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Rattled - Part 2

A/N: Merry Christmas and happy holidays :)  I finally got some inspiration for part 2 (there will be a part 3!) for my Feysand train AU and got everything written down!  So here it is.  I hope you enjoy some Feysand banter and fluff @rhysndtrash & @vanilla28

[Part 3]

Feyre offers a perfunctory wave to her early bird neighbor as the greying man stooped with some difficulty to retrieve his morning paper.  Turning her attention back to the task at hand, she shifts her soft leather bag higher on her shoulder and carefully holds her steaming travel mug aloft while her other hand ensures the double locks on her front door slides into place.  I’ll see you again in around fourteen hours my lovely bed.

Tossing her keys into their customary pocket in her purse, Feyre blindly walks the path that would bring her to the just sun kissed streets still empty of the early morning rush.

Thursdays are often early mornings, as one of her duties is to arrive in time to accept all new shipments and oversee loans to other galleries and the occasional art museum, plus the odd sale to dealers and collectors.  Despite her distaste for waking with the sun, there’s something beautiful about being one of the first to see Velaris as the calling birds shoot across the sky, eager squirrels skittering over the cobblestones, and the first blush of fresh baked bread filling the new day.

Pulled from her musings by a bright chirp, Feyre shuffles around the center of her admittedly disorganized purse to find her phone and a waiting message from Mor.

are u sure u dont want it?

im going on record saying this is the most stubborn u have ever been

Rolling her eyes Feyre shoots off a quick answer – yes, busybody.  I’m sure

This had become Mor’s new way to greet Feyre when they texted, or called, or one time sent actual paper letters that she had paid for postage to harass her poor hard working friend into accepting Rhysand’s phone number.

And it’s not that she doesn’t want it.  Because at least some small – or perhaps very large and enamored – part of her really wants it and wants to rip open the buttons on that carefully tailored black dress shirt that hugged his –

It’s not like things hadn’t been heading in that direction; but they got separated at the train snack bar and then she’d been ushered from the train by a conductor determined to keep on schedule, barely giving her a chance to grab her bags from her depressingly empty compartment.

She’d managed to tamp down her disappointment, figuring if it was meant to be they wouldn’t have been so strangely separated.  In fact, the strangeness was a tick in favor of not being meant to be.  But Meddling Morrigan quickly told Feyre where she could shove her ‘meant to be nonsense.’

Still, she didn’t force the phone number on Feyre, which she is grateful for.  Despite her flirtation and momentary infatuation, she’s still gun shy, and Mor is good enough to understand.  But that doesn’t mean she’s going to let the issue go.  Which is why another text sounds from the phone clenched in her free hand.

u r perfect for each other

which I told u

and then I was proven right

by ur unmitigated chemistry

so you can spell unmitigated out but not ‘you’

says the girl who uses quotes in casual texts

Feyre rolld her eyes but smiles nonetheless as she responds,

why are you even awake

gym with Az

is this thumb day

nah.  im on the treadmill.  multitasking my child

Before she has a chance to respond, Feyre finds her face smashed against a tightly muscled form covered in a light sheen of sweat that would’ve been gross if not for the violet eyes that glint down at her, “I was hoping we’d run into each other,” he drawls, meticulously drinking in her form before continuing with a smirk, “though I didn’t consider whether we would do so literally.”

