it was so hard to find a good quality pic of this


request: Do you have a wallpaper of jungkook from the back?


There you go, bby! 💝 It was really hard trying to find good quality pics, so that’s why there isn’t many :c




im just gonna jump right in so enjoy and try not to cry



‘be nonchalant, styles. just play it cool’


this one is precious and such good quality (look at his teeth i acanf)

lil goofy pjs ask me if im alright (i,m not)

WITH FRIENDS plus the little girl. does his shirt say school idk but its cute


he is cheesing so hard…he still does this smile im upset



so animated so cute rocking that c cup

speedo and goofy ears, he should have been walking the runway (the goofy ears are even pierced and for some reason that just makes the whole thing better)


back in his blonde days (AND MICKEY SHIRT!!!)

HIS CREW NECK THE DOG HIS SHINY SHOES (tell me he was dressed for school tell me he had a disney themed lunch box tell me his mom cut his sandwich into little shapes like butterflies and dinosaurs TELL ME)


well he doesn’t look very impressed by class picture day

just not impressed at all

u got it dude!!!!!! plus STRIPED SHORTS YEA (and his hand on the girls thigh like here little girl let me use your leg to help get off of this bench, much love .xx)


playing with the older kids ;( lil blue shorts

once again who knows what hes doing with his hands…..but still adorable


thrusting his fist in the air he cant contain the excitement ‘YES GOLF CART RIDES!!!!!!!’

ah good old family photos

he sleeps with his mouth open :( look at his tiny fist :(


just casually straddling that fence like a pro (the other boy is no where near as comfortable up there that is evident)

enjoying story time and rocking that vest he has been a little fashionista since day one (do they make baby sized glitter boots? if so, he owned them)


kisseskissesskd (quirky ears before he even had the curls to make them so)

nice family beach day when harry breaks out the ninja moves

everybody was kung fu fighting!!!

working that camera! owning those angles!

just too damn cute 

Shoma’s Quadruple 2017+Plus Interview

Interview conducted in January 2017, published in Quadruple 2017+Plus magazine in February 2017.

“A 19 Year-Old’s Ideal and Pride”

A new era of men’s singles skating has arrived—the competition heats to astronomical levels as the amount and type of quadruple jumps swells.
Uno Shoma has not changed his stance on wanting to be competitive in artistry—continuing to devote himself fully in that area.
With his perseverance as a source of strength, this 19 year-old is carving his own path.
Working towards his ideal level of skating—this national champion is always giving his all.

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anonymous asked:

How do you edit your gameplay pics of Bun? I really love how radiant it looks and it's really pleasing <3

first, oh my god, thank u so much!!! ♥ second, i think you might’ve set yourself up to something unexpected, because this tutorial is loooong. but!! here we go!

this has been asked before, but i always put it off hoping that ONE DAY i’d have a consistent editing style… but i’m afraid that’s never going to happen. so this walkthrough will be messy, and weird, and have a lot of ‘optional’ stuff in it, but i will try to include everything i might do. also, i suggest you look at this link as well, because it includes every action and psd i might use while editing, as well as the blurring methods i use, my topaz settings, and a description of how i soften my pictures. so if something doesn’t make sense here, check there, and you might find your answer.

note: this is long and very picture heavy! 

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Captive Prince characters and social media HCs

Laurent owns a book blog and has a huge twitter account where he mostly talks about LGBT+ related things. He makes these long-ass threads that are very useful and are usually targeted to teens struggling with their identity and sexuality. His DMs are always open in case someone is not comfortable asking him things in public. Additionally, he’s very active in anime fandoms *coughs*yurionice*coughs* and is always effortlessly cool and can say more in 140 characters than most people can in a full blog post

Damen, also known as Exalted on Twitch, is a huge streamer, he mostly plays horror games, and his followers pay him enough that he could live off of that alone, but he loves his job as a personal trainer and he doesn’t want to quit it (that’s how he met Laurent btw). After a while his followers want to know more about his personal life and honestly all he’s ever wanted is show off his amazing fiance but he doesn’t know if Laurent would agree to show up in one of his live streams (since he’s also a bit of a public figure I guess), so he asks and surprisingly Laurent is okay with it! So Damen introduces him in one of his streams and everyone is going BATSHIT because fuck they look so hot together (these people ship them hard ok, they send them a lot of fanart). Laurent agrees to stream one or two hours a week on his own (he brings so many new followers to Damen’s account) and Damen is just so proud he could cry

All Nikandros used to do on the internet until not long ago was follow metal bands forums and has only recently upgraded to more modern forms of interacting with people online like twitter and tumblr. Laurent suggested half-jokingly that he should also open a YouTube channel and teach something like self-defense, and Nik liked the idea so much that he went and bought himself a good quality camera so that he could start shooting right away. Sometimes he gets Laurent to be in a video with him (Laurent by now is pretty confident on camera anyway) for his demonstrations

Jokaste is Instagram Queen. Her aesthetics is 10/10, she posts two or three times a day and her follower count is crazy. Featured in all of her pics are her King Cavalier Spaniel (she named her Dior smh) and expensive jewelry

Nicaise is the kid involving his whole class in prank vines, his teacher Makedon is so done™ with him but secretly he admires him because his sense of humor is so good and he seems much more mature than 14. Now that Vine is dead he has to use Snapchat but it’s not the same

Jord is a travel vlogger (that’s literally all I have please feel free to add something)

Erasmus has a music channel on YouTube. He started by posting his violin covers of pop songs and since people seemed to like them he decided to continue. He also plays the flute, the oboe and the lyre and sings a mean tenor, so he can do some pretty lit things once he figures out how to edit videos properly. A certain composer named Kallias finds his channel and falls in love with him wants to collab he’s already written 9 songs inspired by him by the time he manages to contact him

Friends to lovers!au: Johnny


• slight mention of drinking

• okay I’m on mobile so please forgive the typing quality, I just had to get this out my head because it’s been haunting me FOREVER

