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The moment Daryl immediately tries to run to Caryl after she is hit by the car in Consumed always breaks my heart and of course we all love "if she gets hit by lightning" from 7:10 but... if you had to pick out other favourite 'protective ' Daryl scenes what would they be? He'll always be her man of honour after all!

Oh Nomy protective Daryl is my favorite so I would have a hard time picking just one.  I mean I love the time when he came at Rick  in the scene where Rick told him to him about kicking Carol out…

 Rick backed the FUCK up when Daryl did that finger thing..

Or the time when the walker was about to chomp on Carol..

Can’t touch that..

But if I had to choose it would be the ones you mentioned because hot-damn was that man all about it

I mean think about how he just automatically reacted without thought, and Noah had all he could to hold him back in the scene in Consumed..

I mean he was so focused and hell bent on getting to her  Noah’s lucky his arm didn’t get ripped out. Cause all Daryl saw was Carol and  badly need to protect her at that point. (and Norman was so into this scene he actually got hurt filming it so there you go). I mean the way he screamed ‘let go of me!” to that little whimper when he had to let her go, it was so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Just look at his face there, it was all over him, all he could think about was getting to her.

And then when have 7x10 and this lovely scene in which we see Daryl’s face get more and more set the more Richard talks (into an early grave if he wasn’t careful)

I mean the death stare when it comes to Carol and causing harm to her, Richard should’ve stopped talking right there.. but he didn’t..

And look at how much bigger Richard is compared to Daryl

But he still manages to pin him down and beat the ever loving fuck out of him for merely threatening to hurt Carol. Daryl means business here and  had the upper hand for a good part of the fight because it was about protecting HER. No one hurts Carol.

I mean the only reason Richard was able to get away from  our beautiful, over protective redneck was because he hit him with a rock  otherwise he’d be a bloody mess on the ground.

But we would not have gotten to hear the beautiful threat made that made it absolutely clear that you do not even look with ill-intentions in Carol’s direction. Watch out of thunderstorms in the area while your at it.

And lets not forget the ultimate protection of killing problematic walkers for her and lying to keep her happy for just a little longer. And all the other times he was looking out for her best interest, not physically but emotionally as well.

So yeah if I absolutely had to choose it would all of 7x10 and the way he spent that whole episode protecting her. And I have never loved more than I do for that protectiveness of his girl that he, and Normans acting, made plainly obvious.

Daryl Dixon will do anything to protect Carol Pelletier and if that doesn’t scream love I don’t know what does.

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KoC season 2

So I have no idea what’s been going on or what’s been said (publicly or behind the scenes) with regards to S2, but from what I just recently heard, Comic-Con HQ will not be picking up the show for a second season.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I absolutely adored the first season so much, that if I attempted to document all my thoughts and feelings about it, I’d be here for ages. It’s a very high quality produced & written show, one without any offensive humor, which is extremely hard to come by these days. Additionally, it’s a brilliant satire about the convention circuit and after the first 10 episodes, I found myself immediately wanting more. The chemistry between Rob and Rich is also extremely appealing, and it’s just the best thing in the universe.

When I first heard this news, my first thoughts were that CCHQ made the dumbest decision by cancelling their only show worth watching their best show. I couldn’t fathom why anyone would purposely want to do that. 

But, as I thought about it, I was totally on board with that decision. Because let me tell you, CCHQ is a big waste of time and money. The subscription fees are outrageous (IMO) just to watch one programme, which is the only reason 95% of people have a subscription to them to begin with. They put the first two episodes on YouTube to entice people to buy the subscription, which is a pretty good marketing tactic, but it’s very inconvenient. A lot of friends of mine are on really tight budgets and cannot afford to pay for that subscription on top of the ones they use regularly. It’s just ridiculous. Additionally, I cannot find it on Amazon or iTunes, unless it’s along with that bloody subscription.

It’s been said that season 2 is almost completely written and R2 are looking for a new home for the show. My hope is that it gets picked up by Netflix, as they have launched many successful originals lately, and this would cause it to be seen by a much wider audience, which in turn brings in more profits somewhere down the line and a prospective season 3, which is really good news. Most everyone has a Netflix subscription anyways, and it just works out perfectly.

