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Two Strangers : Coffee & Cuddles

Genre: Fan Fiction (Vikings)
Pairing: Ivar/Reader
Warnings: N/A
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Disclaimer: a strict work of fiction, I own nothing except the original characters and the plot line. In no way am I affiliated to any of it.  

A/N: Because shy, sweet Modern!Ivar is too cute not to love. 

Read:  Two Strangers ,   Two Strangers: Take You Home &  Two Strangers : Doubts

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Invisible, Chapter Seventeen

Summary: Cursed as a child, you have lived your entire life invisible and alone. When deaths start happening in your town, the Winchesters come rolling in to investigate. What will happen when Dean is the first one who has been able to see you since you were a kid? Will Sam believe that you’re real? Will Dean believe you when you tell him you haven’t killed anyone? And why, after all of this time, is Dean Winchester the only one who can see you?

Invisible Masterlist - Previous Chapter

word count: ~1900

warnings: canon typical violence, injury

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My babe @blackdonuthole asked for some post-Missing Meals and Second Helpings-verse Lance licking frosting from his hands which is obviously very inspiring imagery ohoho. With bonus closeup.

(Casually hoping she writes a little somethin’ to go with this pic when she’s done w the fic………………😘)

a little above the surface, ch. 3 (M)

→ summary: “As far as you were concerned, ex-violinists and highly-acclaimed rock stars weren’t supposed to mix, especially when a certain purple-haired rock star was supposed to just remain in your past.”
→ genre/au: angst, romance, rockstar!au, 
→ pairing: rockstar!namjoon | ex-violinist!reader
→ rating: M
→ previous chapters: 1 | 2

The song starts with an adagio tempo. It’s a sad melody that grasps the heartstrings of anyone’s heart, a beautiful, painful tune that one cannot help listen to during rainy days. However, as the song approaches the chorus, the beat slowly speeds up until it becomes a moderato.

At this point, it is clear that the song is no longer a sad ballad, but a rock song that makes one wonder if it’s a lively song, or one that’s just trying to mask its sad tone.

The bridge clearly shows the conflict between the singer and his emotions. The melody and counterpoints splay the very dilemma the composer runs on about in the previous verses. Here, the melody line is painted with the eccentric, but compatible tunes of the rock beat and the ballad intro.

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EXO’s reaction to you failing at using Chopsticks

Baekhyun: *laughs his ass off while smiling at you thinking how cute you are*

Baekhyun: “here look you put your thumb here and your index finger on the left”

You: *try to pick up the noodles but fail miserably*

Baekhyun: *gives up and uses the opportunity to feed you and give you dirty looks*

Chanyeol: *you try to pick up the sushi roll but it slips out of your sticks and falls in between Chanyeol’s thighs*

Chanyeol: *doesn’t know if to laugh or cry, ends up laughing like crazy while running to get you a fork*

Chen: *experiences severe second hand embarrassment*

Chen: “here, you obviously don’t know how to use these” *thinks about showing you but then just ends up trolling you*

D.O: *watches you struggling and feels bad for you*

D.O: “are you handling it Y/N or do you need help?”

You: “no I’m fine, really

D.O: *questions you, keeps eating while watching you mess up and waits for you to ask for his help*

Luhan:  *doesn’t stop laughing for two hours literally can’t even breathe* “look at your stupid ass”

You: “Luhan I swear to god stop laughing or in 5 seconds this stick will be somewhere else that’s not my hand”

Luhan: *starts feeling a bit bad* “ok ok I’m sorry let me show you how it’s done” *tries really hard to hold his laugh*

Kris: *is seriously questioning his life choices*

Kris: “were you born this stupid or…..?”

You: “just shut up and help me”

Kris: *is so embarrassed to be teaching you this in the middle of the most prestigious restaurant in Seoul*

Suho: “you’re so cute!! Don’t worry I’ll teach you I know it must be hard at the beginning but you’ll be the best at it I guarantee you”

Suho: *shows you exactly how it’s done until you get it, even if he has to spend the whole night teaching you*

You: *pick up that beef with no problem*

Suho: *is literally the most proud boyfriend in the world*

Sehun: “why am I dating you”

You:“I swear to god you peasant I’m gonna stop doing that thing you like if you’re not gonna help me now”

Sehun: “that’s not what you said last night” *keeps eating all the food with chopsticks just to tease you*

Lay: *smiles so hard at your aegyo that his heart hurts*

Lay:“here let me show you” *shows you perfectly how it’s done and feeds you to make sure you don’t stay hungry in between*

Tao:  “really? Again? I thought I taught you last time it’s not that hard Y/N”

You: “you eat beef with freaking wooden sticks it’s not that easy either”

Tao: *is so done with your shit* “I’m not getting the fork this time.”

Xiumin: *you’re eating hot baozi and it slips from your sticks and falls exactly on Xiumin’s crotch*

Xiumin: “great now my dick is on fire, thank you”


Xiumin: “DOES IT LOOK LIKE I’M OK?!?!?!”  “You’re gonna have to make it up to me tonight” / dirty Xiumin is dirty/

Kai: *laughs at you for like 10 minutes while thinking how adorable you are* 

Kai: “look Y/N I know it’s Asia but we paid for this food so you can eat it however you’d like to” *smiles the most adorable Jongin smile at you while he also starts eating with his hands*

Suda Masaki’s ‘All Night Nippon’ radio show, Aug 7th, 2017 (episode 18)

Masaki’s funny-but-also-will-give-you-too-much-second-hand-embarrassment-story about Kento. *suda-kun is narrating so it’s obviously in first person*

Yesterday, I decided to go to the thrift store and I was looking at clothes and stuff. Well, the thrift store where I was at had the door wide open and I was able to see the road and everything. So when I was there, I saw two guys outside and they looked very familiar. I was like, ‘Wait??… Is that Kento Yamazaki(1)? Wait, what? Is that really Kento Yamazaki?’