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living with yoon

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  • i should rename this post me in two years from now
  • but i wont
  • living with yoongi is like my dream and i will now explain why
  • boy does not want to make it big
  • he does not think this is some big special event
  • he just thinks “logically that’s what would happen, we’ve been dating like over half a year?”
  • reminds me of someone would want to move in together fairly soon cause he is a bit of a homebody so he would want his significant other to be right there with him cause he spends most his free time at home??
  • yoongi also reminds me of someone who would get very lonely very easily (though not say so of course) so he wouldn’t want to wait longer than he had to get you moved in
  • you practically live at his place anyway
  • like he has matching tea mugs for you both (but imagine yoongi as a tea person and not coffee okay thanks)
  • and he has your special pillow on his bed
  • he has all your clothes in the closet
  • and you’re like always over taking naps and using his hot water up so why not make it official?
  • i think he would live with the other boys at first but when he moves into his own place it’s in the city he likes the city life
  • but he um
  • kinda moves into a complex that is all old people
  • more specifically old ladies
  • like they dote on him from day one
  • they come over and bake him casseroles and give him houseplants and ask if he needs them to knit him some scarfs
  • and yoongi loves them okay he knows all the women by name and he buys them flowers every day he goes out and he delivers them personally and he listens patiently when they talk about their grandkids and carries the laundry up the stairs for them and ugh
  • okay now that im dead
  • it’s not the nicest place in the world
  • the heat always breaks and the roof leaks sometimes and there isn’t a laundry room in every apartment, there’s a giant laundry room in the basement with a few machines for everyone to share
  • his place personally only has one bedroom, and then a bathroom and a half
  • there’s the kitchen and dining room combination too
  • it’s really really small and at first he doesn’t think much about it cause it’s him and the stray cat he took in (named kyo and he’s an orange tabby)
  • but then he realizes
  • oh right i have a lover that i’m trying to move in this is probably not a good idea
  • he’s a minimalist
  • so bean bags and like a coffee table and like one arm chair he protects with his life
  • he doesn’t even have a backboard to his bed
  • his bed is legit a mattress on the floor he seriously doesn’t care
  • but then he thinks about you moving in and he panics and he goes out to ikea and he’s asking the sales attendants for help
  • “the love of my life is moving in and right now the only furniture i own is a mattress help me please”
  • okay but he invites you over to see all the new furniture and show off everything he did
  • and you guys go to snuggle on his new queen sized mattress with the headboard and whatever
  • and he just rolls on top of you and he stares down at you and he’s smiling that precious gummy smile
  • and he just “move in with me”
  • there’s seriously no explanation or build up or roses or dinner date he just straight up asks all cute
  • and he leans down and kisses you all sappy and romantic and then you spend the rest of the night cuddling
  • there would be a lot of cuddling in this household
  • like you wake up and y'all aren’t gonna do crap if you don’t have to
  • yoongi is gonna hold you close and his voice is gonna be raspy and gravelly and he’s gonna kiss your face all over
  • and when he gets home from practice he’s about cuddles
  • he’ll get a bath first
  • yoongi loves his bubble baths
  • like he could probably drown in the amount of bubbles he uses and you always poke your head in and you can’t find him at first
  • and sometimes if he’s ever really tired or sore from practice or stressed cause of deadlines he’ll ask you to come and wash his hair
  • you’ll sit on the edge of the bath tub and he’ll close his eyes and sometimes you wonder if he’s sleeping
  • and he’ll occasionally mumble something while you massage the shampoo in or something but he generally prefers for you to talk about your day
  • and then when he gets in his pajamas he’ll come join you in your room and he’ll flop down on the bed and probably roll onto you depending on how clingy he’s feeling that day
  • and he’s in cute bear pajamas and he gets you a matching pair for sure
  • and he’ll always be more touchy at night I think
  • like he’s always playing with your hair and kissing your face and probably your shoulders and jaw but it’s really innocent and pure and you know you’re special cause he’s opening himself up like that?
  • and you guys sometimes stay up for hours talking about anything that crosses your minds
  • but sometimes as soon as he’s snuggled up to your side he’s out cold
  • waking him up in the morning is hell
  • like your alarm will go off and you’re up and changing and you leave the thing on to try and get yoongi up
  • and he’s broken like five alarm clocks cause he whacks them with pillows
  • you try to shake him and jump on him and kiss his face but this boy will not budge
  • and you’re kinda “yoongi you’re gonna be late, yoongi wAKE UP”
  • tbh the thing that wakes him up every morning is the kettle screaming from you making your morning tea
  • and he groans and rolls around tries to feel for you but you’re up and dressed!!
  • and he pushes himself and a lot of times you stumble into the bathroom to find him sleeping on the floor
  • he’s not the best at shaving so he usually cuts his chin and cheeks a bit and he always make you kiss his boo boos better
  • and he’s rushing so he can make it to practice on time and you give him his tea in a cute thermos and he kisses you long and hard before racing out the door
  • you guys aren’t really about movies as much as you’re about binge watching television shows
  • he doesn’t pay for cable in his house but he has a small tv and it’s nothing special but he has an old wii and Netflix for days
  • his favorite is psych you can’t convince him to watch anything else ever
  • and he quotes the show and he tells you who the criminal is every time even though you’ve seen it with him
  • he’ll shove you and say you’re hogging the bed (tv is in your room) and he’ll like gently whack you with pillows
  • he eats in bed all the damn time
  • you find gummy bears by your face when you wake up in the morning
  • and he denies it was him even though every night he has a new bag of candy with him
  • and the cat always comes and sits on your lap and yoongi whines and get jealous and tries to bribe the cat with gummy worms
  • he has a kumamon plushie that he snuggles when you’re not there by the way
  • yoongi refuses to cook
  • he’ll do the laundry
  • he actually likes doing the laundry cause he needs to be validated in knowing he helps around the house
  • but this boy will not cook, not even ramen
  • you usually end up ordering carry out from this cute Chinese place
  • and they seriously love you two and give you free food lots of the time
  • and you guys sit on the bean bags and you usually end up feeding yoongi with your chopsticks cause grumpy baby likes to be spoiled like that
  • sometimes you’ll wake up in the middle of the night and he’s not there and you kinda??
  • and you stumble out to the living room and he’s on the bean bag, tea at his side, headphones on and laptop open
  • and you’ll just plop down at his side and with his right hand he’ll work with his music and his left hand will just tangle itself in your hair
  • and he likes that you’re there it calms him down and motivates him to keep working and it reminds him why he makes music
  • and you just watch on in silence and sometimes he’ll get all shy and it’s black in that room but you know he’s blushing and he kinda
  • “you wanna listen…? it’s inspired by you, you know. not like all my songs are though, I mean it’s not like-”
  • and you just giggle and kiss his nose and put on the headphones
  • he lives for your compliments it makes his heart soar when your praise his music
  • you usually fall asleep on his shoulder and once he decides he done for the night he’ll shut down his laptop and carry you off to bed and tuck you in
  • oh also
  • while yoongi doesn’t cook he like brings you orange juice and poptarts on the weekends and stuff like he has a plate with strawberry poptarts just for you
  • you two probably go on neighbourhood walks a lot
  • it’s a nice enough community for that and he likes getting exercise in and holding your hand and picking you flowers from people’s lawns cause he’s rude (lmao no he wouldn’t do that he might pretend though)
  • he introduces you to all his ladies okay all the old ladies flip out when they see you
  • they kinda “oh yoongi you got a real keeper”
  • “so this is the one yoongi never shuts his trap about!!”
  • “you guys are naming the baby after me right?”
  • “Ethel we agreed they’re naming the baby after me”
  • and it’s so touching cause yoongi gets so red and he’s stammering and trying to explain that he doesn’t talk about you so sappy but the ladies only laugh at him more and it takes him like five days to leave the apartment
  • yoongi likes his plants and he has them all over the house and it’s like a fairy garden
  • you string tea lights up everywhere and sometimes he’ll play some melodic music and you two will sit in your garden and talk about your future together
  • yoongi spoils you so much I wanna point that out there like he is wrapped around your finger
  • he buys you cute dresses and paints your nails when you want them done (with maximum complaining ofc)
  • and like one day you’re going on a fancy date !! and you’re in your dress and you’re like shoes ?? and he kinda kneels in front of where you’re sitting on the bed and he puts your heels on Cinderella style and that’s just an example of how he spoils you with actions more than words
  • ugh I’m gonna go light myself on fire way to go ally
  • he would be the most loving person in the whole world and living with him would be so mellow and perfect and I’m gonna go sob myself to sleep now

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GOD DAMMIT IM SORRY I TRIED TO ASK ANONYMOUSLY AND I HIT SEND FUCK. Anyway to add on I was just wondering what your fav merthur moments are and any gifs to go along :))


(I had a hard time finding gifs so imma use pictures if that’s ok)

So, in no particular order other than chronological…

1. 1x04 : The Poisoned Chalice

Behold, the scene that first made me fall in love with Merthur. There lies Merlin, unconscious and dying, and STILL telling Arthur “Go. Save yourself.” And Arthur, in the proper Arthur fashion, promptly ignores him and tries to save Merlin’s life anyway, guided by the light of their love (you know its true don’t even lie).

2. 1x10: The Moment of Truth

“It’s been an honor.”

