it was so cheap like wow

  • Jimin: hmm this is so weird, my toothbrush is missing
  • Tae: wow must have been one of those saesangs, crazy am i right *sweats*
  • Jimin: ... Tae
  • Tae: ...
  • Jimin: ... *sigh* How much did you sell it for this time
  • Tae: 2,000 dollars and free big bang tickets

so i was at work today and these two really cute guys came in and got burrito bowls. we were really busy so i wasn’t talking to people nearly as much as usual but one of the guys tells me that they’re on the same check and hands me a coupon. so i go to hand them their food and i hear one of them say “wow! only $6.50? i’m such a cheap date” and he winks at the guy who paid. (and at this point im like, aww that’s cute, but i don’t think much of it.) so i give them their bag and, since we were out of markers and we couldn’t label the bowls, i made eye contact with one of them and told him he was on top and, i shit you not, he just smirks at the other guy and goes “as usual!”

Boyfriend MJ

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  • Tbh he’d be a really childish boyfriend
  • Also playful
  • He’d be the type to beg and pout all the time bc he wants cuddles & kisses
  • You would bake/cook for him and he’d eat everything all at once
  • “Wow, Y/N, you’re such an amazing cook~”
  • A sweet bean
  • Loves cuddles and hugs
  • Squishy
  • You like to squish his cheeks
  • He’s so chubby
  • Loves taking you out to cheap fast food dates
  • You would be feeding him burgers and fries and sharing a milkshake
  • Imagine his mouth being all stuffed with food omg
  • The perfect gentleman
  • A bit too clingy
  • Likes pillow fights
  • Also likes holding you in his arms
  • Watching Iron Man/superhero/action movies together whilst cuddling on the couch
  • Sings for you all the time
  • Would be really flustered when you say ‘I Love You’
  • Nose pecks
  • He would buy you a cute fluffy white puppy for Christmas
  • You two would play with the puppy and cuddle with it in bed
  • Taking the puppy out for walks in the park together
  • 4D couple
  • Would tell you lame, corny jokes to make you feel better when you are sad
  • Matching couple bracelets
  • Would allow you to wear his favorite mint colored hoodie
  • It’d be slightly bigger on you
  • He would scream and cuddle you to death in his hoodie
  • Always happy
  • There’s never a time when he isn’t smiling
  • His smile makes you feel better in 00000000.1 seconds
  • Very supportive
  • Caring and respectful towards you
  • He loves seeing you do the things that you love, it makes him so happy
  • But then against, he’s happy 25/8
  • Would take you out to karaoke for a date
  • You guys would sing ballads together and it would be a perfect duet
  • Always gives you wet sloppy kisses all over your face
  • Tickle fights
  • Cuddling it out afterwards
  • Buys candy for you and you two would share it all together
  • When you guys would Skype, he would send you all these hearts on camera
  • He would adore your voice
  • And face
  • And everything about you
  • Also adores your existence

polemicandcontent  asked:

i love your stuff; where do you get your materials (images and other stuff). keep at it!

Hi! Oh wow, I’m so glad that you like my stuff. Thank you!!! As for supplies, I get them from a variety of different sources. Let me link you to the exact supplies I have! (yes exact, I was able to find most of them yay) I’m pretty cheap so everything here (apart from some of the magazines) are less than $20.

I have a good number of people asking me where I got my supplies/what they are so I decided to just put them up for a masterpost. 



($12.99) Peter Pauper Press Essentials Grid Line Journal: x
Cheaper alternative to the traditional moleskines and leuchtturms. Half the price of both, better quality paper than the moleskin + IT IS GRID LINE. 

($10.49) Alphabet Stamps from Michaels: x 
($2.99) Ink Pad from Michaels in Black: x
Bought these thinking I was gonna regret it but god was I wrong. Buy them. They give a cool effect to your entries. Don’t forget to buy an ink pad. It was the cheapest one I could find because ya girl is a college student and you know how that goes. 

(< $10) Assorted Washi Tape: 
Dark Floral Print: x
Wood Grain Print:
Rose Gold Collection: x
Watercolor Girls Collection: x
Thin Rainbow Collection: x

($13.79) Mini Sticky-Notes Marseille Collection: x
I like anything from the Marseille collection because the colors are less fluorescent and more pastel/subdued. Great for adding color to otherwise bland pages.

($12) Zebra Mildliners Pink Pack: x
I don’t think I need to rehash how adorable these are. Highly suggest picking up the other two sets as well. But this one is just my favorite. 

($14.60) Uniball Signo Dx 0.38: x
I cannot and will not live without these pens. 

($8.99) Washi Origami Paper: x
I have a lot of different kinds that I get off of Daiso (which I can’t seem to find an online store for) but origami paper is a great way to decorate your pages~

(99c) Pack of Gluesticks: 
Don’t think I need to link you to this. Just head over to your local 99c store and head over to the crafts section!

I get all my images from magazines. Good thing my family hoards them. Here are some magazines and what I rip apart to put in my journal. I don’t print because I am a nursing student who needs to print out her 100-page syllabus and ink is expensive. 

