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Remembering the silver linings...

Jay’s whole life was beautiful, but more recently she was lucky enough to have gotten married again to the love of her life, she got to have a whole other set of twins- two more babies!, as someone who was so family oriented she got to see her first grandchild being born, she got to see Lottie, Daisy, and Phoebe work on projects in make up, she was able to hear Louis’ first solo song to my understanding because I’m sure it was finished days ago, and it was her wish to see him perform again.

And in the end she passed surrounded by her husband, her seven children, her grandchild, and anyone else in this giant loving family that was there with them.

Having a Crush on Newt Scamander Would Include . . .

A/N This is my first would include let me know if you would like more! Also this is not really having a crush on him but it kinda works still?

- If you met before when the movie takes place: 

   -Probably meeting during his Hogwarts days, possibly on the train 

   -There’s a 99% chance you fell for him within .005 seconds (because who wouldn’t?)

   -As the years went by, you kept warning him about Leta (to which he kept ignoring you)

   -trying as hard as you can not to say “I told you so” when he gets expelled

   -Wanting to leave with him when he gets expelled, but him refusing saying it wasn’t your fault and that you needed to finish your education 

   -You saying it wasn’t his fault either

   -You two sending letters back and forth profusely

   -Oml can you imagine coming back on the express from your last year at Hogwarts and seeing Newt waiting for you at the station 

   -Not leaving his side since then

   -Taking care of his animals with him and going to new York with him 

   -Probably telling him then as well it was literally such a bad idea and him being like fuk da police 

   -Acting married for appearances which makes both of you blush 

   -Low Key through out the “whole ordeal” you’re just like hands off my man Tina (and omg can you imagine Queenie giggling after hearing you think that)

- If you met during when the movie takes place:

   -Ok so for this to work you would probably have to be the third Goldstein sister

   -And in that case you probs were like who da fuck is that cinnamon roll, when Tina brings him home

   -When he shows you his animals (with Jacob/Tina and Queenie depending on what your preference is) you’re in awe and he’s probably in awe bout’ you

   -Queenie shipping you like crazy

   -Sticking around Newt after Grindelwald bc he’s a cutie and really you don’t want to say good bye yet (and low key don’t want to say goodbye to Niffler, Pickett, etc.)

   -Giving him the idea to give Jacob the eggs?

A/N #2 Oh my lord that was bad, I would’ve gone on longer but it would have been wayyyyyyyyyyy to long

So I tried to do one of these. Not gonna lie, pretty disappointed in myself for not drawing more. Going to work hard to do more this year and stop letting work get in the way. December is empty because it hasn’t been long enough for me to finish something. Hopefully I can! But I am proud of the few finished pieces I did.

I’ll try and do a super nice one for this month. :)

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Wow I’ve gotten so many of these! You guys must like my Ardyn stuff lol since I finished the game it’s kind of hard for me to write papa Ardyn now…having seen his true colors as it were….
I really wanted to keep him in character so, I think some of you may not like the answers I have however, I think I’ve come to a pretty good medium…

(I love and hate Ardyn requests now…because I grew to feel rather awful things towards him…especially after what I believe HE did to Ravus….)

Papa Ardyn really does care about his child and he would rather not introduce her to the cruelty of the world however, he knows this is inevitable. The upbringing as a young child was rather happy however, as the child grew older Ardyn became more stern. He made sure they knew how to fight, they knew how politics worked, and furthermore they knew what they were fighting for…(However bent he has to make the truth to get them to stay on his side)
It’s unfortunate, but Ardyn plants their lives with lies, just as he did with everyone else. He puts off the truth for as long as he can. Luckily he has a lot of friends in high places so pulling strings to make sure his child stays on the path he wants for them is not a difficult task.

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sorry im not trying to rush u. ur writing is too great. any idea when we'll next be blessed with your amazingness again?

I don’t tend to write at the end of the week (thurs-sat) because I’m a cake decorator getting cakes ready for weekend parties. You can usually expect new content to be out at the beginning of the week. Like sun-Tues.

Now exceptions can always be made if I’m feeling particularly inspired and I’ve actually been RESISTING the urge to start writing 2AM part 3 so hard because I know once I start it I’ll finish it and I won’t do my actual work and that would be a very very bad thing.

