it was so cute i just had to

I was scrolling through some pretty dang fine art blogs, and I thought to myself.. wow. These are some amazingly talented people. some of them are younger than me that worked super hard, and some are older and more experienced. And then I thought, I can’t believe, little ol me, with my inexperience, has had such a good response from people? 

My drawings receive the usual “ cute! “ and “pretty!!” ( though mostly cute haha ;; ), but even then, my cute little drawings.. people actually enjoy my them??!! And it just touches my heart to know people, my followers, want to support me??? I have received amazing words of encouragement, and questions on how I do some things ( which I haven’t answered yet cause ahh I haven’t received a formal art education yet!! I don’t feel worthy to teach ;w; ) as well as very generous donations. I really don’t know how to thank you all enough for sticking around with me and watching me grow<3 

But yes, it was really on my heart to draw a little thank you ;w; sorry it’s not much;;!! But I have been showered by kindness and encouragement by you all, and I really can’t thank you enough<3 Thank you for making my art-sharing experience so pleasant<3 

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just random cute thor x dizzee headcanons? 🙂

  • thor always buys dizzee cute rings 
  • the first time thor told dizzee he loved him, he started out with “marcus…” so now every time thor calls him by his real name dizzee knows he’s about to confess his undying love or something equally as important
  • dizzee loves to paint all over thor’s back. whether it’s a well thought out galaxy or just thick stripes of color, it’s truly one of his favorite things to do. thor usually giggles because he’s ticklish. (and maybe dizzee purposely brushes against the sensitive spots on his sides to hear him laugh)
  • they get high and watch cheesy horror movies 
  • dizzee starts making cute clothes for thor, like his alien vest
  • i had a dream once where they were drinking wine and watching reality shows so that’s real 
Refreshing || Jack Maynard

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Word Count: 1k+

A/N: This is just a whole bunch of cuteness and Dubainess so I hope you all enjoyy!!xo

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“Is there a problem?” “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” With Tim I hope you can do this. I just hope that you don't have to much to do that you feel overwhelmed.

Sorry this took a while! This request is super cute and I hope you love it!
“Is there a problem?” you cocked an eyebrow at your boyfriend.

“Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” Tim eyed you. He had just gotten home from patrol and found you on the couch.

“It’s comfy and smells like you” holding the shirt up to your nose.

Tim smiled before sitting next to you and throwing an arm over your shoulder. “So, you missed my smell of coffee and stress” he chuckled.

“Yes, the smell of stress” you laughed. “It’s an alluring aroma” Snuggling into his chest.

“But it doesn’t compare to the real deal” you peered up at him, chin resting in his chest.

“Plus the real deal can do this” he smirked before gently kissing your lips.

“Yup, a shirt can’t do that.”

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Hello lovelies💕 seventeen are my cinnamon roll children and you all are so amazing at writing for them omg😙 can I please request a fluffy seungcheol fansign scenario where he's being really cheesy and cute to you~ thank you, you beautiful souls💕

the pressure is real because irl Cheol is MADE of cheese at fansigns… but I hope you like this ♥ thanks for the cute request ;u;

The moment you had seen your name on the list of the people chosen to attend Seventeen’s fansign, you had just frozen.

It couldn’t be real, right? There had to have been a mistake. There was no way you would get that lucky, was there?

The more you looked at the list, and especially your own name, the more you came to the conclusion that yes, you had indeed gotten that lucky. You were glad that all the albums you had bought in hopes of getting into the fansign didn’t go to waste, eve  though it felt so surreal.

Who knew dreams like that actually came true?

Once you got over the shock, however, you were filled with excitement as you realized that you would be seeing Seventeen up close - you’d get to talk with each of them for a bit, and you’d get to touch each of their hands, among everything else.

It was a nerve-wrecking yet lovely thought: you could barely even imagine how you’d act in front of them, how they’d act in front of you and how it’d go in general, but you couldn’t wait to find out.

Little by little, you wrote questions on post-it notes for each member after a lot of thought, and even got some help from your friends.

Some of them were a bit more serious, such as “What’s something you’ve never regretted?” but with some you couldn’t help but ask for a nickname or the like.

You couldn’t wait to get all 13 answers.

The day of the fansign came sooner than you had anticipated, and eventually you were there, seated in your seat with the fansign pamphlet in your lap and your hands trembling on top of it. Your heart was racing in your chest, and it would’ve been funny if it hadn’t been thumping in your ears, especially when Seventeen wasn’t even on stage yet.