In which Arthur finally gives Merlin some long-overdue genuine mutual respect and Merlin is an adorable ball of nervousness :D

3. 2x06 Beauty and the Beast Part 2

Remember when they “no-homo-ed” so hard that it was hysterical

4. 2x09 : The Lady of the Lake

Featuring Arthur having no idea how to comfort the bae which leads to these fucking shenanigans ^^^ gross

5. 3x13 : The Coming of Arthur Part 2

I love how this scene showed the difference between Arthur’s relationship with Merlin vs everyone else. They both joke in this very serious scene because they both just KNOW that Merlin isn’t going to be leaving Arthur’s side no matter what.

6. 4x06 : A Servant of Two Masters

Ok I had to go back and edit this one in because JFC THIS ONE MIGHT JUST BE MY FAVORITE. I mean, I’m a fan of Merlin whump anyway, but Arthur not even CONSIDERING for a SECOND leaving Merlin behind. Merlin not even hesitating to separate Arthur, his ONLY HOPE OF SURVIVING, from both himself and their current danger. THE WAY. ARTHUR. SCREAMS. MERLIN’S. NAME. AS SOON. AS. HE. SEES. THE. ROCKS. FALLING.

yeah. that.

7. 4x13 : The Sword in the Stone Part 2

Ok listen tf up here. Merlin CREATED this sword FOR Arthur years ago. He placed it in this very stone. For this moment right here. For when Arthur lost faith in himself. Merlin SINGLE-HANDEDLY restored that faith with a bit of magic and a made-up story. Just so that Arthur could fulfill his destiny. And Merlin is there behind him the whole time, telling him to have faith, to believe in himself, that he is the greatest king Albion will ever know. And Arthur believes him. And he becomes that king, all because Merlin says he can. In this. Fucking. Scene.

8. 5x05 : The Disir

OMFG LET ME TELL YOU WHY THIS SCENE WRECKED ME EVEN MORE THAN 5X13 DID. Because in this scene, when Arthur asks for Merlin’s advice, Merlin knows that Arthur trusts Merlin enough that he will take his advice. And Merlin has to decide, right here. Between himself and Arthur. Between Mordred and Arthur. Between his own kin and Arthur. Between magic itself and Arthur. Between his OWN DESTINY AND ARTHUR. And you know what he chooses? HE. CHOOSES. ARTHUR. GDI.

9. 5x13 Diamond of the Day Part 2

Well, there’s a reason why its possibly the most quoted line in the show. And that’s cuz its fucking beautiful.

10. 5x13 : Diamond of the Day Part 2

The entire fucking show revolved around this. Around Merlin saving the day and never getting thanked for it. So let me just tell you. When Arthur said these words. His final words. I fucking cried it was so beautiful. Arthur finally realizing everything Merlin had done for him. And forcing himself to thank Merlin with his final breath. It just… its so.. jesus Christ I need to lie down this was an emotional workout…

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Hc of an cosplayer Mc that is cosplaying as one of the characters and they catch them in the act?

A/N IM VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS ONE ANON little do you know—I was @choisgirls FIRST EVER request and it was cosplay related (I actually own a wedding MC cosplay among many others; I may post a photo one day) and I am now known as “cosplay anon” except,.. not so anon anymore ^^;; I’m going to just do the RFA since you didn’t specify -mod cozy <3

-Cosplay??? He absolutely LOVES it

-“mc you’re so talented ahhh!”

-(lowkey highkey implies you should cosplay a lolol character)

-looks over your shoulder a lot while you’re working on your costume/makeup

-joins you AT LEAST once

-“can I help mc?”

-okay so you also have this one wig that looks A LOT like yoosung’s hair

-and your favorite puppy was in class so you got a liTtLe bored oh no mc

-you decide on a whim to closet cosplay him RIP

-Yoosung comes home to find another him???

-really freaked out at first (afraid it’s some form of witchcraft)

-after the initial bout of high-pitched screaming he realizes what’s going on

-super embarrassed but even he had to admit that was funny

-still a little freaked out though

-“it’s just so *shivers* creepy”


-She doesn’t know about cosplay so much despite her infinite wisdom

-kind of has an idea but you explain it to her

-actually really impressed by your dedication?? Wow mc???

-Proud Girlfriend™

-Tries to help you out on occasion if you’re working particularly hard on your sewing/makeup by getting you pastries as motivation!!

-awe what a sweetie

-She walks in on you in her clothes???

-“MC what are you-“

-looks at your wig and makeup


-leaves and tries to forget that happened poor girl just doesn’t know what to think


-a little bit confused just bc it’s all so new BUT!!!


-he loves to watch you work thinks it’s so adorable

-funds all of your expensive projects oops

-tries to .. distract you sometimes just to get a reaction

-you cosplay cumin one day bc he was at a business meeting and you were a little delirious from lack of sleep and your new black wig came in

-The meeting was over sooner than expected and he walked in on you taking mirror selfies in the living room in some of his clothes from when he was younger (and smaller so they fit)

-“MC what are you doing?”

-“oh I- uhh I was a little bored and tired and I thought it’d be fun and—“

-“It’s fine mc, as much as I appreciate you in my clothes I might like to see you out of them”

-I hope you take the wig off for what’s about to happen if not it might get a little weird


-He’s heard of cosplay but isn’t positive he knows what it is

-“So you just,, dress up in character?? I support you but why?”


-zen you’re an actor

-if anyone should understand

-it’s you

-He gives you little top-of-the-head kisses when you work awwe

-lets you practice makeup on him sometimes

-When you decide to zen cosplay bc he was at rehearsal and your very-zen-esque wig came in??

-He arrived home to you reciting Shakespeare in a very fake zen voice

-stood there with his arms crossed until you noticed him

-you were mortified

-teases you about it a lot, he’s never letting you live this down

-but it’s mostly just an excuse for him to kiss you after you whine to him about it being “ONE TIME!”


-I’m going to go ahead and quote @choisgirls directly bc honestly I cannot even think of another way to word this

-“cosplay power couple”

-you two are ABSOLUTELY slaying tHe GAME

-when you walk into the convention center it’s like one of those scenes in highschool movies where the group walks into the building slow motion with like their hair blowing and rock music playing

-which sounds really dorky in retrospect

-but I mean you two ARE dorks you can’t date saeyoung without being classified as such

-couples cosplay galore

-you do each other’s makeup sometimes

-he is very good at applying makeup oh my lord

-you got everything you needed for a saeyoung cosplay to surprise him so you got all dressed up while he was asleep for a little while bc he needed to catch up on the 83468+ hours he missed

-When he found you sitting in the living room as him he grinned, gave you a hug, and walked away

-you were disappointed because you wanted a little more reaction than that :(

-but when he walked back out around a half hour later

-you were no longer disappointed

-he had an MC cosplay on???