Time/People Magazine: Cityscapes. Pics of all kinds of people. Social issues. Cars (from the ads). Current events. Personally, my favorite type of magazine to cut from because the images are pretty visionary and reflect on actual issues surrounding this point in time.
Glamour/Vogue/InStyle/Allure: Models, Nifty flat-lays. Sometimes insert those perfume samples in my journal too. There’s tons of photography here of funky photoshoots that would be great to add to your journal. I prefer glamour, allure, in-style and vogue over other mags like cosmopolitan and seventeen because the photoshoots are more mature and aesthetically-pleasing in my opinion. 

Better Homes and Gardens: Flowers. Flowers. And more flowers. (the gardening section of this magazine is great)
National Geographic: Sceneries. Animals. Ocean. Landscape. I love taking full pages from this magazine and using them as backgrounds for some of my more artsy pages.
Outdoor Photography: SCENERIES. These magazines are for would-be photographers so your bound to get some great stuff
FLOW Magazine: So many cute prints and random nifty stuff in every single FLOW magazine. FLOW is dedicated to paper-lovers, so there’s TONS of stuff you can incorporate into your journal
Wedding Magazines: Flowers again. Wedding magazines have tons of floral arrangement ideas. I just cut them out and paste them in my journal. 
Rolling Stone: POPULAR CULTURE. Urban culture. What’s “in” at the time. I like to snip headlines, song titles, etc. etc. in my journal to document the current time. While Time may document the world in a more political standpoint, Rolling Stone gives us that pop-culture view that most of us see on a daily basis.


There you go, a quick overview of my supplies for journaling. As you can see, I mainly make my pages out of random magazine clippings and just kind of maneuver them around until they look decent. 

I hope I was able to help you some <3

And if you every have a entry that you’re particularly proud of, please don’t hesitate to send it to me. I would love to see your beautiful work!

Happy journaling~


Just finished Iron Fist

Wow, that’s disappointing

Like, as the show went on, I thought, hey, this is starting to get interesting.  Maybe the critics were wrong.


That last episode made me sour about the whole thing.

  • You don’t even get to see Kun Lun.
  • You don’t see the dragon (just the red eyes)
  • Bride of Nine Spiders is a one off villain instead of equal to Iron Fist.
  • Madame Gao is just a Hand lackey contradicting Daredevil Season 1
  • Characters just appear SO LATE into the show.  Like, two characters they treat as pivotal show up in the last 4 episodes.

Outside the slow start, I got somewhat invested and thought “Hey, this could be going places”

But that last episode…wow, that made me feel sour about all of it.

The whole show feels cheap.  Like, “decorate NYC to look like China” cheap.

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend Enjoying A Sour Gummy Worm So Much She Moans

I apologize for shortening the beautiful description of this indeed heavenly moment


“You weirdo”


*Just starts giggling shyly with his high pitched voice*


“Sometimes I feel like those cheap gummies bring you more pleasure than I do, but today you just proved it”


“… I guess that must have been a very good gummy worm”

Rap Monster

“Well, that was rather uncalled for”


*Eats one as well*
“No, I don’t get this”


“You just moaned… Wow”

I hope you liked it~
Feel free to request more!

anonymous asked:

hi cassie I was wondering what you think of riverdale so far? I really like some of the cinematography and the comics x twin peaks vibe. I think they could improve some of the relationship stuff though like it seems like they have tested out the sexual chemistry between all of the characters to see what fans respond to? The kiss between Betty and Veronica seems kind of cheap now that it's not going to go anywhere and I wish they had built Bughead up a bit more too! What do you think? :) :)

i’m obsessed with riverdale so far. it’s like crack. i’m in love with all of the characters, the storyline is intriguing, im shipping everything, and the cinematography is actually so nice, there are some shots that are like wow they’re really doing That huh??

and i know what you mean about the sexual chemistry thing, the beronica kiss literally only happened so they’d have it for the trailers. it was cheap. but it’s canon and beronica is real so

i see a lot of people saying they wish bughead would have been built up more, and while i get that we haven’t seen much of them, we have to remember that they’ve been friends their whole lives. we’ve known these characters for a few weeks, we’re only just beginning to peek in on their stories, and bughead’s started way before we saw them on screen. i would really enjoy some little anecdotes about their childhood with archie tho.

anonymous asked:

How come you don't like the Hoopa movie? xD

it’s just??? what even was the plot?? did it even have a plot to begin with?? when i finished the movie i was just… confused… because i don’t even know what i watched??

other than the excessive legendary fanservice (which was just really cheap marketing imo) it was just really… forgetful… (DUE TO THE LACK OF PLOT MAYBE)

like idk,, the xy movies didn’t really wow me to begin with but god did hoopa take the cake as the worst pokemon movie in my opinion it was just. bad. and i’m the type of person who genuinely enjoys 90% of the things they watch so it has to REAL bad for me not to like it

Also, like, the lover’s pond quest was so funny I wasn’t even annoyed at how romo it was. I love that Gerudo lady. Takes no shit and is just…. so ‘whatever’ about it. “Say the thing you’re supposed to. Like, I like you, please go out with me.” “Wow! I just got asked out by the girl of my dreams! I’m so happy!” “That’s not… whatever, fine.”

