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Hey, just here to say keep up the good work. I sent your anti-ks post to a friend of mine who was curious about it. Could you elaborate about what you meant about it being bad in a narrative sense as well? (You'd mentioned it in the tags, but I don't think a lot of people talk about how bad it is from that perspective.)

Thank you so much! I’m really honored you sent a post of mine, it means a lot to me :D.

I can! Outside of the obvious moral issues with the story, I have problems with the narrative and the writing itself. Because media is subjective, I’m not trying to lord my opinions over others or claim a “my way is the only way” stance, but here’s my two cents.

I feel that Killing Stalking fails as a horror, and especially a psychological horror. There’s a few reasons for this:

Yoonbum is a Bad Protagonist™: In psychological horror, my perspective is that the point of the main character is to put yourself in their shoes. Let’s take Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, for example. There are two defined characters, Iris and Norman. The viewer relates to Iris, because she seems more likable and “normal.” When she dies, the viewers often switch to Norman, and when he’s revealed to be the killer, it leaves a sense of discomfort and fear in the viewer of themself, in a sense. That’s good psychological horror.

With Killing Stalking, I feel that Koogi goes out of her way to make Yoonbum not relatable. I’ve listed a few reasons for this, but I’ll summarize here: Koogi knows a relationship between a “normal” person and Sang///woo would not sit well with anyone. So she switches it around, via ableism, etc. to make it that Yoonbum isn’t so “pure” that the viewer automatically feels disgust at their relationship. This kills the psychological horror aspect, because when viewers are unable to relate to any character, it cheapens the horror because it’s much harder to get into a person’s mind if they can’t have a way to feel the story through the characters. Compounded with the homophobia and ableism in the story, it makes it so that there’s no easy outlet to experience the dread.

The Media Relies on Gore for Horror: Because the psychological horror is so cheap as a result of Koogi’s poor writing, I feel she relies more on gore to fulfill the “horror” in the story. Though the story is very fucked up, because the protagonist isn’t relatable, she has to rely on grossing the reader out with graphic drawings, etc. When you combine this with the disgusting focus on the sexual aspect of Yoonbum and Sang///woo’s relationship, which is still abusive by the way, and her gross sexualization of Sang///woo in general, it feels obvious to me it’s not so much about horror as it is about fetishizing abuse and MLM.

Sangwoo is Both Disgusting and Cliche: Sang///woo, however fucked up and irredeemable he is, isn’t especially interesting. “Charming characters who are actually monsters” are a dime a dozen. And Sang///woo doesn’t really have any aspects to make him stand out outside of his flagrant homophobia, which doesn’t make a character anything but bigoted. He doesn’t have anything to grab the reader’s attention, and as a result, it, again, degrades the psychological horror aspect due to how common the character type is, at least in my opinion. Additionally, his “charm” seems to be based primarily off of his appearance, which a charismatic character does not make. All of his “scary” qualities are based in gore or are just informed, and outside of the abuse apologism and bigotry in his character, he doesn’t stand out to me.

It’s Repetitive and Generic as a Plot: The concept of being locked up or trapped isn’t a new one. The “horror” plot is bland. it’s generic. It’s been seen a million times. Think Saw. Think The Room, however bad that movie was. It’s not special, and the thing that makes Killing Stalking stand out is, again, the fetishization and abuse apologism, which makes me think that Koogi isn’t focused so much on writing good horror as jacking off to MLM abuse.

The Drama is Cheap: I know I’ve said it a ton. “The horror is cheap.” But this isn’t about that. It’s about the drama between the characters. Having Yoonbum “go crazy” is just, well, ableism wrapped up in “oh look Yoonbum lost it.” Having characters become violent is, well, common enough to become a tiring trope in horror media. And all this drama in the “relationship” between Sang///woo and Yoonbum is bland outside of the abuse. There’s no draw to it except that Yoonbum is being tortured.

Though, as I said, this is a personal opinion, I hope this cleared up some of why I think KS fails both morally and as a story.

