it was so hard to finish because

Okay, wow, you guys are really into the bodyguard!Bitty AU. I posted the snippet, went downstairs to sew for a few hours, came back and I had like 30 new followers. Helloooooo!

To answer a couple of questions I’ve gotten - I’m still writing this. I won’t start posting until I’m done writing it (I’ve been burned too many times). I CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT WILL HAPPEN. I would loooooove for it to happen but I have been having a hard time making CP fic happen and this one’s the first one that’s really taken off for me so I’m optimistic. 

So there isn’t any more of it available online. I may post additional snippets. A few more tidbits from the story:

  1. Bitty never went to college because his checking phobia prevented him from getting a scholarship, so he joined the Army instead (partially influenced by a female cousin of his). He actually became a Green Beret. He applied to the Secret Service when he finished his Army career but wasn’t accepted, but one of the agents who evaluated him referred him to Shitty (who runs a private security & investigations firm called Knight & Associates) who was delighted to hire him.
  2. Pretty much the entire SMH crew except Jack work for Shitty’s firm. Lardo does not, but she is Shitty’s hetero-life-partner and is still an artist.
  3. The Falconers are making Jack accept bodyguards because he’s been getting death threats. He came out about three months before the story but that may or may not be connected.
  4. My title for the story is “Quicker for a Fray” which is also from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I ARE SO CLEVAH.
  5. Bitty still has a significant emotional hang-up, but it isn’t about checking.
I was gonna keep working tonight, but I guess I need to chill tonight.

I woke up with my head spinning I been working too hard again. I do what I can to finish my workload. I watched the whole first season of Gurren Lagann on my stream last night.

When I take breaks I feel I’m being lazy. I don’t know how to chill since I have so much work ethic, because I’m used to it.

Sorta hard to tell from this photo but we have a pine floor at the cabin made from wide planks that are face-nailed with old fashioned cut nails.

We struggled with how to finish it attempting tung oil (didn’t work) and then leaving it so natural that it showed dirt and looked weird.

So we finally found a guy willing to take it on who is local. We decided to have him apply a stain and then a couple of oil-based top coats.

It’s got a little shine right now because it’s new. But it will mellow out and then get a little more golden.

The pine shows a bit more tool marks and swirls than you might tolerate with, say, a maple or oak floor. But it’s a cabin and it looked rustic and we will take it.

Woah, Flowey is really mad x’D They didn’t even let Frisk go see that empty room!

Meh, whatever, Sans laughing makes my day ;P he’s an adorable jerk.

There’s supposed to be another page left… but I couldn’t finish it on time because I had to go to a birthday party :C tomorrow, okay?

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When I look at weightloss or fitness as a journey or lifestyle it implies there is no endpoint. So though I get frustrated with myself whenever I lose progress, (apparently not enough to actually stop doing it over and over again but anyway😕) the difference is that my tolerance for how much I will ‘let myself go’ is much lower than it used to be. As this is a never ending journey, I can’t fail, as it hasn’t finished yet!
So I’ve been working hard to refocus with the help of my amazing #4wktofab gang (both on IG and Facebook) because the reward of feeling confident and comfortable in my body is well worth it. 💕💕💕
(👯Anyone can join our Facebook group, just girls supporting eachother to stick to their goals - link in my bio)

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“It’s hard to just sit around knowin’ that there’s someone out there that needs ta be blown up!”

So my Junkrat cosplay’s about 40% finished as of right now. All I have to do are the props and I should be able to get those done by NYCC.

In the meantime though, in my rabid thirst for Junkrat merchandise I made a shirt! A really nice shirt! And we took pictures of it! Really nice pictures! Pictures that are going to be set out on my Patreon before they’re released to the public!

But! The shirt is what matters! Because it’s awesome and is currently quenching my aforementioned rabid Junkrat merch thirst.

If you’d like to quench your own thirst and have this beautiful junkshirt on your body, you can grab it yourself right over here!


HEY wanna see your face in a graphic novel maybe??

