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This show and this fandom has truly been a blessing. It’s a community expressing their love for a gay interracial couple, empathy towards anxiety and crippling self-doubt, and the utmost support towards Kubo-sensei - an unwavering, hard-working creator. I’m so deep in this fandom I’d sooner learn to lick my own butthole before ever leaving, so call it a bias. But damn. I haven’t felt this moved and motivated by fictional characters in a long while. 。◕‿◕。 💗 Thank you all. We wouldn’t be seeing the next level without every one of us here.


Sondertale: Chapter 1 - Part 6 (1 / 2)


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So it was Sans all along! I was genuinely surprised so many people were thinking it was actually Chara. That was kinda awesome :D

Also I love love LOVE drawing Flowey’s faces now

I tried really hard to finish the entire update to post all at once but I’m super tired and it was half done and I wanted you guys to have more of the comic sooner because you’ve all been waiting so patiently :) I’ll finish the second half over the weekend and post it as soon as it’s done!


Hello, my darling anons!

I know I literally requested these asks in my tags, BUT THANK YOU FOR OBLIGING ME SO BEAUTIFULLY. I’m a bit late to the game when it comes to talking about 2jae’s Extremely Close Interview because I haven’t had much time to keep up with GOT7 lately, and I know that the wonderful @huggableyoungjae already talked about it so beautifully, but I NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS MOMENT AS WELL BECAUSE:

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Once Bitten, Twice Tagged

So yesterday I was tagged by Wolfie (@desayunogratis ) and I was gonna make a post, but then I got caught up in other shit and forgot, until today when I also got tagged by Nick the Great and Powerful (aka @a-new-american-classic

  1. Vampire Weekend, A-Punk
  2. JET, Cold Hard Bitch
  3. New Order, Bizarre Love Triangle (The Crystal Method Extended Mix)
  4. Ingrid Michaelson, Incredible Love
  5. N*E*R*D, Sooner or Later
  6. BT, Satellite
  7. Broken Social Scene, Sweetest Kill
  8. Garbage, Breaking Up the Girl
  9. CAKE, She’ll Come Back to Me
  10. The Avett Brothers, I and Love and You

Okay. That was a little weird so honestly I’m just going to leave it here. I’m supposed to tag other folk but I haven’t been on Tumblr in ages and I don’t really know who’s been tagged or who hasn’t or anything I should know, so like: @mikeyj529 BAM you get tagged. And umm @aquietjoy2 BAM you get tagged. And @ponderingcomplications BAM you get tagged. I just don’t know people anymore. It’s sad.

*This is how long I’ve been away from Tumblr. It took me like five tries to get his URL correct.
**I had to Google how to do this coz I’d never done it before. Turns out it ain’t too hard.

The Chapstick Challenge

A/N: I said I wasn’t going to post this until I got home, but I thought I would be home sooner so I’m just going to go ahead and post it now. The link won’t be added to my masterlist until I get home, though. I hope you guys enjoy this imagine! I worked really hard on it and I thought it turned out pretty well. Overall, I thought it was too damn adorable while I was writing it. Also, I wanted to thank @imaginative-neverland for helping me with the plot. I had the idea, but I was stuck on how to continue it so she helped me and @johnsonxstilinski wanted me to tag them, so here it is! :) xx

“Hello everyone! My name is (y/n) and—Robbie!” (y/n) squealed when she felt her boyfriend’s fingers—who was allowing her to sit on his lap in order to try and hide his figure from the camera’s view—dig into her sides, interrupting her intro.

Robbie came out of his hiding spot from behind (y/n) by placing his chin on her shoulder with a false innocent look on his face. “What? I didn’t do anything!”

With a playful roll of her eyes and a giggle escaping her lips due to Robbie’s breath tickling her neck, (y/n) shrugged him off of her shoulder and removed his hands from her waist. “Would you behave? I’m trying to start the video and I can’t do that if you’re distracting me!”

“Mm, but I love distracting you, love,” he hummed, placing a sweet kiss on the crook of her neck.

“I know you do, but if you keep distracting me then you won’t be able to kiss me,” she taunted.

Robbie raised his eyebrow in confusion. “And why not?”

(y/n) smirked triumphantly. “Because it’ll be your punishment. No video, no kisses. Your choice.”