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anonymous asked:

*slides enveloped with red letters spelling C.L.A.S.S.I.F.I.E.D onto bench next to you* Paper inside reads: Can you pretty pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top write a post-Deckerstar beach kiss scene? -A fellow Deckerstar shipper who loves your writing P.S For scientific purposes obviously...

It’s somewhere through their second kiss when Lucifer’s hand finally ventures out to touch her. It has remained hesitant, frozen, waiting, as Chloe cups his head and pulls his mouth closer to hers, as there is no sound but the steady fall of the waves on sand and the distant murmur of traffic – another world, another planet away. He shifts halfway closer, fingers grazing her sleeve and sliding around to her back, as they draw back ever so slightly for breath, noses and foreheads brushing, sharing air, and then – third time’s the charm – kiss again. Their lips muse lightly, almost timidly, and part, soft and warm, holding nothing back. Chloe is still on her tiptoes, though Lucifer’s face is tilted down to hers. His other hand cups the back of her head like something precious and breakable, fingers threading the loose tendrils of her hair.

It’s another very long moment until they pull apart, a flush in both their cheeks, coughing and clearing their throats, shuffling their feet like a pair of teenagers who got caught making out in a dark corner of the school dance. Lucifer’s eyes linger on her, and he opens his mouth as if to say something, then shuts it smartly enough to hear his teeth click. “I, ah,” he says. “I’ll… just… be going?”

“Yeah. Of course.” Chloe can feel the heat lingering in her own cheeks as they walk with very studied casualness up the beach, nearly jumping out of their skins when their hands touch. They reach the parking lot, where her unmarked squad car and his little black Corvette sit side by side, and she can’t help glancing up at him with a shy grin. “I’ll… see you soon, okay?”

“Ah, yes, Detective.” He doesn’t appear to have heard a word she said, is still staring at her, and knocks into the Corvette trying to open the door and get into it. She wonders if it’s wise to let him drive in his distracted state, and then as she does the exact same thing attempting to obtain entry to her own vehicle, takes a moment to gather herself. She’s grinning hard enough that her cheeks hurt, butterflies fluttering in her stomach. Chloe Decker, no-nonsense LAPD homicide detective, definitely needs to pull it together. Even if she just (finally!) kissed the guy she likes. Even if the world, somehow, feels entirely different.

(The two of them talk for twenty minutes on the phone that night, not even saying much, just listening to the other’s voice – it’s a miracle they don’t pull the “you hang up first”/”no you hang up first” middle school nonsense – and then dutifully pretend not to know how the rest of it went the next morning.)

‘A female Viking Warrior confirmed by Genetics’

Ok, it’s been a year since i’ve posted anything on my archaeology page, but I think now maybe a good time to bring it back. I’m sure if you have facebook or twitter you’re aware of the recent research by Hedenstierna-Jonson et al  released this week ‘confirming’ the presence of a female Viking Age warrior from Birka. If you know me, you know Viking Age women and children are my thing so I’m just going to compile a few thoughts that I have about this research.

Firstly, I think people are a little bit too eager to accept this article at face value, people are so eager to see confirmation that society in the Viking Age was largely egalitarian and don’t consider the rest of the evidence we have, a common example of people trying to place modern ideals on the past, but that’s for another post.The title of this article is incredibly miss leading because the research does not confirm that the skeleton  Bj581 from Birka was a ‘female viking warrior’, it confirms that a burial initially thought to be male is in fact female from DNA Analysis, analysis is a wonderful thing but it cannot tell us someone’s profession or daily activities in this instance.

‘But Bethany, the only difference is the sex why are you trying to suggest she was not a warrior?’ Because even when it was thought to be male there is no actual evidence that this individual so much as picked up a weapon in their lifetime, artifacts are placed in burials as a ritual by the mourners (Harke 2004). Artifacts are tricky little things; at Bedale we see a male buried with a pair of tortoise brooches which are heavily associated with females. It could be suggested that they were placed in the burial in memory of a loved one etc (Hardcastle 2017). Objects can be used in burials to convey a wide array of identites or just as symbols of mourning (Halsall 2011 and Brather 2017). Heinrich Harke conducted research on the weapon burial rite in Anglo-Saxon England, he largely concluded that weapons in male burial were likely connected to wealth due to the ratios of other grave goods present and time invested in the burial (2004: 3). Harke also notes the presence of weaponary in children’s graves in England and older adults who would not have been of fighting age, suggesting that weaponary were not a symbol of ‘fighting males’ (Ibid: 5). We see the occasional weapon in the burials of Scandinavian children, for example at Balnakeil, Sutherland, the burial of an individual between the age of 10 and 13 produced a wide array of grave goods including weapons and gaming pieces (Batey and Patersen 2012). There are many things I could say about this burial; however, the thing of most importance here is that the individual was most likely a member of the elite, which I would most certainly argue the woman from Birka was too.

The authors note the presence of a gaming board and gaming pieces suggesting that the woman was involved in military tactics. I’ve already noted that artifacts are problematic little things, but lets take a look at where else we see such items. Yes we see gaming pieces at places such as Torksey winter-camp (Hadley and Richards 2016) which is heaviliy associated with the Great Heathen Army; however is it not possible that they were used as gaming pieces? after all I’m sure members of the Viking Army liked to have fun. In the burial record we see gaming pieces with the child at Balnakeil, with an adult and 3 children at Cloghermore Cave, Co. Kerry (Connolley and Coyne 2005), The Scar Boat Burial containing the remains of an elderly woman, an adult male and a child (Batey and Graham-Campbell 1998), along with others. We also see them at the settlements of Buckquoy and Saeve Howe, Orkney. In honestly, nothing here is screaming ‘military tactics’ but rather ‘people who could afford it liked to play games’.