“Getting” yourself to write

Yesterday, I was trawling iTunes for a decent podcast about writing. After a while, I gave up, because 90% of them talked incessantly about “self-discipline,” “making writing a habit,” “getting your butt in the chair,” “getting yourself to write.” To me, that’s six flavors of fucked up.

Okay, yes—I see why we might want to “make writing a habit.” If we want to finish anything, we’ll have to write at least semi-regularly. In practical terms, I get it.

But maybe before we force our butts into chairs, we should ask why it’s so hard to “get” ourselves to write. We aren’t acting randomly; our brains say “I don’t want to do this” for a reason. We should take that reason seriously.

Most of us resist writing because it hurts and it’s hard. Well, you say, writing isn’t supposed to be easy—but there’s hard, and then there’s hard. For many of us, sitting down to write feels like being asked to solve a problem that is both urgent and unsolvable—“I have to, but it’s impossible, but I have to, but it’s impossible.” It feels fucking awful, so naturally we avoid it.

We can’t “make writing a habit,” then, until we make it less painful. Something we don’t just “get” ourselves to do.

The “make writing a habit” people are trying to do that, in their way. If you do something regularly, the theory goes, you stop dreading it with such special intensity because it just becomes a thing you do. But my god, if you’re still in that “dreading it” phase and someone tells you to “make writing a habit,” that sounds horrible.

So many of us already dismiss our own pain constantly. If we turn writing into another occasion for mute suffering, for numb and joyless endurance, we 1) will not write more, and 2) should not write more, because we should not intentionally hurt ourselves.

Seriously. If you want to write more, don’t ask, “how can I make myself write?” Ask, “why is writing so painful for me and how can I ease that pain?” Show some compassion for yourself. Forgive yourself for not being the person you wish you were and treat the person you are with some basic decency. Give yourself a fucking break for avoiding a thing that makes you feel awful.

Daniel José Older, in my favorite article on writing ever, has this to say to the people who admonish writers to write every day:

Here’s what stops more people from writing than anything else: shame. That creeping, nagging sense of ‘should be,’ ‘should have been,’ and ‘if only I had…’ Shame lives in the body, it clenches our muscles when we sit at the keyboard, takes up valuable mental space with useless, repetitive conversations. Shame, and the resulting paralysis, are what happen when the whole world drills into you that you should be writing every day and you’re not.

The antidote, he says, is to treat yourself kindly:

For me, writing always begins with self-forgiveness. I don’t sit down and rush headlong into the blank page. I make coffee. I put on a song I like. I drink the coffee, listen to the song. I don’t write. Beginning with forgiveness revolutionizes the writing process, returns its being to a journey of creativity rather than an exercise in self-flagellation. I forgive myself for not sitting down to write sooner, for taking yesterday off, for living my life. That shame? I release it. My body unclenches; a new lightness takes over once that burden has floated off. There is room, now, for story, idea, life.

Writing has the potential to bring us so much joy. Why else would we want to do it? But first we’ve got to unlearn the pain and dread and anxiety and shame attached to writing—not just so we can write more, but for our own sakes! Forget “making writing a habit”—how about “being less miserable”? That’s a worthy goal too!

Luckily, there are ways to do this. But before I get into them, please absorb this lesson: if you want to write, start by valuing your own well-being. Start by forgiving yourself. And listen to yourself when something hurts.

Next post: freewriting

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“I don’t even know your name.”
“Gilly, he called me. For the gillyflower.”
“That’s pretty.” He remembered Sansa telling him once that he should say that whenever a lady told him her name. He could not help the girl, but perhaps the courtesy would please her.

Stark siblings thinking about each other - Sansa and Jon


Life isn’t easy, no matter where you are. You’ll make choices you think are right, and then suffer for them.” Sarah J Maas


2/100 Days of Productivity


Today was majorly productive - I’m still a bit behind but I got so much done! The book in the middle “the Cold War” is one I’ve been reading on the train the past few days to try and expand my knowledge for history, but in a more novelised way because I find I take in information from books and textbooks differently. I also managed to finish f my ecologist notes as well as type up some history work and convert them all to pdf’s to print (Never let pdf converting build up - I had over forty files to convert) Also during the day I managed to cram in planning a history source question and a Ecologism question to consolidate some of my knowledge. Late tonight I think I’m going to do some more economics and maybe start writing my history questions and I’m super looking forwards to tomorrow because it’s Starbucks Thursday’s!! :)

