it was so hard to color

I had a dream that I saw this beautifully-animated TAZ gif on my dash that was just the boys running against a dark background in this lovely lineless style and real nicely chosen colors–and they sort of shifted as their appearances changed by arc, or their running was occasionally interrupted by an enemy from that arc, or…I dunno, it’s hard to explain.  the point is, I was really impressed in the dream but it doesn’t exist so I guess once I’m caught up with TAZ I’ll have to make it.

Changeling Study (Eyes)

So besides being able to turn into s human what makes a Changeling so different from a troll? Well a big difference I think is their eyes. Changelings have yellow or green eyes (the sclera) and thin cat like pupils instead of round.

Both Strickler and NotEnrique have yellow eyes. Strickler is shown with mostly yellow eyes, but turn green in the dark. However, Nomura is only shown with green eyes, even in the light.

Except Gladysgro did have the correct color, but had rounded pupils/irises, however she was a minor character and it seems they reused a background troll model for her.

The same goes for two other background trolls. They have thin pupils, but they just seem to be a slightly modified version of Numora’s model.

So aside from Gladysgro and two background trolls, changelings having slit pupils is constant. They have yellow and green Sclera with either red or black irises or pupils. With the exception of Nomura we can assume Chnagelings mostly have yellow Sclera that glow green in the dark. And the only reason we see regular trolls with slit pupils and Gladysgro with rounded pupils is because they are resided character models.

This is one interesting story, as it starts off fine, but goes right to shit. The color code is as follow:

Red: Dark Knight (Fuck him)

Blue: Bard (Friend)

Green: Astrologian (Friend)

Purple: Dragoon (Me)

So, we get Keep Hard from 50 roulette. Normally an easy dungeon, nothing special. But, strangely, we nearly wipe to first boss, only managing to kill it due to my limit break. We continue on, but soon, something odd arises-the Dark Knight is struggling to keep aggro and is suffering mp issues. And then… the fuse is lit.

The tank has the fucking gall to tell our healer that he should use Diurnal Sect when he’s doing damn well in Noct, claiming that he’s a 60 AST. This starts something between them, the tank being in fucking denial about his mp problems, and getting pissy when we call him out on his bullshit. We get to the last boss, and the argument is getting heated. He just elects to ragequit, and we get a far superior Dark Knight, and finish things out.

This didn’t help the mood of our bard, who was dealing with harassment from another fc against ours. She ended up breaking down crying. You insensitive assholes, get a fucking life. You don’t know who is on the other side of the screen, and how your words could hurt them. Think before you act, because it is against the terms of use. You can and will be reported. 

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I'm the anon that asked about hair colors, and oh my God, you're so right. but I have to say grape namjoon owns my ass right now and ashy silver blonde namjoon comes in close second. what about the other members? for me it's orangey-pink hoseok, dope!jungkook (FOREHEAD), cotton candy jin, and that dark grey thing jimin had going on during & after bst (oh my God. oh my God that made it so hard to stay in my lane) ~taegi anon (they're my ults LOL)

OOO yep, grape Namjoon is lovely tbh. Though definitely for me, pink monster comes in second after blonde. 

My boi Jimin looks fancy as fuck with orange hair and I love it



ok but DADDY ASF??? wow this is great

now lets move onto Hoseok:

um. DADDY? can you just imagine how he looks with this pink hair all sweaty because ya’ll are in bed and he’s going rough and I JUST-

I LOVED J-Hope during the BS&T era, I feel like his orange hair suited him so well 

then there’s jin. my beautiful lovely jin that I JUST LOVE SO MUHC

oh dear neptune

idk jimin with his grey/silvery hair…i think it was just me. but. Okay but I’m thinking about THIS interview and idk he just gave off such a bothered vibe? I mean, I think we can all agree all the boys during the BS&T era looked like sugar daddies and I loved it but whenever I think of silvery haired Jimin, i think of this interview and think that it looks like he’s totally holding back and/or bothered for some reason


but look at this daddy i can’t even-

im choking-


this one. the one he’s got right now because honestly, it looks so good on him and gives him such a grown up vibe idk man 

Writing Challenge

Pick your favorite food, and describe it. 

Start with how it looks. Describe the colors, the shapes, the presentation, whether it’s in a bowl or a plate, and anything else you can think of.

Now, for how it sounds. Say the name of the food out loud, and write about that. Are there a lot of syllables, or is it a short word? Hard to pronounce, or simple?

Then, write about how it smells. Does it have a strong smell, or not so much? Does the smell remind you of anything? 

Move on to how it feels. This is even more fun if it’s messy food, to be honest. Describe what it’s like to the touch. Is it hard? Soft? Hot? Cold? Rough? Smooth? 

Finally, finally, write about how it tastes.  Is it sweet? Sour? Salty? Savory? Does the taste remind you of anything else? Try to avoid saying if it’s good or bad. Instead, describe it in such a way that a reader would KNOW it was good, without having to be told.

The purpose of this is twofold: 1. It’s supposed to challenge your ability to write descriptions.

2. It’s supposed to make you hungry. (So you can reward yourself with your favorite food, obviously.)  Because if you can make yourself hungry? One day, you could probably make your readers hungry.

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A concept: Viktor doesn't start having his stress incontinence issues until after Yuuri moves into his apartment with him. Yuuri realizes something's bothering him pretty quick (hard to keep secrets when you share a bedroom). Good news is Viktor has a super supportive boyfriend to help him from the start.

This is so sweet ;; It must be so upsetting to have this happening right when hes meant to be returning to competition, so he will really need Yuuris support. Yuuri wont let him ignore it when he first starts struggling either, he will bring him to the doctor straight away and hold his hand the whole time so they can start working on it right away. And since its just the two of them in the apartment itll be a bit less stressful for Victor since he doesnt have to worry about hiding it from everyone all the time.

