it was so exhausting though

ive been bored for awhile and so,, logically,,, i started half ass drawing some of the cool looking poses from Yuri’s agape sk8 and then I realized all I needed were a few filler movement sk8 things to make it Smoothe™ and BOOM flip book..,.
i really hate this bitxh btw.`
Also JOKES ON YOU the video isn’t three seconds,, it’s NINE

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(DailySylveonandAudino) Parisa and Penelope give you each a lily and a daffodil respectively. It'd be fun to become friends!

Green: “Th-Thank you for the flowers…! I think I’m pretty sure I know what these symbolize… You’re both too kind!”

I had this sitting in my drafts. Never got around to finishing it, but it was gonna be rhack where, rhys walks in and basically sees jack kissing someone else, and then jack was gonna run after him trying to explain, and rhys would be a sad puppy, and at some point slap jack in the face…yep. That’s about it. Enjoy!


The Locomotive Continuation

Very short one shot fanfic (more like a musing) becaue I KNOW this happens to Sheldon and no one can tell me differently. Hope you enjoy it…

It had certainly been a very long day… hours in the car to Nevada but the ride had been relaxing. Amy had managed to get “in the zone”. Her daydreams were so realistic; she was actually looking forward to this excursion too. It had all been worth it to see Sheldon with a content smile even if he hadn’t taken his shirt off like she would have liked him too. He was glowing and had a level of excitement she had not seen in a long time. He quietly browsed thru a train book he bought at the gift shop. She was happy to know she had a part in making him so happy.

She was exhausted though. She couldn’t wait to get to the hotel and take a long shower and wash her hair before going to bed. She felt sticky and dusty at the same time. Upon arrival to their hotel room she quickly opened her suitcase and communicated her intentions.

“I can’t wait to take a shower.” She said.

“Go ahead. I’m intrigued by this book.” He responded.

She began gathering her clothes as Sheldon flipped through the pages. He was distracted by Amy’s position as she bent over her luggage looking for her clothes. He stares at her as she cautiously used her fingers to shuffle through the folded clothes without messing anything up and carefully pulling out her gown. She proceeded to reach in the top pocket in her bag and pulled out her nicely laced light pink panties. Sheldon licked his dry lips and put his eyes on the page again. She sat on the edge of the bed and kicked of her shoes and pulled of her socks, revealing her cute toes. Sheldon looked at how her perfectly crimsoned colored toes still looked even though a little more than a week had passed since Amy had been at the spa with Penny.

Sheldon shook his head as to snap out of it and attempted to look at his train book once again. But he couldn’t help looking at Amy again who had gotten up from the bed and was unbuttoning her cardigan. She brushed it of her shoulders, Sheldon kind of wishing she would without her shirt too. She placed it in a small bag she took out of one of the compartments, also taking out a hair tie. She tossed her head down in front of almost to her knees, collecting all her hair in a cute messy ponytail and taking of her glasses. His girlfriend face was gorgeous and her eyes were a heavenly shade of green which seemed to change colors. Sheldon found them mesmerizing. Her skirt wrapped itself tightly to her beautiful posterior and Sheldon could not help but reminisce on the warmth that radiated from it anytime he was near. He thickly swallowed as he noticed himself feeling thirsty.

She walked to the bathroom leaving the door halfway open and he could see her set the water to the perfect temperature. She proceeded to remove each item of clothes exposing her back side, her juicy rear and her soft naked fair skin. As soon as she got in, she could feel all the tension leaving her body. Sheldon could feel his pulse raising as he felt his pants tighten.

“Sheldon!” Amy interrupted a distracted Sheldon. “Did you hear what I just said?” She said standing in front of him with her gown, toiletries and towel in her hands.

“What?” a startled Sheldon responded snapping out of his flustered state.

“I’m asking if you really don’t mind me going first because I may be in the shower for a while. But it seems like you forgot I was even here. Are you okay?” Amy began to wonder if Sheldon was starting to feel sick.

“Oh! I’m sorry for not responding, Amy. I… um”. He felt like a kid that had just been caught with his hands in the cookie jar. “My mind just wandered off.” He said as he fanned his blushed face with one hand and placed the book down on the table. “What were you saying?”

Amy looked at him curiously “I was just making sure you didn’t want to hop in the shower first because I plan on staying in there a while.”

He stood from his seat. “Do you…?” His voice changed to a husky tone as he raised his eyebrows flirtatiously.

Amy shyly smirked. Her handsome boyfriend always had a way of doing THIS to her, but she knew better than to get worked up. “Yes, Sheldon. I’m just giving you the option. You want to hop in before I take over the bathroom or can I just go? I don’t want to be hurried.”

