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Hey whatever you’re doing right now is important and all, but we need to talk about a Fake AH Crew AU where Ryan introduces Meg to the rest of the crew

At this point they are all still kinda scared of Ryan. He’s the freaking Vagabond, like shit my dudes. They’ve been working together for long enough though that Ryan has shown them his face a few times but they are still more than a bit scared of him.

They’re about to rob a place with a very specific and unique uniform and need to blend in. They’ve tried to get the uniforms through their usual connections but it just isn’t happening. They’re just about to ready to give up when Ryan quietly informs that he knows someone who could help them.

So, that evening they get into their car and Ryan drives them into the trendy side of the city and to an apartment building. The other guys are a bit “?????” because this definitely doesn’t look like a place they usually do business at. Also, anyone Ryan has connections to has to be a real bad guy so this seems…off.

They get to a door and before Ryan even knocks the door is opened by this petite girl with purple hair that goes “Rye-Rye!” and just hugs the dude. The others freeze because, like does this girl know that Ryan once broke someones wrist when they touched him without permission?

And then they pretty much piss themselves with fear because this girl just straight up reaches for Ryan’s mask and pulls it off. She’s like “You know I hate that you wear that thing all the time. You know it’s really shitty for your skin. You’ve been using that cream I gave you, right?” 

And they are even more shocked when the fucken Vagabond just looks nervous and goes “….I’ve used it a bit.” and seems to shrink when this tiny girl glares at him.

So they go inside and they all instantly like Meg, but are also a bit confused about how this friendship or whatever it is between these two unlikely companions started. They start discussing it, and by discussing it I mean wildly speculating in groupchat, about how these two could have met. Michael is sure they’ve pulled a heist together, Jeremy is suggesting that maybe Ryan saved Meg from bad people, Geoff is suggesting that Meg saved Ryan from bad people, Gavin thinks the girl is cute, and Jack is mostly just impressed with the room decor.

Ryan and Meg have a very casual banter going on as Ryan explains what the costumes they need are and even laughs a couple of times after which Michael fills the chat with about 243 question marks. The girl seems to think that making elaborate outfits is easy, but hey, Ryan has to know what he’s doing if he trusts this girl. Meg also assures them with a laugh that she had recreated harder to make outfits before.

So they eventually start to relax a bit, and can’t help but to notice that this Ryan is basically a different person than the one they know. The guy they know likes sharpening knives, this one is changing the lightbulbs in Meg’s kitchen because she can’t reach them.

Meg is taking their measures when Jack oh-so-casually asks how she and Ryan met. “At an anime convention.”, she answers like it’s the most normal thing in the world to make friends with someone on the FBI’s most wanted list at an anime convention. Geoff laughs so hard that he pees his pants.

And that is how Meg meets the Fake AH Crew. 

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Why is Sansa so associated with empathy in comparison to the other characters? I mean, she is empathetic and she deserves praise for it, but so do Bran, Cat (to an extent), Dany, Ned, Arya, Jon, Tyrion (to an extent), Arianne, Davos, Brienne, Quentyn, Asha... Maybe all the more sympathetic POVs are empathetic, now that I think about it, so why is this aspect so emphasized regarding Sansa specifically?

The degree of empathy she shows, the circumstances in which she shows it, and the actions her empathy and compassion lead her to in spite of the risks to herself.

Cut for length.

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⋆★ Study Hard Spell Jar

This is just a little jar I came up with to aid me in studying. I have some exams coming up for the end of the summer semester so this should help keep me motivated and focused. I used a few simple ingredients, and a few kind of rare ones I just happened to have, feel free to substitute.


  • Small Jar (I found this necklace one on sale at Jo-Anns Crafts)
  • Sage - for banishing negative that keep me from studying
  • Gold Glitter - Positive attitude and Understanding
  • Tigers’ Eye - Assisting in reaching goals, focusing the mind, grounding
  • Ruby - Vitality, Sharpen the mind, Focus (*This is one ingredient I happen to have from a rock collection, for a less expensive substitute use allspice)
  • Opal - Inspiration, Memory Aid, Focus (Another rock I happened to have, a good alternative is yellow candle wax)
  • Brown String - Personal Intent, Grounding
  • White Wax - To seal

Personal Notes: 
Before I put my string in I knotted it three times for focus, the will to finish, and retaining information. You do not have to do this unless you want to. 
On another note, using ruby in a spell is very powerful. As a focus, it works like a magnifying glass and for those who are better with multitasking or who have trouble focusing (ADHD and the like) this can be a little uncomfortable, so I used a verrrry tiny amount.