The bottom line here is this: CCHQ is a major flop. And I’m taking a page from the other post about this and urging everyone to immediately cancel their CCHQ subscription, to show them how badly they screwed up by dropping this show. But for now, let’s focus on that silver lining - that someday, it’ll be more accessible and it’ll be in our hands soon enough.

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Top five ballads!

This is really hard! i have about 43 that I really love, so picking my top five is super difficult T-T … I’m just going to do my top 10!!!

10. Ending Scene/Palette - IU: Eyyyh it’s only a little bit cheating! Either way, I just couldn’t cut either one of these songs. Ending Scene is so sad but so beautiful, and the music video is just perfect. Palette is really special to me because I loved 23 so much and Palette is kind of the sequel to 23, a response to the song that asked “I don’t know who I am or who I want to be” that is just listing out all of her favorite things and saying “this is who you are, and that’s enough. You don’t need the stereotype someone gives you, you do what you love and that’s who you are.”

9. Blossom Tears - VIXX Leo and Lyn: I really became obsessed with this song because of Leo, who is my VIXX bias, and his amazing acting in the music video. But the more I listened to the song, I started to like it more and more. Their voices are a fascinating combination, my favorite part is only in the music video though, the very ending where Leo sings alone. Very beautiful, much sad.

8. The Manual - Eddy Kim: I kept hearing this song being covered by idols, so i finally went to hear the real thing and it was so nice I immediately had to add it to my sleepy time playlist. But the real charm to it is the adorable lyrics. A charming manual on how to keep a girl, walking her home slowly to spend every minute with her, speaking softly but occasionally letting her breathe and do her own thing. Very very cute song.

7. Gone - Lovelyz Jin: Another one that I got into from another idol, this one Xiumin of course. In fact, I didn’t even realize until just recently that Jin was the same Jin in Lovelyz, and I had been listening to the song for about 2 years ==“. Very lovely ballad song with a good instrumental that really builds up the song, including a really great piano and guitar and violin track and of course great vocals. 

6. Cherry Blossom Ending - Busker Busker: Also known as the ultimate pop ballad or the song that somehow always manages to come back on the charts without fail year after year. It’s just so… charming. it’s got a cute pop synth with an acoustic guitar and soulful vocals. It makes you so happy and spring-y and is sweet enough to give you cavities whether you speak Korean and understand the lyrics or not.

5. Melted - AKMU: It’s only been a solid two months or so since I’ve started listening to this song, even though I’ve been an AKMU fan for two years or so. As with all of AKMU’s songs, a knowledge of the Korean language is helpful to understand references they make in the lyrics (the Korean word for adult, eoleun, sounding similar to the word for ice, eoleum, the song asking why the world of ice is so cold or the world of adults, furthering the general idea of the song being about starting to realize the realities of the world from being a child who wonders why adults can’t love everyone), you can still appreciate the beautiful composition as well as the lovely vocals without it. We also have a taste of their harmonization in some parts of the song too, which is fantastic because their voices seem to melt together in a wonderful way. On the whole, a lovely song.

4. Sing For You - EXO: Originally, I didn’t like this song as much as the Chinese version of Promise, however as I began to listen to it more and more it began to grow on me. Chen really handles the ballad style very well, and the members who don’t handle vocals as well such as Kai and Sehun still come off fantastic. It’s very calming and just a super relaxing song.

3. Monodrama - Huk Gak and Yoo Seungwoo: I find this song to be just the best natural relaxer. It starts out as a very soft song but the contrast of the talented vocals in the chorus is beautiful. The high notes are strong and high while still maintaining the calm atmosphere of the song, and the two voices are a beautiful pair together and the rhythm of the lyrics are just amazing.

2. The Little Prince - Ryeowook: I like this song for a lot of the same reasons as the last song. Beautiful, calming instrumentals. Strong, controlled vocals that are somehow soft despite being steady. I also really love the progression of the song, building up from nothing and just slowly getting bigger and bigger until the end where it tapers off. I also adore the video. It uses a lot of great imagery and colors. I can’t say I’m a massive Super Junior fan. In fact, I’ve mentioned a few times that it seems to me that I like a lot of Super Junior covers much better. However, I adore Ryeowook. He’s precious but can still hold his own in the savage banter of Super Junior. Plus he’s just freakin gorgeous, okay?

