it was so cheap like wow


“They said the age of heroes would never come again.”

“It has to.”

ok so I was just thinking about the fact that eleven was wearing pink eyeshadow at the snowball and I started thinking wayyy too much about this.

so I mean maybe hopper got it for her but he obviously didn’t have any clue how to help her with it so I’m thinking she really wanted to look her best for this since she probably wouldn’t have another chance to see mike for a while so she had hopper go to melvad’s to buy this cheap little compact of pink eye shadow and when he was checking out joyce was like wtf and he explained and joyce thought it was super cute.

so then after joyce got done her shift she and hopper went out to buy a dress for el and then she went over to their house the night of the snowball to help el/jane get ready like did her hair and everything and hopper was super happy and was like wow my girls. and el was soooooo excited when she looked in the mirror and hopper was tearing up and joyce called him a big ol softie and now I’m crying goodbye

so i was at work today and these two really cute guys came in and got burrito bowls. we were really busy so i wasn’t talking to people nearly as much as usual but one of the guys tells me that they’re on the same check and hands me a coupon. so i go to hand them their food and i hear one of them say “wow! only $6.50? i’m such a cheap date” and he winks at the guy who paid. (and at this point im like, aww that’s cute, but i don’t think much of it.) so i give them their bag and, since we were out of markers and we couldn’t label the bowls, i made eye contact with one of them and told him he was on top and, i shit you not, he just smirks at the other guy and goes “as usual!”

wanna one as conversations with my asian mom

disclaimer: real 100% convos with my mom. my mom is straight from china so lots of asian jokes ahead. not meant to be offensive, just for laughs! read at your own discretion. you have been warned.  ps read in an asian accent for more laughs

yoon jisung:

mom: “why you so fat now? when i was high school student, i weigh 45 kg. you so fat, so ugly. aiya.”

2 minutes later…

mom: “come downstairs eat dinner! eat more, eat more!

*aggressively shoves food onto my plate*

you still growing!”

ha sungwoon:

mom: “why you always no stand up straight? you look like old grandma. even i’m taller than you now!”

me: “what are you even talking about, mom? you’re wearing 5-inch heels, you cheater!”

hwang minhyun:

mom: “if you to the good college, i can go back to shanghai and brag to the family. go to stanford, be doctor, so i can have the money travel the world with your dad. we can brag to your auntie haha.” 

me: “mom stop dreaming.”

mom: “i treat you always so good, and this is how you repay me? can’t even go to the stanford? any chinese student can make it into stanford easy. why you so stupid?” 

ong seongwoo:

mom: “aiya, you so ugly. skin so dark. why you no put on sunscreen, wear hat? i can’t go to china with you, you embarrassing.”

me: “what are you talking about? i stayed inside all summer. plus we’re asian. our skin is yellow.”

mom: “no you dark. why you no like japanese, korean white skin, huh? you always watch gay-pop videos, watch dramas, but you no learn from them white skin?” 

me: “mom, it’s k-pop, not gay-pop god.”

kim jaehwan:

mom: “you playing piano sounds like dying panda. my co-worker 6-year-old daughter play better than you.” 

me: “good for her.”

mom: “even deaf person in china play better than you. you waste my money.”

kang daniel:

me: “mom, have you ever eaten dog before?” 

mom: “no, i never went to china dog-eating festival. i hear it taste like the beef. also my friend say cat meat very good, just like chicken.” 

me: “mom, i was just joking! you can’t say that wth!” 

park jihoon:

mom: “why you no go outside exercise? always stay inside like couch potato, aiya.”

me: “i’ve never seen you exercise in my whole life.”

mom: “i’m adult! i no need exercise anymore.” 

park woojin:

mom: “no dating okay. i know high school, boys say ‘i love you’ but you say ‘no’ okay? you know you ugly so if boy says ‘you so beautiful’, he lie to you.”

me: “wow thanks, love you too mom.”

mom: “no dating any boy until the college. and in college, *whispers* only date the rich, white man. they buy you everything, no check price tag. not like the cheap asians like your dad.” 

me: “okay wow. thanks for the great advice, mom.” 

bae jinyoung:

mom: “you so ugly. you no look like me. you ugly like your dad —nose so big, so fat.”

me: “are you not my mom then?”

mom: “i no born you. i picked you out of trash can when you were baby. i feel so bad for you. now i want to throw you back into trash.”

lee daehwi:

mom: “what you doing?”

me: “calculus.”

mom: “you in high school, they give you this easy stuff? kids in china learn this 7th grade. american education system so sucks. if you move back to shanghai with me, we have to put you in 4th grade, you so stupid.”

lai guanlin:

mom: “you don’t speak chinese, i don’t talk to you. in this house, we speak chinese only.”

me: “then what about dad?”

mom: “no, speak chinese! 讲中文, 你这个笨蛋!”

lmao don’t get triggered pls just jokes man

Yellow Umbrella ✾

✾ Ong Seongwoo x reader

✾ Word count: 943

✾ you should have known confessions with Seongwoo was going to be cliche

“Yah, you idiot, how can you burn pizza rolls?” you laughed at your best friend as you watched him try to savage what was left of the pizza rolls.

“At least I didn’t poison myself by eating expired hot cheetos” Seongwoo shot back, giving you a playful glare causing you to laugh more.

Movie nights at Seongwoo’s did not always go as plan. They actually almost never go as planned. Either you run out of snacks, someone breaks something, the movie sucks or something happens causing you two to do something else instead.

“So what are we doing this time Ong” you asked as you popped a piece of candy in your mouth waiting for him to give up on the pizza rolls. It’s actually quite funny watching an almost grown man screaming over pizza rolls and how they were too hot to hold but you were a good friend, knowing that you should stop him from burning himself with pizza rolls.

