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1. Seventeen - 20

“The figure of you that is looking at me is so beautiful. I want to tell you everything. I want to cherish everything about you .Just come to me. I want you to want me baby.

2. Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here

"There’s a girl that gives a shit behind this wall. You’ve just walked through it.”

3. Run the World (Girls) - Beyoncé

“Boy you know you love it how we’re smart enough to make these millions. Strong enough to bare the child and get back to business.

4. Crush - David Archuleta

"Do you ever think when you’re all alone? All that we can be, where this thing can go? Am I crazy or falling in love? Is it real or just another crush?”

5. Paramore - Playing God

“It’s just my humble opinion. But it’s one that I believe in. You don’t deserve a point of view if the only thing you see is you.”

6. Tablo ft Jinshil - Bad

“Atrocious. Love is atrocious. You were the very reason I breathe for, but now you’re suffocating me.”

7. Taeyang - Eyes, Nose, Lips

“My selfishness that couldn’t let you go
turned into an obsession that imprisoned you. Were you hurt because of me? You sit silently. Why am I a fool? Why can’t I forget you. You’re already gone.”

8. Exo - My Answer

“I couldn’t say that I’ve waited for you. So I’m writing then erasing. Being curious about your day takes up all of my day.”

9. BTS - Coffee

“Wherever we went, we wanted to go together. But as time went by, those feelings went down like dripping down espresso. My insides ache for no reason, we used to be so good.”

10. BOYFRIEND - Obsession

“And so, when I closely look at the broken you once again, unknowingly my heart burns alone. I’ll be here, I who is your needed place.”

My music is so diverse breh. Shoutout to kpoplyrics for translating some of the songs. Haha.

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I nearly told you I loved you today.

I had scars on my thighs and wind in my hair and you weren’t sure what to say after I had listed all the things that made me love you.

You didn’t know that, though. You had just asked to explain why you weren’t like anyone else I had ever met before. You told me you just wanted to be a good friend, you know?

You talked about something else for a while. I was hanging onto your every word like I always do but I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I don’t know how many times my gaze circled around your tummy you hated so much or your facial hair that you claimed if you shaved off would make you look 18, or your hips or your arms you were trying to tan. You’re so beautiful to me.

Wonderful, glorious you.

When you stopped talking I carried on the topic before as if you hadn’t interrupted it. I told you that you were too good of a person and you didn’t seem too keen on that.

I nearly told you I loved you when you didn’t say anything and pulled a face instead.

I didn’t, though.

I had a million opportunities to tell you I loved you today. This was just one example. It’s strange to think you’ll never know how many times I opened my mouth to tell you what I know and you don’t.

We’re seeing each other again tomorrow. I might try and get the words out my throat.

I smell of the sea, sun cream and your perfume.

I miss you. 

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would Michael ever get a tattoo?

I don’t think so. He just doesn’t seem to be into it at all, at least the Michael that I have constructed in my head. Halla might. She considers it occassionally, and draws up different star patterns that she might like to get done. She has a file full of ideas, but she can never settle on just one design, because she loves all the stars so much, so she just gets little sparkly gems that she sticks on, or puts glitter in her lotion, or wears tights studded with rhinestones and that way she has a thousand different night skies and they always look different and beautiful and glorious.

Sky’s bright eyes brushed over the beautiful carvings of her bedroom’s ceiling, a small smile gracing her features. “Katja has glorious taste in architecture, and she is so kind to let me stay on such short notice…”

Timeline 2's Dream Team: Mami, Madoka, and Homura 

harry is so beautiful, gorgeous, quirky, polite, loves babies, perfect hair, a sweetheart, a menace, sexy, talented, british, unique fashion sense, a star, ex-baker, looks great in tiny shorts, froyo enthusiast, glorious nips, southern california, climbs things, weird tattoos, mysterious, wise, loves his mum, has an alias called mick greenberg, makes birthday cakes for 1970s rock stars, deep raspy voice, fab boot collection, paints his nails sometimes, nice butt, collects art, likes photography, super confident, always tries saying words in the language that’s spoken in the country he’s currently in, pink lips, pretty green eyes, bun artist, a friend of puppies, i love him

If God Is For Us - original print from The Worship Project.

Day 10 / 31  #‎MonthOfPraise‬

Romans 8:31 - I love this verse. It’s been such a poignant reminder today of who’s in control. When the world around us is in constant disarray, and the mountains seem to shake and crumble on every side, we can keep calm and carry on because The One all glorious, all powerful is in control.

His sovereignty and control alone are enough to cause us to praise, but His love is what makes His control so much more beautiful. When it seems that He’s not “stepping in” to change a circumstance, fear not, for His love is what holds us, and His LOVE is what motivates His every choice.

Sometimes we’ve gotta go through the storms to see the rainbow on the other side. Sometimes we’ve gotta go through an horrific trial to see the truth in His promise of never letting go.

I speak blessing, peace and unspeakable joy into your life and world right now!

* * *

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And so I fell. And I fell forever and so quickly at the same time, daydreaming whole novellas in the half a second it took me to fall, yet for one reason or another I never hit the ground. I landed in the arms of all those I had ever loved, of those who had slipped gently into my life and seemed to fit so perfectly. Looking around, I realized that there was always someone there to catch me, one of those glorious souls with a story to tell, those beautiful folk who have made an impact in my life, and it occurred to me that in this crazy world none of us really ever hit the ground. We can fall, spinning through space like mad cosmic Frisbee, but in the end there will always be someone to complete our grand finale. And we will spin wildly right into their arms.

