it was so beautiful and perfect

i’m sorry but i can’t get over her reaction it was so unexpected.

carol is such a fool in love. so precious and so vulnerable in a good way.

CAROL DIDN’T HESITATE. like she just opened the door and started crying.

then she hugged him right away and she would have kept hugging.

then she invited inside. like….all that with zero need for daryl to push her.

how people do not see they’re perfect for each other????

he doesn’t need to push her or vice-versa. THEY WANT TO BE TOGETHER.

gimple and everyone saying he didn’t want to leave her. and she wanted him to stay. he loves her and she loves him and it was so beautiful to witness.

they’re still gonna be together cause they want to be together. it’s clear to me.


This is just… so… beautiful, I cried 😭😭

I’ve been reading and noticing the gifset posts about this comparison - about Kara’s perfect partner - on Tumblr… And at that time, I was like, “well yeah duhh they are perfect for each other she got what she asked for.. she finally found her perfect partner. I knew that, they are canon #karamelforever” without really remembering about that scene Kara and James had.. But watching this video, and see Kara’s desperation to find her “perfect partner” and now she finally found one… Let me tell you, if I haven’t fallen for Karamel, if it’s even possible for me to fall even harder for Karamel than I am right now, I am possibly falling even more more harder - from the top of the sky the furthest planet in the galaxy to the deepest side of the earth - for Karamel now. Thank you Melissa and Chris for playing this role amazingly! ❤

And now - geez my heart is so full it’s going to burst rainbows, I’m just gonna say it one more time a little louder for the people in the back :

i always scroll through girls’ pictures and envy the hell outta them, like seriously beat myself up over the fact that i’ll never look like them, and once in a while, i even go as far as to not like their pictures out of spite (i know, i’m petty). and it’s the same with people who get a lot of likes on facebook posts or tweets– i think they’re funnier than me, cooler than me, have more friends than me. but it’s crazy, how much things aren’t as they seem and the majority of people will react so surprised and positively when you call them good-looking and tell them you are jealous of them, it makes me realize how we’re all struggling to find beauty within ourselves. those girls you stare at constantly thinking they’re so perfect have days where they pick apart their flaws, just like you do. maybe they even wish they looked more like you. maybe they have nice cheekbones but you have a nice waistline. maybe they’re funnier but you’re nicer. there’s always someone who’s going to be better than you at something but you’re always going to be better at other things. no one is perfect. everyone has different flaws and different struggles. we all have things we want to change about ourselves. and just because you can’t see other peoples’ battles doesn’t mean they’re not there. just because someone seems so happy on social media doesn’t mean their life is all sunshine and rainbows. the moral of the story is tell people how pretty they are, tell people how kind they are, tell people how funny they are– if you see a good quality in someone, try to set aside your jealousy and TELL THEM. there is a good chance they are struggling too and it will make their day to hear the compliment.

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Concept: Royai foster parents au. Ed lives with them first until they find out that he was separated from Al when they were little, so Mustang pulls some strings and they manage to get Al as well.

Concept: Me, laying in a puddle of my own tears as quiet sobs wrack my body, clutching this ask to my chest because of its beauty and perfection.

For me to survive a few things need to stop. Like, seriously.

  1. Jimin needs to stop wearing oversized sweaters and stop moving altogether.
  2. Taehyung needs to stop opening his mouth, whether it is to stick his tongue out or smile or speak or sing.
  3. Hoseok needs to stop moving his hips the way he does.
  4. Yoongi needs to stop being so swag and beautiful.
  5. Seokjin needs to stop being perfect and curb his sense of humor.
  6. Namjoon needs to stop using his voice in any capacity and never, EVER wear low cut shirts and chokers.
  7. Jungkook needs to… well he just needs to stop. Everything.

“Playlist” – a poem by me. 

I was playing with the idea of aubades today. I had actually never heard the term before. They are “dawn poems” – called that because the traditional form is about having to leave a lover at dawn, but they are generally about leaving something or something that right at that moment is beautiful or perfect, but is ephemeral – beautiful only for that moment only. So here is an aubade about something a very long time ago that didn’t quite happen, but the idea of it was perfect.

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↠ ↠ Araleen Mahariel, Hero of Ferelden


Archetype: The Shield

Tarot: The Chariot // Willpower, achievement

Motto: Ductus exemplo // Lead by example

Represented By: The Column //  Fortitude and constancy

Self Description: “Expendable”


Armed With: Sword and shield (Dumat’s Spine - Bulwark of the True King)

Accompanied By: Morrigan, Wynne, Zevran or Loghain

Strategy: Overpower, War Cry, Carapace

Catchphrase: “Νο.”


Core Desire: A purpose

Talent: Commitment, perseverance

Tragic Flaw: Selflesness

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I hope you're still taking requests, all of the prompts sound so great that I had a hard time choosing. But I am now stuck between 5 (Wait are you, jealous) and 32 (I think I am in love with you, and I am terrified) both sound so perfect for Manorian, that I decided to just send in both as I will be happy with reading either of those prompts.

im literally the worst fic writer ever cause i never write shit for anyone so im seriously sorry for just now writing this ;(

#5 “Wait, are you jealous?”

To be entirely honest, he knew there was nothing to be worried about. Manon is a beautiful woman whose downright terrifying personality is just so captivating for some reason beyond him. But Dorian couldn’t help but be jealous of the young man dancing with her and whose hand keeps slipping just a little further south than he’d like with every passing song. He knows he’s not being subtle about his staring. Both Aelin and Aedion have stopped by to jab at him and Manon has shot him a few looks herself. But who cares.