• edit: this turned out so long I’m SORRY

• I saw that old smrookies pic of Johnny visiting Chicago so it stirred something in me 

• Let’s goooooo

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college yoongi
  • min yoongi, the college’s resident music theory major (see also: genius)
  • seriously though, almost everyone thinks he’s a genius and his professors gush over him but not when he’s around bc they think he’s indifferent
  • but he’s not indifferent bc it’s easy to notice the little smile on his face whenever he overhears someone mention that he has mad skills or something and he just shakes his head and continues to walk
  • and if anyone ever stops him to talk about something of his that they heard he just shrugs and it’s good-naturedly and replies with “ah, i was only messing around you know”
  • so he’s obviously very humble which kinda gives people whiplash bc they didn’t that at all like most people just thought he knew how amazing he is but nope he’s actually really chill
  • there’s always flyers in like every department saying that people should listen to his soundcloud and follow him
  • the number of followers and plays that his tracks have is insane but not really bc he’s a genius and his username is min genius so i mean yeah
  • he has this really nice, chill style that’s kinda a hybrid of tomppabeats and it’s great and sometimes he uploads remixes and they’re also great
  • even uploads some of his soft rapping tracks to keep like this chill theme but if you’re into like hardcore rapping, he has another account for that
  • like the baristas in the café on campus asked if it was cool to play some (all) of his tracks and he’s like yeah sure why not
  • he even has a few eps on itunes and the ratings always surprise bc “wow people actually like my stuff??” and it’s one source of income so
  • but more about his rapping tracks. like, the lyrics are so deep and meaningful and are one of the main reasons people enjoy them
  • bc he talks about a lot of relevant stuff that he felt like he wasn’t able to talk about and they really add on to the “only few will understand” idea
  • yeah twenty one pilots are one of his many inspirations amazing i know
  • another thing that confuses people is the fact that he’s best friends with the kinda hyper sophomore & kinesiology major, junghoseok
  • like they’re kinda opposites but they’ve known each other since like middle school and they’re still really close
  • hoseok was the one they helped yoongi decide what to minor in bc he knows how much his best pal loves photography so it was a pretty easy decision to make
  • he also helped yoongi with his major bc there’s always those majors that people don’t see as being stable but yoongi defied all the odds that were stacked against him bc he already has companies reaching out to him about his composing skills
  • it was mentioned on the music theroy’s major website about students having things published and having companies contact them before graduation and he didn’t really believe it until it happened to him and it’s so cool but he doesn’t brag about it bc he’s super humble
  • okay about him minoring in photography
  • he loves taking nature pics bc it’s so nice and has such a nice aesthetic that you can’t find anywhere else
  • he studied abroad the year before in florence, italy and took a thousand pictures there bc everything was so captivating
  • so when he’s not making music or playing basketball (which he also does), he’s snapping some quality pictures of forests and sunsets and etc. and those that know him are like wow he’s so multi-talented
  • sometimes you see him sitting under a tree in the park not too far from campus with his headphones on while he works on his laptop and you can see his camera peeking out of his backpack
  • he calls the camera his life bc he was saving up forever to buy it but people buying his eps on itunes helped out a lot
  • yeah so you see him a lot in the park when you’re studying or whatever and it’s nice to watch him work even though you feel kinda creepy when you do but he’s really nice to look at and his mannerisms are so gentle idk if that makes sense but yeah
  • so you make it a habit to go to the park a few times a week and sometimes yoongi’s playing basketball with his friends and that kid jungkook tries to throw the ball a bit too hard and you’re kinda close by so it almost hits you
  • and yoongi’s rushing over to make sure you’re okay an dyou’re yeah i’m fine while clutching your chest and jungkook just stands there wide-eyed before he apologizes 20 times
  • and yoongi notices that the ball knocked over your coffee and even though he’s not all that sociable, he offers to buy you another one and you’re like nah it’s fine and he’s like okay and you’re :/ ?? bc you kinda hoped he would insist but nope
  • one of his friends, hoseok, calls him back over to finish the game but he doesn’t call him yoongi but min genius and the cogs are turning in your head bc that sounds familiar and yoongi checks that you’re okay before he gets the ball and continues playing
  • and after that you grab your things and head to your class but it’s hard to concentrate bc you know that you saw min genius somewhere so when you get back to your dorm you look it up and yoongi’ssoundcloud and itunes comes up and it clicks bc you remember seeing flyers with min genius on them
  • when you see him again a few days later you tell him that you really like his stuff and he just smiles and thanks you and he shyly asks if you’d want to grab a coffee with him bc hoseok gave him a lecture the night before about him asking you out or something
  • yeah so you agree and while the two of you are waiting for your coffee, you realize that his music is playing and you’re like wow and yoongi just smiles his gummy smile and it’s cute and he finds you cute and it turns out that you’re taking intro to digital photography and he’s like i took it last semester and i can help if you ever need it
  • the two of you hang out sometimes whether that’s meeting up in the café or at the park when he’s editing some of his music and he shows you his pictures and tricks to help you with class and they’re really amazing
  • esp the ones from florence and you think it’s so cool that he studied abroad and he tells you about it and it sounded like a lot of fun
  • he even made these little short films and they’re so nice and aesthetic with some of his tracks playing in the background and it’s so chill
  • then sometimes you find yourself making playlists for him bc the way he talks about music, you know it’s important to him and when you meet up again you let him listen to them and he has a smile on his face bc it’s good music
  • before either of you can really process it, you realize how deep the feelings you have for each other run like it’s way past just friends
  • when he realized that he likes you he wasn’t !! it was just okay so like i them in that way and it took him a while to mull it over and he doesn’t tell you right away or at all
  • since he’s been helping you with photography, you take pictures of him when he’s working on music or playing basketball with the rest of bts and create this little collection that you posted on vsco and show him and he’s like wow these are nice without really noticing that it’s him then he’s oh and kinda blushes bc you titled it ‘i like you’
  • and within a few weeks, you’re officially a thing and the rest of bangtan are so happy for you guys
  • lots of really chill dates where you watch him edit his music and photos and your bf min yoongi, well, min genius is just that: a genius that has a soft heart and cares about you and his friends a lot

Bye-bye, little butterfly.