Mystic Messenger - Heart Raising Guide

Hey guys! So I finished getting all the good endings in Mystic Messenger, and since this type of mobile otome game has a different system than any others I’ve played, I thought it might be a good idea for those who feel confused by the new mechanics. Because most of the game’s setting takes place in a messenger app, there are A LOT of choices so it would be kind of hard to list every single correct answer. There’s currently no sort of indication to see how much you’ve raised a certain character’s affections. However, after playing one route, I realized it’s easy to choose the right answers that gives you each character’s hearts after finding out more about their personality. This guide will mainly discuss how to gain hearts from a certain character to ensure you will be on the route of your choice and get the good ending. If you want to know more about the basic mechanics of the game @otomesapphic has kindly made a guide which you can find here. If you need answers for the guests e-mails, @glassnorouyadeunazuku‘s guide is right here :) Spoilers for when you reach a character’s main route will be under the Day 5 through Day 11 section :)

Day 1 to Day 4 are the days you really need to focus on if you want to play a specific character before the others. Once Day 4 ends, whichever character has the most hearts will be the route you end up on. You will see their picture underneath Day 5 to Day 11 in the chat room section to know whose route you are on. Before I get to choosing the right answers to gain hearts, you need to first know everybody’s heart colors.

  • Jumin - Purple
  • Zen - Gray
  • 707 - Red
  • Yoosung - Green
  • Jaehee - Orange

Every time you get the right answer for someone, a heart will briefly pop up on the screen. If you pick a bad answer for a character, a broken black heart will show up indicating that you lowered their affection for you. Some character’s hearts are extremely easy to get, so if you really want a specific character’s route first, avoid picking good answers for the rest of them. Alright now here are some tips for how to pick the right answers for everybody. These apply to the chat rooms, text messages, and phone calls:

  • Jumin - Jumin loves his cat Elizabeth 3rd and cats in general, so if he starts talking about cats just agree with him. Agree with him about money, take his side with his childish quarrels with Zen or when he’s bossing Jaehee around, and it’s a little subtle but he’s actually very interested in modern internet slang so don’t be afraid to choose informal answers towards him from time to time since he seems to lowkey like it lol. He also likes confident women, so always pick answers that make you sound modest and smart (thank you @pandamathers for mentioning that!)
  • Zen - Just pick the answers that will boost this narcissist’s ego haha. Flirt back with him, take his side whenever he’s quarreling with Jumin, and be supportive towards him and his career.
  • 707 - He’s literally the definition of internet troll/meme lord. Play along with him every time. If he’s trolling you, troll him back. If you do that every time he’s definitely the second easiest person to raise hearts with. However, if someone’s life is actually in danger, be serious and encourage him to do his best.
  • Yoosung - The easiest person to raise hearts with no joke. He’s like a cute puppy who immediately takes a liking to you. Really all you have to do is just be nice to him, take his side when everyone is bullying him, give him good advice, and be his voice of reason when he gets out of hand. You literally have to be trying hard if you don’t want to get his route.
  • Jaehee - Sympathize with her if she’s stressed about work or when Jumin is bossing her around. Also feel free to fangirl about Zen with her, but make it clear that you’re only his fan and you have no romantic interests towards him. She’s kind of the straight man out of all the characters, so picking the reasonable, level-headed answers will help.

Those are basically all the hints I can give you to pick the right answers in the common route. I know it may seem confusing at first, but trust me, once you see the answer choices it will be pretty obvious which one to pick. If you need help on a certain one, feel free to message me and I will try my best to help you!  Also please message me if you want to add any tips, anything would be greatly appreciated :D

The next section is going to be how to pick answers for whichever character’s route you’re on from Day 5 to Day 11. Since these days are where the plot really starts to develop, there may be a few spoilers below, so I would highly recommend reading below only when you’ve reached their routes. Also, make sure to save a lot in case you’re trying to get the bad endings as well. Day 4, 7, 9, and 10 are days the route will branch off, meaning those are your chances you can try for a bad end rather than making it to the good end.

An anon kindly messaged me and told me that they were able to get a normal ending by picking all the answers that would lead to the good end, but they failed to get any guest to attend the party. They did this in Yoosung’s route and were able to get a CG.