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Hey I want to thank you so much for recommending Good and Cheap! The recipes are delicious and healthy, the instructions are easily understandable, and it budgets so well! I bought $30 of ingredients yesterday for three recipes that will easily feed me for a solid week or more. I'm def going to recommend it to other people I know. Thank you!!!

Woo hoo!! That’s awesome ❤️❤️❤️

pynch karaoke au

•ronan, for some reason, is in an odd, super happy mood and is feeling generous, so takes gansey and noah out for drinks at a karaoke bar

•after a few drinks, ronan spots a cute boy with a girl ronan recognizes as blue, that non-psychic hippy chick with the weird fashion sense from that blue witch house down the street

•he’s at that level of drunk where he can make some really bad decisions, so with a little encouraging from gansey and noah, he decides to try and woo the cute boy

•by “woo the cute boy” he means “make a complete fool of himself by singing along to the karaoke version of ‘I want you to want me’ by cheap trick”

•so he gets up on stage, slightly wobbly, and begins a full on dance routine while singing really well actually, all the while staring at cute boy and pointing at him and finishes with a slide down the stage, stopping right in front of him

•the song ends and they stare at each other for a while until adam smiles really big, trying to suppress a laugh. “I’m Adam,” he says, warmly, with a sweet, thick, honey-like accent that makes ronan go quite red. “Ronan,” he finally says, his voice cracking as he does so.

•blue just looses it and can’t help cracking up at the absurdly cliche situation before her

•adam just laughs, pulls out a pen, and scribbles his phone number on ronan’s open palm, which results in ronan almost falling over twice while descending the stairs, still dizzy from the brief interaction

•once he gets back to his seat, he immediately pulls out his phone, which makes gansey and noah give each other concerned looks cause is he okay??? he never uses his phone??? does he need to lie down???

•but then they notice the numbers scrawled on his hand and their faces light up and ronan gets a standing ovation from the two of them

Spooky Eyes part 2

The gym was crowded and the air was humid and thick; the smell of punch and sweat mingled together making Danny’s stomachache turn. The music beat loudly in his ears making his head pound. The party Hadn’t started yet, apparently him and Tucker had come a little too early, So Danny and Tuck were just hanging out a bit. By that he means Tuck was trying to woo some tech girls while Danny did his own thing.

Danny stood near the punch bowl surveying the sea of people pouring into the cheap decorated gym.

There were red and white streamers hanging from the sealing as well as balloons of different colors filled with glow sticks.The Tech kids from the computer lab and theater were finishing up the Strobe lights and D.J booth for tonight; making sure that the beats would go smoothly and the strobe light.. well would strobe.

So far everything seemed to be going okay.

“Hey there FenTURD!”

Or it was going okay, up until now.

“What do you want dash.” Danny turned around with a sigh. He took a sip of his punch as he looked up at the bully.

“ I Didn’t realize that they were letting looser’s into the party.” Dash grinned crossing his arms in triumph; as if he had conjured up the holly burns of all burn.

“ Look dash it’s a school party, which means anyone from school can come.And last time I checked I go to this school so, you know.. If their letting in looser’s.. Doesn’t that mean your a looser to?” Danny grinned as he lifted his cup of punch to his mouth.

“ WHy-I-you!!” Dashed huffed as he lifted Fenton by the shirt,

“Listen here NERD, and listen good! I don’t want to see you near me during this party GOT IT!!!”

“Yeah, yeah, I got it…”

“GOOD.” Dash slowly put Danny back on the ground. “I don’t want you ruining this for me Fenton!” he said pointing his big meaty finger in his face.

He turned around pacing five steps before he made a u-trun, and SLAPPED Danny’s drink out of his hands and all over his shirt.

“HA!!” Dash titled his head back and strode away.

“Great, well things couldn’t possibly get any worse.”

