it was so beautiful you guys

Cole: I think sexuality and foreplay are deeply intermingled with romance and setting and all of that and, thankfully, when you’re a photographer, you are consistently in the most beautiful settings with people that you really care about, so it’s a deeply sexy thing, it’s a sexy relationship to have with artistry and environment and romance in general…

Dylan: …so basically you guys fucked outdoors.

The Meet Cute

Dean x Reader

Summary: A package delivered to the wrong address allows you to meet Dean for the first time. And then a huge crush is born. 

Warnings: Smut, nothing too graphic.

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Every year, hundreds - thousands of packages are delivered to the wrong address. Exactly one of those mistakes was comfortably resting in your hands as you carried it to the house at the end of the block.

Three knocks were enough to push the sound of footsteps towards the front door, towards you. And when the door was pulled open, you saw him for the very first time. Tall and beautiful, like no one met before him.

“Hi,” he said and a smile showed on his lips. “Can I help you?”

“Uh, yes… They delivered this to my house. I think it belongs to you.”

“Oh, thanks,” he said, taking the box from your hands. Just then another figure appeared next to him, red hair and wide eyes as soon as they landed on you. “Holy Batman! Y/N?!”

“Charlie?! Oh my God.”

You barely had the time to blink before her arms engulfed you in the most cheerful hug, which you reciprocated. “I can’t believe this,” she told you. “The last time we saw each other, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hadn’t come out yet. So it’s been ages!”

“Yeah,” you agreed, smiling at her exuberance. “It’s been a while. What are you doing here?”

 “I live here.” The man next to her cleared his throat, and she looked at him as if she had just remembered he was there too. “Right, this is my roommate, Dean. And this–“ she continued, indicating you– “this is Y/N. We went to high school together. I told you about her, remember?”

Dean frowned for a second until realization hit him. “Oh, right,” he said, directing his gaze to you. “You’re the one Charlie had a crush on, for like a year.”

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates!
(Happy Regular Thursday to Everyone Else lol)

Today I am thankful for my #worthless pets, my amazing kitchen, and all 2800 of my sweet beautiful followers/readers who put up with my shenanigans and fan girl fainting and smutty fan fics

I love you guys :)

PS I’d love to see bits of your thanksgiving! Snap a pic and me in it OR tag it #ncts Thanksgiving so I can go back and find all of them!!


“I just-” Draco unsurely broke the silence. “It told me… He told me I’d always be this way. That… I wouldn’t ever be given a choice. That I would never be given a chance.” 


Work inspired by this post, and the caption came from the post as well. It’s a bit on the sad end. I know. So basically, Draco’s boggart is his future self with no one accepting him. It’s the idea of the beautiful @rose-grangerweasleyisbae and the work of @staganddragon. I hope you guys like it.

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hey guys.

my laptop just broke. i can’t write without it so i’m freaking out a little. i don’t have money for a new one, but I do have band merch which i’m willing to sell. if you’re interested in any of the following please hit me up:

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Hello my beautiful lovelies all around!! Even if you don’t celebrate it, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!🍁🦃 I’m so thankful to have such wonderful followers like you and I honestly don’t deserve you😓

You’ve been with me through my worst days (even if I haven’t shown it) and you still stuck around when I didn’t post for days. And for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

You’ve given me such inspiring advice and such sweet and encouraging words when i’m in a bad place skfnskkfks! Without you guys, I don’t think i’d be so happy tbh!!! Without you, I probably would’ve given up a while ago (but I didn’t! Because of you!!!)

Because of all of you, I (heheh quoting Walt Disney since I watched a movie last night) “Keep moving forward!”

I wish I could write so much more to express how much a love you all, BUT WORDS CANT EVEN DESCRIBE IT!!!

Happy Thanksgiving my wonderful lovelies!!👋🏼

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BEACONS! You have have have to listen to this! 3RACHA posted this earlier today on YouTube. 

It’s called For You, and it’s such a beautiful song. It’s a mixture of singing and rapping, with an acoustic background that makes me just cry. The lyrics (from what I can hear in English) are so, so beautiful, too.

