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To my Dearest Regret, With Hope

Request: Listen. I’m legit bawling. I’m crying. My heart has been broken and scarred. You did that! I need a part 4 please or I might just die, M. Your writing is gonna kill me someday, you queen of angst, you. AND other sweet comments! THIS IS A PART OF THE To Newt, With Love series

Word Count: 2,627

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 1   |   Part 2   |   Part 3

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Newt stares at the brick house in front of him, taking a deep breath before dipping his head and walking toward it. The leather case in his hand bounces against his right leg with every quick step he takes. He times his steps, falling into the same familiar rhythm as the creak of the neighbor’s porch swing.

Climbing up the three hole-ridden steps, Newt curses under his breath. He pauses at the top and sighs. It’s now or never.

The door slams open halfway through his third knock. He nearly smacks his mother in the face as he stumbles forward, but she just ducks under his hand and wraps her arms around his stomach.

“Erm, hi mum.”

“You finally remembered I’m alive!”

Newt rolls his eyes over his mother’s head. “I never forgot it. That would be hard with all the owls you kept sending.”

She steps away from him, leading him into the house. “How could I not send them? You never replied. I didn’t know if you were getting any of them.”

Newt pulls the door shut behind him as he steps inside. “I’ve been busy.”

“I know, I know,” Mrs. Scamander waves her hands, walking down the hall to the kitchen, “Your animals mean more than your own dear mother.”

“That’s not true.” He follows her, eyes trailing over the pictures of him and Theseus at various ages, hanging in rotting frames on the cream walls.

“Well, you aren’t very good at showing that, are you? Come in here, I just finished baking some biscuits.”

Chuckling at a picture of him and Theseus grinning ear to ear in front of the ocean, stacks of shells balanced on their sopping curls, Newt heads into the kitchen. It hasn’t changed much since he was young. The same dog and cat salt and pepper shakers sit above the stove. The same row of flower vases with the same nine vases are lined up on the far counter, like soldiers ready to march at any moment. The same wooden frames hold up the same moving pictures.

Well, almost all the same pictures. Newt tries not to see the different faces in three of the frames, changed courtesy of Theseus.

“How have you been, honey?” Mrs. Scamander sets a cup of tea and a plate of two bite-sized biscuits down in front of Newt.

“I’ve almost died five times since I last saw you.” He fights a smile at his mother’s frown as he bites into a biscuit.

She falls into the chair across from him. “Do you want to kill your mother? Merlin’s beard, Newt, didn’t I raise you better?”

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Can we all just acknowledge for a moment at how tired Optimus is, and not just physically tired, but mentally tired as well? 

IDW Optimus has been through so much shit and all he wants to do is frikkin help. That’s all he wants. He is just so tired of everyone’s shit.

In TFA he was so done about being left out of every frikkin decision in that entire show, and so confused about absolutely everything. 

In TFP, he just wanted the war to be over so he could rest. I mean he frikkin almost gave the matrix to Smokescreen. He would have done anything to be able to rest as long as he knew his family would be safe.

In Bayverse, he is just so one with everyone’s shit it’s not even funny anymore. 

In Rescue Bots, we can just tell Optimus is tired not only because it’s part of the TFP universe, but also because he was so drained after adapting to a T-Rex alt mode. I mean his mental state was so absolutely drained that he couldn’t control it, partly owing to the fact of the TFP universe’s timeline.

In RiD 2015 Optimus is just so exhausted by this point, he just absolutely wants to sleep. Even though the show shows him having more of a positive attitude towards all of this, that is only because that particular show is directed towards a very young audience. When in reality, the Prime is just DONE.

Optimus is just so tired, I hope at some point in the future he just gets a frikkin break.



imagine CEO kim seokjin.