Marauders ADHD headcanons
  • All the marauders have ADHD
  • Yes, all of them
  • Sirius probably has it worst
  • He has accidental magic until well into second year, triggered by rage
  • Once the faculty noticed, McGonagall instructed him to practice wand magic as much as possible
  • When not doing homework, he was asked to levitate objects or change their colors
  • It was meant to just keep him practicing wand magic, but it also introduced him to the wonderful world of magical stimming
  • He never stopped
  • James likes to join him, because James is also hyper af
  • But James also has other outlets
  • He has quidditch and just plain flying to help him make some order in his own thoughts and release energy
  • James doesn’t have rage issues like Sirius. He comes from an ADHD family who loves and supports him. He doesn’t get told off for fidgeting. feel constant rejection in his own home like Sirius does.
  • He didn’t have to learn to rage against unjust punishments before he even turned five
  • Remus has Predominantly Hyperactive ADHD like James and Sirius
  • It’s hard to tell because Remus is polite and used to making himself invisible
  • He has strategies
  • He fidgets quietly, and most people don’t notice
  • But when he can’t find a safe way to fidget, he’ll pick his cuticles bloody
  • Dumbledore teaches him occulmency, supposedly to help keep his secret but really Dumbledore’s already training him to be a spy
  • Occulmency is insanely difficult, he just can’t clear his mind 
  • Because he always has a million thoughts flying around, so fast he doesn’t always notice
  • But Dumbledore tells him not to worry about failing and just keep trying
  • He keeps trying, and it gets easier every time
  • But mostly, it teaches him to notice his thoughts
  • That helps immensely with impulse control
  • Before the moon, though, he starts slipping
  • Peter is the only one of them who has Predominantly Inattentive ADHD
  • He doesn’t struggle with impulse control, but he has a hard time focusing in class, and an even harder time focusing on homework
  • He’s the only one who gets treatment, because he’s the only one who consistently gets bad grades
  • The treatment is wit-sharpening potion
  • Sirius used to take some of Peter’s potion for a while and it actually really helped
  • Many people think Peter is stupid because of his ADHD, but he’s not
  • It’s just that most of his homework is dreadfully boring, and often classes are too
  • It doesn’t help that his friends are endlessly distracting with their color changing floaty magic
  • He can’t keep up with James, Sirius and Remus when they’re brainstorming prank ideas and other projects
  • They make such strange logical leaps and it’s just too fast
  • Not that he doesn’t make his own unusual connections, but his friends (unlike most outsiders) can usually follow
  • He could never organize a prank
  • But sometimes he’ll be the only one to notice something they’d all forgotten
  • And when given a task, he just needs to get away from distractions, and he can get it done
  • Sirius has no patience with his slowness, he often interrupts Peter’s thoughts before he can finish and whatever Peter wanted to contribute is lost
  • It’s not that James has patience, but he never insults Peter over it
  • He just wanders off or shrugs and keeps talking
  • All of Peter’s great ideas come up during the night after a planning session, not during the session itself
  • Remus tries to have patience, but he’s not so great at it
  • He can explain things several times from different angles
  • But when Peter is talking, Remus finishes his sentences, trying to get to the point faster
  • It’s usually alright, except before the moon he starts getting them wrong
  • And Peter gets frustrated and retreats to the library to study with some classmates from other houses
  • He likes the library because he doesn’t have to invite anyone anywhere and set himself up for rejection, he just shows up and people are there and they say hi and occasionally ask if he got some detail or other down in his notes
  • Which is how he meets his girlfriends, btw, because he actually spends time with people other than the marauders 
  • Inevitably, though, he gets bored of homework and opens his pranking notebook instead
  • By the time they all go visit Remus in the hospital wing, Peter has a few days’ worth of notes from which he can select an amusing idea to present
  • And then Remus lists what they’ll need to do to accomplish it, and Sirius and James clap Peter on the back, and suggest improvements Remus will surely try to veto, and discuss the magical theory behind the spells they’ll need
  • So really Remus is not the only one who has a cycle
  • The whole group goes through a monthly cycle right with him
  • And I swear this used to be about ADHD? Like 200 words ago?
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*sidles up*  So, it’s been…quite a rough few months for me, in general, but also writing-wise.  I’ve been struggling with writer’s block for MONTHS. It’s been awful, because I LOVE writing, and I couldn’t get anything to come out that I actually enjoyed writing.