Like the child that he pretends to be, Robbie pouted when he heard what his punishment would be if he didn’t comply. “You’re mean,” he mumbled before getting back in his position so that (y/n) could finish her intro.

“Hello everyone! My name is (y/n) and in today’s video, I will be doing the Chapstick challenge with my boyfriend, Robbie–”

“Hi!” Robbie greeted, propping his head on (y/n)’s shoulder and wrapping his arms around her waist when he heard his name.

As if she hadn’t realized that Robbie had interrupted her, (y/n) carried on with her intro. “I’m not really going to go into much detail about what the Chapstick challenge is because I’m sure you guys will understand the concept of it once we get started. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into this!”

Removing (y/n) from his lap so that they could do the challenge properly, Robbie scooted over on his girlfriend’s bed to give both of them room while making sure that he was still in the camera’s view and that the items that (y/n) had placed in front of them earlier didn’t fall off of her bed. Once he was situated, he grabbed the bowl full of various types of lip balms and the blindfold that they would be using for the challenge.

“Before we started the video, (y/n) and I went to Target and we each purchased five different flavored Chapsticks, which we have mixed in this bowl. We know which ones are which, but whatever our hand touches first, we get to use on ourselves for the other person to guess the flavor and since this is (y/n)’s channel, I vote that she goes first,” Robbie explained, not giving his girlfriend much of a choice as he tied the cloth over her eyes.

Although he couldn’t see her, Robbie knew that (y/n) was rolling her eyes under the blindfold as he reached into the bowl and pulled out the first Chapstick that his fingers brushed, showing it to the camera for (y/n) to add text of what flavor it was later on when she edited the video. (y/n) could hear the cap coming off and the sound of Robbie smacking his lips together after applying the smooth substance onto his lips.

“Ready?” he asked, cupping (y/n)’s cheeks with both hands.

“Mhmm,” she hummed, nodding in response.

With a mischievous smirk on his face, Robbie leaned forward as if he were going to kiss her but, at the last minute, licked her face instead.

“Robbie!” she squealed.

Chuckling, Robbie leaned forward once more and placed a sweet kiss on his girlfriend’s lips, the kiss lasting long enough for her to get a taste of what flavor the Chapstick was. Once she got a good taste of the flavor, (y/n) broke the kiss in order to make her guess.

“Mm…is that raspberry I’m tasting?” she guessed, gently smacking her lips to get a better taste.

Peeking down at the label, Robbie groaned in defeat when he saw that (y/n) had guessed it correctly. “That would be correct. How did you guess that? Even I couldn’t tell what it was and I was the one that applied it on my lips!”

Once she heard that she had guessed the right answer, (y/n) pulled the blindfold—which was really one of (y/n)’s bandanas—off of her head and untied it in order for it to fit Robbie’s. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I know my flavors better than you do,” she teased as she tied the cloth around her boyfriend’s eyes and applied the Chapstick that she touched first—after she showed the camera what flavor it was, of course.

Doing the same thing that Robbie did to her, (y/n) cupped both of his cheeks with her hands and connected their lips in a loving kiss. When she felt that he got enough taste of the flavor, (y/n) discontinued the kiss.

Robbie licked his lips pensively, trying to guess the flavor. “Bloody hell! What flavor is that? Is that strawberry?”

(y/n) smirked triumphantly when Robbie guessed incorrectly. “Nope! It’s watermelon.”

At this, Robbie tugged the blindfold off and gaped at her in shock. “You’re kidding!”

“No, Rob, I’m not. It really is watermelon,” she confirmed, unable to contain her giggles as she showed her boyfriend the labeling.

Robbie groaned when he read what the flavor was. “This is going to be a long video,” he grumbled.

(y/n) couldn’t help but to playfully roll her eyes at her boyfriend’s dramatic groan, but the two carried on with the video nonetheless. After two out of the five rounds, Robbie was able to guess at least one of the flavors while (y/n) had guessed all of them. However, Robbie didn’t care. As long as he got to kiss (y/n) and guessed one out of the five flavors, Robbie was perfectly okay with being a sore loser; and, in the end, he was.

“Alright guys! That’s it for this week’s video!” (y/n) started her outro, finding herself placed on Robbie’s lap once again.

“If you liked this video, especially because I suck at challenges, make sure you give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to (y/n)’s channel. She posts new videos every week,” Robbie continued.