Rabbitform after Kawase Hasui

So I spent most of yesterday ogling the work of the master artist Kawase Hasui, who was declared a national treasure for reasons that are really freakin’ obvious if you look at his work.

(Seriously, go google him. I’ll wait.)

He did beautiful portraits of an urbanizing Japan. I am in awe. Each one looks like the background for a glorious movie, possibly by Studio Ghibli, but seriously, SOMEBODY make movies set on those.

Awe in me tends to lead to homage, and I have nothing more suited to put into such a piece than the odd little spirits that occasionally show up in my work. I still don’t quite know where they belong.

This is a view the field in front of the house, which is currently overrun with Queen Anne’s Lace, and the spirit is a little more akin to the Chatham Rabbit, which was once famous, than to the desert jackrabbits I usually paint. My local spirits are small and I do not always know what they want, but sometimes I feel them there nonetheless.

Thank you, previous post, for helping to remind me that this exists in the universe.

Lord Celeborn

This has got to be the sexiest picture of Celeborn I have ever seen.  Mmmhmmm…  

With a picture like that, I can see what Galadriel saw in him. 

Fun Fact: Lord Celeborn has one of the MOST unfortunate alternate names I have ever seen in Tolkien’s writing: Teleporno

If you want to know about his names, read on. 

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The feeling won’t last so that makes Joël even more determined to relish every second. His childish elation at having deceived Jim, the still, muted perfection of the late Summer’s day, the simple pleasure of fishing with his son and his dog, the keys to a Ferrari in his pocket, and the fact that he’s made love to not one but two beautiful women in the past 24 hours…life is a gift, it’s glorious-

His phone rings.


Joël: Hello? Who’s this?

Roy: Very funny, dickwad. Have you got a death wish? The police commissioner’s wife, for fuck’s sake? Not to mention all of her other charming qualities. And how the hell did you even manage it? Did you sneak into The Oaks? if you did you’re toast, they’ve even got pinhole cameras hidden in the toilets in that place. Ask Freddy. He found that out when he tried to-

Joël: She snuck out, I didn’t sneak in. Anyway, can we not talk about this now? Jared’s right next to me.

Roy: You’ll keep. Mia and I are off to the gym. She’s kindly volunteered to be my buddy. BOOYAH!

Joël feels jealousy falling around him like a thick red curtain, hot and suffocating.

Joël: You don’t have a car.

Roy: We’re catching a taxi. Oh yeah, she also wasn’t impressed when I told her about Zoe. Just a heads up-

Joël: You conniving bastard piece of shit! I did nothing with Zoe! Put Mia on the phone.

Roy: Can’t. She’s already gone downstairs to wait for the taxi. How bangin’ does she look in her little gym shorts, dude? Damn.


I know a name, a glorious name
Dearer than any other.
Listen, I’ll whisper the name to you:
It is the name of father.
Father, so noble and brave and true,
I love you, I love you.
Father, so noble and brave and true,
I love you, I love you.

Happy Fathers Day!


This past week a photo set I had posted was getting reblogged a bit here and there and for the first time I had a few people saying pretty horrible things about me and my body. And I always thought it would hurt my feelings if that ever did happen but to be quite honest, I feel so confident and self assure that the only thing I really thought was how sad it is that there really are people who seek to tear you down simply because you exist in a fat body.

So nice try trolls! You accomplished nothing but inspiring me to take more pictures of myself and reinforcing my self love.

Ps. Please don’t ever believe that you are less because you don’t have a body type that is seen as beautiful by western standards. You don’t have to dress a certain way or put on makeup or anything to attain love or validation.
You are beautiful and gorgeous and glorious.
Much love ❤️


     The sound of crumbling pavement sounded loudly as Kiyo ambled against the sidewalk, in no hurry. This was the second day she’d come to Tokyo to visit her sister’s grave, and her aura was calmer than usual. It was morning, and the sun shone in her eyes, forcing her to block it with her hand. The streets were clear, the birds were singing their glorious songs peacefully, and the weather was quite beautiful, compared to the previous rainy days. Today was beautiful to her, regardless of the reason she decided to come out of her Nagasaki home. She breathed in the fresh air, and sang to herself on her trail; she was just happy to have a free day. No sports. No school. No work. Just her, and her alone. Or, so she thought.

     In the midst of the tranquil esper, an older male stayed only a few yards away, gazing closely at her. This male crept around on the opposite sidewalk as Kiyo, never taking his eyes off of her. His intent was to get close enough to her without her noticing him, just to grab her hand. He was an admirer of Kurosawa, and was in his last year of college, though Kiyo was in her first. Seeing her play sports quite often, he took a liking to her, but had never talked to her before. Even coming to all of the Mai University games to see Kiyo, he became quite obsessed, and no one knew about his obsession with her. He had even avoided visiting her at the cafe, because he wanted this moment– this moment where he and Kiyo were alone– to be the moment that he could finally have her as his to keep. 

anonymous asked:

he is home to me. my best friend. i'm closer to him than i thought i could be. he is so beautiful. but he's leaving for college and i'm afraid he'll find someone before i get the chance to tell him about the garden in my chest. do I tell him?

you do what feels right. you take the ocean inside of you and you let it spill. if he leaves you, alone in all your vastness, then let it hurt when it needs to. but know that it doesn’t make you any less glorious, any less whole. love will find you in the end. it’s been looking for you this whole time.