Originally posted by eatjin

  • you have the most handsome boss in all of creation, good luck.
  • first things first, kim seokjin is heir to one of the great business empires on his side of the planet.
  • for the moment though he’s just managing a few of the smaller branches as well as all the charities and his passion project, a moderately successful chain of restaurants.
  • you find work in one of these aforementioned branches, filling in as his secretary when his PA needs time off to care for their sick mother.
  • and he’s so stressed and busy he doesn’t even notice until around lunchtime when he bursts out of his office in a frenzy.
  • “assistant choi! you’re not assistant choi. where’s assistant choi?”
  • you remind him and he’s like “oops, i thought that was next week.”
  • because he can manage twelve charities and two businesses at once, he can clothe and feed himself because he’s a big boy, but he can’t organise anything. that’s what he needs you for.
  • also he can’t tie a tie properly.
  • he probably went to harvard business school, but he can’t tie a tie for shit. it’s always askew or crumpled or something, so you look knots up online because you’re just itching to fix it for him.
  • but you don’t actually approach him with the offer for a while, that would be inappropriate. instead you wait for him to tie it himself and ultimately fail, before you offer your help.
  • he accepts gratefully, and watches you concentrate in the agitating piece of cloth as if an angel just descended to save him from drowning.
  • later he admits that was when he knew he would fall in love with you.
  • and after that, whenever he has an important meeting to attend, you gotta fix his tie for him. it’s like ur lil ritual, and it helps him calm down and prepare.
  • sometimes he neglects to eat though. 
  • like when he’s trying to stay on top of events and important paperwork and running back and forth between meetings and you start to wonder if you should be organising meals for him as well.
  • he works so hard you end up feeling like you can’t just leave him alone in his office even if the work day is technically over, so you sit around answering emails as you wait for him to dismiss you.
  • eventually you just Go For It and order a bunch of food in, not knowing what he likes, because you’re hungry too dangit.
  • so at like 7pm you knock softly and ask him is it okay if you bring him something to eat.
  • kim seokjin could cry at that moment, but also he’s like “wait, you’re still here? why are you still here?”
  • you recite him his dinner options and by the end he’s almost visibly drooling.
  • “that sound amazing, do i have to choose?”
  • “well, one of them was for me.”
  • “which one?”
  • “whichever you didn’t want.”
  • “can’t we just share all of it?”
  • and so you and your new boss end up sitting across from one another on his plush expensive carpet, and have a virtual take-out feast.
  • and you’re both exhausted so you know he’s killing it with the dad jokes and his windshield wiping laughter just makes everything ten times funnier. lbr you probably peed yourself a little.
  • it’s late when you finally leave, so he drives you home.
  • the drive is nice and quiet and before you know it you’ve fallen asleep.
  • also you don’t know this but he was parked outside your house for like ten minutes before he mustered up the courage to wake you, like “ok we’re here!!!! hahahaha,,ha,,,ha,,,,, ah”
  • weeks pass, and jin’s dad is constantly piling more responsibility on him, which means more branches, which means jin has to travel more, and he takes you with him because he’s useless without you.
  • and you two are just so comfortable around each other from the start ??
  • but more importantly you really enjoy one another’s company and are constantly drawn together.
  • so eventually, always eating room service together turns into always spending time in the same room, which turns into eventually only booking one room with separate beds.
  • because more money saved is more money to charity. 
  • right? 
  • right ????
  • and guess what. 
  • eventually the hotel fucks up, but everything is so hectic you don’t even notice until it’s too late and you come back from a conference at night to find you only have one bed.
  • whoopsie daisy~
  • honestly though you’re both so exhausted because you flew in early that morning, jin falls asleep with all his clothes on and you don’t even care and pass out beside him like two minutes later.
  • when you wake however, he has shrugged out of his blazer and you’re snuggled up to him, head tucked beneath his chin, cheek pressed against his chest. 
  • to save you the embarrassment he pretends he’s still asleep while you untangle yourself. but breakfast is still awkward as heck to say the least, and he lowkey won’t stop smiling to himself the entire time.
  • and every time you attend a charity event with him everyone assumes you’re dating because you’re always laughing together and they’re used to seeing him with assistant choi. 
  • and one time he mishears someone asking if you’re his date and he says yes so you run with it and link your arm through his and call him pet names and he goes sO red and stutters and it’s worth all the death glares he sends you the rest of the night.
  • after that he’s kinda tense and weird and you end up apologising for your behaviour because that was very unprofessional of you and you crossed a line and you really need this job please don’t fire me.
  • and as you arrive back at the hotel he’s like “yeah, it’s cool, whatever, i need a drink.”
  • and you’re like “idk about you but there’s a minibar in my room.”
  • and he just stares at you until you realise what you’ve said and when you die of embarrassment he’s like “now we’re even. goodnight.”
  • eventually, one fateful evening back at the office, jin completely buckles under the weight of it all and you find him with his head in his hands, papers all over the floor.
  • he confesses to you how it’s all too much and he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to keep everything together, especially as his responsibilities keep growing and without assistant choi around to help him out.
  • you spin his chair around to face you and sink down to his level, take his face in your hands and tell him firmly that he’s got this. it’s okay to doubt yourself and to crack under the pressure, but he’s got you and he’s got this and together you’re gonna kick this thing in the ass.
  • and he laughs and hold your hand, leans in a fraction but hesitates until you tell him he can also kiss you if he wants. 
  • and he does. 
  • he kisses you over and over and over until you have expensive carpet burns, wink wonk if you know what i mean.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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Not So Innocent After All

Pairing: Dean x reader (Y/N)

Word count: 3898 words (this ended up getting waaaay longer than I expected…)

Warnings: some smut and a cute Sammy…. I think that’s it :)

Summary: You are on a witch hunt with the boys when a spell is cast on you and Dean. Will he find out that you have a crush on him?

