it was so amazing and i cried a ton

Wouldn’t Let You Fail (Part 2)

@doriiii1121 replied to your post: omg I wish u could make a second part [to Wouldn’t Let You Fail]
Anonymous asked: I DON’T KNOW HOW I ONLY JUST READ WOULDN’T LET YOU FAIL BUT I CRIED BECAUSE IT WAS SO AMAZING? I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU COULD DO BUT I NEED A PART 2. (if possible obviously) (im sorry that fic got me hyper for no reason)

A/N: Shoutout to the @hamwriters groupchat for helping me figure out what the hell I’m doing for this fic, especially @alexanderhamllton, @sunshinemiranda, and @saynotofics! Y’all helped me tons <3. [also this is actual trash, im sorry] Part One is here.

WC: 3794

TW: Swearing. Lot’s of it. [if anything else please let me know it’s late and im tired]

Pairing: LMM x Reader

January 2018
You nervously wrung your hands together as you stared at the large document in front of you. At the bottom of the page was a line for you signature, and box for you to put how many more months you’d be continuing your stay at Hamilton: An American Musical as the first female playing George Washington. And you weren’t exactly sure how much longer you wanted to stay.

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HEYYY if you haven’t noticed my spam on your dashboard I’m back from my trip!! With this!!!! im actually v proud of it 

While without wifi I had a ton of time to waste so naturally I reread a bunch of kakavege fics in my dbz fic stash…and I was reading @schlopreceptacle‘s You Buried Me and I legit cried happy tears it was an amazing experience. If you’re into fluff and seeing Vegeta be the sap he not so secretly is, please read it. I just had to draw something for this!

SO I JUST FINISHED SEASON 2 OF BUNGOU STRAY DOGS AND LEMME TELL YOU I cried so much at that ending it was so beautifully done 

I really need season 3 already like I love BSD the manga is so WONDERFUL and I’m sad I realized I haven’t draw much of it so I’M GONNA DRAW TONS AND TONS OF IT NOW!!! 

I highly recommend this anime!! It’s so so good aaaaaa /w\ If you love amazing characters and great plot and HIGH QUALITY ANIMATION— then I suggest you give this show a try!! I fell in love with the first episode so hard like AMAZING SO GREAT!!!

euglassiajoanwatsonia  asked:

That episode! Phillip's performance was incredible, I cried it was such an emotional battering. And Dr Bright's speech about everyone deserving to live/you are alive meant so much to me. I know you get a lot of asks so don't worry about answering this one, I just wanted you to know that it was amazing.

Thank you so much! Getting messages like these means a ton to us, you have no idea. 

Sorry for the emotional battering, but I’m glad you enjoyed it all the same!

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1, 15, 21, 34, 48, 57, 73

  • 1: Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? Usually closed but it doesnt really matter to me!
  • 15: Do you chew your pens and pencils? Nah. 
  • 21: Whats your least favorite movie? Rubber. fucking. God i hate that fucking movie.
  • 34: Favorite kind of sandwich? Oh gosh like any sandwich really but like chicken salad sandwiches are amazing, i also love chicken breast sandwiches with a shit ton of pickles i love love love pickles.
  • 48: Do you sing in the shower? God yeah. Loudly and amazingly if i do say so myself
  • 57: Do you believe in ghosts? Kind of sort of? Its hard to explain but its kind of this like. Bad energy coupled with bad memories more so spiritual things just causeing uneasy feelings that lead to things that can be seen as ghosts ya feel?
  • 73: Have you ever cried because you were so happy? Yeah alot. Im an easy crier tbfh


a LOT happened this year.
 super wonderful things like releasing my first apparel line in the summer and other new products! collaborating with one of my best friends, @slimegirlsmusic. making a small comic with my favourite @ghostspaces. i’ve also started working on my thesis film, Tapioca this year. (deadline for it is in may) please look forward to that! :)

it’s also been a painful year for me as well. but i’m trying to learn from everything that’s happened. i really feel like a grew a ton this year in different ways. i’m learning to communicate better with friends!

2016 is gonna be amazing! i just know it! i have new stuff planned for my shop, I’ll be graduating school next year too so that’s really crazy! i want to experiment more with my art too and keep developing!!

happy new year everyone~ thanks for sticking with me! i’m gonna try my best and work hard and always share my progress with you.

