it was so hard to finish because

Imagine Woozi excitedly celebrating after he passed a tough level in the game he’s been playing for a while.

Servamp AU Chariot continues to be relatable

Croix, Akko, and Diana stared at the red head, and her servamp put a hand on her forehead to check her fever. She was burning.

“I don’t think you’re in any state to go to work.” Diana commented, pushing her sister away, making the latter roll her eyes and finish cooking. “I would suggest staying at home and resting.”

“Maybe we should go get buy her medicine?” Akko suggested, feeling anxious. The reason her sister was working so hard lately was because she couldn’t keep herself from breaking things. Akko couldn’t help but blame herself.

“Akko, you’ll be late to school.” Chariot said, then smiled. “I’ll be fine, it’s not that bad.”

“You passed out under the sink.” Croix stated, serving the food.

“I always pass out under the sink.”

“She always passes out under the sink…” Akko confirmed, while the servamp of pride shook her head in disappointment.

“Don’t you all dare lecture me.” Chariot groaned and started eating. However, after the first bite, she felt like throwing up. The food was delicious, but she couldn’t force herself to eat, so she pushed the plate away.

Everyone stared at her, and she tried her best to think of an excuse.

an ode to fanfiction writers, current and former;
thank you for all your hard work, thank you for sharing your story, even if you did not finish. thank you for everything you do despite the fact you do not get paid and barely get appreciation. you deserve every review and kudos and favourite. to all former fanfiction writers: you can take that story down. you can keep those memories. it’s on you. remember that it’s your choice before anyone else’s. you owe nothing to no one.
i used to write fanfic when i was…much younger and i left it because it was so toxic for me. i got so big, so fast, and it was nice for a while until people started to expect me to dance to their tune like my writing belonged to them. i left with a lot of views on my record, a lot of faves/follows, and i deleted…everything despite it all. some people know, most people don’t know where i went. it feels great, like a weight lifted off of me. i left most of the actual posting on fanfic forums behind and kept the stories to myself because they no longer felt like they were mine when i shared them. people were always demanding me to bend to their whim when it was my story, my ideas, my words.
and i want to remind you; you, alone, started this journey and owe no one nothing. not an update. no explanations. nothing. you shared this with them generously. this story belongs to you and no one else because they’re not paying for it.
and you’re doing great things, no matter the view count, reviews, faves, etc. as long as you write, have a little spark, it’s good. you do you.

to fanfic readers;
i rarely read fanfic nowadays, but i always try to review if i have the time unless i’m re-reading, i always try to brighten the writer’s day because i was there once. i just want to say as someone who’s been on the other side; you guys are great but there are a few of you who are not and this is directed at them (if you review, if you leave kudos, if you talk with the author and everything is polite; you’re doing great sweetie).
i left fanfic because of you, to be completely honest. people who always messaged me demanding an update right after i posted. people who left only a comment repeating the word ‘update’. people who didn’t review. people who demanded for things and gave nothing in return. these stories are not yours, these words never belonged to you. you’re always demanding for things but never see the side of the writer. so, i propose this to you….write your own damn story. why are you even bothering other writers to write what you want when you can clearly see your own vision? why are you criticizing these people working for free for not doing what you (a single reader out of many) want? these stories are out there for free but people like you don’t deserve to even touch them. the amount of entitlement with some of you remains unbelievable but unfortunately, i’ve witnessed it.
i also just want to say; don’t like a fanfic? leave it. don’t review. don’t continue reading. don’t leave criticism unless it’s asked for. they’re literally writing for free, maybe for fun, and while i get it’s a public forum, you really should learn some proper manners. your advice was unsolicited and unwanted. you’re literally the reason why many people stop writing despite the fact it was a fun hobby or indulgence. i hope something similar happens to you one day so you understand what you did to another person who was only trying to find happiness in words.

tldr: fanfic writers, you have a good day and update that story whenever you feel like it because you’re not getting paid and that story is yours. good fanfic readers; keep doing you, you’re doing great. you’re the reason why people write in the first place. bad fanfic readers; i hope you learn how to be a good one because the way you act speaks volumes. 

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Imagine Shiro as ur PT... I mean you don't even have to go to the gym if you think really ...hard.