I finished FFXV two days ago and I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS, AND I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY, OKAY.  So, my first offer to the fandom, an incredibly indulgent, Prompto/Noctis fic.  It can be read as platonic or as early slash, takes place around Brotherhood times.  If you’d be so kind as to comment and reblob if you like it, I would appreciate it!

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Prompto couldn’t sleep.

It wasn’t unusual. Sometimes it was a restless, anxious energy that he couldn’t shake, nerves alight and waiting for-he wasn’t sure what, but it was like something hard-wired into him, to be ready to react at a moment’s notice.

Other times, it was nightmares, the ones that made him claustrophobic and panicky, and caused him to start awake. He didn’t remember much of those, except that they made his stomach clench, and in their aftermath he always clasped his left hand over his right wrist, inexplicably terrified that someone would notice the mark there, that he would be snatched away, to never escape a hell he only had vague impressions of.

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Who’re Ya’ Running From?

McCree is running from Gabe’s death and finds himself in New York City, bartending at a cowboy-themed bar where he befriends a quiet Hanzo who frequents the bar while he’s working. When Sombra, McCree’s adopted younger sister starts to pester him about being all alone out in New York, McCree agrees to visit home and asks Hanzo along to prove that he’s making friends in New York only to discover they’re more alike and connected to each other than either ever thought. 

This is the McHanzo AU I’ve been working on for a few months now! I’m really enjoying writing the story, and I hope you all like it just as much! Also, happy McHanzo Week 2017! Here’s the start of my fic as a part of Day 2: Canon Divergence || AU day!

Chapter 1:

The first time that McCree actually managed to talk to Hanzo beyond taking his order was a dare. He sauntered over to Hanzo who was glaring at his computer which he’d daintily place on the bar when he’d perch on one of the tall stools earlier in the afternoon. There was no reason for a man of such pride to be sitting in a cowboy themed bar on a wednesday and now McCree was about to antagonize him at the suggestion of one of McCree’s coworkers.

He set the shot near Hanzo’s hand, taking care to set it within reach, without getting it too close to his laptop. McCree had been chastised before, but otherwise Hanzo was perfectly agreeable, and always left a good tip, so there was no real reason for anyone to dislike him, but he was a bit quiet and could look intimidating. Hence why Lúcio had convinced McCree to try to talk to him, as if Hanzo might bite.

“I did not-”  

“Everythin’ okay?” McCree cut him off, “You look like the laptop dishonored your family.” McCree wasn’t really sure how Hanzo would take it, but the man took himself so seriously, there had to be something that would make him laugh. Hanzo stared at him for a moment, and then McCree caught a flicker of the processing expression before Hanzo looked down at the shot to pick it up.

“I am trying to write a,” Hanzo paused, seeming to mince words in his head a moment, “difficult, e-mail.” He downed the shot and sighed, “It has been a rather difficult week in general.” McCree raised his eyebrows, he certainly wasn’t going to let this conversation drop just yet. He had to prove that Hanzo could talk after all.

“Difficult how?” McCree asked. Lúcio was staring wide eyed from the kitchen now, but only McCree could see him, luckily. McCree could bite, Hanzo seemed like he might be willing to tell him if he was asked. Plus, McCree relished the idea of being the first to actually find out what Hanzo did for a living. He’d had a pool going for the better part of two months with Lúcio and some of the servers about what kind of job Hanzo could have that allowed him the leisure of sitting in the bar a few times a week, sipping a drink while he e-mailed people.

“I am trying to inform my client that her taste in design is terrible.” Hanzo paused, narrowing his eyes and McCree stared. “Without sounding like a dick.”

McCree blinked and then found himself laughing, laughing hard, and Hanzo looked fairly satisfied with that for a moment. “Good luck,” he said, a chuckle still rolling through his voice, “you do design then?”

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Teen Wolf?