Plus having an ally from the start might help keep it a secret from everyone else. Since Victor has someone to hide behind or ask for help if hes struggling. And someone to cuddle with if hes upset or stressed about it ;; He knows Yuuri will never be angry with him or disgusted - I think his patient reassurance will go a long way convincing Victor its nothing to be ashamed of.

Reading some you tube commnents under got7 vids get on my nerves 

when every members recaived some positive comment like they are handsome , cute , sexy, beautifull voice etc .

then there is Jackson comments - only freaking complains

why he didn’t speak cartonese? ( his speach was in mandarin)

why he lipsinching?(when he wasn’t )

why his voice is so low ? ( thanks god his voice is lov , his voice is SO unique in this kpop world  and damn sexy why even complain????

I prefer him in blond…..( I prefer him in every color )


Mayby I m too overprotective , but I really noticed it happened often

he try really hard to make everyone happy, work hard at practice to imrove his dance and voice and most important  he REALLY i MEAN REALLY CARE AND LOVE HIS FANS SO why can’t recaive the same from us????


A ray, some eels, fish in general, and some sweet cephalopods!

I’m not sure what type of ray that is unfortunately, it’s very hard to tell from the picture and they had a variety of sharks, skates, and rays in the tank it was in, but look at that swoosh! 

Then there are the eels! They were oddly active, or at least out and about. The first big guy I think is a moray (possibly a giant moray eel) and I think possibly the second one too, but I’m not very sure since it was hard to tell its color (it was very shiny in the picture, I had to add a filter just so it didn’t look like a white blob). 

Then there’s just a nice aesthetic shot of one of their fish tanks! One of the great things about aquariums and I guess the ocean in general is the nice color schemes 10/10.

Next is the Chambered Nautilus, a cool little fellow and the only cephalopod to still have a shell! While others like the squid and octopus have evolved passed having a shell, this guy is still chillin (they are so cute, they swim shell first so there are some videos around of them bumping into stuff).

And then we have the beautiful boy! The Flamboyant Cuttlefish! I was so surprised they had these but I am so happy they did. These guys are my absolute favorite! They typically walk along the floor and even when they float it’s not very high. They are known to change colors to show off they’re toxicity (they are very toxic, they’re not just being sneaky) and you can see that coloration in the last pic! I think the little guy might’ve been a little scared of me or the other people at the tank, but he was such a cutie! I also have a video of them that I’ll upload later too! 

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If bullet club members were a drink what drink would they be?

Okay I’m going with alcoholic drinks on this one because the names are just spectacular.

Kenny Omega - The Pac-man because Kenny is a giant nerd and he’ll knee you in the face so hard you’ll think you’re getting chased by colorful, adorable little ghosts.

Adam Cole - Panty Dropper for obvious reasons. As a bonus, it’s delicious.

The Young Bucks - AMF because it’s bright and will superkick your brain into drunkenness faster than most drinks. And it’s called Adios Motherfucker, I mean how could I not choose this one lol

**Not Bullet Club related but these have to be added. Shibata is a screwdriver. Simple, but effective. And Dalton Castle is Sex on the Beach**

This was WAY too much fun. If you’re bored send more wrestlers and I’ll find funny cocktail names for them.

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Hi! I really like your blog :) I have the thing on my dash where you can see each blog's theme colors, uk?? I just wanted to let you know it's super hard to see what people ask because of the lighter background. Not sure if that's something you can fix, but I love your content so I thought it was worth the effort to mention!

I will have to look at that, because to be honest I don’t know what my blog theme colors even are. Thank you or letting me know

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Name: Taylor

Nickname: Sometimes people ironically call me “muscles.” 

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 5′3″

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Favorite Color: EARTH TONES. Olive green and brown. Maroon is also nice.

Favorite Animal: I love jellyfish the most most.

Avg. Hours of Sleep: SUPER bad, drug-resistant  insomnia. Sometimes I’ll go a few days without any at all, other times I’ll get something that resembles a normal nights sleep.

Cats or Dogs: I love both, but cats <3

Favorite Fictional Characters: This is so hard. Lance from Voltron, Sokka from AtLA (basically the same person lol), Garnet from Steven Universe.

Favorite Signer/Band: Probably Fall Out Boy. 

Dream Trip: The Studio Ghibli museum in Japan!!!!!!

Dream Job: Aah, I have so many! I’m working as a molecular biologist tech now, and I love that. But I’d also love to be a writer. And I’d love to make cartoons???

When was the blog made?: Like three days ago lmao

Follower Count: 44 lovely friends <3

What made you make this blog? For the fics, brah. Maximize the sickfics I can find and read and write and share. It’s all about having and sharing and giving and receiving (FRIENDS reference, anyone?)

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Hello! Your art is really cute and the way you color is so nice! May I ask what kind of brushes you use?

o hi i use DanLuVisiArt’s brushes theyre super good,, i only mostly use the hard ink brush tho and set the opacity to pressure and BAM
well i either use that brush or the basic brushes from photoshop ( also opacity set to pressure )
heres a draw of my oc with it :3c

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who are the mothers of the children that you use in ephemeral bonds (some of the hair color of them are pretty hard to tell)

From top right: Anna, Setsuna, Kagero, Hinoka, Camilla, Selena, Nyx, Mozu, Charlotte, Hana, Peri, Felicia, Effie, Orochi, Sakura, Oboro, Elise, Beruka, Azura, Rinkah


These are some fun ones I wanted to test out since the Vox file was my 6th one. And I kept them the same as in game because Ephemeral Bonds is a personal narrative of my experiences/thoughts.

So yeah!