly and exit out of them when the spark fades out. He is all about fast energy and is very direct when attraction is there. Similar to Jungkook, his venus is in the first house but this house is intercepted in his chart; therefore, he doesn’t uphold the values like an un-intercepted venus in the first house would. So instead of being harmonic, he is quite chaotic, always on the verge of conflict. He may have low self esteem and even stray from the idea of love. His aries venus is malfunctioned so its not working as intended. His venus square uranus, makes him someone who does not see longevity with romance. He is all about experimentation and spur of the moment. He is also unpredictable in these romances and doesn’t like to be tied down. Like Taehyung, there is a sense of coolness to him but there is also wounds. He may struggle dealing with affection because most likely, he is not used to it. His venus also trines saturn, so again he may prefer someone younger, someone he can possibly take care of. Venus-opposite Jupiter indicates how blind he can be in love; unaware of people’s attentions. There is a lot of energy surrounding his venus that it is hard to know what exactly Yoongi will do–making him very chaotic.

Jimin - Protective Lover

He can be a little off put by love but once he finds the perfect partner, he gives them all of his attention and admiration. Jimin has a scorpio venus, but it is manifested a bit differently than Namjoon’s. His venus is in the 5th house, house of creativity so he tends to attract others through his art. He can also be needy of love and may want attention and loyalty. He can also be amorous and crave the need for intimacy. Again, there is always a fear attached to a scorpio venus–like being deceived by others and abandonment. He may want a partner who can assure him safety. He is attracted to partners who are a bit magnetic and easy to read. Unlike other members, he may not fancy someone who is too unpredictable because that can be unsettling and threaten his safety. One thing to highlight here is that he is VERY protective, considering he also has mars in the same house as venus so once he has you, you will be his #1 priority and if anyone decides to inflict harm on you, he will be there to save the day.

Memori: The AntiBellarke, 1.08 Canon Divergent High Robbers AU We Deserve

I think it’s no small secret to say that I go hard for both Bellarke and Memori, as I think a lot of people in this fandom do. It’s always struck me as odd, though, to be so highkey about these two relationships, when in many ways they are so at odds with each other in what each relationship prioritizes and represents.

Bellarke’s big themes are forgiveness, unselfish love and sacrifice for their people. Memori are just about the opposite- prioritizing themselves before their people in a self serving love that isolates them from others and is focused on their survival rather than larger groups’ survival.

401 solidified for me, with Murphy and Emori’s choice to leave, some thoughts I’ve been having about Bellarke and Memori being inverses of each other, and their point of divergence being the choice Bellamy offered Clarke in the original script of 108. Specifically, as @thelovelylights just gifted over memori, the line: “Come with me. Just you and me, screw everyone else and let’s just go.”

401, in particular, was the fresh, canon version of what we could have had in 108 with Bellamy and Clarke, had Bellamy asked Clarke to go with him. It’s an eerily similar set-up:

John: Hey, what are you doing?

Emori: Stocking up, what’s it look like?

John: Stocking up for what, exactly?

Emori: It’s not safe for my kind here. Fadraina are forbidden. I have to leave this place, John.

John: So what, you’re just going to bail on me?

The scene ends with John asking Emori to come with him back to Arkadia, but it’s not a stretch to imagine Emori could have easily asked Murphy to come with her instead. Compare, if you will, this scene to 108 dialogue inside the bunker.

Clarke: Bellamy what’s going on? You’ve been acting weird all day…. All the rations you took. You were going to run!… You were going to load up on supplies and just disappear.

Bellamy: I don’t have a choice. The Ark will be here soon…- I shot the Chancellor. They’re going to kill me, Clarke.

Yes, these two conversations come at very different points in Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship than in John and Emori’s, but the conversations are eerily similar, and the outcomes of these conversations illustrates the difference between bellarke and memori.

Emori: What happened?

John: Remember what I said about being safe with my people? Your plan was better, let’s go.

Compared with:

Clarke: But you can’t run, Bellamy. You have to come back with me… we’ll figure something out.

Bellamy: Well can we figure it out later?

(I had to redact Bellamy and Clarke’s conversation a lot because they really enjoy ~processing all their feelings and concerns and what they mean to each other and how they forgive each other and how they need each other and I digress but you get the point.)

We all like to imagine what might have happened had Bellamy asked the question that was in the original 108 script, and what would have happened if Clarke said yes. My answer is, essentially, that Memori is living the 108- highway robbers canon divergent life Bellarke could have had. It’s not just these two conversations that mark the antiparallel between them. Consider, if you will:

Skaikru Slytherin archetype- who is incredibly skeptical of Jaha- is at odds and then teams up with an outcast, who has been living on the outskirts of society with their sibling and believes themselves to be, in one way or another, a monster. Skaikru Slytherin helps social outcast to realize that they aren’t monstrous but rather beautiful/powerful. In both relationships, the Skaikru Slytherin decides to leave their path, and the other has followed thm into an incredibly dangerous situation in order to save the them from a kidnapping (See: 302 with Bellamy following Clarke through the Azgeda army, and 305, where Emori follows Murphy to Polis).

BONUS: Social outcast also has permanent/semi-permanent markings on their face that accentuates their wonderful bone structure.

What Clarke inspires in Bellamy, self-worth, self-acceptance and reaffirmed commitment to his people/learning and owning his value in their society, is the exact opposite of how Emori and John’s love functions in their relationship.

While Bellamy and Clarke find that their friendship and love for each other inspires self-sacrifice and holding each other accountable for their actions and to their responsibilities. In this, they also share the burden of those responsibilities. John and Emori, however, isolate themselves in their love, cutting ties with everyone else and only finding their way back to society through trying to save each other. Even after 316, when Murphy believes he’s earned a place back in Skaikru, he still buckles under the responsibility of trust placed in him by Kane and Bellamy, and returns to Emori’s plan of striking off again, just the two of them.

What we love about Bellarke, their sacrifice and their understanding and easing of each other’s pain, would have been nullified if Bellamy and Clarke had struck off on their own in 108. Would we have loved an au of Highway Robber Bellarke saying “Screw the world, let’s just go?” Hell yes, because we love Murphy and Emori. But with Bellamy and Clarke making the hard choice to return to their people means that we get to witness the vulnerability and intimacy that comes from their respect for each other and their admiration for each other through their leadership and the hard choices they make. 

Memori exists in part to showcase the strength and solidarity that Bellamy and Clarke’s love for each other inspires in the other, yet it also reveals a certain loneliness that Bellamy and Clarke have had to endure by choosing to give up their chance at freedom.

In prioritizing themselves, Murphy and Emori have been able to indulge in their romance and just enjoy being together (and robbing random grounders of their clothes and goods, but that’s an aside). We know they care a lot about each other, and there’s a tenderness in their relationship and a “I see you for who you are, not how others see you,” that is again very reminiscent of Bellamy and Clarke’s dynamic. In taking the cowardly way out, in giving up the burden of fighting for their people, Murphy and Emori get something that neither Clarke nor Bellamy has been able to have yet: each other.

Because they stayed, because they look on the burden of leadership and putting their people first, both have lost people they love, and even in loving each other and fighting for each other, Bellamy and Clarke have hurt each other and had to risk sacrificing the other’s life and their friendship in order to do what they believe is best. What came easy to Murphy and Emori in their choices, has been delayed and made difficult for Bellamy and Clarke: they haven’t had time, yet, to fall in love and indulge in each other.

Interestingly, or maybe just realistically, Clarke and Bellamy both show some weariness for the choices they’ve made to stay with their people, and yearning for a time when they might be able to do more than survive. As Clarke says to Lexa in 307, “Maybe one day, you and I won’t owe anything more to our people.” It’s also implied that Bellamy fought hard to maintain peace and find a more even keeled lifestyle during the three months Clarke was gone, handing over leadership to Kane and Abby and allowing himself to fall in love with Gina, letting himself prioritize that relationship first.

It will be interesting to see how Season 4 develops both Memori and Bellarke. We can imagine that at some point, Memori will come back into contact with Skaikru, and John and Emori will have to face the consequences of their choosing to leave their people, when Bellamy and Clarke struggle with what it means to lead.

Suffice it to say, I am hype to see how these two relationships and their parallels and antiparallels develop.

Supergirl: Damage

I am obviously a supercorp shipper, and I don’t have anything to say about other ships. But all ships aside, because I want this post to be relatively neutral. I just want to say that I really did expect that this episode would be good, not just because it will be Lena Centric, but because, I know there will be a lot of things that will happen in this episode namely- Edge’s evolution in showcasing how villainous he is, the sanvers break-up (that’s the sad part), sam, lena and kara’s friendship and whole lot more, how all these characters will soon be connected and how these characters will be revolving in the same orbit. But all has been said and done, the episode was so good, and yes, it’s slowly uncovering the plot of the show.