“Bye!” the two of them waved to the camera before Robbie rolled them back onto the bed, ending the video.


i figured id have to stop procrastinating all the time and do one of these sooner or later, so here it is! (this is also my first original post lol)

hi there!! my name is natalie (hence the username) and im 13. i was born in hong kong and right now I live in qatar, aka the bleakest sandpit ever. i used to read a lot, but as time went on that kind of dwindled because i was always busy or procrastinating (as always) so im kinda trying to read more and stuff. dont get me wrong, I love reading but its kinda been hard to find time for it lately. i love percy jackson and don’t read harry potter :p (dont kill me pls)

i really need some brushing up on organisation and stuff and tbh i need to study more to reach those good grades, so I created a studyblr!! i love love loVE stationery and im probably ordering the zebra mildliners and pilot juice pens anytime soon (yass!!). cant forget the beauties that are muji and daiso! ban.dō is also one of my faves and their stuff is so cute oml and i could go on and on for ages about stationery.

i love maths and science and the mfl (modern foreign languages) im taking (which are french and german), they are like literally the only subjects i can stay interested in. history and geography are actually quite interesting but i get so bored of it really easily. 

i play the piano (meh typical asians) and I’m a ukulele beginner. id really like to become better at it, even though i dont take any lessons for it or anything. i learn from this wonderful place called the internet!! oops this is getting ridiculously long so ill stop here. ty for reading if you made it this far!!

oh and

fun fact: im left handed lol

I hate when autism is referred to as an illness or disease. Yes, it is officially called a disorder, but I want to believe that sooner or later everyone will agree that autism is a neurotype. It’s hard to distinguish between being different and being ill, so I’ll try to explain via a metaphor. Jaguars and leopards are species of big cats. They are quite similar in looks and behavior, to the point where a person who doesn’t know much about them wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Yet they have significant differences. Now imagine a man who has never seen a jaguar and worked with leopards all his life establishing a wildlife refuge for leopards. He knows them very well and builds it in a way that will suit them best. He has a lot of leopards living there and people bring them in quite often. Then one day several jaguars are delivered to his refuge. The man can tell that they look slightly different, but because he has never seen a jaguar before he decided it’s just a new subspecies of leopards. He puts them in his refuge. But because jaguars are not at all leopards, they don’t like their new home very much. Leopards are excellent tree climbers, while jaguars are not that good at it. They are great swimmers, and they hunt in rivers and lakes - but there is no rivers or lakes in the refuge. Leopards eat rotten meat like its no big deal, but jaguars only eat fresh meat. Leopards have mating seasons but jaguars don’t. They also have different prey and hunting styles. The man can’t understand why these new strange leopards look so weak and unhappy, so he concludes they are ill. He tries to teach them climb trees and feeds them not very fresh meat and doesn’t let them swim in tiny pods he has in the refuge. He thinks that he will cure them, make them happy. But it’s impossible. Because they are jaguars and they just need different conditions, a different refuge. If only the man knew they are not leopards! The same goes for autistic people. We are jaguars living in a world made for leopards. Our needs aren’t satisfied and we are forced to act like neurotypicals because everyone thinks we are ill and they can cure us. But what we need is an environment made for us where we can be ourself. Because no amount of yelling, medication and ABA can turn a jaguar into a leopard.

autopistaaningunaparte  asked:

Oh my God, Bev... 😭😭😭 Just read it... I'm crying so hard... It was beautiful, and so sad, and you're so talented 😭😭😭 I saw the post about tags not working, mine is one of those! But worry not, it'll be sorted out! (I hope it's sooner than later) xoxo 💜💜😚

Thank you sweetheart!!!! This means a lot to me!!! And yes damn tags! I don’t know what happened! I’m glad you liked it…it made me cry too..

Whiskey Lullaby

11 Tag

I was tagged by @marvelbase001… Thanks hun!

So, the rules are ;

a) Always post the rules, answer the questions then write 11 questions of your own.

b) Tag 11 people and link them to the post.

c) Tell the person who tagged you that you’ve answered their question

So my 11 questions were:

1) Why did you start your Tumblr? the lovely @frenchybell talked me into it.. well she didn’t have to push me too hard.. I never knew this existed until she told me..probably would have been here sooner if I had known.. I love to write!