He quietly approached her freeing one hand into his. Their warm bodies met. “I say we solve this problem right now. How about we both take a shower together?”. His piercing blue eyes dug into hers awaiting a response.

Amy’s mouth almost dropped opened, followed by a smiling nod “Yes, please”. He licked his lips and placed a gentle kiss on her soft rosy lips before leading her by the hand into the bathroom.

  • *221B*
  • John: *glances over the newspaper*
  • Sherlock: *staring unblinking into space*
  • John: *frowns* Are you sure you're alright?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • John: *folds the newspaper* Alright, what's up?
  • Sherlock: *looks at him; surprised* John, when did you-
  • John: *sighs* About an hour ago; what's wrong?
  • Sherlock: *clasps his hands* Have you ever slept with Molly Hooper?
  • John: ...
  • John: No.
  • Sherlock: Oh, you should. It's great.
  • John: *grimaces* Really?
  • Sherlock: *nods* Mmm, she doesn't snore, keeps to her side of the bed. No fidgeting, no mumbling or talking in her sleep. Peaceful, gentle rest.
  • John: *relieved* Oh, right.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: The sex is mind-blowing, too, but don't even think about it.
  • John: ...

Well, at least one positive this wee is that I got asked for in an interview for Arby’s. Apparently it took so long because the manager got confused from my silly ass submitting two applications, and one of them were incomplete because I completely forgot. xD So i would have had the job like 2-3 weeks ago but I didn’t call them until today… Silly me! 

But depending on my work schedule, I’ll try to be as busy as I still am. At least I won’t worry about money as much hopefully.

I’m still doing commissions to cover the rest of Blossom’s euthanization. I’m more determined to finish commissions and all now! I feel better from yesterday. I still cry but I’m just glad that my doggie is at peace now… She was in so much pain and she’s now able to rest. ;v;

Thank you guys for having to talk to me earlier. I feel so so much better.

“jealousy is healthy in a relationship though! at least you know they care!” like i mean sure but #1 it’s not healthy, and #2 it’s not healthy when you’re irrational jealousy is uncontrollable and even occurs when your fp is talking to their fucking family and you feel replaced by family. even when they’re falling asleep at night on the phone and you get angry and upset bc you feel like sleep is more important to them than you are to them, even though sleep is necessary and cannot be avoided it when you’re exhausted. and even though you’re so self aware of how you are being you still cannot help the way you feel. it’s a nightmare


“It’s been a long day. My flight was delayed. Leave me alone.”



Imagine going on a holiday with Jared

[[ requested by Anonymous ]]

You’ve known you were going to spend your holiday in Rome all along, but as you arrived at the airport now you pretend to be surprised. Jared was so sweet trying to arrange everything in secret to surprise you. One night he was so exhausted he fell asleep in the living room. He though you were sleeping as well and sneaked out of the bedroom to booked your flights but he passed out. You woke up to get a glass of water and accidentally saw the confirmation e-mail on his laptop. You didn’t tell him, because you loved seeing how happy he was about all this.

And now you’re both at the airport and you have your ticket in your hands.

“Rome?” you ask smiling. “We’re going to Rome?”

“For a whole week.” Jared leans closer to kiss you. “No work at all, just you and me.”

“Excuse me if I can’t believe it right now.” On the way to the airport Jared was on the phone, you started to wonder if he’d notice if you’ve had stayed at home.

“I solemnly swear that I will care about you and you only during our vacation, my dearest wife” he says as he pulls you closer, but you’re laughing, so he cannot kiss you.

“We’ll see, mister.”

You’ve never been to Rome before but it’s not the only reason you’re excited about this week, but because you also have a little surprise. You tried to come up with a plan how to tell him your little secret, and in the end you thought you’d just do it when he least expects it.

Rome is beautiful, the view from your hotel room is amazing, and the summer here is warm. Wandering around the ancient ruins or the palazzi and fountains of medieval Rome hand in hand with Jared is like a second honeymoon. On your first day you do nothing just walk around the city all night long. You hear music on the street, you follow it trying to find the source - some band is playing at the Piazza Navona. When you get there Jared reaches for your hand and spins you around laughing, and when he faces you again he bows a little.

“May I?”

“No one else is dancing” you say, but he shakes his head.

“I do.”

You can’t say no so slowly you start dancing, and for a brief moment you think that everyone is watching you, but soon you just don’t care about them. You’re with your husband enjoying some great music and the world just stops existing for a while.

Before moving on you throw some money into the hat that’s placed before the band, and the singer thanks you in Italian. Jared smiles at them and says something which sounds totally fake, so you poke his arm.

“Don’t do that! You don’t speak Italian.”