On a side note, i would just like to point out the scene that really got into me. The moment when Supergirl hurriedly went off to save Lena on the plane, the moment she heard Lena’s voice in distress, she knew what she had to do. So i try to look at this not in a shipper point of view, this part is quite expected. I would simply look at it as Kara danvers/ Supergirl saving her friend. If it was winn or james , she would’ve done the same.  So she went there, she saw Lena, the look she gave her like saying “you’re alright, I’m here”, and Lena smiling in return. If this was winn or james, it wouldn’t be the same since both james and winn knew her identity. So that look on Supergirl’s face, was entirely reflecting Kara’s concern towards Lena with a mixture of frustration, that she can’t be too close to Lena, she can’t do anything but save her as Supergirl.
See if we look at this in a neutral way, this is Lena Luthor (let’s face it guys, she is indeed a Luthor, sister of Lex Luthor, it’s indeed in her DNA) being saved by our hero Supergirl (a super and a known nemesis of a Luthor), I just love how that moment when Supergirl was about to choose wether to let go of a Luthor or the poison that would kill thousands of people, and literally her face showed that there’s no choice really, she’s not letting go of being a hero and Lena Luthor. that moment she was Kara Zor El. This scene really hit me, all the while that epic background music was playing and it gave me chills, here I was watching a Super doing the very best she could of saving a Luthor, that scene was phenomenal, it was groundbreaking for both TV and Comics. It was so executed well for both the actors. You can see in Supergirl’s face that she will never let go, and by seeing all of that on Lena’s face, i think her life just flashed all at once before her eyes and she realized it was wrong saying to Kara Danvers that she wasn’t worth it, because here she was watching Supergirl devoting all her strength to save her, she was indeed and a matter of fact worth it.

See this is why it’s so damn hard not to ship this, I know they will never be canon? but these are just the perfect example of a real relationship. Sure I’m loving all the frienship, but the chemistry between them more than that is inexplicable and undeniable. If they really want a relationship drama- here you have a super and a luthor. What more can you ask for?


that Penelope is still dating Sam since season 9 and that it’s “impossible” for Luke and Penelope to happen - I’m just wondering, where has he been?

aside the fact that he was last mentioned on 12x01, I would’ve expect he would appear more this season. maybe even during 12x17 or 12x21 where Penelope has hit rock bottom emotionally. you would think she will confine to her boyfriend about her emotions. yet he has been nowhere to be seen or even mentioned at least since the very first episode.

Penelope has mentioned that this year has been the hardest for her. She feels as if every single time something happens, a part of her is chipping away. she’s exhausted and really unable to carry on with the heavy emotions she is clenching into and we have to remember that she isn’t trained like the others.

Penelope Garcia is the heart and soul of the BAU. To me, I view her as the glue to the team. She always lifting people’s moods and always making sure she is there for the people she loves and cares about. So it was deeply heartbreaking to watch her at her most emotional breaking point in 12x21.

With how heavy and centric the season has been going on with Spencer, I get it if the writers choose to not show too much of the other member’s personal lives. Maybe that’s why we haven’t really seen Penelope lose it emotionally a lot after experiencing so much changes in one year. Remember, she isn’t a fan of changes. Maybe that’s also the reasoning behind the absence of Sam.

It’s just the fact at how OUT OF NOWHERE the whole resignation scene was, it literally threw me off. Are the writers leading that scene to somewhere? Penelope is always there for people and she wouldn’t hand in a resignation knowing that everybody else in the team is still trying so hard to help. It would’ve been nice to see where or how this decision of hers was made or maybe even a scene where she had a discussion about it with Sam (assuming they’re still dating) BUT WHERE IS HE?

Then here is where the shipper part of me comes into logic and say, “why would the writers continuously tease us about the growing friendship and obvious chemistry between Luke Alvez and Penelope Garcia?” Why was it Luke that found Penelope, crying by herself in her little office. Why not JJ? Emily? Rossi? I understand if Penelope didn’t want to confine to others in the team because they’re already going through too much as it is. Why exactly did it have to be Luke? Especially with the ending of that episode where he went out his way and bought her that dang adorable little cat stress thingy? (STILL WAITING FOR HER TO USE IT!)

And maybe it’s just me (probably is) but the way she looked and talked to him after receiving the sweet gift, it made think that she wouldn’t be like that unless she didn’t have a boyfriend. okay, maybe she was looking at him like that bc she’s still feeling shy after getting caught crying but still??????????

I have so many questions for the writers honestly. I understand that they want showcase a different dynamic for the show since Morgan left but please don’t play with us. Luke and Penelope stole my heart immediately as soon as that elevator door opened and she started to awkwardly talk about “fingering techniques” and that smirk on his face, OMG ADORBS.

Why did Luke have to be the one that found Penelope crying? Why did he have to use those beautiful words of “if I ever happen to be the someone…”? Why did he give her that cat thingy? Why are they always playfully teasing each other? Why is Luke always looking at her like that (when he told the remote and when he took the file folder from her) ? Why is it we only see Luke smile that beautifully when he’s around Roxy or Penelope?

It’ll break my heart if the writers are just playing with us. Penelope and Luke may never become a thing, I can take that. Maybe it’s the friendship that the writers are aiming for and sure, I get it. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to see more of their scenes together on my screen because it brings me so much happiness to see them like that. (WHICH WHY I AM WONDERING WHY HAS IT BEEN 4 EPISODES SINCE WE GOT ANYTHING GARVEZ RELATED?!

Regardless, I’m tired and now realize that this post might not even make sense since I am rambling on.

Conclusion: It will be a damn shame if Luke and Penelope never become a couple and we’ve been played. Just like the last 11 years.

BTW, I swear if a girlfriend comes out of nowhere again (like what they did with Morgan) for Luke - I am never trusting anything that the writers throws at us. Wouldn’t you want to watch a friendship to grow beautifully into a romance that’s undeniable? *coughs* garvez *coughs*

Practically Perfect | Oh Sehun


Word Count -1.8k

Summary - In which your best friend keeps insisting for you to date her boyfriends friend and you refuse to meet him. Little do you know that fate had exactly that planned for you…



“I shall be alone forever and I’m fine with it” I ended the on-going debate about my ever-so happening  love life, flopping down on the couch as she simply rolled her eyes at my persistent words

“Well, you shouldn’t be hun” She trailed.

“You should be happy, that you have a perfect boyfriend and a perfect life” I sighed.

“Don’t you think I’d want that for my Best Friend too?” She asked.

“Not everyone’s perception of perfect is the same hun. Trust me, I’m fine” I lied. She gave me a slight nod and went on with her report on her laptop, but I knew she wasn’t satisfied with my answer. Relationships aren’t really my thing. That’s a lie; I just don’t know how to keep one. I just like to stay in my own bubble considering the fact that I am the most socially awkward person on earth.

“So Luhan’s friends are going to come over in a few.” She informed. “I was thinking you’d want to meet them” She suggested. In case you want to know, she has been in a secret relationship with Luhan; secret being required as he is a part of one of the biggest boy groups in K-pop. Yeah, no thanks. Now, I might be coming off as rude, or unsociable but give me a break. I already went to that party last week. So the amount energy and effort I will put into meeting someone new is running very low at the moment.

“Great! So that you can set me up with one of those dimwits” I rolled my eyes and she gave me a glare

“They’re not dimwits, they’re actually great guys” She sighed, looking up at me

“Great! Okay. How about, you sit here and make me a list of all of the reasons why they’re great guys, while I go on a little drive to clear my mind” I emptily suggested, getting up and grabbing my bag

“You’re going to have to socialize with someone sooner or later Y/N” I heard Y/BF/N exclaim from behind me

“I choose later.” I laughed as I went out the door. The fact that I’m 20 years old and people had to force me to get out and socialize was quite worrying, but oh well!

My aimless drive brought me to the front of a small bubble-tea shop that I’d been contemplating to visit for a while, so I decided now was a good time to try something new since I’m clearly not capable of doing that naturally. Standing in line, I began to search through the menu on wall, my only view blocker being the lean figure of a fairly young looking guy standing in front of me. Subconsciously analysing his tall and pale form, I mindlessly began to walk forward just as he turned around to return to his place, causing us both of us to collide. The absolutely best part being, the fact that he spilled his chocolate tea all over my white sweatshirt! Perfect. Now I had a huge chocolate stain on my favourite sweatshirt and whoop! Everyone can see my bra. How. Bloody.Wonderful.

“Omo! I waited half an hour for that bubble-tea!” The boy whined, the depth of his voice shining through. Damn! It’s going to be hard to get mad at him. Light-brown fringe sticking to his ever so slightly dampened forehead as he carried an annoyed scowl; he hinted how much he was pissed about his tea. He was wearing a tank top that showcased his muscles as he moved. He was well built with beautifully sculpted biceps and lean, long and toned legs. He noticed me basically checking him out, so I quickly retorted from analysing his body, to analysing how mad I was at him.

“Well next time you should see where you’re going!” I snapped, trying not to get too annoyed as he rolled his eyes.

“An apology would be appreciated” He simply said pushing my annoyance level to its highest point

“Are you being serious!? You just spilled all of your freaking bubble-tea all over my WHITE sweatshirt! And you demand an apology!?” I finally lashed out. By this time he looked furious and it seemed like we were the current centre of attention.

“Seriously, you’re making a scene out of nothing. Just apologise and we’ll call it even” He half requested, half- demanded and I lost it.

“If I don’t think I’m in the wrong, I will never apologise” I sent him a sickening sarcastic smile .I soon took a note of my surroundings and realised that literally everyone at the café were staring at us and I started feeling really self-conscious. I pulled out my wallet and slapped notes into his hand. “Pay for your precious tea” I rolled my eyes as I dashed out of the café feeling extremely awkward.