-when did you do this saeyoung???

-“that’s not important”

-you two visit a few of the rfa members’ houses just to see how long you can fool them for

-zen still can’t tell the difference to this day

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can u rec us other cool hs meta blogs?

sure! it can be hard to find active blogs bc homestuck fandom has sooo wildly deflated from where it was in its heyday but heres a few that are either still active or which have old analysis that holds up

  • NOT A BLOG, BUT: i know i quote it often and plug it at every available opportunity so if you have not read fletcher wortmanns its hard and nobody understands, you really really should. although it only goes up to the end of act 5 it is perhaps the most nuanced and thorough analysis of hs yet written. it hasnt been updated since early 2014, so pre-retcon, but nearly all of what it has to say about the plot and writing and characters still holds up, and altho i dont 100% agree with EVERYTHING wortmann has to say he handles sensitive topics very delicately
  • @what-the-fuck-is-homestuck​ started out as a homestuck liveblog and now has a healthy catalog of meta posts, of varying levels of depth. some of them are very good. most of them are either in the #homestuck liveblog tag, or in the #reflections tag. i dont think theyve posted any meta since hs ended tho
  • @some-triangles​ has a huge catalog of very good hs meta in his homestuck tag, as well as a few equally good untagged hs meta posts in the wake of the finale and credits if you want to go digging. but he has good meta on just about everything - hes currently in the middle of a utena rewatch if youre into that
  • storming the ivory tower is a non-tumblr blog which has done several extensive posts on hs (which, i feel i must warn you, i have not yet read bc i dont have the time/keep forgetting so take my recommendation with a grain of salt) which are highly lauded and well received by just about everyone in the hs fandom. i think unfortunately shes put all her post-ending meta behind a paywall (which i dont begrudge her for. i assure you i would do the same if i thought i could get away with it) but a lot of the older stuff is on the blog for free
  • @zenosanalytic​ has written several very good meta posts but unfortunately they… dont seem to have a tag for it. (pot, kettle, black.) of course they DO have a series of essays on inversion theory and seem to take it somewhat seriously, so take with a grain of salt
  • @optimisticduelist aka taz unfortunately deleted his tumblr a little while back but thankfully his homestuck essays are preserved on his medium account. the series on dirk is especially good and basically required reading if you want to do meta about him or his relationship with jake (and im not just saying that because i beta’d them)
  • @revolutionarygays​ writes and reblogs the only good and worthwhile meta on vriska and terezi (and vriska and terezi together) which has ever been posted to this hell site
  • @lawfulfutchterezi has written a few very good meta posts altho i dont thnk she has a meta tag either
  • @unintelligible-screaming has a meta tag but its mostly reblogs altho what she has written herself is very good

alright so i, and probably fourteen other people of somethiNG, decided to save some of @midnigtartist best quotes from the stream. i had to leave near the end, and never got back iN, but her beautiful messages to us are as follows:

i dont hate mexicans i just hate you its personal

his name is jose and im going to kill him

here comes the literal devil tjeffs

hes just gonna stab us with a sharpened straw and that will be the end

ill take pictures of him all shirtless and sweaty itll be cool


were literally gonna spend two hours on this eyebrow this is the creative process guys

and it was a bad- *abruptly stops talking for no clear reason*

i cant rap over another person. first of all thats R U D E also ill be distracted

its ass o’ clock at night i say as i smash down garbage with a disgusting stick

“how much custards in the machine” “enough” “enough for what” “i'UNnO”

what- why do we- who is burning in the kitchen whats going on i leave you alone for two seconds

did somebody just say alexandtampon i will find you

i rate how much i like people based on how many bears i would fight for them its The Bear Scale

if youre not in a state of constant screaming when youre drawing youre probably doing something wrong

hey no swear words in the fucking chat

i love all of the in the heights characters, vanessa, benny, nina, and -looks at smudged writing on hand- US navy


look at this puffy faced child no im going to destroy him

aimees broken and doesnt know what the hell shes doing

also this part

i am trash have more dilf!eren and pining!levi there will be even more of this bc i love it blame that masterpost that perksofbeingawaifu did omf

[part one] [part two] || [part four] [part five] [part six]

i wanted to write some farlan too so here you are

“God, I hate this job,” muttered Levi as the door closed behind his last customer and her screaming child. He’d been working at the corner shop for a little over a year to help support his mother with the rent and really the only decent thing was that he got to work next to one of his closest friends.

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Her eyes are early spring, Green. She can make you cry, laugh and scream. She’s the girl that can make you feel everything,
Twice, three times.
Her emotions are messed up but that’s the way she was brought up. She has no mercy for people who try to bring her down,
she has a calm heart but it’s an upbeat sound.
She’s at ease, she’s every mans dream.
With her jokes and wisdom, it’s enough to make people come, and admire her.
She’s different.
Compared to all the people in the world she’s different.
But they like her that way, she likes it that way.
She’s not the type of girl to stay Inside the lines she’s better then that, she has the heart of a lion, but feels at home with the rats.
She sings, she won’t admit it but she has the voice of an angel, she got a stubborn mind it’s so unchangeable.
People underestimate her, think she’s dumb and she’s not smart. But every mistake she makes is a work of art.
She doesn’t want to be perfect no sane person does.
She hates birds but to me she’s a dove.
Pure heart, brain, soul & mind.
She’s the type of girl you’ll never find If you’re looking, cause she’s in plain sight. She’s everywhere you and me, strangers that you meet and faces that you see.
Her mattress is memory foam, & her hair smells like home.
She never puts down her phone, she’s always on it on the low.
She has a boy in her life and he might not know.
That he saved her & he made her whole.
He’s the reason that she’s cheesin and she loves him so. She’s obsessed with this boy she can’t seem to let him go.
This girls life isnt always easy, things are stormy, rainy, and breezy.
But as long as she can breath without wanting to stop, that’s her main goal. To be happy, to let go.
She wants to have something to live for but don’t we all.
She’s gotta hard past, so dark & raw.
She use to be so melancholy, didn’t wanna see anybody, laid in bed and cried till she passed out.
Her sisters said they love her but she had doubt.
A point in time she didn’t wanna be alive,
but she’s grown, life is tuff and she knows.
She grew up and learned more. Learned that in everything there is peace and positivity. In everything, dead or alive there’s beauty, even in herself but she’s still moody.
She use to look in the mirror and see nothing but a ghost.
How she became so dead inside, nobody knows.
She use to cry a lot and leave school early,
she use to lock her door and cut her wrists gnarly. Thought it’d numb the pain but it seemed to make her worse. If she didn’t have her sisters she wouldn’t be alive and I wouldn’t be writing this verse.
So she sat there one night, tired of the pain, she wants to run away, and she wants to be okay.
So she listens.
To the wind and she looks up in the sky, she sees the big guy and she’s cryin askin him why as she falls into a slumber. Next morning she wakes up & she can’t remember.
She sees the sun out flowers bloomin,
hears music, kids are outside and their groovin. She doesn’t know why she lived her life in a black cloud. She wanted to change her life around and make herself proud
So she did.
Finally she’s happy and she means it now. For the first time in I don’t know how.
She is her own inspiration, she motivates herself. When it comes down to it she knows she’s to blame, but she’s got big dreams.
She wants to see the world and have her fame.
The only person that can rip her apart is herself but she knows that road and suddenly now she remembers.
In the back of her mind she’ll never forget.
Why she wasted her teenage years in depression is somethin she might regret.
She won’t turn back now because she’s strong, she’s got love in her heart and she’ll carry on.
She’s the type of girl that’s wild but she’s finally free.
No one holds her back, she has no strings.
For once she can do what she wants and that’s bliss. Life’s flyin by and she’s not gonna miss, out on anything she’ll be there. With her attitude, her loud laugh, and her “I don’t care” stare. She can do anything she wants with her lovely smile, so stop for awhile and get to know her, she might inspire you, you might fall in love with her.
I did.
I’m in love with her, I see through her.
I’m proud of this girl, she’s my everything you see? Im just like this girl
This girl is me…