Danny groaned…

Wlep, I guess I have to ditch this shirt now, He sighed internally as he scrubbed his face with his hands. He could tell it was gonna be a long night.

how to do stick & pokes

here’s what you need and why you need it:

dettol / green soap - this is for sanitizing your skin before you poke. this is important! infections aren’t fun and taking care of yourself is punk af okay. green soap is what most tattoo artists use, dettol is just a basic antiseptic / antibacterial wash. i have both and prefer the green soap, it seems to clean better and smells nice (there’s lavender in it!)

transfer paper - don’t use normal carbon paper, get tattoo transfer paper. it’s cheap and easy to use. there are videos online of how to use transfer paper, so google it. you can wipe over your design transfer a few times while working which is why i recommend using a transfer, even if it’s a really simple design. (also skin moves & when you’re working. and you want to hold the skin taut while you’re working, which can warp the design. so transfers = good amazing yeah woo fun)

clear solid (not gel) deodorant - this is for transferring your design to the skin. and it works really well! i use bar of speed stick. (remember, men’s deodorant is usually cheaper than women’s so go with that if you’re on a budget)

powder free latex gloves - gloves are like condoms, they come in lots of sizes so there’s no excuse not to use them & they keep everything safe. pregnancy, however, is not an issue with stick and pokes. if you somehow end up pregnant from a stick and poke, it’s safe to say you got a bit lost in the process. “stick & poke” is not a euphemism.

tattoo needles - really important! i have no fucking idea how people manage a good line with a sewing needle. tattoo needles are awesome because they come sterilized and they’re a bunch of really sharp needles bound together. you can buy all sorts of sizes (sizes is probably not the right term), but for the work i do, which is thin / medium line work, i use 7RL and 5RL for outlines, and sometimes a 3RL for smaller lines or line shading. what “5RL” means is that there are 5 needles bound together, creating a round tip (as opposed to in a line). 3RL means there are 3 needles bound together. (i haven’t used shaders or anything else so i can’t tell you abt those.) look around on ebay to see what they sell–i ended up with a box of assorted sizes since i was just starting out and didn’t know what would work best. 

tattoo ink - you can buy any colours you like! they have them all! i work only in black (at least for myself). tattoo ink isn’t that expensive and since it’s formulated to be used in tattoos, it’s not dodgy like india inks. the ink i started with was a black ink from mom’s millennial, which is a good affordable brand (though it does get gloopy, it’s a bit messy, and it heals kind of blue-ish). i’ve now switched to intenZe ink’s “true black”, which doesn’t dry as quickly and doesn’t make such a mess when wiping up, and it heals fairly dark (not pure black tho, i don’t think many inks do). other highly reviewed black inks for outlining are the black pearl from mom’s millennial, kuro sumi black ink, and talens.

BE VERY CAREFUL buying tattoo inks on ebay, and even amazon. in fact, i would kinda suggest not doing that cause there are a lot of knock-offs out there (especially of intenZe inks.) if you’re serious about tattooing yourself and you want something that you know is safe and is going to last, get it straight from the manufacturer.

pencils & tape - this is to bind your tattoo needle to to make it easier to work with. you don’t need to wrap the needle in thread when you’re using tattoo needles, since they hold ink on their own. the kind of tape doesn’t matter so much. i use masking tape.

paper / ink cups - you can use paper cups (cut down) to store your ink, though this creates more surface area and so more of your ink will dry out faster. ink cups and ink cup holders are really cheap on ebay (I got 100 small and medium ink cups with a holder for $5) and a good investment. but whatever you use to store your ink, make sure it’s disposable. don’t reuse supplies.

small spray bottle - when you’re working, you’ll want a small spray bottle (a 3 oz travel size works well) filled with a mix of water (purified is best) & dettol or green soap to help wipe away the ink as you poke. 

paper towels - cut up a good sized stack of paper towels to have on hand for wiping away ink. kleenex leaves behind fibers, so paper towels or dinner napkins are your best bet.

gauze / bandage - i usually cover my fresh tattoos with some gauze if they’re on a part of the body that’s going to rub up against anything. there’s some debate as to what’s best to wrap fresh tattoos in, and i feel like saran wrap isn’t ideal, since it’s not breathable and will basically incubate the tattoo (and any germs) instead of letting it breathe.