“Run to the convenience store to get more pizza rolls, duh” he replied making an ugly face that only he could make look cute. Wait, you take that back, he was not cute he was Seongwoo. Aka your totally not cute, meme lord best friend. Psh, not your crush or anything.

Being the logical, sane and great best friend you were, you kindly pointed outside to the stormy clouds and the sprinkle of rain. “Do you really think that’s a good idea?”

“Since when did I ever have good ideas” Seongwoo shot back grabbing two of his hoodies and throwing one at you. You gave him an ‘are you crazy look’ before deciding that it was best not to argue with him now, especially if he was hungry for pizza rolls

“Come on loser, we’re walking to the store together” he said dragging your ass out in the cold. You looked up in the sky and prayed for the rain not to come down any harder but since you had the worst luck, the sky rumbled even louder causing you to sigh. Stupid Ong and his stupid ideas. Stupid you for actually following his stupid ideas because of his handsome face.

By the time you actually got to the store, your hoodies were wet but at least you weren’t soaked yet. You grabbed three bags of pizza rolls for your dearest Seongwoo since you knew that idiot was going to burn the first batch, eat the second batch and repeat the same process over again a few hours later.

“Anything else you want Ong?” you asked as you approach the cash register to pay. As you said that, a wild Seongwoo appeared with multiple bags of chips and cookies. You swore if this was an anime you would have the huge sweat drop on your forehead right now.

“And that will 35.69” the lady behind the cash register said and you’re just like ‘damn pizza rolls are expensive’. While you were about to take some money out to pay as usual, Seongwoo slipped his card to the lady and paid causing you to look up at him impressed.

“Wow the great and cheap Ong Seongwoo actually paid for food” you praised sarcastically as you clapped for him. He let out a dry ‘haha’ before grabbing the bags and walking away. Before he could leave you pointed out the obvious that Seongwoo could not see for himself.

“It’s still raining idiot”


“Your pizza rolls are going to get soggy and we’re gonna catch a cold”

“Oh yeah, wait here” he said handing you the bags and running to the back of the store to grab something. Like you could go anywhere. You were too smart for that shit.

“Ta-da” Seongwoo said coming back with a yellow umbrella. The two of your proceeded to walk back to his place with a umbrella so you two weren’t absolutely soaking wet. It was a comfortable silence until you broke it a block before you got there.

“You know, you could have saved 15 dollars if you had grabbed a umbrella before we left” you pointed out while looking up at him. He shrugged.

“And do you know that life would be easier if you just returned my feelings” Seongwoo said unconsciously making you stop dead in your tracks. You heard a little scream and a wet Seongwoo coming back by your side since you held the umbrella.

“What did you say?” you asked.

“I just basically said that I like you dumbass” he responded casual. He was trying to play it off cool but you could tell by how red his ears were that he was embarrassed.

“So you’re meaning to tell me that we could have been something more a long time ago while ago”

“Well yea- wait are you admitting that you like me too?”

The two of you stood there staring at each other while the rain fell. The tension that built up broke when you dropped the yellow umbrella and Seongwoo wrapped his arm around your waist to pull you in for a kiss.

The bright yellow umbrella laid there on the ground as you two made out in the rain. You nasties. The first words you heard after the kiss was broken were “god damit the pizza rolls wet”.

“You idiot, there’re safe inside the bag”

“But why did you say they would get soggy”

“Because I didn’t want to walk in the rain duh”

“Hey, if we didn’t then we couldn’t have had a cliche kiss in the rain right now”

“Great now we’re gonna get sick”

“At least you have me”

“What did I get myself into”

The Lucky One Pt 3

Characters: reader, James (Bucky), OC Caleb, OC Marjorie (reader’s mother), mention of OC Kevin Jenkins.

Summary: As a single mom with a jerk of an ex-husband, you’re doing your best to run the family business all on your own when your mother hires a mysterious man with a troubled past to help out. He just might be what you need in your life, but will his secrets bring you together or tear you apart? (Events occur shortly after Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Warnings: mostly fluff, a lil angst.

Word Count: 2554

Tags at the bottom 

A/N: This fic was originally for Stark’s Tower Movie Challenge ( @hunters-from-stark-tower ). I hoped to have another part or two finished by the deadline, but life happens. :) I’ve based this fic on the movie/book “The Lucky One”. I’m really enjoying fleshing out this story and putting my own spin on it! I hope you agree. Please let me know your thoughts! 

<<<Part Two   Part Three   Part Four>>> 

The Lucky One Masterlist


Originally posted by dailyevanstan


You heard the stable doors sliding shut, breaking you from your reverie. James closed the padlock around the chain and handed the keys to you.

“Thank you,” you responded, throat still a little thick with emotion.

“He’ll be okay,” James assured you. “Caleb. You’re doing right by him, I don’t doubt that.”

“I appreciate that. Have a good night, James,” you said with a sniffle. 

A generous smile touched his lips, this time even reaching his stunning blue eyes.  

“Good night, Y/N,” he echoed before walking away.


The rest of the week, James continued to be the perfect employee. He came early to start any repair projects he saw, fed the horses, mucked out the stalls, hauled bales of hay, and did all of it without complaint. Most days you had to remind him to take a lunch break and when to stop at the end of the day. You wondered if he actually even had an off switch. Around noon, when reminded, he would disappear for that hour for the first few days, but by the end of the week he was bringing a lunch of his own and would spend time with the horses. You could tell he was more comfortable around them and that fact made you oddly happy.

One evening after work was done for the day and James had gone home, you were sitting on your porch with your mother beside you. Caleb was laying on a blanket with his sketchbook, perfectly content. As the sun set and darkness rose slowly, you saw a figure walk past on the main road. It was James walking back from town with what looked like at least 5 grocery bags in his left hand and 3 or 4 planks of wood over his right shoulder. Quite the load to carry over such a long distance, although come to think of it, you weren’t sure where he was staying since there wasn’t much past your stables for miles.