Okay listen up y'all cause I gotta story to tell. So this week I went to vidcon and had an absolutely amazing time. I cried, made some awesome friends, bought a ton of shit, and got to meet my favorite people on the planet. Saturday morning at 2:30 was my meetup but my journey to meet Dan and Phil started before then. I was up since 5:30 that morning because I physically could not fall back to sleep and then finally got up hours later to get ready. You can’t see in the picture but I was wearing the Dan and Phil vidcon shirt that read “I can’t believe I actually went outside to see Dan and Phil at vidcon” sold to me by the courtesy of Martyn Lester. Anyways I have to thank hollowphan because she’s my best friend and she went before 11:00 to go wait outside to reserve our spots in line and it was bloody hot out there and we were both getting sunburnt and the lady wouldn’t move us inside because there were other meet ups going on and we legit thought we were going to get heat stroke. Anyways flash forward to 1:00 and we finally get moved inside the building and we sit and we’re waiting and then we start playing go fish to pass the time and I’m here frantically trying to find the best way to give the jar whilst trying to balance an autograph book, the jar, my phone, the letter and a sharpie in one hand. I managed anyways and then it gets closer to when we’re gonna meet them like 10 minutes before and we can see them walking back and forth behind the curtain and screaming happens and I’m dying inside. Anyways then they come out and Dan films a small video of us screaming and I’m shaking because there is like maybe 15 people in front of me. And then it’s my time. The lady cuts off my wristband, tells me to stand at the grey carpet and my heart literally stops. I’m within 10 feet of them. I have the jar in hand and I’m shaking and I’m thinking no turning back now. Then the girl in front of me leaves and I’m suddenly moving forward and oh my god then I’m hugging Phil and he gives such nice hugs and as I’m hugging him I blurt out “oh my god you guys are so tall” and I’m thinking why the hell did I say that. And then Dan responds “mind the legs” and I’m just thinking how you guys are like giants. And then I hug Dan and he gives awkward hugs but good none the less because they’re from him. And then I shakily hand them the jar that I worked so hard on and I say “this is from the people of tumblr who couldn’t make it” and Phil takes it out of my hands and is like swishing it around and I’m like oh god and then Dan goes “oh my god you’re so sweet that’s so nice of you.” And at this point I’m dying. And then Phil hands their manager the jar and then I hand them the letter and my autograph book and I ask them to sign it with really shaky hands. And Dan goes “of course” and they put it on the table and Phil says “oh my god it’s so shiny!!!” Then Dan asks “where do you want us to sign” “anywhere” and then he proceeds to say in the derpiest voice ever “well first page then” then he ask me how my vidcon was going, “good” “what’s your name?” “Samantha” Dan repeats it and then Phil goes “that’s a pretty name” and now I’m really dying. And then Dan is like “do you want a selfie?” “Yeah” and then we proceed to take not one like we were told but Dan takes four and I’m like thank you and they’re like “nice meeting you” and then as I’m walking away I turn to see Dan talking to their manager and saying “keep that safe make sure we have that” and then I walk away dying inside. Like oh my god Dan wanted to make sure that they would have the jar later and that just makes me so happy!!! I’m just so happy I met them they’re so nice and sweet and tall and they smell really nice and just sorry for the super long post but god this was the best day of my life.

Happy Anniversary, Soushike Cosplay. 💑

We thought we would never get to make it to NYCC. I don’t think we would have ever thought we’d actually make it much further than that.

Today we had our first shift volunteering at the Bandai Namco booth and it was a really amazing time; we had so many photos taken and got to promote such an amazing game that we’ve both played together since the beginning of our relationship.

We got to represent an amazing company and be the characters we love so much. That in itself was incredible even though it was so tiring hahaha.

But then, we got special admission to “An Evening with Masashi Kishimoto,” his panel where we got to listen to him speak about his series and got to watch him draw in front of everyone live. I almost lost my voice screaming in support and cried watching the Boruto trailer again because Kishimoto said himself he was close to tears.

We even got to meet a ton of fans of our blog which I really wasn’t expecting (photos to come in a separate post!) and I was just so humbled and happy.

Months ago when we missed badge registration I thought we would spend today sitting at home. And I’m glad that I was so, so wrong.

Thank you so much to ACP and Bandai Namco for such an amazing opportunity!

I love you, Soushike, even though you are too much like Sasuke sometimes 😜. May we have many years to come. 💕✨

Sorry the tone of this is different from my other posts. Words just really can’t express how I feel right now… Thank you all so much for your support, really, thank you!!!!


Labor from 1:30-7:42.
They wouldn’t officially admit me for awhile so I did most of the labor unmediated and it was horrible I was pretty sure I was dying.
Finally got some happy drugs, then epideral. 1 hour later I felt tons of pressure.
While I had the epideral, if didn’t totally numb the vagina, so pushing was agonizing, more screaming. But I watched them pull him out and it was amazing.
I almost hyperventilated I was crying so much.
He cried for an hour after. He has lots of feelings about today.
He’s 8 pounds 1 ounce. 20 inches long. And perfect. Looks a lot like Ezra did but he has a lot more hair.
I am exhausted and never want to feel pain like that again. Nap time.