aquaphor - i use aquaphor for aftercare, since it’s a gentle, breathable ointment. i’ve had minimal itching and scabbing with it and my tattoos have all healed really well (except for the tattoo on my finger, but those are notoriously sketchy when it comes to healing, so it’s not the aquaphor’s fault)

so far i’ve spent about $70 on all these supplies and i’ve done nine tattoos (seven on me, two on a friend)

update: still using all these supplies, spent maybe $7 on a box of 5RLs, i’m up to about 16 tattoos on myself and 5 on other people. i’ve still got a lot of ink, ink cups, about half a bottle of green soap. 

the process:

before you start, make sure you have enough time and energy to do a stick and poke! they take longer than they look, so don’t try to squeeze one in before bed or work or something.

clean your work area & your skin. make sure to shave any body hair from the area you’ll be tattooing (some say up to a 4" radius). this is done becuase it’s easier to work without a bunch of hairs in the way, and it keeps everything cleaner, since hair can hold bacteria. 

transfer your design to transfer paper with a ball point pen & cut it out. apply some deodorant to the skin and lay the transfer on. don’t rub or touch it too much of you’ll get a smudgy design. if you don’t put it on in the right place, no worries! you can rub the transfer off and use it again, up to about 3 or 4 times i’ve found.

you don’t need to leave the transfer on for too long; once the paper looks wet, you can remove it. wait for the deodorant to dry before you start poking. if your skin is wet, the ink bleeds really easily, making the design underneath difficult to see.

then, start poking! it does depend on the area of the body you’re working on, but i find that stick and pokes don’t hurt very much. if you’re just starting out, a lot of people recommend tattooing the bottom of your foot first, since the skin there is thick (it’ll hurt less), and doesn’t shift a lot (fleshier areas are harder to get a clean line on in my experience, bonier areas hurt more but are easier to poke). and becuase our feet get so much wear, your tattoo may wear away in time, which is good if your first job is shitty (hey don’t worry tho, happy accidents.) my first stick and poke was my “stay creepy” over my knee, and that was a super easy place to tattoo. my recommendation, design wise, for a first poke is something tiny. and simple. that way you can gauge just how long these take (they take way longer than you’d think, especially when you’re starting out) and can make sure you set aside enough time to finish them if you want to do bigger and more complex designs later.

how deep you should poke you’ll figure out on your own. it should definitely stick into the skin, though. i can usually hear a small “pock” kinda noise when i take the needle out of my skin if i listen closely. 

really really take your time with your pokes. i usually do three pokes in the same spot before moving on, and i have to go over my lines at least twice. make sure you have plenty of ink on the needle & wipe away ink whenever you need to. i usually spray my water/dettol mixture on the paper towel and then wipe at the skin; spraying directly on the skin can make it run everywhere. 

you might bleed a tiny bit, but that’s okay! i don’t know where or what or why bleeding happens, but i’ve only had one (update) four tattoos bleed on me (it was just one or two pokes next to each other) and it didn’t hurt any more than the other pokes. tattooing over your wrist or any place with really visible veins can be scary, but don’t worry, you’re not going to puncture anything. my friend jack, who i’ve given two tattoos, both on his wrists, is still very much alive.

since tattooing takes a while, this is a good time to listen to podcasts or audiobooks or your favourite album or “rewatch” your favourite tv show (i’m quite fond of watching the mighty boosh or buffy)

and once you’re done poking, wipe away as much left over ink as you can & bandage it up. then just do the standard tattoo aftercare stuff & it should be all good!

Here’s Day 9 of 31 DIY’s Til Halloween!
I’ve been looking forward to this one forever. This is Billy the Puppet from the Saw films (not to be mistaken for Jigsaw himself!) and was seriously so simple to put together. The main parts are the white collared shirt, red bow tie, black blazer, and of course the makeup. Having black hair doesn’t hurt ;) Honestly I think any costume doesn’t need to be an exact imitation of the character you’re dressing as, it’s way more fun to put together clothes and accessories that are accessible to you and that work for your style and your body. That’s the spirit of DIY!

I’m wearing sheer black tights, black thigh high stockings, and a basic black tank top from my closet. The thigh highs can be found in any lingerie shop (I’ve had mine forever and don’t remember exactly where I got them.) The garter belt I’m wearing is the Rago Six-Strap Suspender Belt. i found mine on Amazon in black. The pleather skirt is from H&M in NYC last winter but I’ve seen them at several stores lately.