Moving on to literary sources, I’m an archaeologist not a historian so forgive me but this is far from my comfort area so I’m only going to very briefly touch upon this. Yes the Gesta Danorum notes women who dressed as men and participated in combat; however, this account was produced in the late 12th-13th century which is problematic in itself as it is second hand knowledge. There are obviously Saga accounts of ‘shieldmaidens’ but again, they are not contemporary accounts and in parts largely influenced by the mythology. Further, the archaeological record as it is does not support the notion of female Viking Warriors as such…there are female weapon burials in the Scandinavian homelands (see Gardela 2013) but nothing to the extent of the Birka burial. Birka was excavated a long time ago and as with all antiquarian finds there is the issue of ‘archaeologically gendering’ a burial not ‘osteologically sexing’ by this I mean a persons biological sex has been assumed by their grave goods and not their skeleton. With this in mind it is very possible we many more females with the weapon burial rite that have been identified as males due to their grave goods; however, without digging out every old skeleton we have we’re not going to know. But then again, weapons do not equal warriors, so we would still be no closer to solving the question of whether shieldmaidens were a part of Viking Age society.

Isn’t archaeology fun?

Relax, Boys

Prompt: Gabriel is called to babysit the boys whilst John is out on a hunt. He has some cozy time with them (the tickle monster makes an appearance too- shock, horror)

Word Count: ~4,100

Characters: Kid!Sam, Kid!Dean, Gabriel, John (briefly)

(A/N: Apologies for the shitty title and abrupt ending, I just felt like writing this idea sooo here ya go! This may well turn into a series/verse if you guys like it? Idk. I’ll stop talking lol.)


“Sammy, Dean, you know the drill,” John raised his eyebrows expectantly, the gesture for his sons to answer him.

“Shoot first, ask questions later.” Dean said, looking up to his Dad with a stony but proud gaze as he watched him gather all of his hunting equipment. “No talkin’ to the neighbours, no goin’ outside.” He nudged Sammy.

“Never open the door… unless it’s you.” Sam lisped, clutching onto Dean’s arm. Both boys looked at each other. Dean grimaced slightly as he saw the look of dismay on Sam’s face. He hated it when Dad left for hunts, putting Dean in charge of his baby brother when he was still a baby himself. But he couldn’t complain. He just had to put on a brave face and deal with it.

“That’s my boys,” John said, scruffing their hair up fondly as he pulled them into a brief embrace. “I need you to look after each other ‘til I’m back, understand?” He frowned at their slouched posture and straightened their backs. “Stand up straight. You gotta look like hunters if you wanna come 'n fight the monsters with me.”

“Yes sir. Sorry sir.” Dean piped guiltily, standing square-shouldered with his arms behind his back.

“Yes Siwr…” Sam mumbled, still hanging onto John even when Dean pulled away.

“You’ll be alright, Sammy,” John held his youngest a little longer. “You’ve got ya’ big brother to look after you. I’ll be back soon.”

“How soon?” Sam asked, cheek resting against John’s shoulder.

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Going on a mission with Bucky Barnes

Originally posted by natpekis

Request: //could you write a one shot about going on a mission with Bucky Barnes? it’s super dangerous and hydra agents show up and the reader wants to save everyone but Bucky just wants to make sure the readers safe because they’re super close//

Warning: violence, mentions of blood, mild cussing

“Alright you two.” Steve says, stopping the truck, “Remember, meet the agent at Forever 21, in and out twenty minutes tops. I’ll be in your ear the whole time.”

He taps the monitor that’s in your ear, lifting his microphone to test it out.

“And I’ve got eyes on every inch of that store.” he adds assuringly.

“We got it Steve!” Bucky smiles, rolling his eyes at his overprotective and over prepared friend, “I’ll watch out for y/n okay?”

At this your ears perk up and you scoff.

“I don’t need your protection Barnes. This is my assignment, you’re just here for backup.” you say very matter of factly as you slide a baseball cap on, pulling it low over your eyes, making sure the microscopic camera attached works.

You slide a gun on either side of your belt, a small knife in both boot, a burner phone in your back pocket, and slip a sweatshirt on with a prop wallet in the pocket. Tony said to meet some undercover S.H.I.E.L.D agent at Forever 21, say the code phrase that only you know, and he or she will give you a package in a yellow store bag. You don’t even know what’s in it.

“If anything, I’ll be the one saving your ass.” is all you before sliding the car door open and hopping out the front, Bucky right on your heels.

He slips his hand into yours and hugs against your side.

“So what pet name should I use this time. Sweetheart, honey, pumpkin pie, apple pie, rhubarb pie…” Bucky asks, letting his voice trail off as you stifle a laugh.

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“Atsushi’s Favorite Gift”

Summary: Atsushi enjoys a relaxing picnic with Chuuya and Akutagawa to celebrate his birthday

Notes: Happy birthday atsushi!!!!!!! so this fic was kind of rushed (i didnt even realize may 5 was his birthday until like, noon of may 4 lmao) but its still very sweet and fluffy and no one dies! also this is based on my chuuakuatsu headcanons I posted about a while ago, but basically all you need to know is that atsushi is trans and he’s pregnant with chuuya’s baby and this is NOT some kind of mpreg/genderbend/fetish thing, and my comrades @akuchuus and @anemiaman have already promised to fight anyone who misconstrues it as such so yeah! I hope you all enjoy this!