A/N: This was written for @whispersandwhiskerburn Much Ado About SPN challenge. my prompts were the Shakespeare quote: “If music be the food of love, play on” (Twelfth Night I.1) and words Impala, Iron, and Innocence. couldn’t really find a way to work Iron into it, so i skipped that :) A big thanks to Angel, since she helped me through this and betaed for me, also, it was basically her challenge that made me start writing fanfic in the first place. THANK YOU ANGEL <3 I think that was all i had to say for now. Happy reading :)

Ever since you first laid eyes on the older Winchester, you had had the biggest crush on him. Mr. Sex-On-Legs had saved you from a big bad werewolf a couple of years prior, and you had decided to join him and his brother in the eternal battle against supernatural evil. Dean had rejected your application as their new partner in crime in the beginning, but since you had nowhere else to go (and a pair of puppy dog eyes as good as Sam’s) he couldn’t refrain from letting you tag along.

Sam quickly became the little brother you never had, and Dean, well, not so much. You knew he thought of you as more of a little sister than anything else, and though it sometimes was extremely painful not being able to tell him how you really felt about him, you wouldn’t dare risk your friendship and your inclusion in the Winchester family. In the beginning, you thought that he actually liked you back, but as it turns out, Dean flirts shamelessly with every girl he meets. It broke your heart into a million pieces the night you realized how wrong and naive you had been.

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BTS Reaction When Their Girlfriend Is Insecure About Her Weight

A/N: Thank you anon for requesting this! I’m trying to post one request per day so keep sending!


Originally posted by softfluffytae

If beauty queen Jin is dating you is bacause he loves you the way you are! But to be honest I think he’d be the main reason why you put on some weight. Dating this boy would be like Eat Jin episodes everyday, so I think t the end he’d be encouraging you to eat!

“Jagiya! I just tried this new dish and it’s delicious! Here I bought it for you, have a bite!”


Originally posted by mn-yg

So Yoongi wouldn’t even care if you have some extra pounds, he’s all about originality and doesn’t care about stereotypes so he’d encourage you to accept yourself and would tell you how badass you were by not not listening to the media.

“Jagi, I’m wanted to date someone different than me, please don’t try to be skinny, you look great right now!”


Originally posted by taestylips

Ok so this boy would be all up on your curves. I this he would take it as a plus side of dating you. If you showed insecurities I think he would laugh it off with you, showing you have nothing to worry about and that he just loves your curves.

“You’re perfect Jagi, I mean if you lose weight I won’t be able to grab the booty properly!”


Originally posted by myloveseokjin

I think he would try to make you forget about it while making fun of himself. He would see you laughing and would hold and kiss your hand showing you that he appreciates your love no matter which shape or size. So then he would tell you to love yourself like he loves you.

“Aish Jagi, I can’t believe you’re worried about that! Here let me cheer you up!”


Originally posted by morekpopmore

Jimin would just love your chubbiness, he would be squeezing and pinching your cheeks telling you cute you look and if you complained about your weight in front of him it would only make it worse because then he would want to show you how cute you were.

“See that Jagi?” *asks while squeezing your cheeks* “That’s why your so freaking cute!”


Originally posted by jxnhyungs

This boy would pretend he doesn’t know what you’re talking about. While you were babbling in front of the mirror because of your tummy he’d be listening, but would pretend to be distracted, because if he didn’t take it serious then you wouldn’t too!

“Jagi look at those lights outside, you can see it from here, just step away from the mirror!”


Originally posted by comfyjimin

I think he would be so tired to hear you talk about your weight that he would then take you to the gym and would keep encouraging you to keep going even though it was clear how exhausted you were, so the he would start making comments like:

“See Jagi? If you’d listened to me and loved yourself like I do,you wouldn’t be here all tired and sweaty!”

HBO Warmas → Day 18/25: Disney AU

Eugene Roe as Tiana

“Mama, I don’t have time for dancin’, that’s just gonna have to wait a while.”