by @tragichic
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i still can barely process how fucking on point RDJ’s “try to remember” choice was

“Deep in December it’s nice to remember
Although you know the snow will follow.
Deep in December it’s nice to remember
Without a hurt the heart is hollow.
Deep in December it’s nice to remember
The fire of September that made you mellow.
Deep in December our hearts should remember then follow.”

having tony name that grant after This Song which His Mother Sung To Him like fuck off this is literally such high quality Tony Stark Brand Nostalgia ™ like actual comic book creators putting out actual comic book tony stark canon haven’t been able to address this kind of subtlety in years and RDJ is like “you know what!!! This is the song” and he just fucking nails it so hard it K I L L S me

like i am going to scream because the song is all “try to remember and if you remember then follow” and oh my god one could spend a lifetime discussing this lyric in an iron man context i mean if you look at comics history tony stark is LITERALLY the guy trying to escape from his past in the process of finding the “sensitive boy” that he used to be and that his dad tried to smother because stark men are made of iron etc HONESTLY the story of a guy who has a billion regrets and tries so hard to move forward and does so by accessing his own heart again, good god iron man is the fulfillment of tony’s boyhood fantasies about knights and shit?? and he was always the guy who got hardcore attached to people, attached to the original avengers, building them monuments, having those long inner monologues about Back In The Past When He Was Happy With The Avengers etc i’m just????

THE VERY CONCEPT THAT STAN LEE CAME UP WITH, “what if a guy had a suit of armor, but it was a MODERN suit of armor” – past and future are so intrinsically connected here and stan lee was so specific about how he “wasn’t thinking about robots at all” when he made tony, he was really “thinking of armor, a man wearing twentieth-century armor” a literal modern knight AU oh my god THE WHOLE BODYGUARD SECRET IDENTITY THING literally follows the format where a knight (iron man) swears his sword to the ruler (tony stark) of a kingdom (stark industries) all the times this man has been called a knight i just want to Scream. i want to Scream one of his armor wars (aka THE ARC THAT ORIGINATED THE GUILT-OVER-STOLEN-TECH CONCEPTS THAT IRON MAN 1 OWES ITS PLOT TO) power quotes is literally “how many? HOW MANY HAVE DRAWN BLOOD WITH MY SWORD?” and then some comic creators (lol gillen) come with their shallow readings about how tony is just “Ugh. Past. Nostalgia. Ugh” when he was Literally oh god,……… Literally it was part of The Point

and then RDJ jusT CASUALLY WRITES A LOVE NOTE TO IRON MAN HISTORY BY PICKING THAT DAMN SONG LIKE “deep in December our hearts should remember then follow” and “DEEP IN DECEMBER IT’S NICE TO REMEMBER WITHOUT A HURT THE HEART IS HOLLOW” without a hurt the heart is hollow i cannot BELIEVE this stuff holy actual SHIT like guyS PLEASE when i was talking about how i wanted the comics to copy cap 3 I WAS TALKING ABOUT THIS SORT OF THING OH MY GOD


Admin Soni hereeee hiiiiiiii

So this is literally my first time writing um I hope this is okay??

Also thank you guys so much for the support on this blog it means a lot to us!!!

And pic credits to the respective owners of these pics (i just kinda picked them bc they look amazing uh)

This is to the anon who asked for it (im sorry its kinda late but)

Scenario: bts finding out they are fathers

Word Count: 1864


His jaw drops and he stares at you for a few seconds until he finally registers what you said, and then smiles the largest smile he could manage as he hugs you in disbelief. He promises to cook you the most healthy and nutritious food as he runs to the kitchen in a hurry. You laugh fondly and go after him. You ask him what he’s making, and he says it’s a surprise and tells you to go sit down on the couch and watch some tv until he is done, kissing you in a hurry. You comply, and for the next thirty minutes you can smell amazing things and your stomach is grumbling. He calls you to the dinner table, and makes you sit down. Holding your hand, he gives a little speech on how he will be the best husband and the best father he can be, and he tells you that you can rely on him for anything. You thank him for everything, and you walk around the table to sit down in his lap and kiss him. You both get so caught up in the kissing that you forget your food, forget that you’re hungry. Unfortunately, he does remember the food, and pulls away quickly, blushing. You smile, give him one last kiss, and walk back to the other side of the table. The rest of the dinner consists of him explaining the nutrients of each ingredient in his food. You let him ramble on; you can feel the excitement radiating off of him and you fall a little more in love with him. Later in the night, when you are both in bed, he tells you he loves you more than anything and that he will take care of you to the max while you nurse ‘little mario’. (he said he would think of a different name to call the baby, but you doubt it)


He asks you if it’s really true. You say it is. He denies it and repeats the same question over and over again, getting more and more excited each time. He can see you are getting a little annoyed, and decides to keep teasing you with a smile on his face. You smile too, even as you’re whining when he won’t stop asking the same question. He starts laughing, his eyes bright, as he says he’s sorry, and you roll your eyes. You say, quote, kiss me you idiot, end quote, and he holds your face in his hands as he kisses your forehead, cheeks, nose, and finally your lips. He tells you he loves you more than he loves his music equipment, and you laugh as you pretend to be honored. You tell him that he’s dumb, and he smiles and says that he knows. He tells you that he will be the best father this child could possibly have, and that your child is going to be the smartest kid in class. He said he was going to teach the baby everything he knows from the day it is born. You say that you can’t wait.