“Is this your first time?” the person on your left asked in a friendly way, smiling at you when you turned to look at them.

You chuckled, and with a smile wider than you intended it to be, nodded. “Is it that obvious?”

“Kinda, but it’s all good. We’ve all been there,” they laughed, but soon fell quiet and just smiled. “Get ready, they’re coming in no time.”

Swallowing, you agreed to do just that, even though you already knew you’d never be ready for Seventeen to be on stage, right in front of you.

Yet there they were, getting onto the stage one by one and introducing themselves cheerfully while the cheering from the audience got louder. You watched them in awe, your hands subconsciously clutching the hem of your shirt.

So, they’re real, you thought a mere second before joining everyone else in the audience in the cheering, excitedly watching each member come to the stage with a wide smile on your face.

The fansign proceeded somewhat like you had expected based on some stories and videos: the members had some fun on stage, talking and playing around while interacting with all of you, and eventually moved to take their seats behind the long line of tables.

The long line of tables you’d soon be kneeling on the other side of - the mere thought made your heart beat faster.

You observed the seating order and felt your heart skip a beat when you saw who was last.

Why him? you thought with a small pout, your heart fluttering a little as you watched S.Coups - Choi Seungcheol - fix his hair and smile brightly at the screaming fans when he had taken his seat at the end of the table line.

He was your favorite member, so having him as your last stop felt both lovely and bittersweet. On one hand you’d get to end that part of the fansign in the best way possible, but on the other hand, after him it would be over and you’d move back to your own seat. You could only hope you’d be able to remember everything afterwards instead of getting a blackout.

Little by little, people started moving to the stage to get their autographs and get a glimpse of the members up close, and before you knew it, you were faced with Seokmin, who was smiling at you brightly.

“Is this your first fansign? You don’t look familiar,” he noted cheerfully and moved his gaze from your eyes to your pamphlet, which was open on his page, and scanned the post-it note you had written for him and scribbled an answer. He chuckled, and you struggled to form a sentence.

“Actually yes,” you finally managed to say with a smile, and felt your breath hitch when Seokmin looked at you again and raised his eyebrows, tilting his head a little towards his outstretched hand. Feeling your cheeks heat up a little, you linked your hands and interlaced your fingers, and Seokmin grinned. “You’ve got a good memory.”

“It doesn’t always work, but I try,” he said with a laugh, and you could feel him squeeze your hand. “So, whose fan are you, Y/N?”

The fact that he said your name out loud took you aback, but you overcame it quickly - after all, you had put your name on the post-it. “Actually, I’m–”

Before you were able to finish your sentence, you noticed you had to move forward, and gave Seokmin an apologetic smile that he shushed off with a laugh.

“Remember me!”

You laughed and moved on to Jun, who was already smiling at you while fiddling with his pen.

Like that, you went through the members, sharing memorable moments with each and every one of them. Some of their hands fit yours so perfectly that it was almost sad to let go, and Mingyu was so comfortable to be with that it was particularly painful to move on from him.

Although, with the person after Mingyu being Seungcheol, perhaps it wasn’t all that bad.

“Hello,” Seungcheol said cheerfully when you began moving to him, and there was something about his soft voice and the dimples that appeared on his cheeks as he smiled at you that nearly had you stumbling with your words.

“Hi,” you nearly choked out, your hand linking comfortably with Seungcheol’s. Your heart was racing in your chest, and only stopped to flutter when your eyes met Seungcheol’s kind ones.

“Come on, I can’t be that intimidating,” he laughed in a friendly way and squeezed your hand, momentarily looking down at the post-it note you had written for him, after which he raised his gaze to you. “A nickname for you?”

You managed to nod, and with how cute Seungcheol was as he seemed to put a lot of thought into it, you couldn’t help but giggle, which caught his attention and made him grin. “You’re cute when you smile.”

Blood rushed to your already warm cheeks at his comment, and all you could do was stare right into his playful, smiling eyes. You were unable to get the smile off your face, however, even as you spoke and swayed your linked hands a little. “Shouldn’t I be the one saying that?”

“You think I’m cute when I smile?” Seungcheol asked playfully and leaned a bit closer to you over the table. You shied away a little, but held his hand either way as you nodded.

“You’re cute all the time,” you said quietly, and were surprised that he even heard it. He laughed brightly and almost made you yelp when his free hand found your head.