(This pic on Twitter) Also bonus samurai Chat in a different outfit because man I love Chat in tradition clothes:

Congrats to Papapillon and all the other hardworking people whose sweat, blood, and tears made Miraculous Ladybug a reality. 

You did it!! ˚✧₊⁎˓˓⁽̨̡ ˚͈́꒳​˚͈̀*⁾̧̢˒˒⁎⁺˳✧༚ 

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Tears of gratitude and friendship below the cut:

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got7 sends mark to prom!


  • wondered if he could leave school early to get ready too
  • couldn’t find a date bc he was too shy to ask anyone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • thought about bringing jackson with him 
  • is it weird that he bought himself a boutonniere 
  • so many cameras; where to look? (youngjae jumps and waves vigorously; look here pls ) 


  • doesn’t know how to put the boutonniere on for mark, but tries really really hard
  • consults google
  • settles into a chair near the table with overly sophisticated snacks at the prom pic house
  • favorites: mini sandwiches, cheese plate, special mango salsa dip
  • the commotion is overwhelming 
  • is mark’s dad


  • mark, I really think you should wear my pin-stripe suit from the If you Do MV (mark: gaga, no)
  • yo it seriously might not be too late to attend this prom 
  • pin-stripe suit???? hm maybe 


  • so glad that he pushed mark to go with the blue suit
  • brought homemade kimbap wrapped in foil for the members to eat during prom pics
  • oh, there’s a legit refreshment table? embarrassed –> hides his plastic bag filled with kimbap from the other moms
  • fights aggressively for mark to have a turn to take a photo at the scenic arch thing everyone is taking pics at
  • is mark’s mom 


  • brought a DSLR camera for high quality pics for a high quality man 
  • occasionally takes a selfie instead of the actual prom-goers
  • yep, soo tricked em 
  • wonders what the inside of the limo is like
  • mmm free water bottles probably


  • we have to take pics at 6:30; it is the GOLDEN hr for pics 
  • hyung, let me do your hair (mark: sorry bam, prom is in like 10 minutes)
  • organizes different “creative” group poses 
  • everyone line up in height order and then look over your left side!


  • tenk you jinyoung hyung for kimbap (jinyoung: lol np yugyeommie)
  • blushin so hard bc mark looks so happy
  • what a happy maknae
  • can’t wait till he goes to prom
  • they better make just as big of a deal for me 
Laucy Thoughts - start to finish

Knowing Lauren and Lucy has dated and now no longer does is like watching a great movie with a sad ending. It’s like being satisfied knowing how great it was, how special it was, even if it didn’t end as much as you hope for - because you know it happens to people. Some couples don’t last, but that doesn’t mean what they have wasn’t real.

It was real, romantic even. But It has ended. It’s tragically beautiful.

(rant - a long ass post)

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Dating Jin would include

- “please stop feeding me this is my 8th plate since I woke up Jin”

- Jin rubbing your belly cause his food was so good u didn’t even stop eating it and now you gotta suffer

- running around after him in a robe that’s two sizes to big in the mornings and Jin’s little laugh is filling the entire room because what the fuck you’re so cute

- biting your lips sometimes and Jin just kinda smiles and takes your hand and starts kissing you like an angel

- Jin getting mad like 90% of the time when y'all kiss because you always bite his plump ass upper lip and he’s a princess don’t do it

- smothering him in hugs but he doesn’t complain at all, snuggles you closer and squeezes you until you can’t breathe

- sometimes he squeezes you so hard you fart and jimin and jungkook are roasting you for 2 hours and Jin’s just trying to make you feel better like hey…hey…its natural,,,happens to everyone

- being really dramatic in the practice room and all the older ladies put on really soft dancing music and take cute pics while Jin glides you across the room

- the annoying couple that goes to a cooking class together and ends up fighting each other with flour until y'all get kicked out and namjoon has to pick you up

- hyping his ass up whenever he starts rapping like you’re in the background rubbing his shoulders and shaking your ass while Yoongi just looks at you like, really hoe?

- “my boo raps jus like jay-z!!! You tell em!!!!”

- having a hard time differentiating between your guys’ stuff cause Jin will have the same damn pink hello kitty compact

- Christmas birthday celebrations where your lips are frozen but Jin kisses them and your suddenly on fire you face plant into the snow to get better

- his broad ass shoulders being a challenge for you, like you sit there sticking your tongue out and get a running start trying to get on his back

- Jin just sighs and picks you up to save time cause he has dinner to make

- watching interviews with him in it on the big tv screen and Jin comes in like, the real thing is here!!! But u still ignore him lmao

- slyly unbuttoning his jeans underneath restaurant tables until he gives you this look and you feel like a 5 year old like sorry mom

- screaming really loud whenever he tickles you and Jin gets really scared and you gotta calm him down

- rolling around on the floor with Taehyung and jungkook until Jin comes drags you into his room by your shirt collar while they hoot in the background

- but Jin usually just wants to take you in so you can cuddle and nuzzle your face into his neck while he hums next to you

- he’s adamant on setting himself as your lockscreen, wallpaper, desktop, Instagram profile, don’t let him handle your phone

- Jin the type to squeeze your cheeks together and kiss your little lips all lightly and cute

- “y/n, what would you say to matching hoodies?”

“Nah, Jin, I’m okay.”

“….okay well, someone is gonna have to take me to return these.”

- he gets all in his feelings whenever you knock over one of his Mario figurines and you have to sit him down and assure him you’re “never gonna make you move them, Jin.”