(“Babies can’t make mixtapes Yoongi”

“Too bad. Our baby will.”)


His eyes grow wide, and he screams, laughs, and hugs you as you squeal with him. After your(very long) hug, you look back at him to see tears in his eyes as he begins to wipe them away so you (and the baby, mind you) wouldn’t see. You wipe the rest of the tears from his eyes while smiling, and you tell him not to cry. He nods and goes in for the sweetest kiss, and both of you are on cloud nine for the rest of the day. He offers to make a fort out of blankets so you can relax and watch movies with him. You accept, and he starts gathering all of the pillows and blankets he can find. As you both are watching your favorite cartoon movie, you start to drift off, and he notices. He wraps you in blankets and lowers the volume so you are comfortable enough to fall asleep. And you aren’t completely in dreamland, so you feel him lean over and kiss your belly lightly. He quietly starts talking to the baby, he says he can’t wait for the baby to be born, and for you and him to start a life together. He tells the baby how much he loves you. Over the course of your nine month pregnancy, he tells the unborn baby small little things about his life, or you, or anything else he can think of as you sleep every night. And every morning, he kisses you, and he kisses the baby, and he beams.

Rap Monster:

He chokes on air as his eyes go wide, taking in what you just said, while you can’t help but laugh at his reaction. After he clears his throat, he stares at you and mirrors the smile on your face until you see his dimples. He kisses you. And kisses you. And kisses you. And he whispers how grateful he is to have you in his life and to have you here next to him and how amazing it is that a new life is going to be brought into this world and how much meaning you bring to his life and himself as a person. He really treasures you, and he makes sure you know it. You giggle and tell him he’s being really cheesy, but he says he can’t help it. There’s not a lot of talking that happens between you two; you understand each other to the point where words aren’t necessary to get your feelings across. And because of that, because of what he is actually saying, you start to tear up at his words, and how precious they are to you. You both go on with your regular schedules, but the night of your anniversary, he gifts you with a song he had been writing. He wants you to listen to it as soon as possible, he says it might be the best song he has actually written. It’s wonderful, and you know the baby thinks so too.


He gets really excited when he hears your words. Like, reaaaaaally excited. So excited, that he calls Taehyung, his best friend, and screams “TAE IM PREGNAN- wait that’s not right I MEAN SHES PREGNANT WE’RE GONNA HAVE A BABY AND-” he stops for a moment and then starts to whisper, blush rising high on his cheeks, “yes of course we did it- no I refuse to tell you ‘how it was’ what kind of a question was that?” As all of this is happening, you’re laughing so hard you need to sit down as he completely forgets to, well, basically do everything he was supposed to in this situation. He ends the call abruptly when he realizes you’ve been watching him argue with his best friend, as he remembers he should have reacted to you instead. He hastily puts his phone away as he stalks up to you, worry in his eyes. He asks if you were mad, and you pull him down on the couch too as you kiss him and tell him not to worry. He smiles and buries his face in your neck as he tells you he loves you, more than he will ever love his moron of a best friend, and pulls you down to lie with him. He officially becomes the big spoon and as you are cuddling, he softly starts rubbing your belly, lulling you to sleep with a smile on your face.


The first and only thing you see is his square smile and his eyes dancing with excitement before he picks you up, squeezes you tight, and spins you around until he remembers that you’re actually pregnant. He promptly puts you down with wide eyes as he checks to make sure that you’re okay. You tell him you are okay, and you give him a kiss on the forehead as he kneels down to the level of your stomach. He asks the baby if it’s okay, looking worried, and he puts his ear to your belly, waiting for your baby’s response. You fondly smile as you watch this scene. You gently card your fingers through his hair, even though you tell him that the baby is just starting out and it can’t actually respond, and he relaxes his body. It feels nice. You tilt his head up slightly, and kneel down with him. You softly kiss him as the evening sun casts a beautiful shadow on his glowing face. He is in a very delicate state, even though he is more excited than he has ever been. Family is the most important thing to him, and he loves his family like no other. You tell him he is going to be the greatest father with hearts in your eyes, and he tells you that you are going to be the most beautiful mother, alongside his own.


Right as you let the words spill from your mouth, you study his face for a reaction. He looks happy, but it’s not exactly genuine. He asks you if it’s really true, and you respond that it is. He looks like he is trying to be happy and excited, but instead, he looks really…insecure. You ask him what’s wrong, and he says nothing, a little too quickly for it to be okay. You stare at him for a few seconds, and wordlessly give him a tight hug. You start rubbing his back, as you feel his head drop onto your shoulder and his arms encompass you. He sobs. He starts mumbling about how bad he feels for giving you this reaction, but he can’t help it. He tells you that he has been worrying about if he is going to be a father who is good enough. About if he can actually take care of another human being if he can barely take care of himself without your help. About if he can support this family well enough to the point where everyone is happy. He is scared. You wait for him to stop crying as much as you lead him to your bed and get under the covers. After he is all settled in, after the crying has mostly stopped, you softly kiss his cheeks and you quietly tell him that he literally has nothing to worry about. You tell him that he is a good person, and that even if it doesn’t seem like it, he cares for people a lot. That we are both in this together, and that he can lean on you if he can’t accomplish something himself. You tell him that he is going to be a great father, and he wearily smiles. You stand up to get him some water, but he pulls you back down. He looks tired, but content now. He whispers that he is actually really excited to be a father. You tell him, with a small smile on your face, that it is going to be okay. He believes you.

Yep uh so I hope this was okay I hope you guys enjoyed reading this?
Some of these were all over the place but I wrote what I imagined lmao

Also happy birthday Taehyung I love you so much!!!

Arite thank you~~

anonymous asked:

Prompt: (if it's not too much to ask <3) Kobra finds a magazine with an article about Gerard's new show and life after rehabilitation, when he previously thought he was dead. Maybe he tries to rescue him, or it could just be about his and the guys reactions. Whatever you're feeling! (Love your writing, this is my favorite blog!!)