Curiosity got the better of you so the next day, after discussing the training and feeding schedule, you breeched the subject.

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anonymous asked:

Concept: Kageyama with dimples. There are pictures of him when he was little that Hinata shows to the whole team. Everyone tries to get Kags to smile to see if it's real but that only makes him more grumpy. One day while they're all walking to get meat buns after practice, Hinata is all excited and happy about something and trips and does a flip ionto the grass and Kags looses it, laughing and grinning so hard his face hurts. His dimples are in full bloom. Noya falls into a trashcan out of shock


  • okay but the entire team acting like kageyama’s smile is the Next Big Cryptid,
  • tanaka and noya have polaroid cameras and camo gear
  • they stalk hinata nd kags from the lunchroom hoping to catch those elusive dimples on film so suga will finally finally believe them
  • tsukishima doesn’t give a shit but he gets dragged along by yachi and yamaguchi to wait outside kageyama’s classroom and peek in to catch even just a glimpse of that smile
  • diachi and asahi going to a party store to get those really cheap pranks and joke toys to see if they can trap kags with fake gum and make him grin
  • hinata knowing exactly what’s going on and absolutely loving all the attention his big grumpy friend is getting
  • because it makes it all the more special when kags only smiles for him
  • hinata is really flustered when he sees The Tobio Dimples
  • he loves kags’ smile like wow is it hot in here?
  • “wow kageyama with dimples…..that’s so…fucking..cute…”
  • “shoyou, you’re really gay.”
  • “shut up kenma I know.”
  • kageyama dimples = The Best Concept
Comet's final show ft.CRYING

Oh boy you guys do I need to write down about that show. It’s been my 8th time and I honestly don’t know what to do in my life now that it’s gone. So let’s get into it!

(More under the cut cause this got long)

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hi i’m struggling for money cos my mother is making me pay for every damn thing i need so uh commissions innit


Prices can be negotiated if u want something more specific than the stuff pictured.

Accepting payment only through paypal

ik they’re pretty cheap (so i’m told) but like most of my followers are about 14 on average so i’m not expecting them to have £40 lying around to pay for pricey shit. If u want to pay more then please be my guest lmao.

I won’t draw:

p0rn / mechanic stuff (unless very basic) / detailed backgrounds

I will draw:

furries (you know i’m desperate) / fan art / your OCs / animals & plants / most things tbh

If you want me to draw something in a similar style to something i’ve previously posted, please let me know!

I will email the full resolution image to you when completed. If dissatisfied with the work, any major changes will be an additional charge of £2.

Even if you can’t commission me, reblogs are appreciated in case any of your followers are interested. 

DM me if interested/ if you have any questions

bliss among sinners | 01

pairing: jungkook x reader x hoseok
summary: ride along, he says, his eyes as bright as the scorching summer sun hitting the roof of his beat-up car. and although you’ve promised yourself time and time again that you wouldn’t let your feeble heart surface around him, not after everything he’s told you, you find the corners of your lips curving and your palm heating as you touch the car handle. after all, the soft smile he greets you with doesn’t look like it could belong to the killer you know he is.
➤ genre: smut, angst, punk!au, mafia!au
➤ word count: 16k
➤ warning(s): attempted kidnapping, violence
reposted from my old account

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That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out Pt. 2 (Jason Todd x Reader)

AU/Prompt Used In Pt. 1 : “I’m your neighbor and I can hear you fucking someone who shares my name” AU by @mewlink

A/N: I go back to school on Monday and I want to scream. Italics are just your thoughts. 

Tags: @wynterrobin @wannabe-weasley @avengerdragoness @queen-of-all-the-fandoms 

Pt. 1 Pt. 3 Pt. 4


You ended up accepting Jason’s request. It’s been so long since you’ve felt this nervous. He told you that the restaurant is very formal so you picked out the best outfit you can find. 

Last night was weird. After walking back into your apartment, you heard the person Jason was screwing yelling, some glass objects breaking, and the sound of them storming out of his apartment. You made a mental note to ask him during dinner about last night.

Once you finished with all the final touches of your look, you heard a knock on your door. “Coming!”

You walked out of your room to open your door, but Jason was already in your living room, “Uhh, how’d you get in?” You asked, feeling alarmed.

He was sitting on your couch, hands crossed behind his head. You were expecting him to be wearing a tux but instead, he was wearing a white button down shirt, a black loose tie, dress pants, and a leather jacket, “Hmm? Oh I picked your lock.” He said, nonchalant.

You blinked, “I..I’m not even going to ask.” Nope, my neighbor picking my lock is not strange at all.

He stood up, chuckling, “You look amazing by the way. Exquisite. So you’re ready to go?”

You gulped, nodding, “Thanks, yeah lets go.” You can tell your lungs didn’t want to cooperate with you again.

The two of you made it outside the apartment building, walking up the block, “So, where’s your car?” You asked.

“I didn’t tell you? I don’t have a car I have a motorcycle.”


Before you started to complain, the two of you finally reached his motorcycle. He hopped on and handed you a helmet, “You alright?” He noticed how hesitant you are, “Don’t worry, it’s not that bad.” He said, reassuringly.

You shook your head and tried to sound as determined as you can be, “I’m not scared.” He grinned as you put on his helmet, good thing the helmet will hide your blushing. You got on, sitting behind him, wrapping your arms around his waist. Jason smirked when he felt you shake slightly in fear.

“Hold on tight, babe!” He revved up the engine and started to speed off. You squealed, holding on to him for dear life. 

The ride was only around 15 minutes but it felt like a life time. When you both arrived, you still didn’t let go of Jason, “Uhh, (Y/N), you can let go of me now, we’re here.”