She was very familiar with death. She was death. Derek knew that from the beginning. He saw it in her eyes. He smelled it on her skin. Yet he saw something else. Something hidden behind her souless eyes. The pack never believed him when he said she could be saved. He knew she could be saved. Derek was to old for high school so he was late to learn about the bodies in the woods. He didn’t know that y/n was missing most of the day. His pack did though. They saw the monster that tore in her soul but not the pain that brought the monster there. They came up with a plan to finally rid beacon hills of the person destroying it. The pack spilt up into pairs. Derek and Isaac walked side by side.
“I know you think she can be saved, but if you had seen the bodies in the woods you would think differently.” The werewolves came across the beautiful girl in the clearing looking lost.
“If it isn’t the people who always ruin my fun. I guess you guys aren’t as bad as the human and the alpha. If you came for a fight I shall grant you one.”
“What are you y/n?”
“A vampire and a werewolf. I’m much stronger than the both of you.”
“You can’t win against both of us.”
A smirk graced the pretty girls lips and he wondered what it would look like with a smile instead.
“Do you want to die Derek Hale?”
“You won’t kill me. Something is off with you. It’s like you can’t feel anything but there is no way someone can’t feel anything at all.”
“As a vampire I have a switch. When the pain of life becomes to much I can just click them away. The feelings I had before just disappear.”
“Why did you turn yours off. What you get your boyfriend stolen?”
A flash of pain settled on her eyes at Isaac’s words. She seemed far away like she was remembering a memory that horrified her to no end. I stepped closer to her.
“You remind me of him. I’ve heard you use sarcasm against that stiles boy. He use to make me laugh so hard at the sarcasm he tossed around.”
“Who the boyfriend? What kind of person shuts off there humanity over something so childish?”
Y/ns eyes changed darker and she had black veins under her eyes and the canines and fangs she held in her mouth sharpened. She hissed at Issac.
“He wasn’t my boyfriend! You arrogant fuc-”
Her breath caught in her throat has the arrow stuck through her heart. Derek rushed to her side.
“Allison! What is wrong with you!”
“I thought..I th-”
“Go get help!”
“It’s okay Derek.”
“Why did you turn it off?”
“They- killed him. I couldn’t do anything to stop it.”
“Killed who?”
“My brother. He was….He… Burning.”
The hybrids skin grew grey a sure sign of death. The werewolf picked her up in his arms and carried her to the burnt down place that was his old house. Derek knew grief of loosing family. He to would have tried to stop the pain. And the killing she did, yes it was wrong but if you couldn’t feel you couldn’t stop yourself. The pack glanced at Derek but looked down knowing he was angry. All of them stared at the dead vampire on the couch. When the door to his house banged open.
“Where is she? Where is my sister!”
“Sister? Are you talking about y/n?”
The man’s eyes made contact with her body and he rushed over and ripped the arrow from her chest. His eyes turned gold has he dug his fangs into his wrist and held it up to the dead girls mouth. Slowly but surely her skin became the vibrant color it was before. She sat up and gasped and then started to sob.
“Where is kol! Why would you do that? I saw him! Bring me back!”
The distraught hybrid that seemed more like a little girl than before held the arrow out to the first person she saw which happened to be stiles.
“Here put it back in.”
“Y/n, love…”
She finally realized the other presence in the room and she leaped into the arms of the blonde.
“Nik I couldn’t stop them.”
“I know. I couldn’t either.”
“ You didn’t let me kill Elena or Jeremy. Why! Did you not…Do you not miss him?”
The man cradled the girls face in hand.
“Of course I miss him. He is my brother to! No one was as close as you two were. I know this is hard sister, but let us help you. Elijah is worried and so is Stefan.”
“No! Stefan helped that bastard doppelganger and I know it! Keep him away from me Klaus!”
“Okay I will. I promise. Listen we found the cure but Katherine took it.”
“So keeping them alive was for nothing?”
“No Jeremy is dead.”
“Good. I will not miss him. Take me home Klaus. I just want to go home.”
Klaus picked up y/n bridal style and she fell quickly to sleep. The older vampire looked at Scott’s pack.
“Which one of you amateurs killed my sister?”
“That would be me.”
“Learn your history before you go in without thinking. My twin and I can not be killed. We are the first hybrids and over 1000 years old. A silly arrow won’t keep us sedated long. Now which one of you turned on her humanity?”
Derek took a tiny step forward and looked at the girl who seemed to be at peace as she slept. He was worried about the state she would be in when she woke up.
“Thank you. Our brother kol was killed that is why she shut off her humanity. Y/n and him were way closer than me and her ever were. I think watching Elena and Jeremy kill him was proven to be to much on her. This is the first time my sister has ever let her emotions get the best of her. She will want to see you when she wakes up. Would you mind accompanying us?”
“I don’t even know you.”
“My name is niklaus mikealson. But most people call me Klaus.”
“Okay Klaus. I’m Derek Hale.”
A grin stretched on the hybrids face.
“A Hale. My sister and I have known many of your ancestors. That is probably why you were the one to get her to return back to her self.”
“I’ll come with you.”