The white shirt is that same thrifted little boys’ button down that I found for $1.99 and have used for so many different costumes already this week! The bow tie was $1.29 at the dollar store and the black blazer I also thrifted for $5.99 at Value Village (obviously my second home).
I’m wearing my platforms that my hubby gave me for my birthday. I’m addicted to these shoes and I need to change it up soon! I promise I will!

The makeup is the fun part of this costume.
I used Graftobian white grease paint base. I have a hookup at a local costume shop because I did makeup and photos for our city’s Zombie Walk last weekend, and I’m working at the city’s biggest and best-rated haunted house for all of this month. This stuff ain’t cheap but it lasts for ages and if necessary if you do a lot of special effects makeup (this is my job, so I have budgeted for it.) Costume shops and Halloween stores sell similar grease paint / face base this time of year for $1-5, and that would work just as well!

I’m wearing a NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Ruby and MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. The spirals on my cheeks are done in basic red face paint from the dollar store and I went over it with the same NYX lip liner. I did my normal eyebrow routine and eyeliner. The eyeshadow is a smudged/blended/blown-out mix of browns and pinks, I wanted it to look super bruisy and sunken. It looked way more intense in person but I shot these photos in direct daylight. The “puppet” lines can be done with any black liquid liner.

Now that I’m back on schedule, a new DIY Halloween costume will be posted every day until Halloween! Sometimes more than one if I’m feeling ambitious!


All right, guys, I’m looking for a new gun and here’s what it’s down to. The idea is I want an SBR 9mm carbine to take to shoot at pistol/indoor ranges. This will be my first SBR and I don’t intend to sell it, so I want to buy right the first time. My total max budget will be about $2,400.

1) CZ Scorpion Evo. Cheapest option, great looks. Lightweight blowback gun means recoil may be a little more noticeable. Trigger on these is awful, but a cheap spring kit makes it somewhat decent. Would be cheap enough to buy a suppressor (Griffin Revolution 9) as well. Hard to find and overpriced right now, so I’d have to overpay or wait several weeks (and I’m not very patient).

2) Kriss Vector Gen 2 9mm. Recoil system gets mixed feedback but certainly lowers the muzzle rise. Unique looks. Shorter barrel than the others. I like the manual of arms a lot, especially the CH. Folding stock assembly is somewhat wobbly and annoying to install, so that’s a huge bummer. Glock mags, woo! Cheap enough to buy a suppressor.

3) Zenith Z-5P (MP5-PDW clone). Huge cool points. Antiquated manual of arms bothers me. Great aftermarket, but expensive accessories, especially since I insist on the pictured B&T K stock. Not cheap enough to buy a suppressor.

4) B&T APC9. New hotness, hydraulic buffer seems cool, gorgeous design and very well built by all accounts. Non reciprocating CH, but the manual of arms is fantastic. Kind of a fat magwell (to fit larger calibers in the same frame). Did I mention it’s pretty? Too expensive to buy a suppressor.

Scorpion: $750 (ideally, more like $1100 right now) + $200 SBR stamp + $200 stock + $600 suppressor + $200 can stamp = $1750 to $2100 suppressed

Vector:  $1100 to $1300 new + $200 SBR stamp + $90 stock + $600 suppressor + $200 can stamp = $2190 to $2390 suppressed

MP5-PDW:  $1675 + $200 SBR stamp + $250 stock = $2125

APC9: $2000 + $200 stamp + $150 stock = $2350

What do y’all think?

Dex and Nursey start dating because of the following argument:

Nursey: You nag so much that I might as well be dating you.
Dex: Then at least I’d have fun ways of shutting you up.
Nursey: I doubt it. You are too cheap to buy me dinner and I don’t put out without some wooing.
Dex: Oh yeah!?
Nursey: Yeah!
Dex: I am picking you up at 7, and you better dress nice!
Nursey: Fine!… wait what? Did you just asked me out? Pointdexter where are you going? Come back here!