HALFSDHDAG. ok this is an unsolicited story but my personal fitness is like 95% motivated by thirst. I didn’t really lose weight till i finished second year uni, because I got my first bf and he was a big and beefy body builder and while he was completely fine with how I was, I was hell bent on getting more fit just so we could be uhh athletic together. then i maintained it after we broke up so i could run around w some more big athletic guys. then i started martial arts and got like, a decent reason to be fit. now that you said that tho i think im gonna stop being decent. 

imma chill tho imma chill


video in which 2 cats are VERY comfortable & I panic over my nationality


Life isn’t easy, no matter where you are. You’ll make choices you think are right, and then suffer for them.” Sarah J Maas

If you’re anything like me, you’re a chronic procrastinator and you’re maybe a little bit lazy sometimes! I used to be terrible–ignoring important work I knew was due soon even–but have since improved a lot by doing these things.

  • Read a lot: Reading lots of books and articles, especially ones that challenge you, forces you to focus for a long period of time. For me, these periods of focus got longer and longer over time with practise. You’ll also have to finish a project that doesn’t supply instant gratification. Having a reward (finishing) that only comes after a lot of hard work was (and is!) important to me, because it trained my brain to not expect things so quickly. Plus, who doesn’t love books?
  • No zero days: I sometimes see that this is bad advice for mentally ill students. You know you best! Always go with what you think is best for you. But, as a mentally ill student, I actually found the concept of no zero days extremely powerful as a means to gain discipline and stay productive. I only forced myself to work for five minutes every day. On bad days that was all I did, but I got into the habit of doing something, which was important. Most days I worked for at least half an hour! 
  • Have a job or large project on the side: If you have the free time, I highly recommend getting a job or finding another project that you’d like to work on. Even in the best jobs for you, there will be days when you don’t want to go. When I have to go to work on days I don’t want to, I’m establishing discipline that can be applied to my academic life. Plus, the change of scenery and extra cash are nice! 
  • Make challenges for yourself: I use Habitica for this. Basically, I’ll take a long term project of some sort and break it into smaller tasks, tick off boxes as I go, and get a sense of accomplishment when the challenge is complete. It’s more fun and better for long term projects than just a to-do list, and it (again) instills in me that good things come to those who work hard consistently, not just when there’s instant gratification to be found. You can start these challenges off small, then build up to larger ones. The important things are that they’re actually challenging to you at the time of making them, and that you actually complete them. And, if you complete a challenge, you might want to….
  • Reward yourself: You deserve it when you work hard! I reward for completion and for diligence. For example, if I’m really depressed, and I do more than the minimum five minutes of work, I reward myself with a trip to the café, or something nice for dinner. If I complete something I rent a film and have a relaxing night, or take a bubble bath. This just makes me associate working with nice things!

Hopefully some of these tips are helpful to you. Diligence pays off in establishing good habits! I’ve got a long way to go, but I’ve improved my discipline and focus so much in the past year doing these things. xxx


So, if anyone remembers this work in progress i posted two weeks ago, here’s the finished product! (Bonus details under the cut ^-^)

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Winter in Marbarch (x)

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could I pls have some pining klance headcannons? i recently realized I’m crushing super bad on this person and it’s super dumb but I don’t want to tell any of my friends bc they’re friends with them,,,, plus I love love love your headcannons :)

that’s rough buddy! i hope you find solace and comfort in your crush ;    ; 