They sing things like “blessings wait for you” “I know, we know” “it ain’t over” and, my fav, “so listen to the song, we want to support you.”

I think it’s for Minho, or for us Beacons. Maybe both. It’s still beautiful though and I seriously cried so please please listen to it guys!

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taakitz outfit swap maybe??

This one actually got requested by a few different people, so I hope you guys like it! I really like drawing Taako in mori girl outfits… of varying stylistic cohesiveness. Whatever! They look great!

Must be nice to be beautiful 6_9

(Also, Kravitz wearing high heels makes Taako look tiny…;;;;;)

🍂happy thanksgiving🍂

(listen, i hate this holiday but i’m forced to celebrate just like most of y'all)

i hope you guys find a way to enjoy your day even if you’re surrounded by homophobic & just overall nasty family members. you are all beautiful and valid and i love you guys so much. love is love & if any relative of yours tries to argue with you on that, give me their @ bc im ready to fight. also, fuck christopher columbus.


  • have to go back in the closet for their family
  • have to present as their birth gender
  • have to hear the wrong pronouns all day
  • have to hear their birth name all day

don’t worry, you guys are so strong, so beautiful, and so valid. it’s just like you’re an undercover agent. i know today will be tough, but you can make it. you’ve made it before. everything will be alright.

and in case anyone needs a stand in gnc/nonbinary parent today just message me and i will shower you in love.

happy thanksgiving to all of my interim children!!

Time to get Glitchy!!

That’s right, I’m making a community event!! I call it… Glitchmas (the name comes from @sansisnotonfire)!!!

The basics of Glitchmas is that you can make any fanart of Jack within the spirit of Christmas!! The possibilities are endless!!

@purrtlepuff, think you could help me out with this?

So, I hope to see all the beautiful art you guys produce!

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Draco and Harry staring up at the stars, holding hands until Harry says " You know what's more beautiful than those stars?... you are." and he kisses him gently. And Draco smirks and says "You're so fucking cheesy, you know that Potter?" but then he kisses him back and just whispers "But you're the beautiful one, loser."

This MURDERED MY INSIDES I LOVE when Harry and Draco go stargazing together and ugh! Yes! I hope 2018 is so good to them!!! Yes!!!

(Send me your 2018 drarry aesthetics just for fun bc I love hearing what you guys have to say)

I just want to say thank you to all the Reddie fic writers (and to fanfic writers everywhere tbh) who take the time out of their days to write amazing stories for such a beautiful ship. It’s astonishing how much thought you guys put into your plots and how dedicated you guys are to writing in general. It’s corny as hell, but you guys really brighten up my day when I read your works and I’d be happy to read more. I wish I could write at least half as well as all of you. Please send me any headcanons or fics and I will honestly be overjoyed to read them!






And it was just a really beautiful story from what we had so far, and we’ve already fallen in love with Baron (you know you have! don’t deny it!) and the combat system is pretty neat, and the visuals remind me of One Shot (which i also loved ho my lord)

I loved it

Jack is fluent in alien confirmed

I know I typically never talk about her, ahh ahh, but I have this fiancee who is so amazing. @its–in–the–weave

Her name is Arressa and she is the most perfect being on this Earth.

The only reason I get on this blog and interact with you guys is because of her. She gives me the motivation to do everything I do. I practise singing so I can sing her songs. I draw just to see what she thinks. I make money so I can provide a good life for us.

She is so wonderful, and so beautiful. She is so kind, and caring. Her energy is the most magickal thing… Being around her is like being in the presence of the very person you need. She is playful and fun when I am happy and want to share that with her. She is protective and strong when I feel small and frightened. She is angry and powerful when someone has hurt me. She is gentle, so, so soft, and tender when I am sad and need comfort. Arressa is literally everything I need and want.

So…spoilers for next chapter are out…

Night-eye may die and Mirio is suffering….*sips tea* …………. *continues sipping tea while looking at the beautiful view outside the window*