“I do! Listen. C'è stato un incidente!” Jared says gesturing wildly with both hands, his accent is way too bad.

“You just said that there’s been an accident.” You can’t hold your laugh as he looks at you confused.

“Because there’s been one” he insists.

“Oh yeah? You mean you failing speaking in Italian?”

“I mean I’m falling.”

“Where?” You stop and look at him with arms akimbo.

“In love. With you. Again. And again, and again…” He grabs you by the waist and you think he’s about to kiss you but he dips you like you’re still dancing. You grab his neck afraid you’d fall to the floor, but he’s holding you firm.

“Ma bella” he says.

“It doesn’t mean anything. Grammatically it’s incorrect.”

“Shut the fuck up, I’m trying to be romantic” he says smiling when he finally kisses you passionately.

By the morning both of you are pretty tired but you just don’t want to go back to the hotel, you don’t want to sleep at all. You decide to have breakfast at dawn at some tiny restaurant. Jared takes his seat but you go to the toilet first. On your way back you talk to a waiter while you think Jared can’t see you and you give him a little packet from your bag.

“What did you tell him?” Jared asks as you sit down in front of him. Busted.

“Ohm… I ordered some coffee.” You say a little bit too quick and nervous. “It’s been a long night.”

You order some oatmeal blueberry waffles as well and soon it arrives along with the coffee. Breathless, you grab your mug and take a sip, and in spite the fact that you’re hungry, you feel like you couldn’t eat anything.

Jared mumbles something with full mouth. You give him a frown so he quickly swallows and repeats. “It’s delicious. Try it.”

As he still didn’t touch his coffee you know it’d take a while till he finds your little message, so you start eating as well. You don’t really talk and your thoughts start to whirl around what’s going to happen now. You try to imagine how Jared will react but it makes you more nervous, so you concentrate on your waffle instead.

“Do you have any plans for today?” You can’t stand the silence between you two.

“Of course I do. But we should have some sleep before.”

You smile at him, watching him drinking some coffee.

“Tonight we should visit the Teatro Dell’Opera di Roma, what do you think?” He glances at you. “Ooooor the Castel Sant'Angelo National Museum?”

„Sounds good.”

Jared stops and slowly takes his fork down.

“Hey, sweetie, what’s wrong?”

“What? Nothing, why?” You smile at him. “I’m good.”

“I can see something bothers you.”

“No, really. I’m just a bit tired, that’s all.” You grab your mug and drink some.

Jared does the same. “I know I’ve been working a lot lately, but you know how it goes during summer. But this week it’s just the two of us, okay?” He finally drinks up his coffee, and you feel like your heart stopped for a moment. “You know, it’s pretty good that Shannon helped me with… what the… what…?” Jared stares into his mug what he’s still holding in his hand.

“Is anything wrong?” You try to sound innocent but your voice fails you.

“It says I’m going to be a daddy.” Jared looks at you confused. “It’s written in the mug.”

You don’t say anything – your nervous smile is so much more telling. Jared slowly opens his mouth but remains silent for a minute. It’s like he can’t decide whether he should laugh or cry.

“Are you serious?” he asks finally. You just nod. “Oh my God, are you serious?!” He repeats as he stands up to get to you. Before you could say anything he presses his lips against yours still speaking but you can’t understand him. You laugh and grab his neck. He kneels before you taking his palms onto your belly.

“But… how?”

“Jesus, I don’t have to tell you about the bees and flowers, do I?”

“I mean I know how” he laughs “I just don’t know… how. And when.”

“About 3 weeks ago.”

“Hello, my little baby boy or girl or whatever.” he looks at your belly. ”You can be anything, daddy’s going to love you so much you have no idea.” He lays his head down on your lap and you run your fingers into his hair.

“I love you” he whispers. “I love you both.”

Skype with B.A.P

Bang Yongguk: The moment B.A.P arrived at the hotel he immediately went to his room, which he luckily didn’t had to share, threw himself on the bed and grabbed his phone. He checked the time difference to make sure he wouldn’t wake you up. He missed your voice and your face, but he wouldn’t disturb you if it was in the middle of the night in your country. But it wasn’t. So he hastily logged in into Skype and called you. “Gukkie! I missed you!” Your voice sounded a little bit different, coming out of his phone, but it didn’t fail to make him smile his lovable gummy smile. “I missed you too, Jagiya.” He hid his face behind a pillow, but continued to stare at you. Yongguk was wondering how it was possible for you to still look so beautiful, even though you just came home from work, exhausted and tired. He was so lucky to have you.