I drove straight back to my house and walked in on Y/BF/N and Luhan making out on the couch. There’s an image for ya! But the pissed off expression on my face and the huge stain on my sweatshirt, kind of broke them apart.

“You okay Y/N?” Y/BF/N asked wearing a worried expression on her face, getting up and sorting her clothes out.

“Yeah! Yeah. I’m perfectly fine! A complete and utter asshole spilled his bubble-tea all over my new white sweatshirt, made a huge deal about how I should’ve apologised and now I’m really pissed off! But I’m fine!” I yelled.

“Right… That seems like something Sehun would do” Chuckled Luhan and I shot him a death glare.

“Okay. You might want to get changed Baekhyun and Sehun will be here in a few” She informed and I just groaned and went up to my room. Y/BF/N was the mom of the house I guess, but it’s one of the things I love about her. I took a shower trying to get rid of the stickiness -although I didn’t mind smelling like chocolate-  and changed into comfier clothes.

I flopped down on onto my bed and went straight onto my phone. In the process of aimlessly scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard, I heard a familiar voice entering the living room and things seemed quite suspicious. As I walked out of my bedroom, I stopped dead on my tracks. It was him.

“You!?”  We both exclaimed as we caught a glimpse of each other from across the room. I also spotted a tall black haired guy sprawled across our sofa, looking up from his phone to watch the show that was about to go down.

"Well, you two have clearly met…” Luhan awkwardly trailed

“Yeah, no kidding! This is the asshole I was talking about! Thanks for ruining the sweatshirt by the way” I snapped as he simply rolled his eyes

“This is the clutz I was talking about. Still have the stain” He pointed towards his now sticky white tank-top and it was now my turn to roll my eyes. Eye-liner guy seemed to be enjoying this whole scene as he kept giggling

“Okay Y/N, calm down. It was just an accident. I think you should be the bigger person and just apologise to him” Y/BF/N came beside me and calmed me down as I rolled my eyes

“I’ll be in my room” I huffed stomping away

Sehun’s POV

I had to admit, I was a d*ck about wanting her to apologise. I mean it was clearly my fault, but it was something about admitting my mistake to her that didn’t seem appealing. I know, I’m a d*ck. But did anyone notice how her (Y/E/C) eyes sparked whenever she talked to me, or how her sharp jaw clenched whenever she was angry. She’s pretty hot, I mean I was going to make a move at the café, but we weren’t exactly in liking position.

“You want to change into a fresh T-shirt” Luhan asked patting me on the shoulder as he got up from the couch and I nodded. “I’ll go get you one” He said

“Lu! Could you get me the dip from the shelf” His girlfriend requested and he gave me an apologetic look

“It’s a small flat, just go down the hall and it’s the second door to the right. Make sure you don’t get the wrong door, you wouldn’t want to encounter an angry Y/N” He chuckled.

I lightly laughed and made my way down the hall. By the time I was in the hallway, I was already confused as to which door I was looking for. I just grabbed onto a random handle and stumbled into the exact room I wasn’t supposed to be in. I innocently smiled and looked up at her scowling face

“May I help you?” She asked not-so-sincerely

“Ohm, Y/BF/N’s room? - I –Uh-Need -A -T-shirt” I coughed as she giggled. I loved how her (Y/E/C) eyes lit up when she was looking down at me. They almost looked like they had tiny golden flakes running through them against the million fairy lights she had hung up in her room


I looked at him for a long while, carefully picking out his features. He had an amazing jaw line and cheekbones, silky brown hair and the most gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. I’m checking him out again! Damnit! But this time, he didn’t notice as he was practically doing the same to me

“The next door across the hall to your right” I finally spoke after our eternity of silence, but he seemed confused “Y/BF/N’s room” I clarified and he nodded getting up off the ground. As he began to walk out, I turned my attention back to my laptop, lightly smiling to myself.

“Hey! – Uh…” He trailed coming back to my room

“Y/N” I smiled and he smiled back. Okay, he’s not cute, he’s adorable! With a combination of hot as well, which is- Getting off topic!

“Yeah, I’m sorry for the whole tea spilling thing, I should’ve apologized but I don’t-“  He babbled

“It’s fine, I’m the one who should be apologizing for being a brat about this whole situation” I cut him off, but he seemed some-what relived because I forgave him. He gave me one last smile before proceeding to leave my room again, when I called him back

“Sorry, I didn’t catch your name” I shyly smiled

“The names Sehun. Oh Sehun” He introduced in a deep voice and we both fell into fits of laughter seconds later. “Hey, where’s the room again?” he asked as we caught or breaths and I rolled my eyes

“Next door across the hall to your right. Try not to get lost” I smiled which earned a chuckle from him as he left. Score! What? No. Totally not into him. Who am I kidding, he’s practically perfect.

Back to writing Scenarios and One shots! I have a request which I am currently working on, so this was a little coming back post :) My requests are open so please do request if you’d like and I’ll see you later Loves!

~Shazz xx


anonymous asked:

If you had to pick the scenes that you think show off Ryan's acting talent the best which would you choose?

omg honestly anon what a question

(also i wanted to say all of them but seriously okay;

the abuse reveal scenes and some of the subsequent events surrounding that are so hard-hitting. those moments on the sofa, when robert’s reacting to aaron are just so subtle and pack a punch. (i’d also say the first court scene where robert reacts to aaron’s confession dalsjhfja)

chicken 2.0 with andy; honestly, ryan slays that road side scene. the way he says you killed mum and reacts to andy in general? the emotion in his voice, in the way he acts. then the way you can literally see his numbness with vic & adam right after? yeah okay here for that

the goodbye scene with andy. you can literally see the twenty odd years of battling between them condense down to i love you underneath and a long way under djsakdka ryan sold me 100% on the conflict within robert about andy; the brother he never asked for but loves anyway, the brother who was always what he wished he could be but never was, the brother he hates and loves in equal measure. 

SSW. need i say more? yes? ok. robert’s coming out scene is a GREAT showcase of ryan’s talent. i buy his conflict, his inner hatred, the reluctance he has to admit anything person to anyone (but especially aaron, the person he’s trying to keep with him). i’ve seen people say they wish he would have cried in the scene but i think ryan played it right; robert’s not a crier. i’m sorry, he’s just not. his despair and hurt are etched on his face and that’s where ryan played them. everything played out in his expressions, his inability to look aaron in the eye (when he’s revealing the hard hitting stuff? he never looks at aaron. his eyes flicker a couple of times but he doesn’t make eye contact until he tells aaron he wants to be himself with aaron.) it’s so heartbreaking that this is something personal to him, something he’s been struggling with for decades, something that’s shaped the person he is and the things he’s done - and he can’t bear to look at aaron. perhaps because he’s terrified aaron won’t believe him? or that he won’t like what he sees? idek but jesus do i buy robert’s pain and his inability to share anything remotely personal)

and the kicker (personally for me); aaron going to prison. ryan throughout that entire arc (up to the incident) was amazing? and even post incident? he’s just been phenomenal. the goodbye scene? haha bye. the subtlety to robert’s heartache and despair at losing aaron in general? i can’t handle it. 

“Talk about stupid.” Eddy’s favorite catch phrase. 

Eddy takes his friends in both hands, albeit a little roughly, to have a little meeting.

In this perfect screenshot showcasing each of the Ed’s individual personality Eddy let’s his friends in on a secret. He knows a place that is practically invisible for them to hide.

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Unplanned ballet dancer!Kags and b-boy!Hinata words! Elaboration of this fic:

Hinata knows Kageyama still has the rose he gave him the night he confessed. It’s dried and pressed and kept in the folds of the program from their last dance recital before they graduated high school, before Kageyama went off to London and the Royal Academy of Dance. 

“Are you nervous, Kageyama? About London?”

“Why would I be? They asked me to come.”

“Yeah, but maybe they’ll send you back once they realize you slept through most of your English classes.”

Kageyama slams his water bottle into the side of Hinata’s thigh, and Hinata screeches and crumbles, rolling across the wooden floor, generally making a scene until the instructor finally snaps and shouts at both of them.

“We have three weeks until the recital!” she rants, and Hinata looks properly chastised, even though a grin keeps trying to fight its way onto his face at the way the underclassmen are all laughing raucously. He pulls his knees up and hides behind them as he gets the scolding of his life (which happens at least twice a week). “Maybe the two of you have already mentally checked out—no surprises there—but at least try and set an example for the younger ones!”

“I haven’t checked out,” Kageyama offers, and she rounds on him.

“You have slept through almost all your English classes,” she tirades, and Kageyama winces as Hinata joins in the laughter. “You should take the Royal Academy more seriously, Tobio-kun!”

“I—I am!” he splutters. “I don’t have to talk while I’m dancing!”

“Fortunately,” Hinata snickers, and their ensuing fight is only broken up when she threatens to kick them out of class. Again.

“Ughhh,” Hinata says some time later, after they’ve left the conservatory and are walking home, Hinata towing his bike along beside them. “I wish everyone would just… lighten up!”

“Since when have you ever wanted anyone to lighten up about dancing?” Kageyama asks, amused.