2) Anyone special in your life? yes, I have my wonderful, pain in the ass boyfriend.. we’ve been together for little over 2 years now

3) Top 3 Fandoms?  SPN, TWD, anything Marvel

4) Any ships? I read some but I don’t write any

5) Any advice for new writers? Advice? Quit doubting yourself! Write what you feel and put it out there.. no matter how much you write, edit, re-edit, and re-edit again, you will NOT please everyone… so write for yourself and have faith in what you write!

6) Is there anything you would change? (in your life, movie, or book?) hmm, in life, I would never have married my psychotic ex .. a book.., nope.. my fav is Dark Tower series and King wrote it perfectly!… movie..idk really know

7) Who on Tumblr has helped you the most? obviously @frenchybell was the first to help me, she showed me the basics.. several others have been a tremendous help when I was getting started.. they answered my silly, crazy question when I knew absolutely nothing about Tumblr… @moonlitskinwalker @ilostmyshoe-79 @sdavid09 @chelsea072498 @impala-dreamer and several others

8) Favorite Time of the year and why? Sping.. I get to thaw the winter out of my old joints!

9) Favorite thing about yourself and why? I guess my heart.. I really care about others and love to help ppl out.. not bragging by any means, but its just the way I am

10) Favorite thing about your best friend and why? currently my bestie are my friends on here.. they are wonderful ladies, will talk about anything, extremely helpful, and usually there when you need a shoulder to lean on.. love you all  @impala-dreamer @frenchybell @babypieandwhiskey @atc74 @idreamofhazel @inmysparetime0

11) How would you describe your personality? I feel like I am extremely easy going, easy to talk to, probably a little too over protective, and unfortunately a tab bit too sensitive

My questions to pass on:

1) Your favorite thing about Tumblr?

2) How long have you been on here?

3) Your absolute must have things in life in general?

4) The one fic you are the proudest of?

5) The blog you secretly follow from afar?

6) Who is your biggest Tumblr crush? the one you would fangirl over the most?

7) 2 things about yourself that you haven’t shared in one these things before?

8) If there a fic you have wrote that you might have done differently? or one you have been toying with to make a sequel out of?

9) How long have you been writing? (not just on here)

10) How often or do you like to post new writers works to help get their name out there for others?

11) The one thing you dislike the most on Tumblr?

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Exo Reactions To You Telling Them That You’ve Been Raped Recently

First off, I know this is a very serious matter & I did my best to be as sensitive as I could. Please do not be mad if there’s something in here that seems insensitive. I would never do that on purpose & I would never joke about something like this. I just didn’t want it to be overly emotional. I tried to make each reaction different based on the types of people there are. Some people want to talk about it & some don’t so I wanted to show that. xo


/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: “I wish you’d told me sooner… but I get why you didn’t.” *feels guilty that he wasn’t able to protect you, pulls you closer & hugs you tightly, stroking your hair & kissing your shoulder*

Chanyeol: *looks at you in shock, not sure what to do or say, or even if he should speak at all - he walks over to you & embraces you in his arms, whispering that he promises to never let you get hurt again*

Chen: *as you speak, his face falls from his once bright smile to a dark expression of almost anger, each word out of your mouth hits him harder & he has to force himself not to scream in fury - he holds your hand in his & runs his thumb along the top of yours, telling you silently that he’s here for you*

D.O.: *his tears fall freely as he hears you spill your secret, he’s upset mostly with himself because he never thought something like this would ever happen but he didn’t think to ask why you’d been acting differently, he apologizes to you with a low, raspy voice & asks you if you’re okay*

Kai: “When did this happen?” *his voice is serious & full of remorse, when you tell him the date, he stands & balls his fists at his sides* “I wasn’t here! I should have been here! I could have stopped it!” *he tears up a little & looks at you in an apologetic way* 

Kris: *immediately pulls you closer & hugs you, not speaking or making a sound, he breathes against your neck & you can feel the pain he’s in from his staggering breath*

Lay: “I’m going to kill whoever touched you! I don’t care if I go to prison. They deserve to die. They deserve to pay for what they did.”

Luhan: “Wh- I’m so sorry.” *he feels responsible but doesn’t let himself get swept up in his own feelings & begs you to tell him if you’re okay*

Sehun: *silently stares off out the window, you can see a hint of something in his dark eyes but he doesn’t tell you what he’s thinking, he gets up & walks over to you, kissing you passionately & resting his forehead on yours* “Never again. I swear it.”