It was Chuuya’s idea to have a picnic.

Even as they were sitting outside on a blanket laid on the soft grass behind their house, new leaves and budding flowers swaying in the gentle breeze, Atsushi couldn’t help but wonder if there was something else up Chuuya’s sleeves. After all, this was the same Chuuya Nakahara who insisted on throwing elaborate parties for every occasion, celebrating holidays and the time Akutagawa “saved” his life by crushing a spider with equal enthusiasm. Atsushi had told Chuuya he didn’t want anything special for this birthday, but a part of him was still surprised Chuuya had listened.

Chuuya had gone inside to grab the cake; Akutagawa claimed the sun was too bright and was looking for an umbrella, leaving Atsushi alone in the garden. A squirrel darted by, casting curious glances at the blanket. Atsushi gathered some crumbs off the blanket and held them toward the squirrel with a soft, inviting meow, but the squirrel just chittered and scampered up a tree. Daffodils bobbed their bright yellow heads in the wind, and Atsushi smiled, reaching toward the brilliant petals with one hand as he remebered how much fun it had been planting this garden with Chuuya and Akutagawa almost two years ago.

A few months after Chuuya had been dating Atsushi and Akutagawa, he had got it into his mind to buy a “proper home” as he called it, away from the heat of the city and stench of the port, somewhere they could relax. Another reason, one Chuuya never said aloud but Atsushi understood implicitly, was that Akutagawa’s coughing fits had been getting worse and he was convinced fresh air would be easier on his fragile lungs. Rare as it was for everybody to be able to get their time off to coincide, the house really only saw use on the weekends, though Akutagawa did seem to cough less when they were there.

From the moment he saw the house, Chuuya had been determined to make it perfect from top to bottom, including the large, untamed backyard. For the first few weeks, Chuuya was constantly on the phone, asking Kouyou whether or not koi ponds were still in style, consulting Kajii about which brand of fertilizer was scientifically the best, and trying not to snicker as he ordered sacks full of seed, but after some time had passed, Chuuya calmed down and began planting flowers himself, asking Akutagawa and Atsushi for help.

Akutagawa hated plants. No one knew why. Still, Akutagawa had tried to overcome his hatred for all of five minutes before hissing at a leaf that brushed against his hand and storming off, muttering to himself about the evils of vegetation. Although Atsushi would have loved having Akutagawa around, he couldn’t help but be a little happy to have Chuuya all to himself for a while. Akutagawa and Chuuya had known eachother for years before Atsushi had come into their lives; Atsushi was never jealous of them, but he did feel left out sometimes, and it meant the world to him anytime Chuuya or Akutagawa spent time with him in particular.

Atsushi loved every minute he and Chuuya spent together in the garden, even when he get a splinter stuck in his hand from the handle of a shovel, or when Chuuya tripped over a rake and spent a solid thirty minutes shrieking obscenities at it, or the countless times they had to stop entirely because Chuuya was laughing hysterically at the prospect of using a hoe.

Atsushi tried to be the voice of reason. “Come on, Chuuya-san, why don’t you just pick that up-”

Chuuya failed to choke back a laugh. “Pick what up, baby? I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Atsushi blushed and pointed at the hoe. “That.”

Chuuya raised an eyebrow. “You want me to grab that hoe?” A grin spread across Chuuya’s face. “Y’know, I totally would, but, you see, the handle-” Chuuya’s words dissolved into laughter; he had to take a moment to compose himself. “-the handle’s all covered in dirt.” Chuuya’s eyes sparkled as he smirked at Atsushi. “Do you really want me to get my hands on that dirty hoe?”

Atsushi was taken out of the memory when he heard the door open.

Akutagawa glared at the sun as he sat beside Atsushi, unfolding his umbrella and holding it over their heads.

Atsushi wrapped an arm around Akutagawa, leaning toward him so their cheeks were pressed together. “Is it dark enough for you now, Ryuu?”

“It’s never dark enough.”

Atsushi laughed, then moved so he and Akutagawa were facing eachother. “Why don’t you just sit inside? You can turn the lights off and hide under the blankets.”

“Well…” Akutagawa coughed, staring at the ground for a moment before looking back at Atsushi’s smiling face. “You’re out here.”

“Ryuu!” Atsushi hugged Akutagawa, pulling away the instant he felt his stomach press against Akutagawa’s. “Oh, sorry,” he said, embarrased

Akutagawa blushed. “Don’t apologize.” His eyes gravitated toward Atsushi’s round stomach, already starting to push against the new shirt Chuuya had bought for him a few weeks ago. “It’s-” Akutagawa coughed, making his face even redder. “It’s strange to think about, you having a baby- or, two babies,” he added, correcting himself. “Twins.”

“Do you wanna see if you can feel them?” Atsushi asked. “I felt a kick earlier today.”

Akutagawa nodded, eyes widening, and placed one trembling hand on Atsushi’s stomach.

Atsushi put his hand on top of Akutagawa’s and smiled.

After a few seconds, Akutagawa pulled his hand away, disappointed. “I didn’t feel anything.”

“Well, obviously they don’t kick all the time.” Atsushi couldn’t help but laugh at Akutagawa’s sour face, but he reached out and caressed Akutagawa’s cheek. “Next time I feel something, I’ll make sure to let you know, okay?”

“I got something both of you can feel!” Chuuya proclaimed, striding through the door with the cake, his mischievous eyes gleaming brighter than the lit candles.

Akutagawa scowled. “Nakahara-san, if you say ‘deez nuts’, I swear I’ll-”

“Deez nuts!”