  • lance spends a lot of time in the training room sitting in a corner, trying to hide the blush on his cheeks while he watches keith spar with the bot
  • shiro: ‘keith come with us to the beach’ keith: ‘pfft no’
    • shiro: ‘lance is gonna be there too’ keith: ‘oh umm…yeah ok’
  • lance does wilder and wilder things just to get keith’s attention. he talks really loud and really fast while keith watches him with a smitten smile 
    • lance running at the kitchen table and bellyflopping on it, smashing it to smithereens, because keith’s hair is in a ponytail that morning: 
  • lance claps a hand on keith’s back and smiles at him, and later, keith is hugging a pillow and can barely sleep because he can still feel the warmth of lance’s hand and see his bright blue eyes
    • keith bites the inside of his cheek to hide his grin and whispers ‘god he is so cute i think i love him’ 
  • lance: ‘….keith is mcdonald’s’ hunk: ‘uhhhh…why?’ 
    • lance: ‘i’m lovin it. doot doot doot doo doo’ 
  • during movie nights, when there’s a kissing scene, they both get embarrassed and look at each other, which makes them more embarrassed. they both cough awkwardly and turn the colour of the red lion. keith wonders what it would be like if lance kissed him like that 
  • lance: ‘ok i’m gonna go clean the pods’ pidge: ‘what?! since when do you ever do work??’ 
    • lance: ‘um….keith’s on pod duty today and i just wanna annoy him’ pidge: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • keith: ‘princess did you ever….have you ever liked anyone?’ allura internally: this better not be a confession this better not be a quiznakking confession i will throw him across the room i’m- 
    • keith: ‘i kind of….i feel weird around lance? he makes my tummy flip and i get so stupid and tongue-tied’ allura: ‘oh thank you god’ 
  • lance has a thousand nicknames for keith and he tests them all out. he hangs onto the ones that make keith blush 
  • lance: ‘hey cherry bomb, help me out with this’ 
  • lance: ‘you looked really good up there- i mean, you looked adequate- you were doing your job- ok hotshot i’ve gotta go’ 
  • lance: ‘you think you can beat me pretty boy?!’ 
  • as soon as lance enters the room, all of keith’s attention is diverted towards him and he watches him with a lovesick gooey smile that literally everyone notices except lance 
  • keith finishes leading a mission debriefing and everyone is leaving, but he calls out ‘lance! wait!’ 
    • lance: ‘yeah?’ keith looking up at him through his lashes: ‘i just want to say you’re doing a really good job. i notice and- you’re great. i mean, what you’re doing is great’ 
    • lance internally: KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME lance externally: ‘haha thanks buddy pal bro man :  )’ 
  • they both race from one end of a beach to the other because they’re competitive, and when they collapse in the sand, they’re laughing so hard they’re breathless. keith holds onto lance’s shoulders and lance holds onto keith’s waist, and their breath mingles as they both sneak glances at each other. lance brushes keith’s hair out of his face and his heart beats so fast he can barely breathe, and keith turns as red as lance’s lion 
  • keith with a crush is careful, gentle, and completely devoted. lance with a crush is boisterous, teasing, and extremely affectionate
party (m)

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➾rapline x reader 

➾ impregnation kink, cumplay, sloppy seconds, foursome (duh), infidelity (???) idek anymore

➾ 2.4k

➾ basically the rap line take turns breeding you, inspired by an ask i got this afternoon :”) this is literally the most filthy thing i’ve written to date, children PLEASE GO AWAY THIS IS NOT FOR YOU

ps this is not THE yoongi impreg fic ;-)

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i can’t remember if i’ve said this on tumblr but just to be sure: i’m currently hoping to release the super lesbian animal rpg demo on valentine’s day! that’s february 14th. i think that would be an extremely fitting day to do so. (2/14 is also slarpg’s lead composer @neutralnewt‘s birthday, so that’s fun)

i haven’t had much to show off lately because i want there to be plenty of surprises in the demo, but we’ve been hard at work getting everything finished! if you follow bee you know that the soundtrack for the demo is complete. on my end, i believe i should currently be on schedule to have it ready before the 14th, hopefully with a comfortable amount of time to have friends and patreon supporters playtest it and have the store page ready to go. granted, life could happen and make me delay the demo again, but if everything goes somewhat smoothly? that should be a safe estimate

we’ll also be releasing an ost just for the demo because there are over 20 fantastic tracks in the demo alone and it deserves to be released as an album

so yeah! get hyped y’all. 2/14. be there


Please don’t repost anywhere!

oMG you won’t believe the amount of time it took me to finish this!! Not only because anatomy is hard af, but also because I wasted so much time drawing a bunch of clothes for them that this basically turned into a dress up game lmao anyway I will post all the other outfits some time later in case anyone want to see more of my questionable fashion designs.

The Adventure Zone - Episode 68 (part 2)

still doodeling taz while we wait for that good good finali to drop. 

We’re Just Friends

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Thanks so much to darellybieber for requesting this. I loved writing it! Remember to send me requests, comments, concerns, or even a little bit about you. I’d love to get to know all of you! Thanks for the love and support as always! xx - L

Harry invites Y/N to come on vacation with him and his family, and true feelings are revealed.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,784

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