Suho: “Do you think you’d be okay going to the police? I think that’s what would be best… Unless you’re not comfortable with that yet. Then I totally understand. I’m so sorry.” *he holds you, never being too forceful & not wanting you to feel pressured to talk about it*

Tao: “Tell me who it was. I’m not going to just let them get away with this. You don’t deserve to have these things happen to you. I’m going to deal with it.”

Xiumin: *after being quiet for a long time, waiting for you to finish speaking, he looks at you directly in the eyes* “I know that was hard for you to tell me. I want you to know I don’t expect you to be happy or pretend it didn’t happen. If you want to cry, you can. But at some point… we need to tell the authorities. They can save someone else from this.” *he holds you like he’s never going to let go & waits to kiss you until you say it’s okay*

DRAMAtical Murder Drama CD vol. 5 Ren X Aoba Summary

So I tried to make a translation summary of the RenAo drama CD as soon as I got the CD earlier yesterday and listened to it. I could have finish this sooner but I was taking it easy by playing sword boys first before I listened to the CD in the night. I didn’t thought that the dl link will be out this early anyway, lol.

Sorry if there are many things that is hard to understand and my writing skill and grammar is nowhere near good, but hopefully it will be helpful for all of you!

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Lately I’ve been posting too many words on this blog and that’s annoying me so I’ll keep this as short as possible

About the suggestions in my askbox - they’re a lot and I enjoy and appreciate every single one of them, and those I mean to draw I will draw sooner or later, but there’s also a lot of other stuff I want to doodle and this period is, for various reasons, making it hard to find the time/will to draw, so I wanted to ask you all to be patient

There also are some I loved and enjoyed and I’m really seriously happy you decided to share with me, but that I’m still not going to draw. For various reasons that go from “I don’t really feel it” to “this is the kind of stuff I just won’t draw, even if I don’t mind seeing someone else drawing it” - which brings me to the last thing I wanted to say

guys I’m just. Never going to draw b[okur]o comics that have sexual themes, even if they’re just vaguely so. And I also won’t draw anything with the “bros” theme. Generally the point is that I started drawing these comics specifically because the b[okur]o fandom only had sex and no homo stuff and I needed happiness and fluff and romance and that’s what I’m drawing, I just got so overloaded with how much r18 and friends-with-benefits and we’re actually just bros stuff there was around that I have absolutely zero interest in adding any more

sorry bout that, I guess

I’m so sick of seeing Onision’s disgusting bullshit tweets about Kesha and how she’s wrong for not speaking up sooner. Not only is that a hard thing to speak about but she was also so new the the business and making music and her fucking contract, she probably had no idea what to do and he’s posting fucking garbage about it being her fault. She’s a person and a victim and he’s blaming her, I always knew he was ignorant, but I didn’t think it was this bad.

Bucky Barnes (Something Familiar) Part 3

Originally posted by natpekis

Summary: So the reader was pretty much taken control of by Hydra, same as Bucky. Just when the reader tries to piece her life back together, The Avengers come asking for her help. But when she get’s to know Bucky Barnes a little more, she kept help but feel something familiar.

Word count: 2,168

Warning: Cussing (Whatever. we’re Tumblr come on :/)

A/N: Hey guys sorry I didn’t post this sooner I was really busy, but i’d have to say this is my favorite part so far. I really hope you like it and everything cuz i woked really hard lol. 

Part Two Here: 


The sun peaked through your window, warming up your tired body. You stretched your arms up and yawned, wiping your face sloppily. After Bucky left your room last night, you had the best sleep you’d ever had in weeks. His words still rang through your ears

“No Problem, Doll.” 

You smiled happily and the nickname he had given you. You got up out of bed and put on the clothes you’d be wearing for the day. The Avengers were going to be holding a briefing for you to tell you all the information they’ve acquired about Hydra and their whereabouts. You din’t know what you could possibly do to help them, but you try the best that you can. After getting ready, you hustled out of your bedroom, hoping to get something to eat. you went down into the kitchen to find that there was already people eating there at the table. 

A man at the table was shoveling oatmeal into his mouth when he spotted you in the corner. “Is this her?” He mumbled in between bites.