Suggest a ficlet!

(Thanks so much!)

Kobra Kid was slouched in a chair on the sidewalk, gazing at the highway in front of him. At the guys’ insistence, he had gotten up, shaved, and dressed, but the grief was still imprinted on his face. His insides were scrubbed raw, and the world seemed watery and bleak. The highway that had promised adventure when he and Party Poison first came out to the desert now seemed like an empty road to nowhere, a symbol of this desolate place.

He was about to head back into the gas station when something flashed in the corner of his eye. A girl in a yellow jacket was running down the highway. Shit. He took a deep breath, rehearsing his response to her sympathy: Thank you. I appreciate it. Yeah, it’s been hard…

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Be a good girl -Liam Payne

Relationships: Liam-Y/N

Summary: Y/N and Liam were at a party and Y/N just couldnt wait to get back home , and Liam knew excactly what she wanted so he didnt hesitate giving it to her as soon as they arrived

Warnings: Umm i dont know some dirty talk?

Notes:  this one’s for janesingsbodyelectric . Ivebeen told she will enjoy this xD

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Liiiiam cant we just go?” i groaned and he turned to look at me with a strict look.

“No. Baby I told you its very importand we stay till the end.” he said

I sighed and as soon as he saw my puppy face he got a sympathetic look and told me

“well be home in two hours just be patient okay?”

“okay” i agreed and let a sigh escape my lips

“thinking what im going to do with you when we get home will be a good way to spend your time” he whispered in my ear cockily before he walked away with simon

i caught a gasp before it escaped my lips and i shifted in my seat, now thinking of how much hed tease me..

“great” i whispered

“whats great?” i hear a voice besides me.

i turned around to see Louis in his suit drinking a glass of god knows what.

“nothing” i sighed “wanna dance?” i suggested

he noded and we left for the dance floor where we spent most of the night

~some hours later~

“Hey Y/N!” i hear Liam shouting at me from our table next to the dance floor

with a last turn and a giggle i turn to Liam just to gasp and open my eyes wide, utterly surprised by the way he was sitting

he was sliding down the chair, wrapped each leg on each side of it, with his hands behind the back of it with a cocky look on his face

“you okay?” he said raising an eyebrow as i went closer

“yeah:” i said, feeling horny again.

he tried to hide a little giggle and quickly asked me

“should we go home?”

i noded and we left the party, saying goodbye to everyone on our way out

the car back home was quiet. the air around us was heavy and i could feel the tension between us and although im sure he did too, none of us said anything.

as soon as we arrived home, i got inside and grabbed a glass of water.

“ill be up in the bedroom” liam said and i nodded slowly.

after five minutes i quickly run up to the bedroom

i stopped behind the door and quickly pulled myself together and relaxed my face so i could look normal.

yeah. so much for that. as soon as i opened the door i saw liam sitting in that exact position that made me gasped earlier but this time dressed with nothing but his tight boxers

my mouth formed a small “o” and a gasp escaped my lips once again. he smiled at me and raising one hand, he signaled me to go closer.

as soon as i was in front of him he grabbed me by my back and pulled me on top of him. i wraped my legs around his waist, and he pulled the clip off of my hair, letting them fall on my back. he hummed and kissed my neck, making a small moan escape my lips. again. and again.

after some minutes, that felt like eternity, he pushed me off his lap and elped me stand up again

i looked at him pzzled and he simply took one of my hands and put it on his chest and took the other one and brought it close to his mouth kissing and biting one finger at a tme. when he finished he simply giggled and went to the stereo. he put on a CD with sxy songs and stopped at Lana Del Rey’s You Can Be The Boss

“I like this one” he murmored and as a response i murmored “you sly son of a bitch” he heard it and smiled “lets just put it on repeat” he smiled and came back near me. 

he grabbed me by my neck and pulled me closer to him. his other hand travelled down to my bum, squizzing it tight making me feel wetter and hum into his mouth. my hands flew to his back and traveled down it leaving red marks behind them. he moaned and kissed me roughly, forcing his tongue in my mouth and putting all of his passion in it. i moaned in response and kissed back to him, thinking that this would be one very very fun night.

he sighed, breaking the kiss and pushed me away from his body. once again i looked at him puzzled and he just smiled and sut on the edge of the bed. 

“strip for me” he simply said and my heart stoped only to start beating faster than ever. i felt a heat spreading on my cheeks, and then slowly on the rest of my body.

i bit my lip and looked at his eyes which were full of lust

“you heard me"he said smiling. "strip for me”

i simply smiled and stepping back a bit, i slowly started dragging my hands up and down my body, slowly massaging myself. as soon as he started biting his lip, i decided it was time to get rid of my dress. pulling my hair to one side, i smiled and turned around slowly moving closer to him

“help me” i said and i could feel him edging closer to me. finally his hands touched my back, and slowly -painfully slowly- unzipped my dress. when he was done he dragged his hands down my bum and let them fall on his lap. i smirked and let out a small sigh

“thank you sugar” i said as i turned around and he giggled 

he again took his previous position and i took amoment to take him in before i started slowly swaying with the music, and dropping my dress to the floor.

he gasped when he discovered i was wearing his favorite black bra with the little bow and his favorite lace underwear.

i could see the lust in his eyes so i decided to tease him a bit more

“now i dont know about you” i said getting closer to him and wrapping my hands around his head “but im really bored of this song now” i continued whispering next to his ear tracing the vein in his neck with my lips

“i think ill go find another” i say moving to kiss his lips and look into his lustfull eyes

i then got off of him and moved to the stereo. 

“Ah voilla!” i said after aminute or two, puttin Skin by Rihanna on replay.

“Now thats better” I said and slowly returned to my position.