Jason had to peel your arms off of him and help you walk inside the restaurant. The adrenaline made your legs feel like spaghetti.

Ugh, embarrassing. 

The two of you finally made it inside. Jason already made reservations so he just nodded his head once at the man sitting at the reservations desk.

The two of you sat down at a table under a small chandelier. This is one of those restaurants that costs a fortune. And by fortune, that means a small piece of steak with one slice of lettuce on top would cost $250. You looked at your surroundings. Woman were wearing expensive clothing, the furniture was luxurious, the walls were probably made out of gold, and even the plates and eating utensils were gilded. It doesn’t even feel like a Gotham restaurant.

You leaned in slightly across the table and whispered loud enough for Jason to hear, “Jason, I don’t think I have enough money for this place.” 

He handed you a menu, “Don’t worry sweetheart, I’m paying.”

Your jaw dropped, “How do you have enough money for this place?”

He was about to answer when the waiter arrived asking for what type of drinks the both of you want. You ordered your favorite drink and so did Jason.

Jason finally answered your question when the waiter left to get your drinks, “Well, as I was going to say, before we were rudely interrupted, I run my own…business.”

Oh, dear lord, I’m having dinner with a rich man, “Wow! What kind?”

Jason frowned, clenching his jaw, “I guess you could call it a…a trading company.” He seems agitated, not giving you any eye contact. I guess he doesn’t like his job.

He cleared his throat, trying to relax his body, “So um, look about last night, I’m truly sorry about the whole name thing.”

The waiter came back with your drinks. You and Jason ordered your food, but of course you tried to order something cheap so he wouldn’t have to pay a high amount. 

“Yeah about that, what happened? I heard them screaming at you.”

He shrugged, “Remember when I said how I had a friends with benefits thing going on with them?”

You nodded, “Let me guess, you called it off and they got pissed?”

He pointed at you and nodded, “Exactly.”

You were going to ask why when the waiter came back with your food. Jason changed the subject to your job. You told him what you do and how much you loved working. The two of talked about random things like aliens, books, movies. And then at one point, the conversation led to crime.

“What do you think about the Red Hood?” He asked out of no where.

“Hm well, I wouldn’t say he’s a bad guy. Sure, he kills and he runs a drug organization but I don’t know, I kind of like him.” You said, munching on your food.

Your words stopped Jason from eating, “W-why would you say that?”

You picked up your drink and shrugged, “I don’t necessarily agree with his ways but I believe he’s helping this city,” You peered up from your cup as you started to drink and saw Jason looking amazed, almost like he’s staring at you lovingly. Your heart skipped a beat, but you quickly ignored it, “What?”

He let out a shaking breath, “Nothing, it’s nothing.”

The both of you kept talking about other random topics until it was time for the two of you to leave. It started to get very chilly outside so Jason gave you his leather jacket. The ride back home wasn’t as scary as the first, this time it was a lot more fun.

Once the both of you arrived, you both had to walk up the stairs towards your apartments. Apparently the elevators weren’t working. Jason carried you on his back because of the long way up, but you asked him to put you down when you only had to walk up only one flight of stairs.

You were both joking around and laughing, but that all stopped when you saw a (girl/guy) waiting in front of Jason’s door.

You heard Jason swear under his breath, “(Y/N), what the fuck do you want?” He asked aggressively. 

You were confused, but realized right away that he didn’t mean you. Wait a minute is this-

They turned their head towards Jason, but scowled when they saw you, “Jason, who the hell is this?”

caddy shack

in face melting heat, jean and eren discuss many things of extreme importance while ogling their supervisor levi. ererijean. this is just self indulgent sillies

“You know what I like?” Eren asked.

“Suckin’ dick?” Jean teased, but his heart was only half in it, he was too busy fanning himself on the bench in the caddy shack. The oppressive heat had sap leaching out of the wooden boards giving the place a sickly sweet smell. It was only slightly better inside, in the shade, than out on the course.

“Yes, but also…” Eren struggled upright, which was difficult with Jean draped over him. “Watching Levi drive around in the carts.”

“Mm,” Jean agreed.

The humidity was so overwhelming, Eren’s hair was curling around the brim of his baseball cap, which was unfair Jean thought. And Jean’s eyes looked very honey colored in the bright light thought Eren as he stuck a blade of grass in Jean’s ear only to have him slap it away. Out in the distance, the groan of Levi’s golf cart drew nearer.

“The wind tousling his silken locks.”


“The sound of the shocks crying out in pain as he speeds over the hills,” Eren continued wistfully.

“He likes speed that one,” Jean said, putting his hat over his eyes.

“The grinding noise the cart makes because he has no idea how to use the clutch,” Eren said as they heard the telltale sound of their boss swearing at the cart.

“He doesn’t need it, the carts simply obey. All bend to his will. I’ve seen him break a nine iron over his knee.”

“The way he squeals to a halt in front of the caddy shack,” Eren sighed as Levi hit the curb with some vehemence.

“It’s like peals of laughter,” Jean chorused.

“The way he says—“

“What are you little cock gobblers doing?” Levi snapped, kicking the bottom of the bench where they were thrown across.

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RFA+Saeran+ Reacting to MC With Nipple Piercings

How would they react to you having them, or wanting to get them? I wanted to write this out for myself, and figured you all would enjoy it as well!


Already Have Them:

- The first time he sees you shirtless his eyes get so b i g. He honestly never thought much about them on someone else, just knew it was a thing, so he’s surprised when it gets him even more excited than he thought he could be.

- He immediately wants to play with them- Tweak your nipples and see if the rumours about the piercings making you more sensitive are true, but he realises he uh…Needs to ask and make sure you’re okay with that first.

- He loves them so much more than he could imagine. When you surprise him with new jewelry, talk about possible new piercings, he’s having trouble calming himself down even in public. You’re killing him. Killing him.

