it was so awkward and i couldn't stop laughing

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i just wanted to say that after seeing that last jin/jm/jk vlive i remembered how you pointed out how amazing these three are together and honestly, i couldn't agree more rn like... what a trio lmao i couldn't stop laughing

The fake maknae line is quickly becoming one of my favorite trios just because they’re so entertaining together. Their vlives are probably some of the most enjoyable for me personally. They are so adorably awkward and wholesome, it’s nearly soul cleansing (and draining at the same time tbh lmao). Plus how they interact and perceive each other is hilarious:

How Seokjin sees the hierarchy: Jin > Jimin > JK

How Jungkook sees the hierarchy: JK = Jimin > Jin

How Jimin sees the hierarchy: Jimin > JK ≥ Jin

Seriously, people this is the wackiest line. You’ve got it all. They eat a lot, they work out a lot, they squabble a lot, they drink a lot, and they generally just hang out a lot.

Anyway, not that you asked but here are some of my favorite JJJ moments from last night’s vlive:

  • Their constant teasing
  • SJ: Jungkook-ah, come over here. Let’s arm wrestle. Hyung lost to Jiminie earlier.
  • JK: Hyung, there’s no way you could have lost to Jiminie-hyung.
  • JM: [Didn’t care/Didn’t notice]
  • The impressive small pepper
  • JJK ripping the bag of gim from Jimin’s hands to very excitedly point out and say -
  • “If you look! If you look here! There’s a small pepper!”

JK’s obsession with the small pepper will be covered in another post

  • JM: It’s not that I dislike mangoes, but I don’t particularly enjoy eating them.
  • SJ: Mmm, is it because your face resembles a mango?
  • JK: That’s why it’s Manggae?

JK: ?????? JM: ……….. SJ: !!!!!!!!!!

  • Jin getting sick and tired of Kook/min being such a gross couple.
  • ….and somehow coming out as a masochist to the whole world. 

I. I love this line so much. They better shoot more vlives together.

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So I work as a waitress for midnight shifts and one day I come in and the afternoon shift is loaded with those Christian cartoon books that a church group was handing out a million times apparently. So I go to the bathroom before any tables come in and when I get out all of the afternooners have shoved the cartoon booklets into my apron and just... I couldn't stop laughing so hard. Made my day. But seriously don't be the awkward person who gives those out. No one wants them

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How did making out with the air feel like? Did you have a "Wtf am I doing..." moment? (Had to do the same thing for a short film once and I couldn't stop laughing).

((OOC: awkward fact….. 

I was sucking on my fingers. It felt so fucking weird xD))

ok so i work at a tea store and yesterday this couple came in and ordered the same tea, but the man wanted it iced and the woman wanted it hot. so i made their cups but gave the man the hot cup and the woman the cold and they started switching cups so i looked at the woman and said, “oh, you’re the hot one!’ and before i’d even processed it i said, "that’s awkward”