Akutagawa got up to leave, but Atsushi touched his wrist. “Please, don’t go,” he said. “I don’t want to eat the cake without you.”

“I-I guess I can stay, if that’s the case,” Akutagawa said, blushing again as he sat down.

Chuuya sat across from Atsushi and Akutagawa and placed the cake in front of Atsushi. “Alright, now let’s hurry up and sing before the wind blows out the candles.”

After an hour had passed and several pieces of cake had been eaten, the sun began to set, and the air grew colder. Atsushi shivered as a cool gust of wind danced through his hair.

“Are you cold?” Chuuya asked. “We can go back inside, if you want.”

Atsushi smiled. “I’m okay, Chuuya-san.” He gazed at the sunset, then up at the faint stars blossoming above and sighed, content. “It’s a beautiful evening.”

Akutagawa slipped out of the oversized sweater he was wearing over his shirt and handed it to Atsushi. “Put this on. You’ll get sick if you don’t stay warm.”

Atsushi laughed. “Ryuu, I’m fine.” He ran his hands over the fluffy sweater; Chuuya had made it himself, and the odd little bits of yarn sticking out in places proved it. “Besides, you get sick more than I do.”

“Please, put it on.” Akutagawa’s gray eyes gleamed with anxiety. “I want you to be safe.” He looked down at Atsushi’s stomach. “And the babies.”

“Oh, okay.” Atsushi hugged Akutagawa, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek before pulling away. “You worry too much,” he said, wriggling into Akutagawa’s sweater. Although the sweater hung off Akutagawa’s bony frame, it barely covered half of Atsushi’s stomach. He tugged at the bottom of the sweater, in a vain attempt to cover himself better, then gave up, sighing. “I hope I don’t stretch this out too much…”

Chuuya leaned over and rested his head on Atsushi’s stomach. “If you do, I’ll just knit him another one. Don’t worry about it.” Atsushi felt a flutter in his tummy, and apparently Chuuya felt it as well, if his joyful shriek was any indication. “Atsushi, the babies!”

Atsushi laughed and nodded, smiling wide enough to make his cheeks ache. “I know, I feel it, too, Chuuya-san.”

Akutagawa’s eyes widened. “The babies kicked?” He shoved Chuuya aside and pressed the side of his head against Atsushi’s stomach. After a few moments, he pulled away, scowling. “I still didn’t feel anything!”

“Yeah, I think they stopped now.” Atsushi held back a laugh. “Sorry, Ryuu.”

“What are you apologizing to Ryuu for?” Chuuya complained, crossing his arms. “I’m the one who got pushed onto the fuckin’ ground.”

Atsushi leaned forward and gave Chuuya a kiss. “Sorry, Chuuya-san.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Akutagawa huffed, clearly not over his disappointment. He coughed into his hand. “At least you got to feel the babies.”

Atsushi hugged Akutagawa. “Maybe you can’t feel the babies, but you can feel this, right?”

Akutagawa leaned into Atsushi’s embrace, closing his eyes. “Yes.”

Chuuya wrapped his arms around both of them. “And everyone can feel deez-”

“I fucking swear, Nakahara-san, if you-”

“Deez hugs!” Chuuya sounded insulted. “I was gonna say hugs.”

After sitting outside for a few more hours, Atsushi was starting to get a little sleepy. He yawned, and before he could so much as cover his mouth, Chuuya was holding him.

“You tired, baby?” Chuuya asked, his voice low and gentle in Atsushi’s ear.

Atsushi blushed. “You don’t have to carry me, Chuuya-san. I know I’m kind of heavy, and I-”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” Chuuya gave Atsushi a kiss on the nose. “Nothing’s too heavy for me.”

“Okay, then.” Atsushi nestled closer to Chuuya and wrapped his arms around him. “But promise-” Atsushi yawned again. “-promise you’ll let me carry you around sometime, okay?”

Chuuya laughed. “Sure thing, babe. Once the babies arrive and we’re all worked to the bone, you can carry me around as much as you want.”

“I could help.” Akutagawa stood off to the side with his arms wrapped around himself, scowling at the ground. “If I’m needed.”

“Of course you’ll help, dumbass,” said Chuuya, matter-of-fact. “Don’t think you’re exempt from diaper duty just because the babies aren’t made with your sex fluid.”

“Chuuya-san!” Atsushi cried, blushing ear to ear. “There has to be another way to phrase that!”

“Bodily secretions? Baby gravy? Sexy-time goo-goo juice?”

Atsushi pretended to struggle against Chuuya’s grasp, giggling. “Put me down! I don’t know where your filthy hands have been!”

Akutagawa reached for Atsushi. “Yes, let me hold him. Your hands must be slippery from all those fluids, Nakahara-san.”

Chuuya stepped toward Akutagawa and allowed him to reach out so Atsushi was cradled in both of their arms. “An extra pair of hands never hurt,” Chuuya said with a wink. “C’mon, now, let’s get him off to bed. Not that I’m tired, of course,” he added, puffing his chest. “But you need your rest, sweetie,” he said, giving Atsushi a quick kiss. “It’s hard work carrying those babies around all day, isn’t it?”

Chuuya fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow; Atsushi and Akutagawa stayed awake for a while longer.

Atsushi was just starting to drift off when he felt the babies kicking. Without saying a word, he took Akutagawa’s hand and placed it on his round tummy.

Akutagawa gasped. “That’s- that’s them? The babies?”

Atsushi laughed, then yawned. “That’s them. They’re saying hello to you, Ryuu-chan.”

Tears sparkled in Akutagawa’s eyes. “Hello.” He rested his head on top of Atsushi’s tummy but kept his eyes trained on Atsushi’s face. “Do you think-” Akutagawa was quiet for a moment, then coughed. “Atsushi… will they love me?”