“Yes, that’s her. And stop talking with your mouth full Clint, it’s disgusting.” A red-headed woman scoffed, sitting across from him. “Hi, I’m Nat. And that slop over there is Clint.” He waved his hand at you, not really paying attention. “There’s some cereal in the cabinet over there if you want something to eat.”

“Thanks.” You sheepishly smiled at her and made your way over to the counter. You opened the cabinet to find the cereal on the top shelf. You grumbled, unable to reach it when a cold hand wrapped around your waist, causing you to jump. You saw a muscular arm reach up and grab the cereal, bringing it down to you. You turned around to see who it was and sure enough, it was the famous Winter Soldier you saw the night before.

“Here you are.” he said, placing the box into your hand. “Good morning (y/f/n).”

“Good morning Bucky.” You flustered being so close to him. 

Him backed away slowly, noticing this. “How did you sleep.” He leaned on the counter next to you, waiting for your reply.

“Um, good i guess.” You stuttered. “Thanks again for helping me calm down last night. I really appreciate it.” 

“I was happy to do it, Doll.” You smiled at him for calling you that nickname again. The way he’d said it made you feel something inside you. As if it were something you should remember, but you had forgotten. 

A loud groan distracted you from your thoughts as Tony Stark came out wearing sunglasses, holding a glass of water.

I can’t believe I’m seeing Tony Stark in the flesh.   

“Who’s this chick?” he whined, slumping into one of the chairs.

“That’s (y/f/n) (y/l/n), Tony remember? She’s going to be helping us track down Hydra. I sent you her file this morning.” Nat said, taking empty plates to the sink. “And where were you last night?”

“My friend was hosting a party I unquestionably had to attend. For work related reasons of course.” Nat rolled her eyes at Tony’s excuse. 

“And that’s why your hungover?” Bucky interrupted.

“Exactly Frosty.” Tony smirked. You giggled at the pet name, Tony gave Bucky. 

“It’s not funny.” Bucky frowned.

“Your girlfriend over there thinks it is.” Tony said, motioning towards you.

Bucky quickly scooted away from you, “She’s not my girlfriend.”

“Whatever. I still see some sort of sexual tension between you two.”  Both you and Bucky looked at eachother, you seeing the red in his face. 

“I’ll be in the briefing room.” Bucky glare at Tony before walking away. After making your cereal, the rest of the team woke up. Everyone was in the middle of a conversation, but you remained quiet. You kept looking over Steve’s shoulder to get a glance of Bucky in the other room. He looked so embarrassed when Tony called you his girlfriend. It made you blush just thinking about it.

Stop it (y/f/n), you don’t like him like that, you assured yourself. You don’t like anyone like that. Your’e better off alone.  I

“Everyone, it’s time for the briefing.” Steve confirmed standing up. Everyone agreed, walking over into the other room. 


The room didn’t have much in it but some chairs and a long table. You took a seat in between Sam and Bucky. You two shared glances at eachother of couple of times, making Sam raise an eyebrow. You brushed him off, turning your seat to pay attention to what Steve had to say. 

“We believe this facility is where most of the Hydra agents are hiding.” He said pointing to a building on the holographic picture. “It appears to be located just outside of Germany.” he was about to move onto the the next slide when something in the picture caught your eye.

“Wait, I know this place. I was located here for a few years while I was with Hydra.”

“Do you know what they were doing there?” Sam asked.

“I don’t really remember my time there, but I do know that the building is really hard to get into. Every entrance is guarded by at least 10 armed soldiers.”

“Could you get us in?” Nat replied, focusing on the hologram.

“There’s an underground entrance just a little ways away from the actual facility, but it’s most likely guarded as well. Though, I’d say it’s our best bet.”

“Then that’s where we will go.” Steve nodded. “(y/f/n), I want you and Bucky to go in there and find as much information as you can of what they’re planning. The rest of us will distract everyone so you can have a safer chance about not getting seen.” 

“Is everything settled then?” Tony spun around in his chair, ready to get out.

“yes we’re done.” Steve said. “But (y/f/n), I know you’ve been out of the field for a while now. So I want you to train everyday with Bucky until our departure.”

“I don’t need anyone teaching me how to fight.”

“I know, but will you do it just as a precaution?” 

You sighed, “Fine. It wouldn’t hurt.”

“It might hurt Bucky over here!” Sam laughed, slapping Bucky’s shoulder. Bucky was unamused. 

