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Life or Death (Hamilton x Male!Reader) 2

Words: 2200+

Warnings: blood, disapproval of same-sex relationships, sex mentions

A/N: by popular demand, i made a part two of this. i had no idea where the plot was going to go, but i guess this is okay? enjoy!

Part 1

You groaned, opening one eye. The sun was shining brightly down on you, burning your irises. You pulled yourself up off the fence, stretching your back from the awkward position that you were in all night. By the sun and the empty streets, it was probably around seven in the morning. You stumbled up, attempting to walk with your wobbly legs. You pulled your bag from the bench, and began proceeding in the direction of your house.

It took you a few minutes to get there, your grogginess getting the best of you. As you were walking down your block, you finally remembered why you were outside. “Hamilton!” You yelled, widening your eyes. You quickly touched your neck, feeling nothing but smooth skin. You looked at your clothes, blood staining them. “What the-ow!” You touched your face, the skin tender.

Oh right. Bruises.

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I want to draw u and library girl but idk what u look like pls post selfie or somethin

here’s the most recent:

and here’s a body shot:

I don’t have a picture of her unfortunately, but she has really really long brown hair, is tall and skinny/lanky (a bit sporty), sometimes wears a black baseball cap, a lot of yoga clothes or sweaters + leggings; white. I think she has a beauty mark on her chin, and has a long-ish oval face. 

im suffering bc tythan so heres a quick one shot that i wrote in like 5 minutes LMAO

Ethan was jittery, but not in the good way. His hands were shaking and his vision was blurry, but he had to finish this edit by today. He had been falling behind recently in his editing, and it was showing in his videos. He sighed, looking at the too bright screen before rubbing his eyes. He was going to cry if he didn’t stop soon, but he had to finish. 

It was slow going, but Ethan finished the video at 5 a.m. As soon as he saved the file, he practically fell over with exhaustion. Everything hurt and he wasn’t even sure he could move. His breathing became uneven and his mind was racing. What if he seriously hurt his body? 

Before anything could get out of hand, he was lifted from his chair by strong arms. He looked up at a tired looking Tyler, who just smiled down softly at him. 

“It’s time to sleep baby blue,” Tyler whispered, and Ethan nodded before leaning into Tyler. Tyler carried him bridal style to his room, setting him down gently on the bed. He pulled the covers up, tucking Ethan in tightly. Ethan didn’t know, but Tyler had stayed up with him, wanting to make sure the boy actually went to bed. (he forgot sometimes, and Tyler would find him surrounded by empty coffee cups)

“Wait, stay,” Ethan mumbled, grabbing Tyler’s hand before he could leave. Tyler smiled softly, climbing into the comfortable bed and falling asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow. 

Ever since that night, it had become a tradition for the two. Any time Ethan stayed up late editing, Tyler would sneak into the room and keep him company, until he finished or passed out, and the two would share a bed. 

Ethan would often wake up with Tyler’s arm draped over him, or their legs tangled together. And with each passing night, Ethan found the he stopped moving away from the touches and started moving towards them. 

The little shoulder taps and tickles in the middle of videos. The way Ethan would lean into Tyler during the livestreams. Ethan found himself doing it more and more. He loved being in Tyler’s embrace; he loved being close to Tyler. 

He loved Tyler. 

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Hey it's me again. So I have a request for you to pick me up after the end of the quarter here. Can you just do an one shot where everybody is a big happy family just eating dinner together? Including the parents? If you could I would love you. Well I already do but you get what I mean right?

Haha, hope you enjoy!


“Evan did you make sure the cookies didn’t burn!” Heidi called from the small dining room. Evan, who had just taken the cookies out of the oven, made a confirming noise as he placed them on a cooling rack. Why his mom had insisted to cook a large meal for eight people was beyond Evan’s mind but Heidi liked his friends and she liked Mr. and Mrs. Murphy so out of the blue she decided to do this. 

When the doorbell rang, Heidi quickly headed to the door. “Connor, Zoe, Cynthia, Larry! Welcome, everything is ready were just waiting for Alana and Jared,” Heidi smiled as she let the Murphy’s into her house. Cynthia and Heidi had become great friends, Cynthia even took Heidi to yoga with her sometimes. Larry liked Heidi, she was a kind woman, and the mother of his son’s boyfriend. 

Alana and Jared arrived shortly after, so they all took a seat in Heidi’s small dining room. Heidi really went all out, cooking a turkey, salads, really all the fixings. Usually it would be just Evan and Connor, or Evan, Connor, Jared, Zoe and Alana hanging out at the house so Heidi would just order pizza for the teens. 

Times like this Evan was thankful for his mom, he was glad she became friends with the Murphy’s, and with his friends, he was thankful she liked Connor. He was just thankful for his mom. “Mrs. H this is delicious,” Zoe smiled, Cynthia nodding in agreement.

Conversation came at ease for everyone. No one felt awkward, no one felt unsafe to talk. They were on big happy family thanks to Heidi Hansen, ina  way they were all thankful for this woman. Cynthia and Larry were thankful she brought their family closer together, Zoe was thankful to have another mom in her life, Connor was thankful he had somewhere to go when everything got to be too much for him. Alana was thankful Heidi taught her to be kinder towards people, Jared was thankful he had made friends because of this woman, Evan was thankful she was his mom.

