it was so hard to pick just 10 scenes ; ;

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What are some of your favourite suyeol moments? Like a top5/top10 :)

oh man that’s. hard because they’re so ridiculous I love Every moment dfhd 10 moments in no particular order of favouritism:
I instinctively picked this moment first so I guess it should be at the top. the random ear cupping. how I adore this ridiculous scene. not only did we get the Im not your girlfriend line, the its not like I like you set up, but jm just?? want to go halfway between a cheek cup and a hair pet? cup his ear.

yeol literally throwing himself onto jm. numerous times

a brand new entry, jm genuinely looking like he thinks chanyeol has somehow moved his tattoo

jm dropping into cy’s lap from laughing / them doing gg dances perfectly in time and as I gushed about in the tags on every single party people post, how yeol smiled rly genuinely behind jm’s back at jm getting to dance

cy: I don’t really cry much
jm: you cry a lot. you literally cried yesterday.

cy saying jm is genuinely like an angel descended from heaven, but he isn’t haha that’s a joke. but actually he is wow

cy saying he wants jm to depend on him + the numerous times he’s tried to say complimentary things about jm as a leader and u can just see jm cringing and praying for it to end. I enjoy those a lot. I love when cy is awkward about it himself and staring up at the ceiling. but I also love when cy is being a shit and knowing his love is causing jm immense discomfort C:

this absolutely pure moment where yeol set up a pun for jm to tell and jm’s having a great time, his dad joke enabled, cy smiling. beautiful

cy nearly dropping an entire jm in his efforts not to grab his crotch for support

the lil smooch!!

this terrible hug bc it wasn’t even purposely terrible they just entirely [clenches fist] fuckin missed

this! wow !!!

I love this song

uhhh and this whole look here

(this is 15 moments now but also that time they backed each other into a corner 👀

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The moment Daryl immediately tries to run to Caryl after she is hit by the car in Consumed always breaks my heart and of course we all love "if she gets hit by lightning" from 7:10 but... if you had to pick out other favourite 'protective ' Daryl scenes what would they be? He'll always be her man of honour after all!

Oh Nomy protective Daryl is my favorite so I would have a hard time picking just one.  I mean I love the time when he came at Rick  in the scene where Rick told him to him about kicking Carol out…

 Rick backed the FUCK up when Daryl did that finger thing..

Or the time when the walker was about to chomp on Carol..

Can’t touch that..

But if I had to choose it would be the ones you mentioned because hot-damn was that man all about it

I mean think about how he just automatically reacted without thought, and Noah had all he could to hold him back in the scene in Consumed..

I mean he was so focused and hell bent on getting to her  Noah’s lucky his arm didn’t get ripped out. Cause all Daryl saw was Carol and  badly need to protect her at that point. (and Norman was so into this scene he actually got hurt filming it so there you go). I mean the way he screamed ‘let go of me!” to that little whimper when he had to let her go, it was so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Just look at his face there, it was all over him, all he could think about was getting to her.

And then when have 7x10 and this lovely scene in which we see Daryl’s face get more and more set the more Richard talks (into an early grave if he wasn’t careful)

I mean the death stare when it comes to Carol and causing harm to her, Richard should’ve stopped talking right there.. but he didn’t..

And look at how much bigger Richard is compared to Daryl

But he still manages to pin him down and beat the ever loving fuck out of him for merely threatening to hurt Carol. Daryl means business here and  had the upper hand for a good part of the fight because it was about protecting HER. No one hurts Carol.

I mean the only reason Richard was able to get away from  our beautiful, over protective redneck was because he hit him with a rock  otherwise he’d be a bloody mess on the ground.

But we would not have gotten to hear the beautiful threat made that made it absolutely clear that you do not even look with ill-intentions in Carol’s direction. Watch out of thunderstorms in the area while your at it.

And lets not forget the ultimate protection of killing problematic walkers for her and lying to keep her happy for just a little longer. And all the other times he was looking out for her best interest, not physically but emotionally as well.

So yeah if I absolutely had to choose it would all of 7x10 and the way he spent that whole episode protecting her. And I have never loved more than I do for that protectiveness of his girl that he, and Normans acting, made plainly obvious.

Daryl Dixon will do anything to protect Carol Pelletier and if that doesn’t scream love I don’t know what does.

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New Girl rewatch party: Episode 6x19 - “Socalyalcon VI”

 (Had to pick two epic pics from this ep)

1. I bet the costume lady left it up to Jake to dress himself up in this episode: “Knock yourself out Jake - pick your own writer’s outfit!”

2. Cece wearing Schmidt’s “mono” in Jaipur Aviv is cute <3. And her reply to Schmidts comment “Now we can enjoy two points of entry Cece!!” “NO THANK YOU!!!

3. What’s up with all the raisins? I’ve found referrals to raisins in almost every other episode this season - is it done on purpose or just a coincidence?


5. Nick and Jess drunkenly breaking into Schmece’s house in the middle of the night is heartwarming, funny and such a PERFECT exhibit of their amazing chemistry. <3

6. Nick and Schmidt’s blazer conversation; Schmidt immediately forgives Nick for breaking into his house when he hears Nick needs his help with picking out an outfit: “Nick, listen to me. If you ever, ever need a blazer, I don’t care how late it is, till the day I die, you wake me up.”

7. Aaaaaawwww and the “girlfriend stuff” flashbacks between Nick and Jess we get to see - WHY DIDN’T THEY SHOW US THE WHOLE SCENES????? That’s hugely important Ness stuff and shouldn’t be squeezed into super short flashbacks - it’s major story line material!!

8. Best Nick line (to Jess): “Have we ever made a cake together? If we have I don’t remember it, I drink!” Insert the word “baby” instead of “cake” and it feels like something old Nick could have said. 

9. The whole Japanese game show storyline with Aly had me laughing SO hard - I just love Aly so much; she’s by far the best addition to the cast ever - so versatile as an actress and has perfect chemistry with all the other cast members. They must have had so much fun filming that scene with her and Winston using all the Japanese game show leftovers in the loft. 

10. Jess’ realization that she’s being both Reagan AND Nick’s girlfriend and hence the only reason they’re still together is like ten episodes too late, GRRAAAAHHH!! And watching Jess see Reagan picking lint off of Nick’s jacket breaks my heart - ZOOEY YOU KILL US ALL WITH YOUR AWESOME ACTING!!! But at the same time, this very moment is what FINALLY kicks off Nick and Jess’ journey back to each other - when Jess decides to leave LA for Portland, and refuses to pick up Nick’s calls.

And so it begins…