  • Me: I am tired of putting your train together so you can take it apart, child. Didn't you torture me enough yesterday by not sleeping past 4:30?
  • Demon Goat: *throws train on floor*
  • Me: How about some Yuri on Ice?
  • Demon Goat: *is happy sitting in a pile of duplo and blocks and watching yoi*

iamleighbot  asked:

Can't send the symbol because tumblr Hates me with a passion but I'd love to see hair washing and any Star Wars pairing you choose! Especially if it's post-battle or something and it's aftercare related.

There’s blood in her hair. 

“Jyn,” he says, quiet in respect for the night, and Jyn makes a move like she’d be startled if she had the energy for it. 

“Sorry.” She’s quiet too. “I didn’t mean to wake you.” 

“I wasn’t asleep.” Cassian sits up. There’s blood across her face too, and on her clothes. She must have come right from the mission; she’s not the one who has to debrief her missions. A part of Cassian is glad that he’s not the one who has to be debriefing right now, so he can be here, right now, though the larger part still hates whenever she leaves without him. Maybe he could have stopped some of the blood on her right now, if he’d have been there. 

“It’s not mine,” she tries for a cocky smile, but it’s just exhausted. Cassian understands, all too well. “I’m fine.” 

“Good.” She does smile at that, because she knows how it says all the things they don’t dare say, not now. Not in the middle of a war. They don’t say it, and they don’t talk about how they sleep in the same bed and don’t sleep when the other’s away. Instead, Cassian gets to his feet, lets the blankets fall away from him. “You shouldn’t sleep like that.” 

“I’m tired.” 

“You’ll feel better clean.” He runs his hands over her shoulders, down her arms. It’ll get blood on his hands. It won’t be the first time, or the last. “Shower first.” 

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i honestly don’t think i want to work in politics because i know what it entails and it’s ugly and depressing and dirty and honestly… this last year has pushed me farther to the brink than ever… so…

if i worked in politics? as my actual full-time job? i’d kill myself.

So @bloody-bee-tea sent me an IronPanther prompt and here I am replying to it. :)

Please excuse any inaccuracies. Most can be explained with hand-wavey comic book/movie logic, I think lol.


Tony Stark was being sent to Wakanda by General Ross for something concerning the Accords. T’Challa did not panic, but he did make sure everyone knew to not allow Tony or anyone without clearance onto the medical floor where Barnes was, and bustled the former-Avengers off to another city to keep out of sight and trouble.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request some fluffy imagines with Hanzo, Zenyatta and Zarya? (I don't know your limit so i'll just stick to three)

I don’t quite have a limit yet, but it’s probably going to be three or four c:


  • At the beginning of your relationship with him, he would be too shy to do anything.
  • However, when you two grow closer watch out.
  • This Poor Man is so starved for attention. When alone, he will always be touching you in some way; your head on his shoulder, your pinkies intertwined, his hand on your knee. Anything you can think of.
  • When you two are out in public, unless he is getting jealous, it’s usually pretty hands-off.
  • Please don’t make him jealous he’s been through enough
  • Will probably cry if you make him anything.


  • He was the most hesitant to become intimate with you when you first admitted your fondness for him. 
  • He was an omnic after all, and while omnic-human relationships aren’t taboo, they aren’t exactly praised.
  • But he agreed with a little persisting from you.
  • Every morning you wake up with a little post it note that reads cute little messages like “I love you!”, “Today is a new day, make the most of it!” , “Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated!”
  • He praises you constantly. 
  • Got out of bed? Awesome job. Got dressed even though you were exhausted and grumpy? So proud. 
  • Always makes sure that his praise doesn’t come off as sarcastic sounding. Sweet Bean.
  • Most Supportive Boyfriend. 


  • Unlike Hanzo, she will show you off to everyone. 
  • I mean everyone.
  • Will try to impress you by showing you how much she can bench press. Even though you already knew.
  • Doesn’t mind if you don’t like to work out, but going to the gym with her is a must. 
  • The first time she saw you in gym attire she was literal heart eyes.
  • Loves to carry you on her shoulders. 
  • If you’re on the shorter side, she will insist on carrying you everywhere, much to your dismay. 
  • Me: I'm going to be productive once I get back from spring break! No more fucking around!!!
  • Also me: *stays up until 3 AM pacing and day-dreaming even though I'm exhausted and my legs are so sore I could cry, then sleeps until noon and misses first class the next day*

Kaneki walked in to see Hide’s eyes glued to the monitor. Glancing over to the clock, Kaneki frowned when he realized Hide stayed up all night to gather up Intel on Furuta and to guess his next move.