Here are the tips I can give you for the answer choices for characters from Day 5 to Day 11. I would like to thank @glassnorouyadeunazuku and @paranoialover for helping me with Jumin and 707′s routes :) Remember, these are just tips on how to get the good ending, to get any of the bad endings I would just suggest picking the answers opposite to what you would be picking for the good ending answers.

  • Jumin - You have to always make sure you pick the answers that show you’re supporting Jumin throughout everything he does. Even if he’s being unreasonable, don’t make him out to be a bad guy, show that you’re there for him. Don’t act like a snooty gold-digger like Glam Choi and Sarah. Of course, always agree with him about how cats are the best animals in the world, especially Elizabeth 3rd. When you get around to Day 7, his possessive side will start to come out. To ensure you don’t get a bad ending, you have to be firm about your wishes to leave his place in order to get ready for the party but do not be mean about it. Pick the choices that show you understand how much he cares about your safety. Let him know when he gets out of line by picking the more kinder options. You should agree to stay with him until the situation gets cleared and don’t complain to the other RFA members about how you’re locked up.
  • Zen - Make sure he knows you’re always supporting him and his career, but do not act like an possessive fan. You want him to see you as a friend he can rely on at first, not someone who is only obsessed with his good looks. Also Jaehee may seem a little aggressive towards you do to her concerns about you and Zen getting serious, but do not be mean to her and pick the answers that show you understand her point of view. You also want to choose answers that will convince Zen to be more down to earth and fix his relationship with his family. Although it was good to take his side against Jumin from Day 1 to Day 4, make sure that they start to get along lol. Finally on the Day 10 you will encounter a Visual Novel Mode scene where you have the choice to “Stay still” or “Bite his hand”. Choose “Bite his hand” to ensure you get Zen’s good ending.
  • 707 - During the first few days, just keep playing along with 707′s jokes and feel free to even flirt with him a little. Be sure to talk more seriously when he does. When his colder personality begins to show, tone down the jokes and flirting. You are his main source for emotional support now, so you have to make it clear you are on his side. Let him know that you will seriously accept everything about him and that you don’t just like it when he acts like 707 in the chat room, you need to let him now that you like him how he is in real life also. When all the other RFA members start to talk about him, take the opportunity to tell them he’s going through a rough time and you want to be there for him. Be patient and give him time to sort out his emotions and feelings towards you. Be persistent when he tries to push you away, but don’t be too forceful or mean with your words. Also, take his side when he starts to doubt V and Rika.
  • Yoosung - Like Day 1 to Day 4, just be supportive of him through and through. Always make sure you show that you’re concerned about him, but don’t just automatically take his side especially whenever he mentions V. Be his voice of reason and try to make him see the error of his ways when he gets fired up. Make it very clear to him that you are and Rika are not the same person and you want him to see you as yourself. Do not pick the possessive answers or tell him you don’t mind if he wants to see you as Rika (that’s your one-way ticket to a bad ending). Last but not least, once you two start “pre-dating” just honestly pick the most sickeningly sweet, cheesiest responses ever and make sure he knows that you want to depend on him. Yes, you and him will be that kind of couple lol.
  • Jaehee - YOU BETTER BE 100% SUPPORTIVE TOWARDS THIS ABSOLUTE ANGEL Always take her side against Jumin. Tell Jumin off when he’s giving her too much work and won’t take her feelings into consideration. You can fangirl with her over Zen, but do not flirt with him if you’re given the option to. Encourage her to try new things and do what she’s passionate about. Just make sure you’re a good friend to her because this sweetheart needs someone who understands her and will always be there for her.

shoutout to artists with adhd

shoutout to artists with adhd who can’t sit still for very long and take forever to complete anything

shoutout to artists with adhd who keep starting new things despite all the unfinished projects they have

shoutout to artists with adhd who consistently miss details in drawing and don’t notice until they’re done

shoutout to artists with adhd who want to draw but can’t, because your brain wants to run three miles before you sit down for 15 minutes at one time

shoutout to artists with adhd who doodle more than they start/finish completed works

shoutout to artists with adhd. Often it’s very hard and we put ourselves down for what we can’t do that others without adhd can. so just a shoutout to you guys, and please keep making more art


aqua’s story - enchanted dominion

“But remember one thing–as long as there is light, there will be darkness.”