HEY FRIENDS im working on a short-ish comic book that im super excited about. it may or may not ever be finished but i want to do it justice if i can and that means something i am very afraid of: backgrounds. what do backgrounds mean??

background characters.

and that means a LOT of random people standin in crowd shots or maybe with one line apiece, but the last thing i want to do is just draw the same generic person over and over and over because character design is HARD. so i have a genius idea!!

reblog this with a link to your favorite selfie or your selfie tag or whatever and maybe a picture or description of a dream outfit of yours and one day you might (its a very big might keep that in mind) show up in a cool lil graphic novel im writing/drawing :D!! 

seriously it might never see the light of day BUT it would really help me out if i didnt have to agonize over making a million unique background people. thanks to anyone who reblogs or pitches in :DDD 



The Xenohk is a very special breed of Bohrok created by the leorraptor genetic laboratories as a effective way to control colonies on far away sistems. The breed consists on a perfect mixture of bohrok and xenomorph DNA, the results are quite satisfactory, the resulting species is much more controlable than the xenomorphs and a thousand times more effective than the bohroks in “cleanning”.

This is my crown’s jewel, the articulation is amazing, the size is much larger than any other of my MOCs and, even though it’s hard to pose, I’d say this is my best MOC yet.

I first came up with this MOC after finishing the Alien: Isolation game and I made a quite accurate xenomorph, but I lacked fingers for the hands so I took a different route. I personally call this one Jenny, because that’s the name I called the xenomorph in the videogame and I got stuck with it, mainly because it made it less scary (now I really understand youtubers).


Thanks to  TheJman0205 for make this video.

This is a very sad story u.u

Many animators from Latin America decided to work together on a 100% original flash Collab… a legitimate story based on an original soundtrack made by Toni Leys. (Check out his work here)

Proyecto Spark (Our team name) was created earlier this year. 
I had the privilege to meet new animators and work together with amazing artists like Anioco and Sr.Pelo!

But for some reasons, the project was cancelled u.u

As you can see on this video, many scenes couldn’t be finished…maybe the some were busy, others really didn’t care the project…at the end. The project was cancelled. I’m kinda sad because wow the story was really epic, and we worked so hard on it, but well…maybe we can work together in the future on a new and better organized project. Who knows :(.

​clearly some people can’t sympathize or comprehend the struggle that writers go through to put out a story for their readers. so much time and effort goes into writing and perfecting their work. not all writers can just magically sum up a beautifully written story without time and hard work! it’s so sad to think how some people who work so incredibly hard on their fics get overlooked because of other people who don’t understand what it means to be a writer. patience; you need patience because a good story doesn’t come right away. sometimes, writers get stuck and need to think and ponder a bit before getting out of their writer’s block. dedication; it’s not easy writing a story. you need to stick it through until the end and it’s such an accomplishing feeling when you’re finished!! hard work; sitting for hours, writing or even writing bits at a time takes so much work!! planning how the story goes and planning how it flows and how pieces will fit together, is hard work. it takes hard work to pursue a story that the writer is content with. passion; you gotta love what you do to be able to do it well! without readers, writers would be nowhere. writers not only write for themselves, but they write for you, too! you motivate them to continue and make beautiful works of art. so for the people who overlook writers, please, please. reevaluate what you think and try to understand. we’re doing our best.

i love the idea of jaytim as parents. like just imagine them trying to assemble a crib together from IKEA. The two of them staying up until 3 am struggling to piece the crib together.  Tim reading out the instructions as best as he can while Jason tries to find all the pieces and force the together. “IKEA IS SWEDISH FOR FUCK YOU” “maybe we should call Bruce” “WE WILL CALL BRUCE WHEN I AM GOOD AND DEAD FOR A SECOND TIME NOW HELP ME FIND B13092″. after everything is finished Jason steps back and proudly looks at the crib like “there that wasn’t so hard maybe being a parent wont be so hard” but then the crib collapses because they forgot a screw or something and Jason is just like “whelp never the fuck you mind we are screwed”

Was I the only one who cried?