“Alright, this meeting is over.” Steve remarked, letting everyone get up and out of the room. before you could go through the door, Bucky grabbed you by the arm. 

“Meet me in the gym in about an hour for training.”

“Today? can’t we do it tomorrow or something?” You whined, shoving his arm off of you.”


“Okay. I’ll see you in an hour.” You sighed walking out the door.

“Don’t be late, Doll.” You stopped in your tracks. You turned back to him and smiled, getting him to smile in return.

“I won’t.” you replied. With that you scurried out of the room and into you bedroom, slamming the door.

“Well, it looks like someone is excited for training.” Tony chuckled.


The hour went by fast. You got on your training clothes and headed towards the gym. When you got down there you, Bucky wasn’t there so you decided to do your stretches in the mean time. You got a couple of comments from Tony as you made your way to the gym. 

‘Good luck on your date’ he said. And ‘Don’t have too much fun.’ You had scoffed at him but inside you thought it was pretty funny. When Bucky finally arrived at the gym, he placed a bag next to yours on the bench behind you.

“You’re late.” You said standing up.

“Only by a minute.”

“You’re still late.” You smirked, making him chuckle.

“Alright, let’s get started.” He walked over to the mat and began to take off his shoes and shirt.

“What are you doing?”

“We’re gonna spar.”

“Without your shirt?”

“Does it bother you, Doll?” He winked at you. “You can take yours off too if you want?”

“Why are being so flirty all of a sudden?” you crossed your arms.

“I’m distracting you.” With that, he made a swift kick to your lower legs. You knocked down on the mat with a painful groan. “Rule number one. Never let your guard down.” he looked down at you giving you a hand. You took the opportunity to grab his hand and flip him over onto his back. You wrapped your legs around him, to where you were now straddling his waist. 

“Rule number one. Never let your guard down.” You said in a mocking tone. 

“I’m impressed,” He gripped your wrists and pushed you down on your back, hovering over you. “But you’ve got to do better than that.” He taunted you. You, shoved him away with your feet, getting up quickly. You threw a punch at him but he easily dodged. He tried to throw a punch at you as well, but you grabbed his fist and kicked him in his lower abdomen. You saw him winced but it shortly turned into laughter. “I guess you don’t need training at all.”

“Feels more like you’re the one who needs training.” You teased, sticking out your tongue. 

“You’re acting like a child.”

“Yeah, a child kicking your ass.” You stepped back. “Come on old man. Give me all you got.”

“I plan to.” He smiled, as you commenced fighting again.

You both sparred for the rest of training, finding new moves to battle each other with. You both laid there on the sweaty mat, out of breath. He looked over to you as you closed your eyes, trying to slower your breathing.

“Well that was fun.” You stated.

“Yep, it sure was.” you turned to him, your faces only a few inches away from each others. Your heart started to beat faster than it already was. You could feel his breath on your face, causing a shiver to run down your spine. 

“Same time tomorrow?” You gulped, breaking the silence.

“Sure,” He sat up. “Good work.”


“I mean it. You are the best sparring partner I’ve ever had.”

“Well, thank you for the compliment.” You stood up, grabbing your bag, handed him his.

“You’re welcome, Doll.”

You fidgeted with the strap of your gym bag. “Bucky, do you remember everything from Hydra?’

He looked at you with sad eyes, “Unfortunately.”

“Because I only remember fragments and pieces of it, like the facility. And I keep having this same dream over and over. The one you woke me up from. I don’t know if it’s a memory or just something my brain came up with.” You paused. “But I should know, shouldn’t I? It’s not like Hydra brain washed me so I’d forget them, right?”

“I don’t know (y/f/n).” he said taking your bag from you and setting it on the ground.

“I remember meeting you.” You muttered. “I remember fighting another soldier and you watching me. I remember afterwards, you came up to the soldier and spat in his face. Then you came over to me.” He looked away from you, not wanting to hear the rest of the story. “You pushed me to the ground and told me to fight better.”

“I’m sorry I did that to you.”

“It’s okay, I know it wasn’t you.”

“Is that all you remember of me?” he asked.

“Pretty much.” you replied.

“I guess I didn’t make the best impression.” He chuckled.

“Don’t worry, you’ve made up for it.”

“Good.” He smiled.