- he the type to play too much with scaring you and get punched in the shoulder

- sometimes you find people laughing at Jin because of his dance moves and you’re honestly so confused like ??? Jin dances so good tho?!? (You’re blinded by love)

- him waking you up at ass o click on a Sunday blasting electronic music like “you ready to clean baby?!!!”

- Jin trying to get you to eat healthy but then you’re sneaking nutter butters into the bed and he’s so tired of you

- good luck getting ready in the morning cause Jin is in every mirror, like you go the bathroom he’s fixing his hair, go to the bedroom, he’s applying Chapstick gingerly to his lips like

- can’t tell him he’s handsome more than 2 times a day, his head will explode

- sharing noodles together until one of you guys starts choking cause the other said something funny

- watching horror movies while Jin sticks earphones in and tries to ignore you

- grabbing coffee early in the mornings before Jin has to practice and he just honks for you everyday and your mama is like no, bring his ass in cause she loves Jin too lmao

- cheap with all the other members but will buy you like, a $200 baby pink lingerie set for himself and end up ripping it like 3 days later and you’re like ????

- arguing but over little shit like where to eat. (X)

- winking at him and sending suggestive little snapchats and Jin’s fucking screaming on the inside

- watching chopped together and yelling at the television screen when they set aside an ingredient

- doing his eye makeup sometimes cause he lets you do it super sparkly

- giving him goosebumps when you drizzle your fingertips over his skin and Jin shivers all cute and small

- hopping on him when he’s sitting down on the couch and he’s playing video games but he really just wraps his arms around you and twists his head so he can see better lmao

- calling him pet names and he acts like he don’t like it but he really does, just “not in front of the boys”

- doing it in front of the boys anyways and then jungkook tries to laugh but you’re like “laugh when you have even seen boobs, jungkook.”

- sharing perfumes and colognes, there’s no gender specific scents for y'all

- blowing in his ear when you guys are in line for movie tickets and then the movies forgotten and he’s dragging you back to the car aggressively and you’re into it

- assuring him that he looks 100% cute little squishy baby handsome x 1000 cute in his glasses while his cheeks give off a smooth baby blush

- tickling him whenever he’s being stubborn about something until he’s red and finally giving up on being mad

- resting into his chest while you listen to his soft little voice luring you in and out of sleep

- dramatically looking at kittens online and having to restrain each other from adopting one

- y'all probably give in and get a super cute white Persian kitty and call her snowball and give her a pink collar and you and Jin are just heart eye emoji for it

- “hey y/n, you know you’re my angel right?”

“Of course, you know you’re my prince in shining armor-”

Jimin, somewhere in the house: “hey, you guys know you’re gross right?”

- Jin is such a fucking cute boyfriend with a range of qualities that have you feeling like every day is a new day with him and you can’t express how much you appreciate him and he can’t either but he sure as hell tries and makes you feel like such a princess that you wonder why you’re so lucky to have him, and everyday Jin will make sure you know that you’re the only thing he needs in life while the rest of the boys joke about grandpa finally finding love but at least their half right 💗💗💗

Camera lense rivarly

Pairing: Yuri x Reader

Genre: fluff

REQUEST: Yuri + tease for anonie

A/n: I would like to thank a friend of mine who was kind enough to help me with this; you know who you are. Anyways, hope you enjoy this scenario, this time with Yuri! Lots of love – G

*gif not mine unless stated*

Originally posted by kwonyuri

“Fancy seeing you here, Yuri. Any good pictures yet?” Sarcasm dripped from your tongue as you made your way over to Yuri, more than satisfied with what you got. You noticed her roll her eyes before turning back to her camera, looking through the pictures she had taken. 

“Wonderful.” You mumbled to yourself as you noticed a movement from the balcony you were standing on, working quickly to snap some photos before Yuri had the chance to do so. When she reacted it was already late and both politicians walked away, making Yuri groan in frustration. She pushed past you, almost knocking the camera out of your hand. You stared at her back before she disappeared behind the corner, shocked. Since Yuri was the one making the remarks most of the time, not you, her behavior surprised you greatly. And even if you were the one to comment on something, she always had something to say back to you. 

“Snap out of it, you´re here to take photos not worry about you rival.” Listening to your own advice you followed her, hoping that she found yet another great spot. Just as you hoped she did, and she didn´t look excited when she noticed you. Feeling a little frisky, you let another remark slip past your lips, making Yuri frown.

“Seems like we´re a bit unlucky today, aren´t we?” 

“Mind your own business.” And that was where your cat and mouse game began. Wherever she went, you did too. Clearly you were right about being unlucky, since everytime she checked the photos she had taken, an unsatisfied sigh would leave her mouth. You couldn´t say that about yourself, though. You were doing absolutely amazingly and you couldn´t complain one bit. The quality, angles and lighting were so on point it almost seemed as a proffesional photoshoot. 

The party was almost over and you moved down between the quests, ready to snap some final shots of all the politics together. Like a shadow, Yuri followed you with a scowl on her face. Even your final pics turned out perfectly, satisfaction filling you up to the brim. Everyone was pushing past you as you took one final look on your work, a victorious smile on your face. One of those people was Yuri, who seemed to be in a rush. Usually she would stop by and taint you with a smirk about anything and everything. Thats why you decided to chase after her, curious as of to what was going on.

“Yuri! Wait for me!”

“Leave me alone, will you?” She screamed back, running even faster. Finally those days in gym pay off, you thought as you sped up too. You caught up with her quicker than you expected and grabbed her by the shoulder, halting her.

“What´s wrong with you today?” You were genuinely worried about her and your concerns deepened even more when you saw her tear stained cheeks. Yuri looked away, refusing to answer you. She may have been annoying when she was her normal self, but you weren´t the one to ignore a clearly sad person. You pulled her by the hand towards a bench nearby, sitting down. 

“So? Speak up.”

“Why does it bother you? Do you want to make fun of me again?” She sniffled, wiping her cheeks with the sleeve of her sweater. You sighed and scooted closer to her, swinging an arm around her shoulder, surprising her.