I think it’s safe to say, I am very very upset about the bleach ending.

It’s simple. IchiRuki. That’s how it should have ended. I hate Orihime, but even she should have gotten better, like everyone else.

I’ll start with my beginning. It was about, 2013 when I started watching Bleach. I was sad about my first anime ending(Inuyasha) and it was next for me to watch on Hulu. Me, being the young teen I was, watched it. I was hooked. Some dude and a bad ass chick fighting things with swords?? Hell yes.

I maybe took about a year to finish. And I cried when I was done. But as soon as Ichigo became so determined to save Rukia, I knew it was meant to be. I shipped it hard, and lived for it. I thought Orihime was some bitch and really hated her because she seemed useless.

Then, I started to read the manga from the beginning. The Ichiruki was strong. I shipped it, live for the spreads, and died at the king and queen. Then I had a fall though, with finding kamisama and others, as well as school, but kept up from tumblr. I was so happy about the ending I knew would happen, that Ichigo and Rukia would have a cute son/daughter and Isshin would die of happiness, Karin would marry Toshiro and be a little curvy, and Zu would be a beautiful woman like her mother. But no.

Because Kubo-Sensei has to fuck this all up, kill his pride and joy, his only child, because of SJW. I understand it a little. Yeah, they where being assholes. They wanted you to finish WAY before you had even planed. But dude. At least make your fans happy in the end. I know you didn’t want there to be the live action movie, which will suck tbh, I could tell, but….what about that huge fanbase you made?

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How about Hinata is holding a gun point at Komaeda for posing a threat & Komaeda urges him to shoot, stepping so close that it's right at his chest, but Hinata couldn't open fire. So Komaeda takes the gun & points it at his head but Hinata stops him

Holy hell, this took me a long time to write. I’ve been stuck on this one for about a week because I wasn’t sure of characterization, but eventually I managed to finish it, thank god.

Obvious CWs for #Guns, #Suicide #Self Harm and a bit of #Gore, not much.

He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He really, really couldn’t believe he was doing this. But they had had to resort to desperate measures, and Komaeda was forcing them into this, and it wasn’t like he was actually going to kill him with this fucking gun. No, he was just supposed to threaten him, and if he ran at him, Souda had said it didn’t really matter where he aimed, but Hinata knew it’d probably be best to aim for the leg.


God, he was fucking shaking. How could he even think about shooting Komaeda? Hell, even about shooting a gun at all? He knew Komaeda had been off the rails since they’d escaped the FunHouse, threatening to blow them up just to find the traitor, but this was…


This was way too extreme.

But, he’d been the one who’d drawn the marked stick, just like Komaeda back when all this insanity began. Back when he trusted Komaeda, liked him, wanted to get close to him, wanted -

Wanted anything to happen but what had happened. Why couldn’t my luck have kicked in, and I could have gotten that marked stick a month ago? Things would be so much different, wouldn’t they?

It didn’t do well to ruminate on the past. Even if it had never happened, Komaeda would still be crazy - just, no one would know it, which would honestly probably be worse. At least this way, they had warning.

What if he runs at me and I panic? What if I shoot him? And what if it’s not in the leg?

He pictured blood pooling across Komaeda’s shirt that already had that ugly red pattern on it. Pictured Komaeda’s smirk briefly falling as the pain registered throughout his body. How would his face react after that? Would he go back to smirking, having died for the sake of hope? Would he look up at Hinata with a look of unwilling betrayal and confusion?

I really loved the hope inside you, Hinata-kun.