Suddenly, an image flooded into your mind. Something Familiar. A charming man looking into you’re eyes, brushing a strand of hair away from your face. With only love in his heart when he looked at you. He pulled you close to him. You ran your hand through his soft hair, as his arms hung tightly around your waist.

“Don’t be afraid, Doll. I’ll be back soon.” The man said.

“I’m never afraid.” You replied. You pulled him down to you, his lips meeting yours. You felt the sweet taste of his lips as his hands trailed over your body. You never wanted this moment to end. Have him pressed up against you, him smiling into your kiss. 

It just feels familiar.

“(y/f/n)? You alright there?” Bucky’s words finally snapped you back to reality.

“Yeah I’m fine.” You stuttered. “Just lost my train of thought.”

“Okay?” He said, still looking a little confused. “Well I’m going to take a shower. Maybe you should do the same.”

“Do you think I smell?”

“:Hey, you said it not me.” He smirked.

“Now who’s the child?”

“I guess we both are.” He winked. “See you later, Doll.”

“Bye Bucky.” He smiled then closed the door, leaving you alone in the gym. You pondered over what had just happened. 

Was it a memory?

You didn’t know what it was, but something Bucky said or did made it come to you. You were sure of it. You picked up your bag and stopped at the door. You turned to look over to where you and Bucky were laughing.

You smiled, It was something familiar.

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So a while back I amazingly came first place in skarmaiden and suave-groudon‘s giveaway and won two shirts from each of their fab redbubble shops! 

The Porygon Z design belongs to skarmaiden, and can be found at her redbubble shop here

The Starmie design belongs to suave-groudon and can be found at his redbubble shop here

I would 10/10 recommend checking out their stuff, they have a load of excellent stuff, it was really hard to pick just two!!

i am trying to keep the glee feels at arms length because i know sooner or later i will drown in them… like i’m sure i’ll be wreck when it hits me. on finale night, there will be tears. so much of my life has been touched by glee and glee fandom that it’s kinda hard to grasp that it’s ending. I think it’s because…. it doesn’t feel like it is? Like, you are all still going to be here, and even though we blog about other things, you’re still my favorite people to share my life & my thoughts with. And I don’t need the show to be releasing new episodes for me to keep loving it. (the many hiatuses have proven that, lol.)

so, in summary, i keep feeling like i should post something emotional amidst all posts on my dash, but i just keep writing sappy things like “I love you all” like we’re all trapped in a fucking building about to explode. and that’s a tad dramatic, because it’s the end of an era, but it’s not goodbye at all.

so, just. know i’m with you guys. i know that feel. 

 and i love you all.

Beforus is accepting artist applications for last minute visual art allocations

Hello! I’m pleased to be able to tell people that, if you are a visual artist who is interested in taking part in creating visual album art for Beforus Album project, we are now once more considering applications for the project. These are last minute applications, so you may apply with the provision in mind that we need  people who will be able to produce a piece of track art fairly fast (without sacrificing on quality). The hard deadline for the receipt of allocations sent to new applicants (people who apply after my posting this post) will be the 20th March, although I would much prefer them sooner than that if possible.

Nonetheless, this is still a great opportunity to put some of your art on this fantastic Homestuck fan album! With the musical content of this album practically complete, it is just the art that we need to fully get in order before the release.

In order to apply, send me an ask or a submission with a link to some of your previous artwork, or else email us at The ask must also contain an email address that I can contact you at! If you are accepted I will send you the details of your allocation immediately, otherwise I will send you an email if your application is declined. However, Beforus has a history of accepting a very large number of our applications!

All the best, and please get in touch soon! I would also appreciate if people could boost this to best help in getting everything put together.

so like w/all this news about finding alien life sooner than we thought or sending missions to other planets it’s shaping up that there might be aliens within our lifetimes and what i wanna know is

will there be alien discourse???

and i don’t mean the typical “that’s xenophobic” sci fi discourse

what if alien races are still really bad w/some shit ?? will there be tumblr posts calling out martians for their homophobia and responses like “we can’t just tell them to stop it would cause a war” ???????????

are there going to be yfip: martians posts ????

will star trek/star wars/other sci fi dealing w/aliens be deemed problematic and offensive??????????????????????????????????

are there going to be “not all martians” arguments and other “earth morals aren’t our morals” posts ? 

what about earth born aliens or other planet born humans? what role will they play????????????