Atsushi stroked Akutagawa’s hair. “Of course,” he whispered. “They’ll love you every bit as much as Chuuya-san and I do.”

Akutagawa inhaled a deep, shuddering breath and fell silent. Minutes later, he fell asleep, his dull, raspy snores as sweet and familiar as a lullaby.

Atsushi glanced at Chuuya’s sleeping face, then Akutagawa’s, then down at his own round tummy and smiled. Chuuya and Akutagawa had given him many gifts- pancakes shaped like cat faces with syrupy smiles at breakfast, bouquets of flowers, tiger plushes, warm bowls of chazuke, and a lovely picnic to top it all off- but no gift could ever make Atsushi happier than his wonderful family.


Read story - Part 1 here! l Read imagine - Part 2 here!

(This basically takes place before Jensen invites you over at the set and the date happens. Somewhere in between Pt. 1 & Pt. 2, see links above)

“Hey” Jensen smiled at you through the camera.

“Hey” you mumbled with a smile of your own. Months after talking with him through twitter direct messages he thought of sending you his Skype name so that he would talk to you through camera.

You cannot deny that once you saw his message of asking you to talk through camera you felt your heart stop beating and your eyes widen. All this time you were comfortable talking with him through messages (as much as you could when it came to him being Jensen Ackles) because you knew that he could not see you blush at his innuendos nor could you make a complete fool of yourself by stuttering all the time. 

You could even make jokes and seem cool through messages at moments because he obviously could not see your constantly flushed face. It was Jensen after all. Acting like a teenage school-girl talking to her crush for the first time was inevitable. 

But here you were. Talking to him through camera after finding yourself unable to come up with an excuse and avoid talking with him through camera, though it was something that you honestly didn’t want to. 

“So finally talking through cam huh?” he flashed you a smirk.

“Yeah” you felt your smile widen at seeing him but you mentally cursed yourself for not coming up with something better to say than just that.

Here we go you thought.

Already making a fool of yourself (Y/n), way to go!

“So-” Jensen spoke up again “Sorry if the image is not really clear and shaky but I’m on phone” he said.

“Uh don’t worry. It happens with old people. You know trembling hands all the time and that” you said jokingly, gaining some courage once you saw that you made Jensen smile. He soon covered it up though by putting on a face of mock-hurt.

“Excuse me?” he raised his eyebrows, his mouth hanging agape “Who did you just call old young lady?”

“Who do you think, old man?” you smirked at him, mentally praising yourself for finding the courage to talk with him so casually and continue the joke.

“Ok, is Misha there or something?” he narrowed his eyes at the camera and you laughed at the look on his face.

“Well-” you started speaking again but were cut off by another voice.

“What the hell are you doing now? Oh let me guess, talking to your green-eyed hunter boyfriend again huh?” your roommates voice was heard as she entered the room.

Your eyes widened at the words that left her mouth and you prayed to Castiel that she was not going to say more and hopefully you could cover up what she had just said - maybe Jensen had not heard after all, right? Impossible with how loud she was.

Luck was not with your side apparently.

“So how is Jensen doing huh? Oh are you reading fanfiction with him again?” she asked, glancing for just a second at the laptop in your hands but obviously missing the look of shock in your face.

She laughed to herself and set the books she was holding on the table. She turned her head to look at you and the smile faded from her lips as soon as she took in the look on your face…

…and heard Jensen’s laughter come from the computer.

Also, comes in hand with this ( x )


Sooo, there sure are a lot of sunflowers in the background. And since sunflowers are Hide’s flowers and Hide’s own mysterious past (we don’t even know his birthday!), I think it’s pretty safe to say that “Nagachika Hideyoshi” is fabricated existence.

Note that every single person in this page has been confirmed to be ghouls or was transformed into a ghoul. Every. Fucking. Single. Person.

And then Hide switched the subject abruptly, so out of his taciturn character that even Kaneki picked up on it.

One moment, you were just obviously hanging out with your friends, chitchatting about things that “so obviously” didn’t concern you like ghouls and romance, and the next, the moment your best friend’s crush got into the coffee shop, you excused your self immediately, with “work”.

Omg what were you thinking, Hide? That was such a paper-thin lie (granted, we have hindsights, but then Kaneki has been Hide’s best friend for 10 years!) that I’m pretty damn sure Kaneki saw through.

Then, there were his concerns and less-than-enthusiastic attitude when Kaneki told Hide about the date:

“I guess people do get lucky sometimes…”

“Whatever, go and have fun!”, which was said with a sweat drop.

Less-than-enthusiastic is putting it lightly. Ha, you know, it would be hilarious if Hide dismissed his own bad feeling about Rize because he chalked it down to his own jealousy and didn’t stop Kaneki from falling under Kanou’s blades, thereby inadvertently facilitating Kaneki’s tragedy and not doing his job as the Heroic Good (It’s his name. Really. His name really is heroic good. Input his given name into Chinese -> English mode google translation and you’ll see.) Damn, that may have been one of the reasons Hide in Root A went along with Kaneki’s stupid wishes

The Washuu theory intensifies.

On the other hand, aside from the obvious parallels of the mysterious past, why was Rize associated with Hide? And this isn’t the first time, either, remember that Munou OP that everyone used to hate so much and the caressing scenes with flowers blooming in the background? The first pair of hands with purple nails is obviously Rize’s, and the second pair is obviously Hide’s (with the hindsights of the Root A ending, that is). If Rize represents the Oedipus curse/the mask/the tragedy, the mother figure/not-love interest at the beginning of the manga, then Hide represents Kaneki’s breaking free from the Oedipus curse/the mask/the tragedy, the actual love interest at the end of the manga!