Wanting Them:

- The very first thing he would do, if you expressed wanting them, was smile and explain how he loves you for who you are, and that you never have to change your body or anything like that for him. It takes a lot of talking for you to explain you’re wanting this for yourself and not because you’ll think he’ll like it.

- HOWEVER- This doesn’t mean he’s against you doing it. He helps you figure out the best place to get it done, how much it’ll cost, and schedule a time where he can accompany you so he can at least be moral support. He’ll let you squeeze his hand, but oooh buddy if you so much as whimper he’s 10000% worried and hurting for you.

- The heal time is long, but he’s extra mindful about your sore nipples. Even when hugging you. At first it’s hard, especially during sex, but after a few awkward moments, he’s got it down pat and happy that you’ve done something you enjoy.

- There is a brief, BRIEF, moment where he considers piercings, but with his job and how painful they seemed…Best not to get any. 


Already Have Them:

- It does break his immersion of foreplay a bit. He’s a bit confused as to why you would get them, what he should do with them, and mainly why in the hell you were willing to hurt yourself like that for something no one would see.

- After a few questions, and how he should touch/play with them, he lets the subject rest. It’s something he would disprove of normally, but it’s your body and after a while, he does like them… He just has to get over that initial shock.

- Expect him buying fancy bars/hoops for you after a bit. E x p e c t  i t. It’s going to be another thing he tries to spoil you with.

Wanting Them:

- N o. At first he’s stubborn- Why would you get that? What would you hurt yourself like that? There are infections and getting things like that-

- Due to his upbringing he’s going to sound harsh at first. Tattoos, piercings- Anything ‘alternative’ he’s used to looking down on, but a long discussion clearing any worries and how he can pay for the best piercer out there, and he’s okay with it. He is still worried about how much it hurts you though.

- Getting them opens his mind a bit more, and he starts learning to be more open minded to different life styles. Baby steps! But he’ll especially be more open to any other piercings/tattoos you were thinking of. He just wants to make sure you pick the best out there!


Already Have Them:

- He will always think you’re super brave for doing such a thing, but he will be completely red-faced seeing them. I mean, let’s face it, seeing you topless for the first time AND seeing them would have him blushing 10x more than usual.

- He is su p e r careful with them. He’s even too scared to touch near your nipples! You would have to coax him along and teach him what feels best for you, and how to avoid hurting you. It is a bit of a turn on, especially since he never thought you would have had them in the first place.

- Sometimes he would shyly ask you questions about it. How much it hurt, does it feel weird, etc etc. But until its been a g e s, it’s going to take him a while to admit he loves them, especially during sex. It’s easy to tell, though.

Wanting Them

- When you first tell him, he’s a red sputtering mess. “D-Do whatever you want! It’s your body!”. He doesn’t want to be someone who makes you feel like you have to do everything for his approval. But he is a little happy his opinion matters to you.

- But when you get them done? First he’s a little miffed that someone else is getting to see your chest, but over all he feels s o bad that you’re going through so much pain! When you give him a thumbs up afterwards, he’s happy you feel okay, but his legs are a bit shakey.

- He is great at reminding you how to clean them and finding the best brand care. Though…He does shyly ask if you think he would look good with a piercing or two.


Already Have Them:

- Her first reaction is to nearly ‘protect’ hers from the pain she images you had to go through. That mainly results in her hands almost reaching to cover her own, before she realizes and puts her hands down again.

- It doesn’t do anything for her, or does it turn her off. They’re just there. She does look up some safety about them though. Making sure you take care of them and get the real good jewelery.

- She does think they look cute, and she does suggest a cute bar set once or twice.

Wanting Them:

- W h a t. Why would you do that to yourself, firstly, but…actually, no just why?

- It takes some explaining, and her rattling off the risks, but she agrees to it as long as you let her research the best place to do such a thing.

- She’s too squeamish to watch, so she looks away and holds your hand as it’s done. She’s helping you the whole time, and after a while she muses possibly getting another piercing for her ears.


Already Have Them:

- When you’re topless for the first time, he’s about as red as your hair when he sees them. At first you can’t gauge his reaction, he’s kinda quiet, but then he starts asking what is/isn’t okay with them.

- Once that is out of the way…He is teasing you non-stop. He l o v e s them. He loves how they look, how you blush when he gingerly plays with them, how just licking around them drives you crazy…

- But he definitely buys you gag jewelry. Ridiculous sexual ones? Gimmicky ones? You had to make him stop when he found some that looked like sheriff’s badges.

Wanting Them:

- He doesn’t mind what you do with your body, as long as you’re okay with it and its not going to be harmful in the long run. So when you bring it up, he cheerfully agrees that you should do it! But after a few moments he gets a bit red realizing that… you’re going to have nipple piercings.

- He’s extra careful during the healing process, but… He’s a little sullen that your nipples are off limits for at least a good month and a half. Possibly even more… So he promises to give everywhere else twice the amount of attention to make up for it.

- The whole situation does bring up questions on if he should get pierced…and what parts of him should.


Already Have Them:

- He loves you

- Okay okay, honestly he wouldn’t have minded if you didn’t have them, but the fact that you do just spurs him on. Especially with how cute you are. Pairing that up with secret piercings? He’s Going.

- He knows to be careful with them right off the bat, but if you’re okay with it, he’s going to be bringing them into foreplay as much as possible. Teasing, dirty talk, (light) pulling. He loves them and he thinks you’re even more amazing.

Wanting Them:

- Surprisingly, he sputters for a second before making sure you’re not doing this because of him. He stresses that you never have to change yourself for him, ever, and it takes him a minute to approve because he’s very worried he’s made you feel like you have to.

