it was so fun drawing danny


I really need to be more consistent in uploading here! 
okay so I did a style challenge because, well, I LOVE doing them they’re so much fun and its a great exercise for me because it gets me excited about drawing! 

What if Danny’s shirts are misprints of a Fentonworks shirt that was supposed to be orange but came out red, so he got all of them? (like how Steven wears his dads old band t-shirts) 

Trying our some small style changes, to see what sticks! with a danny, because of course.


i never posted these here so i figured i may as well, hello i am danny and i am making a wolf’s rain!au comic that will be cleverly named “volt’s rain” check it out like fave comment subscribe

i designed their wolf forms a while ago but i love them a lot and still have a blast drawing them. pidge was the most fun to design but lance is the most fun to draw altogether? i’m really excited to start this project…

will it be cute? will it be sad? heck i don’t know winks

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For a second, he had forgotten she was even there. Everything she had said came rushing back now. Danny looked away, muttering, “Are you going to yell at me and storm off, too? If so, now’s your chance.”

Morosely, Danny slumped into the floor next to one of the supply shelves, ignoring the grime caked on the floor of what was a surprisingly filthy cleaning closet. He propped his elbows against his knees, hung his head, and clasped his hands over the back of his neck.

Sam crouched down across from him. “I’m not going to yell at you.”

Danny raised his head. “You’re not?”

The girl smiled wryly. “That would feel too much like kicking a puppy.”

Excerpt from Treading Water by The Full Catastrophe

Decided to try my hand with more moody shading and such. A-lister Sam is SO much fun to draw.

Ok so I had some spare time during digital art class today so I began to doodle some random stuff and trying out some new techniques and styles so I ended up with this.@ghost-chicky’s art have always inspired me so this sketch is inspired by their art, unique style (and how they draw beards because jfc it’s amazing) mixed with my style. It was fun to draw and I’m p happy w/ it! ^^


So I’m trying to figure out who Wes’s mom should be. I mean come oooon We know this guy 

Walter Weston (source of where picture came from also) is Wes’s dad but his wife is known known about. 

I like the concept that he is divorced and in a relationship (like low brow you know there’s tension, but it’s like the moment of should he or should he not sorta thing) so expanding on it.

 I like the idea that divorced wife is a workaholic that “tries” to be in Wes’s life more, but makes herself so busy or she reschedules things that she strains her relationship with her son further.

My goal is to make Wes’s family. Draw it out that is. Not something like “YOU ALL MUST FOLLOW MY CONCEPT!” No…don;t… my twisted little mind. I’m just having fun here XD

But considering this is the source of Wes… maybe you guys could maybe help me figure this out? 

Kinda spamming art rn, LOL

This could be potential phone wallpaper

I got into the Danny Phantom Fandom kinda late (last year?) and I really love the concept behind a boy with ghost powers. He’s half dead! There’s so much to explore!

It’s a shame the show ended so early…

btw, please message me with requests and all the like. What cool AUs do you think I’d have fun drawing? Pls I have art block



so I have an AU where Dani is far more “incomplete” than she is in the show - that is to say, she’s around 3 or 4 instead of 12, and Danny has to take care of her instead of her dramatically flying off into the sunset.

And I have a lot of headcanons/how/why thought up but I don’t wanna type tonight, so maybe I’ll draw stuff later. Basically it’s just fun family fluff with Danny being a dad and yeah.