With your eyebrows rising at the words Seungcheol said while slowly petting your head, you tilted your head a little. “What?”

“Your nickname,” he grinned as he pulled away and removed his hand from your hair. “You’re my baby.”

You made a face and leaned weakly against the table between you and him, pouting. Your favorite member had just titled you his baby, and to say it made you feel warm and fuzzy would’ve been a bit of an understatement. “Why do you have to be like this?”

Seungcheol’s smile was cocky in just the right way to make your heart flutter as he leaned a bit closer again. “What, don’t you want me to be, baby?”

“…No,” you muttered and looked up at him, taking in all of his features that you were seeing so up close for the very first time. His lips were stretched into a smile that occasionally got into a smaller one as he eyed you curiously; his eyelashes were even longer than pictures made them seem, and all in all he was simply gorgeous.

“I think our time is up,” Seungcheol said with a pout a second after a staff member behind him had leaned down to whisper him something. Squeezing your hand, he smiled. “Any last wishes?”

Excitement bubbled inside of you as you gave him a playful grin. “Can you say it one more time?”

This time it was him raising his eyebrows. “Say what?”

Giggling, you shook your head. “It’s fine.”

“Whatever you say, baby,” Seungcheol said with a low voice, raising his eyebrows meaningfully and laughing heartily when you blushed.

“Thank you,” you said, your heart feeling heavier than you had expected it to, and took your pamphlet from the table. “Good luck with your activities! I’ll keep supporting you!”

He nodded and watched you leave, even as another fan took your spot in front of him. “Make sure to come again, I miss you already!”

You turned to look at him in surprise, your eyes wide, and were met with his widely smiling face. He winked at you before turning to the fan in front of him, and with a surprised yet infinitely happy smile on your face, you returned to your seat.

As you went through your pamphlet and all the post-it notes, your heart skipped a beat when you got to Seungcheol’s page.

On top of it, it read To Y/N, my baby ♥♥♥ Come back soon or I’ll come get you ♥

You weren’t sure how common it was, exactly, for him to write such things, but you already knew you’d treasure both the note and memory for a long time.

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Dreamer [Cassian x Reader]

A/N: Just got an idea the other night (wonder why…) and wanted to write a little drabble of sorts. Just some cuteness. (I’m on mobile so please excuse any formatting issues.)

You were burning up. The cooling mechanism in your ship was busted, but Cassian said to suck it up. So you did. You couldn’t disagree. The mission needed to be done. And now he was sleeping soundly while you manned the hyperdrive. It wasn’t ideal.

You had already removed your vest and your boots, suddenly useless and obsolete in this hot tin can.

You watched Cassian sleeping peacefully. It made your heart content, seeing him relaxed for once. Especially how he always appeared, at least outwardly, to be in such a distressed state. You hoped his slumber was at least peaceful.

His chest rose and fell rhythmically underneath his crossed arms. He had rolled up his sleeves and unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt to cool off, and you tried to keep your eyes off of the bare parts of his chest peeking out. There was no denying he was handsome.

You exhaled deeply, trying to rid your mind of all your thoughts. The thoughts about the ship being ridiculously hot. The thoughts about Cassian being ridiculously…

The heat was really getting to you.

You laid back in your seat, throwing your head back, trying to keep your hair from sticking to your neck. This was exhausting you. If you could just close your eyes for a minute. Just a minute.

The second your eyes glided shut, they sprung open. That noise. Was something malfunctioning? What now?

You sat up quickly and looked around, finding the culprit immediately. Cassian was snoring.

A chuckle escaped your lips; you weren’t sure why it was so funny. But it was. You situated yourself back into the chair, head tilted back again trying to get a minute of shut eye.

But he wouldn’t stop snoring, that deep grumbling echoing through the cockpit. In fact, it was just getting louder. It was endearing before. Now it was just annoying.

Your bare feet scuffled along the metal flooring on your way over to him. You felt bad, but you couldn’t deal with it. Not in these conditions.

“Hey. Cas.” You poked at his shoulder gently, his thick frame barely moving beneath the minute force. The snoring continued, uninterrupted.

You paused for a moment, getting lost in his features. His hair was tousled just perfectly, though not purposefully. He had just the right amount of stubble. Somehow he was always like this. Stars, he was just so…

You sighed. What were you doing? If anyone knew what Cassian had been going through lately, it was you. Always with him on missions, growing exhausted and worn down right beside him. The man deserved a break.