- Eventually, once it clears up that you’ve been wanting them for a while, he’s very stern about finding a good piercer. Be prepared- He will give him his signature glare if they so much as smile once your shirt is off.

- He already knows how to help you through the process, what products actually help the healing… Though, once you’re able to change them, he may try to quietly suggest matching jewelery…


Already Have Them:

- Honestly, it wouldn’t phase him much outside of the first initial shock. He would just be like “Wow! You are so brave to have done that, haha!” and then carry right back along with what you guys were doing. 

- Honestly, the only time he may get put off with anything like that, was if you got a drunken, cheap, and badly inked tattoo.

- Overall, he’s just happy to be with you, and happy that you’re comfortable with your body. He may ask if he can use you as a interesting nude model.

Wanting Them:

- He’s surprised at first, especially considering how painful it’s going to be, but he encourages you to do what you want! He’s a bit worried about the whole process, but as long as you stay smart with it, he’s alright.

- But when you’re in pain? During the process and after? He feels so bad for you, and wishes he could take the pain away. You’ll catch him kind of pouting slightly after you accidentally irritate the piercings, but if you smile he calms down.

- Although………He is going to spoil you with piercings, just like Jumin would. He’ll find the most aesthetically pleasing ones for you, ones that manage to fit your personality to a T, and they’re always beautiful.

reasons mounts will be useful in central tyria actually:
  • i used to be nonchalant about waypoint costs but somehow after making four legendaries and developing the deep primal need to hoard as much gold as i can, i’ll look at a waypoint and be like “wow! 2 WHOLE silver! that’s fucking robbery fuck you i’ll walk there instead” and so now if i’m gonna be cheap i can at least do it quickly and while riding a lizard
Gems Don’t Dance

I literally do not care for all this gemsplaining or if you are dance inclusionist or exclusionist all I know is

  1. I AM GAY and YOU ARE GAY?? wlw solidarity?? you heard of it or???
  2. I REALLY LOVE FUSION DANCING and want. it. back.
  3. AMETHYST deserves to DANCE LIKE THAT without Pearl’s judgement only because it is ??sexual?? and not about her!
  4. On that topic, I want to see a thin femme gem handle a big gem with the softness they always get? And I want butch gems be allowed to be seen as graceful or soft? You know what the issue is if you are even remotely aware of the topics in su criticism??
  5. The Rubies perform gymnastics. A cheerleading routine. That can be seen as a form of dancing. It’s good enough for me. It’s great.
  6. The dancing is done to synchronize forms which same gems would not require. I get this is why Amethyst and Steven didn’t need it but they could have had the funniest sweetest moves together….
  7. Stevonnie doesn’t require anything cus two humans yes wow good lore

thatblogthatyouwillprobablyhate  asked:

Hello, may I request prompt 52,42,22 and 6 with Sirius, please? thank you, your fics are amazing and they always make my day.

Can you tell I had fun with this??? (also, ty so much you fill my heart with joy)

52. Wow I can’t believe he said you were ugly, hun he is clearly blind 42. New drinking game: drink every time you’re a dickhead. Oh wait, I’ve already got alcohol poisoning. 22. How to kill the mood 101 and 6. Can I borrow your pencil quill, and your homework?

It was days like this that you cherished the most, where you and Sirius Black sat on your bed and talked for hours with a bottle of cheap fire whiskey. Spending these special moments with Sirius was better than anything you could ever ask for, any moment alone with Sirius was worth more than what all the money in the world could buy. Muggle and wizarding.

Sirius had this unique ability to listen and not just hear the words spilling from your lips. He had this remarkable talent of finding the humor in life as well, and with these two capabilities, he could brighten every single melancholic cell inside of you. Simply said, Sirius made you happy. And as you explained the entire conversation that had occurred between you and your ex-boyfriend earlier today, you could already feel the burden lightening.

Sirius took a swig of the fire whiskey sitting between the two of you and shook his head slowly. “Wow, I can’t believe he said you were ugly, hun, he is clearly blind.”

You snorted, dismissing the tickle of heat beneath the skin of your cheeks as an effect of the alcohol. “Sticks and stones, y’know? He’s obviously still bitter.”

You propped your head up on your arm and reached across to snatch the bottle from Sirius’ lap. He was sitting with his back resting against the headboard of your bed, while you were lying in the opposite direction. Once you had taken a swig, you placed the half-empty bottle beside you and laid on your back, staring up at the ceiling and stretching your legs out onto the headboard.

“Did you comeback with anything?” Sirius wanted to know, a curious sparkle dancing in the depths of his grey eyes.

“I said something like ‘It’s a medical mystery as to how the healers thought you are a boy because you have nothing to show for it. It’s actually quite sad.’”

Sirius’ laughter filled the whole room, lighting up all the dark corners, and you wanted to capture the sound and get drunk on it for the rest of your days.

“That is…perfect,” Sirius praised, through the remnants of his amusement that bubbled from his lips. Your heart leapt at the sound of Sirius’ approval, “I’ve got to remember that.”

Sirius swung himself around so that he was lying beside you on his back and the two of you settled into a contented silence, where you tried to calm your thundering heart punching your chest like an angry fist (and he ignored the stampede of nerves thumping around in his stomach. And he wasn’t sure what made him say it, whether it was the alcohol buzzing in his veins, or the warmth that was soaking him in nostalgia, but before he could stop himself, he opened his mouth and his heart spoke for him, shattering the silence.)

“Really, though. You are so beautiful.”

Your eyes snapped to his gaze and remained frozen there for a long moment. Everything that was left unspoken was swirling in his eyes, and it both terrified and liberated you.

“You don’t mean that,” you whispered, trying to convince yourself that your ears were making up all the words you wanted to hear.

“I do,” he laughed, his voice like silver, “Every time I see you, you look even more beautiful.”