Kim Himchan: It hurts. Seeing you so close, but knowing that you were so far away. He bit his lower lip and looked down. A poor attempt to stop the tears from falling. But Himchan couldn’t fool you. “Look at me, Channie.” You whispered and placed your fingertips on your laptop screen, right where his cheek was. He inhaled deeply and looked up to your pixelated face. “Jagiya, I…”, his voice cracked and a single tear rolled down his face. “Don’t cry, Himchan. Just two more weeks and then we will see each other in person. You know what they say? The greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation!” Himchan closed his eyes for a second and sighed. “I want a kiss for every day I don’t get to spend with you.” He murmured and you giggled softly. “You even get ten kisses.” Finally a smile appeared on the visuals face. “Is that a promise?” He looked directly into your eyes and placed his thumb on the screen of his phone, right on your lips. “Of course it is.”

Jung DaehyunOne hour before the concert started, the singer decided to call you. Normally he would have done the V-app, but he forced the maknae line to do it for today. Daehyun searched for his phone on the make-up table, looked in the mirror to fix his hair and after that, he called you. You answered instantly and wanted to greet him, when his picture froze. “Oh no, really?!” He sighed in annoyance and started wandering through the corridors of the backstage area. Every ten seconds he tried to call you again, only to lose the wifi signal whenever you answered. When the signal got stronger, he followed the path and clicked the green video-chat button once more. Your face appeared and the internet remained stable. “Ah Jagiya, finally. I was wandering around like an idiot who was trying to find the place with the best internet connection.” A laugh escaped his mouth. Someone cleared his throat. Only then he realised he went straight into Jongup and Zelo’s V-app filming.

Yoo Youngjae:  Everyone was asleep, when he decided to video chat with you. He sat in the back of the van, Jongup and Daehyun in front of ,- Zelo next to him. According to their loud and relaxed snores they wouldn’t be bothered by his quiet voice. He pulled out his phone, plugged his headphones in and called you. You answered a second later. And the moment he saw your face, stressed and tired from the lack of sleep because you had to study for an exam, his face lit up with the biggest possible smile. “How are you?”, he asked and happily listened to everything you had to tell. Even if it was just the smallest thing that has happened to you.

Moon Jongup: “Can I call you?” Jongup sent the message on Skype and awaited your answer in anticipation. “Don’t… I am wearing a face mask right now…” Of course he called you immediately. You greeted him with a sigh and hid your face behind your hands. “Let me see your beautiful face.” Jongup serenaded. You grunted and looked into your cam. “Happy now?” You asked and your beloved boyfriend couldn’t hold back his laughter. “I’m glad to see you too.” If you would be honest with yourself, you were happy that he had a reason to smile. Well, laugh, in this case. Jongup suffered from the distance between both of you a little bit more than you did. “I’m sorry Jagiya, but you look so cute. Just like a snowman.” Now you couldn’t hold back your smile. “I’m Olaf and I love warm hugs.” You imitated the character from Frozen.  Jongup grinned and kissed the webcam. “And I’m Jongup and I love you.”

Choi Junhong:  “Okay, let’s have a break from coordinating the choreography, Zelo.” Jongup stretched his arms and legs. “I’m gonna get myself something to eat, you want to join?” Zelo shook his head. “I’d like to.. you know.” He held up his phone. “Oh, of course. Greet her from me, will you?” Zelo nodded and sat down on the floor. The maknae opened the Skype app and clicked on your name and then on the green button with the video function on it. His lips curled into a smile when you accepted his call. “First of all: I shall greet you from Jongup. Second: I love you and why are you crying jagiya?” Zelo furrowed his brows. “Ah, you shouldn’t see me like that.” You blew your nose and tried to smile. “I just… I just… I saw my best friend and her boyfriend today and it made me realise how much I miss you and how much I want to be with you right now and-”. Your voice cracked and you started to sob again. “No, don’t cry! We will see each other soon, I promise! Jagiya please… I can’t stand to see you crying like that…” He chewed on his lip as you still didn’t stop to sob. “Do you know what happened yesterday? Daehyun stepped out of the shower and slipped. He shouted for help, but nobody bothered to look because we all thought he was practising singing again. That’s funny, isn’t it?” Zelo raised his eyebrows and a comforting smile formed on his lips. You stopped crying and looked into the camera. “He is such an adorable Idiot. And so are you, for not checking if he’s okay.” Zelo pouted. “But you still love me, right?” You nodded and wiped your tears away, a shy smile appeared on your face. “Of course I do.”

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ARE YOU OKAY?! I just saw your last post. I am kind of worried. Are you alright??

I’m okay no worries!!! I’ve been just super tired recently because I haven’t been sleeping well and then my mom decided to be an ass and I just ended up crying because of that ;v; I’m alright otherwise, just feeling tired and sad. Sorry for worrying you nonnie but thank you for caring <3