it was so funy

I was inspired after seeing Funi’s character-themed outfits, so I decided to try my own. I’m a huge fan of character-inspired outfits and casual cosplay, but personally, I like a certain element of practicality to each piece that not only reflects the character, but can also be worn on a daily basis. I also want to use pieces that can be found at practically any store that sells women’s clothing.

My first outfit in this series is inspired by Viktor Nikiforov’s airport looks in episode 10. Viktor’s style off the ice so far has been somewhat understated with the highlights being his jackets and scarves. Opt for plain, black wedge ankle boots to elongate the legs. For makeup, I recommend sticking to natural tones and an understated gloss. (If you have fair skin like me, I recommend “Cake Pop” by Clinique).

I also think this look is very easily adapted to menswear for any male fans who may want to channel their inner ice legend.  

I love seeing adult Charas soooo much, everyone portrays them differently and it’s so fun

I just have to giggle when I see the sexy, suave adult Charas though because my own Chara is over here being a withdrawn, awkward dork who likes making bonsai and drawing

They still cute, tho