He’s going to hurt his eyes, Kaneku thought.

Sneaking over, Kaneki pounced and covered Hide’s bloodshot eyes. Unsurprisingly, Hide had already known Kaneki was there and what he would do. Ever since he entered the ghoul world, Hide gained another terrifying ability: sensing when ghouls were around. It’s like a sixth sense, Hide explained. 

“Morning,” Hide said, removing Kaneki’s hands and turning to get a look at Kaneki’s concerned face, a small smile still gracing his soft features.

“Did you sleep?” Kaneki ran his hands through Hide’s soft locks. To his amusement, Kaneki chuckled at Hide’s reaction; he closed his eyes in bliss and let out a sigh in euphoric delight. He’s like a puppy, Kaneki thought.

“Hmmm. I got a little bit of sleep.” Hide pressed his cheek against Kaneki’s stomach, letting Kaneki’s fingers work their magic as he continued to massage his scalp. Kaneki looked around to see cups and cups of coffee, and he frowned.

“Are you lying to me again, Hide?” Kaneki was not angry, even if Hide was lying, but it worried him knowing Hide overwhelmed himself with so much work. Couldn’t Marude take over? “When’s the last time you slept a full eight hours?” Kaneki began to interrogate him.

“Who sleeps eight hours anymore, Kaneki? We forfeited that privilege when we entered coll- Ow ow ow!”

Kaneki pinched Hide’s ears in irritation. So he hasn’t sleep well in a long time. No wonder he looked like a walking corpse half the time. All this time he thought Hide went to bed at night, but he was here in this stuffy room.

“Hide, you need proper sleep or you’ll lose your sanity.” Cupping Hide’s cheek, Kaneki kneeled down to meet eye to eye with Hide. “Come to bed with me.” Kaneki watched as Hide’s eyes widen and a tint of soft pink slowly dusted Hide’s cheek and ears.

“So forward, Kaneki-chan~“Hide joked but Kaneki could hear Hide’s beat faster and Hide radiate off Hide’s exposed skin. "But I have to stay here and- Hey!”

Without warning, Hide was thrown over Kaneki’s shoulder and torn away from his work. In attempt to break free, Hide wiggled in hopes that Kaneki would lose his hold, but Hide knew it would be no use, the strength of a ghoul was unmatchable compared his human strength.

Flimsily, Hide grabbed onto his office chair, but it only got dragged along with him. 

“Hide…” Kaneki warned, slight tenderness and concern underlying as Kaneki said his name.

Letting out a sigh, Hide gave up and went limp, looking like a exhausted rag doll.

“You’re so mean,” Hide exhaled. Even though he could not see his face, Kaneki imagined a pout on Hide’s face.

“You need to sleep.” Kaneki stated, firmly. When Kaneki reached Hide’s room, he paused and continued walking to his own. If Hide was left alone, he’d sneak out and start working again.

As Kaneki turned the doorknob, Touka walked by and saw Kaneki and Hide over his shoulder.

“Uhhh,” Touka stared dryly at Kaneki, red as a rose.

“I-I can explain, you see, Hide-” Kaneki stuttered, trying to defend the awkward moment. However, Touka shook her head and walked to the bathroom, shutting the door before Kaneki said more.

“Haha. Have fun explaining that to everyone. You know she’s gonna tell them, right?” Kaneki pouted when he turned and looked downward to see Hide smug grinning face followed by Hide sticking out his tongue.

“Shut up,"Kaneki huffed as he walked in an closed the door behind them.

In a couple of minutes, Kaneki managed to get Hide to relax and watched and Hide’s eyes became heavy with sleep. Every so often, Hide fought off sleep, jerking his body to stay awake, but Kaneki talked softly, retelling some of Hide’s favorite stories and humming some of Hide’s favorite songs. Finally, Hide fell asleep, snoring slightly, making Kaneki smile in content. For a couple of minutes, Kaneki watched Hide sleep and felt a warm tear fall down his cheek and on the pillow.

I’m glad you’re here, Hide, Kaneki smiled. Taking Hide’s hand into his, Kaneki lightly squeezed it three times. One, two, three. I’ll see you tomorrow morning, Hide. And for the time in years, neither Hide nor Kaneki were haunted with nightmares, to wonder where the other went. For the first time in so long, they were side-by-side.

I had this sitting in my drafts. Never got around to finishing it, but it was gonna be rhack where, rhys walks in and basically sees jack kissing someone else, and then jack was gonna run after him trying to explain, and rhys would be a sad puppy, and at some point slap jack in the face…yep. That’s about it. Enjoy!