As yet another slow song came to an end and the young man very obviously asked for another dance, Dorian’s uncharacteristically thin patience snapped. He stood abruptly from his throne at the head of the ballroom, passed the smug smirks of just about everyone, and stopped directly beyond the young man. Manon wore a bored look but looked on anyways, secretly hoping for some kind of interesting spectacle to occur.

Dorian tilted his chin up slightly to look down at the young and cleared his throat heartily. The man whipped around and his eyes went wide when he realized who was not even inches away from him with an icy look in his eyes.

“Perhaps I can have the next dance? I’m sure you’ve had your fair share for the night don’t you think?”

The man gulped rather cartoonishly and nodded quickly before ducking around Dorian and nearly bolting in the opposite direction. Dorian watched on in satisfaction before turning back to Manon. She still looked bored but he could see the interest there in her eyes.

“I was actually enjoying his company, you know.”

Dorian smirked before grabbing her by the waist and pulling her close as the next song started. He moved then to the rhythm without a moments hesitation.

“I’m sure you did but let’s be honest with each other, you’d much rather prefer my company over his.”

Manon’s eyes narrowed only slightly before the realization became evident.

“Wait…” she stopped moved abruptly but moved her lips to Dorian’s ear and drawled, “are you… jealous?”

Dorian schooled his face into impassivity but he knew that he was caught even before he interrupted the previous pair. But like hell would he admit to it.

Moving to start leading them again, Dorian went to grab Manon’s hand and waist, but she stepped back and away from him wearing an expression that could only mean she was ready to play.

“If you won’t admit it then I’m gonna go find a new dancing partner. I like my partners to be forthcoming about what they really want,” she said with a glint to her eyes before sauntering away. Leaving Dorian without a dancing partner in the middle of the ballroom and ignoring the snickers he could hear gliding around him.

He watched her make her way back to the young man in the corner. He watched her deliver a perfect smile and grasp that poor man’s heart in her nails. He watched the man nod eagerly. And then he stomped across the ballroom, whispered just the right words in her ear, and let himself be dragged out of that treacherous ballroom.

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Hi! I'm pretty surprised Chas didn't freak out over that she hadn't been on his only son's actual wedding/actual ceremony. :D (But it was waaaay better this way. Absolutely perfect! *.* :') )

LMAO true. she was so happy they were married tho? I just LOVE her and rob’s relationship, she used to hate him and wanted him as far away from aaron as possible, but she gets it now, she sees how much he loves aaron. but you can tell she ain’t just happy cos aaron’s happy, she’s also happy cos rob’s happy :’) she’s accepted rob into their family as much as aaron has and it’s BEAUTIFUL

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“It’s never easy, it will be a fight renewed each morning but it’s possible. My legs have more than doubled 🙈 First picture taken back at the start of 2016 (85lbs) @ one of the hardest times in my life. Fast forward a year, second taken recently (145lbs) and I would have never imagined I’d get to where I am today. For so long I was scared of my own situation. I was even more scared to admit I had a problem and I’ve learned that’s OKAY!! Nobody is perfect, recovery takes time! You’re going to want to give up, but don’t. No place worth going is ever going to be easy to get to. WE ARE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY WAY! ☺️☺️”

Man talking about DP and it animation just makes me want to watch Randy Cunningham 9th grade Ninja again. I fell behind in it so i have no idea if its even still airing.

But god was it good. It had that perfect blend of action and goofy child humor. It felt like what Butch wanted the tone of DP to be. Very light and goofy, with badass fightscenes and kids being kids.
Like i’ll talk about mature Hartman fart humor, but…i dont hate childish humor. I hate poorly done childish humor. But rc9gn would pull off that sort of joke and actually make me laugh.

Also the animation and fight choreography was beautiful.

VA small* RANT

I absolutely hate it when people show rose having a tiny body. It takes away from her struggle to feel beautiful and sexy. She is surrounded by our world standards of perfect, tall and very thin. Rose was the opposite of that, she was shorter and weighted more, and she was physically built different than Lissa. 

anyone else




im so sorry but I totally blanked on Magen and Sam’s tumblr names 

Sorry I couldn’t resist  ╮(︶▽︶)╭
And this is the representation of how people try to force … ehhh …. to the queen of lettuce to sleep(? - i suppose- 
(/ =ω=)/

Response to @gevalover: OMFG GEVAAA- X’‘DDD this is… Ohh gosh.. Too much seriously xD and dun force meh qwq… I wanna be more weird hehe.. anyway.. This is amazing!! You never fail to amaze me.. Gosh thank you so much.. This made me so happy c’:
dating tony stark would include...

  • going to the parties
  • cooking for him
  • having to tell him he did the right thing by fighting steve
  • secretly being on steve’s side
  • him buying you chocolate when mother nature hit’s you in your ovaries.
  • “please just wear the dress.”
  • “No.”
  • “Why not?”
  • “It’s ugly,”
  • him reassuring you that you’re beautiful.
  • him buying you new animals when you get upset with him
  • “why do you buy her so many goddamn animals?”
  • “Why do you act like an animal?”
  • fighting beside him
  • holding his hand around your friends and family
  • basically grinding on him when you get jealous.
  • “Please come and dance”
  • “Y/N, not now!”
  • “I think now is a perfect time, don’t you?”
  • “I’m talking to some people.”
  • “But i want to dance.”
  • throwing tantrums
  • holding him when he doubts himself
  • cuddling
  • him ending up on top of you while you sleep
  • like youre on your back and he’s on top of you cuddling
  • waking up before him every. morning.
  • drinking hot chocolate all the time
  • getting drunk off your asses
  • “hey, tony, babe, baby, love, i love you.”
  • “yeah, i love you too, but im trying to do something.”
  • “i’ll just go love natasha then.”
  • him pulling you into his lap
  • neck kisses
  • hICkies
  • passionate sex or rough sex, there’s no inbetween.