“I promise I´m not that evil. There´s something bothering you and that bothers me. Now go on and tell me what happened. Who knows, maybe I´ll find the time to cheer you up.” 

“My boss, he gave me an ultimatum. Either I take some quality pictures or I get fired. I can´t be fired! I have bills to pay and if I don´t have a job I´ll get evicted. Look at me! I won´t survive on the streets!” Yuri cried, more tears spilling from her eyes. You bit your lip in deep thought, your hand rubbing soothing circles into Yuri´s back. Maybe what you were about to do would cost you your own job, but you couldn´t stand the thought of Yuri losing her job. After years you had gotten so used to her that you didn´t want anyone else to replace her. 

“Take this.”


“I said here. Take my film and give me yours.” You were holding the film in your hands, waiting for her to take it. Yuri shook her head, pushing your hand away. 

“I can´t take your film. You worked hard a-”

“-and I want you to take it. Listen we´re not supposed to like each other but I kind of already do. You´re cute when you´re sad and let´s be honest, you kind of like me too.” The girl stared at you in disbelief, surely not expecting you to do something like that. Hesitantly, she took her own film out of her camera and gave it to you, taking yours in return.  After she did that you stood up, turning your back to her but not before saying:

“See ya later, rival.”


Finally received my 「Kalafina “9+ONE”」 merchandise package ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Today, I finally got my package from Japan. I feel like it took almost a month T_T. Oh well, serves me right for choosing SAL also known as “Slow Ass Lifted”.

Anyways, I got the following ┗(•ˇ_ˇ•)―→

  1. Kalafina 9+ONE Pamphlet: Find my scans here (Keiko set), here (Wakana set), here (Hikaru set) and here (group set)! ^_^ At ¥3,700 it’s pricier than most pamphlets but then again, we are getting a lovely hard cover book with 56 pages (nice kinda glossy paper, none of that matte stuff we got for some of the previous pamphlets). The only downside, the book isn’t bound too well which makes it rather fragile. Then again, that made it so much easier to scan the pages XD
    For this pamphlet the girls got to do pretty much whatever they wanted with their solo photoshoots. Out of the three sets, Hikaru’s is my favourite, she got really creative with her photos, I particularly love the collage!!! It seems so personal and up-close, Hikaru is just too precious for this world! Wakana’s pics are gorgeous as always but there’s nothing out of the ordinary (I wish they would lay off some of those effects…). I am intrigued by Keiko’s choices. The more I look at her pics, the more I love all of them (especially the one with just her silhouette and mermaid-Cakey.) Then of course there’s that pic with Wakana and Hikaru! Ahhh! My shipper heart!!(。♥‿♥。) That picture is totally representative of Keiko!
    I wish they hadn’t photoshopped the hell out of those Arena Live pics. Keiko looks like an alien in that one pic. The girls are beautiful as they are, they really don’t need such excessive photoshopping. They don’t need any at all to be honest!
    We also get some lovely and quite detailed interviews. Maybe one day I’ll have the time and energy to translate them but no promises >_<
  2. Kalafina 9+ONE Clear-File: I can never resist their clear-files!!! I wish there was a way I could have all of them but that’s just me dreaming T_T.
  3. Kalafina 9+ONE Notebook & Pen: I am a sucker for pretty stationary and I gotta say, that notebook looks really fancy with its shiny font and such. It’s unruled (which was undoubtedly Hikaru’s idea. By now we all know that she loves unruled notebooks because she can be more creative with them - as stated here) and the pages have a great quality, I will enjoy writing on them (now I just need to figure out what to use this notebook for XD). As expected, the pen is rather plain (I would have wished for a more elaborate design) but at least the quality isn’t too shabby. It’s surprisingly easy to write with it (and believe me, I am very hard to please when it comes to pens ^_^).
  4. Last but not least, I got a new custom made agenda for this year. My current one ends with this month so I decided to make a new one. I am super happy with how it turned out and I can’t wait to use all of my stickers again.

safestudyplace  asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you have any tips on how to create original content Xx

     hello lovely! jo’s here to help you out, don’t worry!
(well, maybe worry a little because I’m flying pretty much blind here, not much experience with original content or anything. but hey, you asked, i answered! also, i did this in one sitting, sorry, it’s 11pm and idk my brain’s kind of fried but i didn’t want to keep you waiting too long so here it is)

     sooo i’m assuming your probably looking for an answer like i answered about starting a studyblr and about all that stationery hype, right? well, i know you don’t want a ‘just post notes and pretty them up, you can do anything!’ kinda answer so i do hope i do your question justice…here we go! (/; v ;)/

     first, you gotta realize that hey, maybe i don’t post perfect photos with perfect lighting and everything but that’s okay. it’s okay to not have beautiful notes or photos or original content or whatever. yeah. okay. also, good original content is subjective, know that ok. now onto the actual post lol