“You’re lucky you’re cute,” you whispered, before leaving a chaste kiss on his forehead.

You walked back to take your place steps away in the cockpit. For now, you’d let him be. You could deal with the snoring. He needed to sleep. He needed to dream.

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my friend just sent me a text that said "i saw a cute baby and i wanna steal it" and i'm telling you at least one of the penguins get this message a day from sidney (mostly geno) and they have to get someone to keep him from taking babies home "accidentally". Flower has had to apologize to at least 16 mothers for sid charming their baby and then their baby bawling when sid has to leave

A mom, holding a crying child after Sidney leaves: I’m so sorry!! She’s usually not this fussy at this time?? 
Flower: She’s imprinted. 

crimsonas-fandoms-are-life  asked:

10 and 20 please

10. Have you ever had an animal to eat from your hand? Do animals usually like you?

Zol: I once fed a bunny! It was so cute to see them eat! And I also fed a few birds once! And I guess they do?? I’m an animal myself so I guess I’m not too scary!

20. Do you like stargazing? Do you believe in shooting star wishes?

Zol: Yes, and definitely yes!… I just haven’t seen a shooting star yet.

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me and a cute girl are planning a date and im scared shes going to decide she doesnt like me at all as a friend or partner(we're close friends now) and ik thats probably just my depression telling me im not good enough but like fucc im scared and dont know how to calm down

Go on the date, be excited. Make this a memorable night because even if it turns into nothing at least you had a good time, keep your chin up little sapph you got this and I’m so proud of you ♥♥♥ -Wisty

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Can you do just a fluffy one with tyler laying on the female readers chest as they unwind after a long day?

(I really need some fluff in my life right now because I’ve had a really bad few days thank you so much for sending this)

-Ty’s been running himself ragged the last few days.
-you see it every time he comes home, each night later and later
-the guys have been planning something big for the channel and he had been working so hard
-you did your best to stay up and wait for him but sometimes you fell asleep before he came home
-finally on Friday he came home earlier than he had been
-Mark had given them all the day off on Saturday for working so hard
-he came to bed silently after eating a large meal that you’d made for him
-neither of you takes too much, and when you did it was just soft small talk
-he laid his head on your chest, and you ran your fingers through his hair and over his cheek bones and down the back of his neck
-his face was buried in your breasts and he nuzzled in, kissing your exposed skin softly
-you talked about your day after a few minutes, just to take his mind off of working and he smiled into your skin
-“love you babygirl”

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I just wanted to share I had the craziest dream last night! Gon and Killua were both baseball players for the same team, Killua was the pitcher and Gon was the catcher. Right before the game Killua and Gon both kissed for good luck and then they took their place on the diamond looking so proud of each other it was so cute! And Killua was throwing and striking out the batters while taunting them, being classic Killua and Gon just laughed the entire time

Ohmygod this is really cute??? Especially the part with Gon and Killua kissing each other for good luck, like fkldjkfdsajklfdjkfsdjfklsdjklfdklsdjalsjdaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I want a dream like this now!!!!

There’s actually a lot of really good baseball au fanart for killugon funnily enough XD  you should totally search for it!

But thank you so much for sharing, this is beyond sweet and good and it made me very happy to read ^-^

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How do you and Lolly get along?

“ Lolly just arrived in Hell Town just weeks ago, hanging with her sister since she’s been gone from home for 5 years as Lucie said, I only had small conversations with Lolly, SHE’S SO CUTE HAVE YOU SEEN HER? Little darling does necromancy.. Nice to meet more of the Goat family…eh.. So, I don’t know her that well other than her being Lucie’s little sister, we don’t interact much, but she seems to hang with Boris alot. “ - Bendy

My baby

Turns ONE at 7:50am tomorrow! I truly can’t believe a year has gone by. Time just keeps flying by and I wish at times I could just freeze it. You have changed all of our lives and life would just not be the same without you. Your smile lights up the world and can make anyone’s day. Your little wet kisses melt mommies heart and your cuddles are the best. I cherish every single moment I have with you baby, because I know one day I will be wishing I had these moments back. You are full of smiles and such a happy little boy, you love to make other laugh and you may have this little temper when you want something but it’s so freakin cute, I can’t wait to see your personality grow and grow and keep seeing the little boy your turning into. Mommy loves you to the moon and back baby boy, I love you so much. To going to bed as an 11 month old and waking up as ONE! Happy almost first birthday my sweet sweet boy 💙🎈🎉🎂

hey just wondering but why are cath and gowther like… the same. theyre so weirdly similar:

  1. their whole aspects of learning/adapting their behaviors based off of the behaviors of others.
  2. the idea of them being puppeteers (cath controlling the armor & gowther’s magic abilities being a play on how he’s a doll, but he’s also able to use other people like dolls.)
  3. their introduction being that whole “big, dangerous armor turns out to be controlled by something unexpected, weird, cute, and seemingly defenseless” thing.
  4. the fact that they’re the only ones in the manga with that unique square speech bubble. (which is usually used to indicate monotonic speech, if i remember correctly. but gowther still had these speech bubbles in his gaiden when he had emotions, so i think nakaba might be adapting it as just his recognizable thing? but regardless, they’re the only two characters with that speech bubble, and it stands out in a weird way.)
  5. they way they’re written kind of morally ambiguous, where they’re helping out, but we’re not always sure if it’s with the right kind of intention. along with the vague way their “races” are/were hinted at.
  6. the fact that the only other person with arthur when we met cath was gowther (who also didn’t know what cath was. but i feel like this choice in the characters present for cath’s introduction will be indicative of something in a narrative sense.)

i wonder how this will be relevant……..

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Could I have a Kylo Ren imagine where it's like you two just take a nap together and it's really cute?? Thanks!

Words: 1.2k

Summary: You and your boyfriend, Kylo Ren, decide to neglect any productivity of the day and take a nap together before he leaves for another mission. 

x This is really fluffy and cute and lsdjfldksj; thank you so much for requesting it


The doorknob was cold against your fingertips. Your face still damp from washing it, and the hint of toothpaste still leaving a minty taste on your tongue from brushing your teeth. You had heard Kylo walk into your guys’ bedroom with his heavy, paced footsteps, only a few short minutes before you finished cleaning up. 

Opening the door, you walked out, brushing your fingers through your hair and letting out a small sigh. There was a small hall leading from the bathroom, and you could hear Kylo breathing as you turned the corner. Clearing his voice, you watched him while you walked past his large figure. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, leaning over his helmet. Not saying anything, you recognized the confliction on your boyfriend’s face, his jaw set and his eyes full of emotion. His lips full and slightly parted, you felt your heart skip a beat, and you paused. Breathing out in defiance to your thoughts of neglecting anything productive that day, and just pulling him away from his thoughts.

Kylo’s un-gloved fingers passed shakily over the exterior of his helmet. Examining the dents and scratches. Wearing one of his large t-shirts and your underwear, hidden away in your guys’ room on the base, Kylo noticed you sauntering over. He sighed, and by the time you reached him, the confliction in his eyes had passed. Now replaced with awe and love. 

But he didn’t let go over his helmet. Instead, he only swallowed, and leaned back slightly, his shoulders set and his helmet still in his lap.

Nudging his knees open to let you in, you passed your hands over the helmet and then took it from him. Setting it down on the floor, and running your fingers through his black hair. Pushing the thick waves away from his face. Kylo let out a small breath, wrapping his arms loosely around your waist. Pulling you against him. Leaning down, your lips met his. Savoring the taste of his soft lips, his touch, you felt him stand up, pulling you onto your tippy toes. Then, cutting him off mid-kiss, you hooked your fingers around his chin. 

Kylo gazed down at you with gentle eyes, and you let your hand fall down his arm, to his. Pulling him over to the side of the bed, and then crawling into it. Kylo stood there for a second, his eyebrows stitched together before he realized what your tired smile was saying. 

This wasn’t anything abnormal for you when he was home, you two spent every hour with each other. Relishing in the ability to look at each other, to touch each other. Even though sometimes you lost sleep over the fact that you two would stay up, just talking, kissing, or both, in moments like these, sleep was good enough. All you needed was Kylo’s arms around you and his body pressed against yours. 

Kylo, taking off his shirt, crawled beside you, and then dragged you by your waist until you were practically on top of him. Your chest heavy against his, and his hip bones digging into yours. Sighing, you looked at him for a moment, you remembered that in 2 days, he wouldn’t be there. You felt your heart drop, and he noticed your face sadden. 

“What?” He asked, his large hand coming up to your face, cupping it. You leaned into his palm. 