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I don’t use to make fan arts but I just finished #strangerthings yesterday and I couldn’t resist. What I wished to do was watching it weekly, but because of tons of fan arts (spoilers) I hurried up to watch it. I just prefer to watch calmly and analyze what I saw during the week. Dealing with the eagerness to know what’s going to happen next. Holding until next week like a reward of a hard week of work. However, this didn’t happen so I hope season 2 is going to be weekly. Did you watch it in a row or you’re more like me?
ESPAÑOL: No suelo hacer fan art muy seguido pero acabo de terminar Stranger Things ayer y no pude resistir. Lo que quería era verla cada semana, pero debido a toneladas de Fan art (spoilers) me apresuré a verla. Simplemente prefiero ver algo con calma y analizar lo que vi durante la semana. Lidiando con las ganas de saber qué pasará. Aguantando hasta la semana que viene como recompensa de una dura semana de trabajo. Sin embargo, esto no sucedió. Espero que la temporada 2 sea semanal. ¿La viste de una sentada o eres más como yo? #dailysketch #eleven

20.08.16 // (pls excuse the poor quality pictures haha) just get home from the campus at the ens from Paris (srry for being mia ) and omg it was amazing! we did organic chemistry it was very hard because we never did that but so so fun to learn about it love o chem haha & you? + maths but sadly it was only 4 days 😭 i’ll post my chem notes when I finish to rewrite them! + the ppl were all so so nice 💕

Anonymous asked:

Hello. My apologies if this has been asked before; I’ve checked the masterlist and didn’t see any listings about my topic, so hopefully this isn’t a repeat. My issue is I’m *very* tempted to edit my incomplete first draft because my writing has changed so much over time. Is there a downside to doing this?

Yes. The downside is that if you put time and energy into editing now, you’re putting all that time and energy into editing a story that’s not even finished yet. Why is that bad? Here are some reasons:

1) You’ll likely lose momentum. When we’re writing a story, we build up a forward momentum. If that momentum gets interrupted, even if it’s to edit what you’ve already written, it’s going to be very hard to re-build that momentum when you’re ready to pick back up where you left off and start writing again. This often leads to stories not being finished.

2) You’re investing time and effort in a story that may never be finished. We all hate to think about it, but the truth of the matter is, we all have a pile of stories that we started and never finished for whatever reason. If you stop to edit before the story is finished, you’re increasing the odds of never finishing, and so essentially you’re putting all that time and effort into editing a story that may never be done. It’s a potential waste of time.

3) You’re editing the story without knowing where it’s really going. First drafts are “rough drafts.” They’re exploratory, and most of the time you end up with a story that’s different than what you set out to write. When you edit an incomplete first draft, you’re doing so without all of the knowledge you’ll have once the story is finished, so it’s better to wait until you know for sure what the story is going to be.

4) It doesn’t get you out of editing later on. Good stories are written in drafts. You write the first draft, make changes, write the second draft, make changes, write the third draft–and so on, until you have the final draft. The changes you make to each draft–that’s editing. So, even if you go back and edit from the beginning now, it doesn’t get you out of editing from the beginning again once you get to the end. You still need to make changes and write your second draft. So, in a nutshell, you’re just doubling your work if you go back and edit before the draft is done.

So, my advice would be to stick it out and keep writing forward. Don’t worry about whether or not the writing in the middle and end matches the writing at the beginning. You’re going to fix all of that when you edit the first draft anyway. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question may go unanswered. :)  

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Keith likes it when Lance paints his nails for him. When Lance first offered Keith was a little suspicious, but it quickly became one of his favorite things to do with Lance. Keith has a hard time opening up to people, but when Lance is painting his nails he can just talk without having to worry about judgement. (Lance is always fussy with Keith because he never waits for the polish to dry!)

I like to think Keith moves his hands a lot while Lance is doing his nails. Not on purpose, more like he just kinda forgets he shouldn’t move. Lance always glares at him and groans in frustration, pulling his hand back in place so he can finish the job. Keith appreciates his patience, he honestly doesn’t mean to be so agitated, it just kinda happens sometimes.

Keith enjoys looking at his nails after they dry. Lance has many different colors, he doesn’t particularly care about which color Lance picks for him, but he likes to see which one Lance will pick up next. It’s always a pleasant surprise.