IT’S CANON. And no one is to tell me otherwise.

Image source: Ishida Sui. Scanlations from twisted hel scans and lazy-ass scans.

Just imagine Molly getting harassed by a new coworker and she’s trying to be polite but obviously three seconds away from snapping so when she hands Sherlock a plastic bag with a hand in it and the coworker appears, he literally just takes the hand out, slaps the guy in the face with it, calmly puts the hand back, and says, “we duel tomorrow at dawn”.

Three Important Things (Part 2)

part 1

Authors note: FINALLY WROTE THE SECOND CHAPTER !!!! I hope you guys like it, this ones a bit longer <3 

Word count: 1,635

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  No attachments; that was your only rule. If you got attached you got hurt. You learned that pretty early, sophomore year of high school was it? He seemed perfect, everything was going great, and a friendship blossomed into a relationship. You thought this was it you, met your soulmate. A couple of months in, the little fantasy you built, shattered. Walking down the school hallway one day you had a substitute teacher so you thought to go meet your wonderful boyfriend. Only when you turned the corner he was already kissing someone else.

      That experience taught you something else too. It taught you that tears weren’t good for anything. So there was no point in crying. After you dried all your tears it had occurred to you that “you know what I’m pretty as hell and it’s his loss”. Ever since that faithful day, you didn’t let yourself get attached to anyone else you toyed with the boys and then shattered them. After four treacherous years of high school, it was time for college.

     High school parties were nice but everyone in high school is still tied down to their parents, there were only a few occasions of a good party. In all honesty you loved to party, but you never let yourself get so drunk that you made a fool of yourself, that would make you weak. All the partying didn’t get in the way of your grades though, if there was anything you cared about besides family and parties it was getting a high average. As an aspiring doctor, you knew no one got accepted into a good medical program with failing grades.

    The day has finally come; freshmen orientation. It wasn’t exactly your idea is fun but all freshmen were required to go. When you got to the gym all the freshmen were separated into groups of course with your luck you were in the very last group. One by one the groups entered through the doors and the volume level began to rise. Another twenty minutes and they were finally letting you come inside the big gymnasium. The vastness of the room surprised you but what caught your eye were twelve exceptionally good looking boys sitting on the top row of the bleachers…perfect to be your next targets, they looked like a lot of fun. You scanned their faces quickly but once you got to the end of the row you found that the twelfth boy, a blonde, was already looking at you. There was no way you were gonna look away and give him the impression of a feeble lost freshmen like the rest of the newbies. The only thing that broke your eye contact was your group leader directing you to your seats.

      “Everyone please settle down.” Boomed the voice over the loud speaker. It belonged to a bald, short man, in a yellow dress shirt; obviously someone of authority in the school. “Welcome future alumni of our great college. We are very honored to have you here today. I am dean of the school Mr. Laros as well as the english professor. Seated across from you are all upper class man from all grades and of all majors. Everyone was invited here today to get to know one another better, to make college seem less scary. Now, enough of my little speech, you may disperse onto the gym floor. Remember now, don’t make any stupid decisions.” The dean finished, before everyone started making their way down the bleachers.

      It was practically impossible to find anyone in the sea of people. Somehow you managed to meet other med majors and people on the college tennis team. You found it easy to talk to people, you weren’t exactly extremely social but if someone talked to you, you always found something to talk about with them. You stood with Angela and Christina third years in college who were on the tennis team. They were talking to you about lineups, tryouts and uniforms. The conversation was quite enjoyable, until the blonde boy you had seen earlier waltzed right into the middle of your chat.

       "Angela, Christina I heard Dani was looking for you, why don’t you go find her?“ He said, obviously making something up.

             "Hey Sehun, thanks for the message we’ll go find Dani. It was nice meeting you Y/N.” Said Angela obviously getting flustered from merrily talking to this guy. Whoever he was, he was most likely well known, and not just for his looks. Once the two girls walked away Sehun turned towards you.

        “Hi, I’m Oh Sehun.” He said with a smile. You’ve met his type before, they all smiled the same. He was the “it” guy,that all the girls wanted.

   "Pleasure.“ You said in a monotone voice, trying to sound disinterested. He was a potential target, but there was no point in flirting with him, guys like him were easy. It was always fun seeing these guys break, because of you. You turned to leave but he caught your hand.

          “Hold on where are you going?” He asked with a slight laugh, which you could tell masked his annoyance.

   "Are you a med major?” you asked simply.

           “No.” he replied, his smile not leaving him.

“Are you on the tennis team?” You asked.

           "No” he replied again.

“Well then I’m sorry but we’re done here.” You stated plainly a bit annoyed that he had the audacity to hold you in place.

      “Wait, but I haven’t had time to invite you to a party my friend is hosting. His names Suho, it’s at the EXO frat house.” He said with a smile, finding your attitude amusing.

        “Thanks for the invite.” You said, as you got your hand loose and turned around to leave. Authors note: You moved quickly making sure he couldn’t follow you this time. You left Sehun standing there without any straight forward reply, you seemed uninterested; for Sehun that was a first.


   You rummaged through your closet finally finding what you were looking for. A black skin tight dress, that just looked perfect on you. You had bought it for exactly this occasion; your first college party. The EXO frat house wasn’t hard to miss, it was huge and loud music was all ready playing accompanied by laughs and screams. You stepped inside, the smell of alcohol and drugs intoxicating you. It wasn’t long until you were letting go, dancing with a stranger, making all the other guys stare. Half way through the song you felt the strangers be replaced with someone else, someone a lot more bold. His hands were around your waist in seconds and he was obviously no stranger to this form of dancing. You turned around to face your partner, you were met with the cocky smirk and the blonde hair of Sehun. Might as well start college off on a good note. “Let’s get out of here.” You seductively said into Sehuns ear. Making his smirk grow; he thought he was the one who had you at his mercy. Without a single word he took your hand and escorted you out of the party and into his silver Sting Corvette.

