it was snowing again today

I think I’m going to try and start talking about my day every day.  Just one post summing things up of my relatively unimportant life.

It snowed again today, a little depressing because it’s so late in to the year and it was about half a foot deep.  I worked at a store I don’t normally work at, “Palisades.”  The assistant manager of the meat department asked me “we ever work together?” which is the third time he’s asked me this over a few spread out meetings during the past three years.  Am I so unmemorable, Reggie?  I dyed my hair Friday night so today was my first day of work with purple hair.  The company used to not allowed “unnatural colours” so while they are now fine, it’s still a little shaky.  Immediately the store manager tried to talk to me and randomly pointed out I was missing my name tag in some passive-aggressive manner, even though the very first employee I saw after talking to him on my way to get one also did not have one.  It’s a little relaxing, I’m at this store Monday and Tuesday as well, it’s close to home and very slow.

I worked with this one girl though, she’s like, I don’t know.  Everything about her I don’t like, but she doesn’t tell me what to do, so she’s still in the bearable tolerance.  It’s funny.  She’s definitely the worst employee ever, she was probably in the department for 80 minutes of the six hours I had to work with her, the rest spent texting/talking on the phone/wandering off to some other department/going for an extremely long break/”needing to get something” and when she was in the department she just talked non-stop about issues or things I don’t care about, but because there was no authoritative tone I guess I mean it’s fine she can do as she wishes.  Also, bringing it back to this Reggie fellow, I am a meat cutter and I travel daily to different stores providing relief for people on holidays, to those unaware, and so for the next couple days he is my boss as I’m concerned.  I ask him what to do, and he would give me an objective.  Just one single thing, just cut this thing.  That is a five minute process, and then so I am once again unqueued from duties and I have to ask him “Is there anything you’d like me to do?” and he just does this slow “… Anything?” and it’s like heh, or maybe even haha if you’re really in the mood, but the man does this joke every single time.  Probably four times just today; Reginald needs to freshen up his material or give me a longer list of things to do.  Also the third person I worked with today is an older woman who looks EXACTLY like another person who works for Safeway except they’re a male sporting a thick moustache.  It’s troubling because I feel it’s offensive to either side to hear it, and yet I want to tell both of them.  I’m definitely stuck in a dilemma with it.  

Past that, I guess I really didn’t do anything.  I listened to the song “The Day the Whole World Went Away” by NIN a bunch after work, just looping it.  Also I finished the short story I’d been reading on my breaks at work.  “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka.  I just recently began trying to read books at work since I can no longer play chess on my phone because of updates to the website.  That was literally the second thing I read, the first being some Oscar Wilde play “The Importance of Being Earnest.”  I can’t say I really liked Metamorphosis, Kafka seems like a good writer I guess but it was just a little weird and depressing.  It’s about a man who provides fully for his family (dad, mom, sister) financially and at the beginning of the story inexplicably wakes up to find he is not human and is instead some weird bug/beetle/ant/centipede thing.  His family locks him in his room and feels supremely over-burdened with the fact they have to look after him now, and he’s forced to just sit around and slump about with no enjoyment in his life.  Eventually he stops eating and dies, alone and in his room, and the rest of the family rejoices when they find him and it ends with them taking a nice cathartic stroll around the neighbourhood or something and the parents notice how grown up the younger sister’s become over the past few months of dealing with her brother.

That’s that, I suppose.  My plans now are to sleep and work another day.  

my phone is of the opinion that if i have one (1) droplet of water on the screen it doesn’t need to respond to my touch, ESPECIALLY if i’m playing pokemon go. playing pokemon go in trondheim is always a race against the weather

Today was the day I woke up and was truly happy that you weren’t mine anymore.

The sun was out today.

The snow is melting.

I was happy again.

It’s been a beautiful day.

—  I’m better off without you anyway || 2.21.16

N°1 in a little belated birthday spam for Abby who wished for 1940!Dean SN: 7x12

Songbirds and Angels

Rated M for Sexual Content

An archaic ritual, as are so many throughout time and in countless lands that only served the suffering of women, and the pleasure of men. Virtue and chastity were paramount until the princess was of the age to marry to prevent pregnancy and protect bloodlines. But sexual purity wasn’t a coveted trait in a bride for any other reason. A princess was expected to bring pleasure to her husband when the marriage was consummated. To accomplish this she must learn. So The Reaping became a tradition.

For years his eyes were the first she’d look for straight away. Her best friend. Her ally. Who as a little boy chased her across the kingdom’s fields and played hide and seek in the stables. Lies, and legacies, ceremony and sacrifice.

Not him.

Not him.

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Celebrate Me Home - The One Where Dean Has An Accident

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 7200-ish

Warnings: None, at this point…still.

Summary: A Dean Winchester Holiday//Daddy//Bookstore!AU ~ Spending a day in the life of Dean Winchester is a lot more fun than anyone would have ever led y/n to believe. Especially when the night ends with an accidental date.

A/N: Not much to say here, but honestly thank you so much for your time and consideration. You don’t have to read this but you are and I feel so very honored and thankful

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8 || Part 9

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November 19th…36 Days until Christmas

Nineteen days, that is the magic number of the moment. It’s been nineteen days since she last saw her fiancé; nineteen days since she last spoke with her parents; nineteen days since she last stepped foot in her own home. It’s been two weeks and five days and god, what a wonderful time it has been.