  • Types of Original Content - so i realize that there are different types of original content you can post, so that’s how i’m gonna categorize this stuff, yeah?
    • Notes (+doodles and photos)
        • Here in general, you post notes of whatever you’ve been studying! Add doodles and little things to your notes. Post your~
      • Notes - these are usually outlined in black and accompanied by a certain color (or color scheme). Try to structure your notes when writing. Can also rewrite your notes and pretty-fy them as you rewrite. (posts about note taking here, here, and here)
        • also, people usually take photos that compliment their notes, that are either of the same sort of tone (red / yellow notes with a pic of fire or fall leaves, etc.)
      • Mindmaps - make a mindmap on a topic you’re learning about! you can find some of examples of mind maps here
      • Flashcards - make flashcards and you can use a colored pen / pencil for the term and use black or another shade of that color to make pretty flashcards. 
    • Resources
      • Post your resources! Anything that you think has helped you learn or memorize something faster, a resource that you often refer to, anything! Can be
        • a compliation of books or pdfs
        • quotes and advice and helpful things
        • your own advice and resources!
    • Masterposts
      • Make your own masterposts. Can be about anything and can cover anything! You can make a masterpost on-
        • Topics - math, language, calculus, ap subjects, etc.
        • Advice - like advice for starting a studyblr, for studying, for when to sleep, for different foods to eat, for a list of tv shows, of different apps to use, how not to procrastinate, etc.
        • Masterpost of a masterpost - make a masterpost of a bunch of other masterposts!
        • A list of anything, really.
    • Advice/Tips
      • Share your wisdom!
      • Make a list of tips, shortcuts, and advice you have and post them! You can have advice on how to get through a boring class, or tips on how to manage time wisely or beat procrastination!
    • Graphics
      • Most of the time, even notes and longer posts have graphics on them. You can make your own graphics! I make mine with Photoshop, but you can just search ‘online editor’ and make your own. 
      • Titles - make up titles for your posts (that aren’t notes). Set a solid colored background, usually pastel (maybe with a simple pattern like dotted or dashed lines on it) and put your title on it. like this post! (look at top for example, haha!) 
      • Graphics - make actual graphics. Make graphics of motivational quotes or of people or things, etc., and don’t forget to use legible, nice fonts and nice colors and stuff!
      • (if you want to know more about this, please send me an ask again / message me and i’ll elaborate more on how to make graphics because this’ll be a whole ‘nother topic to talk about)
  • Boost Your Original Content / Improve ‘Em
    • Photo Editing
      • Please pay attention to this because this is the important part! Use photo editors to make your photo look pleasing to the eye! It makes all the difference, trust me on this!!!
      • VSCO - a photo editing app that gives you basically everything you’ve ever wanted. use this, it’s not hard to navigate and gives makes your photos look professional and super nice. free and works with both android and apple. (android | iphone)
    • Taking PhotosYou’re going to want higher quality photos that look good and aesthetic and fit your post in general, right? Well, a few things
      • Camera/Focus - use your phone to take photos or whatever else you have that has a camera! just make sure that when you take the photo, it’s focused on your subject! 
      • Taking the Photo - when you’re taking the photo, focus the image. it’s best if you have good lighting (a window or a lamp, etc.) and that your background is clean (whatever clear surface. a white desk, wooden desk, etc.). 
      • Shadow - when you take your photo, try not to get shadows of your hand or the phone/camera into your picture! sometimes that means taking the picture at an awkward angle or moving backwards or putting your notes under a light source to eliminate shadows. always try not to have shadows in your photos! 
    • Aesthetic!
      • Color Scheme - try to make whatever things you have color coordinated! perhaps red with yellow and orange, or blue with purple or green and blue! 
        • - a color scheme generator. super fun to use!
    • Tagging - to boost your posts and promo your own post, tag!
      • Main tags - Tag your posts with: study, studyblr, (subject specific)blr, subject, topic, studyspo, studyspiration, +more specific tags related to your post depending on what it is.
      • Tag people - Tag studyblrs / popular studyblrs you want to show your original content to because chances are they’ll reblog or like yours! also tag your mutuals bc just do it.
  • But honestly original content is basically trying to make things either realy super helpful or really super aesthetic, so it’s really up to you to make it awesome, but i know you can, so yeah!

Other Posts Related to Original Content

(note: tbc at a later date when i can think of things to add)

happy original content creating! xoxo


Alright. I have a ton of Harry/Azoff/Stevie Nicks messages. I’m consolidating them into one post, for the most part. Let’s go.

Today’s animal gif–

Originally posted by ffunniestt

You guys are pissed and it’s nice to know some people realize this is as realistic and organic as ramyeon noodles.

(Funny story: A friend once messaged me in Korea and said, “I’m eating cup ramyeon. I think the healthiest thing in front of me is the bamboo chopsticks.”)

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anonymous asked:

How do you think that keith is in bed like apart from amazing

So Keith is (mostly) described as a great lover, even by himself (rat lol).

“Mick Jagger was quite sexy. But Keith Richards was even better. He was my best lover. He knows women and he knows exactly what they want.”
-Uschi Obermaier

“The best night of my life? The one I spent with Keith Richards. Even now it just stands out.”
-Marianne Faithfull

“If you’re gonna be a band, you can’t sit in the studio the whole time… I’d like to do more the only thing I can do really well, apart from screwing.”

So it does look like he knows a thing or two about fucking…
It is said that Keith is extremely good with his fingers and mouth. A groupie in 1966 described Keith as ‘shy and a lovable guy’, who also happened to be one of the greatest bed artists of all time: ‘That tongue!’
Also the lyrics of his song “Coming Down Again” ruin ovaries. “Slipped my tongue into someone else’s pie / tasting better every time”
Yes daddy😪
And Keith is a guitarist and he also plays bass, so I think it’s safe to presume that his he is VERY skilled at fingering as well. Fuck💦💦😩

There is plenty of evidence that the rat actually knows the anatomy of women very well and he knows how to satisfy their every need, like a certain song suggests.

“Mick is the most charming man in the world, but Keith is the better lover. He just knows the anatomy of women…”
-Uschi Obermaier (aka Our Lord and Saviour)

“The same guys (guys who don’t respect women) they never seem to learn anything about women. Y'know, they’d be hard pushed to tell you where the clitoris is. Now if a guy doesn’t know where that is situated, then he’s got a big problem ‘cos he ain’t gonna satisfy any woman. (…) I’m not going to spend my time drawing maps for guys who haven’t learned to find their way around. All I can say is that I haven’t had any complaints. I never left a woman feeling pissed off. I never had any woman chase me and tell me I’d let her down. There’s an art to that and it’s an art that has to be learned.”

Looks like he doesn’t leave women unsatisfied..
So he’s excellent with his fingers and tongue, and he can actually find the clit! Not a bad combination, huh ;)
I’ll leave the rest to your imagination..