“Not about that,” Hinata says. “I don’t know, it’s like… we’re almost done! We should be able to have some fun every once in awhile.” He shrugs. “Like, soon we’ll be gone. I don’t want to spend my last few months here being all serious about the recital, that’s lame. It’s supposed to be fun.”

Hinata always thinks everything is supposed to be fun, when what it really is is fun and hard work, and Kageyama almost reminds him of this before he stops himself. He knows Hinata works just as hard as the rest of them. And he has his own reasons, for agreeing with what Hinata is saying.

“Wanna practice more at my house?” he asks, instead. Hinata’s eyes light up.

“Yes!” he shouts, and then takes off, nearly eating pavement when he catches an ankle on his bike pedal. “Race you!”

“You little shit!” Kageyama bellows, chasing after him.

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Punk Daddy Michael Imagine

Being a kindergarten teacher was something that you had always inspired to be, you loved children so it was always the perfect job for you. There was always something about being a kindergarten teacher that just made you smile, you loved that the students were always so bubbly and happy when you would teach them something new, like colors and words, and other things. And most of all you loved that you were helping them learn the basic skills to be able to continue on with their education, to go on become something great and amazing in the future. You loved the children you worked with just as equally as they loved you; it was just the perfect job for you.

You began you morning routine; pulling on your work clothes they were never anything special, relaxed but professional at the same time. A pencil skirt and a (favorite color) blouse, along with a cardigan, and flat shoes, because it was never a good idea to run after kids in heels. Another one of the benefits of being a kindergarten teacher was that there was never a lot of paperwork that you had to do, the less work you had to mark the more time you could spend with the children that you teach, which also helped because that meant that you wouldn’t have to carry a heavy bag that would make a shoulder ache.

Opening the main door to the school, you walked into the office, punching in to work. You checked your box to see if you had mail, or any announcements that needed to be made, as well as talking with the staff and wishing them good morning. The office was buzzing with life, as you could also hear the sounds of the students walking into school, as they laughed with their friends.  You still had half an hour before the class would start, so you headed to the cafeteria to go get a cup a coffee.

“Good Morning (Y/N)”, you heard as you served yourself a cup

“Ah, good morning James”

James Smith, the principle of the school you worked at he was a tall man with blonde hair with icy blue eyes. The two of you had become good friends over the course of your working life here at the school.

“Have you thought of a course of action for…?”

“James please” you cut him off instantly knowing who he was talking about, “The boy is young he just needs a bit more support that then rest, just let me do my job I have it under control”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure”

James sighed and nodded; you grabbed your cup and waved a goodbye before leaving the cafeteria and back to the sanctuary of your classroom. You sighed, thinking about the boy that James was asking about. He was slightly troubled, and had a fiery attitude, which would make it hard for him to play well with others. He is also hardheaded, passionate and impulsive which are attributes of his strong determination, to do things as perfect as he could. So when something wasn’t going his way he tended for him to at times throw fits or yell at a few other student, which resulted in you giving him timeouts but after he had calmed down he was a fantastic child to work with. 

The bell rang, which you got up from your desk to go open the door to let in your students with a large smile on your face. The first faces you were greeted with were the inseparable best friends Jason and Isaac, followed by the comedian in the making Dylan, behind him Alice, the one who you had to scold on a regular basis for trying to eat the other kids lunches. Next was Hunter, Caleb and Sophia the girl who wasn’t afraid to give anyone an icy glare if they got into her space, the just as inseparable Krista and Emma, Madison and the very shy and timid Zack and last but not least, Nathan Robert Clifford. 

Nathan was the child that had the fiery temper and had Principle Smith concerned. You on the other hand weren’t concerned all that he needed was a little bit of care and more support than the others. You noticed that his bright green eyes lit up the moment that he saw you and told you good morning. You smiled and told him the same; his dimpled smile grew on his face as he went to his seat, far happier than the other children to see you.

“All righty, let’s get started class, today we are learning about the many amazon animals!”

The day went by with barely any issues, Nathan and Jason argued a few times which landed them both in the timeout, but soon things went back to normal, and before you knew it the school day was over.

“Okay, tomorrow as you all know is ‘bring your family to school’ day, so you can bring your mommy’s and daddy’s or whichever family member you choose to come and spend the day and learn with us!”

Ah yes, tomorrow was bring your parent to school day, it was your least favorite day of the whole year, most of the moms were stereotypical, cliché type of moms that didn’t approve of the way you ran your class, saying that you weren’t doing a good job. They would sometimes mumble to themselves about the clothes that you would wear, or that your hair wasn’t nicely styled. You tried to not let their hateful comments get to you, since usually your students loved bringing their parents, so for their sake you would go through with it.

You watched as one by one as the kids left until all but one was left, “Nathan is Julia picking you up today?” remerging the name of his babysitter

“No my daddy is”, he said with a bright smile on his face, as his dark blonde hair was messy from running around during playtime.

You nodded and gently smiled at the boy, you had never actually seen Nathan’s dad, you just knew that his name was Michael; you had heard some of the things that the other mothers had said as they picked up their children. They referred to him as a neglectful father that didn’t care for his son, since he hired a babysitter to take care of him. You kept an open mind, Nathan never came to school with any bruises or cuts that were anything more than an accident, he was well fed and he was overall a happy child, so there was no way his father was neglectful.

You felt a small tug on your cardigan; you looked down already knowing what Nathan wanted. There on the floor the green eyed child had his arms stretched out, indicating that he wanted to be picked up, you happily obliged, lifting him into your arms rested him on your side. You smiled as you felt the small messy haired child snuggle against you, resting his head in the crook of your neck, as you could hear his small snores, “Someone’s tired”, you said with a small laugh as you started to sway him putting him into a deeper sleep.

Michael practically spirited across the car park and into the school, his last appointment had taken longer than what he had thought, he was almost an hour late, and he now wished that he had called Julia to pick up Nathan, so he wouldn’t have to wait too long. Michael came to a sliding stop just outside Nathan’s classroom, he looked through the glass window on the door to make sure that he was still inside and had not been taken to the main office, but that is when he noticed, You.

Michael watched for a moment as you swayed with Nathan nestled comfortable in your arms, almost treating him like your own son. He watched the scene with soft green eyes, this was what Nathan needed and he couldn’t even provide it for him, a mother. Michael shook the thought out of his head and gently knocked on the door. You glanced up and with a smile signaled for him to enter, Michael entered quietly not to wake his sleeping son.

“Are you Michael? Nathan’s dad?” you spoke quietly as you took in the appearance of the man in front of you, he was quite tall, making you look up to look directly into his eyes. His messy blue colored hair, reminding you of Nathan’s except his was blonde, and eyes a beautiful shade of green, Nathan practically looked like his father. But the most prominent features that you noticed was that Michael was covered literally covered in tattoos, his body was a canvas of ink, as his eyebrows and ears were pierced. His black sleeveless shirt perfectly showcasing the tattoo sleeves that he had.

“Umm, yeah, Sorry for the time, I had work”, he said quietly taking in all your features.

“That’s no problem”, you shifted Nathan, careful not to wake him, and so you could gently place him into Michael’s arms. “Will I see you tomorrow?”


“You can come along with Nathan to school, be a part of our lessons”, you explained.

Michael’s eyebrows furrowed then raised slightly, “Oh yeah, ‘bring your parent to school’ day, Nate hasn’t stopped talking about it, yeah I’ll be here”, he said as his red lips smiled as he looked down at his sleeping son.

“See you tomorrow, Michael”, you smiled seeing him interact with his son.

You watched as he nodded before shifting Nathan into a more secure hold, you could see the love that he held for the boy in his eyes. Michael left the room closing the door with a soft click, he was surprising different from what you imagined but from that small display you could clearly tell that the mothers were being their rude selves, he was in fact not a neglectful father but one that was struggling, working for his son, sure he was covered with tattoos and didn’t look like a responsible dad, but he was a good father regardless of what he looks like.  

Michael buckled Nathan into his car seat, the lad was still softly snoring, his brain recalled the memory of you cradling Nathan in your arms and the soft smile that adored your face as you peered down to look at his sleeping form. It was the first time he’d ever seen Nathan settled in someone’s arms that weren’t his own not even Julia, one of his closest friends and babysitter, could get him to settle down like you did. Yes, he’d admit he was struggling to balance Nathan out but he would not admit that he needed anyone’s help. 

Ever since it had happened he wasn’t willing to trust anybody, he wasn’t going to let his guard down ever again. He looked through his mirror to look at the boy sleeping, drooling; he was the only thing that made all the pain worth it no matter how much trouble he sometimes was. He didn’t want to go to tomorrow; he didn’t want to put up with the mothers that he knew would judge for his appearance, seeing as he already gets enough of it when he goes out with Nate. But he would go for his son, since Nathan had been excited for a while and Michael had taken the day off of work just to be with him.


You stood in front of the judging eyes of the mothers as they sat with their children, after introducing yourself and giving out a schedule of the day you got straight on to work. You were stood watching like a hawk as some children painted, some colored with crayons it was exhausting but if something went wrong you would have a group of angry mothers to deal with. Glancing at the clock you only had two hours left and you’d be home free, so far the day had gone by without a hitch.

