it was so hard to do

Reading a super fluff fanfiction

Can be either super fluff you cringe or super fluff you died.

i have a lot of mixed feelings about being around little kids like.. toddlers being toddlers often sets off my sensory issues. but like all my life ive always been apparently unusually good with really young kids (like 2-8) and i actually do like working with them sometimes. like ive babysat for neighbors and i had an internship in the childrens section of a library and children just. tend to really like me. i dont know what quality i have that makes it that way but it makes me happy

i was tagged by the lovely @lydia-st-james for this music tag and… lol normally i’m terrible at remembering to do tags but this one was recent enough and i actually remembered it for once so… i’m gonna do it. (thanks for tagging me, rachel!) 

rules: list ten of your favorite songs recently, and tag ten mutuals:

1.) just friends - morgan saint i literally just found this song today but it reminds me A LOT of fsfyh so i had to add it. i already know i’m going to be listening to it a lot. 

2.) one time - marian hill

3.) archangel - burial 

4.) obvs - jamie xx

5.) local long distance relationship (LA2NY) - saint motel honestly all of saintmotelvision is a bop

6.) fire rides - mø

7.) tied down - jaymes young 

8.) jacked up - weezer 

9.) ❤️ - baths 

10.) eden - ben khan 

i’m tagging @gansaey @glyndwrr @anclreil @nyavinsky @thewarlocksbitch @burn-it-slow@neveronceintoit @lieutenantriza @billybonez @warmerer

a white probably american op using che guevara as the Symbol of their ““revolution”” is……. Something Else…………… 

i just want everyone to know that i’m about to use a fruity face mask and there’s  glitter  literally everywhere around me.

  • tumblr: "He thrust in slowly with a low groan..."
  • ao3: "His hands splayed across my chest as he whispered my name..."
  • wattpad: tHEN I woKe UP WITH a BonER AND WaS lIke WoW LETS Go mAke bReakFASt

Slytherin: Hey, Ravenclaw, you said you would help me out if I needed something, right?

Ravenclaw: Yeah, what’s up?

Slytherin: The password to my dormitory is something bigoted again, and I was hoping I could stay in your dormitory. Could I have the password?

Ravenclaw: Of course! Just knock on the knocker and answer the Eagle’s question.

Slytherin: Wait, I have to actually think of things to get in?

Ravenclaw: Yeah, what’s the problem?

Slytherin: Fuck it, I’m asking Gryffindor, they can’t possibly be asked to think.

another ol’ drawing of jack that i finally finished up ^-^

(tried soft shading for once, and tried to color jack’s hair like water since he called it “ocean waves” on a reblog a while back :p)

background’s transparent, btw! :)


Cheritz hardcore testing my devotion for this route


names get carved in the red oak tree
of the ones who stay and the ones who leave