“But, y'know, some guys don’t want to go all night. They’re happy with something a little quicker. As for myself, I’ll keep going until I run out of steam.”

Although he probably likes to quickly fuck a groupie backstage like any other rock star, it would appear that Keith could keep fucking you for a good long while. Let’s not forget he literally fucked Uschi so fucking hard she accidentally ripped off his earring. And it is said that they spent several days in bed just fucking and stuff.. Wow😳

When we start talking about BDSM or dominace/submission things or whatever, it’s quite unclear that does Keith prefer to be top or bottom.

“‘She’s in bed with a chick,’ he told Keith.
‘Don’t worry man,’ Keith guffawed. ‘Anita’s been like that for years. You want to get in there with them and teach ‘em a lesson’”

-Up and Down with the Rolling Stones

“Like we got into trouble over the posters for the Black And Blue album - with all these chicks tied up. Well, I know a lot of chicks who like to be tied up.”

So it seems that Keith does have some dominant tendecies. So if you want Keith to discipline you or “teach you a lesson” you might want to fool around with another lady. It would also appear that he’s down for tieing you up😋
We also know that Anita had whips that she used on Brian. Mmmhhh maye she used them on Keith too..😈
Who knows ;)
So after all Keith’s preferences are kind of a mystery. We can assume that he swings both ways. Early 60s Keith is a pure and innocent mouse that is probably very easily dominated, but in 68 something happened and he turned daddy, so he might have started to act that way and start having his way with all these girls that wanted him…😪 and in his True Daddy™ era in the 80s he looks like he could just pin you against a wall and ruin you :/

“I don’t think anybody realized it, because Bill Wyman usually grabbed the honors in this department, but Keith was the member of the Rolling Stones who was particularly well endowed. He was impressive to say the least. Oh my God! He had a hard-on parallel to his knee for a solid twenty minutes. (…)
“Many men are incapable of achieving even the slightest tumescence under the influence of drugs – that’s one of its many curses. Keith clearly had no such problems.”

-Bebe Buell

Clearly Had No Such Problems. And yes, it would appear that Keith’s manhood is quite impressive. In 1972 he wore those fucking jeans all the time that showed the outline on his dick and it looks very nice indeed😍😩 And we have been blessed with many photos where you can see his bulge and there are even some pictures where you can actually see his cock.😛 So he could fuck you hard with his big cock or make you gag on it tbh 💦

“I’ve never been able to go to bed with a woman just for sex. I’ve no interest in that. I want to hug you and kiss you and make you feel good and protect you. And get a nice note the next day, stay in touch.“

Keith is also said to be extremly romantic and he has many times said that sometimes he goes to bed with a woman just to cuddle with her awwwwwwww *needs a moment*
So he can be very gentle and sweet.
Also a girl who slept with him in the sixties that after they spent the night together, in the morning he cooked for her and played her a guitar :3 she didn’t forget to mention that he was a great fuck :3

“Are you kidding, man? I’m a fucking expert when it comes to wanking. Bloody hell. Quick ones. Slow ones. In-between ones.”
-Keith Richards, world champion in wanking 1955-1963

So if I took that correctly, he might actually wank in-between you fucking. Why is that hot. And I’m sure since he’s such a wanker, he’d gladly jerk off to you masturbating :/

There is no direct evidence that Keith is into kn*feplay, but this nerd has such a kinfe fetish not to mention his fucking knife collection. And according to Pamela Des Barres Keith had tied a switchblade with a leatherband to the neck of a groupie named Flo. No offense but I bet my ass that the rat is into knifeplay. I could see him gliding a knife across a girl’s chest and cutting her strings with it… Hot
(Also I should mention that he also loves dem shooters. Maybe into gunplay as well😈)

“Oh, I do like the odd fetish. Lingerie is particularly nice to look at. It’s even nicer to take off. I can’t say the same for my own lingerie. But a chick’s stuff - that’s made to be taken off. It’s part of the courting dance.”

So yeah, if you wanna get Keith really hard you should wear a sexy lingerie and he’ll probably be dying to tear it off you💦 tbh he always said that in the early sixties girls threw their panties at him and that he kept them all. And he was such a wanker.. Mmmmh I wonder what he did with them👀

And also let’s not forget that he probably enjoys biting. Everybody knows the pic Andy Warhol took of him, where he is biting a chick. So he might leave your thighs and neck full of bitemarks ;)

Also if we think about his physical qualities, he is kinda a skinny rat (which I find attractive???fight me?) but you can see that he’s fucking strong. His fucking shoulder and back muscles god… Those are made to pin you down of hold your hands above your head💦😛 and in the (daddy) 80s he started working out and his hands were like muscular af so he could slap your face hard (if you are into that idk). Also his tummy is hot. I just had to mention that. And don’t forget his guitarist fingers!!!!

So we might come to a conclusion that Keith is a blast in bed. And he seems very considerate on what you want to do. He can cuddle and make sweet love to you just as he can treat you like a whore and make you choke on his big cock. I also bet he could keep you on the edge of cumming for hours with his tongue and fingers… Yeah I’ll stop *blushes*


Teen Wolf/Buffy »»» Crossover AU

After Scott & his friends reactivate the Nemeton a transfer student from Sunnydale by the name if Buffy Summers enrolls to Beacon Hills high.

Scott immediately finds himself drawn to her, but little does he know she has a secret of her own.

Until one night they cross paths saving Beacon Hills from yet another creature of the night. Scott discovers she is a Slayer, a chosen one who must kill supernatural monsters to protect the world.

Both Buffy & Scott consult their friends to figure out how to handle the situation. Buffy decides to confront Scott and when she gets ready to strike, he tries to explain & confess his feelings.

After a long talk the next day, Buffy confesses she might like him as well and before they know it they are both giving into their feelings.