Your eyes fell to the back of the class, seeing the blue haired Michael. Nathan was happily sat in his father’s lap as you’d like to say coloring, but it looked like he was obliterating the paper with the crayons. Michael ruffled the boy’s hair and watched with a small smile on his lips, his arms were wrapped very protectively around his son, his green eyes watching his every move, as he would occasionally scribble all over the paper joining in on his son’s fun, making him laugh as he would draw small dinosaurs and animals, which Nathan would name, and telling him stories of what he learned in your class. It was a beautiful display of affection coming from a man that you could tell mothers were judging, you knew that Michael could hear them gossiping saying how could someone like him be a father, and other hateful comments. But Michael didn’t care, he was here to spend time with his son, and have fun with him, not to hear people judge him. he looked up and saw you staring, he smiled at you and waved to you, a smile appearing on his face, which you shyly returned.  

You just had one more hour to go, one more hour and this day would finally be over. You were glad that everything was going great, nothing too bad.That was until, crash. Jason and Nathan had gotten into another disagreement and decided to battle it out on the floor; you imminently rushed over and pulled the boys apart.

“Okay, that’s enough”, you voice was low but stern, “Jason, you will sit in the corner over there and Nathan, over there”, you pointed to were you wanted the boys to sit. Jason went with ease but Nathan decided to put up a fight.

“No!” the young boy continued to stamp his feet, angry tears cascading down his face, as he glared at Jason.

“Nathan”, you said getting down to eye level to see that you were being serious

“No!” his tears still coming down his face.

Without a second thought you picked up the crying child and placed him down on the timeout mat. “You will sit here for five minutes, I will come and get you when time out is over” Nathan pouted and folded his arms over his chest.

Michael watched with unsure eyes his child was crying and daddy mode had kicked in all he wanted was to comfort the crying child, you noticed and laid a reassuring hand on his arm. “I can see that you don’t like this but this has to happen, it’s the rules.” 

Michael nodded, you were right. He sat down in Nathan’s chair, waiting for those five minutes to pass by quicker. He looked over at you and noticed you picking up some of the things that the boys had dropped, before looking over at his son and noticing that he was sitting still, with his arms still crossed. It amazed him how perfectly you managed to handle the situation, since at times he found it hard to even to get Nathan to do something when he threw a fit. But he noticed that while he couldn’t get his son to sit still for five minutes, for you he was able to do it.

After telling him his five minutes were up, you first went over to Jason to ask for his side of the story. Nathan refused to move from his spot even after Michael tried to coax him but he still refused, saying that he had to wait for you to come and get him. You returned and picked him up taking over to the sink that was at the back of the class, setting him down on the counter you gestured for him to give you his left hand, which he offered it to you willingly, he opened it and you saw the raw skin that had grazed off in the confrontation. 

Michael watched you while you worked cleaning his hand and wound before sticking a band aid over the top. Nathan then reached his hand out towards Michael his bottom lip sticking out into a pout, Michael placed a small peck to the injured hand and Nathan beamed up at his father, making you smile at the soft affection that he had for his son.

“Now Nathan, tell me what happened”

“Jason was mean”  

“How was he mean, Nathan?” you asked softly as he bottom lip began to tremble again.

“He said mean things to me because I didn’t have a mommy”, you saw Michael tense slightly you knew that something that was sensitive for them, seeing how both of them seemed saddened by the topic. You nodded explaining that it still wasn’t a reason to fight with Jason, you set Nathan back down on the floor, “You know what you have to do now?”

“I have to say sorry?”

“That’s right”

You called Jason over who was sat on his mother’s knee he, very reluctantly, walked over. Both boys apologized to one another and soon after got back to playing.

“Now I know why Nathan talks so a lot about you” Michael spoke as he lent against the wall next to you, keeping a watchful eye over his son.

You chuckled slightly, “He does?” he nodded and you smiled. It was silent between you that were until the bell rang, signaling the end of class.

“Thank god” you both muttered, you both looked at each other with a smile seeing as you both thought the same thing.


Since that day, you and Michael had seemed to grown considerable close. It started off with him picking up Nathan after school more frequently, which would lead to small talk to good conversations between you and him. Then one day he asked you out for a coffee date which you happily accepted. And before you knew it, a few months later, you found yourself falling for the blue haired man. Despite his punk attire, and appearance, he was a great man and an especially loving father.

For Michael it was exactly the same, he’d fallen for you and he had fallen hard. Ever since it happened he’d closed off his heart and become cold but you had melted away the cold bitterness that surrounded his very fragile heart. It wasn’t just your beauty that attracted him, it was many things like the day he first met you when he watched you sway with Nathan in your arms, seeing how motherly you looked with his son. After all these months he now realized that he needed that, despite how hard he worked for his son, what Nathan needed the most was motherly love, something that he couldn’t do for him, but he could see you providing that for him.

It was these feelings that lead to tonight…

Michael had asked you out for a dinner date to a nice restaurant and you were just finishing of the last touches to your hair, you’d gone all out wearing a stunning black dress that complimented your figure perfectly, for the first time in a while you’d put effort into your hair making sure that it was perfectly styled.

Michael had also put in an effort swapping his ripped skinny jeans for dress pants and a white crisp shirt that allowed the tip of his neck tattoos to be on show, he was nervous, Very, very nervous. Michael pulled up outside your hours taking in a breath before he climbed out and knocked on your door.

He heard you call out a quick, “Just a minute!” You were running around your house like a madwoman gathering your things before slipping on your shoes, taking one last look in the mirror you take in a large breath; “You can do this (Y/N), you can do this” 

With a smile you open the door; Michael thought in that moment that the air from his lungs had been stolen as he looked at you. “Hey (Y/N)… You look… Beautiful” he stammered, trying to calm himself.

Your cheeks blushed to knowing that he found you beautiful, “You don’t look to bad yourself”, you said with a large smile.

The restaurant was fantastic, as soon as you both entered you were shown to your seat and food was ordered. At first it was just small talk between the two of you which progressed over time to much bigger and serious topics.

“Why a kindergarten teacher? I mean with your degree you could teach at a college level, any reason why you didn’t?” he asked his attention solely devoted to you.

A sad smile formed on your lips, “A few years back, I was with somebody. He was what some people might say a “perfect” match for me. We’d been together a while and even got engaged and we planned to start a family together, after a year of trying I was nowhere near close to being pregnant” you said feeling your old wounds start to hurt again.

You swallowed and Michael’s hand covered yours giving it a squeeze of reassurance, “We went to the doctors and after a few tests they found out that I wasn’t able to have children of my own” you finished trying to no let the honest truth of not having your own family make you cry.

Michael’s eyes soften the grip on your hand increasing, as he began to draw circles on the back of your hand, soothing you and keeping you from crying. “I’m sorry, that must have been horrible”

“It was, my fiancé well ex- fiancé promised to stand by me but that same night he packed his bags and left, after saying a few horrible comments, and I haven’t heard from him since” 

Michael let out a scoff, “asshole”, he said not understanding why someone would ever leave someone as beautiful and perfect as you, both inside and out. Whoever your ex-fiancé was, he had the perfect woman and he willingly let you go.

A small laugh left you, “You can say that again, so that’s the reason I teach kindergarten. To fill that empty part of me, if I couldn’t have children of my own, then I’d teach them, I mean it’s sort of like raising them, you learn to love them like your own” you said thinking of all your students that you have thought and the ones your currently teach, and seeing how in some way you shaped their early lives.

Michael smiled, “You do a great job of it too, and I don’t think you give yourself enough credit” 

You placed your free hand on top of the one that was holding you, “Thank you that means a lot to me”

“I can relate, with the part of someone you love leaving”, he said at his eyes gave a hint of sadness.

“Nate’s mom?” you asked.

Michael nodded.

“We weren’t together for that long when she fell pregnant with Nate. I was so scared when I first found out, I wasn’t ready to be a father, but I would never leave her either. She was carrying my child, and I couldn’t just walk out on her like that. It was terrifying but I got over my shock and worked harder so I could support her and him. When she had him, I remember holding him for the first time and in that instant, I didn’t care how hard I worked, I was just so happy to see my son. I was no longer scared, I was just so happy. For two years things were fine, we had few ups and downs but then one day she handed him over to me and left”, he said seeing him start to bite his lips, showing that just like you, he was still hurt by old wounds.

“No explanation she just left, leaving me with Nate. I was left alone and I didn’t know what to do but I worked through it and then Nathan started asking questions about his mom that I couldn’t answer. I was always constantly worried that I wasn’t doing a good enough job, I knew what other people were saying, saying that I was neglectful, that at times I thought I was”

His eyes cast downward, at letting other’s words get to him. You lifted your hand, placing it on his cheek. You felt him lean into your touch, loving your tender touch. You tilted his face, making him look at you, “You are far from a neglectful father Michael, Nathan adores you and you adore him. He talks about you all the time, when you came with him to school you watched his every move. You are a wonderful father and you don’t give yourself enough credit either” 

There was something about that moment were everything just clicked for the two of you. Both of you needed each other, you could heal his wounds, and fulfil his needs, and he could do the same for you. It was just a matter of time. Michael had paid for your dinner. As you both exited the restaurant, he asked if you wanted to come over to see Nathan, which you happily accepted, wanting to spend more time with Michael.