He hears the other boys compliment you
  • Luke: I missed (y/n) like crazy. It'd been far too long since id seen her and I was going senile with only the company of the boys. They were all single and didn't quite know how it felt to have a girl who was as amazing as (y/n) as their own. I was lucky enough to have had her for 2 whole years. We dated in high school and when I started touring, we promised we'd still be together. We kept our promise. I was face timing (y/n) through in my room, where I could get some sort of privacy from the other boys. "Babe, you look amazing." I smiled as she changed in front of the camera. We were no longer shy around each other - like we were in the beginning of the relationship. "Yeah, I can't wait till you're home luke!" She smirked, bringing her boobs closer to the screen. I could tell I was getting turned on but we couldn't do anything about it. "Stop it. I know what you're trying to do and we both know you don't have time for that." I winked. We ended the call having told each other that we loved each other, missed each other and couldn't wait to see each other. As I walked into the lounge where the rest of the boys were sitting, I heard their mumbles about (y/n). "She's got a great body. Super hot. Luke's a lucky guy." I heard Michael say, I smiled quite proudly with myself for having such an amazing girlfriend. "Did you see her in that bikini last time?! She's not just super hot." Calum jeered, at that point I walked into the room smiling at them. "You think my girlfriend is hot and you guys don't get to have sex with her." I grinned, sitting down as they all tutted at me.
  • Michael: I'd just said goodbye to (y/n) at the airport and it was pretty emotional. I knew I wasn't going to be able to see her for a pretty long time and even just now we still hadn't been together for very long. It sucked that she cogent travel with me and see myself and the boys on stage every night of tour. I did love having her though; I was so lucky and I didn't want to let her go - especially when it was easy to work out a schedule of when we could see each other. The boys were pretty friendly with her too and loved her company. On the way to a radio station one day, I was listening to my iPod while closing my eyes to make it look like I was sleeping while the boys had a chat. They were talking about (y/n) and as soon as I heard them say her name I immediately paid attention - still looking like I was asleep. "She's amazing. I wish I had a girlfriend that would do all this for me." Ashton spoke, I could only think he was on my twitter after I posted a photo of what (y/n) got me when she left to go home. "I really hope that one day I have a girlfriend as nice as (y/n). She's just incredible for him." I discreetly smiled as the boys continued to talk.
  • Calum: Waking up to the sight of (y/n) sleeping naked beside me always managed to put me in a great mood. She just looked so innocent and she slept with a smile on her face. I smirked remembering what happened the night before and wouldn't ever be able to thank her enough for it. We were busy for hours and I couldn't even remember what time we locked ourselves in my room of the house myself and the boys shared. I didn't get to see (y/n) often and that was our excuse - we were just spending some quality time together, that's all. I could hear mumbling coming from outside on the balcony, just down a bit from where my bedroom window was. It was Luke and Ashton. They made the most of the mornings in LA. "Did you hear them last night?" Ashton asked Luke, leaning on the barrier of the balcony. They didn't know I could hear or see them. "Yes! Calum is one lucky boy with a girl like (y/n). He sounded like he was having a great time." Luke laughed, Ashton joined in. "He is pretty lucky to have a girl like her. She's got a brilliant body; bet he seen a lot of it last night, too." They both laughed harder and I slightly blushed. "Morning boys!" I waved out the window as they turned around, going red. "Morning cal." They both mumbled. "Would you mind getting me some orange juice? Had a pretty long night last night." I said, winking at them both to make them feel awkward. "Stop rubbing your sex life in our faces, bro." Luke laughed, returning back to his balcony leaning position.
  • Ashton: I was so excited to show my girlfriend to the world tonight at a movie premiere. This was our very first one in the UK and we were all dressed up and looking smart. I was the only one with a girlfriend and luckily for me, I was able to bring her along for it. She loved the movie before this one and I couldn't wait to see her completely fangirl over the fact she was on the same red carpet as Zac Efron. "Do I look okay? I couldn't really decide what to do with my hair." She spun around in her tight fitting dress with her long, simply straightened hair running down her back. "You look great." I smirked, wrapping my arms around her waist as we both faced the mirror. "Give us a kiss." I grinned as she turned to me, kissed me quick and then went to reapply her lipstick - which was now over my cheek. We took a selfie in the mirror and (y/n) posted it to her twitter - which then up roared with compliments. She continued to finish herself off, not that she had to, as I went to see the other lads. "She looks stunning. I wonder if Ashton's planning on doing her tonight." Calum whispered, although I could still hear him. "If he doesn't then I will. She's too hot for him not to." Michael added. "No worries boys, I'll do the honours." I winked as I walked into the room. They both blushed and smiled apologetically.

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Korra was really kind of snarky when she was with Asami, she was blatantly making fun of Mako and his awkwardness. I think It really was only a crush that she had on him. WIth Asami though she was falling and hard. She's very different around Asami. During the Desert scenes she relied so much on Asami and then when she told her dad she seemed kind of mildly dazed(she couldn't stop smiling at her )

Yes, she was different around Asami, very different. Being around her made her happy. I have never seen her smile so much before, it was quite the change.

She also liked making Asami laugh, even if it was at the expense of Mako. That was also the first time we’ve heard Asami laugh. Quite telling indeed.