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the harem demons. do they sometimes seem strange out of the corner of george's eyes? their shadows occasionally wander away and return with odd claws or humps? too much of a flicker of red in an eye? too casually sharpening a bayonet? when they speak after they've drunk too much their voices are strange and reverberating and in your core?

George tries so, so hard not to notice these things. At first, he’s still reeling from what he did (he summoned beasts from Hell to help him with this war, but God, what choice did he have? without assistance, they were going to lose), and he has to focus on the tasks at hand. It’s easier, most of the time, to think of these talented young men as just that… skillful soldiers and allies and no more.

But George is observant and spends a good deal of time with each one of them. Hamilton writes faster than humanly possible, noticeably so when they are alone and it won’t draw uneasy glances. When he gets fired up, he also speaks with a strange resonance that most men would find intimidating (George finds it intoxicating, and eventually stops repressing that too).

When Tallmadge comes to appraise George of how the spy ring is functioning and what intelligence has been gathered, his shadow does indeed act strangely in the firelight. It moves independently of him, almost playfully. George knows Ben doesn’t let that happen outside of his tent. It’s almost as if he has to stretch after holding himself stiff and still so long.

Lafayette is the most subtle of the three, a strange thing considering the boy’s enthusiasm. Perhaps it comes from having to move among French society. Or choosing to, rather… George doesn’t think these creatures HAVE to do anything. He doesn’t even think he compelled them with his summons; he thinks they chose him. Why, he sometimes wonders to himself. (Someday, they will tell him how beautiful he was, how shining and powerful for a human, how they couldn’t resist).

But even Lafayette has his oddities. Sometimes he seems to glide rather than walk, an act that is enthusiastic but strangely graceless and normally a result of seeing George after a separation. And when he comes back from interrogating a prisoner, his nails look sharper, and yes, there is red glinting at the edges of his normally blue eyes.

Once George truly falls and becomes intimate with all of them, the strangeness intensifies. Even as they are more human in his bed in manners of affection, their true forms come out more as well. Their flesh burns hot as fever, well beyond the flush of sex. They pin him sometimes with unnatural strength, and break free of the rope he tied them down with (they apologize for ruining the game when this happens, but George overwhelms them, they can’t help it). The sounds they make in pleasure are not of this Earth.

George’s demon lovers are just that. Demonic. Eventually, it stops worrying him. He even comes to take pleasure in the fact they share themselves with him.

I grew up in tough conditions. My understanding of the world is defined by the confined activities and rules of my environment. THE. STRONG. SURVIVE. People either took what they wanted or they worked extremely hard to get what they wanted.

As I continue to grow, evolve, and mature, I’ve become conscious of what my strengths and limitations are. I’ve begun to tap into ideologies and theories that revolve around the definition of strength.

Strength is versatile. There is great strength in collaboration. This is a concept that I’ve been uncomfortable with my entire life. I’m discovering that collaborating with people can lead to very exciting opportunities.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

Continue supporting your peers, your friends and strangers because you are also helping yourself. You’re opening so many doors that come packed with new information. Keys open doors.

Hi everyone, @lavenderbyun​ here! I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a while now, I mean I was intending for it to be simply a desi tag or a series of gif sets … but in the end it turned out being an entire blog lmao so here we are~

Just some general info about the blog:

This blog is not dedicated solely to bollywood films, so if you see a South Asian character anywhere, feel free to tag me with #desidaily or @ this blog in the post :)

(I cant promise reblogs, but there is a chance of me reblogging your post + it helps me keep this blog active and I will be super grateful for any help)

♡ Literally though, even if its a random extra with a tiny cameo @me in the post so I can share the love!