You were standing in front of the Clifford household, as Michael paid Julia for her babysitting services, she said that Nathan was sound asleep in bed, and kept mentioning that Nate was happy that you and Michael were out on a date.

You didn’t want to be rude, and felt that maybe you should leave; you told him how you were going to call a taxi, since he had already paid Julia and didn’t want him to wake up Nathan, so he could drive you home. You said your goodbye, but as you were turning around, you felt Michael’s warm hand grip onto yours pulling you back to face him.

“Michael?” you questioned.

His arms wrapped themselves around your waist, “please stay with us… with me and Nathan”, he whispered to you.

Your breath caught in your throat at hearing his confession. You bit your lips, to keep you from letting your smile grow onto your face, but with was still showing. Your arms wrapped around his neck, as your fingertips toyed with his blue hair. You looked lovingly into his eyes, and Michael did too. Everything was just coming together perfectly. In that silence between you ad him, was a lot of unspoken communicate, as you both were expressing your love for each other. You were both starting to lean in; your faces only inches apart, but the both of you unaware of the green eyes that were looking at you both.


You both jumped at the sound of Nathan’s voice, you laughed finding him completely adorable, and Michael glared at Nathan for ruining the moment, before lowering himself and spreading his arms wide for his son to come over. The giggly child ran down the hall and straight into his father’s awaiting arms, he easily lifted him up and held him between both your bodies, as you and Michael leaned in to place a kiss his cheeks, making him laugh at the warm affection.

When you moved away your eyes caught Michael’s and you both leaned in to complete the action that Nathan had interrupted, Michael’s hand placed itself on the back of your neck to pull you closer. Your lips met in a soft meaningful kiss; in this moment everything fell into place it was absolutely perfect. 

“I love you, (Y/N)”

“I love you too, Michael” 


“God dammit, Nathan”, Michael said as he tickled him as he led you both into his home, that soon became your home as well.



I’m sorry, I know I should be updating my other series, but I just couldn’t resist writing this, like I saw punk edits and dad edits, and I’m like what if they were combined, and then when I saw those edits, I coudlnt help but write about it.

I’m literally fangirling at the thought of it.



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My Favorite Albums of 2015 (So Far)

To say 2015 has been an INCREDIBLE year for music is an understatement. Every other week has been just a haven and music fan’s dream coming to fruition, so much so that this is the first top list of albums I’ve made that ISN’T in a particular order! This list encompasses more than just hip hop as well mind you so there’s should be plenty for any music fan to enjoy here. Sound off below on any of your favorite jams this year as well if you think I missed any!

Kendrick Lamar — To Pimp a Butterfly

As abstract and bold as ever, K. Dot manages to completely reinvent himself within the landscape of hip hop and the ever changing image of black men in America throughout his journey of coming to terms with his identity, humanity, and status as a whole, nailing every single concept he lays forward with absolute perfection. Whether it’s the ignorance wobbles of “Hood Politics” the gut wrenching suicidal thought of “U” the politically charged anger of “The Blacker the Berry” or the false hope of “Alright”, Kendrick brings in a well molded perspective that is solely unique to him, yet remains singular in his own way.

Jamie XX — In Colour

Leave it to the producer of The XX to make me like song featuring Young Thug (“I Know There’s Gonna Be Good Times”) and make one of the best electronic albums in recent memory. Warm and immediately accessible and electrifying with tons of satisfying depth to them that make each and every song rewarding, tracks like “Girl”, “Gosh” and songs with his XX cohorts (“Loud Places”, “SeeSaw”) will stick with you (and in your head) long after you finish playing them. Jamie took his sweet time recording this album enough to put one of the biggest indie pop outfits in the world on hold to do so, and was rewarded handsomely in the end.

Hiatus Kaiyote — Choose Your Weapon

An interesting but underdeveloped album with a Grammy nominated song featuring Q-Tip later, this Austrailian neo-soul outfit has managed to craft their own signature sound with a bliss ho-hum one second and blazing electronic synths in another. The warm energy of “Molasses” juxtaposed with the beatnik rhythms of “Atari” with the eclectic mashup of all styles in “Jekyll” can leave you breathless trying to catch up to it all, whether it’s their frantic energy, Nai Palms soulful and beautiful vocals (where it’s at her best on “Fingerprints”) or the ingenious lowkey single of the year in “Shaolin Monk Motherfunk”.

Donnie Trumpet and the Social Experiment — Surf

For those wanting more of Chance or more rapping, you gotta understand this: THIS IS NOT A CHANCE THE RAPPER ALBUM. However, it does bring Chance’s abundant joy into the mix with the debut of Surf. Tracks like “Just Wait” and “Slip Slide” showcase the other talent the group has to offer, while Chano shows no signs of faulting lyrically either, as “Miracle” and “Warm Enough” show that he’s more than apt to hang with some big stars (Erykah Badu, Busta Rhymes, J. Cole, Big Sean, Janelle Monae) in their space as well. Mixing live instrumentation with its eclectic styles keeps the record fresh throughout 52 minute listen.

Sufjan Stevens — Caroll & Lowell

Seven albums in, and not only has the most innovative indie singer-songwriter of his time manage to reinvent himself once again, but he brings forth what may be the best album of his career thus far His songwriting excellence shines once again on tracks like “The Only Thing” and “Should Have Known Better”, displaying the heartbreaking love Stevens had for his parents. Though the production is easily his most stripped down of his album, it’s this exact approach that makes it hit all the harder for it.

Vince Staples — Summertime ‘06

To think that a rapper who was only previously known for guest spots on an Odd Future record would make the best hip hop debut album since Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City is still a wild concept itself, but even thinking his first album would be a double disc affair is even crazier. But as “Senorita”, “Norf Norf” and “Street Punks” are set to remind you, this record is serious business, and it’s even crazier that it all worked. No I.D. lends Vince some of his best production in years that hits you hard despite some songs being over in a flash.

Father John Misty — I Love You, Honeybear

Humorous and cynical, Josh Tillman’s knack for songwriting is still as great as ever. From the harmonic synths of “True Affection” to the soul influence of “When You’re Smiling and Astride Me”, the beautiful range shown throughout the album is one that immerses you instantly, and even a few that make you genuinely laugh at such politically charged tracks such as the self-deprecating humor of “Bored in the USA” (sitcom laugh track notwithstanding). The former Fleet Foxes bandmate has never sounded better.

A$AP Rocky — At.Long.Last.A$AP

After taking an extremely long break from the biz in London after exploding onto the scene (along with the surprising passing of his former mentor A$AP Yams), A$AP Rocky returns with his best commercial project yet with even crazier ideas, better songwriting and most spectacular production and guests to accompany him. From Miguel on “Everyday”, Danger Mouse as the executive producer, a reinvigorated Lil Wayne on “M’s”, Kanye West soulful production (and drunk ramblings) on “Jukebox Joints”, MIA on “Fine Whine” and even Mos Def closing it with “Back Home”, A.L.L.A. shows substantial growth while also retaining Flacko’s signature charm and flow as well. Excess that remain gully is the name of Rocky’s game and it’s never been better than it is here.

Leon Bridges — Coming Home

Music revival is one of the slipperiest slopes to cross in this day and age, as it can either win you acclaim or date your music and reputation from the start. Fortunately, Leon Bridges translates this old school love into a great album from start to finish. As the title track “Coming Home” transports you back to where artists like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding were surpreme, Leon makes the environment crackle like the jukebox it and other songs like “Lisa Sawyer” and “River” were meant to be played in.

Earl Sweatshirt — I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside

Ever the loner in Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt releases his 2nd studio album that manages to be bleaker and more interesting than his preceding album. Surprisingly well produced by himself throughout (along with one Left Brain credit) songs like “Grief”, “Mantra” and another scene stealing Vince Staples verse on “Wool” create a dark atmosphere for a more livelier sounding, monotone-free Earl to showcase his lyricism and cynicism in one fell swoop.

Drake — If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late

Easily his most aggressive and confident sounding album to date, Drizzy managed to shock his audience with an album that nearly reinvents his sound while knowing what still can pull in radio plays at the same time. Whether it’s the hyperactive “Energy”, the catchy melody of “6 Man” and “10 Bands” or sheer boastfulness of “Used To”, “Legend” or “6 God”, Drake leaves no expense into making this project (still unclear what it should be referred to) one that may even be bigger than the album he on the way later this year.

Miguel — Wildheart

As Miguel opens the album with the words “Accept the new, don’t mingle on the “past”, Miguel manages to reinvent himself and blend a myriad of styles into one of the best R&B albums since Channel Orange. Breaking into bad boy gangsta of “NWA” with an appropriate verse from Kurupt, the disco like groove of “DEAL”, the sexy rhythms of “Coffee” and the Jai Paul produced “FLESH”, and his varied songwriting from the expressive freedoms of “A Beautiful Exit” or the aggressive, hilarious lyrics about wanting to fuck like they’re being filmed for a porno in “the valley”, Miguel’s idiosyncratic style knows no bounds, not even to himself.

Shamir — Ratchet

Shamir is one in a long line of pop aficionados (Charli XCX, M.I.A.) that is quietly reinventing the approach to the genre. However, it’s the dark and wonky sound that songs like “Call It Off” and “On the Regular”, the downtempo and melancholy feel of “Youth” and downright madness of “Make A Scene” make this an album that betrays normal pop conventions that embraces all the sleaze but shows that more emotional moments such as “In For The Kill” that help the fellow Vegas native wear his heart on his sleeve.