Wow someone is trying to make me feel bad for charging $60 to make mermaid tail blankets. it’s a lot of hard work to make those things. 60 is cheap! And wanting to buy her own yarn so I will lower the price more. That just makes it harder on me cos what if she buys the wrong damn thing?! Ugh. I don’t think people realize how many hours and work goes into making those things. It’s not like I can work it up in an hour and sit around on my ass. :pp


im seriously mentally exhausted by the week that just ended so yeah for no reason i threw together some cheap MS Paint doodles for the three lawyers @ the agency and added their… agencybook quote… like a yearbook quote, but for the agency… you know…

anyway the files are named junkthena, junknix and junkpollo respectively

arzaylea be like: oh look I gave a cheap ass phone case to a “fan” bc she lost hers!!!! look at me!!!!! I’m so charitable!!!! what do u mean I’m mean? I’m not mean??? I literally just gave a phone case to someone whom I don’t even know without hesitation wow look at me!!!!!!!!!! I’m like the best person in the world!!!!!! 🙃

Thunderhof"Wow, It’s looks so delicioucs!!“
But he has a secret to it.
He likes sweet food.

Chopshop"Amm,You likes strawberrys don’t you? I came to make it because was cheap.”
Chopshop made japanese strawberry tart.

Thunderhoof"……‼︎"(I’m NOT letting this one go. Chopshop is mine.)

Sooo, I’ve dealt with a lot of bull lately where I have lost my home and lost my job, so I’m sitting here without an income and I’m currently living with my parents until I find a new home.
So I’m opening up cheap commissions so I can pay for food + bills.

I’m will only offer digital headshot commission for this price. May chance later.

I will draw:

  • Any fandom
  • OC’s
  • Portrait of yourself

I will NOT draw:

  • Anything sexual

I will first start drawing when I have received your payment, and I will send you a sketch after payment! And please don’t hesitate to be very specific about your commission, send as many reference pictures as you like! (✿╹ヮ╹)♡♡

If you’re interested in a headshot commission (which you can btw use as your icon, wow!), hit me up with a email: and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧




Dates have become so boring. So standard. Everyone just goes to dinner, a movie, maybe there are a few drinks in there. The wildest shit I’ve heard was of someone going to an Off-Broadway show. PEOPLE: choosing a “cooler” restaurant or “exclusive” cocktail bar doesn’t make your date any better; just like style isn’t about the clothes you wear but how you wear them. Dinner at Zuma, then drinks at (insert any hotel bar) and that’s dating. WOW HOLY SHIT SO CREATIVE. What happened to actually having fun? We’re so overly nervous: she orders a salad, he doesn’t order anything too messy, no one eats and that’s dating today. Let’s break the system: I’m gonna throw some ideas out. 

Side note: if you don’t have boyfriend or girlfriend to slip this date to or some goober hasn’t asked you out, this is just as fun to do with a friend.


Silverlake. We’re out here. We in it. The cool of the cool. Start out at Bar Stella. The downstairs part. It’s one of my favorite bars is L.A. Have a drink or two to prepare yourself for SPELLBOUND SKY where you’ll partake in a nice meditation sesh (Fridays only). Don’t panic fam: it’s pretty easy and actually pretty amazing. If you’re still panicking it’s cool—it’s a guided meditation in which everyone’s eyes are closed the whole time. A.k.a. the only judgement-free zone in L.A. I’ve got a feeling you’re lost as shit rn. Harness that amethyst fam god. FAITH WILL GUIDE YOU 🙏.

Otherwise, this is the most next level crystal shop—NEVER DOUBT MY KNOWLEDGE, I’VE BEEN TO ALL OF THEM, where you can get some citrine to destroy your obstacles and make monayyyy. Afterwards, head over to Nite + Market Song. But LEAVE YOUR CAR. YOU WILL NOT FIND PARKING and there’s no valet. UBEZIES. Go have some of the best Thai in LA and order the off-menu fried chicken sandwich. Lastly, you’re going to head over to the Normandie Club. This shit just opened, which is always good for impressing because you’ll seem like you might actually be in the know. The perfect ending to this date is to go super classic and get some ice cream. But not just any ice cream: Salt & Straw. It’s the some of best ice cream you will ever have, so even if your date was a complete and utter shipwreck you STILL got some dope treats.


tip: Go early. Like I said, it gets packed later in the night.


tip: Stay after mediation and talk to the owners. Their crystal knowledge is wild and their outlook on life is even better.

tip: Meditation is Wednesdays only, but call ahead to confirm. Also get there early, it actually fills up.

tip: Buy some crystals.

tip: The owners Mark and Martin are super next level. Seriously: talk to them about something.

tip: mediation is fridays only at the Sweat Spot at 3327 Sunset Blvd.


tip: The haters will say Jitlada is the best Thai, so don’t think home boy doesn’t know about that ish. Night Market is where it’s at.

tip: Off-menu fried chicken sandwich.


tip: Chill. Go now before everyone finds out and infiltrates.


tip: Sample everything. They encourage you to literally try everything. I have no advice for you here. Prepare for a life-changing experience.