♡ I also plan to reblog text posts ;; so feel free to @ me or tag me in any desi related posts - regardless of whether they’re shitposts or serious!!

♡ I wont be taking gif requests unfortunately. But if there is something you think needs to be shared with the world and theres a 720p/1080p clip of it on youtube - hmu and I’ll see what I can do.

♡ I’m also thinking about starting a desi chat for any other desi users, just so we have a place to chat etc lmao i dont even know why - it’ll be fun though! If you’re interested please message me and if I get at least 20 people then I’ll start it up :)

If you would like to co-run this blog with me, I would be eternally grateful!!! 

♡ I’m hoping for around 3-4 people to help run this blog :)

♡ You don’t have to be a gifmaker, but it would be helpful

♡ I should note though, I will be quite picky about the quality of sets that I want to have on this blog. I want to avoid: whitewashed, over saturated, over sharpened, uneven movement and low quality edits/gifsets  - which I know can be hard with a lot of bollywood films/older works but I’m going to be strict about it lmao.
So please keep this in mind if you want to join ~

Thank you!

Graphic Tutorial #9

This tutorial is a product of me just playing around on Photoshop. I asked if anyone wanted to see a tutorial on it and the response was more than I expected! So here we go! This is another one of those tutorials that isn’t exactly a beginner tutorial. So let me know if you need any help with any of these steps and tag me in your results so I can see what you’ve created! 

You will need: 

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45, you humans are always so gullible, trevor x reader please?

You couldn’t help but shudder at the thought of what Trevor was telling you. Your friends seemed a little too interested in him being a vampire for your liking, but your boyfriend took it in stride. Every time you’d apologize for them, he’d just shrug and smile goodnaturedly; your eyes went to his sharpened teeth every time, no matter how hard you tried to not stare. He was good about that too and pretended he didn’t notice.

“You have to be joking,” you muttered, reaching out to stroke his face. The smile on his face didn’t fade as he leaned into your hand, his eyes falling shut as you brushed your hand against his cool skin.

“That’s…not a thing,” a friend of yours agreed. Trevor chuckled, eyes opening as he still leaned into your touch.

“Did you become a vampire?” he asked. When your friend shook their head, your boyfriend shrugged and added, “then, I’m going to say I’m the vampire expert here.”

“But do you actually expect us to believe you shed a layer of skin after you turn?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. He chuckled, rubbing his cheek against your hand.

“Do you feel anything there?” he asked. “Any bumps or scars or anything?” 

“I do not,” you said, looking over at your friend and shrugging. 

“Then that proves my point,” Trevor informed, moving his face away from your hand. “Some vampires even keep their last human skin but it always kind of gave me the creeps.”

“That’s fucking wild,” your friend said, shaking their head. Trevor just shrugged, going for his own drink in a dark glass to obscure what it was he was drinking. You knew what it was, and you’d come to to terms with what he was and what that entailed a long time ago, but your friends still weren’t quite comfortable. 

“I’m going to go tell Tyler,” your friend declared, wandering off into the party to find him. As Trevor pulled away the glass from his mouth, you saw the smirk he was trying to hide and you gasped, smacking his arm. He laughed loudly, shrugging.

“You humans are always so gullible,” he laughed, throwing his head back.

“You are so lucky I love you!” you exclaimed, smacking his arm again. “You’re not allowed to talk for the rest of the party.”

“No fun,” he said, pouting and leaning down to kiss you. You tried not to cringe at the metallic taste on his lips, but you couldn’t help yourself.

“Stop lying to my friends,” you muttered, chuckling a little. “They might actually like you someday if you stop.”

He opened his mouth to inform you, like always, it was fun to lie about vampires but you just rolled your eyes, kissed his cheek, and disappeared into the crowd to find your friend before they spread the skin story. 

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hey ! uh sorry if im buggin ya, but about the post you made showing the settings you use for your pencil brush on sai? i was just wondering what original paint tool you duplicated to make it ? cause i tried it with brush but it .. uh didnt look quite right ! so yeah , hope everything cool with you and have a nice day ! ^u^

I did indeed use the brush tool! First double check that you’re using the right brush tip - for the mechanical pencil back then i was using the simple round, and for the regular pencil I was using the line brush tip which I made, the instructions on how to install it are on that post.