Oddisee — The Good Fight

Oddisee has always shown his strength as a producer yet always faulted on his rapping. Though as the song “That’s Love” shows, Oddisee has been hard at work trying to master his hands at both. “Want Something Done” highlight his frantic flow, with “A List of Withouts” bang some new age boom bap in many coming-of-age tales. Blissful, ambitious, and consistent throughout, The Good Fight sharpens his jazzy, free formed flow that leave him only more room to grow from.

Rocky Horror Picture Show: Liberating Queerness and Gender

Here’s the paper I wrote for my English class examining RHPS. I quoted @vraik and wish I had done a better job in that department because they had so much raw material to work with but I had a lousy word restriction. Enjoy my trash! I apologize for the readmore not working?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Liberating Queerness and Gender

    While The Rocky Horror Picture Show is perceived by many as a gross cinematic circus of depravity, far more of its audience has used the themes of the absurd film to find liberation in queerness. Recently remade for daytime family television, The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) is an outstanding piece of queer media, with its characters blurring the lines of sex and gender in ways many consider abhorrent. The erstwhile flop takes its audience, young and old alike, on a wild ride set to mimic the best and worst elements of B-movie horror and science fiction, all while bringing together entirely new and upsetting ideas of gender, sexuality, and villainy. The film is presented to the audience through the narration of The Criminologist (Charles Grey), who recounts the story of the recently engaged, straight-laced protagonists Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) and Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon). On their way to visit their old professor, Dr. Scott (Jonathan Adams), their car dies and they seek shelter at the nearby decrepit castle. There, they meet Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry) and get sucked into a series of flamboyant hijinks, laid out for us through sexually charged, provocative musical numbers. Along with Dr. Frank’s adonis creation, Rocky (Peter Hinwood), the creepy cast of Frank’s henchmen, Columbia (Nell Campbell), Eddie (Meat Loaf), Magenta (Patricia Quinn), and Riff Raff (Richard O’Brien) carry out other subtle, sinister plots that slowly reveal themselves as the movie unfolds. Originally a stage play by Richard O’Brien, Rocky Horror was adapted for the screen by O’Brien with the help of Jim Sharma, who then went on to direct this outstanding movie. This cast is of vaudevillian personality, all the better to introduce some pretty heavy (yet thrilling) ideas of queerness.

    O’Brien and Sharma’s Dr. Frank-N-Furter displays a casual disregard for the gender binary long before the words to describe such a person existed. While it’s hard to argue that a film from 1975 would still accurately represent any subsection of culture, Rocky Horror’s themes of gender conformity are uniquely timeless. In his introductory song, Frank describes himself as “a sweet transvestite from Transexual Transylvania!” Looking at his character, many would and have assumed that Frank, in his seductive corset, fishnets, and bright red lipstick, is a crossdresser or drag queen. This reality is that Frank isn’t portrayed with a sex gender or identity. In Midnight S/excess, Gaylyn Studlar criticizes Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s character, arguing that “in spite of his feminine attire and ‘swishy’ ways, Frank remains a transvestite figure with whom males can safely identify without endangering the power base of their prescribed masculinity.” However, Studlar’s interpretation of Frank becomes clearly reductive when she goes on to say “tranvestitism is the simple act of one gender donning the traditional apparel of the opposite gender.” Many of the characters wear a mixture of “male” and “female” clothes, but Frank is the only main character described as a transvestite. By Studler’s logic, they should all be called transvestites, as should any woman who has ever worn pants! Merriam-Webster dictionary gives a better definition, describing a transvestite as “typically a male who adopts the dress and often behavior typical of the opposite sex especially for purposes of emotional or sexual gratification.” Frank-N-Furter is not portrayed this way. While his clothes certainly do represent more feminine elements, they are never shown to be what drives Frank’s behavior. It could be argued that Dr. Frank-N-Furter is a drag queen, “a homosexual man who dresses as a woman especially for comic or theatrical effect” (Mirriam-Webster), but Frank’s relations with the other characters quickly prove him to be bisexual rather than gay. We do see Frank’s masculinity in his name and pronouns, but his dress and behavior waiver repeatedly between the masculine and feminine.

    In addition to Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s complete disregard for gender norms, many of the characters are sex positive and showcase diverse sexuality. This is the main reason Rocky Horror has held up as a cult film. When reviewing Rocky Horror’s recent remake for The MarySue, Vrai Kaiser highlights the importance of alternative sexuality, saying “Well, Fox. You did it. And by ‘it,’ I mean you scrubbed and sanded one of the flagship pieces of alternative queer media until it was 87% heterosexual.” They call back to a very valid and important element of the original 1975 flick; queer sexuality. In one of the film’s most memorable scenes, we see Frank trying to entice Janet and then Brad into sex with him. Frank at first tries to trick either character by pretending to be their partner, but he is quickly discovered. We would expect his true identity would get him kicked out, but both characters agree to have sex with Frank. This is especially shocking, given that Brad and Janet are our “straight” characters. They’re saving intimacy for their marriage, acting ashamed at states of undress, and are the most resistant characters to the sexually charged, genderfluid world presented by Dr. Frank. For Brad and Janet both, sex with Frank-N-Furter is a queer experience, as both of them are engaging with someone well outside their previously expressed sexuality. This has the same effect for them as Rocky Horror does for audiences. As Bill Henkin says in The “Rocky Horror Picture Show” Book, “of course, we’re all Brads and Janets when we see Rocky Horror for the first time.” He’s referring to the sense of release or liberation audiences from previously held ideas of sexuality. Like Vrai Kaiser almost certainly felt when they first saw the antics of the cast of Rocky Horror, audiences find comfort in the characters and allow themselves to let go of social norms that might restrain them.

    Rocky Horror is heralded for its absurdity, but the absurd is exactly how the film highlights ways to be queer. Even though the environment is so cartoonishly unrealistic, the contrast separates queerness from depravity and makes it accessible. Many don’t see Frank-N-Furter’s actions as liberating, choosing instead to see all the characters as defiled by Frank’s sexuality and gender. Henkin makes this very point, but he rather contradicts it when he says that Janet “takes her defilement with such enthusiasm.” He’s right, Janet is enthusiastic as she has sex with Dr. Frank. This same exuberance is seen again when she has sex with Rocky while singing “I wanna feel dirty!” She’s not defiled in any way, she’s liberating herself through her sexual choices, and that iconic song, “touch-a touch-a tough-a touch me,” is her literally begging to feel those same excited, pleasurable feelings. It sounds so dirty, but audience members familiar with feelings of restraint brought on by social pressures identify with her song, and find the movie a safe space to feel liberated just like Janet. Henkin hits this idea spot on, writing “along the way he [Frank] reminds us of our possibilities and leads us in the movie’s anthem, exhorting us, “Don’t dream it – be it.” For his willingness to live out his own dreams, we love him. And it is for Frank, more than any other character, that we return to the theater again and again to see and, in our hopeful way, to be.” Frank-N-Furter serves as a sort of queer guide for Brad and Janet, but also the audience, showing alternative ways of expressing gender and sexuality.

    Every instance of Rocky Horror feels absolutely absurd, sharply contrasting the normal 60s-style clothes and car of Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott. Some of our characters are aliens, Frank’s party guests are all dressed in ways almost as absurd as his own corset and fishnets, emotions and drama are amped up. All of this shows in Brad and Janet’s total discomfort, and many critics share this sense of disgust. Henkin puts it best when he says “Critics who have been horrified by some of the movie’s absurdities have been inclined to see its thematic perversion as horrible too. But there are lots of people who have found these perversions – at least as presented here – to be entertaining, and who do not require stringent coherence between theory and form in order to enjoy a laff. These are the people for whom Rocky Horror was made, and this is the audience the film has found.” Here, Henkin is distinguishing between what we see that is clearly absurd and elements of the plot that seem downright deprived. Visually, the film is crazy, showing us outrageous costumes, lustful songs, and simply sexual choreography. This, as Henkin points out, is different from the thematic perversion. Frank-N-Furter makes Rocky just to have sex with him. When he finds out his past fling, Columbia, wants to leave his service for his ex lover Eddie, he murders the depraved biker and serves him up as dinner. Frank even kidnaps and dresses up all of the straight characters for a dramatic final scene. When his unruly behavior is called out by Magenta and Riff Raff, his alien compatriots, he prefers to die than give up his crazy ways and go home. There is nothing realistic about these elements of the movie, but they are distinctly different from gender and sexuality. Studler also makes this point, referencing a quote from Freud as she argues that Rocky Horror “…proves that ‘this same disposition to perversions of every kind is a general and fundamental human characteristic.’” Brad and Janet already feel some of that “depravity” but don’t act on it until the ridiculous environment provided by Dr. Frank-N-Furter allows them to feel safe while expressing themselves. Though she is critical of the film, even Studlar highlights this, saying “Brad and Janet can only express desire in the confines of conventional marriage in caricatured ways that rhyme. Their gendered positions are fixed, and they mindlessly act out roles that ultimately block connection and fulfillment. Once Brad and Janet enter the world of Frank N. Furter, the rest of the film is spent dismantling traditional, non-erotic notions of marriage and male/female coupling in general.”