As for Heidi, she was thankful she brought all these people together. “If you like the meal, you should see the dessert,” Heidi giggled. 

Kakyoin One-shot

For the lovely @giratinazero / @rero-rero-here-we-go

♡ Cherry Sweet Love And Good Mornings

You woke up to the sound of bed sheets rustling beside you. You opened your eyes slowly, grateful of the fact that you slept early last night. You were in a good mood and you were going to stay in that mood for the rest of the day. It was an instinct type thing. You looked over to where the rustling sounds came from, only to be faced with the narrow but nicely shaped back of your boyfriend, Kakyoin. He yawned, reaching his hands out sideways and let out a subtle sigh. You could tell he had woken up in a good mood like you. Every morning you’d be able to tell how well Kakyoin had slept by watching him get up. If he woke up drowsy with not enough sleep which he should have gotten, he’d place his hands in his face and let out a big sigh, indicating how tired he was and how he wished he didn’t wake up. When he wakes up in a good mood, he’d yawn, stretch a little, and then let out a small, content sigh.

You reached out for his back and poked him, which made him turn around. His eyes were still half-shut but he had a small smile on his face as he reached out to gently touch your hair. Kakyoin opened his mouth to speak, rubbing his eyes a little as he did.

“Your hair is messy…” You were expecting something sweet, a ‘good morning’ or anything like that. You had thought wrong. Instead, he had complimented your hair. You looked at his red hair which was all over the place, except for the little strand that always stuck out and you thought the same.

“Says you.” You reached out to touch the small swirly strand of hair and it bounced up and down. His hair was messy but boy, did he look amazing. You couldn’t help but to think about how lucky you were to have met a man so beautiful and caring. Kakyoin reached up to touch his own hair, patting down on it. A small smirk then formed on his face.

“I probably look better than you.” You couldn’t deny, he was looking amazing. His smirk slowly faded into a dorky smile. Waking up to that dorky smile was a thing you loved about living with your adorable boyfriend. It surely was a nice sight to start your day off. You couldn’t help but to smile. You felt the bed rise up a little and saw Kakyoin get up and make his way slowly to the bathroom near your bedroom. You still didn’t get a good morning from him, you thought as you pushed yourself up and went into the bathroom after him.

You walked into the bathroom and saw Kakyoin washing his face with some hot water. Wiping his face with a towel, he glanced over to you and another small smirk formed on his mouth again.

“You were snoring last night, by the way.” You knew he was going to say something cunning because of the smirk. You were right. You shot him a glare as he continued wiping his face, and you could here some laughter. You knew yourself that you weren’t snoring, in fact, you weren’t the type to snore at night.

“No I wasn’t.” You said, with your arms crossed as you waited for him to step aside so you could wash your face too. Kakyoin moved slightly towards you and looked into the mirror as he started to fiddle with his hair.

“You were.” He said, as he picked up a comb from the bathroom counter. It didn’t take him long to finish setting his hair up. You two didn’t have any plans for today, anyways. Letting warm water flow from the sink, you cupped your hands and let the water pool inside and gently pulled it towards your face.

“Stop lying.” You said, as you reached for your towel. When you looked up from the towel, you saw that he still had that ridiculous smirk on. Realising that you had seen through his face and recognised the lie, he laughed and held his arms wide open, waiting for you to fall into them for a morning hug. You gave him a glare for a few seconds, but you eventually gave up, wanting to get a hug from your boyfriend. As soon as you two made contact, you nuzzled into his warm chest and he wrapped his arms around your back.

“You’re forgetting something, you know.” You mumbled, while you still had your head buried into his chest. You felt a small grumble from his chest and heard his adorable laugh. He pulled you in tighter, with a strong grip. He placed a light kiss onto your head which was the only thing that was in his vision. With a small but loving smile, he said the words you longed to hear.

“Good morning, my cherry.”

Wow that’s my first one-shot for JJBA and I have to say I’m kinda happy with it!

I hope you like it ♡


I’m going to redraw all of the chief knights eventually… Here’s Oz! 🔥

No progress shots this time, but I do have a video of my progress from start to finish that y’all are welcome to check out ;O

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I love it when the still shot looks awkward god bless

Anyway here’s the accent thing

The Playbook (Jughead Jones X Reader) prt. 2

summary- Reggie puts the reader in the playbook and Jughead finds out. Things go down, but not without a little romance first.

warnings- fluff, fighting, kissing.

requested- no but I got positive feedback on part one!

A/N- i have a math benchmark tomorrow wooooo kms. 

Read part one or this will make no sense! 

part 1

You ran after Jughead. Ran into the school. Into the student lounge. 

You stopped yourself in the door entrance, looking at the scene.

An angry Jughead, yelling at an angry Reggie. Archie was trying to stop them, but it wasn’t working. Betty, Veronica and Kevin stood anxiously away from the scene, all with frightened looks on their faces.

“You idiot!” Jughead was yelling at Reggie.