“I hate it when you leave…” Your voice was soft, but he heard you. You could tell because he pressed his lips together, his breath hitching before he set a small kiss against your jaw line. Trailing his mouth across your face, making a smile pull at your cheeks. 

“I know… I do too.” He muttered, “but I won’t be long.” 


“You know me…” 

Then you nuzzled your face into the crook of his neck, breathing in his scent, and closing your eyes. His muscles tightened around your body, and he moved you both so that you were on your side, your face hidden by his, and your chests still pressed together. You leg falling over his.

You felt sleep come over you like a large blanket, but Kylo fell asleep before you. You smiled softly as the feeling of his breath deepening, and his body becoming heavier around you settled into the atmosphere. 


When you woke up from your nap, your hair was covering your face, mixing with Kylo’s, your throat dry and your mouth open, with the feeling of sleep still in your eyes. Lifting your head, you noticed that Kylo’s face was strained in the expression of a deep dream. Breathing out, you brushed his hair out of his face, and climbed over him. Leaving a trail of kisses across his nose, and down his chin. His lips then parted slightly, beckoning you to press your mouth against his. Teasing you to take in his puffy lips and feel them moving slowly, with thought against yours. When you did, you woke him up, and a slight smile lifted the corners of his mouth while he began kissing you back.  

“Hmm… Mm. What… What time is it?” 

“I don’t know…” You kissed him again. His chest rose and fell, lifting you slightly as your knees pressed against his sides. “I just want to stay here forever…" 

“Suffocating me?” Kylo then snickered, and you hit his chest lightly, he gasped teasingly, and then pulled you back down, his hand coming to the back of your neck, and you giggled. Flipping you over, his whole body weighed down on you, and you pressed your legs around his waist, your arms around his shoulders. “I want to stay here… With you… Forever… Too.” He murmured between kisses. But then, lifting your lips to his forehead, he sighed, and propped himself up. “Hux probably thinks I’ve fallen off the edge of the base…" 

“Let him think that. If he believes you’re dead, then he won’t come looking." 

"I don’t think Snoke would appreciate that.” Kylo did that small smirk, the one that twisted his lip up and shut one eye into a wink. You then licked your lips and pushed his hair back. 

“Yeah… Knowing him." 

You two looked at one another for a moment, before he gave you one last kiss, and climbed off of you. Leaving the sheets tangled around your legs, and your hair disheveled from sleep, while you watched him grab his shirt, and before he walked out of the door, slide his helmet over his head. It closed with a dull click, and you swallowed. The Kylo you knew, Ben, wasn’t there anymore. Replaced by the apprentice of a monster. You hated yourself for not trying to get him away from his master, as you know what Snoke did to him. But what could you do? 


So after a bit of polling and posting, I had some scant interest in adoptables, and while I have no idea how to price these things I think I settled on something that’s pretty fair for the fact that they’re just me designing cute dinobird boys. If you want a cute concept for a beastman OC or a basic design to use as a basis in whatever you may wanna do with these guys (RP/Tabletop character original build, excuse to have a buff birdo to write about, get the high-res transparent PNG to print out, etc), this is kind of the early “unofficial” post. 

…well, it’s going up on Friday night so not EARLY early, but, you know! This is more me testing the waters with it since I always liked the concept, as someone who designs an excess of things I don’t think I’d use.

For anyone who’s up and interested, email raccoonkay at GMAIL dot com with the subject ‘Adoptables’ (or message me here), and I will update how this goes. 

I would also like to generally take this time to encourage you to look up Sea Eagles, they look like goofy darling muppets but they’re real.

when i was like 14, i once wore contact lenses instead of glasses to school bc i had just learned how to put them on and i wanted to show them to my friends right, and this one guy goes and tells me “i thought girls were supposed to become beautiful when they stopped wearing glasses. something obviously went wrong with you” and that was??? so incredibly rude i wanted to cry but i just stood there not knowing what to say bc i honestly thought we were friends

but the girl sitting in front of him (who was also his crush, mind u) hears him and turns around with the most disgusted expression on her face, and calls him out on it like “omg i cant believe you said that have you even seen yourself in a mirror you have no right to tell her shit” and then she turns to me and says “dont listen to him, you look gorgeous with or without glasses” and she probably already forgot about that but i always remember it whenever i feel self-conscious about myself

so the moral of the story is: if u see someone being a jerk to someone else, dont laugh along and call them out on it. stick together and bring all the fuckboys down