Also make sure that you’re using it at the right scale - The settings in that post are optimised for 10px, and zoomed out a bit. I generally work at 50%

If you scale the brush up, you need to increase the paper texture. Scale it down, you decrease the texture.
Honestly I change this slider all the time so what was in the post was just an approximation, my settings don’t stay the same for long haha

lastly, under advanced settings try changing the hard <-> soft slider, the lighter you press the more texture will come through.

unrelated to the brush itself, but - I would also suggest opening your tablet drivers and adjusting the tip feel to be soft enough that you don’t need to strain to reach full pressure. Should help with keeping your wrists healthy and pain free nwn

iirc i also added a background texture to the examples so that could be part of it

it’s also worth mentioning they work best when they’re both used together, mech is like a sharpened pencil whilst pencil is like a blunt one

that said i have changed my settings since then so that they work better individually

make sure edge hardness is at 100% for mech because otherwise

it won’t work haha

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“ don’t you think you’re a little old to be using cheesy pick-up lines? ” DAMN DO THIS WITH PETER AHA

A/N: I really loved writing this, you saved me, i love this I’m proud. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it!

Originally posted by pans-dreamshade-of-neverland

Peter had been on your back all week, shooting you with pick up lines which were…. Well, some flattering others seemed like he had the youngest lost boy tell him what to say. You were already attracted to him and part of you was aching to just jump him. But you couldn’t help milk to situation a little more, it was just too funny how hard he was trying. 

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Baskets and Kisses

Originally posted by fortheloveofyongguk

“Score!” You cheered and ran over to your boyfriend Hyukwoo. He hoisted you up and spun you around, just as enthusiastic as you were.

“Hey, you know that you and Hyukwoo are a team right? Why is he the only one making goals?” Kiseok teased taking a seat on the bench.

“Shut up…” You pouted and shortly walked over and sat down with the rest of the AOMG guys, still hand in hand with your boyfriend.

Being friends with Jay, there were countless of times when you witnessed them play basketball around the Han River, it was really fun to watch them make scores, hear their unbelievable loud laughs (even from across the street while you bought ice cream and drinks), and even see them chase after the basketball and come back soaking wet because the ball rolled that far, all the way into the river.

It was all fun and games until they forced you to play with them because DJ Wegun was out of town and couldn’t make it to their “brotherhood- bonding time.”

“Ji, we’ve been playing for the past 3 did you not make even one goal?” Jay asked exhaustedly, splashing some ice cold water onto himself.

“Yeah, even when we all stood around pretending to be too tired to take the ball from you and gave you a good solid minute to make a goal…” Sunghwa agreed.

“Look at how tired our locochu is” Jukyung directed towards your boyfriend who’s face was as red as the red strawberry icecream you always get once the truck rolls around.

Hyukwoo jokingly glared at Jukyung for using such a lame name for him which caused both of them to burst into laughter.

“Let’s do another game!” You said excitedly.

“In other words you mean we have to make all the shots, you stay away from the ball pretending to “defend”, and we win?” Mintaek rose an eyebrow mockingly.

“As expected, you guys know me so well!” You enthusiastically

“Can we switch teams..? Being on Jieun’s team is so tiring..” Kiseok sighed exaggeratedly.

“Alright who wants to be on my team?” Jay asked.

Everyone’s hand shot up except Hyukwoo’s. You looked at him expectantly, hoping he’d stay on your team.

Hyukwoo pecked your cheek. “Sorry babe, I’m tired..” He too raised his hand.

You pouted. That was it..that was all it took for him to do as you wish. Hyukwoo muttered a soft fine and put down his hand lacing it into your small delicate fingers.

“Okay you and Jieun can be on a team, and the rest of us are on one. Loser buys dinner” Mintaek said taking a basketball from the table and started to dribble it while sitting on the wooden bench.

“But..oppa your team practically has all of AOMG in it..” You whined throwing your hands into the air.

“Exactly, So take it seriously ” Mintaek chuckled and lightly pulled on your tiny arms. “If you can stand a chance agsinst us with these weak arms that is..~”

“Can you guys go easy..? You guys already know how bad I am..” The guys grinned at how you unconsciously sounded so vulnerable, so adorable.

You couldn’t play sports; You had terrible asthma. You also didn’t know how to play either. Ever since you found out you had asthma, you didn’t even put sports into your life.

“Hyukwoo, go help her sharpen her nonexistent skills!” The guys laughed at your pouty expression.