     "Where to?“ He asked in a low husky voice.

“Your place, I haven’t unpacked in my apartment yet.” You said biting your lip and placing your hand on his thigh. It obviously drove him crazy, considering how quickly he drove. What you didn’t know is that Sehun never took girls back to his place, it was always at the girl’s place. But he just had to have you, the way you looked in that black dress, the way you were dancing at a party, your bold movements; he just needed you. Sehun unlocked the door to his place with haste; he couldn’t control himself for much longer. Once the two of you were inside, he slammed the door shut before turning back to you. You stood there looking at each other for a couple of moments, before he captured your lips in a heated kiss. He picked you up effortlessly; damn you felt good around him like that. He carried you onto his bedroom, practically throwing you down on the bed. Sehun definitely knew what he was doing. He was gonna make this the best night of your life; or were you gonna make this the best night of his life?


    When Sehun usually woke up after a night like that the bed was occupied by two bodies, him and his latest victim. But, this morning the bed was cold. Sehun had to admit he was looking forward to waking up next to you, but all he woke up to was the sound of light footsteps. He opened his eyes lazily right as you picked up your dress and put it on.

     "Where are you going?“ He asked in his low morning voice.

"I’m going home. You didn’t expect me to stick around? Last night was fun and all but I have things to do.” You said grabbing your purse and putting on your shoes.

     "I thought you could stay for a little bit,cuddle a bit more. I’m a pretty good at cuddling and we can go for a third round.“ Sehun never offered for anyone to stay, he was usually the one doing what you’re doing now; leaving.

"See you around Sehun.” You said placing a final kiss on his lips, that was always a nice was to leave off. Leaving him wanting more. You quickly made your way out of the boy’s apartment, leaving a hot and bothered Sehun in his bed; alone.

     There were three things Oh Sehun knew about Y/N Y/L/N. One; she was absolutely,undeniably gorgeous. Two; she was toying with him all along not the other way around. And finally three; he had to have her again

lollipop1141  asked:

20.“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.” I know this dialogue prompt sounds angsty, but can you do a funny DJWIFI doing who-knows-what to Adrien and Marinette? *v* please?? I love you thank you!

I love you too! Thanks for the request!

Nino groaned and waved his hand at the thing fluttering around his face. When it persisted, he grabbed it, his eyes opening lazily. In his hand was Alya’s wrist, her fingers stretching and wiggling towards his face.

“Are you mad woman?” He grumbled, yanking on her arm, he pulled her down towards him, forcing her to curl up into his body, her head tucked under his chin.

She groaned and wriggled against him. “God damn it Nino, you need to shave. And wake up! The children are sleeping and I need you to help me do something.”

“Stop meddling in their lives.” Nino murmured into her hair as he nuzzled closer, his arm wrapping around her waist, pulling her closer.

“Ah, stop it you big buffon! This may be the only chance I have to get incriminating evidence, even if I have to fake it!” She whined, waving her arms around as wildly as her confines (read: her boyfriend’s arms) would let her.

Incriminating?” Nino grunted. “Good god Lady, you trying to convict them of a crime or something?”

Alya huffed and wriggled around so they were chest-to-chest. “You’re not listening!” She protested. “I can get them to do the thing again and this time you’re here to witness it.” Nino let out a breath and dipped his head to trail kisses down her neck and across her shoulder. “Nino.” She complained. “Come on.” She pushed against his chest, effectively breaking his hold. Grabbing his forearm she tried to pull him up.

“Fine, fine.” He conceded, allowing himself to be pulled up. He followed Alya to the bed on the other side of the room which was shared by Adrien and Marinette.

They’d placed a pillow between them in the centre of the bed but Marinette’s hand was definitely not adhering to the rules set forth by the pillow as it lay over the top of it, her fingers curled lightly while the rest of her was sprawled over the bed. In contrast, Adrien was curled into the foetal position, his mouth open slightly, taking up as little space as was humanly possible for such a large man.

“Now watch.” Alya hissed gleefully as she tapped the ‘record’ button on her phone and handed it to Nino.  She carefully wedged the pillow out from underneath Marinette’s out stretched hand and placed it at the end of the bed. She then tip-toed to Adrien’s side of the bed and gave one strong push, sending him rolling over to Marinette. Before Nino could protest he saw the strangest thing happen. The two were obviously still asleep but the second Marinette’s hand brushed Adrien’s hair, the two shifted.

Adrien wriggled closer, lifting his head to use Marinette’s stomach like a pillow, he pressed his face into her stomach sighing as he nuzzled it. Marinette’s previously outstretched hand curled around his back and came to rest between his shoulder blades after combing through his hair once. Their legs met in the middle, Adrien slinging one leg over the top of one of hers, the other sliding underneath. Finally, Adrien pressed one hand against her side, and put the other over her stomach, his hand resting at her hip.

“Holy shit.” Nino breathed. “The ship is sailing itself.”

 Alya snorted.  “I told you.” She pulled the covers over the pair before turning to her boyfriend with her hands on her hips. “Now hot shot.” She said grinning as she stopped the recoding on her phone. She slipped her fingers under his collar and pressed her lips to his ear. “Come to bed with me.”

“Yes ma’am.” Nino grinned and scooped her up into his arms, waltzing off in he direction of their bed as Alya let out a stream of giggles.