Father!Yoongi Part Two

And now it is time for our lovely lil marshmallow, our d-boy the ever so talented Min Yoongi aka Suga aka speaking of hair I’m loving the gray hair highkey I feel like yoon is someone who could pull off just about any hair color?? like he’s had black he’s been blonde he’s had orange green pink brown and he looked 10/10 with all of them but I cant even pick a favorite really I think its orange but theres also green but also black like I have so many choices fun fact I didn’t really believe he dyed his hair right away bc of that shit with the black hair before where we were like oh my god its back and then a day later it was just jk im blonde like okay I see how it is so now I wait like two weeks before I believe it

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read part 1, he has a lil daughter
  • I have this head canon that she’s like a spitting image of him
  • Like she has his eyes (and his eye smile) and his gummy smile and his lil cheeks
  • He’s the cool dad though
  • Like he’s the dad that doesn’t embarrass her in front of her friends
  • He’s pretty laidback and she picks that up from him
  • She doesn’t really have a shit ton of friends but that’s on purpose
  • Growing up and watching her father be so happy with his lil group kinda makes her realize it’s more about quality rather than quantity
  • She’d rather have one good friend than twenty shit ones
  • Her best friend is like a son to the Mins tbh
  • Like they grew up together and lived across the street so Yoongi isn’t all that worried about him
  • Yoon can’t even count the amount of times he comes home to find him sprawled out on the couch
  • “Hey mr min”
  • “Hey kid”
  • But he is protective of her
  • He doesn’t go overboard with it though
  • He understands that she’s a teenager and she’ll probably want to do the typical things most kids her age do but then is happily surprised when she doesn’t
  • She’s not really into the whole party scene anyways??
  • She only ever asks to go to one once bc she hears there’s gonna be pizza
  • He just kinda :D like that’s my kid fuck yeah why don’t we just order some here and like watch some movies you can show me that new show you were talking about
  • They’re highkey best friends
  • She comes to him with anything and everything that bothers her and he gives her the best advice he can
  • Cuddling is still common
  • One of them is always playfully whining about the other’s grip being too tight and trying to leave but both of them are always smiling
  • She still falls asleep with her head on his chest, normally mid-sentence
  • She’s just as hard working as he is so she can sometimes pull all nighters to study for tests and shit so sometimes she can’t help it
  • Plus he’s just really comfy and relaxing and his arms feel safe and warm
  • He teaches her how to play the piano
  • Something I love about Yoongi is how talented he is, like not only can he rap and create these beautiful songs that truly have meanings and depth but can also make songs that you can just relax to and have fun with
  • From a young age, he teaches her how to play so she grows up with it
  • But he also doesn’t push it onto her
  • He tells her from day one that if she doesn’t want to do anything with music he’ll understand and support her no matter what she does end up doing
  • But thankfully she does love music and she loves watching him play
  • She was the one to ask for lessons but the catch was she wanted him to teach her bc father daughter bonding time
  • She’s really good though
  • She loves loves loves playing bts songs on piano
  • It makes him so happy bc she’s always loved his music which already makes him ecstatic but to see her take the time to learn how to play it is just wow
  • He tears up the first time he hears her play let me know
  • He actually doesn’t cry much throughout her childhood
  • He cries once when she’s having a bit of a rough night and he’s comforting her and she just mumbles out a “I’ll always be your little girl right??” and it just hits him but he’s also grateful that she isn’t in a rush to grow up
  • He cries again after she moves out bc he’s so not ready to let her go yet
  • And he cries when she gets married and has kids of her own but that’s in the far far future
  • When she does move out though, he’s there every step of the way
  • He helps her and her best friend find a nice place to live, he offers to help with rent if she ever needs him to
  • He understands that she needs to learn to live on her own without his help but at the same time he doesn’t want her to feel alone in all of it so he’s just like you know if there’s an emergency I’m just 10 minutes away
  • He helps her pack up and comes across an old bby pic of when she fell asleep on his shoulder in his studio
  • He remembers the first time he held her, how lil she felt in his arms how her teeny tiny fingers couldn’t even fully wrap around one of his, how she fell asleep in his arms and how quickly he had fallen in love with her
  • He kinda stops her for a second and hugs her really really tightly with no real explanation
  • She doesn’t need one though bc she’d been waiting for that moment every since she announced she was moving out
  • She never actually moves out of Daegu though
  • She travels the world a bit with her lover but she always comes back home to Daegu
  • They never live more than an hour away from each other and honestly once she has kids, she moves even closer so the grandbbys can see yoon and you on a regular basis
  • Father!Yoongi is really chill and is just v v proud of his lil girl every step of the way and never lets her go completely like he lets her have room to grow up but he stills makes sure she calls him regularly and that they see each other and they’re just best friends for their entire lives

anonymous asked:

hey amanda, on your insta like five posts back you posted a... cart?? thats the word you used? for playing vinyl and said its good for newbies and anyway im such a newbie that i dont even know what its called, but would you provide a link? inherited a ton of old classical + jazz records and have no way to listen. and the internet confuses me with too many options.

Yeah!! I’ve been in the exact experience before and I know how rough it can be. I suddenly made the (possibly irresponsible, since I was a broke college student at the time) decision to start collecting vinyl around this time last year, and it was pretty overwhelming. I got ha-ha’d by lots of arrogant record store dudes who pointed me right to the pastel blue Crosley players without a moment’s hesitation. Fun thing about being a women trying to take up a hobby is that pretty much every decision you make will be scrutinized by a male public, sadly. It’s nerve-wrecking…but don’t give up! I never believed it until I experienced it, but vinyl really is warmer, more engaging, and in my opinion the best way to listen to music, bar none. 

This is gonna be a long post, lmao, and I’m sure I’ll get some feed back or uh..spicy hot takes from anons later, but who cares. I know your question was about cartridges, and if you like, I’ve put it right at the end of my answer for you to scroll down to. But I think I wanna start back from stage one just because I’ve been meaning to for a while. Hope that’s ok. So uh. Enjoy some pics of my two little needle-robots & an explanation of how I got them under the cut. 

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