Adoration grew through your ribs like wild flowers, blossoming in your chest. You knew Sirius had a way with words, it was why girls doted over him so easily. But you shrugged off his gentle flattery with a laugh of disbelief.

“And now you’re lying about lying. New drinking game: drink every time you’re a dickhead. Oh wait, I’ve already got alcohol poisoning.

Sirius’ hand found yours and he splayed his fingers against your soft hand, spreading warmth past your skin and into your bones. It was the type of warmth that could scatter any doubts away, that filled you with conviction that Sirius meant everything that he said.

“I have never lied to you,” Sirius whispered, “And I never will. All this time we’ve been friends, and I’ve always wanted something more. (Y/N), I love you, not only for what you are, but for who I am when I’m with you.”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. All these years you had buried your feelings for Sirius deep down in the hopes of forgetting them completely. But now, Sirius was resurrecting every single one of them, breathing them to life with every word that fell from his lips. Your eyes flickered down to them, to how they looked so soft and tempting, and as the two of you leant forward, an excited voice rippled through the air, yanking the two of you apart immediately.

“(Y/N)! can I borrow your quill–?”

The curtains to your four-poster were yanked apart and James Potter’s face emerged from behind them, his hair messy and his eyes bright.

“Oh….am I interrupting something?” he waggled his brows obnoxiously, sending suggestive looks toward the two of you.

“Yes!” Sirius barked at the same time as you said “No!”

“N–No,” you reiterated hastily, fighting the blush that was creeping across your cheeks.

How to kill the mood 101,” Sirius muttered bitterly, and you smiled at his words, but pretended not to hear him. Instead, you leapt off your bed and dug through your bag, retrieving your spare quill with a satisfied hum.

James stared at it for a moment and his signature smirk broadened, lighting up his elegant features devilishly.

“Actually, let me rephrase that: Can I borrow your quill and your homework? I’m asking for a friend.”

You snorted. “Sorry, your friend should really be more organized.”

“Organised?” James scoffed, “Who is she? Don’t know her, I’m afraid.”


“Hmm,” James hummed, “Maybe we should get acquainted. She might have a friend…”

“Yeah, I think her friend is ‘I don’t give a fuck so shut up and take the quill,” Sirius snapped, to which James feigned an offended expression.

“What type of evil is that? Giving someone such a long name… I pity her, I really do.”

You shook your head, the smile you were trying to smother eating its way across your face. 

“You can have my quill, but not my homework. I’m not feeling that charitable.”

“It was worth a try…” he shrugged, before Remus and Peter filed into the room. Peter squeaked a sheepish ‘Hi’ while Remus gave you a warm, soft smile.

“Oh, by all means, invite everyone into (Y/N)’s room,” Sirius drawled, sardonically, “Who cares about privacy these days anyway?”

“Subtle,” Remus remarked, dryly, “I don’t think Sirius wants us here.”

“I think that’s because we’re cock blockers,” James grinned, sending his friend a wink, “Alright, we’ll get out of your hair. But keep it chaste, children, I don’t want to be anyone’s grandfather anytime soon.”

With that, the three Marauders left, but not before James gave another obnoxious waggle of his brows and winked.

“Merlin,” Sirius breathed, “They’re a bunch of–”

You would never find out what your friends were a bunch of, because before he could say it, you had thrown yourself into his arms and kissed him. At first, he was shocked by your spontaneity, but then he began to reciprocate, his lips sinking against yours.

He held you close, one hand moving to cup your cheek while the other snaked around your waist as though he were trying to merge your souls. It was like magic, but not the kind of magic you can find in a book or be taught in any class, it was pure and beautiful and real

It was Sirius, and there was nothing more beautiful and more chaotic than the magic that is Sirius Black.

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I Know Your Brother (Part 3)

Originally posted by cheerfulsammy

Summary: The reader is pulled out of Hell accidentally by Sam Winchester who’s wondering where his brother is…


Pairing: Alpha!Sam x Omega!reader

Word Count: 3,700ish

Warnings: language

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CUTE omfg I love it when yall ask about new groups to check out!!! I’ll try to make this as good as the SHINee post so you could be interested in checking out EXO as well bb, but I’m not gonna mention the ex members bc they’re not a part of the group anymore so we should respect that (but let me know if you wanna learn more about them separately) 🌹~~

Meet: EXO aka weird aliens w/ cool super powers who turned into wolves and high school boys ??

•  originally a 12 member group who debuted under SM ENT. in 2012, with their (strange?) hella woke song, Mama 

• they had 2 subunits: EXO-K (performed songs in Korean, with Suho as their leader, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai, and Sehun) and EXO-M (performed songs in Mandarin, with 4 Chinese members- Kris as their leader, Luhan, Lay, Tao, and 2 Korean members- Xiumin & Chen)

•  apparently SM has been planning their debut and MV concepts for like a decade, so no….you’re probably not crazy when you’re coming up with new theories bc everything is there for a reason 

•  each member has a special power when they came down to earth, and I’ll list them for each of exo individually 

Originally posted by iyeolie

Meet: Xiumin aka mochi aka baozi

•  super power: frost 
•  the oldest, but no one blames you if you thought he was the maknae tbh he looks so innocent (he’s not tho trust me)
•  used to be VERY quiet during rookie years, one time he even said his new years resolution is to talk more often bc he was so small and quiet and kinda just observed everything
•  he’s still kinda quiet but when he’s on stage,,,,,,,,pls watch their artificial love performance and you’ll know what I’m talking about rip
•  is very close with Chen (jongdae) and one time they even went on a honeymoon trip
•  Minseok is currently studying for his PhD and tbh if that’s not motivational enough then idk what is