    Throughout the movie, Frank-N-Furter serves as a sort of guide through the world of queer, sexual liberation. He breaks gender roles, destroys stereotypes of sexuality, and unlocks the “hidden potential” in Brad and Janet by showing them sex positivity. The sexual awakening of Brad and Janet isn’t inherently bad or villainous, and that message has resonated with audience for over 40 years, and probably will continue to do so in the decades to come.

Word Count: 1731

Works Cited:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Jim Sharma. Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarandon, Charles Grey, Meat Loaf. Twentieth Century Fox, 1975. Film.

Kaiser, Vrai. “The Rocky Horror Remake Is Bafflingly Straight.” Review of Rocky Horror Picture Show: Lets Do the Time Warp Again, Kenny Ortega. The MarySue, 21 October, 2016. Web. 29 October, 2016.

Studlar, Gaylyn. “Midnight S/excess.” Journal of Popular Film & Television. Volume 17. Spring (1989): pg. 2-14. Print. 27 October, 2016.

Henkin, Bill. “The ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Book.” Contemporary Literary Criticism. Volume 17. April (1981): pg. 325-328. Print. 27 October, 2016.

.Agust D MV: a rundown.

So I’m filled with emotions & I need to process so much of what is happening lyrically in Yoongi’s mixtape so far that I literally don’t know where to start or what to do with myself at the moment so I’m just going to write.

This is a straightforward video so I’m just going to pick up some cues & throw them out for thought food. So apologies for the roughness in writing, just trying to call it as I saw it. No real theories. Just take it as you will. Thank you~

Keep reading

[Trans] Chanyeol EXO’luXion Photobook (Part 2)

The black suit that you wore for the EDM stage was chic and cool. Was that a Mark Ronson homage?

I didn’t copy Mark Ronson’s fashion style, but I did watch a lot of clips of Mark Ronson’s DJing with Skrillex. I watched many clips of Shim Jaewon’s DJing as well. Which gestures DJ uses to lead the crowd on were small boosts I learned from the videos because I didn’t have any experience watching actual DJing.

To prepare for that cool DJing performance what kind of practice did you have to do?

I listened to alot of music. Rather than a certain practice, I did a lot of image training. After the first day of concert I monitored the stage to improve my gestures. There were 44 concerts and I thought that I could improve each performance slowly. It helped me a lot.

I heard you wrote the lyrics for Full moon and Promise that were performed at the concert EXO Planet #2 The EXO'luxion?

I wrote the lyrics for Full Moon with MQ. Shim Jaewon asked for my input a lot for EDM section as well and “Full moon” was one of them. That’s why I told him that I would write the lyrics. My ideas were used on stage so the thought that I created the show with Shim Jaewon made it more fun. For Promise Lay hyung said “Let’s try writing rap lyrics” so I wrote it. On the second day of “Call Me Baby’s music video filming I let Lay hyung listen to it and he liked it.

How you get the inspiration so fast?

It was easy to write the rap lyrics to Promise. It was a song for the fans so I thought I just had to write down the things that I wanted to say to them all this time…there were a lot of things that I wanted to convey. Promise is both my and EXO’s sincerity towards our fans.

When you filmed the video VCR you had a birthday scene. What would you want to do for your girlfriend’s birthday in real date?

I think I would bake a cake myself. If I want to give a present that is different that what I can give her on any usual day I would want to give her something meaningful that can make my girlfriend’s birthday special.

During the Macao concert EXO members and the audience did “birthday event” and sang birthday song for Chanyeol-ssi. Honestly, did you expect it just a little bit before concert?

I didn’t expect it. Actually I forgot that my birthday was coming soon. Because It was during the time that I was filming my movie in China…It was physically tiring and I didn’t have time to think of my birthday coming closer. But it wasn’t even during the encore stage (that they held the birthday event), it was a timing that I couldn’t even think of…they suddenly sang the birthday song for me I was really touched. I really didn’t expect it. It was when I saw the banner “Chanyeol ah, happy birthday” that I thought “ Ah, right, It’s my birthday”.

What is “mutual feelings with the audience” to Chanyeol-ssi?

I really enjoy it but of course I have to make the others enjoy it too and think “Ah this is what becoming one means.” Especially during the EDM section, I felt that everyone became one, the audience enjoyed and jumped with us too.

You finished 44 episodes concert, it must have felt different at the beginning and at the end. How was it?

For the first 10 concerts I tried to perform cooly on stage as practiced. But for the last 10 concerts, especially the Exo'luxion [dot] concert, I don’t even know since when I thought that we didn’t have to perform as prepared. Other than matching the dance moves and wires, I enjoyed the stage freely with my own style.

Through EXO PLANET #2 The EXO'luXion which side of you do you think has improved?

I got ahold of the flow of the performances. I think that the way I talk on stage is more natural as well. Should I say that my body naturally got used to what I had to do on stage while watching the audience’s reactions throughout all 44 concerts. As expected there is nothing better than experiencing it yourself.

While practicing for EXO PLANET #2 The EXO'luXion which moment did you enjoy the most and which moment was the hardest for you?

During the time that we were practicing for the concert, the burden was bigger than the fun. I felt that the time we had to prepare was much more short compared to the passion for wanting to do better. The members met up to practice occasionally between the schedules. There were many times we met up at night after finishing personal schedules and I think the practice was physically hard then. But when we got on stage and saw that the audience loved it we thought “It was a relief we worked hard to practice back then”, because we were able to show a better appearance.

Don’t you get reminded of old times when you practice? Feels like going back to your trainee times, I think it would be fun. How was it?

It’s different. When we practiced for the concert we felt like “we are different from our trainee days”. We were more relaxed and gave a lot of opinions regarding the performances. Rather than during practice, it is when I talk with the members at the dorm that it feels like we are going back to the trainee days

Chanyeol-ssi are you the type that gets nervous in waiting room?

I’m not the type that gets nervous. I want to quickly go on stage. When I was a trainee I almost never got nervous. During appraisals or showcases, rather than being nervous I wanted to get on stage fast. Should I say I would hope that it was my turn soon?

Management Team

To Chanyeol.

Our multitalented Chanyoreu, Chanyeol-ah. We think that many good results are coming out of  your passion and the efforts that you put into your music. We hope that you become a Chanyeol with great music who receives even more love from fans.

What did the members do mainly before the concert?

Suho, Chanyeol, and Sehun mainly worked out and they used the swimming pool a lot after the concert as well.

Filming Team

How the director sees the EXO member’s personalities:

Chanyeol-ssi always has good manners. When I saw him always taking care of the staff’s meals, I thought that he has great consideration towards others. 

Shim Jaewon’s Interview:

What was the reason that you suggested Chanyeol-ssi to do DJing? Why did you choose Chanyeol-ssi?

The reason is simple. It’s because I knew that Chanyeol was interested in DJing. Chanyeol bought his DJing props somewhere and asked me “hyung I really want to do well too, what should I do?”. Afterwards I often worked with him on DJing. That’s why I thought that maybe we should have Chanyeol handle a Djing stage. Chanyeol is a friend who is overwhelmed with his own energy. He is a member who has overflowing positive energy and a peculiar passion for music. Whatever I suggest Chanyeol always works hard and does his best no matter how hard it is. After that he will ask me “hyung I tried but if we do it this way it will be hard is there another way?”. For the DJing stage as well he asked “hyung can I really pull it off?” but in the end he pulled it off cooly. On top of that I was proud when he told me “hyung DJing was really fun” after the concert ended.

Which member grew the most through EXO PLANET #2 The EXO'luXion?

Chanyeol grew noticeably. He had to lead the EDM section by himself so it was important that he understood his role well but I think that he understood exactly which role he had to take on.


Anonymous said: I’m wondering do you think there will be more meaningful scenes and and increase in interaction between Dean and Cas again this year? Cause so far people where saying that wasn’t possible because of the Mark and Dean descent etc now it’s gone and yeah does that mean we can expect that to improve again? Personally I only say with shows for seasons because of my investment in characters/relationships so ugh its more of a big deal for me :S

Hello dear,

I hope you don’t mind me using your message as an opportunity to also make this gifset to illustrate my point a bit. Sorry, it took so long to get back to you, but I’ve pretty much been on the road all day. So hopefully this will make some sense even though I am tired as hell. ;)

The rest of my reply goes behind the cut.

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Wanheda Part Two - BELLARKE YO

So like, WOW.

Bellarke are just the ultimate. I’ve shipped them since 1x03, when Bellamy watched Clarke be a Murder Princess for the first time – AND THE FEELS HAVE NOT LET UP SINCE. They are not even an OTP. They are everything.

I am 100% convinced that they will ‘happen’ although they are so above and beyond simple romance at this point. The relationship between Clarke, whatever you believe that relationship to be, is the core of this show and it has been from the beginning. As long as that remains, and they have scenes like they did in Wanheda Part 2, then I shall be satisfied.

Although…if anybody tries to tell me that Bellamy Blake does not love Clarke Griffin I will laugh very loudly.

SO. My reaction to the BELLARKE is under the cut, followed by my spec for the future. There’s a mild spoiler warning with my spec – although it’s all very vague so not really. And I’ll put a warning in before you hit it if you want to just read the reaction part.

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