1. Say Yes/When I Grow Up - Seventeen Seungkwan and DK/Vocal Team: Occasionally, I’ve been known to complain about the vocal team only ever doing ballads. Even hip-hop team tries various styles (and they do fantastic) of their music. However, I also can’t complain too much because they just ace the ballads every single time.

Say Yes is a beautiful ballad that showboats the two main vocal’s ridiculous skills, even going so far as to keep the backing track almost entirely silent save for one piano for a good third of the song or so. Seungkwan and DK have such unique vocal “flavors”, Seungkwan with a beautiful almost husky tone that can be utilized in singing older songs as well as trot and DK with a contrasting beautiful completely clear and clean-cut voice. The difference between smooth deep coffee and cool refreshing water and what happens when you put the two together and make a cold brew. It’s a perfect mix with a fantastic atmosphere. 

When I Grow Up was one of my least favorite Vocal Unit songs for a while. It seemed kind of… “Oh. We’re doing this again. Okay”. Expected. Even after reading the lyrics, I was cold to it for a while. 20 has a sort of happy and hopeful tone, Fronting is a super chill sort of song with a great vibe, Space has the feels and Popular Song has a lot of great backing instrumentals, so When I Grow up just felt… underwhelming. But I’ve come to appreciate it more and more as I’ve listened to it. The emotion in the vocals, especially Seungkwan’s, give a great sense of the theme of the song - longing for something but not being able to physically make it happen any sooner. The feeling of hoping for a day that may come in the future, and realizing that it might be stupid to wish so hard for something that will change everything and might not even turn out the way you want, but hoping anyway knowing that. The mix of traditional instruments as piano and drums with elements such as a synthesizer and… I have no idea what the instrument in the beginning is but maybe a really chill electric guitar? makes for a fascinating mix of worlds. 

Honorary Mention. Simple/Smile Flower- Woozi/Seventeen: Thinking about it, all of my top 3 have been covered or made by Seventeen… Oh well. Either way. Simple is a fantastic song that really helps us to understand a lot of how Jihoon sees the world and what he wants from his life, and considering he’s not a terribly emotionally bearing person, it’s refreshing to see him express his feelings through his music. Smile Flower is also good for this reason, giving all the boys to say an outlet to not only the fans but also to each other through the outlet of “I know the future is uncertain and I know you’re scared, but we’ve made it through so much together and I know we’ll make it through anything else if we’re all one, and I’m so grateful that we are.”

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7 please~

7. favourite episode from each season

this is one of the hardest things ever, hah!

season one: episode 10 - jeg tenker at du har blitt helt psyko
mostly because of the last scene where eva confronts isak, and they carry vilde home. but i also love that iben and eva have become friends! and eva and jonas being awkward but clearly not over each other, i love their chemistry so much in this one! 

season two: episode 4 - jeg visste det var noe rart med henne
the iconic cabin trip episode! one of the funniest episodes, but also really intense the first time around, haha! bonding time with the girl squad! sana and chris being legends, noora and vilde and potatoes, isak gets outed by a ouija board. what’s not to like? 

season three: episode 5 - samme tid et helt annet sted
an episode that really has everything, imo. hjernen er alene is still my favourite scene. when they talk in the locker room, it’s one of the most intense scenes ever, and a very important turning point for isak and evens relationship happen and i love that you almost don’t notice it happening (isak doesn’t!). the amazing pride scene! and one of the most heartbreaking clips ever, bros. this week is probably one of the weeks where skam was most successful at making you feel like you really were isak too, i was constantly in his mind that entire week, it was an experience! 

season four: episode 1 - du hater å henge med oss
this was the hardest one to chose. while my favourite clips from the season is not in this episode, i think this is the one that works best as a whole. such a good introduction to sana’s pov! i love the first clip, and i LOVEEEEE the introduction of the balloon squad, both at sana’s house and the scene where the girls all meet them. and the first scene where we see sana pray, it was so beautiful. 

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