Y/n honestly never knew it was humanly possible to be so happy, never knew someone was able to enjoy waking up in the morning. But here she is, flat on her back with a tiny precocious 6 year old child jumping up and down on the foot of her bed, and she has never been more content in all her life.

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theinsidiouscinnamonroll  asked:

Idk if this is a good idea or if ur still doing the prompt thing cuz I sent this rlly late but I think maybe u could do an AU where Simon and Baz's rolls are switched (Simon has been in love with Baz for years and Baz has been with Agatha and starts to realize that he likes Simon). Idk just a random thought I had. Congrats on getting all those followers! That's an amazing achievement and your blog defiantly deserved it. Keep on writing!

You have such a cute blog, lots of great fandom posts 9/10 :) This was great to write, be prepared for sad Simon tho. Enjoy!


Simon knew better than to stare, but sometimes he just couldn’t help himself. Baz sat at his table with Agatha, looking all posh and refined. It was a painful tableau, the two of them holding hands like perfect ice sculptures. Simon once thought it was Agatha he pined over, maybe it was even the case for a moment, but he knew better now.
He turned to look back at Penny, whose expression was sad.
“I know Penny.”
She sighed, tapping her fingers against her teacup.
“There has to be a way for you to move on. Maybe we can go to some Normal clubs, show you off a little. I’m sure you’ll meet someone nice, someone who appreciates you.”
His shoulders sagged.
“I’ve tried. I think I’ve put all the effort I can into moving on. It’s not that simple Penny.”
He recognized her expression. She was trying to think her way out of the problem, to apply logic where logic had no power.
“Yes but a crush can be pushed aside, eventually you can let it go.”
He looked up at her helplessly. Her eyes widened.
“Oh. It isn’t just a crush,” She practically whispered.
She glanced over at the pair.
“Maybe you have a chance.”
Simon made a strangled noise, a mutated sort of laugh.
“Penny, he hates me. He thinks I hate him.”
She glared at him.
“And whose fault is that Simon?”
“I never put a gun to his head.”
“And you also never tried to be his friend.”
Simon put his head in his hands.
“I know Penny. Trust me, I know.”
He heard her sigh and felt a reassuring hand smooth over his hair.
“I’m sorry Simon.”


Snow was staring at him again today. Baz wasn’t sure why this mattered to him, why he kept cataloging every time Snow’s blue eyes were on him, but he didn’t know how to stop either
He felt guilty; dating Agatha was such a lie. She knew he didn’t feel anything other than platonic love for her. But she cared enough to stand by his side, so that his family would leave him alone. She said she didn’t mind, that it was like getting to spend time with her best friend all the time. Still, Baz wished he were brave enough to break up with her so that she might have a real relationship.
Baz didn’t lift his eyes when Snow came into their room, but he let his heightened vampire senses roam. His smell was off, tinged by something strange. It took Baz a moment to recognize the scent that marked anxiety, something he usually only noticed in the animals he hunted.
He looked up to study him and did a double take when he noticed Snow’s red and puffy face. He hadn’t seen Snow cry since first year.
“Leave it alone Baz.”
Snow wandered to his bed and laid down, not bothering to change clothes.
“You seem down.”
“Do I? I hadn’t realized.”
Baz paused.
“It’s not like I really care…”
Snow sighed, “Yeah, I know Baz.”
“But, if you need to talk to someone, then I guess I’m available.”
Snow sat up.
“Are you high?”
Baz rolled his eyes.
“You just look really pathetic.”
“So naturally I’d turn to you for comfort.”
“Whatever Snow.”
Despite his words Baz didn’t turn away.
Snow’s jaw flexed.
“I don’t want to go into my romantic dramas with someone in a perfect relationship.”
Baz felt his cheeks warm, “Oh.”
Snow studied his face and looked away, “Yeah.”
“But my relationship isn’t perfect.”
“Sure it isn’t.”
Baz glared, “I’m gay.”
Snow froze, “What?”
“I’m gay, so no, my ‘girlfriend’ and I do not have a perfect relationship.”
There was a long pause.
“I’m sorry for making assumptions.”
Baz sighed.
“It’s not a big deal Snow, so what is it then? What’s the big issue?”
Snow looked down.
“I love someone who will never love me back, and it’s killing me.”
Baz stayed quiet.
“But I bet you love that, don’t you?” Simon said the words lightly.
“No. Not particularly. I enjoy being the sole source of your torment.”
Snow’s body jerked like he’d been slapped.
“What did I say?”
Baz studied Snow, the way he was holding himself, as if he were a man dealing with chronic pain. He wasn’t stupid, and suddenly things started clicking in his mind. The staring, the reluctance to share tonight, and all the fights over the years; he felt something surge up inside him.
Snow stood, “I think I should go.”
Baz was up in a flash, stopping just short of grabbing Snow’s arm.
“No, wait.”
Snow paused but didn’t turn.
“I do enjoy it. Driving you crazy.”
“You enjoy bullying me.”
“I enjoy you.”
Snow turned fully, his eyes searching. Baz felt his breathing quicken as Snow lifted a hand lightly to trace his cheek. There was fire in his veins, shattering already half forgotten memories of cute boys on the pitch. This was something more than a crush.
Simon Snow was in love with him and Baz realized just how much he did like being on Snow’s mind.