“How am I supposed to steal the ball from you guys?! Its like 20 on 2…If I take it, there’s probably going to be like 9 people surrounding me to take it..” You huffed.

“I can’t even catch anything..let alone steal the stupid basketball..” You complained making the boys laugh.

“Look Ji, you caught Hyukwoo’s feelings and you also stole his heart hard can it be?” Jukyung shrugged.

“Yeah, just do it naturally and effortlessly..I’m assuming that’s how you attracted our pooh bear.” Hyukwoo jokingly glared at Jay.

You and Hyukwoo shyly glanced at each other.

“Well they aren’t wrong..” Hyukwoo laughed.

Surprisingly you made 2 goals so far, it actually wasn’t as hard as you imagined. The guys were right, rather than overthinking it, it was such a naturally thing that didn’t need to be rushed.

You were about to make another one when you felt yourself getting dizzy and soon, you collapsed.

“Ji had asthma..!” Was the thought that came to everyone’s mind as soon as they noticed you. They rushed over and being the guys they were, they just stood there with shocked faces for about 2 minutes until it came to Hyukwoo that you could potentially die.

“CPR..that’s right..Health class..” He thought and just as he was about to lean in, your eyes shot open.

You whispered a soft “Just kidding” and pecked his cheek.

You bursted out laughing at the looks on their faces. “I’m okay!”

“You..I-..Um..” Kiseok tried to say something but what came out was just nonsense.

“Nothing happened in the first place,” The guys released their breath that they’ve been holding in.

You grabbed the basketball, “Oh look, the court is all open for me to make as many shots as possible.”

“Jieun! That’s cheating!” Kiseok grumbled at your skillful antics.

“You guys all went by the saying ‘no rules attached’ why the faces now” You stuck out your tongue at them teasingly.

They shot each other looks of disbelief and stood up, “Jieun..she really is unbelievable..”

“We were so shocked!” Sunghwa complained and got into defense position.

“Sorryyyyy~ Cheer up!” You cheerfully said, and imitated the cheer up choreography putting extra aegyo into doing  the sha sha sha part with Kiseok.

“You’re lucky you’re cute..” He ruffled your hair making it look like a bird’s nest.

Hyukwoo pulled you over, ”What was that?” He pouted.

“Is our locochu upset? I so sowii~” You two laughed and held each other close.

“Let’s get back to the game before they start to tease us,” You nodded and happily skipped over to Mintaek and Jay.

“How is she 24? She acts like a child,” Hyukwoo smiled to himself.

The icecream truck rolled over and just as he was going to suggest getting some icecream, the guys were already racing eachother towards the truck.

Hyukwoo shook his head. “I am so lonely..I have nobody..~” he jokingly sang.

“Why are you lonely? You have me,” Hyukwoo felt a pair of arms around his shoulders, embracing him so warmly.

He turned around, “Well..I wouldn’t feel so lonely if someone..who’s name starts with a J, gives me a kiss~” Hyukwoo shrugged his shoulders.

Jieun leaned in and just as she was less than a centimeter away from his lips, she looked right into his eyes and pulled away while laughing in glee.

“Hey! You can’t do that!” Hyukwoo laughed and chased after Jieun who was joining the guys at the icecream truck.

Hyukwoo caught up to her and pulled her petite body into his arms, “You can’t run away from me..~” He started to shower her with kisses.

It was moments like these when Hyukwoo felt the happiest.. Together making memories happily with the girl he loves the most, Jieun..

anonymous asked:

Hi! Your more recent pictures look lovely, sharp and clean. Have you changed how you edit? I'm not sure if I'm just confused but they do look a little different to me. I've always loved your screenshots but these recent ones have been awesome! Have a great day :)

Hi! Thanks for the kind words. :) I actually did change the way I’ve been editing! I’ve been on the hunt for an action or PSD that just brightens and cleans up the picture a little bit, but that is surprisingly hard to find. So I’m actually still using snapdragoned’s PSD, but only the gradient map, curves, brightness/contrast, and vibrancy layers of it.

As far as the sharpness, I realized that I had never adjusted the game’s resolution to fit the larger monitor I’ve been using, so that helped! I’ve also been sharpening my pictures after resizing vs. before (which is probably photo editing 101 but heeey I’m just a casual simmer.) Thanks again for the compliment. :D