Originally posted by yixingsosweet

Meet: Suho aka our rich guardian and protector

•  super power: water
•  the leader, the most handsome and beautiful soul you’ll ever see
•  you’ve probably heard this joke even if you’re not an Exo-L, but his nickname is Junmoney bc apparently he spoils his kids with whatever they want (like he just hands them the company’s black card wtf)
•  is HELLA smart but that’s to be expected since his dad is a university professor
•  super sassy and has the cutest humor, and those spoiled brats aka Sehun need to appreciate it tbh 
•  tbh I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t truly mean it, but he really is one of the most mature and strong leaders I’ve ever seen…esp after what they’ve all been through brb gotta cry 

Originally posted by asstheticsuho

Meet: Lay aka healing unicorn

•  super power: healing
•  the last Chinese member left and he’s the king of China bc he’s huge there wow husband goals
•  Yixing had a reputation for being the quiet and dazed member bc he always looked high lmao but that’s just his adorable face
•  he likes butts, he touches and spreads the other members’ booties often “but doesn’t everyone else do that ????”
•  is a great composer and has been involved in writing and composing some of exo’s songs alongside chanyeol, also including his own solo albums
•  met and interacted with Luhan a couple months ago at an award ceremony in China and they broke the Internet 

Originally posted by squynhty

Meet: Baekhyun aka bacon aka Exo-L’s dad

•  super power: light
•  no u nasties, it’s not like that lmao he literally thinks of us as his kids and he’s the best at fan service
•  when he smiles his mouth really does look like a rectangle…… he’s literally a (chatter)box
•  heechul from super junior adores him and they’re besties, even had SM stream them playing video games and had them perform a duet
•  he’s the mood maker in the group and is always happy and screaming and farting, but everyone has their bad days so he’s super thoughtful to always keep a smile on his face and we love him for that
•  had more of a rough time than anyone else in the group a couple years ago after some members left and nasty rumours about him spread, but he’s not letting any fakes ruin his mood and he’s always gonna be on top binch 

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Meet: Chen aka screaming dinosaur

•  super power: lightening
•  currently in a subunit with Xiumin and Baekhyun, EXO-CBX, aka chenbaekxi (honestly idk how he’s younger than them) and is also studying for his PhD with minseok
•  has the cutest smile ever and he looks like a cat when his lips curl up at the sides
•  his high notes are seriously no joke, and alongside baek and kyungsoo, he’s the loudest main vocal
•  yes he’s constantly screeching but yes he just wants some love and attention and he’s literally like a cat (he’s probably famous for his AHHHH WAAEEHHHH and no one can imitate him like junmyeon can agsbdjfjjkk)
•  honestly visuals are always knocking us dead bc how can someone actually look good in anything………from curly af hair, slicked back hair and glasses, honey blond hair…..I can go on and on 

Originally posted by daenso

Meet: Chanyeol aka chogiwa king

•  super power: fire
•  he’s probably sick of it now or doesn’t even understand, but he’s a meme king who saved the planet with his chogiwa (pls let’s not ever let this meme go)
•  can play like every instrument that exists, esp the guitar and drums, and his singing voice is so raspy and pleasant despite him being the main rapper
•  tbh yeah his face doesn’t match his voice at all…..he looks like a tall elf who’s on the verge of mental breakdown, while his voice sounds like a fuccboi who just got out of county prison for stealing deodorant
•  he’s besties with Sehun and they go on vacations together all the time (in SM language this means every 2 yrs :)))
•  the tallest and most hazardous out of all the members and I bet he’s the type to give bear hugs hmmmm

Originally posted by dirtynaughtyexo

Meet: D.O aka satansoo

•  super power: earth
•  he’s known to be the devil child who abliterates anyone that pisses him off, but tbh he’s a quiet sweetheart when you get to know him aw
•  his acting makes me emo and tbh never in my life have I cheered on for a psycho murderous killer wow
•  he looks like a penguin when he stands next to the other members lmao he’s the smallest yet looks the manliest out of all of them
•  he is SO humble and never has any sort of attitude or arrogance, and he’d rather go to art museums than walk around the city of New York and eat cheap pizza and swallow giant pills
•  one time he dressed up to be one of the Beatles alongside Lay and chen and chanyeol and tbfh we were all cured when we heard him singing in English 

Originally posted by itsokay-itslove

Meet: Kai aka dancing king

•  super power: teleportation
•  Lee Taemin’s bestie, and not to be dramatique but they’re 2 of the most talented and passionate dancers in the world
•  SM boutta catch these hands if they ever overwork him again and don’t give him enough time to rest, the amount of times that he’s almost fainted on stage and missed promotions is not okay
•  he’s kinda blunt and tells it how it is, but he’s an angel and only has the best intentions
•  giggles a lot and no one really knows why and they don’t get his weird humor, but hey all we care about is that he’s smiling and happy and thinking about his puppies
•  used to tie sandbags around his waist when training, and I believe he still has pain from this and it makes me wanna bawl 

Originally posted by katherine8595

Meet: Sehun aka everyone’s favorite bratty maknae

•  super power: wind
•  he’s so quiet and observant when they’re all together, but the second he opens his mouth, shots are fired and someone needs to call 911
•  we sit and thank the Lord daily that Sehun might actually have lines in this comeback “shawty imma party til the sundown” “never don’t mind about a thing” “E-X-O” jfc enough
•  some Exo-L in the United kingdom actually bought a spot of land and named it after Sehun so he literally is a lord……..lord Oh Sehun…..  ……….. 
•  has known junmyeon the longest and he really is like a younger brother/ kid to him
•  not to be dramatique pt2 but he’s such a hardworking dancer and performer and one time he cried during a radio interview when talking about how much he loves and prays for his hyungs

Originally posted by sehunicorne

tbh I was one of those ignorant people who tried to avoid them bc of all the disgusting and false rumours years ago, but I’m so glad I looked past all that and immersed myself into the Fandom again ~~ please show them some love 💖💖