They were both standing by the vending machine, all in each others grill.

“No, it seems like your the idiot here!” Reggie shot back, “You just can’t understand that your crush wanted a good time. With me! And not you!”

“She didn’t do anything with you!” Jughead spat.

“Oh ya? Got any proof?” Reggie said, cockily.

That was it, Jughead launched himself at Reggie. 

Reggie was not expecting it, and Jughead hit him in the nose, hard.

Blood gushed from Reggie nose and he grunted in pain, stumbling backwards.

“You’re gonna pay for that!” Reggie yelled and tried to attack Jughead.

“Jughead!” You and the rest of the gang yelled as Reggie’s fist collided with Jughead’s eye.

Jughead stumbled back, holding his eye in pain.

“Oh my god!” You exclaimed and rushed over to him as the rest of the gang did too. 

“See, you got what you deserved, dim whit.” Reggie said, still holding his bleeding nose.

you turned to Reggie.

“Get out of here!” You yelled and he did as you said, with the rest of the football team, laughing their way won the halls.

You kneeled beside Jughead who was now sitting not the ground.

“God, Jug, I told you not to do it.” Archie said as he shook his head.

“Worth it.” Jughead said flatly.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” You told him.

He looked up at you, with his green eyes. 

“Yes, I did…Even if I got beat up a bit, it was worth it.” He told you.

You smiled at him. You then touched his bruised eye.

He winced in pain, “Ow,” 

“Sorry!” You replied, taking your hand back.

Veronica then butted in, “We are going to get ice. You guys can… Stay here.”

And the rest of the gang went out of the room to get ice, leaving you and Jughead alone in the quite and empty room.

Veronica knew when something romantic as going on, so she obviously sensed the vibe and left you two alone. And you were relived about it. 

You needed to talk about that kiss.

“Juggie, I’m really sorry about your eye.” You told him as you sat beside him, resting our back on the wall.

“It’s ok.” He responded.

There was a moments silence before you shifted uncomfortably and said, “The kiss.” 

He turned to you, looking into your eyes.

“The kiss was… A kiss.” you said awkwardly. 

Jughead chuckled, “Ya.” 

“Ok, I’m sorry about that, I was caught up in the moment.” You assured him.

“It’s ok…” He replied, then silence, and then, “I liked it.”

You quickly turned to him. “You did?” 

He nodded.

You giggled, “Ya, uh, I did too.” 

He laughed and so did you. It was weird, having feelings for one of your best friends.

He then took your face in his hands and brung your lips to his. A soft and loving kiss. You broke away and rested your foreheads on one another’s.

“Wow!” What is going on here?” A loud and sarcastic voice came from the doorway. 

“Oh hey Ronnie…” You said as the gang came into the room.

“I knew it.” She said, “Yep, I just knew it.”

And you knew something too. You had the best friends and the best new boyfriend in the whole world.

Always Here

Just a quick one-shot I slammed out minutes before I had to go to work. It’s raw because I didn’t have time to edit it. 

Enjoy a story from Vegeta’s POV about his thoughts after his sweet princess was born! 

I had actually managed to train for a couple of hours, but I couldn’t concentrate. After the third time of being grazed by one of those damned lasers, I finally gave up. Even in the shower I started at the white tiles, only seeing Bulma’s face. I had never seen her in so much pain before, but I hadn’t really been frightened so much as awed. She was fighting. It was a battle that her own body was pushing her through. But she had went with it, knowing that this pain served a purpose. I’ve been proud of her before; she is brilliant, and the ki I feel from her spirit burns bright with a different kind of power that I had never known before her. But this. Giving birth to our second child. This was something had not been ready for.

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“You’re sitting right here, being a good person, and that didn’t happen by accident. I don’t know where you got this idea that you’re broken and ruined and, I don’t know, tainted by darkness.”

He pulls away far enough to smile at her(Felicity). “Thank you for making it sound so stupid.”

“Would I be here, if you were a horrible black hole of death and destruction? Would John be here? Would Roy trust you the way he does?”


“Maybe we’re all idiots. I guess that’s possible.”

“Or crazy.”

“Or maybe - just maybe, shot in the dark, wild speculation here - maybe I am in your lap because you’re actually a remarkably good person, and because I know how hard you’ve had to work and how much bad you’ve had to crawl through to become him.”

- This is Your Sword, by @ash818

In light of recent commentary about whether or not Oliver Queen is a goddamn hero. Some nerve, seriously.

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Similar fics to "Cassie to the rescue"? My heart. early burst. 😭😍


Breakfast in Bed by cleotheo -T, one shot-
It’s Hermione’s birthday and after bringing her breakfast in bed her five year old daughter is eager to tell Hermione’s friends all about the game she found her parents playing that morning. Fluffy Dramione family one shot.


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Any plans for a new fic after nerve endings? I just love your writing so much <3

I’m so happy you like my writing, love!  I plan on posting a one shot (which you can preview HERE) after I finish Nerve Endings and before I return to writing my dumb novel.  I will also probably add some extra bits to NE in an appendix, including, like, their honeymoon for example.  Maybe.  Probably.

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