“Stop teasing me” he growled and i smiled

“well youve done your fair share of teasing tonight to remember?” i smiled as i unbuttoned my bra and tossed it to the floor

i smirked as i saw his lips part with my move

“but im going to do an exception now because i think youve waited long enough” i said quoting the song and getting my panties off too

i smiled going closer and he grabbed me again throwing me on the bed and roling on top of me. we both smiled at his move and he started kissing me pationately. 

grining his hips on mine he took a fistfull of my hair and pulled them back, exposing my neck and kissing my sweet spot making me moan loudly.

my hands started leaving red marks on his back again but this time he didnt groan instead he got up and whispered

“well you know what? im bored of this song” smiling 

i gasped as he started moving to the stereo. i slowly got out of bed following him as he put on Birthday Suit by Kevin McCall. as soon as he turned aorund i pinned him to the door and kissed him hard, putting my hands in his boxers pulling them down

although he could have pushed me away, he didnt and i smiled deciding to play a little game with him.

so i got down on my knees and taking out his boxers, i exposed full erected penis and licking my lips i got it in my hands and gave it kitten licks. as soon as i got him whimpering i licked the undershaft and took all of him in my mouth, groaning and moaning sending vibrations to him. 

with one of my free hands i rubbed his inner thigh and with the other i touched myself hoping to relieve me a bit. when i felt like he was close i sped up but he pushed me away and helped me up my feet and kissed me hard. he then turned me around and pinned me against the wall.

pushing my back he made me lean against the wal, leaving me exposed to him. he then quickly entered me and with one hand started rubbing my clit. my eyes went wide open and i whimpered and moaned and groaned and begged for him to go deeper, but he instead stopped moving and i whimpered loudly 

“oh dont be melodramatic baby” he said pulling me close to him by a fistfull of my hair. he kept massaging my clit and my mouth opened widely, all kinds of noised escaping my lips. he started moving slowly again and i groaned loudly my head falling to his shoulder.

“fuk”  whispered again and again. 

the room was filled with our moans and the air was a mix of electricity and lust, heavy by the smell of sex

he then turned me to the stereo

“why dont you choose the next song” he whispered in my ear, whilst nibling my ear lobe and i groaned rising my head just to pick Lana’s Burning Desire

“nice” Liam said and then got out of me slowly, and stoped touching me all together

“noo” i protested and he laughed 

he then took me to the bed and he lay down, dragging me on top of him.

“i want you to ride me baby” he whispered to me positioning me correctly

“i want to see your beautiful body on top of mine, i want to see the place where we connect and i want to see your face when i fuck the shit out of you” he said and i gasped, kissing him one last time before positioning my hands on each side of his body.

i started slowly moving my hips against his, but then lust kicked in and i started riding him fast and hard making sure to hit that one spot he always does.

his face was a mixture of pleassure and entertainment by how much i complied tonight

“fuck baby” he said and grabbed my hips, holding them steady as he thrusted faster than ever in me

a war tingling sensation started spreading across my body and soon i felt it exploding, making me shake, and scream out his name loudly whilst everything was blurry and all i could feel was him moving inside me. when i rode offf my orgasm he came too, screaming my name and thrusting deeper. 

when he came he collapsed on the bed but i wanted more. i kissed him hungrilly and he laughed

“baby wants more?” he said and i nodded furiously

“okay” he said and i smiled.

he got off the bed and positioned me in the middle of it.

“where are you going?” i asked and he just shrugged

“putting a appropriate song on” he said and i laughed as Neighbors Know My Name by Trey Songz started playing. My excitiment grew as he slowly came on the bed and positioned himself betwee my legs

“i really want to taste you Y/N” he said kissing my neck again

“but i want you to scream for me” he continued bitting my neck “scream my name loudly” he said licking the spot where he just bit “got it?” he the said lookin at me directlyin the eyes 

“yes” i said kissing him.

“nice. now be a good girl” he said and i felt my whole body twitch

he smiled and trailed a path down to my wetness and kissed my clit circling it with his tongue

i moaned out loud and he bit me making me gasp. he kept teasing me with his tongue, making me moan louder and louder byt the second

“FUCK LIAM” i whimpered very loudly nd as i did he put three fingers in me and started thrusting fastly

“FUCk"i screamed when he did. i threw my head back to the pillows and took a pillow in my hands squizzing it tight

"my name baby” he whispered and as the air hit my clit my whole body twitched and i felt my second orgasm built up. again everything around me became a blurr and the only thing that mattered was Liam touching me and my orgasm took over me and i came hard screaming his name and “fuck"s and "oh my god"s 

when i came down he gave my clit a last kiss making a small moan escape my lips and he then came back up kissing me roughly

"suck” he said putting his three fingers in my mouth and i eagerly did tasting my own wetness

he hummed when i released each one of his fingers with a “pop" 

he then kissed me sweetly and left to turn the stereo off

"this was fun” i said when he came back

“thats why were sure to do this again” he winked at me and i laughed cuddling next to him

Cameron Dallas Imagine (Part Nine)

Part One || Part TwoPart Three || Part FourPart Five || Part SixPart Seven || Part Eight

side note : I am going to be changing the ‘you’ to 'I’ because i am writing a lot of imagines and storys and its too complicated and i keep putting you then i then i get pissed. so yeah. and its just going to be like a story now. so yeahhhh. i think personally, its better. enjoy (:

I was so angry! I pealed her off of Cam and slapped her across her face which left a bright red mark on her cheek. She grabbed my shoulders and pushed me against the wall causing my head to hit the wall very hard. i kicked her stomach and when she bent down in pain, i kicked her shoulder which caused her to fall and hit her head on the wall. Honestly, she deserved it. She sat there in pain and finally got up. She tried to swing at me but i grabbed her wrist and tightened my grip making her fist turn white.

“Stop trying. its over. find your way out. and dont bother me again or else…” i said pushing her arm away from me. “Or else what?” she said stepping closer to me. “or else instead of bleeding from your nose, you’ll be bleeding from you eyes.” i said not moving a muscle. “Whatever, fuck you!” she screamed on her way out of the hotel room.

i turned to cameron who’s jaw was open from surprise.

“What?” i said slightly shaking my head at him. “W-where’d you learn to fight like that?” he said “I just know how i guess…i got angry…and yeah.” i said rubbing my arm.

Cam began to walk up to me and pushed my hair out of my face.

“your bleeding” he said rubbing my shoulder. my shoulder was bleed cause of that pesky bitch’s nails. ****“Im fine. it doesnt even hurt.” I said kissing him.

i walked over to the door and picked up the walmart bag with the candy inside of it. i handed cam the bag and he looked through it. he smiled and kissed my head.

After about 3 hours into the night of watching movies with Cam and eating candy, my twitter notifications blew up.

My mentions were linked to a picture. I clicked the picture to see a photo or Kareleen. she quoted with the photo “Cam’s bitch girlfriend beat me up for no reason. skank.”

–alright sorry for this being short, i have to write the other imagines for y'all purty facessss. hope ya liked it. huahhh bye. –

Red and White - Jimin (M) (TW: Blood, mental illness, death)

Based on Park Jimin’s sweater in his recent twitter update.

TW: Bloodplay, mental illness, death, tasting blood, suicide. 


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